Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raw Results 9/29/08 and Review

Michael Cole said that this Raw is on the biggest week in WWE History. Seriously? This week is bigger than Wrestlemania week? I think he’s just trying to push it a little since Smackdown is moving to a different channel and we are having a ppv this weekend. Speaking of which, I have tickets to Monday Night Raw next week! I’ll be there row 11 at the Key Arena in Seattle for Raw live! I’ll most likely not have a sign, but I will be opposite the hard camera.

Batista defeated Santino

Santino does his comic routine at the expense of Batista. He calls him brainless and also he throws up the Honka meter, but that was to no avail as the animal beat the crap out of Santino and won this match easily. Batista defeated Santino in a non title match, and I’m not sure what this proves. What a waste of time, I knew the outcome, but I didn’t like how this went down. I would have rather had Santino win by a fluke, but that’s ok, Batista is the one that really need to get over, right? I guess not, since immediately after the match up, JBL came in with a clothesline from hell! Knocking out Batista and taking away any glory that came from that win.

The Miz defeated JTG

This match wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t all that good. The Miz has definitely improved since the first time I ever saw him on WWE programming during the Tough Enough series. The Miz isn’t the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, but he’s improving and this match showed it. JTG put on a good show, but I didn’t really care about this match overall. I don’t watch the dirt sheet and I don’t watch the Cryme Tyme online show, so pushing this feud via online shows is stupid, since the majority of the fans are probably not watching these two shows. The match didn’t take forever and The Miz won after a distraction, and it was all said and done.

Jillian might not be able to sing, but she’s got the biggest rack I’ve seen on Raw in a long time.

Jamie Noble & Mickie James defeated Katie Lea & Paul Burchill

The backstage segment that Jamie Noble had with Jillian was somewhat funny, and that shoutout to Beck was ok. The new guy showed up, and I guess he’s suppose to be the second coming of Val Venis, well at least the whole pornstar gimmick. However, by name only so far; which is a side point anyway. The match was ok for what it was. Standard mixed tag team match up, and this wasn’t all that great at all. Mickie James showed up, and that was great in my book. However, is it just me or has Mickie James lost her edge? She just isn’t as good without a better heel, and if Katie Lea is her main villain, I’m not sure if I buy it at all, so much so that I don’t buy it at all! I don’t really like the wwe divas and this match proved why I don’t. The two women tried to put on a match, but whenever they were in the ring, I was bored. Jamie Noble did a fine job of rescuing this match and actually defeated Paul Burchill! Seriously, Jamie Noble won against Paul, and guess what? I think the wwe only has room for one Paul, and Burchill is not him, so I’m going to just state this first, so you read it here first: The WWE Wishes their best on the future endeavors of Paul Burchill. What do you think? Is he just on a downward spiral or is he going to get a second shot? I think it’s all over for Pirate Paul…or whatever gimmick he is now.

Lance Cade came out to cut a promo, and I was bored.

Team Priceless, Manu, and Kane defeated CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne

This match immediately reminded me of the old Survivor Series matches. At least in the early goings, these types of matches are always fun to watch because they are so fast paced and there are so many different spots that can be performed. Plus you had a good amount of high flyers on one team and a lot of big guys on the other. This was really good if you saw it, you were in for a treat. Match of the night for sure, as all the wrestlers had a shot to show their stuff, and although it wasn’t the longest match in the world, it had enough follow through to entertain me, and watching the younger guys mix it up with Kane was definitely cool. Standout points were definitely from Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio and his team. They really took things to Kane’s team and this match immediately had the crowd going nuts. We get a commercial break and on the return the bad guys have full control of this match and they were really putting the boots to C.M. Punk, who was the only non-high flyer on the good guys team here. He really took a beating at the hands of Manu and Kane, but eventually got the hot tag. The match really didn’t go where I thought it was going to go, as Rey Mysterio had Kane basically beat, but got thrown over the top rope by a member of team priceless, and the legal man, Kofi Kingston, jumped in and tried to get Kane down. Kofi jumped to Kane’s shoulders, no easy feat, and got dropped on the back of his head for his troubles, Kane then picked up the victory for his team and Kofi was left laying in the middle of the ring knocked out. Great match up for what it was, and I liked it a lot. This match was fast, fun, and easy on the eyes. Best match of the week so far, as it had a little bit of everything, and really made everything up to this point suck.

Adamle cuts a promo only to get interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton whines a lot, and then JBL comes out, only to get Batista out there to knock him out. Yeah, this was lame, you can read about it on another site.

Santino also had a funny bit that will most likely lead him to cheating on the Glamazon, which is interesting to say the least.

Jillian & The Glamazon defeated Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly

The divas match was a little more hard hitting than I expected. They really worked Candice in this match, and I don’t think she’s ready for the ring. Her body looks a little flabby and not toned yet. Watch the match closely and you’ll see that while she’s thin, she doesn’t really have anything going for her besides her boobs. Same could be said of Jillian, but she has a few good gymnastic moves that I didn’t expect her to pull off and she did in fact do them well. To Candice’s credit, she’s improving, but I’m not convinced yet. Kelly was looking ok, but she only has that one move that reminds me of Guile’s flash kick…only less effective than a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

Guile Flash Kick

The Glamazon wins this one, and I loved it. I like her, and I hope she roughs up all the divas and makes them into real wrestlers. I liked the ending of this match, but felt that it was too slow for me.

Charlie Haas defeated Deuce

Once again, Deuce is still employed by the WWE? What the hell? Seriously, someone fire that guy or change his gimmick, because if he’s going to be another jobber wasting valuable television time, then I’m not buying it. As for Charlie Haas, he’s dressed as Great Khali this time around and they introduce him as The Great Charlie! The real translator is out with him, and the fans are eating it up. I thought it was hilarious, but how long can this really last? Charlie wins this match with ease and after the match up we had problems. Well we didn’t, but Charlie sure did, the Real Great Khali came out and he wasn’t looking very happy. He came down and beat the crap out of Haas with one major blow. Sadly, the great Charlie didn’t get back up.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H defeated Lance Cade & Chris Jericho via dq

We were teased all night about who was going to be the mystery partner for Shawn Michaels and no one knew what was going on. However, the old Degeneration X music hit and out came Triple H! Degeneration X returned to RAW at least for one night, and the old team was back together and on the same page! Triple H and Shawn Michaels as Degeneration X really had the crowd jumping and the pop was intense for this one. I even marked out a little bit at my chair, even though I was writing this review at 5 in the morning. These guys really do bring back memories. This match was a standard squash in my opinion. Triple H and Shawn Michaels dominated the match at the end and after it was all said and done, Shawn Michaels did a big splash to Lance Cade off the top of a Ladder and Chris Jericho looked like a scared little kid at the top of the ramp. This was a DQ finish, by the way, as the heels teamed up against Shawn Michaels.

WWE Raw 9/29/08 Results

Batista defeated Santino
The Miz defeated JTG
Jamie Noble & Mickie James defeated Katie Lea & Paul Burchill
Team Priceless, Manu, and Kane defeated CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne
Jillian & The Glamazon defeated Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly
Charlie Haas defeated Deuce
Shawn Michaels and Triple H defeated Lance Cade & Chris Jericho via dq

Overall WWE Raw wasn’t all that great this week. I loved the 8 man tag team match, but the rest of the show was just non eventful. I feel that the wwe is just trying to make me buy the ppv this weekend, and I’m not going to since I already have tickets to Raw on Monday. I can’t afford both, as I’m super broke. This show was ok though.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bret Hart Book Tour and U.S Release

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Visit the official Bret Hart website for further details, and full tour information.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

WWE Smackdown Results 9/26/08 Sleep Time For Me


The show opened up with Vickie and Chavo backstage. Chavo says that The Undertaker is coming for her! Big Show shows up and hugs Vickie, and stands guard.

HHH & Jeff Hardy defeated MVP & The Brian Kendrick

This match was fun to watch. Kendrick was flying all over the place, MVP got a lot of shots in, but the good guys were all over them. Triple H and Hardy were doing very well together, and it seemed like they were en route to making a major impact. We leave for commercial break with the good guys winning this match easily, however the commercial break is over and we’re treated to a stellar flurry of offense from The Brian Kendrick. He’s amazing, Kendrick has improved hand over fist and in this match he puts on a show against Hardy and Triple H! Hardy gets the hot tag and starts to really turn things around and I thought for sure it was going to be over, with ease, as he was dropping every move he had! However, Ezekiel gets involved and causes Hardy to drop off the top rope and onto the mat, changing the course of the match up around. MVP and Kendrick had a lot of in and out tags, great team work and I was fully into this match, even though I was really tired and had to make some coffee to wake up and review the show. I couldn’t believe that these guys were kicking off Smackdown, because this was the match of the week! I was all over the place on this match and wasn’t sure who was going to win it, which is a great thing for wrestling fans and about time the wwe does something like this. The ending was well done as Kendrick knocked out Triple H for a while, but Hardy knocked Kendrick outside of the ring, MVP tried to capitalize but Triple H got his bearings back and dropped MVP for the second week in a row with a pedigree for the win! The good guys win in this amazing match up for wwe, which is really surprising for me.

