Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ECW 7/29/2008 Review New Stuff

First and foremost, ECW doesn’t look like ECW at all anymore. There was huge pyro, a huge stage, and all sorts of stupidity for such an “extreme” show. Todd Grisham shows up and he is the new in ring announcer for ECW. That guy is one lucky son of a gun! He’s living my dream, that’s for sure.

Matt Hardy In Ring Segment:

What a lame segment. Matt Hardy can’t really talk on the mic, he has no charisma, although he’s a lot better than previous years, that’s for sure. I’m getting tired of seeing Mark Henry bending crap, it just seems stupid to me. I’m tired of seeing this already. Matt Hardy then says something to the effect of, inanimate objects don’t fight back, and no one cared. What a waste of time, ECW sucks now. Seriously, what happened to my favorite show? What happened to Paul Heyman? This piece of junk is lame.

One thing is for sure, Todd Grisham is amazing compared to Mike Adamle, and he already corrected Tazz! Awesome! Grisham is my guy…next to Joey Styles, I wish he would come back.

Ricky Ortiz defeated Chavo Guerrero via Disqualification

If you shaved Ricky Ortiz’s head he would look a lot like The Rock. He has the same facial bone structure. He lacks the charisma however. Chavo with another loss, and Bam once again just proved he’s the worst body guard of all time. Evan Bourne came out for the save after the match, but this really wasn’t all that great. In fact, this match was boring, and I’m sad to say that Chavo’s grounded offense is really lackluster. I really miss the times when Chavo was fast and could fly. It seems like the juice has made me a slower small wrestler, and his ground attack is not that strong at all. It’s stupid. The match was lame, and Ortiz looked weak throughout.

Backstage segment Collin Delaney:

Collin backstage is hilarious. He genuinely looks out of place, which is good for his character. He’s a horrible actor though. Matt Hardy will wrestle Collin tonight, and if he wins, he’ll be part of the posse backstage. Something tells me this isn’t going to fair well for Delaney. But at least he’s a major part of the show, that’s always good.

The Miz & John Morrison defeated Hornswoggle & Finlay

I’m so tired of seeing these guys wrestle. How many times have we seen this match up? It seems that the ECW roster, although some improvements thanks to the draft, just recycles all their matches and creates a cluster of stupid matches that they spoon feed us on a weekly basis. Do they think they are doing us any favors by showing the same stupid matches week in and week out. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re going to see these guys go at it at Summerslam, because if this match is on the card, things are going to be really sad for me and the rest of the WWE fans out there that are tired of this match, it’s the same match they’ve been having all along and there is no story development in the ring or outside the ring. I think that maybe, in the long run, little Hornswoggle isn’t going to be at Finlay’s corner. Mike Knox runs in afterwards and confirms my suspicions by beating down Finlay, then looking at Hornswoggle as though he’s next. Knox sucks.

Matt Hardy and Walker Backstage:

Hardy cracks a “wildcat” joke, and a deadpan audience was drooling and not listening. Lame back stage segment.

Matt Hardy defeated Collin Delaney

No surprise here, this really was a lame duck of a match up. Delaney bumps like crazy for Matt Hardy, losing as usual. He gets worked over hard, and this match is just proving that Hardy can go, and Collin can bump. He really gets tossed around in this match up, and really doesn’t do much else. I don’t like how WWE gets these new talents, only to bury them. Some might call it paying dues, but come on, this is just getting ridiculous, but I guess it beats sitting in an office writing about wrestling.

Mark Henry annihilates Collin afterwards, throwing him over the top rope onto the floor.

ECW 7/29/2008 Quick Results:

Ricky Ortiz def. Chavo Guerrero (disqualification)
The Miz & John Morrison def. Finlay & Hornswoggle
Matt Hardy def. Colin Delaney

What happened to ECW? It just looks like another WWE show now, it doesn’t resemble anything like the old ECW and it’s not even Extreme. They might as well just give it up. It bores me to see how bad things have gotten. This whole show needs to get cancelled. There’s not a whole lot to this show, and not even the Divas were around to spice things up, even though I hate their wrestling, at least they are eye candy.

ECW was horrible.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WWE Raw Review 7/29/08 New GM Night

I expect that you, the reader, saw Raw and are not relying on me to recap the whole show for your. So instead of my usual review, I’m going to mix things up a little, and start adding more commentary. Anyone can recap the events, but this is a wwe blog, and not a wwe news site, so please bare with me as I get down to some roots and start going on about random crap that happened on Raw. I’ll still have the quick results at the bottom for those of you that want the straight up truth. If you check out the right side of the site you can get into the more news related topics. So let’s go!

John Cena In Ring Segment:

John Cena is wearing a hilarious hat that looks like an Army Hat, and it says “you Can’t See me”. One thing is for sure, Batista didn’t see that punch to the face coming. I can’t believe how many people in the arena are booing the crap out of Cena. I know that when I went to see WWE live in Los Angeles, Ca. (No Way Out PPV) the kids were over powering anyone booing Cena, myself included. Batista comes out to a sick bop, with an old Washington Bullets jersey, and the crowd is goes nuts.

I’m hoping this leads into a John Cena heel turn, and Batista turns full blow face, and we get to the old Cena. I liked when Cena was a bad man, and I almost felt like he was going to do it at the beginning of the segment.

Batista forgiving Cena was funny to me, but what was funnier was that Batista slipped up his lines a ton of times, but he kept recovering. Batista is lucky he is in his home town.

Cena vs. Batista would be interesting, and I was scrambling inside my head to see if they have ever gone one on one, and I couldn’t remember.

Shane McMahon Comes Out:

Cena vs. Batista gets squashed right away, and there is a tag team match up coming. Lame. I thought for sure McMahon was going to be the new GM and that he was going to announce himself as the General Manager, but he made it seem like it was someone else. He then said that CM Punk would wrestle again tonight.

I am once again stating it again. CM Punk is wrestling a lot of singles matches and is working HARDER than Triple H. When is the last time Triple H wrestle an opponent that wasn’t Chavo! Seriously, I don’t believe that Punk is getting a fair shake as the champion.

Santino & Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly & D-Lo Brown

I marked out big for D-Lo Brown, I thought this could end up being a good match up, but instead, I was sorely disappointed. I didn’t like this match, and I don’t think the fans really liked it at all. D-Lo Brown was thrown out fast, and Santino jumped in to wrestling Kelly Kelly. I kid you not, the WWE allowed Santino to wrestle Kelly and roll her up for the win and a quick victory. This was boring to me, and I knew that the WWE was doing something for the post match rather than the match itself.

Santino’s victory dance was hilarious, he was marching around playing an imaginary trumpet, and acting as though he had just won the world championship, rather than just a random tag team match up. He then gets ready to leave the ring, but Beth grabs him and kisses him, leaving him bewildered in the ring.

So much for that PG rating, right? I think that Man on Woman violence is not PG, but that kiss was so innocent somehow that maybe it cancels out the fact that Santino was wrestling Kelly Kelly instead of D-Lo for the majority of the mixed tag team match up. I still think there is something odd about that.

Shane McMahon Backstage Segment:

JBL sucks, but man does he generate heat! JBL is not my favorite wrestler, but he’s one of the best Heels in the business right now. With Randy Orton out of the picture, JBL is picking up the slack greatly, and his segment with Shane McMahon is great. McMahon didn’t take any slack from JBL, and I hope this sets up a match between the two, where Shane McMahon jumps off the ropes and lands through eight tables, on fire, underwater, in a cage…I’m getting carried away. McMahon taking a phone call in the midst of talking to JBL was hilarious, and JBL looked seriously concerned. JBL needs a little more credit sometimes.

Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr. defeated Michael Cole & Jerry The King Lawler

The new general manager changed the match up right before it started, and made Michael Cole Jerry Lawler’s partner instead of Jim Duggan.

*The Announce Team was NOT calling this match, and no replacement was found. This was like being there live, with no one calling the action!!!

Michael Cole stayed outside of the ring for a long time, and Lawler took control of the situation for a while, before getting thrown into the corner. When Michael Cole touched him the ref thought it was a tag, and then we saw Cole get a fast beatdown and a roll up for the win. This was poorly executed and not entertaining, to me. I think its stupid to have Cole in there, for no apparent reason. At least they didn’t really put the boots to him, but it was interesting to see this develop. I don’t believe that the tag team champions should be fighting the announce team.

Mike Adamle comes out to replace Michael Cole. He plays it off that he’s not there for the ECW taping later, and The King doesn’t immediately roast him, but plays along with the notion. It should be noted that Adamle is getting better, and although he’s not as bad as before, he’s not as perfect as Jim Ross, but then again, Ross has been doing it for many decades, so it’s not fair to compare the two directly.

