Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Test Done

Test failed a drug screening....uh...Test. Hahah!

He sucked in ECW He Sucked in WWE, and now he's fired. That guy was bad for ECW, and then in a recent comment about his firing, he ended up giving the WWE the blame for his misfortunate. I remember that Test was going out with Stacy Kiebler at one point too, so there is another screw up.

At least he garnered a nice salary for a while, hoped he saved it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Raw Results 2/26/07

WWE Raw was on last night, as it is customary for monday nights, and it stunk up the place..but had some interesting notes.

Jeff Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)

I knew Shelton wasn't going to win this match, although he did put up a good match. I hate how the Mic isn't passed to Jeff much, but yet Shelton is placed in a box where h can't speak on the mic. Then they don't even let him stay tagging with Haas...this makes me upset. This match is your classic hardy affair.

Johnny Nitro vs. Super Crazy (match never started)

This match never got started, and good. They buried Super Crazy, and Nitro sucks.

Women's Champion Melina def. Maria (Non-title match)

I took a major bathroom break on this one. They should train wrestlers that are women, not throw in women to wrestle.

The Great Khali vs. Chris Masters (Master Lock Challenge; No Contest)

Now this is what I wanted to see. But it never happened, and Kane came out. Great! I just don't know why they have brand extensions if the superstars are just going to jump from show to show. There must be a great need for talent.

Carlito def. Kenny Dykstra

Carlito finally wins one, and I don't even care. They buried this guy long ago. The spirit squad collectively are good heels. Kenny alone isn't worth much.

World Tag Team Champions John Cena & Shawn Michaels def. Rated-RKO

This match is face vs. heel classic, so you can imagine how it went. They all hit their signature moves, and Edge leaves Randy Orton to get eaten alive. Is this is a face/heel turn? Probably not. I hate Orton no matter what.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hulk Hogan

The WWE is the big company that Hulk Hogan built.

He was the 80's wrestling scene.

I used to rent Hulkamania tapes, and it was horrible wrestling, however I kept going through it no matter what.

I'm an odd kind of kid. I grew up with professional wrestling.

I'm not interested in the new WWE product as much. But I'm interested in some.

I'm an amazing little kid inside my head at points in time.

Without an icon like Hulk Hogan, then things aren't going to rise up. I don't believe that there is a greater star in the recent years that has carried the company. Although guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and who else? Those guys could carry the company and that's it...the new breed is working the kinks...but outside of John Cena, there's no one else that I see....

Then again.....

KEN KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Way Out

Sorry about the delay...

Here it is, my No Way Out review:

The details are fuzzy, but would love to get remember it all so instead, I'm talking about what I do remember.

I waited for about 6 hours at the front of the doors to get in. After all that, I didn't get into the arena until 4:15 pm and then the dark match began. RVD wrestled Shelton Benjamin, and won the match clean. The first win for him in a long time, too bad it wasn't on television where it counted.

The first match was ok at best, I noticed a lot of misses by Version 1 Matt hardy, but other than that small glitch in the system, i didn't see a whole lot of bad things in the whole thing.

The next thing I remember was Kane and Booker T. It was a back and forth match, and I believe I was the only one bowing for the King. All hail king booker! Although he lost, I still liked the match. Hope he gets revenge.

Duece and Domino aren't half bad, but the tag-champions were one step ahead, and was awesome! The doomsday device isn't that cool.

Ken Kennedy is awesome! He almost won, but it was well worth it, until Lashley beat him up by the entrance.

Chavo Guerrero winning the cruiserweight title was amazing! I love the guy, and miss Eddie.

The Boogeyman match was awesome too. So he can't wrestle as well as others, but wow, he put together a good match with Finlay! The little boogeyman was awesome, and the crowd reacted quite nicely.

The main event was awesome too. John Cena has a ton of new moves he was exhibiting. I don't like Batista, that's for sure.

All in all a good event, nothing major to report, good seats, and pictures are forthcoming.

Friday, February 16, 2007


There's nothing big to write about today in WWE. I have been reading J.R's official website blog where he talks about all sorts of different things. I like it, it offers a refreshing look at traveling so much. It's not the greatest of little details, but it offers an overview that you normally wouldn't get from good ol J.R.

As for other notes, my birthday was wednesday. I had a few good things.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


People are claiming that RVD is out of the WWE at the end of the Summer. GOOD! Good riddance to a poor wwe product and creative team. One doesn't have to be amazing in the WWE because obviously there are so many powers that be, that you can't claim to create a greater product than TNA.

TNA is going to benefit greatly. A great match up for instance would be STING vs. RVD! Now that's a dream match, and what about SAMOA JOE vs. RVD what about Christopher Daniels vs. RVD! All those matches of the greatness and the pretige of something you can only imagine. Something that no one else can achieve at this stage in the game.