R. Truth punked out Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin looked like he was going to cry! Hilarious!

Maria & Bri Bella defeated Natalya & Victoria

Standard divas match showed up here and I was busy removing price tags on books that I was planning to sell tomorrow. So I was half paying attention to this one. No word yet about the “twins” story line, but the announcers definitely noticed something fishy going on. We also saw Maria get the win with a high cross body off the top rope, which was odd. Natalya and Victoria were pro’s in this one, letting the younger talent shine, even if they weren’t as good at wrestling as they were. I don’t like the divas division and this match was mostly boring, and rightfully so.

Kozlov vs, Khali went to a no contest

I don’t know what was up with this match, but Kozlov was having a hard time toppling the Great Khali. Khali took a huge swing into the ring post and basically rendered himself useless for a good five minutes or so. Triple H came out and challenged Kozlov, then Khali and Kozlov joined forces and were fighting Triple H, but Jeff Hardy came out for the save. It was short lived as the monsters started beating up Hardy, until Triple H came in with a sledgehammer.

What a waste of two guys. I wanted to see these guys go at it, but instead it gets interrupted and we are treated to more stupid run ins. Last I checked this was WWE not TNA, and how crappy is that? Lame.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

Didn’t they fire Yang? Yang puts in a lot of good offense, only to be thwarted by Guerrero. Chavo was good, and I enjoyed it for the most part. I liked how the match flowed toward Jimmy Wang Yang as if he was going to win, but no one in their right mind was putting money on Yang, right? I sure knew that Chavo was going to go over, but I thought that the Undertaker would be involved somehow. I think that The Undertaker should’ve came in, but I guess last weeks’ ending to Smackdown proved enough of a point to get Chavo free and clear. Yang misses a lot of high spots, and Chavo does some great moves that made me remember Eddie Guerrero, but of course the crowd booed the crap out of him, but alas, Chavo finally wins a match. Too bad it’s at the cost of Jimmy Wang Yang and his lackluster push. Yang is the new Funaki, isn’t he?

The Colons defeated Hawkins and Ryder

Primo and Carlito were shining big in this match as they were working like a well oiled machine, and why wouldn’t they? They are brothers and have been around wrestling with their father since they were very young. The match was initially on the side of the Colon brothers as they were in there with quick tags and tandem moves. Primo is fast, and he can really go if you let him. His high flying offense really makes Carlito’s ground game work really well. I have a good feeling that Primo Colon could put on an amazing match up with the likes of Evan Bourne, and most likely will be down the road. This match had a lot of ast moments, then Ryder or Hawkins would slow things down and isolate one of the brothers, only to prompt another set of quick moves. The ending came when Carlito dropped Ryder with the back cracker after a hot tag and the Colon brothers are the new WWE Tag Team Champions! These two looked great, and the match was ok at best, not quite as good as the opener, but adequate enough to get them the belts and make it look good. The Colon’s didn’t even break a major sweat in this match, which was quite amazing to see. Not the greatest title change I’ve ever seen, but it was good none the less.

The final segment:

The final Segment on Smackdown bored me. I’m not too keen on these storylines, as I believe that Smackdown has a great amount of talent and could put on a legitimate wrestling main event. Instead, we get the Undertaker attacking Vickie Guerrero, and you know what? I don’t really give a crap. I don’t want to see The Undertaker fight The Big Show, The Big Show hasn’t even been relevant in a long time. In fact, didn’t we see the Big Show get pulled away on a casket once?

Yes, and here is the video showing The Big Boss Man and Big Show feud that made me believe that The Big Show Sucks and we don't need to see him wrestle the Undertaker.

Smackdown 9/26/08 Results

HHH & Jeff Hardy defeated MVP & The Brian Kendrick
Maria & Bri Bella defeated Natalya & Victoria
Kozlov vs, Khali went to a no contest
Chavo Guerrero defeated Jimmy Wang Yang
The Colons defeated Hawkins and Ryder

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Tna Wrestling 9/25/2008 More With Double J

Double J started the show. It was not exactly the greatest thing ever, but it had to start, right? I wish it started with wrestling. I’m so sick of these in ring promos, and these random talks with Kurt Angle and stupid Jeff Jarrett. I wish I could just go back to sleep rather than staying up for this thing. But whatever, it happens, and even if Kurt thinks that things are getting complicated, it’s still better than being in the arena. (ZIIIING) I don’t care about this opening, it’s boring, and it just lacks the charisma that the 80’s stars had. These guys just seem to be trying to recite lines from a script, an old wcw script at that.

The big thing that comes out of this promo at the beginning of impact is that Jeff Jarrett will wrestle Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. I guess Foley isn’t wrestling? But he probably will be a special guest referee.

Matt Morgan & Abyss defeated The Rock & Rave Infection

I do not like Matt Morgan at all. I don’t know why TNA is investing in such a vapid character, but I guess they need new guys. Abyss is great, if he wasn’t such a wuss now. Actually, I think he’s always been a wuss, if you go back through TNA history he always looks crazy until they get to the ppv where he loses or takes a TON of punishment. Abyss is like the Mankind of TNA. This match was for all intents and purposes a squash match. The Infection didn’t really do a whole lot, other than making Christy Hemme’s forehead show up on television and block my view of the action. The match was good for what it was, but it wasn’t anything that I’ll remember as fantastic. Morgan is athletic, but I’m not completely sold on the guy, and while Abyss does a great job of clearing the ring, it just seems stupid to give these guys the unstoppable gimmick of killing everyone. How long before they face each other? You know it’s going to happen right? The match ended with Matt Morgan dropping Rave and pinning him. Don West states, “Rave joins Matt Morgan’s Mile High Club” and makes me want to vomit.

Awesome Kong defeated Mercedes Steele

Mercedes Steele looks like a poor man’s Gail Kim. She’s a smaller woman, and she got rocked hard by Awesome Kong, and I was surprised that TNA would sign this woman. Mercedes was screaming a whole lot, and I was wondering what was going on, because this seemed a little weird. I got tired of hearing Steele moan and scream like a porn star, and I had to just pretend I didn’t hear her screaming and moaning. Awesome Kong basically killed Steele’s hopes of being a great TNA Knockout, and I guess all divisions need jobbers and TNA now has found women jobbers to feed to Awesome Kong. Oh well. Post match, what I knew from the moment I saw her, Raisha Saeed was really Roxi and Roxi attacks Kong dressed up as Saeed! It looked obvious and I wasn’t swerved at all. TNA telegraphed this one, so if you didn’t catch it, you didn’t miss much.
Karen's Angle is one of the worst segments ever. However, Karen was dressed so provocatively, that I almost had to take a break, cause her cleavage was insane, and she was showing off A LOT for this type of segment. She’s showing way too much to me, that’s for sure. Maybe I’m alone in thinking this, but Karen Angle is busting out of her dress.

Beer Money defeated LAX

LAX fought Beer Money in a PPV quality match up. I love these type of matches. LAX is a real tag team and not just a couple of guys that are thrown together. They work as a team and they are completely team oriented in their offense. Beer Money is also a good team, however, they didn’t look as strong as LAX in this match up and it looked like LAX was positioned to win the tag team titles again because they were doing everything in their power to win this one. Beer Money steal another match up with a distraction, and knocking Hernandez out with a beer helmet. Beer Money wins again, and now Hector Guerrero must leave LAX!!

Again we get a Sting lecture about respect, I went to eat breakfast in the kitchen.

Samoa Joe defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir

This match was back and forth. Well, it was within reason, Samoa Joe didn’t look completely bad, but this was good for a few moments. It was a glorified squash match, as Samoa Joe was NOT going to lose to Sheik. So, if you’ve seen a bad Samoa Joe match, then you’ve seen this one, cause well, it was over fast. Samoa Joe put the boots to Bashir and won easily. It was an above par match, and there was a few good moments, but overall, not the best match that you could see.

Booker T defeated Aj Styles

No surprise to me here, this match was going quite well until the interference of Booker’s wife which prompted Christian Cage to enter the ring and prevent it initially. The interference helped as Booker T defeated Aj Styles in this match and the saga of respect continues. What side is Christian on? That’s the question that people are talking about. The match itself, back and forth, good match up. The two work great together, and I was really looking forward to this one, but the interference, the ref bump and stupid booking made this match boring in the end and we get another convoluted TNA impact ending.