Jamie Noble In Ring Segment:

Noble has some mic skills, and he’s not half bad. However, it’s hard to take him seriously, because he just looks hilarious out there. He’s got new tights, that’s kind of cool. Calling out the Intercontinental Champion isn’t the wisest move, considering Noble hasn’t won a match since he was the Cruiserweight Champion. Oh well, he’s trying to impress a chick, that seems to be his motivation.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Jamie Noble

In a quick match up, Kofi Kingston dropped Jamie Noble with every move he had in succession. Kingston basically squashed a jobber as far as I’m concerned, with some impressive moves, and incredible height on his part. I thought it was incredible to see a new African American getting pushed, but his mic skills might be lacking, and that might be where Kingston turns into another Shelton Benjamin after a short time, and back on ECW for the jobber status. However, for now, Kingston is enjoying his run as the Intercontinental Champion, considering he’s defending it a lot more than the previous champions. Noble has no hope, unless there is a new Cruiserweight division coming soon, which I highly doubt. This was a squash match, and was really not worth time, but yet, I found it necessary to talk about it for this much.

CM Punk defeated William Regal

I’m getting used to seeing these types of matches. William Regal basically tears up CM Punk for the majority of the match, and then at the last moments of this match up CM Punk sneaks out a win, but with a bloody lip. Regal works really stiff in this match, and he really puts the boots to Punk, trying to stretch the limits of the Champion. I thought for sure, that Punk might be in trouble on many instances, but he managed to pull one out and win. Regal is looking smaller now, but that might work for him, as he’s faster now. He must be off the juice, but then again, Regal has never had a lot of definition in his body, so maybe this isn’t all that different, just a tad bit smaller. Punk gets mopped up afterwards as Kane and JBL team up to knock out the champ, after the fact, as if he needs to continually be beaten to earn the right to be the champion. I think that Punk is losing steam, and we might start seeing the beginning of the end of his title reign. I’m not sure If I would bank on Punk being champion for a long time, he just seems to be out numbered at each turn.

Y2J’s Final Highlight Reel:

Jericho plays an awesome highlight reel of himself! This was awesome, but too short if you ask me. Jericho is hilarious, and it’s interesting to see the past years of Chris Jericho in the WWE. It was more comedic than in ring, which was stupid, and like I said, it was too short.

Does Chris Jericho really deserve a title shot? I must admit, he did defeat HBK, but come on, does Jericho deserve another shot at the title? Maybe. He did have a title shot when he returned, but maybe it’s time for something new in the title scene, this could be great, but I’m not sure if it’s going to go down the way Jericho thinks.

*It should be noted that Jim Ross comes out to do commentary for the rest of the night alongside Adamle and Lawler.

WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Jillian

Mickie James is just a carbon copy of Trish Stratus. Don’t believe me? Look at her entrance and mannerisms. They seem to be following the former Women’s champion a lot. Jillian has improved a lot, and really impressed me with some indie maneuvers, and maybe the knockouts in TNA are forcing WWE to train their divas a bit more, as this match was a lot more brutal than recent fair, and maybe the WWE Divas don’t suck as bad as I had previously stated. The crowd seems to be a little dead though, but Mickie James seems to get some positive cheers. I’m not convinced that she’s the best in the company, but she’s a lot better than when she initially started in the WWE as a Trish Stratus stalker. Remember that one? Mickie James wins with no major problem, although Jillian did give her a quick and hard match up. Katie Burchill jumps Mickie James afterwards, right in front of James’ father, and then gets on the mic for no apparent reason. I liked when Paul was a pirate, he had more charisma, and then I noticed something. Mickie James just went through a crazy match, right? Sure, but Katie Burchill comes down to ringside does 4 moves and makes Mickie James seem like she just went through hell? Really? Seriously? I guess so.

John Cena and Batista Backstage Segment:

Batista and John Cena start arguing, and if this sparks a Cena Heel turn, I’m going to mark out like a little girl! Seriously, Turn Cena HEEL!

John Cena & Batista defeated JBL & Kane

Being there live would have been incredible, watching this match at home, it wasn’t all that great, and the match’s only selling point for me was to see what would develop with Batista and John Cena. That’s all I really care about in this match up. I honestly don’t like tag team matches with partners that are supposedly bickering, and then all of a sudden have to team up. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, and it seems to be the Raw and Smackdown standard. Like I said, being there live would be incredible as the emotion of the ring is just over powering, however on television, the only thing I cared about was Cena and Batista. The debate was on heavy in my head, and then I remembered, the General Manager has been teased throughout the whole time! So that added a third element to the madness as well. You knew the ending before the match was over. Cena with the win, the kids will most likely go out and buy more merch. Lame. I think Batista and Cena’s rivalry could have come into play with a massive heel turn. I’m reminded of the classic Ric Flair turns in these matches, where he would get tagged in, and then BOOM the turn! I always liked those. You always saw them coming.

The new General Manager of Raw is:


I kid you not, Mike Adamle is the new general manager of Raw! WTF? Everyone in the building was swerved completely, and everyone was booing. I was booing at my television. Really? Adamle? Of all the people! One thing is for sure, the people were booing the crap out of Adamle, and that was great. I’m not sure if Adamle is going to be the announcer on ECW still, but it’s a wise move to get him away from commentary and into the general manager’s position. Although, I would have preferred someone like Mick Foley, or maybe even Eric Bischoff, but instead we get Adamle, the most hated announcer in the wwe right now.

WWE Raw Quick Results 7/28/2008

Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix def. D-Lo Brown & Kelly Kelly
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Jerry “The King” Lawler & Michael Cole to retain (World Tag Team Championship Match)
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. Jamie Noble
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. William Regal
WWE Women's Champion Mickie James def. Jillian
John Cena & Batista def. JBL & Kane

What about Raw? It wasn’t half bad at times, and there was a lot of anticipation for the General Manager. I thought for sure it was going to be someone else, maybe even Shane McMahon. Why wasn’t it Shane? Most likely he is busy because he’s head of Multimedia/Interactive Media Design for the WWE, and my dream boss. Why not Vince? He’s overloaded previously. Why not Stephanie? She just had a kid didn’t she? Oh well.

The matches on Raw were short and to the point, furthering story lines rather than pushing athleticism. Oddly enough, no signs of London, Snitsky, Rey Mysterio Jr, and many other Raw wrestlers. In fact, the show was devoid of any new and/or scarcely used mid carders with the exception of Jamie Noble, who was quickly squashed fast.

The best part of Raw is hard to say. I’m not sure if there was a best part this week. All the matches weren’t really pushing any limits, and weren’t really creating anything crazy for me. If I had to choose a favorite moment, it would have to be seeing William Regal coming down and giving a good fight to Punk was good, but not the best match that I’ve seen Regal in. Punk narrowly escaping defeat each time reminds me a lot of Hulk Hogan’s entire career, and it shouldn’t be that way in 2008. However, it seems that the WWE is slowly trying to push that style of champion into the forefront. Whatever.

I’m tired.

Raw was ok at best. Nothing too grand. I still want to see more heels, new heels, anything but the same old guys coming through.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

WWE Smackdown Review 7/25/08 Post Wedding Mayhem

To start off the show we get a recap of last week’s Smackdown ending, and you know what? It’s a lot better condensed.

In Ring Segment 1:

Jeff Hardy enters the VIP Lounge and he’s great on the mic. He says that he’s the odds on favorite to win the battle royal to face Triple H.

Jeff Hardy says he hasn’t seen MVP win a match since he had the U.S Championship.

MVP talks smack about Jeff Hardy’s WWE Magazine cover. MVP starts talking bad about Jeff Hardy, reminding him of his suspension and his house that burned down. Jeff tries to keep up, but MVP is just too good and keeps firing away as the HEEL.

Hardy then looks fed up, and here we go!

Hardy pushes MVP and the fans start to turn, but quickly go to a Hardy chant, MVP quickly gets out of the ring, and looks upset. He walks away, leaving the ring to Jeff Hardy.

I think that MVP looked great in the ring, and Hardy looked genuinely pissed that he was out spoken by MVP, which is a great thing. They generated a lot of heat in a matter of moments, and while I am not a big fan of in ring segments, I did enjoy MVP pushing buttons and it reminded me a lot of what Santino can do on the mic.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

As soon as the music hit, I knew this was going to be a throw away match. Yang hasn’t gotten a decent shake in a long time, and Benjamin has just won the title. Benjamin goes relatively unharmed in this glorified squash match. Benjamin has improved a lot, in what seems like overnight, and he totally drops Yang with his finisher The Pay Dirt for the win. Yang never had a chance.

Backstage Segment 1:

The Edgekins are backstage with Edge. Edge apologizes for last week. The Edgekins says that they don’t need an explanation, and then they run off.

Festus defeated Curt Hawkins

This was a stupid squash match and served no purpose. Festus beat Hawkins fast, and then after the bell, gets beatdown for no apparent reason. Jesse gets dumped out, and this is how we are going to build to Festus and Jesse winning the tag titles. The crowd was not into the ending, what a load of crap. I hate when WWE squashes guys like this for no apparent reason.

Backstage Segment 2:

Edge is talking to his wedding planner backstage, when Bam shows up to ease drop.

Vladimir Koslov defeated Stevie Richards

As soon as I saw Stevie Richards, I knew there was going to be a squash coming up. Koslov comes in there and Foley is correct, Koslov is NOT tested in the ring and much like Matt Morgan on TNA he’s just squashing guys for no particular reason. He’s NOT Goldberg, so I don’t know why they keep pushing his streak.

Richards throws in more moves than most, but still manages to lose this one, as is standard when building up a monster heel.

