Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kane Jobs Again

The big red machine is hilarious. First he comes to the wwe by ripping the doors off the hell in the cell, then he goes through title shots, and a horrible angle with HHH involving a dead cheerleader.

However, now he's on ECW getting destroyed by the monsters on ECW...

Remember that these monsters is Mark Henry (SLOW HENRY) and Mark Henry #2 Big Daddy V.

Kane is lame now. He used to be a force to be reckon with, but instead he's just a crappy wrestler that is getting worked over by Smackdown rejects.

Remember Men on A Mission? Yeah...Big Daddy V is ok in small doses, but Mark Henry has been on the losing end at Smackdown for a long time.

Don't believe that Kane is one a downward spiral? Look below....sadly.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carlito Is 90% Gone

Carlito is on his way out. Seriously, he's going to be out of here sooner than a lot of people think. Sources all over the net, including within WWE are stating that Carlito's release is coming sooner than later.

Remember when he first came to the WWE?

In his first match he beat Cena for the United States Title! Then when Cena came back, he hid behind his crony for a while, and now where is he?

Remember when he was in the Elimination Chamber? Remember when he was getting a main event push?

I remember some great Carlito matches, but man, him ans Masters really are on their way out. Well, Masters is gone, Carlito leaving is going to leave yet another hole in the roster for the WWE, and I'm saddened to see yet another Latino superstar fail to reach the higher shelves of professional wrestling.

I guess Latino Wrestlers just have a harder time then their whit counterparts.

Speaking of white people....

Ric Flair was also rumored to be getting the boot, but as of last night, Y2J saved his old *cough* and he is back to being the dirtiest player in the game with a win over Randy Orton.

Does this mean that Flair deserves a Title Shot?

I think so.

Raw was ok last night, but I was expecting more out of Chris Jericho, he just isn't the same.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

On Vacation Right Now

Wrestling Fans!

Do not grimace at my absence, I will return Monday morning with some spectacular stuff.

I'm on vacation for the moment, and don't have wrestling on my "Zune". Sorry.

Will return Monday though.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kane Gets Demolished Again

Kane is getting jobbed out to yet another monster on the rise. Remember he was getting mopped up by Mark Henry, then he started to get jobbed to Great Khali, and then things started getting worse. He's now being jobbed to Big Daddy V!

Big Daddy V just isn't that great. It's sad to see that V is still on ECW and he's still getting used as the big monster that defeats everyone.

Kane used to be that role. He used to mop up everyone, and now he's not even on the main even radar, he's on a two bit sideshow on ECW on Sci-FI.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Second Coming Sucks

The second coming is lame.

Chris Jericho, Y2J, came back last night to a lackluster entrance. The worst return in the business has happened.

First and foremost, everyone saw it coming. EVERYONE knew he was returning.

The WWE did a horrible job keeping this thing a secret. They should have just threw in Edge for no reason, to stir things up and get Jericho to come some time later.

This is just sad.

I went to sleep shortly after.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Edge and Real Wrestling

Edge Returned last night to pummel the Undertaker and prove that he's no second rate star, still upset over things that transpired prior to his departure, Edge came in and shocked the crowd.

Now tonight, there are rumors flying that Y2J will show up.

What will Edge have to say about his return? Will Edge be over shadowed by the returning Y2J? Will Chris Jericho really save us? We'll have to find out tonight.

OH and just when you thought all wrestling was fake, here's a bit of news from the real world of wrestling:

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Biggest Jobber Ever

The biggest jobber in the world is now Mark Henry. I don't like Marky Henry, and feel that he's the worst character in the WWE and is a waste of money for the WWE payroll, but I don't know if I dislike him as much when he's jobbing away to guys like Batista and others. Apparently, the WWE is in need of jobbers to fill their main events.


Because we don't want to have Batista injured before the big Hell in a Cell match.

Remember the last Hell in the Cell match?

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton was horrible. It was slow, and the door opened and no one even tried to escape, which was really bad.