TNA 9/25/08 Results

Booker T defeated Aj Styles
Samoa Joe defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir
Beer Money defeated LAX
Matt Morgan & Abyss defeated The Rock & Rave Infection
Awesome Kong defeated Mercedes Steele

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ecw 9/23/08 Results and Review

ECW came through once again on Sci Fi with no nonsense wrestling at its finest. Jim Ross was on commentary, and they were coming from Ohio State University! Todd Grisham was NOT on the show!

The Miz and Morrison opened the show and started to whine about how the new Superstars are messing them up. Teddy Long showed up and said what’s up, and told the former champs that the young bucks will continue to astonish and come through ECW. This prompted Ricky Ortiz came out and I swear he looks like the guy from Final Fight, anyone else feel that way?

Ricky Ortiz

Finlay defeated Bam Neely

If anyone thought that Bam Neely was going to win this one than you’re an idiot. Seriously, this match was somewhat boring. It was a standard squash match and Finlay once again gets an easy night in the WWE by defeating the most useless body guard of all time. I hope Bam gets fired soon.

Maryse defeated Michelle McCool

Word on the street is that Michelle McCool is going out with the Undertaker, and some might even say that’s why she’s the diva’s champion, but that’s neither here nor there. McCool is putting up some good matches, even though I don’t know if she’s all that great. Maryse is NOT that good, and actually looks like a fish out of water out there. There are moments in this match where Maryse is busy adjusting her outfit, rather than being the aggressor. There are even moments where Stryker and Ross talk about how Maryse isn’t capitalizing on her opportunities. Just after they said that, Maryse dropped McCool with a spike DDT and McCool loses this match after getting thrown off the top rope and the spike DDT. Maryse wins? Yep.

Mike Knox defeated Chase Stevens

Knox defeated Stevens easily. The most impressive part of this match up was that Knox was actually over with the crowd. The crowd even counted the one, two, three in this match. Jim Ross was basically selling Knox to the home audience waxing over how great he is as if Mike Knox was the second coming of HHH. Post Match Jack Swagger came out and dropped Stevens only to prompt Knox to come back to ringside, distracting Tommy Dreamer whom ran down for the save, and of course Jack Swagger drops Tommy Dreamer for his troubles. Swagger then is billed as an All American Wrestling machine, and the announce team really try to sell this guy to me. I don’t buy it.

The Miz and John Morrison wrestled to a No Contest

The Miz and John Morrison put on a good match, and I admit The Miz is the most improved wrestler that I've seen in a long time. I recall when he first showed up in WWE I was first to call him a Reality Show retard, but this guy is good now. NOt great, but good enough to be out there with Morrison and put on an entertaining match up. Towards the end of this match, I was really starting to get into it, and I thought it was great. I actually started to appreciate the effort that these two were putting into the match, and so did the live crowd who was starting to come alive towards the closing of this match up. The two butted heads while trying to do a top rope maneuver and both were counted down and both lost. Post match, Ricky Ortiz came out and did the BIG O on both guys then ran out of the ring and gave his rally towel to a pretty lady. (That's questionable)

ECW 9/23/08 Results

Finlay defeated Bam Neely
Maryse defeated Michelle McCool
Mike Knox defeated Chase Stevens
The Miz and John Morrison wreslted to a No Contest

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WWE Raw Results 9/22/08 and Review

This was the 800th Episode of Monday Night Raw!

Raw was live from The U.S Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This was a good show overall with a lot more wrestling than talking and some great moments. If you missed it, you should go back and check it out as there was a lot of things for every wrestling fan out there. There was a lot of quick reversals in a lot of the matches and it seemed like they were trying to be more like Smackdown than an entertainment showcase. While there was a bit of storyline, there was a lot of wrestling in my view, and the post match incidents were great.

WE start the night with Chris Jericho speaking on top of a ladder, and bragging. This looks great, they have a 20 foot ladder in the middle of the ring and a spotlight on Chris Jericho. Randy Orton comes out, and this could be a little foreshadowing for what is to come. Orton announces that no one can hit him, and he can’t hit anyone or else Mike Adamle will suspend them immediately. Jericho left Randy Orton alone, and C.M Punk made his way out to the ring. The two stared each other down and Punk slapped Orton twice! Mike Adamle quickly run downs to the ring and demands CM Punk to stop it, and calm down. Then Mike Adamle suspends CM Punk indefinitely!

Shane McMahon shows up on Raw! Shane overrules the Suspension of CM Punk! Shane McMahon continues to shake things up, announcing that CM Punk will wrestle Cody Rhodes later on tonight, and then makes another match for tonight: JBL & Chris Jericho vs. Batista & Shawn Michaels!

Cm Punk defeated Cody Rhodes

This match somewhat surprised me, CM Punk was getting good shots in, but the surprise came from Cody Rhodes who seemed on top of his game, and was delivering great shots to Punk and bumping like a true champion. A leg sweep on the outside from Punk, dropping Cody Rhodes was definitely impressive, and Cody Rhodes flying off the top rope with a textbook cross body block to Punk’s reversal was also something that highlight reels are made of. The match was going well, and the pacing was right on target, although I could’ve done with more impact spots, as there was obvious stalling at one point with Punk issuing stiff kicks and right hands to Cody Rhodes. CM Punk rallied in the end and dropped Cody with his GTS and won the match clean and seemingly easy. Post match, Manu and Ted Dibiase Jr. ran in for the save and started to beat down Punk, but that prompted Kofi Kingston to run down and save Punk from further harm! Kofi Kingston cleared the ring and this most likely will set up a tag team match between the two and Priceless or Manu, or some combination of two of them.

Santino defeated Deuce

I can’t believe this match up. I thought Deuce got fired? Maybe it was Domino that got fired. Whatever the case is, here is Deuce in his former gimmick wrestling Santino. It must be noted that Santino is wearing a face protector to sell the injury of Beth Phoenix getting thrown on top of his face. Santino’s face was the target of the majority of Deuce’s offense, and Deuce was trying his hardest to make himself a viable commodity for the WWE as he was really putting the boots to Santino. I definitely spoke too soon though, as Santino gave a reversal to Deuce rolling him up clean for the victory and another match won. This match was a squash, but it was hilarious to see Santino, he’s the funniest Intercontinental Champion of all time, not necessarily the best.

Kane defeated Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne looked amazing in this match against Kane. He was definitely using his in ring psychology to the best of his ability, trying to chop down Kane as if he were a tree in the forest. We saw a lot of low dropkicks and offense to Kane’s lower leg and Evan was relentless, forcing Kane to really slow down. However, the onslaught was short lived because Kane dropped the hammer towards the middle of this match, and while Bourne was putting up a good fight, he was no match for Kane’s immediate strength. Evan Bourne was definitely doing well, but one moonsault miss and things turned around. If you missed it, Evan Bourne went for a moonsault and missed half of kane, landing on his face and arms, but it didn’t seem to phase him too much because he bounced back only to get thrown up into the air and dropped mercilessly with a huge right hand! Bourne was thrown into the air and on the way down, Kane hit an uppercut, turning the tables on Evan Bourne’s initial offensive flurry. Kane dropped Evan in one of the best chokeslams I’ve ever seen on Raw, and won. Post match, Rey Mysterio ran down to the ring and started fighting off Kane but that too was short lived. Rey Mysterio dove off the middle ropes and Kane countered in mid air with a huge big boot sending Mysterio flying. You really had to see this, the timing was perfect and Rey really took one hard in mid air. There’s no protecting yourself on this one, and Kane walked away as a monster. If you can get a hold to a replay, do so, this match and ending was great.

Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix

Kelly Kelly is definitely improving yet again, and this match proved it greatly. Beth Phoenix is the best wwe female wrestler performing right now. That’s saying a lot considering that Victoria is still a wwe diva, but she hasn’t done a whole lot to gain the title or even get a good push in a long time. Kelly got a lot of offense in with dropkicks, and reversals off the top and surprise flying clotheslines, really impressive match. Kelly then upset the Glamazon when she rolled up Beth after a distraction from Santino. Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix with a roll up. Post match Santino and Beth Phoenix were going to do a number on Kelly, but Batista’s music hit and out came the Animal! Beth Phoenix got into his face, and Batista speared him for his troubles!

Miz & Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme finally looked good in a match, and it took the likes of Miz and Morrison to bring it out in them. Cryme Tyme was looking like a great team and was rallying the fans in a way that I haven’t seen from a tag team in a long time. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t separate Cryme Tyme anytime soon as they are a great team and are starting to come into their own now. After the commercial break Miz and Morrison had full control over this match, however, the hot tag came in and things really turned around! Cryme Tyme set up their finisher, but Morrison jumped in to break it up before things got bad, but that was short lived. I was surprised at how many near falls were in this match up, Miz kicked out of a lot of big time moves, and the crowd was really into this match up. This wasn’t Cryme Tyme’s night as Morrison nearly knocks out Shad with a kick to the back of the head, Miz rolled him up for the pin and Miz and Morrison defeats Cryme Tyme thanks to quick wits and Morrison’s blindside.

