Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Raw For Jobbers

Last nights Raw had more stupid moments than most recent broadcasts.

They offered a lot of crap with no substance....lets look back at some of the worst of last night.

WOW! That is the world's worst move ever! The legends of wrestling are really easy to defeat with moves like this. WOW! A boot...well more like the other side of the boot seems to paralyze opponents. This is the worst.

How does beating an aging old timer make Orton look stronger?

Have Orton win a heated battle with Kennedy or Umaga or anyone else, then prove his strength, not get Slaughter to JOB again! This makes him look stupid.

See that? That is exactly why Booker DID NOT WANT to go to RAW. He's now wrestling an old time has been in Lawler. Sure Lawler was great, but he's a commentator, NOT a relevant wrestler at this point. Booker loses major credibility here and proves that Raw didn't need BOOKER and his King gimmick. I feel bad for the guy, he's trapped in the lower mid-card hell area with this bout of old time losses.

I am not even going to say that obvious. Apparently there are no other number one contenders to the Intercontinental championship.

The tag team division melted long ago and they just threw more trash on top of it. Two jobbers on raw? What happened to competition amongst tag teams....oh right...they aren't seen as important any longer. Why must I see this crap? Is it Saturday morning and 1990? Is Superstars on? Is this the main event? Why? Why WWE?

What's this? A Carlito Win? This makes no sense from a writing stand point. What now? Will Carlito get a title shot? Only to lose? Or will Orton interfere, costing Carlito the victory and propelling him into a feud or dare I say...Triangle Match! The winner of Orton vs. Carlito will face Cena later in the night! Nope. We'll probably see this one end fast and early since Carlito is hated by the WWE. What happened to him last week? How is he in the main event now?

Bad stuff huh?

What about the good you say?

Here are the best parts of last nights raw:

Kennedy vs. Lashley...good stuff.

Cody's got some major game. His 1st win was impressive, too bad Daivari isn't really relevant anymore.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jay-Z Loses To Diamond Dallas Page

Jay-Z was sued by DDP recently over the usage of the Diamond Cutter, and won! That's right, Diamond Dallas Page successfully won a case at an undisclosed price from Jay, and DDP is sitting on a ton of money, and all he had to do was create the iconic Diamond Cutter symbol.

This is a great win for washed up and/or retired wrestlers world wide.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

WWE Bans Chockholds

WWE has finally gone overboard. They have banned chokeholds!

That's right, you can no longer do any sort of chokehold.

This is lame.....just look at the picture of Hulk Hogan, that's not dangerous is it?

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Smackdown In Pictures

Smackdown had some serious height. Serious elevation amongst all sorts of different wrestlers, and made for one heck of a night, if you missed it here's the highlights in my view....

You can decipher the images...these are from WWE.com and I do not make any money from them...they are used in a creative commons d.i.y method.

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Dupree Fired!

This guy wasn't even relevant anymore. Dupree, former tag and singles champion is now officially gone. Remember at Judgement Day when he lost to John Cena? Oh yeah..Your pal Sir Jorge was there in attendance.

It's funny to see WWE fire guys instead of trying to use them in different capacities. If the guy is French let him come out as just being from France or Canadian, and that's it. Look at guys like Dino Bravo, or The Mountie! Just have the guy come out and be from Canada and be proud and over the top and let him wrestle.

The WWE doesn't have the roster to be firing everyone. But then again, maybe he was getting lazy.

Who knows.

Another one bites the dust though.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rey Mysterio Jr Feud To Bore Audience

Recently reports are swarming around the internet stating that Rey Mysterio will return to battle it out with Chavo Guerrero.

Bad decision.

Both wrestlers used to be high flyers and now are grounded to rest holds and slower moves because of Vince McMahon, and injuries that have plagued both stars in the past.

Will this be good?

I don't imagine this being that great, but I will say something...it sure beats Shane Helms out there in his NON Hurricane gimmick.

The cruiserweights are getting the short end of the stick.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ECW Proves Pigs Fly

I was bored to death during ECW.

The same boring crap from 3 weeks ago comes to fruition.

