Wednesday, October 17, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live October 16, 2018 Results and Review Smackdown 1000

Rey Mysterio Is Back in 2018 - Source WWE 
We open up a show with the McMahon’s on Truth Tv, just in case you forgot the real stars of WWE. This went forward with antics as you’d expect, with lots of cheers, boos, and random interruptions, and more. The full McMahon family, with the exception of Linda come out for Truth TV. I won’t go play by play, but it’s just the McMahon doing their characters overall, nothing crazy I guess. I had to put on headphones and listen to music instead.

The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and Aj Styles

The obvious finish here, but otherwise a good match with a lot of back and forth between the two teams. You can’t expect the champion and challenger to be a good team against two brothers. Plus, they are pushing the Styles versus Bryan title match that is coming up. So in that regard, this was a good match, with some nice back and forth, that’s for certain.

Evolution Segment

No, not the women’s show, it was the original guys of Evolution cutting promos about themselves and the future. I guess it was ok. They all talked, and Batista teased a match with Triple H for mania, although it isn’t set in stone of course.

The Miz defeated Rusev

This was a short match, and it ended with a distraction roll up. Notice how little wrestling was on this show folks. Afterwards Rusev beat up Aiden English, since he caused the distraction as he confronted Lana.

The Cutting Edge Segment

Meh. Edge is overrated. This was ok at best.

The Bar defeated The New Day for the WWE Smackdown Tag Titles

This was a good match as per usual, but then out came The Big Show and threw Kofi through a table, and helped The Bar win the titles. I guess this is a heel turn now? Great. Not a terrible match until The Big Slow came out.

Rey Misterio defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

Now this, this is a dream match, and we finally got Rey coming back to the WWE, which I think is amazing. The match started with Nakamura going strong style against the smaller opponent, hitting hard knees, trying to unbalance Rey, and working over the body and knees of Mysterio. However, Mysterio bounced back with hard strikes as well, and he was not going to down with a strong battle, and it was a good fight through. Rey Misterio would get the win after a 619 and a Frog Splash from the top, and that was that. Nakamura didn’t put much of a challenge in this one, that’s for sure. Good match overall, with Nakamura getting busted open at one point, and well that was that.

Smackdown 1,000 was not great.

Oh yeah, I forgot, The Undertaker showed up at the end, and did a promo, which was ok at best. I’m tired of seeing him. I hope he retires soon.

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