Koslov squashes Richards in a no surprise match up, and this wrestling fan is getting tired of this stupid continuation. Koslov takes a lot of punishment, I give it that, but eventually just floors Richards with a head butt. One of the worst moves in WWE history.

The Great Khali defeated Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, and MVP

The last three participants made this really interesting for me. Jeff Hardy, Khali and Big Show were left. Hardy got a major push cause he pushed out Big Show somehow, and he had to try and wrestle Khali, but it looked grim for a minute there. Hardy kept fighting off Khali, but Khali kept pushing his weight around. Khali nearly crushed Hardy with a HUGE chop to the head, and then threw him out. Khali looked genuinely annoyed for some reason, and he looked somewhat stunned by Hardy’s offense. I can’t believe how this all turned out.

Khali will face Triple H for the world title at Summerslam. Hardy put on a great show, everyone did really, and the last two didn’t really make sense to me, but we’re going to get Triple H vs. Khali, that’s going to be great! Remember when Big Show was The Giant in WCW? He rolled through the main event talent like crazy ppv after ppv, no one could beat him, well maybe WWE is taking a cue from WCW of old. Maybe Khali will be unstoppable, until the Undertaker comes back to defeat him in a casket match or something.

Post Match:

Triple H comes to ringside, and stares up the Great Khali. Triple H looks ridiculously small compared the giant Khali. Nothing happens here, as they just stare each other into leaving.

R-Truh (K QWIK, Ron The Truth Killings) promo is shown. He’s looking good, that’s for sure.

Michelle McCool defeated Maryese

McCool somehow pulled of this victory, but it was a boring match. Maryese isn’t yet ready to go for a full match, and this one just seemed forced to me. The match wasn’t too long, and really didn’t have a whole lot of high spots. The ending came with some sort of leg lock looking thing, although it isolated the heel of some kind. I don’t know, this match sucked.

Backstage Segment 3:

Vickie Guerrero finally arrives, and Bam shows up. Bam tries to tell Chavo what Edge was up to earlier, but he is interrupted, and we get to commercial.

Backstage Segment 4:

Edge says he’s going to apologize, Bam runs to go tell Vickie.


Kendrick talks on the mic, J.R says that Kendrick is like the late Brian Pillman…I don’t know about all that.

Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel defeated Shannon Moore

Everytime I see Shannon Moore, I can’t help but wonder how in the world he manages to stay on the payroll. Not so much cause he sucks, but because I could have sworn he was on ECW and/or TNA in recent memory. Oh well. Moore, basically got squashed by Kendrick, and while I think Shannon Moore is good, the WWE didn’t give him a chance to win this match up. Kendrick is good, but not great yet, he needs a challenge to prove himself. This was a standard cruiserweight match up, nothing too crazy, some missed spots here and there, but overall a standard affair with no crowd participation. Brian Kendrick wins with his move, but I’m not sure what it’s called…oh well. It’s sliced bread number 2 no? J.R said that it’s now something else, but I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Backstage Segment 5:

Vickie and Chavo are talking backstage, when Bam interrupts. Bam mixes up Edge’s message and says that Edge will be in the ring to apologize or something. Vickie shakes her head no, and we fade to commercial.

Final In Ring Segment:

Edge is out in the ring alone, ready to call out Vickie Guerrero. The fans boo the crap out of him. I'm surprised that they don't say more "what?". Undertaker chants try to start up, but the crowd quiets down a little. He then asks for Vickie to come out.

Vickie comes out to ring side. The boo's start pouring in as Edge and her are in the ring. This is ridiculous if you ask me.

Edge tries to apologize. He blames the wedding planner for the mistakes, and he claims that the video didn't show that he was taken advantage of.

Vickie reinstates the Undertaker, and announces a Hell in the Cell match up for Summerslam with Undertaker and Edge! The show fades with Edge looking really scared of the Undertaker.

This edition of Smackdown was somewhat upsetting at the end. Seriously, why did the WWE go with this story line as the main event? I was really upset that they didn't have solid wrestling at the end. Wasn't the WWE going to plan less stunts and drama? Oh wait...less wrestling and more drama equals a PG rating? I don't know. The end of Smackdown really made this show sink, regardless of that great match up early on in the show.

The tag division looks weak again, but I'm sure they are setting up something for later. I can't stand the Festus in ring scenarios, but I guess I have to just deal with them.

Koslov's streak is lame.

MVP on the mic was great, and only Santino can probably match his wits.

I thought for sure Hardy was going to get a major push, but instead Khali was great, and I want to see that match up at Summerslam. I don't know if Triple H can pull off a clean win over Khali. I'm not sure what's going to go down, but it's going to set up something great, I'm sure.

Shelton Benjamin is looking great. I am glad to see that he's getting a push, even if it is minor.

Squashing the cruiserweights on WWE television is stupid to me. I really wish that they would bring back the cruiserweight title and that they would really allow the smaller guys to get a chance. WCW did so great back in the day, TNA is allowing more small guys to get a shot, and overall WWE could definitely do something great. However, it's not happening anytime soon, as the WWE continues to make bus loads of cash on the existing product. Why change things up if you're making so much money right?

The reinstatement of the Undertaker on Smackdown was a bit odd to me. I kept reading that HHH didn't like Undertaker and they couldn't be on the same show because of their past dealings. I do recall Undertaker beating Triple H at Wrestlemana X7. The Undertaker will most likely be dominant until it sets up the inevitable Triple H vs. Undertaker match where Undertaker finally loses. Edge and Undertaker at Summerslam is going to be interesting, and Hell in the Cell? All I know is that someone better fall off the top of that cage, otherwise it's going to be lackluster. Foley made that match famous, and even Shawn Michaels took a nice fall.

The divas belt looks cheesy, and the divas are not improving. Give me the KNOCKOUTS any day in comparison to the stupid looking, cookie cutter divas.

This week Smackdown was stronger than last week, but it's not that great. Tna, to me, was better, and ECW is looking stronger than all the shows.

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Tna Impact Review 7/24/2008 Now You See Him Now You Don’t

In Ring Segment 1:

Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash come down to the ring. There’s a steel cage set up around the ring.

Joe says he has a proposition, he wants to throw out the rules and have a six sides of steel match at Hard Justice.

Booker T. comes out.

Booker T states that Samoa Joe is scared, and that at Hard Justice he is going to wrestle Joe in a full metal mayhem match! He then says that Joe should be afraid of the dark!

Backstage Segment 1:

AJ Styles, Rhino, and Christian are interviewed backstage, and JB talks about the Sting factor. The guys don’t look too stressed about the match either, and Christian Cage says he knows what’s going on with Sting. Christian says that no matter who shows up in the ring, they are going through a table. He said, the match is about who’s going to end who’s livelihood first.

Consequences Creed defeated Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Jimmy Rave

I admit, I was a little skeptical about this match, it just seemed like a terrible matching, but it turned out to be quite entertaining. I’m still impressed about Consequences Creed, he’s got a great smooth transition on his high flying moves. The match was back and forth, and they did a surprising job of getting everyone involved, and although it wasn’t as long as I thought, it was pretty well done; for a spot fest. Consequences Creed got the win with a roll up, but Johnny Devine jumps in and beats down Consequences Creed, and the Rock and Rave Infection jumps in too beat him up too.

Abyss comes out, dressed in white, and cleans house. He choke slams the crap out of people. We need more Abyss, that’s all I’m saying. Consequences Creed saved by Abyss.

Backstage Segment 2:

Team 3-D and Angle are talking backstage to JB saying that they are all scum bags. They then say that they are going to mop up later on in the event. They say that Sting is going to be there, and that he is going to Shock the world. Angle then states that it’s no big surprise that Sting is coming through and turning heel.

Karen’s Angle (Backstage Segment 3)

Kaz is interviewed by Karen Angle, in a weird looking talk show looking thing. Kaz talks about his evolution in professional wrestling, TNA and the high roads and low points of his career. It’s cut short, and they claim that he’s going to have part 2 of his interview next week on Impact.

Matt “The Blueprint” Morgan defeated Kory Chavis

I still believe that you do not need to have a jobber to prove a monster’s ability. This was a squash match and it wasn’t cool to watch to me. This isn’t the 1980’s or early 90’s, we don’t need to be sold this type of match up. Matt Morgan squashes this no name guy, and of course the announcers go nuts. Matt Morgan will always be a stuttering gimmicky wrestler, until he faces some serious opposition.

Backstage Segment 4:

The Motor City Machine Guns talk about how they are going to be beating the crap out of Beer Money. They also talk about how Detroit is the murder city, and that they are going to murder Beer Money…but with straps.

Backstage Segment 5:

The super hero group of Super Eric, Stone Cold Shark Boy and Curry Man are backstage talking about their new slogan. Lame.

Strap Match Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

First of all these straps did not look like leather. If they were, that’s cool, but I want to imagine them as plastic or canvas straps, because they didn’t look like leather to me. But lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

This match was good, and surprising, considering that the straps are on each others wrists. This wasn’t as violent as the dog collar match from Bach as the Beach 96, but it will have to do. This match was crazy, and they really went to town on each other. I couldn’t help but feeling that the guns were just out wrestled at times. However, The Guns really put up a great fight, and the crowd really started to get behind them towards the closing of this match.