No major spills, no heavy landings, no one fell through the cage, just an oversized cage match.

Then think about the last time we saw Batista in a stipulation match: The Punjambi Prison match wasn't that great either, and the highlight in the commentary was Batista jumping from one side to the next!

Where's Foley?

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The Forgotten Return

The forgotten Champion is coming back. Seriously, with so much coverage on Chris Jericho, it seems that everyone forgot about the real problem solver, EDGE!

Edge is surely coming back and no one is talking about his shocking return.

What if Edge is going to save us? What if he's going to throw a wrench into the creative futures of the WWE!

I know I'm reaching for a lot, but consider the fact that Edge is featured on all the Survivor Series Propaganda, and yet the internet is buzzing about Y2J.

Maybe we should be hearing more about Edge!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Lex Luger Good As Dead

Lex Luger is on his death bed! Seriously, he's not doing so well, he had a spinal stroke and is laid up on a hospital bed waiting for death.

He's paralyzed and he hasn't gained movements in his arms and legs. This is sad, especially considering that Lex Luger was never one to take steroids or drugs or anything.

(note the sarcasm)

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No More WWE 24/7

I've been a long time subscriber to WWE 24/7 and more so in recent years because of the WWE buying a lot of old libraries and showing new matches that you wouldn't find any other time in your own personal dvd's unless you have a huge collection of VHS like I used to have.

Either way, I won't be reviewing content from WWE 24/7 sadly. I know, some of you will miss it, but it's not easy to pay the bills with my job currently and the service is a luxury to have and my wife and I needed to cut some bills in order to make ends meet.

Sadly, Vinnie Mac and his stable of wrestlers wasn't on the cards for me.

Sorry chums.

Expect more here from me and the world of wrestling, as I continue the quest of reviewing, talking about, and making fun of my favorite

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

CNN Says No Apology!

CNN has proven that they have no spine. They will not apologize for their misrepresentation of John Cena.

I'm not a huge Cena mark.

But I don't like how this story is taken a life of its own. I don't want to assume that John Cena took steroids, but these days people just jump the gun.

I didn't want to believe Hulk Hogan did steroids either.

I don't know what to think, but CNN isn't exactly winning any fans for their crappy news station anyways.

I guess I'll have to argue with people over steroids in WWE. I'm tired.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CNN vs. John Cena

All eyes on Jericho!

That's right, it seems that everyone (including myself) can't stop talking about Jericho. However, there is a bigger story out there.

CNN took what John Cena said out of context, and now CENA wants CNN to apologize.

Will the media giant apologize? It's going to be awesome to see a wrestler cleared of wrong doing.

Has Cena done steroids? I'm not sure. I want to say yes, but I have no idea.

Cena is the cover story right now on and rightfully so, he's a huge image for the wwe, and right now they need anything good that they have.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Angle vs. Kaz big Deal?

This is a big deal?

The front page of today featured this graphic as I approached it. Wow...big deal!

I know that you need to put over younger stars, but this just doesn't seem believable to me in any stretch of the imagination. Not only that, didn't they just bring in Booker? This seems very odd.

TNA is truly turning into WCW (circa 2000) because I don't seem to make any sense of their timing or booking.

Maybe they have some 3 year old booking in the background, which would make sense at this point.

I didn't read the impact spoilers, but something tells me Angle wins.

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Chris Jericho Slip Up

Jericho is supposedly coming back next monday night! Is this true?

All the internet is buzzing about how Y2J is coming next week, and there has been a slip up with the wwe magazine already promoting their next cover which features Jericho on it!

Will Jericho return next Monday?

There is only one other man capable of showing up to save us, and that's Edge! That's right, EDGE is also returning very soon, and there is a possibility that it could be him, and if that's the case, I am going to mark out huge and stay up late for it. I think for sure it's going to be a great thing to have to big names come back to "save us".

Maybe we're being swerved though. Is WWE capable of shocking us with a Return that we are not expecting? Could they have a secret wrestler coming through that is going to make us believers after all?

