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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/30/2016 John Cena To Bury Aj Styles Next

Well, well, Monday Night Raw time again, and again I am watching it via HULU. I just completed a class for my master’s degree in Humanities and have just one left. We’ll see how it all goes. So let’s consider the showcase of Raw on Memorial Day, for no apparent reason.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/30/2016 Results and Review

Moment of silence and bell salute for Memorial Day started off the show. Classy WWE, classy.

The show started with the McMahon siblings showing up and talking about the draft. They were interrupted by none other than The New Day, and they wanted to know who gets to go where and what not. The New Day wanted a dance contest to figure out who would be in charge of Raw or Smackdown. Stephanie was going to dance, but out came the Vaudevillains.

The New Day defeated The Vaudevillains via disqualification

This match wasn’t half bad, a good back and forth match with lots of momentum going for the New Day. However, mid-match out came the Club sandwich guys, and they beat up The New Day. That led to a DQ finish. No finish is what I call it. The Club took out the tag champs, so I guess they are going to be booked to possibly get the titles, then lose them to the Usos because of course, Roman Reigns buried these guys already. Oh well.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Wasted Everyone’s Time

These idiots didn’t do much, say much and wasted all your time. Rollins kept running to the ring and stopping, and Reigns was in the middle of the ring. Ugh, what a load of garbage.

Michael Cole said, and I quote: “Rollins is going to need to fight Roman Reign” No S! What the hell!

Rusev defeated Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder got buried again. I wish I could get paid to lose. I’d lose daily. Not much of a match.

Titus O’neil showed up to challenge Rusev, this is the next feud. Sigh.

Enzo and Cass defeated The Dudley Boyz

The crowd was a bit tired in this match. The match was fine, back and forth, with The Dudleys doing the job for the young guys. It’s too predictable if you ask me. Competitive, sure, but you knew that Enzo and Cass wasn’t winning, simple as that.

John Cena cut a patriotic promo. Yep. Oh well. Tired.

Aj Styles came out, and turned heel, but let’s admit it here, AJ STYLES WILL BE BURIED BY JOHN CENA. Done and done. Styles beat up Cena, and I’m meh about all of this.

Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, and Kevin Owens defeatedSami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose

I got déjà vu in this match. Do all Raw’s have to end with a six man? Or is it the Smackdown formula coming through again. Whatever the case is, this was fun to watch, but I just felt like I’ve seen it 100 times before. The good guys win, enough said. Boring to me, since I’ve seen it a million times before.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

This was not my favorite show. It had a little wrestling, but mind you, I’m watching the HULU version. I can’t afford cable. There was a few moments that were interesting, but overall, this match needed something more, not sure what, something a bit more helpful in creating a better overall wrestling feel. Then again, maybe they should hire the acrobats from NJPW since they are getting a lot of fanfare right now.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

22 WTF Moments For WWE Smackdown 5/26/2016 By King Ross

Today, with no special event going on, it's time once again for the WTF moments from WWE Smackdown this past week. Once again, King Ross from What Culture Wrestling is putting on a showcase of what goes wrong with the WWE's B-show. 22 this time around, what a shocker.

Former WCW Play By Play Guy Now A Barista - Tony Schiavone

Ever wonder what happened to the main WCW play by play guy? Well, Tony Schiavone resurfaced recently, and his story is interesting. He did not get hired by WWE when they bought WCW, so he turned to other ventures. From minor league baseball to collegiate baseball, he's kept busy. But perhaps the most surprising is that he is now a Starbucks Barista.

Yep. 20 some odd years as the main guy at WCW, and he joins the ranks of many former wrestling business alumni, entry level positions at retail centers. Dang.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

WWE Smackdown 5/26/2016 Results and Review The End of Mixed Branding

I am delayed in reviewing, as I’m doing some routine marketing things to try and boost traffic for the site, and well I didn’t catch Smackdown until now. The opening alone made me not want to watch, Michael Cole interviewed Dean Ambrose about Money in The Bank ppv. I’m already bored.

WWE Smackdown 5/26/2016 Results and Review

Dean Ambrose mouthed off about how he is the most extreme, etc. This is the lunatic? No thanks. Somewhere, Brian Pillman is wishing he had another chance to come back to wrestling. Kevin Owens showed up to talk randomly about crap, then Sami Zayn comes out and talks about Wrestlemania and what not. 20 minutes of B.S. if you ask me.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder

Well, this was the end for Ryder. Alberto Del Rio picked up the win, even though Ryder in no way was completely buried outright. Ryder put some offense in, but it wasn’t meant to be, as Ryder got beat yet again. No one was surprised by this, no one.

Enzo and Cass challenged The Dudleys, but it won’t happen until Raw. Boring waste of time if you ask me.

Rusev defeated Kalisto

The end of the line for Kalisto, this was his rematch for the United States championship, and well, it was all over before it could get going. Ok match, but nothing grand, that’s all. Competitive match, none the less, Kalisto got beat.

After the match Titus O’neil showed up and challenged Rusev, which was fine, but eh, nothing special. I guess he’s next.

Natalya versus Dana Brooks

This match didn’t go very long. Charlotte interfered and caused a no-finish. Charlotte beats up Natalya, and that’s that? I guess that’s the end of the feud? I don’t know, don’t care, this diva’s revolution is nothing short of boring, sorry.

There are so many flashbacks to Raw that this show just drags on. I don’t like it.

Aj Styles interviewed, and well, he looked defeated, this is the end of the burial of Aj Styles if you ask me.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango defeated R Truth and Goldust (Golden Truth)

Minor match, nothing big. Boring if you ask me. Smackdown is not a great show, just saying.

Seth Rollins showed up, cut a limited promo and then left. Nothing big here. 

The Miz defeated Cesaro 

A great overall main event for Smackdown, as these two work well together. Cesaro's shoulder was worked on, and in the end, The Miz took him out thanks to a turnbuckle that was removed by Maryse. Overall, this was the best match of the night, and possibly of the week! Great fun, great match, nice to see this type of wrestling for the intercontinental championship. Soak it in, you won't see this in the brand split, I can't believe they are doing that. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

Good matches, nope, good entertainment? Not really. This was a lousy show with a good main event, that's it. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

42 WTF Moments From 5/25/2016 By King Ross

Sorry I was late on this, but hey, I have to make a living.

Here are 42 WTF moments from Raw 5/25/2016, and well, enjoy after the jump.

WWE Announces Brand Split - Not A Joke

WWE really knows how to make people mad.

This morning they announced that starting in July, WWE Smackdown will go live.

Not only that, there will be a draft, and brand split.

Holy crap.

No one wants this.

I don't have the words, but remember the last time there was a brand split?

Brian Zane From Wrestling With Wregret put it best.

I am going on record that I DO NOT WANT A SPLIT nor do I want to do this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/24/2016 Seth Rollins Curtain Jerking Showcase

Aj Styles Is Now Official Buried, Oh and Jericho Buried Crews Too 

Well here we go, Seth Rollins opens things up, and this is my review of the HULU edition of Monday Night Raw 5/24/2106, so lets get to it!

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/24/2016 Results (HULU EDITION)

Seth Rollins came out and talked about how the fans suck, and all that jazz. He is not a good guy. Then Roman Reigns showed up and he got booed out the building as usual. But that prompted Shane McMahon to show up and announce the main event for Money In The Bank, and it will be Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins, in which we will see Seth Rollins get buried by Super Reigns. Oh well.

Tonight there will be Money In The Bank qualifying matches.

Sami Zayn defeated Sheamus

Sheamus put on a lot of great moments here, as the bigger man. He took Zayn to the limit, but Sami Zayn’s resilience proved to be great as he knocked the big man out with the HELLUVA kick, and that was that. I liked this win, but I wonder why he’s not booked to be stronger considering he’s in the new TNMT movie. Wouldn’t you want to showcase him as a star, not a jobber? Just saying. Zayn wins and will go to the Money in The Bank event in Vegas.

Apollo Crews gets a beat down from Sheamus behind the scenes, which was great.

Cesaro defeated The Miz

Cesaro will be going to the ladder match in Vegas, as he took on The Miz and put on a show. Miz didn’t need this win, he has a title, so while he was able to control the Swiss Superman for a while, it was for not, as Cesaro put him out and got the win. Good stuff here, great, fast paced, and fun.

Chris Jericho defeated Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews did the smart thing here, he targeted the injuries of Jericho from last night’s Extreme Rules event. Punching the bandaged areas and it was definitely smart psychology. This match surprised me, as Chris Jericho BURIED Apollo Crews. Crews was undefeated for a long time, and now, he gets buried by Jericho, good job Jericho, way to put over the young talent. Jericho advances to the big match in Vegas and Crews will no doubt battle Sheamus in his next feud.

Charlotte hit the hardest heel promo I’ve heard in a long time, on Ric Flair. Holy crap, go and watch this. She got Flair to cry, and said he was dead to her. Wow. “You can just watch me on TV like I did the last 30 years to you”. Wow. Big time heel heat here.

Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler

My opinion? Ziggler should take his ball and go home. He’s constantly losing, and he’s being treated like Ryback and Cody Rhodes. Dean Ambrose went through hell last night, but he is out there like he hasn’t at all wrestled, fresh as a daisy. Whatever happened to selling injuries from the night before? Whatever the case is, this was a fun match to watch and you know you always get quality from Dolph. Ambrose one with Dirty Deeds, and that was the end.

