Saturday, December 10, 2011

You Do It

I've been getting comments and messages about continuing with this site, and well, I can't.

I don't have cable, and I'm not going to sit for hours piecing together the shows from youtube. I listen to a few podcasts and from what I hear, I'm not missing much.

I can't afford to get cable, and like I said, I'm not going to struggle to get the shows or download them.

If you are interested in continuing to write, I'll post your comments and what not. Otherwise, this site is on permanent hiatus.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Night of Champions 2011 Worst PPV

This ppv sucked. I didn't care about anything that happened, and the one match I did care about was just ridiculous.

CM Punk was well on his way to winning, but out came Kevin Nash and beat up Triple H and Punk. Miz and R Truth also interfered, and beat up the ref. Nash got knocked out with a sledge hammer, Punk got tore up with a powerbomb and 2 pedigrees and that was that.

The rest? Do you care?

Oh yeah.

SUPER JOHN CENA wins the title again...sigh..

Oh right, MARK HENRY is your new champion! He pinned Orton Clean.

I am glad I didn't spend $50 on this. Wow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Night of Champions 2011

I just might Order Night of Champions.

I don't know about the other matches, but the quick build of CM Punk vs. Triple H has me hooked. Tonight they were mouthing off and in the midst of them arguing, the mics stopped working and it seemed like HHH was seriously pissed off. More so than usual, and at that moment I felt that they weren't doing a "work" it had turned into a "shoot" and right before our eyes we saw the lines blur and that's something I haven't seen in a long time.

I am now seriously considering ordering this next payperview after a long drought.


Talk about an explosive way to end Raw tonight.

The rest?

Nothing else really was that good, except for Cody Rhodes winning over Randy Orton with the classic heel move of hitting him with his face mask. I loved that part, it made my night.

Good stuff.

Other than that, Raw was a major waste, but I like seeing more talent getting in the shuffle, and I hate the brand split.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Still Hate John Cena But Punk Is Ok

John Cena still sucks, and his stupid lines on the mic just make me hate him more. The opening of Raw was boring, and tired.

Since when is Mark Henry in the main picture? He's going to get a title shot? Really?

Sheamus is a good guy? Oh no.

CM Punk vs. Triple H was announced and I absolutely love it. I think the two can put on a great match, but with little to no build? I'm calling it now, Nash, Hall and X-Pac to show up and help Triple H win this one.

Cena? Christian? Team Boom? Ugh...the rest of Raw was forgettable to say the least.

Punk vs Miz went well, but it got tore up by R Truth. Nash's powerbomb on punk was good, I liked that.

Super Raw sucked.

My reviews are not going to get much longer, as I don't really care THAT much. I do want to see the ppv though, at least for Punk vs Triple H part 1

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/15/11 Results and Review

The show opened up with a quick recap of the main event picture that was cleared up at Summerslam, and I thought it was interesting. The finish of the match reminded me a lot of Spring Stampede 98…I think it was 1998. Where Macho won the World Title from Sting after Kevin Nash power bombed Sting to hell. I liked that year’s match ups. That might have been Spring Stampede 1999…who cares.

I told you I was back. Here are my thoughts about Raw.

Triple H’s speech was ok…kind of boring and dragged out. He apologized, and went on about how he had nothing to do with Kevin Nash running in, and then handed the microphone over to Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio’s mic skills have always been up to snuff, but more so now as he is an interesting anti-hero, but will most likely end up being another run of the mill heel.

John Morrison defeated R Truth (Falls Count Anywhere)

I feel like I’ve seen every Morrison match there is to be done. Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve seen every R Truth match that can be done as well. This match had a few moments of cool, but overall it was just standard. There were some nice spots thrown in, including Truth and Morrison getting friendly with a high back office chair, but I wasn’t too impressed. Morrison is still quite good, albeit terrible promo…you’d think he’d be better by now.

The Miz did a long promo where he basically had an advertisement for Subway. I’m not a fan of getting a pillow case full of lettuce, I’m sorry.

Kelly Kelly & Rosa defeated The Bella Twins

The bathroom match happened here. I talked to my girlfriend, and then it was over. Apparently Rosa got the pin…Or something…who cares. I know you don’t.

Kevin Nash is looking good these days; too bad Scott Hall can’t get his act together. Kevin Nash explained his actions and what not, and out came CM Punk. Punk then lambasted Nash. Punk wanted to fight Nash, but security came out.

Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley

This match was not too good at all, and it was made worse when Swagger couldn’t pick up Alex Riley for his finisher. Sadly, that was the end of that. Ziggler was on color commentary and he came out and started trouble with Riley, sadly, another boredom movement displayed here.

Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga & Michael McGullicutty (non title)
I’m way out of the loop because this match didn’t seem like something I saw coming any time soon. The match up was fast paced towards the end, and Evan Bourne once again shined with his amazing shooting star press. I’m not sure if he can continue to do this type of maneuver forever, but for now, it’s quite good. This will most likely lead to a tag title match.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio (WWE Title)

This match was interesting to say the least. The main reason being that the little guy supposedly is injured, and yet has no signs of wear and tear. Del Rio was fighting this thing off like a champ, I couldn’t believe how many shots to the dome Mysterio took, meanwhile Del Rio couldn’t put him away. Mysterio went for the top rope drop but Del Rio put his legs up and rolled up Mysterio for the pinfall victory, and this one was as clean as you can get for the Champion. Not a 4 star classic, but a nice main event for tonight’s Raw.

After the match Mysterio got the beat down, and afterwards John Cena ran down and beat him up. Cena did his “mad” good guy shtick, which was stupid to me.

Raw was actually watchable. There wasn't much wrestling, as per usual, but it was entertaining enough. I'm interested in seeing how far the relationship between Triple H and Kevin Nash goes. The rest, well it doesn't seem nearly as compelling.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Real Return

Alright folks, sorry for the bump in the road.

I moved to a new apartment, got a girlfriend, and just barley missed Summerslam. But the greatest news of all is that I now have cable again. I will be reviewing wrestling of all types, and just throwing crap out there.

So those that have been hanging on for my thoughts about wrestling, here I come back again....

Monday, July 18, 2011


I might be coming back.

I read, I heard, I saw what happened at Money in the Bank...I'm in.

I'll review raw...and we'll go from there.


I might be coming back.

I read, I heard, I saw what happened at Money in the Bank...I'm in.

I'll review raw...and we'll go from there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm back, well sort of back.

I was in the middle of a divorce, feeling sorry for myself, and being depressed. I'm back now though.

Well kind of.

The one thing that ruined wrestling for me was the build up for Wrestlemania. As time went by it was painfully obvious that this year's wrestlemania lacked any sort of interest for me. It's true. The characters are NOT larger than life, the matches were subpar, including the Undertaker match.

Go back and watch it, even the crowd was dead. What a crappy wrestling show.

I saw raw last night too, it was interesting to see the ending, and I'm still hoping for a John Cena Heel turn, but I won't hold my breath.

I'm not sure if I'll return here full time, but I'll at least chime in every now and again. I live in Los Angeles now, so that's a perk.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/14/11 Results and Review

Monday Night Raw was in my old home town, but I was stuck in Moscow Idaho, sucking it up like a chump. Three huge matches were announced, and I was excited for what could happen, and we get right into the first major match up, it was Punk and Cena and there must be a winner!

John Cena gets such a huge reaction, I gotta admit, I'm starting to warm to Cena. Cena started the show with a promo and worked the crowd. CM Punk was getting a huge amount of offense in this match up. He was hitting some great moves, in and out of the ring, and I was completely impressed with this match. PUnk is the real deal, he's not just a small guy, he's a great performer and wrestler! Punk was getting into trouble, and while out on the floor, out of nowhere, someone gave CM Punk a chair, but when the ref took the chair, out came an arm with a WRENCH! PUNK USED A WRENCH! CENA then gets hit with the GTS and Cena gets pinned! I LOVED IT! GREAT RAW MATCH! I LOVED IT!

CM Punk defeated John Cena

Alberto Del Rio cut a promo, and that prompted Edge to come out! The two brawled and it looked like Edge was going to get the upper hand, and he seemed to have Del Rio right where he wanted, but Del Rio didn't just roll over, the two brawled until Edge hit a nice spear and Del Rio was left outside. Edge got a huge crowd reaction, man, I wish I lived in L.A. still.

Vickie Guerrero came out and got some of the most heat I've heard in a long time. What a crowd! Dolph Ziggler came out and was introduced as the new World Champion! Ziggler came out to astounding boos. Vickie then accuses Edge of attacking Teddy Long.

The divas match was quite good, and I was surprised at how much time and effort was placed into the match up. This was a Lumberjill match and the two put on a good amount of offense. This wasn't just flopping and botching, there were some unique points, and good ending. The brawling outside was lame, and the finish seemed weird, but Eve got the win via a pinfall. The two shook hands, and this match did end up being better than 90% of the other divas matches I've seen in the past. I was impressed, that's for sure. Natalya loses yet again, but it wasn't a squash at all.