JBL, Lance Cade, and Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels and Batista

I thought for sure the good guys had this match sewed up, but apparently even I am wrong most of the time. Cade really shined in this match, at least in the closing effort. Shawn Michaels and Batista are a good team, and I guess the feud between them is over since they acted like a cohesive unit for the most part of this match up. JBL was a non factor in the end, and while Jericho had a great amount of offense he just couldn’t put away Shawn Michaels who was on a roll in the later goings of this match up. It was definitely good, but things worked out best for Cade as he jumped in and dropped HBK for the win! Lance Cade pins Shawn Michaels! The bad guys win this match up, and we get another edition of Raw with Jericho and Cade on top!

WWE Raw 9/22/08 Results

JBL, Lance Cade, and Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels and Batista
Miz & Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme
Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix
Kane defeated Evan Bourne
Santino defeated Deuce
Cm Punk defeated Cody Rhodes

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Smackdown Results 9/19/08 and Review

We get right to the action this week on Smackdown, and we opened up with a women’s match for the Divas title. Live from Nashville, TN. Smackdown has a somewhat cold opening.

Michelle McCool defeated Maryse

Standard divas match, McCool did most of the damage on this match, and she is improving a little bit, however this wasn’t that great. I feel that the divas are trying way too hard here, and they still seem a little green to me. I admit, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it’s nice to see that the divas can carry a singles match on television and not just a tag team match up. This isn’t THAT good, but it was watchable, that’s for sure.

Ryan Braddock vs Festus No Contest

Jesse and Festus once again proved that their gimmick is more than just a bell ring away from going the distance. They tied up Braddock, after knocking him out, and were planning on shipping him long distance, as they covered him in bubble wrap and duct taped him to a dolly. This was a throwaway match, but it was cool to see that the team of Festus and Jesse are starting to get themselves into serious storylines. Even if it does smell like the old Repo Man gimmick to me; I’m assuming that there was a dq finish, thanks to the knock out blow.

R Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin

R Truth came out to some lame song. Shelton Benjamin seriously looked mad this whole match. Truth took a lot of punishment in this match, and I’m not sure where they were going with this one. Benjamin really put the boots to Truth, and was even pulling out some new movies, or at least moves he hasn’t been used to using, like the backbreaker to stretch/rest hold. The crowd was pretty much dead for a long time, and then came alive at the last moments of this match when Truth reversed a German suplex into a roll up, and Benjamin is back to jobbing to the new guys, as he loses cleanly to TRUTH! The championship was not on the line, so things weren’t that great for Truth, but it was definitely great to see someone other than the normal trend get pushed on Smackdown. Not a great match, but good enough to make me pay attention to Smackdown. I’m not totally sold on R. Truth but he’s doing really well since coming back to WWE.

Jeff Hardy defeated Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick was really doing a great job putting himself over in this match, Hard was taking a lot of punishment at the hands of Kendrick. Kendrick is like a pitbull in there when the bell rings, and he really is a lot better than I have ever gave him credit for. I don’t agree with J.R in that he reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels, but moreover he reminds me of a Dean Malenko mixed with WCW Lionheart Chris Jericho. He’s got the ground game down pat, but he can drop you with some amazing missile dropkicks too, in fact He reminds me more of the lionheart era Chris Jericho than anyone else from times past. Right when I was going to peg Brian Kendrick for the win, Hardy counters Kendrick’s offense with a backslide pin and Kendrick’s shoulders and feet were nearly touching and he couldn’t kick out at all! Jeff Hardy wins a technical match up with a great backslide pin, and if you missed this match up, you missed a good one, that’s for sure.

Carlito’s Cabana

Primo and Carlito were great on the mic in this one, and out came the Edgekins. The Tag champions tried to talk to Carlito and Primo but were horrible. They ask for a tag title match and they get it, but not tonight, they will get it next week on Smackdown! Carlito then asked for someone to come to ringside and pack things up, which prompted Jesse and Festus to come down with a roll of bubble wrap and a dolly! The ring then gets cleared and the bell rings, prompting Festus to get crazy!

The Great Khali defeated Scotty Goldman

This new guy is none other than Colt Cabana, indie superstar. I'm not sure why they squashed him, but it happened. The Great Khali beat the snot out of Scotty Goldman, and it wasn't pretty. One thing that I never understood is how wrestlers that are big names in the independent circuit and make a great living (well an ok living) go to the WWE only to get buried by the monsters. Case in point, Scotty Goldman's losing streak, getting beatdown this week by none other than The Great Khali. This match wasn't worth it. How long before we see the following: "The Wwe has come to terms with the release of Scotty Goldman."

One thing that is great is that Kozlov is going to have to face Great Khali next week on Smackdown!

Triple H defeated MVP

MVP put a lot of effort into trying to make this match worthwhile, however Triple H seemed to be working on only 2nd gear. He wasn't the usual Triple H, and he was just waiting his opponent out, and doing very little to produce offense. The most he did in the initial ongoings of this match was a nice delivered drop toe hold, but that only followed into a rest hold head lock. MVP most likely had to just take it, since reports online have stated that he's in the doghouse of sorts. If he was in the doghouse it showed in this match as Triple H had a lot of easy moments, and basically had to just put his foot out and MVP had to bump to it. MVP did a good job not showing too much frustration, but there were moments in the match where he seemed upset at how it was all going down. It wasn't a squash match though, as MVP did work on Triple H's left arm for a good portion of this match up. It was short lived though as Triple H turned the tables around and beat MVP for the clean pinfall. Post match, Kozlov knocks out Triple H and once again he proves that he is tougher than the majority of newer guys that are merely getting squashed for no apparent reason.

Overall, a good enough Smackdown to end the week on a high note. I liked watching Smackdown as there was a lot more wrestling than the other shows this week. There was also a great storyline tie in, and not too much talking, and while the show did feel dead at times, it was good to see the lower card get some attention including Brian Kendrick and dare I say...Scotty Goldman. Smackdown this week was better than the rest of the wrestling that I saw, but that's not saying a whole lot.

WWE Smackdown 9/19/08 Results

Michelle McCool defeated Maryse
Ryan Braddock vs Festus No Contest
R Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy defeated Brian Kendrick
The Great Khali defeated Scotty Goldman
Triple H defeated MVP

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Tna Impact Results 9/18/08 and Review The Return of Double J

I admit, I didn’t want to watch TNA, I dreaded what was coming on, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I just hoped I was wrong, and with a whiny Samoa Joe starting things off, I fastened my seatbelt and waited for wrestling to show up on TNA Impact…I had my fingers crossed, and here’s how the wrestling went down.

Does anybody else get annoyed at how much whining Samoa Joe does? I liked him better when he was dominating the x-division and putting on 4 star matches with the likes of The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Now he’s just whining about how Sting isn’t always there to sacrifice. Lame, if you ask me.

Christian Cage & Aj Styles defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

I’m not sure why TNA puts two of their main event caliber wrestlers opening up the show with a couple of jobbers. The Machine Guns are good, but they haven’t proven themselves at all, and are usually put into these hot shot tag team matches only to lose. If you had money on The Machine Guns, you were sadly disappointed with yet another loss for the young guns of TNA. The good guys win this one easily, and it does nothing to forward their individual paths in TNA. Post match one of the Machine Guns flips Christian the bird, and the announcers go nuts about how Sting was right.

Please fire Mike Tenay and Don West! Worst announcers ever.

Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, and Jimmy Rave The Prince Justice Brotherhood

We had six man tag team action with the superheroes of TNA and three other jobbers. I kid, those guys aren’t jobbers, they are part of the Rock and Roll infection and the former x-division champion and current Scott Steiner clone Petey Williams. This match was quick, and really didn’t have time to develop at all. The best parts of the match featured Petey Williams, as he is very talented, despite his looks. The Justice Brotherhood won this one easily, and that was that, they left the ring fast.

Post match though, things got really exciting. The Rock and Roll Infection triple teamed Petey Willaims and during the melee, Lance Hoyt pushed the ref, but the ref got angry and started to fight back! Williams and the ref both started to clean house, and beat down the bad guys, and things get really good, Earl Hebner comes out to calm the ref down, and we’re most likely going to get the ref wrestling someone in the near future. Overall the best part of Impact so far was this post match melee, because the actual wrestling was too short and didn’t feature anything worthwhile.