A ref bump prompted the finish to this match, and Jackie handed some hand cuffs to Beer Money and with those they knocked out Sabin, and the Guns lose the match thanks to the repeated interference of Jackie in this match.

Post match, they whip the crap out of one of the members of the gun, and you know what? GOOD! That’s what you get for talking smack. LAX comes out for the save, but it’s already too late, Beer money leaves.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

I blinked and almost missed this match. Velvet Sky loses the match in 5 seconds! A roll up, and it’s over. This match sucked, and this sucked.

Velvet Sky then gets dared to come back to the ring, for another match.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

They do this match again, and once again, a quick roll up and it’s over. What a horrible sequence of events. The second match was roughly twenty seconds. This was dumb, this made me feel dumb to watch this.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky via disqualification

So we go again! A third match of the same thing, and this is going to be stupid, and it was. Taylor Wilde basically squashes Velvet Sky, but to Sky’s credit, she did manage a little offense this time, and although it was not successful, it made up for the first two throwaway matches. Angelina Love managed to work Wilde outside the ring and try to get Velvet Sky a better shot at the title. The match showed a little more fight then previous matches and at times Taylor Wilde was hitting Sky with some stiff kicks and harsh slaps, which was a shock considering that divas don’t do this in wwe. We saw a nice bridge suplex to pin, but Angelina Love came in and caused the dq ending. Then proceeds to beat down Taylor Wilde.

Post match:

After a beatdown of Taylor Wilde, the beautiful people were about to put a paper bag over her head, but ODB and Gail Kim come down for the save! ODB has a turkey leg! Man, she’s kind of hot! (oh man, I’m going to get worked for that one) I kid, of course, or do I?

Backstage Segment 6:

Sonjay Dutt is in the hospital with So Cal Val, and she is about to tell him that she loves him somehow, but they get interrupted by a doctor and a bed pan.

Too bad Jay Lethal couldn’t come out and mop up. Oh well.

Kurt Angle and Team 3-D In a Tables Match defeated Christian Cage, Rhino, and Aj Styles

This match didn’t turn out like I thought it would, and it was actually pretty good in my opinion. The match was given the whole second half of the second hour, so the backstage antics were cut to a minimum, and the main eventers really did put on a show. The tables were breaking left and right, and the guys were really trying to throw something together, even if it came across a bit poorly in the case of the Team 3-D eliminations.

We saw AJ Styles and Kurt Angle as the final two, but we got a ref bump, Team 3-D came back in, and Frank Trigg also made his presence felt as they threw Christian Cage through a table for the win.

In Ring Segment 2:

This segment had Samoa Joe and Booker T facing off in the ring for a contract signing. It was pretty boring, but the mic skills were turned on blast and they each had words for each other. I’m not sure why Kevin Nash is out there, since he doesn’t do anything but stand there and get paid for no particular reason.

Booker T signs the contract then the lights go out.

Booker T is left standing in the ring with a bat, the lights come back on and Samoa Joe is laid out cold. No explanation is given, and the announcers say that it must have been Sting!

TNA Impact Review 7/24/2008 Quick Results:

Consequences Creed defeated Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Jimmy Rave

Matt “The Blueprint” Morgan defeated Kory Chavis

Strap Match Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

TNA Women's Title Matches
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

Six Man Tables Match
Kurt Angle and Team 3-D In a Tables Match defeated Christian Cage, Rhino, and Aj Styles

Every podcast I listen to absolutely hates TNA right now. I on the other hand, don't think it's so bad. I actually like watching this stuff, it's an alternative to WWE for me. I'm one of those people that loves wrestling no matter what. Sure, there are a few sour spots, but I watch these.

This show had a lot of wrestling compared to most TNA shows. The main event was really fun to watch, and it was about as good as any Team 3-D tables match from the WWE run. I miss those days, but oh well.

The cruiserweights in TNA are amazing. These guys are really athletic, and they put on a show when the company gives them time to perform. I enjoyed their matches.

As for the women's title matches, this was messed up. The first two instances just infuriated me. However, the third match was cool, and seeing the ODB and Gail Kim run in was awesome. The Turkey leg was hilarious!

I miss Moose though. Darn injuries!

TNA Impact was the second best show so far, and I liked it. Although, I felt that the show could use more wrestling, less stories. That's for sure.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

WWE To Tone Down The Shows

Is wrestling too violent? I never thought so, but apparently the WWE thinks it might be. So much so that the wwe is going to tone down the “stunts” and violence of their shows to a PG rating coming soon.

That’s right, the WWE is going to “TONE” things down.

What a load of crap! (to quote Stone Cold)


Ok, I’ll admit, maybe Smackdown for being on regular television and I admit again maybe Raw is too violent for cable (Hear me out), but ECW? Seriously? ECW isn’t even EXTREME any more and they need to tone it down?

This whole news piece boggles my mind, and I don’t know what it means! It’s so cryptic, when it doesn’t have to be.

Will this mean that we’ll get more story lines instead of wrestling? Will this mean that we won’t have any exploding limo’s, or GM’s falling through the ramps? I don’t know.

Don't believe me?

Check out the official announcement that WWE is going to Tone Things Down.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ECW Review 7/23/2008 The Hardy Show

In Ring Segment 1

There is a new Ecw Title shown.

The title is all silvered out, and is all new. Tony Atlas starts raving about it. Teddy Long just stands there like an idiot.

Collin Delaney comes out. He has turned heel, and talks about how he has turned on Tommy Dreamer.

**remember when Terry Funk turned on Tommy Dreamer? Or was it Dreamer turning on Funk? I just remember a trashcan shot to the head at a ppv back in the old ECW days.

Delaney says that he’s all for Mark Henry, instead of a washed up loser.

Teddy Long interrupts, and he says that there’s some business to take care of. He claims that Tommy Dreamer is going to wrestle Tommy Dreamer tonight, and when Atlas tries to save the night, Teddy Long jumps in and says that Philly is Extreme and the match is going to start right now!

Tommy Dreamer defeated Collin Delaney

Since when is a DDT that devastating? Not since Raven and Jake the Snake have I seen one so devastating. Not that it hurts, but man, Dreamer beat Delaney in a quick match. No surprise here.

Backstage Segment 1

Morrison and Miz talk about winning the four way tonight on ECW and trade puns and stupid ideologies.

Evan Bourne defeated James Curtis

This match was a squash. This new guy had no entrance, no music, no pyro, and this is just hilarious to me. Evan Bourne shows off some more of his in ring ability, besides his abilities in the air.

Backstage Segment 2

Finlay talks to Hornswoggle backstage, and says he doesn’t need luck.

Backstage Segment 3

Ricky Ortiz is backstage talking to some random chick. Ricky Ortiz says he can be the Latin Assassin, and Teddy stops him and says he’s only had 1 match in 3 weeks. Teddy states that next week he’s going to be in action next week.

Backstage Segment 4

Matt Hardy talks about losing his U.S title, and he says he’s going to kick the door open and is going to Summerslam.

Matt Hardy defeated Finlay, Miz, and Morrison in a 4 Way Match

Matt Hardy might have lost his U.S Title, but he’s bouncing back quite nicely. He’s going to face Mark Henry for the ECW Title at Summerslam!

But what about the match?

The match started off slow, and turned into a huge spot fest at the end. Lots of near falls, lots of excitement. I thought for sure Finlay had it with a TON of great opportunities to get the win, but he kept getting interrupted by others, and eventually Hardy made it with a twist of fate out of nowhere, and he gets the title shot.

ECW Quick Results 7/23/2008

Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney
Evan Bourne def. James Curtis
Fatal Four Way: Matt Hardy def. Finlay, The Miz and John Morrison

The ECW show seemed a lot faster to me than usual. There was a lot of setting up for weeks to come, and only three matches. I'm glad to see that Matt hardy could be getting a main event spot on ECW, but is that really worth it? I'm not sure. Maybe Hardy can really move things on ECW and he can move towards a bigger main event spot on Smackdown or Raw. I doubt it though.

The new ECW belt is looking really lame. It's too Silver, and honestly, it looks like a B level title instead of what it should be. IF ECW is the minor leagues, then this title is a great thing.

Evan Bourne continued to use a lot of offense, and the no name guy was hilarious to see squashed. I wonder if ECW is going to continue to squash guys, or test them out constantly. Whatever the case is, Evan Bourne might be the highlight of the week so far.

Tommy Dreamer needs to get fired. I'm tired of seeing him on ECW. He is way better fit for a smaller promotion, like TNA.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WWE Raw Review 7/21/2008 The Bash Aftermath

Raw starts off with Batista coming down to the ring for an in ring segment.

In Ring Segment 1:

Batista says that since no one is there to be in charge, and that he’s only going to do one thing and that’s to make a match where he wrestles C.M. Punk for the WWE Championship tonight on Raw! He also notes that Kane is not going to wreck things this time.

Jbl interrupts.

He says that no one is in charge, and he doesn’t care what happened at the Bash. JBL says that he defeated Cena last night and that he is going to have the next title shot, not Batista.

Batista laughs him off, and asks JBL to come down to ringside.

JBL says, it’s not funny, and that he doesn’t answer to Batista. He says that he’s in charge, and no matter what, He’s going to be getting the world title back from Punk at Summerslam. He stumbles through his lines, to make it sound like he’s on live.