Eve defeated Natalya

Mark Henry was coming down to the ring but out came Sheamus to beat him up! Sheamus hit a BRO Kick (which is what I call it), and that was that. Sheamus got on the MIC, and said that he's going to knock everyone out of the Elimination Chamber this weekend.

The Miz got a shot at Daniel Bryan one on one, which was awesome! The two started fast and furious, with The Miz seriously pushing Bryan, despite being less experienced in pro-wrestling. The Miz was putting the boots to Bryan, and it was interesting to see. Bryan threw Miz out to the floor and eventually hit a nice Knee drop to The Miz off the apron which was nice. Bryan's Missile Dropkick was amazing to see, and the crowd was excited for this one. Miz managed to hit one hell of a move, a neck breaker from the second rope onto the apron ont he outside of the RING! It was sick looking! After the break Bryan hit a HUGE power bomb off the top, then kicked the hell out of Miz! This was seriously the best match I've seen on free tv in a long time! The Miz was completely getting worked here, this was not an easy match for the Champion. The Skull Crushing Finale was hit and Daniel Bryan loses to the Miz, but it was NOT easy...not easy at all, great match for the Miz and Bryan, I loved it.

The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan

Next up was a good overall tag team match up. John Morrison and R Truth worked together to put on a great entertaining, fast paced match up. Morrison and Truth were all over the place, and McGullicutty and Otunga couldn't match the power. Mason Ryn awas also on the outside, and that was interesting to see too, he looks like little Batista, it's weird. THe match was good, nothing crazy, just a good back and forth tag match. Truth and Morrison make a good team.

John Morrison & R Truth defeated Mike McGullicutty & David Otunga

They let some little girl from The Chaperone do the Khali kiss Cam! This was lame.

The new 2/21/11 promo was crazy, and UNDERTAKER was completely shown inside the house, then lights went out, and it showed a weird guy outside the cabin...and that was it. IS IT STING?! No... I think it's just taker...I wish it was Sting.

Sheamus and Orton put on an interesting match up next. It was a little slow at first but Orton would dictate the pace towards the end, speeding through some great moments as Sheamus was making rookie mistakes. I was surprised with Sheamus in this match as he was able to put on a good match with great counters. The Irish Curse backbreaker was nice, the Super Plex was a nice touch too, and this match was great right into the RKO! Sheamus gets buried here, and loses yet again to Super Orton.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus

Post match, out ran Punk and the new Nexus. That prompted John Morrison to come down and beat up Punk! Then came out R Truth, trying to stop R Truth, then came out John Cena! Cnea was hitting anything that moved! This was just bedlam! Then there were RKO's everywhere! Cena and Orton completely cleaned up house and were left standing up to Nexus. So Nexus can be taken out by 2 men? Not much a team. Lame.

A mysterious woman came out of a Limo. Then it was announced...the host of Wrestlemania 27!

THE ROCK! THE ROCK HAS FINALLY COME BACK TO THE WWE! THE ROCK IS THE GUEST HOST OF WRESTLEMANIA 27! THE ROCK! THAT's RIGHT! THE ROCK! DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN! THE ROCK came out to the crowd, and was completely welcomed, and the crowd went completely insane for this. I marked out a little, but I'm not a big Rock fan. The Rock cut an insane promo that was NOT PG, and it was great to see him.

He said that he was going to lay the Smackdown on someone at Wrestlemania. Before he could finish, the Anonymous general manager got a new message and The Rock completely killed Cole on the mic, and on the manager! The Rock called out JOHN CENA! THE ROCK CALLS OUT CENA! CENA VS THE ROCK WOULD SELL TICKETS! That's for sure! The ROCK completely buried John Cena! This is strange, I'm not sure I like this. The Rock completely buried John Cena and said that at Wrestlemania The Rock will see everyone at Mania. Wow.

I AM NOT thrilled with the Rock. Sure, it was an entertaining promo but he completely BURIED the WWE! He completely buried the product, did NOT go PG, and this was just insane. This was just insane, so stupid. I don't know, I'm not sold on this, I marked out initially but wow, The Rock buried the current generation of stars and wow...that was that.

Raw was great, don't get me wrong, but I am not 100% in agreement with this ending, I'm just not. I'm sorry.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

TNA Against All Odds 2011 Results and Review

TNA Against All Odds PPV

The crowd seemed hot for this one, and it was nice to hear. I wish the announcers talked about it. THe opening match had me pumping my fist, that's for sure...because Robbie E and Cookie can really create some heat. I am a fan of Robbie E, even if I'm the only one.

Robbie E faced off one on one with Kaz, and the match was really fast paced, with lots of fast moments. Cookie got involved and I was marking out for the old school ending, but when Kaz kicked out of a roll up after getting hit in the face with a boot I saw this match slipping away from the New Jersey bad boy. Kaz would eventually get the win, after the Fade to Black Reverse Tombstone, and the crowd went wild. NOt a terrible match, but it left a lot to be desired from me. These guys can put up a better match, even if all we got was this one. Robbie E should have the title, if I do say so myself.

Kaz defeated Robbie E in the X Division Title Match

Immortal came out with the body guards (Gunner and Murphy, and Rob Terry) came out for a match, and I already hated it. ROb Terry is so huge, that he should've kept that feud with Orlando Jordan. They were building it up to be quite good. Beer Money would get a shot at them, and they are just wasted here. Big Poppa Pump came out to join them, and he's the only big name in this match up. I think I might mark out huge for an Undertaker vs Steiner match, just for the meeting. This match wasn't a complete waste, but it was apparent that Robert Roode and his partner were carrying the work load. Steiner was way over with the in ring crowd, which was nice. Steiner delivered a top rope Frankensteiner!!!!!!! I kid you not, TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER! Scott Steiner hit one hell of a move and I marked out huge, alongside the rest of the crowd, wow! A HUGE FRANKENSTEINER saves the day!

Beer Money & Scott Steiner defeated Gunner, Murphy & Rob Terry

Samoa Joe and The Pope put on a good enough match. I'm always surprised at how Samoa Joe can move in ring. He can really go, despite how fat I perceive him being. He started this match fast and the crowd was all about it. Joe has some great finesse in ring, He seems to float through some of his moves, and it's really good. The Pope, on the other hand, seemed a bit lost at several moments during this match up. The Pope took the turnbuckle pad off, and this match seemed to lose momentum when Joe was almost thrown into it. The Pope reversed a nice roll up into the Kakina Clutch and I was amazed! What a finisher.

Samoa Joe defeated The Pope

Post match, the Pope seemed impressed, but not hurt. Joe won the physical battle, but Pope is winning the psychological warfare.

Up Next, was the Knockouts match, and wow, what a waste. Mickie James botched several moves, and this thing was going terrible. The match was boring, and things were saved by Tara, she ran down and helped the flow of this match. Mickie James and Madison really made for a good overall second half the match, and I loved it, only because Madison took out a pair of Brass Knuckles and KNOCKED OUT Mickie James while the ref was distracted and won this knockouts match! The brass knucks get the mark out moment in this match up. I guess I'll pass it because I marked out huge, oh and I guess I called the match right huh?

Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James in a last woman standing match

Super Mex and Matt Morgan had a confrontation, and I hated it.

Matt Hardy cut a promo, it sucked. He is really trying to be Raven. It was weird.

Matt Hardy wasn't really good here, but he is losing weight gradually. He wasn't as bloated as I've seen him in previous years, and he put on an ok match. RVD did NOT put on a great match, and I think it's the caliber of opponent here. There were some nice spots to follow, including a unique submission move that I haven't seen in years. RVD would lose this one after a botched attempt by hardy to hit a Moonsault. The crowd was losing steam here, and that's when RVd would get the win with the Five Star Frog Splash.

RVD defeated Matt Hardy

This match wasn't really that good. Bully ray and Devon fought each other brawling all the way. The match really got interesting towards the end, with Bully Ray putting Devon in handcuffs to the ring post. His sons ran in and they got beat down. Yes, Devon's kids got beat up, one went through a table too, it was sad. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Bully Ray pinned one of Devon's sons...this was sad.

Bully ray defeated Devon

Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett put on a good match, although nothing comparible to many others. Karen Jarrett kept getting involved and would cost Angle. Kurt really did manage to put on a few good shots on Double J including suplex after suplex. Jarrett looked frustrated in this match at several points, including when Angle kicked out of the Stroke. The momentum shifted when the ref took a bump and Angle went to the outside to brawl with Double J. Jarrett introduced a chair and Angle couldn't use it, and this match got some steam again, and I was actually cheering for Kurt Angle! I wish Angle could get a shot at Taker, on a sidenote. Karen distracted Angle in the corner and after The Stroke was hit from the middle rope, this match seemed over, but nope! Kurt made Jarrett tap out at one point, but the ref was distracted! Jarrett was able to turn things around, and got Angle in a sick roll up! JARRETT WINS! JARRETT WINS!

Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle

Post match it just seemed sad as Angle genuinely looked sad, and he started crying and left his boots in the ring...signaling retirement.

There hasn't been a main event that has been so lame sounding, than this one. I tried to avoid spoilers, but I knew what would happen, and I was saddened to see this is the main event.

One of the worst Ladder matches I've ever seen happened here. There were some nice brawling points, but there was no drama, no real enthusiasm here, and Jeff hardy got the win, surprise surprise. What a lousy ending, I can't vouch for this, this sucked.

Jeff Hardy defeated Ken Anderson in a ladder match

The Undertaker's Streak Is Over Rated

the undertaker

Much like Goldberg's streak is over rated, so is the Undertaker's streak over rated. This is not always talked about, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and say that the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak is that legendary. Truth be told, some of the matches were completely terrible, and no one talks about that. Yes, it's been building since 1991, but let's not just say that every opponent was in his prime, Undertaker beat a good handful of terrible wrestlers on his way to getting some quality matches in the latter years.

Before you start throwing tomatoes, consider his matches at wrestlemania below:

Wrestlemania VII 1991 - The Undertaker defeated Jimmy Snuka - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was on his way out. He was not in his prime in 1991, and I would know. I was in the live crowd for this match, and while I enjoyed the match up, this was obvious that Snuka was on his way towards retirement, even back then. Remember, Snuka tried a few character tweaks in the 90's and this was not his best moment. He was a huge star in the 1980's but in the 90's? He started to wear boots, he started to grow facial hair, and would just bow out eventually. This match wasn't great, and Undertaker no sold a lot of the offense and evetnually buried his foe.

Wrestlemania VIII 1992 - The Undertaker defeated Jake Roberts - The Undertaker came back in Wrestlemania 8 as a mid-carder and buried a tired and older Jake Roberts. Roberts not only lost here, he left the WWE completely and showed up in WCW to be a top villain. In one of the most embarrasing match ups later in the year, Roberts faced off in the infamous "Coal Miner's Glove" match against Sting, and it was just awful. Roberts was huge at one point, and his downward spiral continued after losing to Undertaker at Mania. Once again, not a 5 star classic by any stretch of the imagination.

Wrestlemania IX 1993 - The Undertaker defeated Giant Gonzalez - Terrible, terrible match. Giant Gonzalez in a body suit against Undertaker was just a terrible piece of crap match. The streak stayed alive via disqualification! What a lousy match.

Wrestlemania XI 1995 - The Undertaker defeated King Kong Bundy - This was a stupid match too. King Kong Bundy was NOT at all in his prime here and shouldn't be considered a great wrestler in 1995. What a terrible Wrestlemania anyway.

Wrestlemania XII 1996 - The Undertaker defeated Diesel - Finally, a good Undertaker match. I remember marking out huge for this one. Diesel hit the Jacknife and I thought for sure taker was going down. Diesel would eventually fall to the Tombstone piledriver as everyone else would eventually, but this was no burial. Diesel did not go down easily, even though later on in the year he'd make one of the biggest moves in Wrestling history, when he showed up at the Great American Bash to beat the crap out of Bischoff with help from Scott Hall.

Wrestlemania 13 1997 - The Undertaker defeated Sycho Sid - Sycho Sid put up a fight against the challenger here and saved an otherwise lackluster event. I didn't think this event was huge, and while I enjoyed three of the matches, the rest of the night was forgettable to say the least. The Undertaker would finally get the title for an extended reign and it was awesome. I loved his matches this year, as he would take on all comers for the extended period of time. He fought Austin, Farooq, and then lost the title in a great match against Bret Hart at Summerslam.

Wrestlemania XIV 1998 - The Undertaker defeated Kane - I've never been a fan of Kane, and I've never liked his matches with Taker. This match was a boring big man match and it ended terribly. I didn't like it.

Wrestlemania XV 1999 - The Undertaker defeated The Big Boss Man - The worst Wrestlemania in WWF/WWE history. This match was terrible and ended with Boss Man being hung from the Cell as it rose. I hated this ppv, it was the worst.

Wrestlemania X-Seven 2001 - The Undertaker defeated Triple H - This was a great one, as both men fought hard to make the match memorable. One of the best wrestlemanias of all time. The two fought through the crowd, to the stage, and eventually Triple H looked like he'd had the Taker's number but nope, Taker wins again.

Wrestlemania X8 2002 - The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair - A very bloody Ric Flair took on Taker here and Taker buried the guy. I loved it, a great overall night, but Taker took it to an aged Flair. Flair in his prime would've put a much better fight.

Wrestlemania XIX 2003 - The Undertaker defeated The Big Show and A-Train - Another low point for the Dead Man. The Undertaker buried two guys here when Nathan Jones couldn't make it. Nathan Jones eventually showed up, but this was a low point in the night in Seattle.

Wrestlemania XX 2004 - The Undertaker defeated Kane - Another boring match up. I can't stand these two together, their matches are never fun to watch.

Wrestlemania 21 2005 - The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton - I was there live, and this match lived up to the hype. Randy Orton nearly had Taker with a surprise RKO and the whole crowd went nuts, and I almost spilled my drink. I remember this match vividly, which had some great moments, and Taker took out the Legend Killer with great momentum.

Wrestlemania 22 2006 - The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry - Another big man match that I didn't care about, and if you did, you're dumb.

Wrestlemania 23 2007 - The Undertaker defeated Batista - A good overall match here, and The Undertaker really put the boots to an up and coming Batista. I liked Batista as a heel and not being afraid of the Dead Man. I liked this one.

Wrestlemania XXIV 2008 - The Undertaker defeated Edge - Edge tried to take out Taker here, but no matter what he did, he just couldn't put the dead man away. This is where the matches really started getting good, with Undertaker looking to start topping his previous matches.

Wrestlemania 25 2009 -The Undertaker defeated Shawn Micheals - This match stole the show, it was a stellar match with both men putting everything on the line, and Shawn Michaels nearly winning several times.

Wrestlemania XXVI 2010- The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels - This was another great one, not as good as the one from Wrestlemania 25 but it was a solid match with a great ending for Shawn Michaels. I really hoped Michaels would win, but it was his last match and Undertaker didn't slouch.

So there you have it, the streak, loaded early on with jobbers and then getting better with age. Like I previously said on this blog, I'd love to see Undertaker take on Sting at Wrestlemania. If his opponent is going to be Wade Barrett, I'm going to be saddened, because that is not a big name match, unless they really build Wade to take out Undertaker, but I just don't see it.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

TNA Against All Odds PPV Preview

TNA Against All Odds PPV Preview

Tonight on PPV, TNA will try to sell you a ppv, and some will pay, I won't, because I'm not watching it live, but you might.

For those few that are still wondering what's going on, here is the full card and my comments:

Ladder Match for the TNA World Title
Mr. Anderson (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Anderson will win this one. Hardy will hit some nice spots, as he usually does. Anderson will win because Hardy might go to prison.

Last KO Standing Match for the Knockouts Title
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James

I see Rayne going over on this one. Mickie James is NOT the knockout that TNA wants to go over right now, at least that's what I think. Shenanigans will ensue leading towards a lockdown final title match in which we'll see some major blading, so I hope.

Street Fight
Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon & His Two Sons

Leave it to TNA to run an angle where Devon's SONS love Brother Ray more than Devon. I'm watching for that swerve here.

X Division Title Contenders Match
Robbie E. vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck

Robbie E will win and the Bucks will turn on each other during the match. I've seen the Bucks wrestle each other in the indies and they are awesome. Robbie E is a much better heel to chase the x-division title, if you ask me, so look for Cookie to help him win.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
* If Angle wins, he gets custody of his two kids. If Jarrett wins, Angle must walk Karen down the aisle when she and Jeff renew their vows on iMPACT.

I can totally see Angle losing here and then going nuts during the renewal of vows. Angle has to be tired of TNA by this point and wishing he was in WWE. I'd love to see Angle vs Swagger, but that's just me. I say Jarrett goes over, leading to a Lockdown end of feud match.

Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

Fat Ass Hardy will win with help. RVD lacks the ECW promotional videos and manager Bill Alfonso. Hardy goes over, leading to a Lockdown match.

The Pope vs. Samoa Joe

No one cares about The Pope anymore. Samoa Joe is fat. I guess Joe goes over, or the match ends in a DQ finish.

Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy vs. Scott Steiner & Beer Money

Sadly, Beer Money and Steiner wins, that's it.

A terrible card, with my comments. If you're watching it drop me a line and review it, I'll review it Monday or Tuesday...sadly.

Triple H Interview: Retirement and Taking Over WWE

Triple H recently sat down for a full interview in which he talked about taking over for Vince McMahon, retiring, and much more. You can check out the videos below:

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/11/11 Results and Review

The first thing I noticed was that without the commercials, Smackdown was only 1 hour and 13 minutes long. That's NOT 2 hours of wrestling at all. Of all the DVD's I missed in the last few years, I'm not going to miss the Royal Rumble 2011 dvd, now that I've seen the recap from the opening of Smackdown. We had a recap of last week, which is great for me, since I missed it last week. The editing from the WWE is phenomenal, I love it. They really made last week's main event look incredible.