Booker T defeated Jay Lethal

I’m not sure why I was so interested in this match up. But it was probably the best thing in wrestling this week. Black Machismo used to be more Macho Man-esque, but now he’s not really doing as much to resonate with Randy Savage fans. If you remember, Randy Savage did a lot of rest holds, alongside fast clotheslines, and top rope double axe handle smashes. Savage was fast, and he had a certain move set, but he had a charisma that Lethal doesn’t really have, even though Booker T is a great opponent to try and unleash more Randy Savage mannerisms. Lethal put in a lot of work into this matchup, and Booker T looked as though he wasn’t going to win this one, but right when I was thinking this thought, Booker T hit the scissors kick and BOOM, Lethal was out for the count and Booker T defeats Black Machismo clean with the scissors kick. Not half bad, I enjoyed it greatly.

Rhino & Taylor Wilde defeated Kip James & Velvet Sky

This match sucked. Kip James is huge, that’s what I realized when watching this match. He’s a huge guy, and he’s not being used in any capacity as a wrestler other than to act gay just like he was acting way back when. Rhino is ok, but I can’t rally behind him unless he’s goring people through tables. This match was really slow and boring, and while I should’ve cared a bit more, I just couldn’t stand to see these four wasting their talent on such a lackluster match. There was a lot of stalling, and a lot of misses that just seemed too obvious to be good. For example, Rhino is in the corner, Kip stalls, and then runs at him, and goes for a splash, but everything seemed to be in slow motion so Rhino moves out of the way, meanwhile Kip holds the ropes to let himself down onto the turnbuckle slowly, and reacts as though that move knocked the wind out of him. Taylor Wilde ducks a shot with pipe of sorts, then gets the win out of nowhere, and this match is finally over. This is the lowest point in the TNA Impact show, and the worst match I’ve seen in a long time. I’d rather see a WWE Jobbers match than watch this one ever again. I couldn’t even focus on the women to distract me, this match sucked, and it really made me want to go back to sleep.

The Double J Return

Double J Returned tonight, and boy did he have a lot to say. He basically told Sting that he was no better than the veterans of WCW and that the guys in the back are just waiting for him and Angle alongside Booker T to just step aside. I was impressed with this segment, and it was incredible to hear someone say that the veterans need to move out of the way and make the younger guys stars, BUT, this isn’t going to happen, you know it isn’t going to happen. Double J is stellar, and I’m happy to see him back in the business.

The best part of this promo at the end of Impact was Kurt Angle’s response to Double J. He called the fans assholes, he said that He alone carried the company for 2 years, single handedly! He then said that Double J is a has been and that if Jeff wants to come out and talk than he better be ready to get socked out. Kurt Angle then tells Double J to get the hell out of the ring, and that HE’S Not a wrestler and doesn’t have anything left.

What happens next is something that could’ve been great, but instead just simply makes me hate TNA. Mick Foley shows up on screen and cuts a Cactus Jack Promo, Mick Foley is now officially in TNA!

TNA Impact 9/18/08 Results

Rhino & Taylor Wilde defeated Kip James & Velvet Sky
Booker T defeated Jay Lethal
Christian Cage & Aj Styles defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, and Jimmy Rave The Prince Justice Brotherhood

This edition of TNA Impact had a total of 4 matches. 2 Hours, 4 matches, is this WWE? What a joke.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ECW Results 9/17/08

ECW didn't record on my dvr, so I don't have a full review. Sorry. I know, I can see it online for free, and well I am, but I'm not going to review it here today. I'm sorry....I'm an idiot, but I'll return for some interim posts until the Impact review ok?

Here's the Results for ECW on 9/17

ECW Results 9/17/08

ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Mike Knox (non-title)
Evan Bourne (w/ Ricky Ortiz) def. The Miz (w/ John Morrison)
Jack Swagger def. Chase Stevens
Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas) def. Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raw Results 9/15/08 and Review

Live from Memphis, Tn we get a great kick off to Raw with the world heavyweight title. This has to be a first in a long time, as we haven’t seen a legitimate cage match on Raw in a long time, nor have we opened Raw with a legitimate world title match.

Chris Jericho defeated C.M Punk in a Steel Cage Match

The match was actually evenly matched. We had offense from both sides of the coin, with Punk getting in a lot of punishment early on, and losing control midway through. Chris Jericho turned things around after the commercial break, and slapped on the Walls of Jericho, and Punk was nearly outside of the ring. At one point he even had one foot outside of the steel cage and was on his way to victory, but Jericho managed to drag him back in. A big highlight was Punk putting up a knee during Jericho’s Lionsault attempt, clearly hurting the champion. The ending came when C.M. Punk hit Jericho with a head-butt and knocked Jericho right out of the door! Jericho literally fell out of the ring, missed the stairs and landed straight on his back!

This match was great, but I didn’t like how there wasn’t any blood, and how the match wasn’t very long at all. They made it seem somewhat easy to get into this match, and I believe that both men have longer cage matches in them, but of course, this is Raw so I’m sure they had to adjust for time constraints. Otherwise, this match was not half bad, watching Jericho and Punk shines a light on what could be to come from the WWE Raw side of things.

Candice Michelle defeated Jillian

This match was stupid. I still think that Candice is trying to hard to look and act like Victoria. I was impressed at one point when Jillian delivered a clean and good looking Samoan drop, but other than that, this match was stupid. I can do without all the moaning and groaning, from the hair pulling. The camera kept cutting to Beth Phoenix, who was ringside, and I must admit she looked nice without too much make up on. Back to the match, this was forgettable and the crowd didn’t seem to be too into it at all. In fact, this match was so bad that Jillian had some rest holds and was singing and yelling midway through the match, much to everyone’s dismay. I know she’s trying to get heat, but this is just ridiculous and isn’t doing anything good for me or the fans. This match was so bad, that even the commentary was lacking as Cole and The King had a lot of dead air and just didn’t have anything to say about this horrible match up. I blinked and missed the ending, but Candice Michelle won this match up, and was nearly breaking her bra or top, whatever you want to call it.

JBL defeated Tommy Dreamer

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, Tommy Dreamer needs to quit professional wrestling. I’m not sure what he is trying to accomplish anymore, he’s not chasing the ECW title, he’s just jobbing out all the time. I know that it sure beats working 9 to 5, but does it really? I’m not sure what Tommy Dreamer is getting paid, but he’s really taking a beating day in and day out and he’s never really winning anything, he’s just taking chair shots, and losing to established wrestlers. This was a great example of that. This match was not even five minutes in length and Dreamer got no offense in, he was manhandled by JBL then the clothesline from Hell and the quick win for JBL. This match sucked, and I hate when the ECW originals get squashed.

Post match, JBL sat in the ring demanding that Mike Adamle come out and make him the number 1 contender to the Heavyweight championship. It only prompted Randy Orton to come out and talk smack. This brought out Santino and Beth Phoenix, and our 10 o’clock main event is a promo, and I’m not sure what’s going on. This segment dragged on and eventually Batista showed up to join the party. Just like you might have guessed, it ended in a melee, and Batista dropped Santino like a bad habit. Afterwards, Beth Phoenix got in his face and slapped Batista! After that, BATISTA delievered a SPINE BUSTER TO BETH PHOENIX dropping her on TOP OF SANTINO!!!!!


Priceless & Manu defeated King Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston, and Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas came out dressed as Jim Ross and make some hilarious comments as Ross. He also plugged Jim Ross’s bbq sauce, available at jrsbarbq.com. I figure that since Raw was in Memphis, Jerry Lawler had to wrestle, and he took a lot of punishment from Priceless. Haas ran down to do commentary midway through the matchup, prompting a huge pop! Haas got into the match and the Crowd was finally into everything and anything he was doing. He cleared the ring, and nearly won the match for his team! I kid you not, the crowd was going wild for his antics! Ted Dibiase got the win with a million dollar dream Russian leg sweep combination, and I don’t have a name for that move, but it looked good.

Jamie Noble defeated Paul Burchill

I’m surprised that the WWE is pushing Jamie Noble, even if he’s not always winning, towards the close of the show. This match happened after a lot of main eventers had already gone out there and wrestled. Jamie Noble was fast, and I do mean fast. This match was interesting, if only to see Jamie Noble’s ferocity, he really drove his point home. He went out and attacked Paul until Jamie Noble got an arm lock on him and made Paul submit. I’m more disappointed that wwe is not allowing Paul Burchill to get a better shot, he’s getting trashed by Jamie Noble, of all people! This was a squash match. Post match William Regal came out as boyfriend to Noble’s former love interest. Let’s just forget that Paul Burchill even works for wwe, the wwe has.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kane via DQ

This match was all Kane. Until the end, or should I say after the match, when Evan Bourne came out to save Rey and probably forecasting a handicap match or a future tag team for a title run.

The biggest thing to come out of Raw wasn't the wrestling, it was the announcement that HBK will face Chris Jericho for the world title in a LADDER match at No Mercy!