Aj Styles came out and cut a fine promo, but as he was talking, out came The Club. The Club and Aj broke up, done and done. Oh well. Nothing happened aside from that.

Kevin Owens defeated Aj Styles aka BURIES STYLES

Aj Styles is now officially buried. He couldn’t beat Reigns, and couldn’t beat Owens, and therefore in WWE’s eyes, he’s just like Ryback, and Rhodes and Crews, BURIED! Kevin Owens and Styles put on a good matchup, no doubt, but the match ended with a clean win for KO and Styles, well he’s an afterthought now. Oh well.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Lots of great wrestling action, but burying the new guys? Oh well. HULU edition of Raw was good, can't imagine 3 hours of this. We'll see what happens next.

Monday, May 23, 2016

From a fantastic four to a dirty, filthy, CHEAP dozen...current generation to blame?

Once upon a glorious time, WWF/WWE had four major shows a year. The shows where magic happened, old rivalries were settled and new ones were born, legends and memories were made. The events were known as Pay Per Views and we got four spectacular ones every year. There was Summerslam in August, Survivor Series in November (it was actually ON Thanksgiving Day), Royal Rumble in January and of course the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania in April. All of the storylines, angles, face/heel turns and sometimes even new talent converged on these events and it was worth every penny of the price, every time.

But now? We have 12, count ‘em 12 events a year. Some as little as three weeks apart from each other and with the introduction of the WWE Network, they can’t even be called PPV’s any longer. You know what I call them? With the exception of the four main shows, it’s just RAW with a different name. That’s it.

The Immediate Gratification Factor:

Without even getting into the greed aspect of this on WWE’s part, let’s look at this from the big picture. What is a company’s primary objective? To make money. How do they do that? By giving their customers what they want. At some point in the last 15-20 years the message was delivered to WWE that fans wanted more big shows besides Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series. So the WWE delivered. Why not? Not only are they giving fans what they want but they tripled the opportunities to sell merchandise at big events every year (from four big shows to twelve). Then the fans told them they wanted to see a new champion every few months….so now we see the WWE title change hands more times in one year than it did for all of the the 70’s and 80’s combined. I didn’t agree with the split brand titles because I feel it took away from both champions equally. One company, one guy. Same goes for the Women’s division….one company, one woman champion and THANK YOU for getting rid of the “Diva’s” title. What a joke that was. But I digress….

Degradation and Disintegration of Storylines:

For those of you old enough to remember or have educated yourself on the history of the business versus just eating the slop dumped in your bowl each week and thinking it’s great….think back to the storylines of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Epic, weren’t they? Well, many of them...not all. Why do you think they were so great? So memorable? Yes the talent has a lot to do with it as do the writers. But the primary reason, in my humble opinion, is those storylines thrived because of the same reason anything else ends up good, lasting and memorable: They were given the TIME to develop. We didn’t see the two people scheduled to fight at the PPV anywhere near each other in a ring during the weekly shows unless it was to screw with the others match or otherwise fan the flames of that rivalry. These days? If you JUST watch RAW or Smackdown every week, you have pretty much seen the big matches at the big events already. How many times in the past two weeks did Styles and Reigns cross paths prior to their match last night at Extreme Rules? How about the rest of the card? Every single week there were physical altercations involving the combatants of just about every single match last night.

Where’s the anticipation? 

Once upon a time, opponents generally wouldn’t get a hand on their opponent until the actual event or during the “send off” show prior to the actual event. At this point, there is literally nothing to look forward to….or pay for….during these events formerly known as PPV’s. Nothing. The WWE is so desperate to seize the moment when anyone becomes organically “hot” (I think they are still baffled how that happens), they will put someone in a major storyline or even the WWE title picture *cough* AJ Styles *cough* if they think it will sell a few more tickets that particular week. But aside from that, if you follow the “behind the scenes” stuff, you already knew Rollins was coming back last night and with the heat Reigns has been getting (I can’t wait to hear it on RAW tonight), there was no question Rollins was going to come back as a “face” and attack Reigns after the match. Styles never had a chance of winning last night simply because he’s only been in WWE a few months and is already showing signs of wear and tear. Popular as he may be, they aren’t putting the belt on him and ruin the encounter we’ve all been waiting for since Rollins put that chair to the back of Ambrose and Reigns some time ago.

A plausible solution that will never happen:

I’m not one to complain about something without offering a solution. I’d just as soon keep my mouth shut and stew about it internally. So I’m not about to advocate abolishing the eight extra shows and going back to JUST the main four. I recognize a need for a few more shows and understand this represents more money for the performers as well. So my suggestion is simple...cut the shows in half. Seriously. In doing so, you can still appease those who need to see results from a feud quickly but you also give yourself time to build a credible storyline that make people even WANT to watch the big show.

My Suggestions:

Royal Rumble: One of the main four, leave it alone.

Fastlane: Abolish it. All this does is put a massive pothole on the “Road to Wrestlemania”.

Wrestlemania: No comment needed...

Extreme Rules: This would be a good show if we weren’t in the “PG” era. But I’ve never been a fan of wrestlers shredding and destroying their bodies week in and week out thus shortening their careers and in some cases, their lives. Abolish it.

Payback: Another waste of time. Glorified RAW. Get rid of it.

Money In The Bank: I’d not only advocate keeping this one but making it matter again. Unless the talent has “earned their stripes” in the locker room and is gold on the mic AND in the ring, they should not get this briefcase. Especially those who just happen to be a “flavor of the month” with fans.

Battleground: For what? Abolish it.

SummerSlam: Staple show….gotta keep it.

Night of Champions: I love this concept but the show should be ONLY title matches. Save the rivalries for…..

Hell in a Cell: Even in the “PG” era, this can still be a good show if written correctly with well developed storylines. You don’t need blood or big spots to make these matches good….how about the “hell” of being locked in a cage with someone who can’t wait to get their hands on you?

Survivor Series: The 4th and final staple show of the year. But this show has to go back to it’s roots. Four on four. That’s it. Vince and the writers need to get all of their lust for mixed tag matches out on this show and stop ruining the weekly shows with that garbage. The novelty of it is dead and rotting.

TLC: With the Hardy’s gone, Edge and Christian gone and the Dudley’s enjoying one last run, this show needs to be dumped as well.

There you go. Seven shows instead of twelve. Plenty of time to develop convincing storylines AND develop good matches. Should WWE do it? Hell yes. Will they? Ohhhhh heeeeeellllllll no.

Next week I’m going after the intellectual troglodytes that love to tell you “wrestling is fake”. You won’t want to miss that.

Until then, I’m Irreparably Jaded and I got other shit to do now besides educate you.

52 WTF Moments From WWE Extreme Rules 2016

King Ross - Disgusted and Tired With the WTF Moments From WWE Extreme Rules 2016
Last night I was counting a lot of WTF Moments, but instead of working on them myself, I instead let King Ross do the work. I wish I could work with WhatCulture Wrestling.

I already talked about my thoughts on WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results earlier today, but hey, here's more talk about it befor eyou get to Raw tonight.

I'll have a WWE Raw HULU review tomorrow as usual, idiots. Until then, here is KIIIINNNGGG ROSS with WTF Moments from WWE Extreme Rules 2016, because I don't have a podcast or video yet.


"The New Era Is About Giving Fans What They Want"



Hit the jump for the full post:

Good Riddance Cody Rhodes Is Gone

Cody Rhodes Wasn't Happy With A Six Figure Career 
Over the weekend Cody Rhodes asked for his release from WWE, and they obliged to let him go. Twitter and other news outlets were really sad about the departure, but I keep it 100. I don’t see this as a sad thing, and I don’t see it as a wasted opportunity on WWE’s part.

Let’s put this clearly, Cody Rhodes aspirations were to be a WWE champion, but that’s never, ever, ever, going to happen. So he got butt hurt and quit. Oh well, goodbye.

No One Bought Merch

Before I get too far into this, let’s set this straight. You didn’t buy Cody Rhodes merch. You didn’t bring Cody Rhodes signs, and you didn’t go nuts for Stardust. Maybe for a moment, but not long term. Guess what happens to wrestlers that you don’t support? They get fired, they quit, and you don’t hear from them.

Now, if I’m wrong, then when Cody shows up in independent wrestling shows, let’s see those tickets sell out, let’s see him bring a failing brand like TNA upwards. Remember, Christian Cage? Remember Kurt Angle? Remember Sting? These guys all had a chance to bring TNA up and guess what? They didn’t do it.

Rhodes may be able to leave a nice six figure job, but most of us have to work 9 to 5 and make peanuts. We pray for dollars but we work for change, and yet all of these idiots are so sad and are clapping his leave. Screw you guys.

Rhodes is a talent. 

He is a human being, and he deserves happiness, but not at my expense. Good riddance. Get the F out. Go make a name for yourself anywhere else, and then come back. Let’s see if you’re really that good at what you do. You want WWE championship gold? Prove it. Until then, the following statements are nothing more than a butt hurt wrestler crying about getting paid six figures.

The best actors don’t take lesser roles? Are you kidding me? BILL MURRAY “GARFIELD” Get the F Out Cody Rhodes, good riddance.

This is what Cody Rhodes had to say, and you can hear the millennial, self important, "i'm special" attitude come through. 