RVD had title shots, RVD has become a key player, but now he's drowning in the new ECW product and it's sad that the show is horrible. But at least it's not Wrestling Society x yet.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Way Out Changes

Apparently the ladder match for No Way Out, is now officially over, which makes me sad. No ladder match = No Match! This is lame. Now we have some match with the greasers that aren't even that good. Who are those idiots and why do they get a hot shot to the titles? Maybe the tag-team division is so downward that they can't possibly see how important that division is. At least WCW had a good tag-team division, and each win was a closer step towards the titles, where as WWE is now just dismantling the best teams for no particular reason. Outside of Edge & Christian parting, the other splits just aren't as good. That's my two cents.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tna Against All Odds PPV

Here's the show results from TNA's weekend PPV, which was seen by 1/100th of the people that watch WWE ppv! Hahah. Here's my thoughts:

- Preshow: Serotonin defeated Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal
Sonjay Dutt should be the third member of the team of London and Kendrick on Smackdown, because these idiots are just that...idiots. They need to give Sharkboy and Sonjay Dutt their own match on regular ppv, not the preshow. GRRR!

- The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D in a “Little Italy Street Fight”
Team 3-D needs to come back to the WWE instead of this craptacular event. This is dumb. Although I like the Latin American Xchange, Team 3-D stinks up arena's.

- Senshi defeated Austin Starr
Senshi is amazing, but they don't give him enough good opponents.

- Christy Hemme defeated “Big Fat Oily Guy”
This is horrible.

- Lance Hoyt defeated Dale Torborg in the Basebrawl 2 match
Who cares?
- Motor City Chain Match: AJ Styles defeated Rhino
AJ Styles is amazing, Rhino isn't This match was cool, but come on, why doesn't AJ STyles have a title shot? Why isn't he in WWE?

- James Storm and Jackie Moore beat Petey Williams and Gail Kim
This is boring.

- Prison Yard Match: Sting defeated Abyss
Sting is back with a vengeance, and now that he has better opponents, the WWE should step up and promise to tone down the violence and use him correctly so that Sting has at least one run in the major corporation that is WWE!

- World Title Match: Christian Cage retained over Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle was never meant to win this match. Not with Tomko, Joe, Steiner and Cage mopping the floor with the olympic hero. This match was probably meant to go longer, but it is PPV caliber in every sense of the word. Although, I'm not fully convinced that Christian Cage is the top dawg that he is getting. I remember his last match in WWE, I was there....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

No Way Out Updated card

Since I have tickets to the major Sold Out event here in Los Angeles, I'm going to talk about the current updated card.
World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Undertaker vs. WWE Champion John Cena & HBK
- This match isn't going to get very far, all these guys can't work as a team, and I can see the deck shuffling together to create some entertainment spots.

Four Way Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
- This match is going to get crazy. They did it once, they'll do it again; tear the house down. I can't wait to see these guys light up the ring.

Kane vs. King Booker
- All I have to say about this is: All hail King Booker!

Diva Talent Invitational
- Time to Sleep.

Finlay vs. Boogeyman
- If anyone can teach the Boogeyman to have a good match, Finlay can. I hope this match is good, for everyone's sake I hope this match is good.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Rock Completely Done

Wrestling fans were holding on to hope, hoping that the Rock would come back one last time to mop up the evil doers in the WWE. Imagine him taking on Edge and Orton and beating them into oblivion! Instead the WWE have officially removed his profile from the WWE dot com website. That was the end of it.

First Y2j leaves and now the star of Grid Iron Gang is leaving WWE for good. Plus acting is better suited for him anyways. Good Luck to the People's Champ...although...DDP is the real People's champion.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sell Out

The Honky Tonk Man is the greatest intercontinental champion of all time. I can't believe that they jobbed him to that stupid freak Ultimate Warrior. I however, loved the match and believed it was the right move at the right time. I however, don't like the way it all went down, without Honky coming back for another piece of the Gold.

Honky Tonk man went through several stages, eventually just doing the job to anyone in the WWE, and jumping to WCW in an attempt to join the ever growing roster of ex-wwe guys in wcw, however they didn't use him correctly and it was all just a waste of time.

In recent times, Honky, opening criticized WWE and all that was sponsored by them on his official website, the HONKY TONK MAN dot com, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. What happened in the end?

He sold out, let someone else take down the site and make it into some random web forums, and let his legacy get tarnished as a legends action figure guy and random jobber.

I understand that the guy has a family, but all that smack talk and downward spiral nonsense to go back to

I'm just a fan.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Gene Snitsky To ECW

This is the worst announcement I've ever seen. Gene Snitsky is a horrible wrestler. He's another big man, and has big man matches that involve a lot of slowing down and a lot of sitting around doing nothing but stupid stuff. I want to make sure to tell everyone that ECW has now taken a crap on the WWE public, and anyone that would be at all interested in watching their program.