HBK Ladder

Raw Results 9/15/08
Rey Mysterio defeated Kane via DQ
Jamie Noble defeated Paul Burchill
Priceless & Manu defeated King Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston, and Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho defeated C.M Punk in a Steel Cage Match
Candice Michelle defeated Jillian

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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect DVD Out Now

Curt Hennig was just like his wrestling nickname, "perfect" in every aspect of his wrestling style. He got his start in a wrestling family with his father Larry the Axe Hennig, went through Verne Gagne s training camp, and gained experience in the AWA, reaching the pinnacle as the AWA Heavyweight Champion. But Curt Hennig s biggest spotlight would shine in WWE, when he became Mr. Perfect, a two-time Intercontinental Champion and 2007 inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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TNA No Surrender 2008 Results

Here are the complete Results to last nights TNA NO Surrender 2008 PPV!

The Prince Justice Brotherhood defeated The Rock N’ Rave Infection

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Awesome Kong defeated ODB

Abyss & Matt Morgan defeated Team 3D

X Division Championship Match
Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Consequences Creed and Petey Williams

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship
Taylor Wilde defeated Angelina Love

Ladder of Love Match
Sonjay Dutt defeated Jay Lethal

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. defeated LAX

Mixed Martial Arts Match
AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg (No Contest)

TNA Championship Match
Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle and Christian Cage

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Smackdown Results 9/12

Unfortunately I'm not going to be seeing Smackdown or reviewing it. I'm going to See Rancid tonight so I'll miss it.

Jeff Hardy defeated MVP, Brian Kendrick, and Shelton Benjamin
Carlito & Primo Colon defeated Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
Vladamir Kozlov defeated Scotty Goldman & Funaki
Festus vs. Kenny Dykstra (ended in a no contest)
R-Truth defeated Chavo Guerrero
Maria, Michelle McCool, Brie Bella defeated Victoria, Natalya, Maryse

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TNA Results 9/11/08 and Review

I didn’t want to watch Tna Impact this week, I was burnt out from work, and I was just overall not feeling it. But I managed to watch it, and though there is a lot of talking on the show, I managed to focus on the wrestling, since that’s what Impact is suppose to deliver most.

On one note though, I’m getting tired of seeing the TNA video game entrances, it looks like the old N64 games, which could be bad or good depending on your point of view. I didn't go into detail with every single promo, every interview, because that takes me forever to write down and comment on, so I just focused on the actual wrestling found on Impact, which makes things easier for me and you.

Abyss vs. Christian Cage ended in a No Contest

I wasn’t too thrilled with this match at first, I thought it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. However, I’m a huge fan of the low dropkick, and after Christian hit that on Abyss, I marked out huge. However, Abyss thwarted any comeback that Christian had, catching him off of the Frogsplash, and I was really drawn in. I don’t understand the whole angle where Abyss is growing anxious and how he can’t put away Christian. We didn’t get a winner because Kurt Angle and Booker T rushed the ring and beat the crap out of Christian. Abyss just stood there for a while, then got involved, turning on Angle and Booker, however that was short lived because Angle and Booker started to beat down the monster! Abyss was about to get his brains scrambled but Matt Morgan made the save, and this will most likely push Morgan into the main event world of TNA, much to my dismay.

Taylor Wilde won an evening gown face off. Way to make the knockouts look dumb, so much for the wrestling, as we’re getting treated to WWE Style divas gimmick matches, so lame.

Angelina Love won a bikini showdown. What a load of crap this was. I must also note that the Prince Justice Brotherhood were the judges. This sucks. I hate this stupid crap.

Awesome Kong defeated Roxie in a Bimbo Brawl

Kong destroyed Roxie, but Roxie did manage a good amount of offense before Kong took over. Roxie gets busted open, receives chair shots, and loses the match with Kong’s finisher. Afterwards she was going to give more punishment to Roxie but ODB showed up to save the day. She then hits the referee with the chair!

Samoa Joe defeated Johnny Devine, Lance Rock, Tyson Tomko

I thought Tomko quit? I guess not, because here he is getting squashed by Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe just rolls through three idiots fast, and easy. They just squashed three of their newer talents, and I guess that’s ok right? I like Joe and all, but he doesn’t need to defeat some jobbers to get over at this point, he’s the champion, and a horrible one at that. Tomko did put on a lot more fight than the first two guys, and while it was short, Samoa Joe didn’t beat Tomko as quickly as the first two opponents in this gauntlet style match up.

Taylor Wilde defeated Angelina Wilde in a talent contest
. Once again, this was stupid, I’m tired of seeing this random diva crap on TNA. This shouldn’t be anything like WWE and I can’t believe I have to sit through this crap. TNA is turning the knockouts into the WWE divas with crap like this.

Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan defeated Abyss and Matt Morgan

Could this be the new “it” tag team? It could be, and Abyss did a great job teaming with Morgan. I didn’t completely hate Morgan in this match, and it looked like Abyss and Morgan had this match sewed up completely. I was actually enjoying this until Team 3-D ran to ringside and hit Abyss with a chair, knocking him out and allowing Kurt Angle to win this match up for his team. This match was ok, but I hope this doesn’t lead to Matt Morgan getting title shots and singles matches, I can watch him as a tag team partner of Abyss but not alone.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ECW Results 9/9/08 and Review

ecw 9/9

We get Matt Hardy right off the bat, and for once he looks really strong. He comes out and cuts a championship promo, only to beat down Tony Atlas and Mark Henry, and the new champ walks away clean.

John Morrison defeated Evan Bourne

I could have done without the commercial break in the middle of this match, however it didn’t stop the action. Evan Bourne is once again proving that he’s the next big thing in the WWE. Morrison is quite good as a heel, and Bourne really had to fight him off in this one. We get a lot of high flying hits and misses, with the standard lucha/indie style, and in the end this match was definitely a contender for match of the week. I must note that Matt Striker calls the huracanrana the Frankensteiner! That’s pretty cool, citing Scott Steiner’s old finishing move. Evan Bourne had a nasty spill when Morrison put his feet up to block a standing moonsault and believe me, it looked painful; Morrison won after some interference from The Miz, giving Morrison an easy pinfall.

Jack Swagger defeated Josh Daniels

This is stupid. Jack Swagger "the all American" as he's nicknamed, this crap sucks. He's like the WWE's answer to Matt Morgan's new gimmick. Jack beats down a random jobber in a nearly silent match up. Josh Daniels just gets beat down for no apparent reason, and this match is a waste of everyone's time. If you like seeing job matches, here's your pick of the week, just brutal and to the point, but for no apparent reason. Jack Swagger wins, but who cares!

Finlay & Matt Hardy defeated Mike Knox & Mark Henry

This was a hard hitting tag team match. I liked it, for what it was, but it wasn't extreme by any means of the word. Finlay dominated early on, and was impressive against Mike Knox. Knox was really getting the boots taken to him by Finlay, but the tables turned and Mark Henry came in on the hot tag. However, this was short lived as the ECW Champ Matt Hardy came in and dropped everyone in sight. The match started to go downhill a little, but Finlay came in with a major interference, Hardy hits Knox with the twist of fate and the good guys get the victory in this match up.

ECW Results 9/9/08

John Morrison defeated Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger defeated Josh Daniels
ECW Champion Matt Hardy & Finlay defeated Mark Henry & Mike Knox

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Raw Results 9/8/08 and Review

This time around, instead of reviewing each and every segment, I’ll talk about the wrestling, and sprinkle in commentary here and there about segments that I feel are importrant or interesting, so unlike my other reviews which are more like a results and wrap ups, explaining every single segment, this will be more wrestling oriented, as I usually do these reviews in the early mornings and get tired of having to explain each instance. There are already plenty of websites and podcasts that do recaps word for word or event for event, this site wasn’t and isn’t about that.

Jericho is looking good as champion, and I’m glad he finally got the title. Jericho gets booed out of the building, but that’s expected. Adamle presents a great argument midway and we’re going to get Batista and Jericho tonight, and next week we’re going to get C.M. Punk in a steel cage match!

Jericho’s body is pretty banged up, and he’s got bruises that don’t seem to correlate with make up, from what I can tell, but I’m no doctor. The overall tone of the opening was good but it took 20 minutes or so to develop.

Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James (WWE Women’s Title Match)

Mickie James has gone a long way from being a clone of Trish Stratus and has really come into her own. She didn’t seem to even look nervous, considering that there are hardcore pornographic images of her younger days surfacing on the net. This match is actually worth watching, although not the greatest. If you watch closely there are some missed spots, but they seem to push things through well, and I have to tip my hat to the women’s division for this match up. Back and forth match happened, we had a lot of usual spots, and then the Glamazon drops Mickie James on her head and rolls her up, strong style, for the win. It should be noted that Candice Michelle is on the outside, and she is looking a lot like Victoria these days.