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results and Review The Return of Seth Rollins

Colby Lopez Showed Up To Great Praise - Oh Right, Seth Rollins
Last night’s pay per view came and went fast. I had a Red Baron pizza and regret it. When did frozen pizzas become so bad? What’s a good one? Drop me a line and let me know. As for the event, and my 2 cents, as well as some alternative reviews, here we go, the Colby Lopez show!


Big Cass confronted The Dudley Boyz

Not a bad little opening. I was expecting Enzo to show up, but he didn’t. Cass is awesome, The Dudleys play well as the foils, and great overall segment.

Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler (No Disqualification Match)

A low blow. My friend, “Nappy Curlz” used to say that it would be his only move. Corbin looked good here, but his hair is so bad, it needs help.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson def. The Usos (Tag Team Tornado Match)

The Usos took a lot of hard shots on this one. It looked painful. The Club finally gets a win, and it looks great overall.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. The Vaudevillains

I didn’t expect the Vaudevillains to lose here, but alas, they did, and The New Day sucks…I mean wins.

Rusev def. United States Champion Kalisto

Rusev won, predictable.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz won a Fatal 4-Way Match

Another predictable win. Good match, great even, and I loved it. Great overall push. Loved the match, lots of action, back and forth, and a nice set up for a new feud with several guys here.

Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho (Asylum Match)

BORING! Absolutely BORING!

WWE Women's Champion Charlotte def. Natalya (Submission Match)

This was ok, Natalya can’t and won’t win. Dana Brooks showed up dressed like Ric Flair, which I liked. Not bad. Natalya taps out, Charlotte continues her reign. So much for diva’s revolution, no sign of Sasha Banks.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns def. AJ Styles (Extreme Rules Match)

What a match! Roman Reigns cannot be beaten. He took 300 million chair shots, The Club showed up, Styles beat him to hell, and still kicked out of everything! Including a Styles Clash on a chair! What the HELL! Roman wins.

Seth Rollins showed up to pedigree Reigns, and send the crowd home happy.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Good overall wrestling, fast paced with the exception of the Ambrose match. Now, for some alternative reviews, and opinions on the matter, consider the following views and points from other idiots in the wrestling world below.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

This Sunday WWE is going Extreme, or as extreme as they can go in the PG era, or should I say the NEW ERA. Whatever the case is, this weekend is another PPV special event, or whatever they call it. With that in mind, here are my predictions for this weekend’s huge event, that will feature more burial of The Club and keeping Roman Reigns strong.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

The Vaudevillains defeats The New Day 

I think that the Vaudevillains need the win. However, the wild card here is to see Enzo Amore show up and cause the distraction and allow the New Day to get the win. But if not, the bygone era wins this one.

Charlotte defeats Natalya in a WWE Women’s Title match

Simply put, Charlotte wins. I still miss Sasha Banks.

Roman Reigns buries Aj Styles in the Extreme Rules Match

Look for some nice high spots, but Aj Styles is going to get buried here, and that’s going to end the show, and people will love to boo him, as JBL will say.

Rusev defeats Kalisto for the United States Championship

Rusev is going to win this one and go on a long term tear with the title, simple as that.

Baron Corbin defeats Dolph Ziggler

I’m hoping for Corbin to go strong here, and actually pick up the win, and end this feud once and for all. Ziggler should not win here, there’s no reason for him to win, and yet I have a sneaking suspicion that he may pull it off, but I’m still going Corbin for the win with the End of Days on a chair.

The Miz retains against Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Sami Zayn in an Intercontinental Championship 4-Way

This is going to be bad. A train wreck of bodies, with The Miz getting the win and staying the champion. 

Chris Jericho defeats Dean Ambrose in an Asylum Match  

As much as I like the idea of a Bowery Death Match, I mean an Asylum match, I think that Jericho is going to win, and then get sent straight to Roman Reigns to get buried on his way out of WWE for good.

The Club defeats The Usos

I expect The Club to get a win here, then show up in the main event to either cost Aj Styles the match or beat down Roman Reigns, who knows. Probably 50/50 booking here.

That’s it. My predictions for Extreme Rules, we’ll see what happens this Sunday on the WWE Network or PPV. 

WWE Slamboree 1998 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

In this edition of a Better VHS Experience, I will be reviewing one hell of a WCW pay per view. This event was held on May 17, 1998, and it was held at The Centrum in Worcester, Mass. The show got 11,592 into the building, and they were raucous for sure. The matches here were well booked, and set up. In fact, this may have been the best WCW pay per view from 1998.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to see these shows on VHS tape instead of the WWE Network. There’s a LOT of censorship when you see them on the network, but hey, that’s just my 2 cents as to why I talk about this stuff on this site. This is my take on going back and watching this instant classic.
Pick Up WCW Slamboree 98 by Clicking HERE

WWE Slamboree 1998 Results

Fit Finlay defeated Chris Benoit

What an opener. Fit Finlay put the boots to Benoit, and this match was stiff. Both guys were hitting each other with some serious lumber in the ring, but it was Finlay with a serious tombstone piledriver on Benoit for the win. This was a hard hitting television title match, and definitely a good starting point.

Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams

This wasn’t very good. Lex Luger is great in high profile matches, but this wasn’t necessarily grand.

Ciclope won the Cruiserweight Battle Royal

This was awesome. Chris Jericho announced each participant, and it was a lot of great lucha guys. The match was great, and then left 2 major wrestlers in the ring. Ciclope and Juvi, and after a stare down, Juvi jumped out of the ring eliminating himself, only to reveal that under the Ciclope mask was none other than Dean Malenko! This absolutely blew up the crowd, and things went insane. This was exciting, and beyond what you may think. I was even screaming, it was great

Dean Malenko defeated Chris Jericho for the Cruiserweight Title

This was a scientific match, and it got the crowd moving. Jericho played a great heel here, and his in ring work is so much better with smaller guys. The two went back and forth across moves you don’t see anyone do in WWE, and it was amazing. The crowd was eating out of their hands, and when the dust settled, Dean Malenko won this grudge match. Great overall wrestling here, and perhaps one of the finest performances between the two.

Diamond Dallas Page Defeated Raven in an Asylum Match, I Mean a Bowery Death Match

Raven’s rules made this one so cool. DDP fought Raven inside a steel cage with weapons inside and it was awesome. This was my favorite match of the night, and Raven really put on a show against DDP. He also bumped like crazy for Page. Through the mid-point of the match, however, the FLOCK got involved, only to get beat up by Kanyon! Kanyon ripped his mask off from being Mortis, and then chained the flock to the cage, and hit Raven with a chair shot heard round the world. But overall, this match was insane, lots of hard hits, lots of back and forth, and even Raven doing the Diamond Cutter at one point. This was an instant classic for me.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Ultimo Dragon

Another instant classic, Guerrero and Dragon put on a showcase of pro-wrestling the likes you don’t see in WWE a lot. Guerrero is so underrated here, and Dragon was misused in WWE. The two put on a showcase of amazing moments, and in the end Guerrero took the win. Excellent match.

Goldberg defeated Saturn in the WCW United States Championship match

Goldberg ran through Saturn. Don’t get this wrong though, the match was only 7 minutes long, but Saturn put the boots to Goldberg and he looked as though he was going down until Goldberg caught Saturn in mid-air and drove him to the mat. Then things went nuts. The crowd was so into Goldberg it’s insane.

Bret Hart defeated Randy Savage (Piper was special referee)

If you read WIKIPEDIA they are wrong. While the match ending was reversed, Savage lost this one in an instant classic from Hart. Hart and Savage put on a classic psychological match with Hart targeting Savage’s injured leg. The injured leg would come into play at the end when Savage would get locked into the sharpshooter. Savage even reversed the Sharpshooter at one point and it was to no avail. The ending was a bit much, with Piper going down after Hart hit him, then Hogan showing up to mess up Savage’s leg, and Hart getting the win after all the shenanigans.

Sting and The Giant defeated The Outsiders for the WCW Tag Team Championships

This was a match that had some big hits, big moves. Lots of back and forth, and a classic match with two teams that were quite good overall. The Giant joined the NWO, so this was an odd one. Whatever the case was, this was a good 15-minute match that could’ve been better, but hey, I’m not going to complain too much. The shocker here was that Scott Hall turned on Kevin Nash. This of course would lead to the formation of the NWO red and black which was HUGE in the second half of 1998.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Slamboree 1998 is one of the best WCW pay per views in my opinion. The matches were fun, and the stories that were told were classic in my opinion. Of course, there were a few lulls, but overall, there’s a lot to explore here. The cruiserweight battle royal and Raven vs DDP were absolutely great. This is a follow up to the Spring Stampede match that Raven beat DDP in, and it was amazing. Great stuff. This is well worth tracking down on VHS.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

51 WTF Moments From WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/2016

KIIIINNNGGGG Ross has usurped Professor Dune's role from now forward, so here are your WTF moments from WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/2016.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/2016 Results and Review What A Terrible Show

Image SRC WWE (Styles Belly Fat)

The WWE keeps saying that this is a new Era, but honestly, it’s just the same old crap recycled over and over again. How do I know this? Well, because Aj Styles cut a long promo about how he’s going to beat Reigns, and then Reigns said he was going to win, and this took up most of the beginning. This of course is the HULU edition I’m talking about as per usual.