I love Greenday's previous works (from their 7" records to Warning) and their new work sucks, complete with the Smackdown song, it sucks. Whatever happened to those idiots?

The show opened up with my favorite heel, ALBERTO DEL RIO! A little throwback to my personal name, Jorge ALBERTO! JORGE ALBERTO DEL RIO! I like the sound of it, but you, you already knew that.

Del Rio had a full valentines day set, and Kofi kingston wrecked it completely, and chased Del Rio out. It was a nice throwback to all those shows from the past.


Kofi Kingston and Del Rio locked horns in this next match and I thought it worked out well. Kofi had a great fast paced offensive style, meanwhile Alberto Del Rio was trying to counter and slow things down, but he wasn't able to contain all of Kofi, until mid way through the match. Booker is a great color guy, I loved it. I HATE Cole. The end of the match had Del Rio putting on his arm bar and that was that, Kofi tapped out. A good competitive television match, and something that Raw isn't getting 90% of the time, but you, you already knew that!

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston

I absolutely love how over with the crowd the tag team champions are. Santino and Kozlov get a reaction better than ANY other tag team in WWE. The corre is awful.

Justin Gabriel took a great deal of offense to Kozlov, which was interesting to see indeed. Gabriel should be his own man, he doesn't need to be with Corre at all. Kozlov used a lot of power moves, and it was actually interesting to see. The Corre at ringside interfered but Santino was outside regulating with a COBRA! Kozlov eventually went forward, right into a 450 splash and lost!

Justin Gabriel defeated Kozlov

After the match, The Corre beat up the tag team champions.

Up next Drew McIntyre faced Chris Masters. These two jobbers suck. This match was ok to say the least, and no one cared. Masters did throw up some nice moments, including a nice throw up sit down power bomb! McIntyre won after Masters flew off the top rope and couldn't recover. McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT on Masters and this match was over. Goodbye Chris Masters...hope you enjoy TNA.

Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters

Everyone on the internet keeps talking about how Rey Mysterio is injured, but after watching him against Wade Barrett, I'm calling BS on the whole thing. Rey Mysterio was all over Barrett and with a quick distraction out came the distraction and Wade got the win. However, the real story here is how can Mysterio be injured and perform so many spots with relative ease.

Wade Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio

The Corre came out and beat up Mysterio. Maybe they'll have an injury angle here? Big Show came out to help Mysterio and the Big guy took EVERYONE out!

BROOKLYN BROOKLYN! OUt came JTG to wrestle next and I didn't care, you didn't care, and Shad is doing a comic book. Things got even more boring when Kane came out. The Big Slow Machine. Kane buried JTG and he's going to be joining NEW JACK in TNA to reform the GANGSTAS.

Kane defeated JTG

Eve put on a show against Layla. I couldn't believe how much offense Eve Torres put up here, and really looked improved. Eve eventually hit some great spots including a standing moonsault, a Russian legsweep, and great dropkicks. Despite constant interference by Michaelle McCool, Layla still lost the match to Eve!

Eve defeated Layla

Post match, it looked like Laycool is on the verge of breaking up.

I still mark out huge for Edge and his entrance. He's the man! At least his entrances are.

Edge and Dolph Ziggler put on another great match up. The two work really well together and Ziggler is one of the best performers that the WWE has made in a long time. He has a lot of great in ring presence, and despite a terrible name and weird gimmick, he has overcome the stupidity to make one heck of a heel against Edge. The crowd was way into this match, yelling Vickie Sucks! The match would have many nearfalls for Ziggler, and Vickie would get really desperate towards the end, eventually setting up a spear of her own on Edge! Vickie ran straight into Edge and Edge didn't even budge! That was a great moment in Wrestling history! She then said she was injured, while she was distracted, Edge hit Ziggler with a huge SPEAR! However, because there was no ref, no one counted the pinfall. Edge then speared Ziggler again and Vickie saw it this time! Out came Clay Matthew of the GREENBAY PACKERS and he counted the 3 COUNT! EDGE THEN WON THE MATCH! Thanks to a little defensive help!

Edge defeated Ziggler

Overall this night of wrestling was the best of the week. I loved Smackdown and I'm hoping that the draft is done soon, so that some of the other guys get more wrestling action in. I loved watching and cheering for a change, although Michael Cole ruined it for me.

Michael Cole at the end of the show kept screaming out DOLPH ZIGGLER IS THE NEW CHAMPION! It was annoying as hell, and I'm hoping they fire him. I know, it's a long shot.

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TNA Impact 2/10/11 Results and Review

Ah yes, I finally get to sit down and watch TNA. I know that this is going to be a train wreck, as I heard "They" was just Forchan or whatever they call it, and I can already hear crickets going off for the story lines that the TNA creative team is pushing, but maybe, just maybe they can do something better....we'll see.

TNA Impact 2/10/11 Results

Immortal came out and it looks like a bunch of jobbers instead of the main event status that you'd hope for. THe members are seriously bad, including Double J, Karen Angle, the security guards, the hardy's and more. It's sad.

Fortune came out while Bischoff was cutting a promo and they have new shirts. They stood face to face with Immortal, and they squared off verbally. After some words were exchanged, they fought each other and out came Crimson, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner hit the ring and cleared everyone out. That was that.

Bischoff was backstage trying to recruit Super Mex to join Immortal.

This was supposed to be a tables match or something, but it started off as a complete brawl. Joe and Pope ran off, the Dudley's were fighting on the outside. Matt Hardy for once didn't look bloated and fat, but maybe it was just the file I was watching. Rvd and Hardy fought each other and it looked like Hardy was drugged because he was taking some odd looking bumps while RVD was trying to compensate for his opponents obvious impairment. BUlly Ray got in the face of Devon's kids and the kids jumped the rail and held Bubba's legs while Devon shoved him through a table and that was that. This match was over. A lousy match with a cool spot ending, I guess I can't complain that much, it had some good moments, specifically Devon's kids jumping the guard rail and helping Bubba fall through a table.

Rvd, Devon & Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray, The Pope, and Matt Hardy

Karen Angle isn't THAT ugly, I don't know what the internet is saying.

Jarrett said that if Angle wins the match on sunday, Angle will get custody of the kids?! Oh man...this is just bad. Jarrett stated that if he wins Angle will renew her vows with Double J live and Angle has to walk down the aisle and give away Karen Angle in marriage to Jarrett. This is stupid, that's what I would be chanting. Nothing really happened with the contract signing, no one got beat up, it was just a waste of time.

This was an 8 knockouts tag match, but no one said anything they just kept announcing women. Rosita was introduced as a new knockout and she's really small. She's a lot smaller than the other divas and isn't quite as good. That didn't matter, the rest of the knockouts fought each other and this match was a cluster of a battle. Rosita got the pinfall victory, and that was that...a strange kind of match.

Sarita & Rosita and Tara & Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love & Winter and Mickie James

Madison Rayne and Mickie James will battle this weekend in a Last Knockout's Standing match. There was a promo, but it was lousy.

I'm not sure why they would have a title match the Thursday before a ppv and then have Jeff Hardy cut a promo like he's the champion! What the heck!?!

Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan put on a very safe looking match. This match wasn't at all anything I'd expect. It was safe until the ref bump and that's when Hernandez hit the ring and beat up Matt Morgan. Morgan would get thrown into the ring and Anderson would pick up the scraps and get the win. The match for the most part was boring, and tired. Anderson is NOT a charismatic champion, the title belt looks like a divas belt, and on a ladder outside the ring was Jeff Hardy just watching.

Ken Anderson defeated Matt Morgan

Hernandez then beat up Anderson, and that was that.

The x-division triple threat was the highlight of the night. Robbie E, Suicide and Brian Kendrick had an interesting match with lots of high spots, lots of reversals, and just a battle in a fast match. This match seemed as though I was watching in fast forward because things just kept going forward and the match seemed like it was going to get Suicide over, but instead it was Robbie E and Kendrick that impressed me most. After some distraction from Cookie, Robbie E would get the win.

Robbie E defeated Suicide and Brian Kendrick in a triple threat match

The line up for Against All Odds was run down, and it was not impressive. I feel sorry for anyone that is going to pay money to see it, because it's a terrible card.

The main event wasn't even about the WORLD TITLE! THis is the same problem I have with WWE sometimes. They make their titles seem unimportant.

Jeff Jarrett teamed up with Jeff Hardy to face off against Kurt Angle and Aj Styles, and something was awry up front. Aj Styles had the same tights he's always had, which doesn't seem to change anything since he just turned face, right? He should update his look a little. Angle started the match after a tag in, and Jarrett ran away. Hardy and Angle locking up was interesting to see, and it was very obvious that ANgle still has some amazing wrestling skill, despite being in the worst wrestling company going today. This match took a lot of rest holds, and through a lot of commercials, you had to watch some of the worst wrestling. Sure Angle can go, but Hardy was just sloppy and throwing some terrible offense at the olympic gold medalist. The match sped up towards the end and Angle and Styles took it to the bad guys here, and Aj Styles would eventually get the pinfall, thanks in part to a distraction by Karen Angle. Aj hit a nice splash and pinned Jarrett.