William Regal defeated Jamie Noble

Once again, Jamie Noble stays employed by getting involved with a diva. This is his third match with Regal, and the highlight of this match up was not Noble’s attempt to win, but rather how ferocious William Regal turned out to be. He hasn’t been this heavy hitting since his WCW television title reign. He really turned it up a notch and Noble was nearly knocked out with a knee from Regal right to the temple. Regal isn’t just a mat technician any longer, he’s really trying to be much more, and he proved it by turning Noble’s offense against him completely. Post match, he steals Nobles girl. Very odd storyline, but I guess to the winner goes the spoils, right?

Charlie Haas (dressed and acting like JBL) defeated JBL

I thought that JBL might find a little humor in the way Charlie Haas came out to the ring, but it only fueled the fire. I’m not sure why the WWE is trying to bury Charlie Haas, but they seem to be trying to push him right out the door. Or, consider this for moment: The WWE is taking a page out of TNA’s playbook by having Haas imitate other superstars. Well, not like Jay Lethal and Macho, but similar? No, that’s too far fetched. This match never started, JBL walked out and never came back, Haas gets his first win in a long time.

Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne defeated Miz & Morrison

Mysterio and Bourne put on a cruiserweight clinic. If you’re a fan of the old WCW cruiserweight division, you’re going to love this match. A lot of near misses, a lot of high flying maneuvers, and an overall greatness that we haven’t seen on Raw or the WWE in a long time. I really enjoyed this match up, and I’m sure you did too, if you saw it. I’m surprised that Mysterio and Bourne were allowed to do so much high flying stuff, and I’m also surprised that the former tag champions bumped like real professionals! This match is going to be hard to top, the four men in this match up really put on a show, and I hope that the WWE allows more of these types of matches to happen. The win came when Mysterio and Bourne hit their finishers back to back on the former champs!

It was announced afterwards that Kane and Mysterio will meet next week, at least in a promo, and we might see the return of Kane’s mask.

Priceless & Manu defeated Cryme Tyme & Kofi Kingston

I was very interested to see Manu in the ring, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. He’s fast, he’s big, and he’s much better than Umaga in my opinion. The tag champs really took it to Cryme Tyme and Kingston, forcing a win with a great helping hand from Manu, who dealt a crushing slam with ease. I thought this match was great, seriously great. For a six man tag, these guys fit a lot into a very short amount of time. Manu was the spotlighted guy in this one though, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Santino defeated Snitsky

Santino squashes Snitsky, in this throwaway match. This was boring, and unfair. But oh well, I like how it continues Santino’s claim to being the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all times. I wonder what The Honky Tonk Man thinks about all this? Probably not a whole lot.

Chris Jericho vs. Batista (no contest)

Jericho was definitely not at 100% and Batista took full advantage of that. This match was 90% Batista beating the crap out of Jericho, with no mercy at all.

Midway through this match up, Adamle came out and announced that Jericho would have a tag team partner in a Handicap match, and then introduced JBL!

JBL & Chris Jericho vs. Batista

When JBL joined this match, Batista’s dominance ended. JBL, being fresh, started to put the boots to Batista and things were looking better for Jericho, who claimed to be too hurt to wrestle at 100% JBL hit the clothesline from Hell out of nowhere, and Jericho rushed in for the pin, once again defeating Batista by seemingly accident, and this will probably get a Batista vs. Jericho match up down the line for the world title.

Raw Results 9/8/08

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix def. Mickie James to retain
William Regal def. Jamie Noble
CHL" (Charlie Haas imitating JBL) def. JBL by count-out
Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne def. The Miz & John Morrison
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase and Manu def. Cryme Tyme & Kofi Kingston
Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella def. Snitsky
World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho & JBL def. Batista in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Raw went well. There was enough wrestling for the jaded wrestling fan, and there was enough random storylines to fixate upon if you're a big critic. The Evan Bourne and Mysterio tag match was definitely a highlight for me, and I hope that the WWE continues to follow through with those two and other high flyers.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

WWE Unforgiven 2008 Results

Here they are, the official, unadulterated WWE Unforgiven 2008 Results! Check out our sponsors, and look out for the raw review coming up sooner than later.

Chris Jericho wins the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble
Matt Hardy wins ECW Championship Scramble
Triple H wins WWE Championship Scramble
Michelle McCool defeated Maryse in the divas title match
Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Cryme Tyme

There you have it, we have 2 new major champions, and of course the divas crap.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

WWE Smackdown Results 9/5/08 and Review

WWE Smackdown rolls through town, just a few days before Unforgiven and we get immediately treated to the Undertaker and Vickie saga, and who knows how it is going to turn out! This looks awesome, the WWE editors are amazing, and they do such great things with these promos, when they are on, they are on, sometimes they aren’t as good, but this opening was cool. Undertaker is looking scarier than ever, that’s for sure.

Triple H promo:

Triple H comes out to cut a promo only to get interrupted by the participants in the championship scramble. Nothing too great here, except for the closing portions. The Brian Kendrick ambushed Triple H and then knocked him down when Ezekiel distracted him, then came in the rest of the heels, only to get thwarted by Jeff Hardy. Hardy started beating everyone down, then Ezekiel once again was the equalizer, only to get Triple H coming back with a chair and clearing the ring. Great set up for the scramble, and The Brian Kendrick looked great in this one, and if he wins, I’ll be happy. He won’t, but I want him to win.

R. Truth defeated Bam

R. Truth did his usual stuff, and was impressive. However, Bam is nothing more than a glorified jobber and is probably one of the worst bodyguards in WWE history. He loses this match and Chavo doesn’t even get involved to help out. Truth wins this one easily. Some might find that Truth’s move set is generic and is what he’s always been doing, but I beg to differ, it’s fresh and hopefully he gets some better opponents, or else things are going to be bad for Truth’s future in the WWE. He’s still new, so maybe he’ll just get through some squashes.

The Undertaker Segment:

The Undertaker cuts a promo promising that he is going to send Vickie Guerrero straight to hell. Quite honestly, I don’t really give a crap about this. Undertaker winning the world championship would be an amazing thing, but since things are not looking like they are headed towards Triple H vs. Undertaker anytime soon, we might have to wait for a while. Undertaker than disappears and we’re left with an empty ring.

Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP

This seemed to be set up recently thanks to Shelton Benjamin dropping MVP on Smackdown. This match was looking good to start off, and MVP really took advantage of Shelton’s na├»ve behavior by pretending that he quit and was walking away. This was short lived though as MVP soon found himself fighting off the U.S Champion through various steps of the gold standard’s move set. However, right when I thought Benjamin was going to win, MVP nailed him with a drive by kick and I switched my opinion, thinking that MVP could get the upper hand. A near fall later and out of nowhere, Shelton Benjamin threw up the Pay Dirt and BOOOM MVP loses to the U.S Champion clean.

Divas Backstage segment:

I have no idea what these chicks were talking about. I was bored. I thought Maria was stupid? Now she’s acting all smart. I don’t like either one of these divas. I think it was Maryse and Maria? I don’t know, it was boring, I didn’t pay much attention to this.

Maryse defeated Maria

This match, although well executed somewhat well, is a horrible example of what women can do in professional wrestling. The women seem to be forcing themselves to perform certain moves, and they don’t look like they know what they are doing at all. If you like staring at skinny chicks trying to wrestle, then you probably enjoyed this match. There was a lot of clotheslines and attempted moves off the top rope. The execution at times was just completely horrible, and I couldn’t wait for this match to be over. Maryse dropped Maria on her head with a ddt, and the crowd was completely dead. This match sucked, and the divas division in the WWE makes me hate Smackdown.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Jeff Hardy

The new guy and the old guy, and Hardy looked to be favoring his knee yet again. I’m not sure if this was a work or if Hardy was legitimately injured. Kendrick had this match sewn up, but one quick mistake and Hardy took advantage creating a huge gap between the beginning of the match and the center-piece. Hardy did put on a show, putting on some moves that he hasn’t done before, and I think Kendrick is amazing in the ring. He looked as though he was not going to pull off the win, but with a little help from Ezekiel, The Kendrick defeated Jeff hardy after landing “The Kendrick” finishing maneuver. The Kendrick is by far the highlight of the Smackdown roster right now, and he does in fact remind me of a young Brian Pillman, and that’s a great thing.

Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock

Super Crazy won a squash match. There wasn’t a whole lot to mention about this, all that I know is that Braddock never stood a chance. Crazy is entertaining, but this match was nothing short of a lame squash match.

Post Match we get Kozlov coming out and asking for competition. He gets The Big Show coming out to the ring smiling, and he’s going to be the competition! They were about to brawl and right before they got into it, Vickie Guerrero comes out and stops the action.

Vickie threatens the Big Show and tells him to go home.

Vickie then says that she’s going to force Undertaker to apologize to her.

Brie Bella defeated Victoria

Another Squash match. Nothing major happened here, I was bored.