Ok, so that wasn’t half bad, but we are led into a match that turns into an intercontinental tag team match.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/2016 Results and Review
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated The Miz and Cesaro

These guys are always fun to watch, and this was definitely cool to watch for the most part. The match was fast paced, and showcased the best of these 4, only cut short. The match ended when The Miz got pinned. Fair enough.

Dean Ambrose decided to challenge Chris Jericho to a Bowery Death Match, I mean A steel cage match with weapons, they are calling it an Asylum Match. Raven already did this, and way better!

The New Day showed up with a time machine and went back in time, which was boring. The Vaudevillains showed up and beat them up.

The Usos Buried The Club

So why am I supposed to believe that the Club are any good? They just got buried on Raw. This is how you put over talent? By having them buried outright on Raw? The Club is nothing more than a bunch of chumps, simple as that.

Afterwards The Club attacked Roman Reigns, and Aj Styles got involved. Then things went into chaos, and the best of this was that Styles hit Roman Reigns with the STYLES CLASH on a CHAIR! YES! This was a cool spot, but as we all know, it’s all about making Roman Reigns look strong so he’ll no doubt bounce back and win at Extreme Rules.
Alberto Del Rio defeated Kalisto

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kalisto

Alberto Del Rio was beating up Kalisto, and it wasn’t half bad of a match. But things got sinister when Rusev beat up Sin Cara backstage and forced Sin Cara to watch on the big screen. Meanwhile, this was a match going on. Alberto Del Rio won with the back stabber, and that was that. Champs are chumps. Rusev continued to beat up Sin Cara at ring side, and that was that. I’m tired of the champions aside from Roman Reigns looking weak.

Charlotte and Natalya had a contract signing. I hate these. I absolutely hate these. This just sucks up a lot of time for no reason. Oh and WHERE IS SASHA BANKS? So much for being THE BOSS. So much for the divas revolution. Do you know what revolution means? It’s cyclical. Stephanie is a face now? She slaps Ric Flair, and Charlotte attacks only to get hit with a sharpshooter. I’m so tired, this is dragging on, what a lousy way to waste time on Raw. This is the HULU version and it’s just so lame.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

This is by far one of the worst nights for Raw. This is the new era? Bullshit. This is the worst Raw I’ve seen in a long time. Ugh.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/2016 Results

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kalisto
The Usos Buried The Club
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated The Miz and Cesaro

Monday, May 16, 2016

John Cena is never turning heel, neither is Roman Reigns...and you have only yourself to blame.

Every other month or so we hear “rumors” and “sources close to the WWE” say a John Cena heel turn is imminent. Every WEEK we hear the same about Roman Reigns. But week after week, PPV after PPV, the swerve never happens...and it’s not going to. Why? Because that’s actually NOT what’s best for business.

The business reality of WWE

Ever since the WWE went “PG” due to Linda McMahon’s failed attempt at politics as well as when WWE Corporate went public, their sole purpose has been to generate revenue and expand their market presence in the world of entertainment. To their credit, they have done a great job but it’s come at the expense of losing the “support” of fans that have already surpassed puberty. Those of us who remember an era other than the Attitude Era. Now I use the term support loosely because while the “old school” wrestling fans have become disenchanted with the current product, one fact remains: We’re still watching it. We’re still subscribing to WWE Network. We are still buying their products and they are still selling out arenas all over the world. So….why the hell would they turn their two biggest “faces” in the company? It makes ZERO business sense, that’s why.

John Cena is the Hulk Hogan of his generation, plain and simple. Roman Reigns, despite his family lineage and the company’s best laid plans to elevate him, may never truly reach his potential as long as mic work is part of the job. The man has absolutely ZERO charisma and like Big Cass says, YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT. The WWE’s next big heel is only going to happen organically. Personally I think Seth Rollins is a natural and Kevin Owens is right up there with him. Here’s hoping Vince doesn’t ruin either of them with one of his asinine ideas later on and then fire them like they did something wrong *cough* Damien Sandow *cough*.

What makes a good heel turn?

Do you remember the greatest heel turn in the history of the business? I do. I still remember it fondly because it changed the entire industry. Bash at the Beach, 1996, the biggest face in the history of wrestling makes the heel turn no one expected (I don’t even think the commentators knew it was coming), Hulk Hogan comes in, turns heel and creates one of the greatest stables (which eventually got watered down) in history with the nWo. This of course spawned DX and the Monday Night War really took off. Now why did that heel turn happen? Hogan was already the biggest name in the business, Nash and Hall were there and the trickle of talent coming in from WWE was already quickly growing to a steady stream. Why the bombshell? Because it made perfect business sense. Hardcore wrestling fans would continue to watch WWE and WCW (watch one, record the other back in those days) but the WWE loyalists would not bother watching WCW and just write off Hogan, Nash, Hall, etc as old guys past their prime basically doing the same shtick somewhere else. Unless….they weren’t. Turning Hogan heel was probably the single most ballsy, business savvy GENIUS move pulled off up to that point and since then. Ultimately it also lead to the eventual demise of WCW because the wrong guys were given “creative control” and basically took the politics they pulled in WWE and amplified it tenfold. But the heel turn decision was made because it really was best for business and if WCW had competent management calling the shots behind the scenes, we might still have two major competing brands….and I’m not saying WWE would be one of them, either.

The innovator is now the cancer: Vince McMahon

Once upon a time, albeit through incredibly nefarious actions, Vince McMahon innovated an entire industry and set it on a path to develop into the massive conglomerate that it is today. But too much of anything can be bad and Vince got too much credit and too much power in his creation of what is now called “sports entertainment” almost single handedly so he refuses to release the iron fist of influence he wields over everything seen on WWE broadcasting. If you truly think HHH has final say on NXT operations or that Stephanie has final say on RAW and Smackdown programming then you must believe that control of RAW was really on the line at Wrestlemania this year when Shane fought the Undertaker. We see how that played out, don’t we? The reality is Vince has been creatively out of touch almost since the beginning. The nWo is almost directly responsible for the existence of DX. All of the various wild storylines during the Monday Night War was essentially designed to out shock people away from WCW.

Hell, do you remember the Stone Cold Steve Austin heel turn? That was PURELY to get even with a company he already bought for the shock of turning Hulk Hogan...and he couldn’t even get that right. By the way, who is your favorite XFL team? Oh….right. Vince McMahon no doubt has one of the better business acumens than most have and he certainly deserves his share of credit for what he’s created. But one imperative trait that he never developed (I speak past tense because at his age, he’s beyond the point of change), he never learned to truly delegate. If in no other capacity, he should have done so from a creative standpoint. Hire some real writers, give them guidelines to stick to because of the whole PG nonsense and let them do their thing. No more fucking New Day’s. No more fucking Adam Rose and a dancing bunny. No more fucking Oddities. Stop changing the tint in ring lighting for an ENTIRE MATCH for people. Do you realize how hard that is to watch? I call it a bathroom break match.

But you know why we will continue to see these creative defecations in WWE for as long as Vince McMahon draws oxygen on this earth? Because WE KEEP WATCHING and hoping for more. As long as he doesn’t NEED to, he’s not approving any relevant heel turns. We get to watch Kane and Big Show switch back and forth, that’s all we’re getting and we should be grateful for that. Right?

*flips table*

Next week I will get into the proliferation of what was once known as Pay-Per-Views….until then I’m Irreparably Jaded and in respect to this article, I’m as fucked up as you are.

In Case You Missed last week's article by Irreparably Jaded, it's right HERE

WCW Fall Brawl 97 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

A sellout crowd in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for WCW’s Fall Brawl on September 14, 1997. This was an instant classic, even if you haven’t seen it, the card looked amazing, which is why I had to watch this play out. I didn’t see it live, but had the VHS tape. I revisit this today to see whether or not it still worth owning, and whether or not the matches are fun to watch. So here we go, a breakdown of WCW Fall Brawl 97.

WCW Fall Brawl 1997 Results and Review

Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Jericho for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

These are two wrestlers in their prime, and opening up the card. This went roughly 17 minutes, and it was a fun back and forth contest. These two went back and forth, but it was Guerrero that would pick up the win, and Jericho left better off for it. This was a competitive, fast paced, great match that makes this a great PPV to start with, but that doesn’t mean greatness throughout.

The Steiner Brothers defeated Harlem Heat

This was a hard hitting tag match, and it was fun to watch, but the Steiners looked tired after a while. Harlem Heat worked stiff, only to get the loss. Lots of clotheslines here, lots of big bumps, and even a Harlem Hangover attempt. It was fun, but nothing grand.

Alex Wright defeated Ultimo Dragon

This surprised me. Ultimo is an incredible talent, but Wright won this match after around 18 minutes, and it was some of Wright’s best work. Ultimo Dragon was absolutely great, and his offense is second to none. What you should look for in this match is the stiff kicks of Dragon. He doesn’t slap his leg to make a noise, he literally kicks you as hard as he can and it resonates on camera. You can hear it, and Wright’s chest was turning red. Wright wins after a hard battle, and it was fun.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Dean Malenko

I never liked Jeff Jarrett, and Dean Malenko is no captain charisma. This match was not grand, but there were a few moments in which the crowd made this worth watching. It was a bit slow, but it’s to be expected.

Wrath and Mortis defeated The Faces of Fear

A hard hitting big man match. Meng and The Barbarian were absolutely stiff here, dropping people on their heads, and just throwing the young guys around. They’d lose this one, but wow, what a hard hitting bout.

