Sunday, September 18, 2011

Night of Champions 2011 Worst PPV

This ppv sucked. I didn't care about anything that happened, and the one match I did care about was just ridiculous.

CM Punk was well on his way to winning, but out came Kevin Nash and beat up Triple H and Punk. Miz and R Truth also interfered, and beat up the ref. Nash got knocked out with a sledge hammer, Punk got tore up with a powerbomb and 2 pedigrees and that was that.

The rest? Do you care?

Oh yeah.

SUPER JOHN CENA wins the title again...sigh..

Oh right, MARK HENRY is your new champion! He pinned Orton Clean.

I am glad I didn't spend $50 on this. Wow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Night of Champions 2011

I just might Order Night of Champions.

I don't know about the other matches, but the quick build of CM Punk vs. Triple H has me hooked. Tonight they were mouthing off and in the midst of them arguing, the mics stopped working and it seemed like HHH was seriously pissed off. More so than usual, and at that moment I felt that they weren't doing a "work" it had turned into a "shoot" and right before our eyes we saw the lines blur and that's something I haven't seen in a long time.

I am now seriously considering ordering this next payperview after a long drought.


Talk about an explosive way to end Raw tonight.

The rest?

Nothing else really was that good, except for Cody Rhodes winning over Randy Orton with the classic heel move of hitting him with his face mask. I loved that part, it made my night.

Good stuff.

Other than that, Raw was a major waste, but I like seeing more talent getting in the shuffle, and I hate the brand split.


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