Triple H defeated The Great Khali

I didn’t think there were nearly enough lumberjacks, but I understood what the match was going for. The match overall wasn’t half bad, but once again I couldn’t help but root for Khali. I’m tired of seeing Triple H winning all the time, and once again he wins this match up against Khali without much of a recourse. The standard match was seen here, as Triple H has become comfortable in his move set and Khali hasn’t changed up anything since he showed up in the WWE a few years back. Triple H wins this one, but the winner really is none other than Hard, who stood over the champion and had the last say in this match up. Not half bad.

WWE Smackdown 9/5/08 Results

R-Truth defeated Bam Neely
United States Champion Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP (Non-title)
Maryse defeated Maria
The Brian Kendrick defeated Jeff Hardy
Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock
Brie Bella defeated Victoria
WWE Champion Triple H defeated The Great Khali (Non-title Lumberjack Match)

This edition of Smackdown was really well done. There was a lot of wrestling on this show, and if you’re a fan of WWE you more than likely enjoyed Kendrick and the main event. MVP’s match was good too, and even R-Truth wasn’t half bad. This whole even was good, and dare I say it was the best thing that happened this week in professional wrestling.

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TNA Results 9/4/08 and Review: Sting vs. Fans

The opening of the show had Kurt Angle and Booker T in the ring mouthing off about how no one respects them for paving the way, similar to the Sting interview from last week. They of course, get interrupted by none other than Christian Cage and he too starts mouthing off, and like any good opener, they all brawl outside and inside the ring. Aj Styles runs out for the save, only to get Jim Cornette outside to make sure that Booker and Kurt are Banned from ringside during the four ways to glory qualifying match!

I hate Mike Tenay. He used to be “the professor” of wcw and had a lot of insight into the Lucha Libre that was permeating in the show, but here he just repeats the obvious, and basically reads a script. I don’t care if the announcers have scripts, but I am annoyed when the announcers are telling me the future of what a wrestler is going to say, or how things are going to play out. There is NO suspsense in TNA, because Tenay spoils any sort of surprise.

Samoa Joe Interview:

This thing sucks. Joe doesn’t need to look like a whiny champion, he just needs to drop people to the floor and prove that he’s not just a fat champion. He doesn’t need to pick fights with Sting or Kevin Nash, he needs to keep his mouth shut and just beat down anyone that comes out.

Rough Cut Consequences Creed:

Another inside look into Consequences Creed, and you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care about his background just yet. They need to wait for him to be a bigger superstar, then release this as a dvd or something. I don’t need to hear about a new guy, I want to hear from a bigger superstar, and if these are true shoots, they could make some money. This was lame. I’ll just leave it at that.

Sheik Bashir Interview:

This is stupid. I’m not sure that I believe anything this guy says just yet either. He’s too young of a star in TNA. I’m not talking about age, I’m talking about his career in TNA, which has what? Two matches or so? They don’t need an interview segment with this guy just yet, he needs more matches and then we can rally against him, instead of just having him be a scapegoat for American patriotism in wrestling. Sheik talks about how America stole things from him and how he hates America, the same gimmick that other Middle Eastern wrestlers had.

Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir

Sheik had full control of this match early on, and there was a lot of offense for such a shortly advertised match up. This is of course a response to the x-division title shot that Creed was gunning for, but Sheik interfered, causing this match up to be set up. This match took a turn for Creed as he started to go on a roll with his usual move set and it looked as though Consequences Creed was en route to win, but out of nowhere Sheik rolls up Creed, and uses the ropes to get the win!

However, the fans were booing the crap out of Sheik, and the Ref overturns the results, and restarts the match!

The match then just was another quick reversal, a sunset flip roll up and while Sheik firmly had his hands on the rope, the ref kicked his hands out and Sheik loses this match to Creed and the chance to go after the X-Division title at the next ppv.

Post match, Sheik slaps the Referee, but he starts to fight back, and goes crazy on Sheik. This ref is super good too, and makes Sheik look like an idiot, because he gets no offense in, and the crowd goes crazy.

Kevin Nash interview:

Nash offers nothing new. He says he wants to talk to Joe. Nash is way past his prime, even on the mic, he’s way past his prime.

The Prince Justice Brotherhood promo:

The superheroes are backstage with Beer Money and it’s hilarious. Curry Man is just awesome, they have a major superstar there, and I’m not sure why he’s not getting more of a push. However, the two factions start fighting and security just so happens to be right there for the save. Things get ugly, and we cut to commercial.

Beautiful People Promo:

The Beautiful People are backstage making stupid statements, and say they are going to have a beauty contest at the next ppv. I still think that the Beautiful People resemble porno actresses instead of wrestlers, but that’s just me.

Beer Money defeated Shark Boy & Super Eric

Curry Man was suppose to be in this match, however, he didn’t show up. The camera crew find him in the back getting cornered by Christy Hemme, and Shark Boy takes his place in this match. Beer Money starts off this match strong, and I’m glad that TNA is pushing these guys well. I’m glad to see that the tna tag team champions aren’t just jobbing to random people, these guys are a great team and they are really proving that tag team divisions can be reliable sources for great wrestling. This match was basically a squash match, but Beer Money looked great, and like a true tag team, true champions!

It’s also worth noting that in the middle of the match, the camera crew checked up on Curry man and he was getting stomped out by The Rock & Roll Infection.

Post match, Hernandez comes through and Beer Money flee to the outside. However, Homicide shows up and starts to rail against Beer Money, and he cleans house!

Abyss defeated Johnny Devine

This was cool, Abyss comes out swinging and it was an awesome match. Abyss basically annihilates Devine, and while I usually hate squash matches, this was entertaining to me. I assume this is how Kane would be if he stepped up his game. Abyss basically kills Devine with some heavy moves, seriously heavy.

The match didn’t end as far as I could see, because Team 3-D came down and interfered with the match up. Then Matt Morgan ran down to save Abyss, and cleared things up.

I was hoping for more insight into this, but instead we get to see ODB trying to take a dump? Yeah, she runs to the bathroom and takes a dump. I wish I was kidding.

ODB defeated Raisha Saeed

ODB puts on a good show against Raisha, and I was impressed that once again, TNA’s women’s division just makes for a great match up. This is the best part of TNA Impact, because the majority of the show is not that great. These women really put it all on the line in the ring and are NOT divas at all, TNA’s women division is the best part of being a professional wrestling fan.

ODB edges out Saeed and wins this grudge match.

Post match, ODB tries to demask Raisha and has no major luck until they are off camera. Awesome Kong comes flying out of the backstage area and beats down ODB, delivering the implant buster on her. Roxie comes out for the save but is eventually beaten down, and Roxie gets dropped by Kong with the Awesome Bomb onto a chair, and security runs through to help. The Tna women’s division is the greatest thing to happen to Tna ever.

AJ Styles Interview:

Aj Styles runs his mouth and calls out Sting, then calls out Christian. I must admit, this was the most whiny interview I’ve seen in my years of wrestling viewing. Aj Styles says that Sting has done nothing to deserve respect and that he’s always on the road away from his kids.

Uh….you mean wrestling in Florida means he’s away from his family? Wouldn’t he just buy a house in Florida? I mean, 80% of TNA shows are in FLORIDA! Aj is an idiot, I don’t buy this promo, and really don’t care for Aj’s whining. Shut up, go out there and beat down Christian, and let Sting be…he’s an idiot too.

Christian Cage defeated Aj Styles

This was a good back an forth match up. I didn’t know who to root for, as both men were putting on a clinic of pure wrestling ethos. Neither man was getting the clear cut edge, and both were great in ring. Christian has really improved since he left WWE a while ago, and Aj still has some amazing aerial maneuvers. This match was ppv quality, and if you missed it, go and see it. The best spot is definitely the reversal of the superplex into Christian’s frog splash. It took a split second, but if you caught it, you had to be impressed with how Christian executed that move. Aj definitely looked like the winner towards the end, but right when things were going to go in his favor, the referee gets knocked out. Frank Trigg runs out with a kendo stick and knocks out AJ Styles, causing Christian Cage to win this match and qualify for the main event at the ppv, and now he gets another shot at the TNA championship belt.

Sting Promo:

Sting comes out and cuts a face promo? Joe comes out and confronts Sting, and then Kevin Nash comes out too. I’m not sure where TNA was going with this, but I had my ideas, and they weren’t entertaining. Sting hit Joe with the bat and then hits the Stinger death drop on Joe! Jeff Jarrett’s music hits, only to get cut off by Sting, and the show ends horribly.

TNA Impact Results 9/4/08

Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir
Beer Money defeated Shark Boy & Super Eric
Abyss defeated Johnny Devine
ODB defeated Raisha Saeed
Christian Cage defeated Aj Styles

Impact wasn’t half bad. I do still think that Impact could be better without all the promo’s and random interviews. However, there are some great matches on this show. There were at least three good quality matches, and then there was a lot of stupid things. The TNA Knock outs are awesome! Overall, not a bad show.

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