The Giant defeated Scott Norton

Norton was buried here, simple as that. The Giant wins.

Lex Luger and DDP defeated Scott Hall and Randy Savage (NO DQ)

This was mostly DDP fighting Hall and Savage, but Luger got the hot tag and racked everyone for the win. Not a bad match, lots of action, and Savage worked hard and heavy on DDP which set up their match for Halloween Havoc, in a sudden death match.

The NWO defeated The Four Horseman

While the horseman weren’t my favorite in this incarnation, they did manage to beat the snot out of Nash, Bagwell, Syxx, and Konnan. However, it was Curt Hennig that ran in to betray the Horseman with hadncuffs that made this. He tied up the Horseman than slammed a gate into Ric Flair’s head to end the night and the match. What a war. No blood, but wow, lots of stiff shots on Syxx, and Bagwell.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

While there was some good wrestling, it wasn’t grand. The card fell flat in the middle before picking up in the end. There was no major fall out after this, and seeing Flair get a door slammed into his head is a tough watch. Other than that, this was above average, but only for 3 matches tops.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

It took me a long time to finish this one. I couldn’t just power through it, but I wanted to make sure that I started reviewing all the ECW events I could get my hands on. Now, I owned the original releases from RF video and from boot legs that I traded for. ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 is an event that featured great wrestling, some hardcore, and some not so hardcore elements. If you see this on WWE Network, you will NOT get the real crowd reaction nor will you get the music. It’s heavily edited. I recommend picking up the original release by clicking here, or the dvd option here.

This event occurred on July 1, 1995 and had 1,150 people in attendance at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a super card, and was NOT on pay per view.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 Results and Review

The Dudley Brothers defeated The Pitbulls

This wasn’t the Dudleys that you remember today. This was the initial introduction and they weren’t really good. The Pitbulls were massive, over, and put the boots to the Dudleys in this one. However, the two exchanged brawling elements before the Dudley’s number game caught up with the Pitbulls. Not a great match, but definitely an interesting starter.

Dino Sendoff and Don E vs. Chad Austin and The Broad Street Bully (no contest)

The crowd was really letting these guys have it, until 911 showed up and choke slammed everyone to oblivion.

Hack Meyers defeated Big Malley

A forgettable match, nothing special here.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Taz

Taz looked great here. His suplexes are so crisp, great work from him. Scorpio picked up the win, and I can’t help but remember Flash Funk and how the WWE really missed the boat with him. Scorpio picked up the win with high flying moves that predate a lot of the style that you see today. Taz, wow, dude just has such quick suplexes, this wasn’t a classic, but it was definitely a good match.

Raven and Stevie Richards defeated Tommy Dreamer and Luna Vachon

This was a fun match to watch. Luna Vachon is underrated in my book. Dreamer got a ton of offense, but would eventually cave to Raven and Richards. The Pitbulls made an appearance here, and it was just a brawl throughout the match before Raven and Richards got the win.

Axl Rotten defeated Ian Rotten (Taipei Death match)

This was just a brawl. The gimmick is that each participants hands were wrapped in tape and glass. It was brutal, but Axl Rotten would win. Not a good match folks. It was just blood and guts. ECW trademarks, I guess.

The Sandman defeated Cactus Jack (ECW World Championship Match)

Cactus came out with his arm wrapped in barbed wire. Sandman came out drinking and with Woman (Nancy Benoit). This match was nothing short of a cluster of missed time wrestling moves, and brawling. Sandman is not a technical great, and Cactus carried him through 13 watchable minutes of what you may call a wrestling match. Lots of cane shots, lots of barbed wire, lots of blood, and the classic Cactus Jack spots.

The Public Enemy defeated The Gangstas

This was a brawl with weapons. Overall, nothing grand, unless you really liked these two teams. People went through tables, lots of hard hits to the head with weapons, and eventually The Gangstas go down in a heap. The fans jumped in the ring and celebrated with Public Enemy to send everyone home happy.

Overall, this show wasn’t half bad. It’s not a great one, but it’s not a terrible match. If you liked WWE’s hardcore division or WCW’s hardcore title, then this is for you. It’s a cluster of violence, with a ton of plunder, and no real psychology. It’s a fun watch, but nothing that great. The post match celebration was memorable.

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

That’s it for ECW’s Hardcore Heaven 1995. While the WWE Network version is fine, I highly recommend getting the UNEDITED version. It's rare, out of print and hard to find. That has the original music, the original full length matches, uncensored commentary and more. It’s just better. Until next time, this has been another review of a classic card, from the VHS days.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

WWE Smackdown 5/12/2016 More of The Club and The Family

It is supposed to be a new era, but we keep getting thrown up matches over and over again. That being said, this edition of Smackdown featured a main event of The Club versus The Usos.

Now, I wanted to mention something real quick, and that’s the fact that I knew that Aj Styles had some back issues, and news has broken that he is trying to heal up from injuries etc. Yep, once again, WWE takes an indie guy and runs them into the ground into injury. Or perhaps I’m wrong. Whatever the case is, he wasn’t featured tonight. With that in mind, let’s discuss Smackdown’s main wrestling, and what not.

WWE Smackdown 5/12/2016 Review

Dean Ambrose opened up the show, and he went on a tirade against Jericho. But Jericho had the last laugh, as he showed up, knocked out Ambrose and then put him in a straight jacket. I honestly don’t care about this feud one iota. At all. Ambrose may get the win, he may lose, I don’t care about him, and his downward spiral since losing to Lesnar. Furthermore, Lesnar isn’t even coming back for a long time, so what is the WWE thinking?

Oh, and let’s talk about production. As Jericho was punching Ambrose, the camera work got really sloppy and moved in and out, up and down, and was stupid. The production values on some of these shows are horrendous. Ambrose fought back, but like I said, I don’t care about this feud one iota.

Rusev defeated Sin Cara

Kalisto was on commentary, and it was horrendous. Rusev got his win back by beating down Sin Cara. It was a competitive match, but it was definitely meant for Rusev to look strong. Lana distracted Kalisto at one point, and Rusev attacked him. Sin Cara is done, why isn’t he fired?

Dana Brooks defeated Becky Lynch

Once again, where’s Sasha Banks? I thought she was the boss? Whatever the case is, Lynch took on the debuting Dana Brooks. Brooks is hot, and she came out with Emma. This match got going fast, and then there was a distraction roll up, and all bets were off. Lynch loses. Divas revolution huh?

Aiden English defeated Kofi Kingston

Not a bad match, Aiden English was able to go toe to toe with Kofi, and it was fun to watch. English would win with a “stolen” victory as the commentary team stated, but eh, it was your standard win before the PPV.

The Usos defeated The Club via Disqualification

This was a competitive match, lots of back and forth, and then a disqualification finish, I think. Charis got involved, The Club beat down the Usos after the fact, and that was that. They looked strong here, but after the last couple of Raws they didn’t seem so grand. This night, however, they did seem much better, dominant, even. It’ll be interesting to see how this moves forward, that’s for sure.

Gorgeous Truth defeated Goldango

I’m honestly not sure what to say about this. Truth and Goldust had their partners turn on them. Tyler Breeze got the pin. I don’t know what’s going on, it was a melee. Short match, nothing really that grand here.

Kevin Owens and The Miz defeated Sami Zayn and Cesaro

Kevin Owens hates to lose, he doesn’t even want to lose weight! – The King

Now that’s the quote of the night.

As for this match, Zayn and Cesaro work well together, and the two put on some great moments. From flying outside of the ring, to going through their signature moves inside the ring, lots of greatness going through the motions of this match up. Kevin Owens hit a huge frog splash on Cesaro for the win. This was a shining light for Smackdown, but not enough to save it all. This was the only thing worth checking out on the night. Great work from these four guys.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

This was a throwaway show. I could’ve gone without watching it, honestly. There’s nothing too memorable that happened here, so I can’t really tell you to watch it. Sure, there was some ok build up, and some ok wrestling, but more than anything, it was just filler.

WWE Smackdown 5/12/2016 Results

Rusev defeated Sin Cara
Dana Brooks defeated Becky Lynch
Aiden English defeated Kofi Kingston
Gorgeous Truth defeated Goldango
The Usos defeated The Club via Disqualification
Kevin Owens and The Miz defeated Sami Zayn and Cesaro

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WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Another Stardust Crews Match

WWE Superstars is an underrated show. Cesaro opens up this hour of wrestling, and you know what? I’m a fan of this type of show. Less talking, more wrestling.

WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Results and Review

Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas

This match went as well as you’d expect for Bo Dallas. Dallas got beat by a flurry of Cesaro standards. Curtis Axel couldn’t help at ringside, and Dallas once again proves that he’s the leader of the Social Jobbers, as they lose quite a bit. Entertaining, but at the end of the day, not that grand.

Apollo Crews defeated Stardust

This was essentially the same match from WWE Main Event. Stardust focused on the arm of Apollo instead of the ribs, but it wasn’t effective. Crews did NOT steamroll Stardust, it was mostly Stardust getting all of the offense here, but Crews turned things around and got the big win. However, he did not beat Stardust with ease, it was an all out fight. Good match, too bad no one saw it.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Good wrestling, not great. I’m surprised that no podcasts are talking about the pure wrestling that happens on this show. The only downside is that they recap a LOT of RAW. It’s boring.

WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Results

Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas
Apollo Crews defeated Startdust

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Today's reviews are brought to you in part by "Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken!" by Bill Apter. Stories from pro-wrestling past, present, and future as only Apter can tell them. It's available by clicking here. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WWE NXT 5/11/2016 Results and Review Alex Riley’s Last WWE Match

The show opened up with Finn Balor, and much to the dismay of all the dirt sheets, he is NOT part of The Club, and he is not going to the main roster just yet. So all of you sites out there, including Smart Wrestling Fan Podcast, can go to hell. I’m not a fan of Balor, and I don’t think he’s ready for the main roster. I am not entertained by him, yet. He’s had a few good matches, but I do not feel that he’s that great, yet. Then again, I haven’t seen quite as much of his work as some others, but that’s just me.

Finn Balor got interrupted by The Drifter, Elias Sampson. Now, Jason Solomon of Solomonster Sounds Off thinks he sucks, but you know what? He’s wrong. The Drifter works. The interruption with the guitar, and the slow walk down to Finn worked very well. I loved it. It reminded me of the 1980s television show of the same name. This could work, done right. He got into the ring and got beat up for his trouble, Balor getting the cheers.

American Alpha defeated Two Jobbers

Yeah, Skylar and Holace were the two opponents, but you knew from the star that this was all about American Alpha getting the big win. Simply put it’s a classic move to have their power teams win against jobbers. American Alpha needs Kurt Angle, simple as that.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Alex Riley

This was Alex Riley’s last match in NXT before Jason Solomon of Solomonster Sounds Off got him fired. (I Kid, but the two had some words on Twitter, mainly Riley) Riley got little offense in this one and Shinsuke got paid quite a bit for just a small amount of work. Entertaining as it was, this was no competition, it was just a burial. Alex Riley is going to be out, and well, goodbye. Should’ve stayed on commentary like Graves. Shinsuke is great to watch, but I don’t know how he will fit into the main showcase, but for what this is, it’s great, good overall wrestler, but it’s just a matter of time before Roman Reigns buries him.

Alexa Bliss defeated Rachel Ellering

Rachel Ellering is the daughter of Paul Ellering. She was ok in this match. This was forgettable.

Finn Balor defeated The Drifter Elias Sampson

Once again, not impressed by Balor here. It was an ok match, but overtly, just standard WWE moves. Suicide dives, running leg drops, and just no psychology here. It was an ok match. It wasn’t great. It was entertaining enough, but overall, I don’t think Balor’s ready for the main roster, at least not as he was on this show. On the mic, he wasn’t great, he needs help. The promo he cuts after this match just wasn’t up to par with what you’d expect for the main roster, which isn’t saying much I guess. Oh well. Balor is going to turn into the demon and will fight Joe. Joe came out, I stopped caring.

Overall, this episode of NXT was fine. I just am not that invested in these characters or the wrestling that is pandering to the smart crowd. We’ll see what happens.

I’m tired of suicide dives in WWE. Every wrestler seems to do them, and that makes the move boring. Finn Balor’s athletic, but diving over the top rope onto Joe is just dry toast. I don’t care. I’ve seen the same thing 100 million times before, done by better wrestlers in their youth. Oh well. Ok show nothing great, and that was that.

A title match for June 8th 2016 was set between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. Perhaps it will be the last match for Balor's NXT career. Image via wwe.com

WWE NXT 5/11/2016 Results Alex Riley’s Last WWE Match

American Alpha defeated Two Jobbers
Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Alex Riley
Alexa Bliss defeated Rachel Ellering
Finn Balor defeated The Drifter Elias Sampson

WWE Main Event 5/10/2016 Results and Review

On my quest to be the Classic Game Room of Pro Wrestling blogs, here is a review and results break down of WWE Main Event from 5/10/2016. I watch too much wrestling these days, that’s for sure.

WWE Main Event 5/10/2016 Results and Review

Big Cass defeated Curtis Axel

The social outcasts are once again the center of being buried. That’s right, they came down and were great on the mic, but Big Cass is getting pushed huge since Enzo was injured. He came down and put down the law on Curtis Axel. Not a bad match, but if you’re Don Tony from the Don Tony and Kevin Castle show, you didn’t like Cass on the mic, since he didn’t sound Italian enough. This was a throwaway match.

Apollo Crews defeated Stardust

Stardust put on a showcase. He beat Apollo Crews up quite a bit through this match, but it was Crews that got the upper hand. I for sure thought Stardust had this, blocking some of the big Crews moves, but nope, a sit down power bomb pin was the end of this one, and Crews is still undefeated in the WWE.

Baron Corbin defeated Zack Ryder

This was the longest match that I’ve seen from Corbin in a while, or at least that I can remember. Ryder wasn’t getting buried here, he threw out a great deal of his offense against Corbin, and it was nice to see him get a strong loss in defeat. Baron Corbin did not run rough shot here, he put on a few moves, but it was Ryder that was taking away this match up, and definitely made me think that this match was going to go into the Bro’s favor. Corbin won with the end of days, but it wasn’t an easy win for him.

WWE Main Event 5/10/2016 Results

Big Cass defeated Curtis Axel
Apollo Crews defeated Stardust
Baron Corbin defeated Zack Ryder

Overall, not a bad show. Lots of wrestling here, not a lot of filler, and good commentary with The King and Tom Phillips. I don’t know why more podcasts miss their chance to review this show, the WWE is putting on quality elements if you like pure-wrestling.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Adam Rose Essentially Fired

WWE star Adam Rose was arrested early Wednesday in Hillsborough Country, Florida, just a few days after publicly protesting his suspension from WWE. Rose, whose real name is Raymond Leppan, was booked at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and was charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence, according to his public arrest report. - Fox Sports 

And guess what?

“WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence,” a spokesperson for the WWE told Sirjorgewwe in a statement. “Per our policy, Raymond Leppan has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

Holy Crap!

The countdown begins folks, Adam Rose is a lemon. He's going to get fired. You don't come back from this.

The Social Jobbers are now down another person. Rumors have it that Bo Dallas may be next to get fired.

10 WTF Moments WWE Raw 5/9/2016 By Professor Dune

Hello out there on the internet, here I am, your Professor of Pro Wrestling, with a new set of WTF moments from WWE Monday Night Raw. This was a stinker of a show, and if you disagree, well then you’re under the age of 25, and you should be sprayed with Rick Martel’s Arrogance fragrance.

10. You Never Call The Action Magul! – JBL

Not sure if JBL went off script here, but it was a highlight moment as he got mad, and just went nuts on Michael Cole. At certain points, you can even here Byron and Michael ask JBL to calm down on the mic.

9. Let’s Go Roman CHANTS

This was NOT piped in. The crowd was going insane, and were chanting “Let’s Go Roman”, to the tune of 10,000 plus fans.

8. Booing Aj Styles

The world has certain turned, as Aj Styles was legitimately getting booed against Roman Reigns, holy crap.

7. The Club

They are not the Good Brothers, they are THE CLUB. Now, I love a good Club Sandwich, but this club, still reminds me of 1992 Nasty Boys.

6. A Potted Plant Is More Over Than Dean Ambrose

I was going to say hell no, then Jericho put up a lot of tweets and MEMES that shows the fact that yes, Dean Ambrose isn’t as over as a damn house plant!

5. Stephanie McMahon tells Jericho that nothing can drive a wedge between her and Shane McMahon. Then later Shane McMahon says that their relationship isn’t that good!

WTF, seriously, WWE what a lackluster attention span.

4. Summer Rae is going to be visiting Space Mountain as she states on Twitter.

Seriously, Summer Rae with what I can only assume is a fallatio reference on Twitter.

3. Rusev Gets Rolled Up by Sin Cara

Last week we got a strong Rusev, and this week, he’s getting rolled up by a lucha-jobber. So much for eating Kalisto’s heart. Looks like you’ll get NOTHING. NOTHING!

2. A Distraction Roll Up In The Semi-Main Event!

Anderson rolls up one of the USOS thanks to a distraction roll up, and Roman Reigns claims he saw it, and that he’s going to make Anderson pay. Nope, Nope, Roman you were on the floor idiot, the camera shots all confirm. Moron.

1. An Elimination Occurred during a commercial break?!? What the Hell?

There you have it, 10 WTF moments that I, Professor Dune spotted this week. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Oh, and You’re Welcome!

Oh, and one last thing, Jericho's jacket isn't worth that much, it's worth more! $25,000 Dollars! Holy Crap. This is a feud over a jacket and a potted plant, a new era right? Yeah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/9/2016 Same Old McMahon Crap

All Images WWE.Com
What a load of garbage. Shane and Stephanie are running things? Yet the show was 60% talking. Less wrestling, even for a 90 minute HULU edition! Holy crap was this a lackluster showcase. I don’t know how they keep pushing this BS, and yet they call it a new Era!? What the hell? Ok, let’s go into this review. Monday Night Raw from somewhere, I don’t remember, and we get a full run down of talking, matches, and insanity.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/9/2016 Results and Review

The Highlight Reel started and was interrupted by Big Cass, setting up a match for the main event between Chris Jericho and Big Cass later in the show. This of course wouldn’t happen, but let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this evening’s Raw. I wish it was war.