JBL says that Batista better find Kane to get a title shot.

CM Punk Interupts

CM Punk says that since they are in the jungle, he’s king and that he doesn’t have to listen to JBL at all. He then talks about how Kane, and says that he will put the title on the line tonight!

Batista says they are on tonight!

In Ring Segment 2:

Lance Cade comes out and calls out Shawn Michaels. He says that if Michaels comes out, he is going to have words with him. HBK doesn’t show up.

Lance Cade defeated Paul London

Paul London wins a rather easy match up. I thought London might have a chance, as he had a few hits in early on, but he ended up just getting squashed in the match up. I also noted that London had sneakers on, not wrestling boots. London is fast, and he was a highlight of this match, but I don’t know if the WWE has any major plans for him. I would expect London to be on the fast track to getting his release. I’m sure the WWE will wish him the best on his future endeavors.

He will probably end up in TNA and land in the X-Division, with a new name and gimmick. Lance Cade takes out London with little problem. He won with a combination powerbomb and rock bottom. It wasn’t that impressive, and the crowd was dead.

In Ring Segment 3:

Cade gets on the mic and calls out HBK again. When he doesn’t show up, he calls out Y2J with an introduce of: “The Man Who Ended Shawn Michaels Career” (I thought that was Stone Cold’s line in 1998?) Y2J comes down the aisle and into the ring.

Y2J shows a clip from The Great American Bash and says that everything that happened that happened was the fans fault. He claims that HBK only wrestled hurt because the fans inspired him, and that the fans are all to blame. Y2J says he doesn’t have to please the fans, and that he doesn’t have to try very hard. He said the fans were never behind him when he returned to the WWE, and that they all booed him and that he is not the old Y2J. He claims that the fans never grew up, and that HBK never grew up either. Y2J claims he’s proud of what happened to Shawn Michaels last night, and that now that he has beaten Michaels, he’s now saved.

Beth “The Glamazon” Pheonix defeated Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly comes out pointing her fingers at the crowd like she was Trish Stratus or Mickie James. This was a hilarious match to me, because there was no way Kelly Kelly could have won this match, in my mind.

Kelly tries to put on some good moves, with some quick forearms and then focusing on the legs of Phoenix. The Glamazon was too much though, and she basically manhandled Kelly through this ridiculous example of a women’s wrestling match. Beth Phoenix tries to isolate Kelly’s arm, with rest holds and when Kelly gets out of it, struggles to finish her off. Kelly is really trying to improve, and her move set is improving, however, some of the spots are a little too exaggerated for my tastes. Kelly really puts on a show in this one, but she’s no match for Phoenix’s strength. Beth drops her on her face in an impressive ending.

I admit it, Kelly did do a great job trying to get to the Glamazon, and I was impressed with how this match up went. It wasn’t just a squash, and although it was somewhat short, it was quite impressive. Maybe they can keep this style of wrestling up, and the women’s division on Raw will be more than just a joke for wrestling fans.

In Ring Segment 4:

Jim Duggan is in the ring and he talks about putting up his boot and just retiring. He says thank you to the crowd and is ready to go home. Jerry “The King” Lawler interrupts him. He says that there is no age limit in the WWE. (I think there is, but that’s just me) He says that Duggan has the charisma to get crowds across the world to yell U.S.A something that Obama and Mccain wish they could do. He then thanks Lawler for the pep talk.

Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes interrupt.

The young champions come out to ring side. Dibiase on the mic and makes fun of Lawler’s personal life and says that Duggan and Lawler should hang up the boots immediately.

Cody Rhodes then states that Lawler slapped Andy Kaufman before he was born!

Lawler then slaps the taste out of Rhode’s mouth!

Ted Dibiase says that they have a match and that they should clear the ring. They said they aren’t finished just yet, but they have a match.

JBL comes to ringside.

John Cena and Cryme Tyme defeated JBL, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase

We saw this match last week, and it was just the same exact match. Maybe this match occurred at house shows too, because the two teams seemed a lot more comfortable with each other in the ring. The heels really isolated Cryme Tyme punishing JTG for a good portion of the match.

Cena gets a hot tag and cleans house, and the crowd goes wild, despite my objections. Cena picks up both the tag champions, and gives a double F-U to both of them! This was really cool in my book, Cena showed one of the most impressive finishers on the tag champions that I’ve seen in recent memory. Wow! Picked up both Tag Champs and dropped them with an FU! John Cena might not be my favorite, but the close of this match was definitely the best thing I’ve seen in a LONG time.

It should also be noted that JBL ran off like a coward through the crowd and left the tag champions to fend for themselves.

Backstage Segment 1:

Cade and Y2J run into Kane, in the back. Kane stares them down, and walks by.

Editor’s note** WWE shows clips from their benefit for Autism. I just want to say that it’s really cool that they teamed up to fight Autism. Those kids are so rad (meaning kids with Autism) and it’s unfortunate that there is no cure for it. It’s nice that the WWE gives back to such great causes.

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea defeated Mickie James and Kofi Kingston

This match was set up last week and it was no surprise that this was booked for tonight. Mickie James started the match with what appeared to be some stiff shots to Lea, and I wasn’t sure if that was part of the whole thing or not. Mickie James even hit Paul with a stiff shot, and backed down long enough for Kingston to get in a cross body off the top rope with some serious hang time. This guy has some big hops! Reminds me of K Qwik.

The match took some obvious turns with Paul working over Kingston’s leg, to ground the high flyer. The match was really down hill from the time that Kofi Kingston came in, as Paul finished off the Intercontinental Champion with what seemed to be relative ease. This was definitely a different match then the one we saw last week where Paul defeated Kofi. This will probably set up an IC Title match for later on.

This match was hilarious to me. It made no sense to bury Kingston after last week’s win, and it made even less sense to have Mickie James and Katie Lea just standby while the two guys furthered their storyline. But I guess that’s just how the WWE goes these days. The match ended with Burchill’s neck breaker, and the one two three.

Backstage Segment 2:

Batista looks Kane and then runs into Jamie Noble. Noble mouths off to Batista and Noble gets choked into a box and Batista tells him to keep a look out for Kane. Noble embarrassed again in front of the ladies.


Backstage Segment 3:

CM Punk is interviewed and he says that he would rather be an ex-champion that has self respect then a champion that barely hangs onto the title on technicalities.

JBL interrupts.

JBL says that at Summerslam, he fully intends on becoming the World Heavyweight champion. He says that Punk will always be a transitional champion.

Punk says that JBL has lost to him a few weeks back, and then walks away.

In Ring Segment 5:

Santino comes out and talks about how he only wanted to challenge men, not women. He then reissues the challenge!

Out Comes D-LO BROWN!

D-Lo Brown defeated Santino

D-Lo brown came out and he hasn’t lost a step. He’s still in great shape and dare I say, he’s more physical and rougher. He really took it to Santino and worked a little stiffer than usual. D-Lo dropped the lowdown on Santino, and wow, Santino looked like he was in genuine pain. D-Lo really hit Santino hard and The Lowdown was incredible! This was a squash match, but it was awesome. Welcome back D-Lo!

Post Match Segment:

Beth Phoenix comes out and attacks Santino. Santino then grabs Beth and says no more punching, they then exchange reversals, and eventually….they kiss each other! They look confused, but the sexual tension is insane. Looks like we have a new “power” couple in the WWE. More on this development, I’m sure, later.

In Ring Segment 6:

Kane interrupts the beginning of the World Title Match. The match didn’t even fully get underway, and Kane tore up Batista, who looked visibly shaken. Batista then tells Punk to get out of his face, and we get a commercial! WTF?

*John Cena and Vince McMahon have a Gillette commercial? Once again, I have to hit the WTF button on this one. Cena doesn’t even look like he can grow facial hair, and I’ve never seen McMahon with even a five o’clock shadow. Plus, wasn’t McMahon hurt? I guess the filmed this before the “accident” that occurred.

World Heavyweight Champions Match: CM Punk defeated Batista via Disqualification

CM Punk and Batista had an interesting match, and I don’t think that it’s fair that even the commentators are calling CM Punk a transitional champion. That just makes it seem that even they don’t think Punk is legitimate. They should be defending Punk, not questioning his title reign.

This match was slow and featured a lot of rest holds. Most likely due to last nights performance, and the guys being a little tired. I mean, Batista is getting old, and he doesn’t want to stay too much longer in the wwe. At least that’s what he said when this website called him a Wuss.

The match was kind of boring for a Title match, and Punk really did take control and took his time to wear down Batista. But it seemed like he was out matched by Batista at times. Batista really turned on the afterburners at the end of the match and had him close to victory; but then….

JBL runs in and causes the DQ finish. JBL takes care of Punk, then the clothesline from Hell on Batista. John Cena runs down for the save, and accidentally hits Batista with a stray right hand, and the two start brawling. A billion referees come down and we see the end of this match up.