Aj Styles & Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy

Post match Jarrett hit the stroke on Angle and Styles. Hardy then came in and hit the Twist of Hate. Fortune hit the ring, IMmortal hit the ring, and everyone just started fighting.

This night in wrestling was some of the worst I've seen in a while. The matches seemed clustered together, and performed with lazy attitudes. The story line is so convoluted, and I really don't care about the title picture. There's no tag team titles? The x-Division title isn't going to be defended? What happened to the tv title? See, there's a lot of terrible points for TNA and it doesn't need to be this way.

Oh well. Lots of random crap to end today's wrestling posts...I'm going to sleep now.

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WWE Superstars 2/10/11 Results and Review

Looks like a few friends came through, and I finally get to watch the Thursday wrestling shows. This should be great, for the blog, not necessarily for me and you, because as we know, Thursday night wrestling isn't exactly 4 or 5 stars.

WWE Superstars 2/10/11 Review

I was hoping that we'd get another classic here, since the divas are sometimes given some better matches on the Thursday show, but that wasn't the case here. Natalya was impressive here, but things weren't without mistakes. Natalya botched a few power moves and Alicia Fox flubbed a few spots as well. The sharpshooter would eventually give the former divas champion the win. Not a terrible match, but not necessarily a great one.

Natalya defeated Alicia Fox

If you missed Raw you got a crash course at this point as a full recap of the main event and the rest of the show was highlighted here.

Up next the Usos were completley buried by The Great Khali. Khali beat up both men and then just danced for the crowd.

The Great Khali defeated The Usos

Curt Hawkins and TYler Reks put on a watchable match. Reks is a monster, and Hawkins can at least bump. This wasn't anything too special, but there were some nice moments including the finisher from Reks. They're calling it the "Burning Hammer". Hawkins was essentially buried here.

Tyler Reks defeated Curt Hawkins

I'll be one of the only idiots that will say this, Triple H's new movie isn't nearly as bad as some of the other films I've seen in my life...doesn't anyone remember "Suburban COmmando"?

Jack Swagger came out next and took on one of the Dudebusters, and while the two put on an interesting show, the crowd was dead and no one cared. Swagger got the win, in impressive form, but like I said, no one cared.

Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barretta

Overall Superstars is NOT anything you want to watch on a Thursday. I am glad I missed the past two weeks, as this show is really not as good as the WWE once thought it would be. There are very few major stars on it, there aren't a lot of great match ups, and it's just another wasted hour of wrestling programming. I truly hope they can make the show stand out somehow, otherwise, it's just wasting everyone's time.

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The Wrestlemania 27 Guest Host Is


There are millions of internet fans talking right now about who the Wrestlemania 27 guest host will be, and you know what the most likely scenario is?

Neither do I.

But I have a few guesses, and so do you. Consider these among some of the top names getting considered by internet WWE fans like me and yourself:

Justin Bieber - What the heck? Would WWE really sink money into this guy? I guess he's a mega celebrity and I for one have seen him show up on a lot of television shows including SNL, The Daily Show, and much more. News outlets are even plugging his new movie, he's an icon already, and I just saw that he's in good with Will Smith to star in a new movie with his kids.

Shawn Michaels - The Heartbreak Kid could be the guy, as he's being touted as the main guy in the Hall of Fame this year, and why wouldn't the WWE use him for more? I for one would not consider him a draw for Wrestlemania, and I don't care if he's in the Hall of Fame or not. Yeah, I said it. He might be the man, but he retired, I don't need to see him on ppv.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Could the Rattlesnake come out and stun the viper? I would love to see that, in fact, I'd pay good money to see Stone Cold bury everyone like Triple H used to. Will he come back as guest host? Why not? I'd like it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper - I remember when Wrestlemania had Piper's Pit and how awesome it was in ring. Could he come back to host? Yes! He's really good on the mic and it could work to hear him talk his way through a Wrestlemania.

Kevin Nash - Could Diesel be back as a guest host? Maybe. I wouldn't mind seeing him, but I don't think he possesses enough mic skills for that type of role. I just don't think it is going to happen.

Sting - Sting? Really? He's not an amazing mic worker, but I guess as the host, he could be on commentary and chime in every now and again, but this is not the role I'd like to see him in. Everyone wants to see him against Undertaker.

The Macho Man Randy Savage - I'd love to See the Macho Man as the hype man at Mania, but I doubt that the new generation of fans are really going to care, and I highly doubt that the WWE would spend money to have Randy Savage cut promos and talk his way through mania.

Jim Ross - Not only would I love to see JR come back to Wrestlemania, I'd love to see him as guest host and announcer! Why not? Let's get a ppv draw like that, and put Cole in a match with lawler, freeing up the booth for Jim Ross and Booker T.

The biggest name going around and the one that seems to be it is:


That's right, the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment is being touted as the next guest host, and I'm going to throw my pick into the hat. Yes, I think it's going to be the Rock, and I think he's going to do a lot of talking. I'd love to see him as a guest referee too, and cost someone the title with the Rock Bottom.

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Sting Is Big News

sting vs taker
**Note Not Sure Who Made The Image

The biggest news coming out of all the wrestling media websites has been this idea that Sting is going to face off with the Undertaker. I for one, and hoping that the WWE does in fact sign Sting and just pays him a bus load of money to fight Taker. I believe that both of these wrestlers can put on a good overall match, even if it's the final Sting match. Sting is 51, Taker is in his late 40's and neither man is getting any younger. I think that the two could put together a string of moves to mystify the audience, and eventually Sting could end in the WWE, buried by Taker, only to retire.

What good could come of Sting signing with WWE, even if he's buried by Taker?

Well, just as a matter of speculation, I'm sure 90% of the WWE audience would love to see a full Sting dvd set. I personally would love to see a 3 disc set with a FULL documentary of his wrestling career from AWA, WCW, and even a partnership for TNA. Since WWE owns all the archives, I would love to see the matches that Sting has had in the past. They aren't all half bad either, and it would rock hard.

Being buried by Taker can't help the Stinger, but Sting is older and doesn't need a full run in the wrestling scene, and that's just my opinion.

I noted that Sting signed to WWE, and it appears that the rest of the internet world (like me) wanted it to happen, but as of late, it sounds like a fantasy.

We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/7/11 Results and Review

I'm back in action with a review of Monday Night Raw. I'd like to thank all 2 readers that sometimes read this website. I completely understand that there are other sites, and I'm not worried about being #1 or anything, I do this because I personally love this crap, and yes it's been crap lately.

MR. McMahon showed up first and foremost. The crowd went nuts too. I'd love to meet McMahon, and discuss a few things, mainly how I can work for him as a web guy. He came out to a mediocre reaction with mixed feelings. McMahon said he'd introduce the guest host of Wrestlemania will be, and it sounds to me like it will be none other than Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton came out and cut a promo, and it sucked. I can't stand Orton. Cm Punk came out to answer Randal! Punk said that he interfered in the match up because at Unforgiven 2008 Legacy beat the crap out of Punk and then PUNTED HIM in the head! I remember that vaguely, and it's nice to see that the WWE is using some older material to get motivation for Punk.

The New nexus came out and beat up Orton, for a few moments, and while Orton fought them, Punk was able to have his henchman beat up Orton. Punk recieved a bloody nose for his troubles as Orton didn't go down easily. Orton was then hit with a gruesome GTS, and that was that. Orton went down like a heap, then was mocked by Punk.

Faketista, Mason Ryan, Batista Lite, Batista 2, whatever you want to call him wrestled R Truth next and it was a relative squash match. Ryan beat up Truth than used a weird submission move to defeat Truth. I didn't know what the crowd was chanting, but I know what I was chanting, Batista! Batista! Oh wait, this is Mason Ryan. I really hope the WWE can get batista back so he can stand face to face with faketista!

R Truth defeated Mason Ryan (after the ref reversed the decision)

This match sucked. It featured minimal wrestling and lots of chatter with Michael Cole yelling at Natlya on commentary, and it sucked, I hated it. The match was ok, but Cole's ranting and yelling was so stupid that I couldn't get into the match. Eve won with a neckbreaker, I didn't care. Whatever.

Eve, Gail Kim and Tamina defeated Melina, The Bella twins

A new 2/21/11 promo aired and it had a Johnny Cash song in the background, which signals the return of The Undertaker, not Sting. I wish it was Sting...I guess I too got caught up with the whole thing.

McGullicutty might not be able to talk well on the live mic, but he has improved greatly in ring. He put on a good quick match with John Morrison even though Morrison was the one that got this thing won. Starship Pain actually landed and that was the end for Mike. Morrison isn't half bad at all, I like him.