Paige Defeated Charlotte

I know what this sounds like, but it wasn’t. Charlotte lost because of a distraction, thanks to Ric Flair getting escorted out of the ringside area, and Natalya on commentary and interfering, or rather distracting Charlotte. Paige wins an ok matchup, but nothing that grand. It was ok, ok at best, sorry. I just want to know where Sash Banks is?

Sami Zayn defeated The Miz

Zayn won a competitive match, once again proving that The Miz can really wrestle. This was a great overall brawl, wrestling match, with Zayn doing everything he could to stop Miz. This one ended with Miz going down and letting Sami Zayn get the win so that he could get into the Extreme Rules Intercontinental Championship match. Good battle, a highlight of the show.

Roman Reigns and The Usos defeated The Club via Disqualification

This again made Roman look strong and the Usos looking like chumps. The Club, as they are now called, once again couldn’t put away Reigns. This is a lot like the time the NWO came into the WWE. I’m tired of seeing burials, and that’s what this was. The club getting buried again, desperation cheating with a chair, and Roman and Aj setting up a blood feud. I smell a swerve. Oh and no Finn Balor, idiots.

Kevin Owens defeated Zack Ryder

Ryder continues to get buried, simply put. Sorry Ryder, you’re done.

The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day

This match was not half bad, and it was another testament to how good the Dudleys are right now. The Vaudevillains came down and beat down the New Day after the match, and well, the Dudleys looked strong, the Vaudevillains looked strong, and all things good in the tag team division for once.

Dean Ambrose beat up Chris Jericho when making his entrance, stole his jacket, caused Big Cass to not have his match with Jericho, and tore up the 15,000 dollar jacket that Jericho wears. This is the epitome of how terrible the old era was, and how dumb this new era is.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

This was an abysmal Raw, even on HULU. So bad. I didn’t like it, you shouldn’t like it. Oh and guess what? Roman Reigns was getting super chants? And according to Aaron at NODQ.com, they weren’t piped in. F this noise.

Oh wait, you still want to buy WWE merch? Me too! Click here and get free shipping, deep discounts, and help this site get a podcast going. Seriously, we need your help. 

Until next time, this has been a Raw review from HULU. Now, I wish I had the full show, because there was a lot of wrestling that I didn’t see.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Chris Jericho - Would you please GO. THE. HELL. AWAY.

The Skinny

Do you remember Chris Jericho’s big WWE debut? He was one of the bigger names coming over from WCW and aside from getting fed to the Rock right out of the gate, (“Who in the blue hell are you?”), Jericho established himself quickly as a fan favorite. Eventually, much to my surprise and chagrin he proceeded to defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock to become the first ever Undisputed Champion.

Now I understand the goal was to start elevating new names to the main event scene because let’s face it, we had our fill of Austin vs Rock, Rock vs HHH, HHH vs Austin. They gave Jericho his shot and as evident by him soon dropping those belts to a returning HHH, it was clear Jericho just wasn’t quite the draw Vince had hoped he would be. Whether or not HHH already had Vince’s ear to ensure getting the belts off Jericho is a story for another day, but the fact remains Jericho was never seriously in the title picture again.

The Upshot

Over the years Jericho has come and gone, come and gone, come and gone as he tours with his band and then comes back to wrestle for awhile. Just like with the Rock and his movies, and the fans eat up the returns every time. But each time he returns, he does so with an even more obnoxious variation of his character. From the pompous jerk-wad with gratuitous use of large vocabulary to calling himself the best in the world at what he does (which he has picked back up) to trying to be the one to “save” CM Punk from himself as he accused Punk of being a phony in the straight edge lifestyle…..and my God that damn blinking jacket. But here’s the prevailing theme with each return: It’s always to build up new talent. Great concept but I think that ship has sailed two returns ago.

Last I checked, since he first returned from the long hiatus he was on, Jericho hasn’t really gone over in any major feuds, he hasn’t held any major titles for very long (even by WWE standards), he doesn’t even get good storylines anymore. So much so that he’s recycling his old heel characters and running with that. While it’s true, at his age (45) he’s kept himself in damn good shape and he can still “go” with most of the roster and maybe that is all the building Vince wants Jericho to do...get the new, young talent a win over a big name. But is that really helping anyone? Look at his current feud with AJ Styles who came IN hot with just as much talent.

The Bottom Line

The first time Jericho returned from his initial, long hiatus, the buzz lasted months. Any feuds he was in were near main event status. His reputation had preceded him and let’s face it, he had and still has one of the better entrance themes/acts. But with each return, the buzz dissipates a little faster. Months turn into weeks. Weeks have turned into a couple episodes of RAW and then he’s just another veteran name on the roster. He’s not Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker but I believe he deserves that kind of veteran respect.

Which begs the question: When will he stage a return we can actually give a damn about? I just don’t think he has that in him anymore and thus isn’t doing the new, young talent any favors. As an in-ring talent, his days of relevance are long behind him. So unless we’re going to get The Highlight Reel (and ONLY that) from Jericho, I ask that he please…. SHUT THE HELL UP.

Until next time, I'm Irreparably Jaded....and I'm the guy you WISH you were.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

MCW Spring Fever Tour Frederick Stop 3/19/16 Results and Review

In an effort to bring more voices into this blog, I now present you with Patrick King. Here is his rundown of the MCW Spring Fever Tour stop in Frederick. Keep coming back for more articles, reviews, results, and writing from me and the rest of the crew.

So my wife and I attended this event. Why wait until the video was posted on MCW’s Rage TV streaming service to review the show? Well, there’s a very simple explanation. I paid good money for those tickets and wasn’t going to spend my time writing notes. I was going to have a good time. Besides, and this is definitely secondary, by waiting for the video to be released, I could see the backstage segments and the commentary. A classy way to do things, I know. With that in mind, here’s what you can dig on if you check out this episode of Rage TV:

Backstage Segment: Rayo and Bruiser

Bruiser is the franchise of MCW, having held their main title six times. I suppose he isn’t in any major storylines right now, so they’re sticking him with Rayo, who is a skinny Peruvian lad with a soccer player gimmick. I’ve certainly seen weirder gimmicks than a soccer player turned wrestler, but that didn’t make it any easier to wrap my head around. Rayo’s thing right now is that he’s a young upstart being paired with a veteran, someone he doesn’t want to disappoint.

When we see Rayo backstage, he’s going over a bunch of potential team names. They’re all very silly, of course. This team is playing on a rather hilarious juxtaposition of the big surly brawler and the young, much smaller, upstart.

Such is the nature of indie wrestling, I suppose, but for me the funniest part of the backstage segment was when special guest Tommy Dreamer walked backstage to check his cellphone, saw that a segment was being shot, and instead of walking back out, turned his back to the camera and finished whatever he had to do on his phone.

Guns for Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane) with Kevin Eck vs The Hell Cats (Sexy Steve and Jimmy Starz)

The Hell Cats are a fun group. But they’re average sized dudes and look tiny next to Collier and Jordane, who have apparently been built entirely from brick and concrete and are about seven hundred feet tall. Basically, the gimmick for Guns for Hire is that they’re supposed to beat the shit out of MCW’s tag teams, to take them out before they have a chance to challenge the MCW tag team champions the Ectourage, who are, as you might expect, also managed by Kevin Eck. The Hell Cats have a basic good timin’ stoner kind of gimmick. Yeah, I can be pretty dense sometimes. I didn’t realize the whole stoner connection until the crowd started chanting, “THC! THC!” and I was wondering why even little kids were chanting about getting high. But my wife pointed out that those were the Hell Cats’ initials and I just sort of mumbled, “Ha, yeah, duh. I get it now.” I am not a bright man sometimes.

This was a classic high-flyers, speedballs vs brute force brawlers kind of deal. It was a nice juxtaposition. There was a hilarious part early in the match where Collier challenged Sexy Steve to a test of strength and held his arm out, but Steve was too short to reach his hand and had to try to jump to get to it.

Kevin Eck reminds me a bit of Bobby Heenan. He wears a WWE jacket to the ring. His character is an arrogant know it all who’s billed from Stamford Connecticut, which, of course, is where the WWE headquarters is located. Eck legitimately used to work for them, having been part of their creative team at one time. He is, of course, responsible for plenty of interference and dirty tricks that are sometimes successful in getting his team over. In this case it worked and Guns for Hire left with the victory.

Nice match. Good opening. It was fun watching Collier and Jordane manhandle the Hell Cats while they responded with speed and ingenuity.

Jeremiah vs Phoenix Fury

Phoenix Fury is a masked luchador, and I feel like it’s a good thing for any promotion to have at least one luchador on their roster. Fury is definitely a fan favorite, especially with the kids. Which makes sense, considering that luchadors are basically superheroes and villains come to life. Fury has long curly hair coming out from the back of his mask, which makes me wonder if the guy has a mullet, which would be freakin’ awesome.

Jeremiah has a holier-than-thou preacher thing going on. He’s great at talking the crowd into a frenzy. These guys are both very talented. They’re both graduates of the MCW training center which, if for no other reason, deserves a lot of props for graduating Lio Rush, the current Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament winner and, at only twenty-one, one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Very nice back and forth momentum with these two. Fury executed plenty of dives, and hit a flawless tornado DDT while Jeremiah tried to wear Fury down with a series of submission holds. It was a quick match, with Fury finally going over. Definitely no complaints here. I dig the occasional luchador match.