WWE Raw 7/21/2008 Quick Results:

Lance Cade def. Paul London
Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly
John Cena & Cryme Tyme def. JBL & World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
Paul & Katie Lea Burchill def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James
D-Lo Brown def. Santino Marella
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Batista (no-contest)

This week’s Raw went into some uncharted waters for me. I didn’t expect some of the twists that they are putting in. I don’t want to see a four way title match at Summerslam, but I think they are pushing for multiple contenders. The whole melee at the end really is helping turn Batista; unless they are turning Cena. I vote for a Cena turn, but I doubt they are going to go that way.

Santino and Beth Phoenix? I don’t know about all that, but man…I’d like to wrestle her one day…although it’ll never happen.

Cade is being used on tv? Y2J done with HBK? I think there is more to this feud still waiting to happen, and I know we’re going to see a cage match or something where Y2J is going to get severely injured. There’s no way HBK is going to let Y2J be on top forever.

The Divas put on a good show for once, and I’m surprised that they did it that way. I don’t like the mixed tag team stuff, but Kelly Kelly showed some major improvement. I wish they didn’t dress her up like Torrie Wilson or steal Trish Stratus’s mannerisms, but other than that, she put on a good show against the Glamazon.

CM Punk keeps getting called a transitional champion, and I hate that. I also hate that the commentators are pushing the same notion.

What I still believe to be true is that CM Punk is defending the title on Raw, he’s wrestling singles matches on Raw, and he’s wrestling way more than usual. More than any other champion we’ve seen in recent history. I don’t see Triple H wrestling all the time for the belt or wrestling hard singles matches. Oh, and if you think wrestling Chavo on Smackdown is the same as wrestling Batista on Raw, you’re sadly mistaken.

Kane? What’s wrong with Kane? I don’t know, and honestly? I don’t care. Fire that guy already. Fire him, or make him important and not so vocal. Put the mask back on and have him be a real monster, not what he is now.

Overall an ok Raw, and a good way to start off the week in wrestling. I liked it for what it was, and am looking forward to seeing what else is going on in the world of wrestling.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CMLL TV Review 7/20/2008 The B Squad Strikes Back

Once again, I’m telling you this show is the CMLL B-Squad. The show is on Fox Sports Net here in Seattle, Wa. and it’s not THAT great. However, that’s not to say that they aren’t talented, or they don’t have a lot of action. These guys make the best for it, and with no other Lucha Libre show in Seattle, I’m going to have just settle for what Comcast gives me.

The show opens with the Mexican version of the Nitro girls, and it gets annoying fast.

Metalik, Stuka Jr, and Hijo Del Faraon vs. Vangelis, Arkangel, and Bronco

The opening match up featured some guys I’ve never seen before. Like I stated earlier, these guys aren’t the A game guys, these are the mid card at best for CMLL. The opening is slow and the luchadors spend some time trying to get the crowd into it. The arena is full, but it’s not that large, and the guys try to get the crowd really into it. The match starts to pick up and we start seeing the standard spots and missteps standard matches.

What? You don’t know what’s standard?

Plancha’s outside of the ring to the ring floor, baseball slides to misses, and the good guys win the first fall.

The second fall had the rudo’s regrouping for a major beat down of the good guys and they isolate one guy and things get out of control, even if there are two ref’s watching this.

However, despite all the action, and even the demasking of one of the good guys, the tecnico’s pull off this win.

Valiente,Sombra,and Grey Shadow defeated Olimpico,Black Warrior,and Sangre Azteca

I’ve heard of a few of these guys. Sangre Azteca and Olimpico were both mainstays in my local So-Cal wrestling scene, and are probably the best ones in this match.

This match started off really slow, and then the melee broke out as there are no tag rules. The camera had a hard time getting all the action. Some guys were getting thrown into the post, some were fighting in ring, and eventually they isolate one guy, and eventually things spill onto the floor!

The first fall was given to the rudo’s as they made one of the good guys submit to a painful submission. Like an inverted surfboard with 2 people holding limbs. Great stuff.

The good guys rally back, and after a corkscrew plancha, and some submissions, they take the second fall.

The greatest move in the match, outside of jumping off the top rope was an inverted back breaker. The main guy gets his opponent into a fireman carry and then throws him over his head, he falls back and puts his knees up and the guy in the air drops on his knees. If you can imagine carlito’s back stabber mixed with Punk’s go to sleep, you get this amazing move that ended the second fall.

In the end, the bad guys took this one, with some double teams on Black Warrior.

CMLL TV again wasn't that great. I have no idea what's going on with CMLL. This wasn't all that good, and I don't even remember who won the first match. I'm not a pro...I'm sorry. This is the only Lucha Libre show that broadcasts here in Seattle so it's all I got.

Stay tuned for the Raw review coming up early tomorrow morning.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Great American Bash 2008 Results

Dark Match Result:

Umaga defeated Kennedy in a Dark Match

Umaga beats Kennedy again? Is Kennedy being punished for something? This sucks.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder defeated John Morrison & The Miz , Finlay & Hornswoggle,. Jesse & Festus

Dude, this is insane, I can’t believe the Edgekins have the titles now! I like this though, because at least they are a real tag team in a sense, rather than a pair of single wrestlers put together. The titles needed a change, and now we can maybe start a new era in the WWE’s tag team division.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Matt Hardy

Shelton wins the U.S Title in this championship match, and hopefully will be more than just a jobber! I think things are looking bright for the gold standard, and I’m hoping the WWE doesn’t screw this up for Shelton. Now what happens with Hardy? I’m not sure.

ECW Champion Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer

No surprise here. This was most likely a boring, horrible match.

Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels

Word on the street is that Shawn Michaels suffered an eye injury in this match up and the ref had to call the match because Michaels was too injured to compete. If this is a legitimate injury, I hope Michaels comes back stronger, if this is a work, it’s a lame piece of crap ending.

Michelle McCool defeated Natalya

McCool becomes the first Divas champion, and no one cares, at least I don’t.

WWE Champion CM Punk and Batista wrestled to a Double DQ

Kane came out and interfered with this match up, CM Punk ended up retaining thanks to the double dq. This most likely sets up a three way match for the title sooner than later.

JBL defeated John Cena in a NYC Brawl

From what I hear, this was the dumbest match ever. Cena gets thrown off the stage into a windshield and loses. Lame match. Where was Cryme Tyme for the save?

WWE World Champion Triple H defeated Edge

The wedding planner got involved in this match up, and things were just downhill from what I read. Triple H wins again, and the story between the weeding planner, Edge’s cheating ways, and Vickie continues. This match must have been horrible. What a horrible ending. Just tired. I’m glad I didn’t get this one, I would have been really upset.

The Great American Bash 2008 Quick Results:

Dark Match
Umaga defeated Kennedy in a Dark Match
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder defeated John Morrison & The Miz , Finlay & Hornswoggle,. Jesse & Festus
Shelton Benjamin defeated Matt Hardy
ECW Champion Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer
Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels
Michelle McCool defeated Natalya
JBL defeated John Cena in a NYC Brawl
WWE World Champion Triple H defeated Edge

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S.I.A has left a new comment on your post "WWE Raw Review 7/14/2008 WTF Show?":

I agree with you about the ending! If by some miracle John Cena did manage to somehow survive a crash like that there wouldn't be a hope in hell that he'd be fit to do anything, much less wrestle a match in less than a weeks time!

WWE crossed the invisable reality line with that one!

Santino Marella for president! :)

The crash, wow, what a horrible piece of crap this segment was. Seriously, the wwe stresses that they’re entertainment, but this is beyond the line of believability. I’m not sure what the WWE is thinking, but yeah, it’s so lame. It made me upset.

Now as far as Santino Marella for president, I think he has a good chance. I mean, the country is praising the mic skills of Obama, so why not? Marella is smart on the mic, not so good at wrestling, and well…maybe he has a future in Politics.

I agree, Santino for congress!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WWE Smackdown Review 7/18/2008 The Wedding":

i agree, i wonder where they are going with mr.kennedy. the fans love now,and their are still quite a few wwe wrestlers who are juicers and still wrestling which i dont understand. and whats up with the undertaker? othere wrestlers like john cena and randy orton and rey mysterio said how long they would be gone and why but its irritating all the mystery they are putting behind the undertakers disappearance.

Kennedy was on the high rise to a title shot, and was supposed to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this year, but instead CM Punk got the rub and now he’s the champion. Kennedy sure is lighter and faster now, which is probably why the WWE is waiting to push him harder. They want to make sure he can stay healthy without the juice.

As for the other juicers, I’m sure they are trying hard to hide it. I know that Chavo looks a lot bigger than he did in WCW…and to prove that here’s a clip of Chavo in WCW.

There’s no denying he’s on the juice.

Undertaker is probably what Kane is talking about. Why he is gone? I heard he was injured and was just tired of the road. They’ll bring him back to Raw, most likely. From what the rumor mills are saying, Triple H and the Undertaker don’t like each other and will not be on the same show, so maybe that’s something to look into.

Undertaker should return, and it would be nice if he became Heel, because the WWE is running short on heels. I’m not sure why they are trying to infuse his old scary taker gimmick. Remember when he kidnapped Stephanie? That was classic.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bret Hart Hates WWE":

There is no wrestler on earth like Bret Hart

He is The Best There was. The Best There Is. And The Best There Ever Will Be !!!!