John Morrison defeated Mike McGullicutty

Post match, CM Punk sprayed Morrison in the face with some sort of spray! Punk is all over the show, doing bad things, He's going to get completely beat's just a matter of time before everyone unites to go after him.

Lawler and Miz squared off verbally before they ended up in fisticuffs. Lawler and Miz fought each other and Miz was not looking great at all, he was getting beat up! Ted Dibiase ran down and beat up Lawler. Daniel Bryan ran down and the General Manager made a match.

Daniel Bryan started the match quickly, with good offense. Speaking of which, when's the last time we saw a US Title defense? What a lousy title run. This match was your standard tag team match with Lawler and Bryan teaming well, and Miz and Dibiase taking a lot of bumps. After some outside grappling, Lawler was able to pin Ted Dibiase for the win!

Jerry Lawler & Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz and Ted Dibiase

Sheamus came out and talked trash, Otunga also came out and trid to get some shots in agaisnt Sheamus. Henry beat up Sheamus and then Otunga came out and raised his own hand. This was NOT a match, it was just a beatdown.

Out next came Alberto Del Rio, but you, you already knew that. Del Rio got on the mic and talked about how he was the next guy to go headline Wrestlemania. Santino ran down and Del Rio and Santino started going at it.

Del Rio first and foremost threw out Del Rio over the top rope! If he won the Royal Rumble, I truly believe WWE could mold him into a contender, but whatever. The match was actually more than just comical, it had a few good offensive moments from Santino, and Del Rio had to counter several times, and wasn't completely dominating. Eventually Del Rio would get his arm breaker on Santino and that was that. The winner, and you, you already knew it was Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino

I haven't liked my middle name since Del Rio came to I'm cheering for the guy! Woo!

John Cena, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler sparred on the mic, with Cena going over, and that was that. I was tired at this point, and didn't care. As much as I can stand Cena a little more now, I don't really like him on the mic sometimes. I miss the old Rapping Cena, I wish they'd turn him heel, but you and I both know that is not going to happen.

John cena and CM Punk had an interesting encounter, and it was cool to see. Cena was definitely getting the best of this exchange. Punk was getting completely killed in this match, and eventually was hit with a huge low blow and Cena was disqualified. Out came the New Nexus to fight Cena, but Cena wasn't going down without a fight as King gave Cena a chair.

Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

Cena was in ring with a chair and last man standing. That was that. Raw had some good moments, but with a lack of substantial wrestling and an overtly "story line" driven night, it wasn't all that great. I'm not sure if I'd get too behind this night of Raw, but hey, it was nice to watch wrestling again, after missing so much of it last week. We'll see how this continues.


What did you think of the show? Have comments? Leave a comment here on the blog or email me with your comments. Also, please check out

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New Comment Policy

Thanks to a few you idiots there are NO MORE comments allowed after 7 days, at least not in the traditional sense. If you have something to say or want to talk wrestling, be quick and comment. After around 7 days, I'm closing the comments to that post.

The reason for this is 2 fold:

1. No one ever seems to comment.

2. People want to resort to personally attacking me and my situation as if I could change it.

Let's just clear the air.

I can't get a job because there aren't any to be had in my city. I am stuck in a lease and can not simply just move. After the lease is over, I will be leaving and never looking back. In the mean time, I've been applying to a variety of companies and NONE of them are hiring. My city was hit with the recession to the point where the only way to get a job is to literally move out of this city.

Yes, there are a lot of sites out there, so why comment and be abusive on this one? Screw you! The people that left "anonymous" comments aren't even man enough to post their names, so for you cowardly few, you have ruined the chance to comment for others.

As for the downloads, and other crap. There are NOT a ton of sites offering that. Trust me, I already know this. I am not going to go into detail my frustrations, but I will say this much: When you pay someone to use their servers and links, and they aren't working, you get upset. If you PAY for something and it is not delivered, I think there is a valid excuse to say screw it.

That's it for now.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/4/11 Results Screwed AGAIN!

I spent 3 hours of my time downloading Smackdown from a forum that promises good downloads, and guess what? I got screwed again. This is the 4th time in 2 weeks that this site does NOT deliver the goods. I tried watching on youtube, but didn't get the full show, I tried alternative methods, but just couldn't get it.

Once again, I have no cable, no tv, and no way to watch wrestling, unless I'm provided options, and since this week I've been screwed over greatly, here are the results, and that's it. No review, no analysis, I'm sorry. Without any money or a job, I'm not sure what the future of this blog will be, or if I'll be able to continue it in the capacity that I've done in the past.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I have no idea how to see these shows for free, and well, a big FU to all wrestling promotions for moving their shows to PAY tv. FU!

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger
Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero
Wade Barrett defeated Big Show
World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Kelly Kelly defeated Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool & Layla

Friday, February 4, 2011

Top 5 Stone Cold Steve Austin Matches

Since I couldn't see any of the Thursday night wrestling shows, I decided to throw up a quick review, top 5, just to give you guys something to check out, sorry. I am broke, no one buys anything from amazon using my links, I haven't had a job in 20 months, and don't own a tv or cable.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has had some amazing matches throughout his career. Although it was cut short, he still is one of the greatest superstars to ever lace up the boots and hit the WWE running. I loved him throughout his career, and I wanted to compile a list of matches that would be worth checking out, even today. These matches span not only his WWF/WWE career but also his WCW career as Stunning Steve Austin.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin Royal Rumble 1997 - The 1997 Royal Rumble was one of the best overall Rumble matches ever, and it wasn't because the match itself was anything special, except for a few story lines that were pushed throughout the event. The main focal point on this one, was Stone Cold throwing out people left and right, then looking to his wrist as if it were a watch, waiting for the next entrant, and guess who it was? Bret Hart. Hart and Stone Cold would fight and eventually Stone Cold got thrown out, but while the Ref was watching Mick Foley they missed Stone Cold's departure, and he got back into the ring and threw out Hart, outlasted Taker and Vader and made it to win the 1997 Royal Rumble! This performance was so good, that it made the 97' Rumble one of the best matches ever. The match forced a Final Four match at the next ppv which was amazing, and then it would set up the #1 pick later on.

4. Stunning Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman Clash of the Champions XXV - AH yes, The Clash of the Champions, the great ppv like quality event that aired on TBS and got better ratings than any modern day Raw. This match proved to be interesting because Stunning Steve was splitting up the Hollywood Blonds and was going solo. This match had both men at their prime battling it out, and well, it is still a classic. Pillman is so under rated, and Austin was showing signs of being the better man.

3. Stunning Steve Austin & Brian Pillman vs. Dos Hombres (Ricky Steamboat & Tom Zenk) - This match took place inside a Steel Cage. Wikipedia said that it was Tom Zenk under the mask, but I was under the impression that it was Shane Douglas. This match was another instant classic, one that featured some amazing moments. The finale was great, with all the guys flying across the ring, and Austin hitting his finisher The Stun Gun to get the win for the Blonds.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock "No DQ" Wrestlamania XVII - One of the greatest ppv's of all time. This is one of my favorite Wrestlemania's of all time. The main event was an incredible match and it featured some of the best work from Rock and Austin. Austin was obviously going under in this match, but it was Vince that would help Austin not only turn on the fans but get the title and go out victorious. The Rock was screwed over by Vince, Austin turned, and everyone went nuts when it all was said and done.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart "Submission Match" Wrestlemania XIII - My favorite Austin match was even better than the Survivor Series 96 match that these to made into a four star classic. Austin got busted open the hard way mid-match, and Hart went completely nuts, and wouldn't stop beating the hell out of an unconscious Steve Austin. This was made classic because Hart turned heel, Austin turned face, and Ken Shamrock was introduced to the WWF audience at the time. This match was brutal, and saved a lackluster ppv from being one of the worst Wrestlemania's ever. Austin doing push ups during the Sharpshooter, desperately trying to get out and bleeding all over, was just amazing.

I know, Austin has had a ton of greater matches but as far as a top 5, here are the greatest for me. Yes, he took on Jake The Snake, sure he took on Kane, Undertaker, Mankind, Dude Love, Triple H, and so many others, but I think these were great for me. All of these matches are featured on the Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin 3 Disc dvd set.

TNA Impact 2/3/11 No Results No Review

Well, there's no way I can review TNA this week. Unfortunately the sites that I usually depend on certain forums to help me get the shows, but this week the forums updated their files to sites that won't let me download past 6kbs which means I have to wait 8 hours to download and watch Impact.

I don't have cable, and don't have tv. I give up. I'll listen to a podcast and find out what happens.

WWE Superstars 2/3/11 Results

I was all set to review Superstars, but I couldn't find it complete. I only found it in parts and at the library I can't just hang out and download 2 rar files, so here are the results.

Yoshi Tatsu & David Hart Smith defeated Zack Ryder & Primo
Melina defeated Tamina
Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeated JTG & Trent Barreta

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CM Punk Loves Less Than Jake

img src lTJ on twitter

Less Than Jake, famous ska/punk band, had a special visitor with them tonight; it was none other than the leader of the new Nexus, CM PUNK! The above photo shows Punk hanging out backstage with LTJ, proving that he's not just a wrestler, he's a ska music fan too.