The worst is...I was wondering...WHY IS STEVIE RICHARDS STILL WRESTLING?

The guy has Orange trunks...guess who the last guy who had orange trunks was?

Oh right...John Cena...my bad.

If you saw ECW I feel bad...especially when The Miz got all that diva action...sure it's paid...but it's still not You or my fat...well I'll just let it go.

On a lighter...much lighter note...I am selling a Batista Shirt & A John Cena Hoodie together! It's on ebay...check it out, you won't be disappointed. Free shipping via Priority Mail too.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WWE Hates Carlito Now....Tag Teams Suck...Cena is a god

Raw was just bad last night. With a moment of amazing detail.....but first things first...

Does the WWE hate Carlito? Remember when Carlito first joined WWE? He won the U.S title straight out, defeating JOHN CENA the unbeatable god of Raw. Even Carlito's mini feud with Cena was good, and introduced a new character that supposedly stabbed Cena! That was kind of cool. Now fast forward through midcard hell to not even a blirb to wrestling with Ric "I'm Old" Flair and now where is he? Sure he beat the Sandman and his team beat down a cancer survivor in Jim Duggan, but then what happens? He gets demolished by Lashley for spitting in his face. While I thought the segment was funny, the WWE blew a potentially good feud by having Lashley trash him within seconds. Regal's expression was worth while though.

I caught Cade yelling out "We're the Tag Team Champions!"..wow...really? I didn't know that you were one of the champs, considering you were introduced as the champions, and you're holding the belts high in the air. I thought you were faking it...obviously you're a champion...in a match called "match of champions". I knew from the start that Candice was going to run away and leave SUPER Cena to take the match to new heights. Hardy's run in, proved that Cena can defeat the tag-champs by himself! I hate this fact. I want to know that the tag-team champions together...as a unit can defeat the WORLD CHAMPION! The World Champion should easily beat the TAG Champs like that...it's lame. That means the tag-titles are not even worth defending or featuring, because they are weak. 2 wrestlers, who are champions can not beat 1? This is Hogan syndrome in 2007! That was lame.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kennedy was the highlight of the night for me. I didn't even mind the count out loss, the match had some great spots and Kennedy reacted so well and fought off Hardy's offense, until he was counted out. It was a cool match. I enjoyed it. The highlight of raw.

That and Santino tripping two divas! Now that was great!

Cena got an RKO! Wow...that really was a highlight. Who has Randy Orton defeated to get a title shot? Oh right..the new guy twice, and Dusty Rhodes. The cowbell match wasn't even that good...think about it...a shot to the head with the bell and it's over? Real great booking on that one. Randy Orton doesn't suck as bad as he used to, but he's definitely NOT deserving of a title shot at this point. What ever happened to the Intercontinental Champion's right to a title shot? I'd rather see Umaga face Cena again then to see another Randy Orton rest hold fest. Orton beats the legends, then he gets a title shot?

Heck..let me wrestle moolah,duggan, and the geriatrics and then strap the belt on me.

Raw stunk like I did yesterday. I showered...but Raw still smelled.

Also on Raw...Cody Rhodes loses again...if he costs Orton the title at Summerslam..a good feud can be made out of the rematch and ultimately a cage match or something to end the feud. But alas...WWE isn't that smart. There was a battle of the kings...divas match...commercials...and other random boredom.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Lucha Libre Fans

If you're a fan of Lucha Libre you have to check out FCW, they are a los angeles based company that has had some great success recently with some great matches. They mix the independent wrestling community with the lucha libre stars of Mexico in one arena. Recently they held an event that had stars like El Hijo Del Santo, Rey Misterio Sr., Psichosis, and others battle it out inside a steel cage, the loser having to shave his head or lose his mask. Also on the card was some extreme battles, and a tag team title's match up featuring some of the best untapped talent of this generation. You owe it to yourself to check out the site, see them live if you're in Los Angeles or just stay tuned as I bring you some of the photos.