It’s true. Bret Hart is the best, and will always be. Too bad he won’t work a Raw or PPV surprise match. It’d be nice.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

WWE Smackdown Review 7/18/2008 The Wedding

WWE Smackdown was not exactly looking so good from the start, but then again, things were funny, and why not? I’ll go with it.

The show opens with the big wedding between Edge and Vickie, and no one interrupts. Odd huh? Usually people jump in and tear things apart. This is a pre-recorded wedding, then we get to go to the reception, and we are on the stage with Edge and Vickie, the Edgekins, and Chavo Guerrero.

In Ring Segment 1:

Edge and Vickie come out to a lot of heat, the fans hate this, and they sit down for a reception dinner/table looking thing. Chavo Guerrero says a little something about the couple, and says that Edge is a perfect fit into the family.

Chavo introduces something that was made for Edge, and it’s Edge on the Cover of WWE magazine holding the World title, and declaring him winner at The Great American Bash.

Edge gets the mic.

Finlay and Hornswoggle come out to the ring.

Edge says that Hawkins and Ryder are too smart to fall for their cheating ways, and that HE is going to be the special guest referee in the match up between them and Hawkins and Ryder.

Hawkins & Ryder vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle
Edge served as special guest referee

I didn’t expect much from this match, and you know what? There wasn’t a whole lot. Edge kept interfering with everything that Finlay did, which was really annoying to me. On the other hand, he was getting a TON of heat, so maybe that was the point of his involvement. Although, I’m not sure why Finlay has to basically job for the Edgekins, as if that proves anything.

The match starts off slow, standard match up. Finlay takes a lot of punishment.

Hornswoggle comes in and helps Finlay clear house, but Edge tries to grab him. Edge then gets caught in the Celtic Cross, but ends up getting out and spearing Finlay, and Ryder and Hawkins capitalize for the win.

A glorified squash match here. This was a waste of talent and time. The groom and his men go back to the stage and are greeted by Bam & Chavo.

In Ring Segment 2:

Edge and Vickie have their first dance, and some lame singers start a duet. This is complete cheese, seriously, this is so cheese, I hate this.

The Big Show comes out and cults in for a dance with Vickie. Edge gets upset, and says that he better get his butt in the ring and face his opponents.

Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin , Vladimir Koslov, MVP & Great Khali
No Contest

Big Show didn’t do a whole lot, he blew right through the smaller guys, but when Khali came in and he clotheslined the big guy, the other three teamed up and beat him up. Khali tries to give Show the Khali Bomb, and drops Show on his back hard.

The four guys then beat down Show and we cut to commercial.

This was a horrible match, and it just made me upset to see Show get squashed like crazy.

In Ring Segment 3:

Vickie is ready to throw her bouquet into the crowd, and is getting major heat. She yells, Excuse me! And the crowd really lets her have it.

The Divas are out waiting to catch the bouquet, but a brawl ensues between Michelle McCool and Natalya. McCool is thrown out the running. Cherry catches the bouquet and Vickie says that she never knew Cherry could ever get married. She then says that Cherry must wrestle her! That’s right, Vickie vs. Cherry for later on tonight!

But first, she has to go through Natalya.

Natalya defeated. Cherry

Cherry didn’t have a chance. She gets mauled by Natalya, and taps out fast to the Sharpshooter.

Vickie defeated Cherry

Cherry is out cold, and Vickie jumps in for the cover and quickly wins this match.

This is horrible, I hate how the WWE doesn’t respect the athleticism that these women might have. They end up just squashing the women, and making a mockery of women’s wrestling on Smackdown. Who cares right?

The TNA knockouts are one BILLION times better than this piece of garbage segment that they are running into the ground.

Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

This match saw Brian Kendrick as a solo wrestler with a new gimmick and a new bodyguard. The match had some quick reversals to get things started, and ended up getting into a more fast paced cruiserweight style, and really was impressive. Wang Yang is really solid, and although he didn’t pull this match off, he really is interesting to watch. The bodyguard angle is interesting, and the name is my father’s name (Ezekiel) so that’s kind of cool. The match took a turn towards boring, as the WWE doesn’t allow all their cruiserweights to take the air, but right when this thing was headed for some great moments, the ending collapsed forcing another boredom movement from the WWE’s cruiserweight division.

Sliced Bread Number 2 for the three count, an assist from Kendrick’s bodyguard Ezekiel and we have a new singles wrestler with a goofy looking motorcycle jacket. This guy’s new gimmick sucks! They compared him (the commentators) to a young “attitude era” Shawn Michaels.

No way! This kid is NOTHING like Shawn Michaels. Give me a break!

I wish the WWE would take the smaller wrestlers more serious. WCW did, and they beat Raw a TON of times in a row. I’m jonesing for some good lucha libre, too bad Seattle doesn’t have it on regular programming. I guess that’s one down side to living out here in the great Northwest.

Backstage Segment 1:

Edge is given a box of Slim Jim. He says that he’ll get to his spicy side later.He then runs off.

Umaga defeated Kennedy

Back and forth match up came through in this match. At first anyways, then it was all Umaga! Umaga had a nerve hold on Kennedy for a good portion of this match up, Kennedy started to mount a comeback and was ready for the Mic Check, but it was blocked and Umaga hit the Samoan spike for the win! Umaga takes out Kennedy clean!

*Interesting note, Edge is in a Slim Jim commercial with his “spicy” side causing chaos at the DMV

Biscuits & Gravy vs. The Miz and Morrison (Champions)

I feel like I’ve already seen this match a million times before, Jesse is isolated for the grand majority of the match up, Festus gets tagged in and he cleans up house for a good moment. He’s really athletic, and is surprising to me that he’s given such a stupid gimmick. He flows really quickly, and like a freight train hits everything clean. Jesse nearly wins the match up with a tag back in, and then Festus takes a mean hit to the ring post.

The Miz then isolates Jesse, lands the reality check and gets the 1-2-3 with ease.

This match was fast, and easily executed. Festus turns into Jello at the end, and this was lame. This match was really horrible. Miz and Morrison are horrible champions, but then again, what are you going to do? The tag team division in the WWE is a big joke to me. At least TNA keeps it somewhat consistent!

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
No Contest

The Hardy boys know each other so well. This match was interesting to see, and the two put on a great show. It started off a little slow, but it picked up as these sort of matches do.

The wedding party crashes the match, and that’s too bad, the match was getting really good. Edge and the crew beat down the Hardy’s and leave them in the center of the ring rolling around.

In Ring Segment 4:

One of the worst segments in history; Edge, Vickie and the familia were all in the ring talking about random crap. Triple H hits the ramp and shows a video of Edge and the wedding planner. This segment was really boring and really made me upset to have to sit through this.

After three false alarms, we finally see Edge kissing the wedding planner and this of course upsets Vickie and she starts screaming and yelling. The yelling goes straight through the end of the show.

This is the worst ending to a wrestling show in a very long time; I hate this WWE product.

Smackdown 7/18/2008 Quick Results

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def. Finlay & Hornswoggle
Big Show vs. The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP & Shelton Benjamin No Contest
Natalya def. Cherry
Vickie Guerrero def. Cherry
Brian Kendrick def. Jimmy Wang Yang
Umaga def. Mr. Kennedy
The Miz & John Morrison def. Jesse & Festus
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy (No Contest)

The show felt really long. I didn’t like the whole reception angle thing, and I can’t believe it took so long in the show for anyone to mess things up. The cake getting thrown on Chavo was funny, but it was over due. The majority of the matches were pointless and just seemed thrown together. I wonder why WWE is doing this, and if it knows how to even throw wrestling shows any longer? I know for a fact that the live shows are awesome, but watching this Smackdown was just not as fun. The main Event was really cool, as I am a huge fan of both wrestlers, and although they weren’t killing each other out there, it was one of the highlights of the week in wrestling.

Why did they waste Umaga vs. Kennedy on television? Furthermore, why did the heel win clean? Usually bad guys do not win clean on television, and we usually get a rematch on ppv for a great victory from the good guys. Regardless, Kennedy looked weak against the Samoan Bulldozer, and one must wonder where exactly they are going with Kennedy. I’m sure a feud will develop between the two, but it’s sad to see that Kennedy isn’t getting that epic push that he was getting before he got suspended for being on the juice. If nothing else, that Kennedy and Umaga match up was definitely a highlight for me, and it could be match of the week. Hands down, one of the better match ups this week had to offer in wrestling.

Then the ending, what a piece of crap ending; this is suppose to create heat between Triple H and Edge? WTF WWE? Seriously, this has been one of the worst weeks in wrestling for WWE. This is sad. Seriously, sadness abounds for wrestling fans that watched the ending to Raw and Smackdown. Ecw was the best show this week, and a close second was TNA.

What’s next for the guys at WWE? Not really sure.

TNA Impact Review 7/17/08 Why Sting Why

I’m not a big fan of the titles before the show, but whatever, I pretend I didn’t see them. Impact promises a lot of good action, but promises from TNA are not worth a whole lot.

Backstage Segment 1:

Booker T arrives with the world title belt on his shoulders.

In Ring Segment 1:

Booker T comes out to the ring and talks about how awesome he is and how great it is to finally be the champion. Right before he talks about the whole PPV ending, Jim Cornette comes out and declares Samoa Joe the world tna champion. Cornette then orders Booker T to hand over the belt.