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Alberto Del Rio Post Royal Rumble Radio Interview


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

STING signs with WWE


I for one can't confirm it, but SES points to a scan in which it is said that STING has signed a 1 year deal with WWE. YES STING HAS SIGNED WITH WWE!!!!

Talk about dream matches. Sting vs Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/31/11 Results and Review

Fresh off of a great Royal Rumble, in my view, we get this week's Raw. I wasn't sure what to expect with the night after the Rumble, but I'm sure there was going to be a lot of people clashing. I for one couldn't believe that santino lasted so long before getting eliminated, and was hoping he'd get another shot.

First thing's first, out came a mariachi for Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio got into the ring and got some major boo's from the audience. The Miz came out and immediately cut a promo about how he's so great and Del Rio should face Miz. The Miz was trying to get Del Rio to pick Edge, and not Miz for his title match, and right before Del Rio could go ahead and pick him, out came EDGE to a huge ovation. Edge got a huge pop. Del Rio then picked his opponent, the World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that will be at Wrestlemania! If Edge is still champion he will face Edge. Alberto than grabbed a guitar and completely knocked Edge out and then grabbed Edge's arm and locked it into an armbreaker to much heat. I liked the opening here, and I for one am a huge Del Rio fan, simply because my middle name is none other than ALBERTO! Yep.

Santino and Kozlov fought two parts of the Nexus and were getting completely worked. McGullicutty put the boots to Santino and Husky managed to prove that he truly is like a tank. Kozlov would eventually get the tag and after a hot tag, Santino would get the win with none othe rthan THE COBRA! Yes, The Cobra defeats two members of the new Nexus. I still think Santino should've won the rumble.

Santino & Kozlov defeated Husky Harris & Mike McGullicutty

Randy Orton ran down and hit Husky and Mike with RKO's. He was hissing, from what I could tell, and was acting like a snake. He got a huge ovation, and that was that. He just came out and hit everyone, and the crowd went nuts. Orton was setting up Husky for the punt of his life, but was thwarted by Punk, who came out on the mic and told Orton not to do it. Orton then looked like he wasn't going to punt Husky after all, and took an exhausting amount of time just standing there, he then Punted Husky to oblivion, and ran out of the ring and throug the crowd! Orton punted Husky!

Ted Dibiase Jr came out and talked some trash with Lawler and then Lawler said that he was going to go to Wrestlemania and win the royal rumble, which prompted Ted to punk out Lawler, only to get punched out cold! Yep. Lawler punched out Ted Dibiase. I'm hoping that Lawler completely punches out Cole sometime soon.

A weird promo was made, which I assumed was Awesome Kong. All it said was 2/21/11 and that's it. I'm not sure what it meant, or who it was for.

This match was boring. Daniel Bryan got Tyson Kidd into the Labell Lock with relative ease. Kidd is on his way to being fired. I like Gail Kim, I'd love to hang out with her for a while. I don't like the Bella Twins.

Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd

This next match was champion vs champion, and it was interesting to see. The match was moving fast, and Edge seemed to be the better of the two, despite The miz getting some nice shots in. Edge tried to get the spear on Miz but hit the turnbuckle, and as Miz was getting this match in the bag, John Cena got on the mic and got the whole crowd to chant Miz is awful. Edge hit the spear and pinned Miz!

Edge defeated The Miz

The divas had a tag match and it was boring. There were a few nice moments, but a few moments don't make a great match. Laylacool win again, and Eve gets pinned. Layla has a nice finisher, and McCool interfering was good.

Laycool defeated Eve & Natalya

The Usos got killed in this match, which was nothing but a dance contest. This was the dumbest thing I've seen on raw in a long time.

Khali & Mark Henry defeated The Usos in a dance contest

Another weird ad was shown. It was dark, rainy, and just really dark. It simply said 2/21/11...I'm not sure what it is.

The next was a Raw Rumble match. 7 Men will enter in 9 second inervals, and regular rumble rules applies. The winner will face the WWE Champion at the PPV next month, and the rest of the six will be in the Raw side of the Elimination Match, fair enough? I hope so.

The man who drew #1 was none other than John Morrison

The man who drew #2 was none other than Sheamus

The two opponents fought each other with relative ease, not speeding through the match but having some good overall bumps. Morrison seemed to be getting the better of the exchange early on.

#3 John Cena

John Cena drew #3 and came out to a great ovation, and started mopping up immediately. He started with mopping up Sheamus easily, getting the crowd riled up. He then tried hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Morrison, but it was reversed and Cena got knocked out with relative ease.

#4 Cm Punk

The leader of the new Nexus was the guy that came out next, and he had a vendetta with Cena. He came in like a house on fire, hitting anything that moved, and completely knocking out everyone. He was the freshest man, and was doing a great deal of fighting, which was good to see overall.

#5 R Truth

Truth and Morrison both were nearly eliminated and both threw themselves over the top rope and back into the ring. The heels were all over the faces in this one, as Punk and Sheamus seemed to be taking control. The crowd was cheering for Cena like crazy.

#6 Jerry The King Lawler

Lawler was the next man to get called in and he wasn't half bad. He hit everyone with right hands, and was getting a chance to shine. He got a nice Jerry chant from the crowd, and he was giving it his best shot, and nearly eliminated Cm Punk at one point.

#7 Randy Orton

Orton was the 7th man, and Punk went underneath the ring to hide. Orton immediately was looking for him, under the ring, eventually got a hold of Punk's leg and dragged him out from under the ring. He then went to pummeling Punk. The match finally got all 7 members, and it was cool to see. Punk was immediately eliminated, and R Truth then eliminated Orton! It looked like it wasn't planned, which I liked. John Cena eliminated R Truth, and nearly got Morrison out. Morrison then got Cena over the top rope, and as Morrison and Cena were fighting on the apron, Sheamus nearly got eliminated! Three men were on the apron and only Lawler was left in the ring! This was high drama for sure, but all three men eventually got back into the ring.

All four men were back in and Sheamus was nearly Eliminated, and this match was definitely one of the best things I've seen in a long time. A great way to end Raw after a great Rumble. Cena got Sheamus into an STF and it didn't matter, but Morrison hit Starship Pain on Cena, and wow, I was marking out for all four men in this match, including Lawler who nearly eliminated Morrison! Sheamus hit Morrison off the apron with a Bro kick (i know it's broad or whatever), eliminating him. Cena, Lawler and Sheamus were the last people left.

Lawler was trying his hardest to get John Cena eliminated, and it was surreal to say the least. Lawler was pushed into Cena and that eliminated him, and Sheamus tried to Bro Kick Lawler, and he got eliminated next with help from Cena, leaving none other than JERRY THE KING LAWLER as the WINNER of the Raw Rumble!

JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER won the Raw Rumble

Jerry Lawler will face The Miz at the Elimination Chamber. I can't imagine Lawler winning the WWE championship. I just can't imagine him winning but you never really know.


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Monday, January 31, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Results and Review

I had a chance of watching this live, but instead, I waited a little bit and here we go, the Rumble. Was anyone right? I heard a lot of talk, and here we go, who will win? I don't know, I was excited, here we go, my review of the Royal Rumble 2011 on the Road to Wrestlemania!

I was surprised that they would go on first with the World Heavyweight championship, and as soon as Edge popped out the Sold Out Crowd in Boston went completely nuts. I couldn't believe how over Edge was as he came forward through the ramp! Ziggler and Edge put on one of the best ppv matches I've seen in a long time. It's a testament to Ziggler's prowess as he was able to really put the boots on Edge, and Edge meanwhile did a lot of work to not do his spear, and yet create some memorable moments. There were some great counters, some great moves, and when Vickie Guerrero interfered out ran Kelly Kelly to stop her. The match was some great overall moments, I kid you not. A ref bump happened and the entire crowd was yelling for a spear, and we all knew it was going to happen, and we were all cheering! Edge hit a massive spear, and this match took a new turn! Edge then hit Christian's Finisher the Killswitch and Ziggler was out cold and Edge retains. One hell of a match folks!

Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match was going in your standard direction with back and forth action, and a lot of points where it seemed like Orton had this in the bag. It looked terribly one sided, and towards the end it was obvious that Orton was going to get the win, even though Miz hit some nice counters, with help of Alex Riley. The new Nexus came out and that was odd, they made a wall, and Alex Riley came into the ring and was literally launched like a toy doll 10 - 20 feet through the NEXUS! Then out came CM PUNK came out and knocked Randy Orton out with the GTS! That's right, GTS on ORTON and BOOOM Miz wins! YEP! MIZ RETAINS!

The Miz defeated Randy Orton

The divas match was up next and I wanted to go to the bathroom and drop a load, so I did. But I turned th audio up really loud so I could still listen to play by play...just when I was getting up to leave, the anonymous manager chimed in. He changed the match into a Fatal Fourway Championship match, and the three opponents would fight, and then, out came...yes...yes.....Nope, it wasn't Awesome Kong, it was Eve. Lame. I was excited, then it was Eve...lame.