It didn’t last very long, but it did what it needed to do.

Appalachian Outlaws (Hoss and Bo Nekoda) vs Bruiser and Rayo

The crowd went crazy for Bruiser and Rayo. Bruiser’s a big guy, as you might expect, and Rayo is a smaller guy whose cardio is dialed up to eleven. They work great together, but you can tell this is all a temporary thing, maybe to get Bruiser out of the main event scene for a little while while Black Wall Street member Drolix chases the title. I still think the soccer player gimmick is a little weird. Reminds me of the New Generation era in the WWF, where everyone was both a wrestler and had an outside occupation. But then again, I wasn’t exactly the target audience for Rayo. One of the commentators described Rayo as Bruisers “little buddy,” which sounded rather condescending.

The Appalachian Outlaws are pretty convincing, as far as redneck gimmicks go. They look like they haven’t bathed in weeks. Maybe they haven’t. They’re managed by Colonel Callahan who came to the ring with a plastic soda bottle into which he spit gimmicked tobacco. At least I hope the tobacco was gimmicked. Because later in the match, it got used. Yuck.

It was nice to see how well Bruiser and Rayo work together. They’re definitely having fun with this this pairing. Rayo has great conditioning. He started the match out with a nice fast pace. The Outlaws did a lot of double teaming on Bruiser, because it’s his immense power they have to worry about.

Yikes. So apparently Bo Nekoda has a move called the “Snot Elbow.” Gross.

The match ended when Callahan handed Hoss his tobacco spit bottle. Hoss spit it into Rayo’s eyes, which allowed Bo Nekoda to roll him up for the win. Well, if you want to make heels really hated, this gross-out stuff really works. Also, kids, never put another man’s tobacco spit in your mouth. It’s definitely not sanitary and your lips will probably rot away. Seriously, that was some sick shit.

As they walked back to the dressing room, Bruiser argued with Rayo, teasing a tag split. This pairing definitely isn’t going to last forever, but it’s certainly fun to watch.

Jason Kincaid vs Brandon Scott

Jason Kincaid is probably best known for his work in NWA Smoky Mountain. Very good wrestler. He actually lost to Lio Rush in the first round of the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it was great. Maybe I should make a note of that. Anyway, this was Kincaid’s MCW debut. I hope he comes back soon. Though I live in Frederick and MCW mostly holds cards in the Baltimore area, which is about 45 minutes away, I still consider MCW my local promotion.

Brandon Scott, a former MCW Rage TV champion, was the perfect partner for Kincaid. Both were wonderful technical wrestlers. They really knew how to build a match. They started off slow, with some nice mat wrestling and built to a real breakneck speed. I was a bit annoyed at the audience when they started chanting, “This is boring” at the start of the match, but by the end they were chanting, “This is awesome.” And it was. This was the best match of the night. I guess you could call it the show stealer. Yeah, I think it was the show stealer.

Both Scott and Kincaid were about evenly matched in terms of technical ability, which is why it made sense to put them together. Kincaid went over, to a massive explosion of cheers. The two performers, both baby faces shook hands in the middle of the ring. It was a real treat to witness this match in person.

Backstage Interview With Ken Dixon

Dixon is a former Rage TV champion, the secondary MCW title. Later in the evening, he’s going to have a match with Billy Gunn, of Attitude Era fame, who currently holds the belt, capturing it off Dixon a few months ago. Although Gunn is a pretty frequent MCW special attraction, he’s not on the roster, so you definitely got the feeling going into this card that Dixon was going to regain his title, but it was still pretty cool to see these two guys go at it.

Dixon was interviewed by Tara, a beautiful redhead who also occasionally also does ring announcing. Dixon displayed some pretty typical tough heel bravado, bragging that he’s going to win the title back. My favorite line from his promo: “I hold a flashlight and you’re out of batteries.” Haha...what?

Ecktourage (Eric Chapel and Dirty Money) w/ Kevin Eck vs Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon and Drake Carter)

The Punk Rock All Stars have long, spiked hair. They definitely need a lot of hair product for that look. I wondered how long it would take for sweat to make the product useless, causing the hair to go limp. As it turns out, the answer is, well, about until the end of the match. The Ecktourage are great wimpy heels. At one point, one of the Punk Rock All Stars delivered a chop to Eric Chapel and he shouted, “He hurt my booby!” The match ended as Kevin Eck distracted the referee as Chapel threw one of the tag belts into the arms of Shaun Cannon. Chapel tossed himself to the mat just as the referee is done with Kevin Eck. Seeing Cannon with the belt and Chapel lying on the mat, he assumed the worst and disqualified the Punk Rock All Stars. Injustice!

Well, the ref might not have seen what happened, but general manager Phil Stamper saw the whole thing. He comes out from backstage and tells Kevin Eck he’s suspended for thirty days. Normally this wouldn’t really matter, since MCW puts on one, maybe two shows a month, but they were in the middle of the Spring Fever Tour and had several other stops that month, so effectively Eck was banned for the remainder of the tour. While Stamper was admonishing Eck, Chapel had some great lines. He shouted things like, “We don’t cheat, we improvise,” and, “Calm down, Jesus loves you.”

This match was fun. The Punk Rock All Stars are about as high energy as you would expect from a tag team with that name.

The Ecktourage added some nice comedy. All was right with the world.

Billy Gunn vs Ken Dixon

Ken Dixon and Billy Gunn are two very big dudes, plus Gunn is in his 50’s so, as you might expect, this was a brawler match. It was slower paced, more old school. There were a lot of hip tosses, bodyslams and a good portion of the match took place outside the ring.

Ken Dixon was accompanied to the ring by the Dixon Line, his security team, who, as you might expect, double teamed Gunn a few times. One of the Dixon Line guys tried to interfere in the match but Gunn punched him out and the crowd popped huge. But the interference distracted Gunn enough that Dixon was able to give him a low blow and take the victory.

Like I said before, I expected this to happen. It’s one of those things with special attractions. If they win a title, they’ll lose it pretty soon thereafter because maybe they only have one or two more nights booked. Some promotions even find a way for the special attraction guy to win and lose the title in the same night. Still, it’s almost definite that Billy Gunn will return to MCW at some point. He seems to have a great relationship with the promotors and has appeared on their cards several times over the past few years.

Backstage Segment: Bruiser and Rayo

Rayo felt terrible about losing the match (though, to be fair, I’m not sure what he could have done after being blinded by gross tobacco spit). He figured the tag team needed to dissolve. He decided that he needs to burn all their clothes to, I guess symbolically destroy their relationship. Bruiser came out of the showers wearing nothing but a towel, and saw that Rayo was about to burn Bruiser’s boxer shorts. He stopped him and asked Rayo what the hell he was doing. Rayo explained his guilt and Bruiser basically said, “You win some, you lose some.” Rayo was so happy that they’re still going to be a tag team that he jumps into Bruiser’s arms and gives him a big hug. This prompted the alpha man Bruiser to yell, “Get off me!”

Despite the slight whiff of homophobia in that segment, it was funny enough. Is Rayo some sort of mad stalker? Will this turn out to be a Fatal Attraction scenario? Maybe Rayo will snap and go full Backlund. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with this angle.

Six Man Extreme Rules Match: King Ryan McBride and the Dixon Line (Rob Locke and Joe Keys) vs Black Wall$treet (Chuck Lennox and Drolix) and Tommy Dreamer

Extreme rules! Nice! Well, lots of kids in the audience, so I assumed it was going to be a PG type affair, obviously no blood.

I’m fine with that. It really just means a lot of brawling and very little wrestling. But it turned out we got both brawling and wrestling when King McBride got on the mic and told the crowd to “take a knee.” I’ve got to admit, I don’t like “king” gimmicks.

They’re all the same. But whatever, it was pretty funny when McBride said that the match was no longer going to be extreme rules. Instead, it was going to be “King’s rules, which means all rules apply.” Well, yes, a bit weird that wrestlers get to change match stipulations, but we’re gonna roll with it.

So with extreme rules out the door, we got a good five or ten minutes or so of wrestling. The dramatic force behind this match was that Drolix, a former MCW champion, was chasing McBride, the current champion, for an eventual payoff match. So here we were furthering the feud without having them go one on one quite yet. Plus we get Tommy Dreamer, too.

Speaking of Dreamer, at about the midpoint in the match he grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Screw this! Extreme rules!”

Okay, so wrestlers definitely get to change match stipulations. At least in this match.

So a brawl broke out. Very PG. Stop signs, garbage cans, etc. A cluster of bodies. Hard to follow at points. Tommy Dreamer let fans chop Joe Keys, pulling him around the guardrail outside the ring. A young fella of about five straight up punched keys in the chest, which made everyone crack up. The commentators laughed, talked about the devastating heart punch the kid delivered.

Eventually, Drolix suplexed McBride onto a stop sign, getting Black Wallstreet the win and giving the crowd the payoff they expected.

Good match. Everything you might expect from a PG extreme rules match.

The card was a nice mix of styles. High flyers, technical wrestling, a nice dash of comedy. That Jason Kincaid and Brandon Scott match, though. Wonderful stuff. That was enough reason in itself to check out this card.

MCW Spring Fever Tour, Frederick, 3/19/16 is available for rent or download at


Patrick King is an essayist, short story writer, screenwriter, critic, and novelist. You can purchase his novel here


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