Samoa Joe comes out dressed in a suit. He looks good, nice job TNA, too bad I didn’t expect him to come out like that. Maybe this is just a move to hide that people believe he’s too fat to be a main eventer. I have no problem with it though.

Joe talks about how he beat the crap out of Booker T in his home town, and how he’s going to do it again. However, he is going to allow Booker to hold onto the belt, citing that he’s no chump. Samoa Joe says that Booker T can’t win, and that he’s going to beat down sting too!

Backstage Segment 2:

Beer Money is back stage. Robert Roode talks about how it’s not funny that they lost, and that they are going to have revenge on LAX, and the rest of the park; considering that TNA is filmed at Universal Studios Florida.

Backstage Segment 3:

JB interviews Kaz and he talks about how he didn’t let anyone in TNA down. He thinks that tonight things are going to change.

Petey Williams (C) defeated Kaz

The X-Division is usually really good. They are top notch cruiserweights, but this match was way too short. It was basically a squash; It was about 1/3 of the length of a good match. Kaz looks to have the upper hand, but loses with a roll up and a hook of the tights. What a waste, these guys could really go, but TNA didn’t let the match develop into anything more than a glorified squash.

What annoyed me most, was not so much that they just threw a squash match in there for the TNA X-Division title, it was the fact that right after the match Kaz looked really pissed but instead of following up on that, they cut to the back and had a interview lined up. Wasting what could have developed into something interesting for the fans and the character. Oh well…TNA doesn’t know what they have on their hands, that’s for sure.

Backstage Segment 4:

JB waits for Petey Williams, and some random idiot comes in and tells JB that he has some top secret stuff for later. Lame.

Backstage Segment 5:

Samoa Joe is backstage with JB, and in comes Nash. Kevin Nash tells Samoa Joe that he’s the greatest in the game. Samoa admits that he might not be able to beat Booker T and looks weak. Nash tries to cheer him up a little, but Joe isn’t buying it. Nash says that if someone doesn’t believe in themselves, they have nothing left.

Backstage Segment 6:

Beer Money is back in the production booth whipping everyone, including the crew and the camera man.

Backstage Segment 7:

The announcers are saying that Sting has arrived. But it’s not Sting. It’s Kurt Angle and Team 3-D coming out of a limo.

Meanwhile, backstage Curry Man and others are in a meeting. Super Eric, Curry Man and Shark Boy argue some more, and Beer Money comes out and starts whipping them to pieces!

In Ring Segment 2:

Christy Hemme is out and the Rock & Rave connection is going to be in full effect. *Editors note: Christy Hemme might have a huge forehead, but she’s still a firecracker, and still somewhat attractive. I like her. Remember the Playboy cover and photo shoot? The WWE Playboy curse lives!

The Blueprint: Matt Morgan defeated. Jimmy Rave

Matt Morgan sucks. However, he beats the crap out of Jimmy Rave in a few moves. Nothing worth mentioning more than that; Jimmy Rave had no chance.

Then out comes Lance Rock.

The Blueprint: Matt Morgan defeated. Lance Rock

Lance Rock gets killed in another squash match. Lance Rock tried to get some offense in, but Morgan basically had full range to do whatever he wanted. This is definitely a long step away from his old gimmick, that’s for sure.

Backstage Segment 8:

The TNA Knockouts start arguing back stage about some random B.S. Jim Cornette can’t get anyone to shut up. JB comes in to try and help, and Cornette talks about how everyone wants a shot at Taylor for the knockouts belt. He announces a ten girl gauntlet match, and the winner will get a title shot at Taylor next week at impact. Some random girl offers special services to Cornette….and go to commercial.

Backstage Segment 9:

Beer Money is in the park and is beating down security. They start whipping the crap out of the security guards at the gate. Fans start booing, and then they threaten to whip the fans outside.

Seriously, someone beat down Don West again. Mike Tenay also, he’s fallen far away from his “professor” status that he u sed to have.

In Ring Segment 3:

Team 3-D and Kurt Angle come down to the ring, and he claims he talked to Sting. He knows why he hit Kurt Angle with a baseball bat, and Angle gets interrupted…

Aj Styles, Christian Cage, Rhino comes out and Styles says that Sting has his reasons and that he’s out there to talk to them about something important.

Team 3-D talks about how they want a six man table match.

Christian Cage takes the mic and says that his glass table bump was the worst pain he’s ever felt in his life. (Man he is lying dude) He says that he doesn’t take orders, and starts making fun of how fat Bubba Ray Is. He says that the match is not going to take place on PPV and that the match is going to take place on Impact and that it’s going to be a six man table elimination match.

#1 Contender’s Match: The Knockout Gauntlet

The women put on a great show in this match up, and I was really enjoying the pile up of women. I was confused about the rules of the match, but in the end, some hot blonde one. Velvet Sky is her name, and she is not half bad. She was taking bumps, alongside the rest of the women. I’m surprised Awesome Kong wasn’t involved somehow, but this was a good match with a lot of spots.

Once again, I’ll say that WWE DIVAS suck in comparison to what these women are doing in TNA.

Backstage Segment 10:

Booker T talks about how he is going to give an unlikely opponent a chance. He will wrestle Consequences Creed for the world TNA championship. The match tonight will be a stretcher match and Booker T (In his King tone) calls 911 and asks for an ambulance. He will be like Rocky, where Apollo Creed gave Rocky a title shot.

Backstage Segment 11:

Jay Lethal talks about how Sonjay Dutt was part of the family. So Cal Val says he’s being too hard on him and walks away.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Johnny Devine and Eric Young

This match was too fast, and was just a squash. I really didn't like this one and felt that it was just rushed and was wasted. It could have been a worthwhile match up on TNA but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Jay Lethal comes out to beat down Sonjay Dutt, and inadvertently hits him with a chair, causing So Cal Val to leave him once again. Is Val hooking up with Sonjay?

Backstage Segment 12:

Beer Money is walking, and says they could get fired for all they care.

In Ring Segment 4:

Beer Money comes out, and starts whipping a fan out of the audience. Then they turn their attentions to Hector Guerrero. They handcuff him to the ring post and then go to town on him. LAX comes out and saves him.

Backstage Segment 13:

Kurt Angle and his crew are sitting in their locker room and start talking trash about next week’s match up with Christian Cage and his crew of goons. They then say that Sting will be there and in their corner for the match.

Backstage Segment 14:

Consequences Creed is dancing and raving, cutting the promo of his life! He’s dressed up as Apollo Creed and says he’s going to make history tonight on Impact!

Booker T defeated Consequences Creed (stretcher match)

I admit, I marked out huge for this match, and I knew that there was no chance Creed was going to win, but I marked out huge. Creed impressed me a few weeks back when he wrestled AJ Styles, and I had confidence that he could hang in there with Booker T. Booker hasn’t been really good since I saw him in WCW against the likes of Chris Benoit and others with the television title that he was defending like a real champ. Creed got in little offense, and Booker let him do some impressive spots, even though he isn’t a main eventer. Don west really tore the chances of Creed winning up by saying that no matter what you are, you aren’t Booker T and won’t win. The Ax kick was impressive, I loved that, and it was all downhill from that point. The end came with Booker T just beating the crap out of creed and rolling him out to an ambulance waiting outside. A really lackluster ending to what could have been a really great match.

Samoa Joe comes out and beats the crap out of him, then throws Booker into the back of the ambulance, and then the ambulance leaves, leaving Samoa Joe and Sharmell alone!

TNA Impact 7/17/2008 Quick Results:

X Division Champion Petey Williams defeated Kaz
The Blueprint Matt Morgan defeated Johnny Devine
The Blueprint Matt Morgan defeated Lance Rock
Velvet Sky won a #1 Contender’s Match and will go on to face the Knockout Champion next week on Impact
Sonjay Dutt defeated Eric Young and Johnny Devine in a 3 Way Dance
Booker T. defeated Consequences Creed in a stretcher match

What turned out to be a cool show, really was light on the wrestling. I've denoted the amount of backstage segments via numbers, and will continue to do so for WWE as well. There wasn't a lot of wrestling on this show, but they were really trying to build up the story lines. I would have preferred longer matches though.

I do recall WCW Thunder having a LOT of matches in a 2 hour program, and I remember Nitro had a TON of wrestling for 2 and 3 hours. Sure they built story lines, but they didn't have Segment followed by Segment, they would mix it up better. I wonder what TNA is thinking?

I do think that they are having logic problems on this show. Christian Cage says that the worst pain ever was going through the glass table...that wasn't even real! I know...wrestling is fake, but this glass spot was even more fake.

Here's a clip of that for you guys:


This show was actually really good, and I liked it for the most part. I know that a lot of people do not appreciate TNA lately, and the podcast crews are dogging it, but this show was a nice alternative at times to WWE. Sure, it's not the greatest show in the world, but it wasn't complete garbage. I suggest everyone check out TNA if not for the countless backstage segments, then for the Knockout Division, I'm simply floored by what TNA is doing with them.

So far this week, TNA IMPACT is the best wrestling show so far. Will Smackdown top it? I'll have to wait and see. CMLL might be good on Sunday though...we'll see if Seattle, Wa. can give me some Galavision...I'm looking for it.


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