This match got good in the second half. I loved how Laycool had to fight each other at one point, but didn't, and I loved how Natalya did a double Sharpshooter. I also enjoyed Eve's Moonsault. Michelle McCool pinned Natalya at the same time that Eve pinned Layla but only one was counted...which was the end of the match. They really did make for a good overall mach up, which was cool, at least in my view.

Eve defeated Laycool & Natalya in a divas Fatal Four title match

The Royal Rumble was next, and I I'll try to keep up with who came out when, but if I miss something, don't blame me it's hard to keep things up.


Before #2 came out officially, the full Corre came out and then all of the new Nexus came out, and everyone was brawling in the middle of the ring. I wasn't sure who #2 was, and this was an awesome start to the big night.

The general manager chimed in, and he said: That only 2 members should start the match, and the crowd was positive for Punk.

#2 Daniel Bryan

We finally saw who the number two pick was, Daniel Bryan and he'd start with Cm Punk. Justin Gabriel came out next and he immediately started fighting Punk, then went to the top to hit his 450 splash.

#3 Justin Gabriel

Gabriel missed his 450 and Daniel Bryan eliminated him.

#4 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder came out and many picked him to win the Rumble, I kid, No one picked him. I blinked, and nearly missed Zack Ryder being eliminated by Daniel Bryan!

#5 William Regal

Regal came in and put the hurting on both competitors in the ring. PUnk and Bryan was getting completely beaten.

#6 Ted Dibiase Jr

Ted immediately had some nice offense on anyone in the ring at this point, and was working hard on Punk. Meanwhile, Bryan was beating up William Regal.

#7 John Morrison

John Morrison came down running straight to the ring, and he was the pick for some people, while I wasn't sure. He came in hitting anything that moved, and was definitely working hard with some nice moves. He cleaned hosue immediately. Morrison was thrown out of the ring but he landed on the railing outside, then landed on the steps and back in the ring! I couldn't believe it.

#8 Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu came in and immediately got beat up.

#9 Husky Harris

Man, Husky is only 23? Man, I wasted my life. Husky played bodyguard for punk and everyone fought Husky but things got better and it looked as thought he story that would play out was the new Nexus and Corre, whomever could keep the most guys in ring.

#10 Chavo Guerrero

I know exactly who wouldn't win the Rumble, it was Chavo. Chavo kept trying to do the 3 Amigos, and couldn't get past 2, and he hit a ton of people, and eventually got the crowd to cheer him and go nuts for him, and that was nice to see. Chavo finally getting some attention.

#11 Mark Henry

Mark Henry wasn't going to win either, I'll tell you that much. Mark Henry immediately started mopping up. Chavo and Yoshi were immediately gone.

#12 JTG

JTG was up next and he wasn't going to win either, that's for sure.

#13 Mike McGullicutty

The new Nexus was getting stronger as time went on, and the ring was really full for this match, and was getting interesting as JTG was knocked out by Mike.

#14 Chris Masters

I didn't care about Masters, until he nearly got SM Punk eliminated with the Master Lock.

#15 David Otunga

David Otunga came down next and helped Cm Punk, and it was looking more and more like a Nexus beat down. It was good to see. Daniel Bryan at this point was thrown out. Masters got thrown out next. Morrison was eliminated next, with all of Nexus beating the crap out of him until he let go of the ropes. They then went forward to try and get Mark henry out, and it looked like it would be an arduous task, but nope, Henry was out cold. Now only Nexus was in the ring!

#16 Tyler Reks

What a joke, Tyler Reks was next. If there was a darkhorse in the rumble, I guess Reks was as good as anyone. But nope, he was getting beat down and would eventually get terribly pwned! Reks went home packing.

#17 Kozlov

Kozlov came down running against for guys and he got 1 good hit and that was it. Nexus beat the snot out of him. Kozlov was thrown out next.

#18 R Truth

Truth came ou tand basically got beat down, that was that. I wasn't sure if anyone could beat up all these guys, and this could be the case through 40, which was kind of sad.

#19 The Great Khali

Up next, was none other than The Great Khali! This is one guy that wouldn't just fall over and quit, which was interesting to note. Husky was thrown out! Khali was dominating these guys, and that was interesting to see.

#20 Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan helped eliminate Khali, and it was the new Nexus that would be in control at this point, which was awesome to see.

#21 Booker T

BOOKER T was next, and this was amazing, I couldn't believe, I heard rumors, but wow, the crowd went completely nuts, and i was going nuts. Booker T was in ring and I was going nuts, but he was getting beat up. The Book End was hit, the scissors kick, and then THE SPINAROOONI!!!! Then Booker T was sent out, and eliminated. TELL ME THAT I DIDN'T JUST SEE THAT!!

#22 John Cena

The roof came off when John Cena came out. I loved Booker T, but man, when john Cena hit the ring, I marked out, I can't help it. I know, I shouldn't, but I completely went apeshit, I was so amazing, I was goign nuts. John cena ran in and eliminated EVERY MEMBER OF NEXUS except for Cm Punk!

#23 Hornswoggle

I'm not sure why they did this, but out came Hornswoggle, and he was #23! He came out and immediately got a good crowd reaction. John Cena then eliminated CM PUNK and that was it.

#24 Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd ran down and of course was beat up by John Cena and Hornswoggle, I kid you not! I was marking out huge, I'm sorry. Hornswoggle hit the Attitude Adjustment on Kidd and then Kidd was thrown out of the Rumble!

#25 Heath Slater

The Corre would star to get a good chance, or will they? John Cena beat him up and Swoggle hit a Stunner on Slater, then Hornswoggle hit a 5 knuckle shuffle on Slater! Then Swoggle went up for the Tadpole Splash! Slater just got buried! Slater was then eliminated!

#26 Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston came out next and it was face vs face time, and it was interesting to see where this would go, and if Cena would eliminate him. The two fought each other until out came...

#27 Jack Swagger

Swagger came out and wrecked house, fresh as a daisy. I was at the mall earlier, and it was apparent that Swagger wasn't working at the jewelry store, so he was at Raw and Royal Rumble and he was doing great in ring.

#28 Sheamus

Sheamus came out and cleaned house, and then saw Hornswoggle! Then beat him up fast. Then The little guy was able to get on the top rope with help from Cena, and eliminated with a Bro Kick from Sheamus, which I loved. BEST RUMBLE EVER!

#29 Rey Mysterio

Mysterio came in and was definitely doign well, but Sheamus grounded him fast, and Sheamus didn't even break a sweat yet since coming in and was beating up people left and right. Sheamus vs Mysterio would be nice, Trouble in Paradise was hit, and Swagger came in, all sorts of good stuff here. Swagger then gets eliminated!

#30 Wade Barrett

Wade came in and was just mopping up.

#31 Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler got a second chance.

#32 Diesel


#33 Drew McIntyre

No one cared. I didn't. He sucks. He went to work on Big daddy Cool with Sheamus.

#34 Alex Riley

I couldn't believe it, Alex Riley came in! I thought it was miz, but nope it was Alex Riley and he immediately got knocked out by John Cena. Big Daddy Cool was eliminated by Wade barrett, and that was that. I loved it.

#35 The Big Show

The big man, and no one cared, I didn't.

#36 Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson came out and Big Show was eliminated immediately. I lost track of the action as people were getting thrown out 1 by 1.

#37 Santino

This time around Santino wasn't eliminated quickly.

#38 Alberto del Rio

here is the guy that said he'd win the Rumble and it was #38!

#39 Randy Orton

before Del Rio could even come in Orton knocked out Del Rio on the outside. That's right, orton took out Del Rio then threw him in the ring and hit a huge RKO! Orton then a rain of RKO's! Kofi was thrown out, Sheamus was eliminated, and then it was John Cena and Randy Orton face to face!

#40 Kane


The rumble now had only a select handful, no jobbers, no mid carders except Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson was eliminated. Kane grabbed Mysterio and Kane was eliminated then Mysterio got thrown out.


Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Alberto Del Rio !!! That's right! The FINAL FOUR!

Alex Riley came down interfered, and as there was a distractino, MIZ eliminated CENA from the RUMBLE! Yes, I kid you not! I kid you not! Cena is gone! Cena is Gone! He then went to Michael Cole and said he's done.

Three men remain!

Orton, Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio!

Orton eliminated Barrett and Del Rio eliminated ORTON! YES! DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

ALBERTO DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE! VIVA LA RAZA! YO SE ARMO! Nope, Nope...Nope...just when I thought that SANTINO squirmed his way back into the ring! He was still in the ring! He wasn't eliminated! SANTINO! SANTINO! Santino! HE HIT THE COBRA! SANTINO Was left in the RUMBLE! SANTINO! SANTINO SANTINO SANTINO! NOPE, DEL RIO managed to reverse a throw out of the ring and ALBERTO DEL RIO WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE!


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