Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Vampiro Interview With Colt Cabana - The Most Honest Wrestling Interview Shoot You Will Ever Hear

If you like interviews and podcasts, you will want to check out Colt Cabana's interview with Vampiro. It's absolutely brutal. It's honest. It hits you hard. Drugs, WCW, Konnan, Lucha Underground, and just no holds barred honesty. It's why The Art of Wrestling is so good.

I loved it.

Check out Colt Cabana's podcast with VAMPIRO! 

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/8/2016 Results and Review Leading To Roadblock 2016

The opening was ok. The best part of Raw’s opening was Shane McMahon beating up security guards. I’m sure they were indie wrestlers, but it was nice to see some aggression from Shane. Of course, this review of sorts is taken from the HULU version of Raw.

Kevin Owens defeated Neville

Not a bad match. Neville’s precision in doing high spots is absolutely second to none. He’s absolutely impressive. Owens is good, but wow, Neville made this an insane match. Owens wins with a roll up, boring.

Sami Zayn showed up to beat up Owens, but I’m not impressed. Last I saw Zayn, he messed up his shoulder against John Cena.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks defeated Tamina and Naomi

Short match, Lynch and Banks win. Charlotte comes out, who cares. So tired of this status quo.

The New Day defeated Chris Jericho and Aj Styles

Aj Styles has some of the most impressive offense, and no botches. The New Day has numbers in their corner, so they were able to pull it off. However, Styles put on a showcase of amazing moves, and great overall work. Jericho is still crisp at his age, wow. The New Day won, but not without a serious battle and some great reversals, and overall work. Great match up, too bad there wasn’t a title change. Jericho and Styles are once again at odds, expect a Wrestlemania match, from what I read online.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt by DQ 

And here was a good match, ended with a DQ. I'm starting to get really jaded about wrestling. I've hung in there a long time, but this stuff is getting really dumb. The Wyatt's are weak. They never win feuds and now I'm supposed to believe they have Ambrose's number? This feud already happened, with Wyatt losing.

Triple H came out, got a DDT for his walk out, and that's it. I'm starting to hate wrestling.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/29/2016 Leap Year Edition

When will they start a Monday Night Raw that doesn’t have a long intro promo? This time around Triple H shows up and gets cheered. You can hear the audio has been messed with on the HULU version, which is the only way I can watch this right now. Triple H is to fight Dean Ambrose. That’s it.

Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch

This match ended with both women pinned, so that means that no winner would be going to Wrestlemania? No, they’ll probably do a triple threat.

Stephanie McMahon’s speech went to hell. She started to talk random BS and the crowd let her have it. Boring. There’s a lot of talking on Raw these days, why not wrestle more? Just saying.

Y2AJ defeated The New Day

This was a good quality match, but was cut short somehow. Does this mean that AJ is going to end up getting swerved on by Y2J? Or will the New Day win next week? Not a bad match, not a great one, but it moved the point forward to yet another match with AJ Styles and Chris Jericho if you ask me.

Vince McMahon and the Undertaker got into the ring to talk, and wow, I wish I could earn a paycheck for working part time and just saying very little. Undertaker said he’ll hurt Shane, big deal.

The Big Show defeated Kevin Owens by count out

What a horrible display of a match. Even stevens booking huh? What a joke.

Dean Ambrose versus Alberto Del Rio No Contest

This match ended with Triple H coming down and then giving him a pedigree and setting up a match for the title. But who cares, right? I don’t know. The shovel is huge that Triple H carries, that’s all.

Raw was bad. Terrible. I’m not sure what to say. Ambrose is over, Reigns is not, that’s about it.


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