ECW was a great thing back in the mid 90's and produced a real alternative to fans wanting something different. At this stage in the game, WWE is turning ECW into the worst thing that could happen. RVD is going to be leaving soon too.

Bobby Lashley is bad for ECW, and so is Snitsky, when will WWE learn?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Wrestlemania 23 Main Event Announced

The business is done. Here is the main event for Wrestlemania 23 and my thoughts:

John Cena vs. HBK Shawn Michaels

These two have good chemistry in the ring together. I've seen them involved in a match previously, so to elevate the good match quality Cena is going to battle it out with HBK, and I personally feel that He can take him. HBK is good, but he's not as good as Cena is at selling to kids. Kids love Cena so much that they emulate him, and they rent his movie more than anyone else. This match is something I want to see for sure.

Undertaker vs. Batista

Batista is horrible. He's slow, and doesn't have the match credentials to carry anyone. The only reason he had a good match with Ken Kennedy was because Kennedy is amazing in the ring. He is fast, quick on his feet, and has chops Batista is like the big show...i mean big slow...power move after power move and a clothesline. The Undertaker is good, and fast, and I believe that they can have a good match if they both show up to really wrestle.

This is disappointing to say the least.

Monday, February 5, 2007

The Undertaker Must Decide

Tonight on WWE Raw the Undertaker must decide who he will face at Wrestlemania and here's my sum up of the three idiots that he has to deal with:

This can possibly be the worst match up in WWE History. ECW is horrible. They should never revamp the past with the flair of WWE. The regional promotion of ECW should be OVW or something, where the guys learn more and are featured on television and strive to be in the big leagues. Instead they sink TEST and others into 2 or even just 1 match a week on ECW, and have the older members either fired or simply not featured on the show. RVD is sinking and I hope for his sake he leaves and goes to TNA.

Lashley is huge, but that's about it. He has no in ring charisma, and he looks like a freak. So I don't like him. Maybe if he could learn to speak on the mic, and get really upset. Otherwise, he's a horrible champion.

You know, I call the Big Show slow, but Batista is just as slow. Did you see Booker T slow down his style just to face the guy? Batista has so much weight on him from muscles, that I could only imagine what its like to be him. He's huge, and I'm not talking about fat, he's just all muscle, and that's not something that I admire. He can't wrestle. He knows some power moves, and that's about it. His timing is off. If Bret hart were still wrestling, he would take out a leg, and submit the monster in 25:48 of the match.

A dream match like none other would be this one. If you recall when Taker had the belt a few years back a loudmouth talker named John Cena wrestled him to a loss. He took on all that Taker had, and still came up short, but what a match it was on ppv! So what now? Fast forward a few years and now it's Cena's time to try and stop Undertaker from taking the beloved wwe title. This is the key, I hope this match happens, otherwise I don't want to see Wrestlemania. Two big men is not the way to go. But have the kids eating up CENA vs. TAKER and you're in for a ride.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Bill Goldberg

Goldberg was used smart for a few years. He was given all the undercard several times. I’m not talking about just random guys, I’m talking about a lot of guys. He went through 99 guys before getting the world title shot. He went through seventy four people before he got a United States Title show, which was done on Nitro to the expense of my favorite wrestler ever; Raven. So after all that, he beats Hogan and then has a lackluster brawl with a lot of different guys. My favorite of these was the brawl with Bam Bam Bigelow, who jumped ship from ECW for a second start in the WCW and was doing well too. Too bad WCW squandered all their chances.

WWE had Bill Goldberg win the world title, and for whatever reasons HHH laid down a few times for the big guy. I don’t know why, because apparently the internet has been feeding these lies that HHH can’t lay down for anyone. What happened there?

Finally, Bill Goldberg’s name is being brought up for a return to WWE now that HHH isn’t around. Will this be great? I don’t know if the WWE wants him back.

Lastly, what about TNA? TNA Wrestling has been looking for Bill Goldberg to bring up the ratings. They brought in Kurt Angle at one of his lows in the WWE but can they fork over the cash to get Goldberg? I don’t think they are going to go down that road.

Plus from what I hear they don’t even like spending so much on guys that are so talented: the X-Division.

Friday, February 2, 2007

K-Fed Good For WWE

Look at this good commercial for the Super Bowl. This is the kind of stuff that is going to heat the flames for K-Fed's future. He is the most hated guy in the world, and I believe that he can generate some great heat as a manager in the WWE. Think about this, Sugar Daddy Federline, and his posse of guys. Like The Aguilar guy, and The Godfather as well as other guys that would fit into that realm.

So I'm borrowing heavily from that movie Ready To Rumble, but it's interesting none the less.

This video is a great WWE note. It's a good timing.


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