I have no clue.

Y2J's return has been talked about at length, so we'll just say that he is returning this Monday after Survivor Series.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

John Cena Never Used Steroids

Steroids is still a huge thing in wrestling right now. Not so much that people are using, but that the media keeps stabbing the WWE with allegations.

The recent news is that Cena said he did NOT use steroids.

However, CNN seems to have twisted his words into making it seem that he did in fact did do steroids, but you can't prove it.

CNN twisting words? Not news. Cena doing steroids? Not news either.

WWE trying to rally around John Cena and help their wonder kid out while he's away.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Chris Masters Fired!

After failing another drug test and coming up with a lame excuse about it, Chris Masters was fired yesterday from WWE.

His future is promising though, because now he can get back on the roids, become the Narcissus or some other take off on his gimmick, and then join WCW 2000! (TNA)

I can see it now...BIG POPPA PUMP & MASTERS could team up as the ROID BROTHERS.

Unfortunately for Masters, he wasn't exactly a winner on the mic, and he had about 2 good matches, because others were carrying him through.

Chris Masters will not be missed too much.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stacked Card?

This match is super loaded. It has high flyers, big men, and main eventers all in the same match! Will the heels even have a chance? HHH's team usually wins the whole thing clean, and it'll be funny to see the faces try and match power for power.

The fans will be delighted with all the high spots that are going to be in this match.

However, this pretty much fills out the card. Seriously...who are they going to have in another classic Survivor's Series match? There's very little interesting guys left.


Team Santino vs. Team Stone COld!

That would rock hard.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Old Guys Reign

Last night on Raw I was wondering one thing...who are the new guys coming out of the gates? Who is going to take over when HHH and Shawn Michaels are no longer the key draw on the shows?

Are we getting a Hulk Hogan effect?


These two guys are on the beginning and the end of the show, and they are burying the younger talent (Orton).

What is WWE doing to push younger talent? Not a whole lot. This is sad.

I'm not sure what's going happen, but if the WWE doesn't create new relevant characters faster than fast, we are going to be missing a lot of guys. Especially since HHH and HBK have both had major injuries and are probably in their 40's. Cena is injured and is in his 30's and out of all the crew, Orton is probably the youngest and most talented, even Thought I can't stand the guy.

Does age even matter?

DDP started really late, and he had some amazing matches!

Maybe I'm just pushing the wrong agenda, but that's all I could think about during Raw.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Fabulous Moolah Has Passed Away

One of the pioneer's of Wrestling Died this past weekend. At a time when it was taboo for women to be in the spotlight and fight, or show any form of femininity or masculinity or even skin, Moolah paved the way for the wwe divas to strut their stuff and wrestle. More so a part of wrestling than any recent diva in the WWE, Moolah and her opponents changed the course of how women wrestlers would be all the way through 4 decades and even making appearances in the recent years of professional wrestling.

She was even in a film called "Lipstick and Dynamite" that chronicled her life in professional wrestling as a woman. She was a great performer, even though I didn't appreciate her growing up. However, she will be missed, and the WWE I'm sure will have a tribute video up for her sooner than later.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

No More Cruiserweight Division?

There are reports circling around online, and from itself that the WWE Cruiserweight title is no more. This is a sad thing if it is true, and is going to definitely make a lot of fans upset, as well as crush the hopes and dreams of all smaller wrestlers that hope for one day making it to the ranks of the WWE.

WWE has never really pushed their cruiserweights too much after 1997...

Think about the last Cruiserweight champion?

Hornswaggle took it, then moved to he's not defending it or using why mention it?

That's what the WWE is doing right now.

One of the greatest things in WCW was their cruiserweight division, that would promote the smaller guys and make sure the crowds were thrilled. Sometimes there wasn't even a story line associated with the action, it just was on the card and thrilled the audience more than the Hogan matches at the end of the ppv.

It's sad that the WWE doesn't push smaller wrestlers in their own element.

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