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I'm Not Sold on Khali yet

The Great Khali has won the World Heavyweight Title after losing twice to John Cena on consecutive title shots, he has somehow mustered up enough courage to throw out a ton of fools in the ring and surely rise to the top. He's got to be easily the largest champion in a long time. This is bigger than even Andre the Giant, this is a huge announcement. Who can topple the giant though? Undertaker couldn't, Kane couldn't, only John Cena has dominated the monster. Is that to say that the World Champion isn't as good as John Cena? I'm not sure. I'm excited to see the title change though, but I didn't want to see Edge go down like that. At least it was not Mark Henry, anyone but him.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I saved 34.95 Tonight! GAB Results

The big story from the bash was that I was right about almost all my predictions.

KHALI walked out as Champion, Cena beat lashley,Umaga stayed strong,Carlito BEAT Sandman,Candice won again,They bastardized the cruiserweight title...

oh and they totally lost my respect...as Orton defeated Rhodes.

I was so upset over the results that I am extremely glad I DID NOT order the PPV.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekly Round Up On Wrestling

Every week I am going to talk about the week that was in this post of sorts...but it will serve as more of things you may have missed on this site.

My personal economics came into the blogging picture recently.

Kennedy shot on Mero and others. It was an odd thing, but these old has beens start talking about steroids.

My raw review was different than most, and well...it still stands as a non recap.

Lastly, Ticketmaster gave WWE an award, I'm not surprised.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

WWE and Ticketmaster

In what seems to be a no brainer, Ticketmaster has given the WWE a great award for selling the most tickets online and through outlets. For instance they sold 63,000 for Wrestlemania, and they consistently sell tens of thousands of tickets for their ppv events, and that's not including the tens of thousands of crowds that are going to Raw and Smackdown. Count that with the numerous house shows that sell out, and super cards, and you have one of the biggest ticket generating empires of the 21st century. WWE is doing a great job in consideration to ticket sales and it's no wonder why no one can touch them when it comes to professional wrestling. UFC comes close, but still doesn't draw the same.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mero Makes Himself Look Stupid

So many people are making a big deal about steroids in wrestling. Before the death of Chris Benoit NOBODY CARED! No one covered the deaths of Owen Hart,Brian Pillman,Johnny Grunge,The Renegade,Dino Bravo,Earthquake,The Von Erichs,Junkyard Dog,Hercules Hernandez (if he's dead),Rick Rude,Miss Elizabeth, and a plethora of other wrestlers that have died. Yes, I know it's tragic, yes I know steroids are in wrestling, but until sports and the media in general start calling wrestling a "sport" they have no right to step in and say anything. Furthermore, all these washed up stars coming back to talk about it is stupid. Mero,Graham and others are NOT experts, they have not been in the WWE recently and are not subject to the tests that the current generation of wrestlers are going through. Someone please tell them to shut up, and lets move on already. Hear I go supporting the talk. Crap...I'm an idiot.

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Six TNA Wrestlers Want Out

Six TNA wrestlers have asked for their release. Sources aren't revealing which ones, but that's a lot of wrestlers asking for a way out of the horrible booking situation of TNA wrestling. This has to be a major indication of how the company is not doing what they should be doing to be a legit #2 company. I'd give Ring of Honor or CZW a better shot at this point. Heck, I'd even give the defunct MTV wrestling society x a one up on TNA at this point. TNA refused the releases, but still, that's just bad. Holding someone against their will is going to make a horrible product.

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WWE 24/7 Continues NOT Blurring WWF Logo

This morning while watching another edition of "Shorties" on WWE 24/7, I noticed that during the match up none of the WWF logos were blurred at all!

The match up was from Monday Night Raw 1 week before the big Summerslam: Hart & Soul PPV.

Bret Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, & Dude Love battled it out in a Flag Match from Canada. The match was solid and lasted about 19 minutes with action going back and forth.

The win came when Brian Pillman came from under the ring and hit Taker with a low blow costing the American's the match and allowing the Hart Foundation to take a win.

The blurs were not there, and even on the left hand side of the screen there was no blur on the old school WWF logo.

Apparently I'm the only wrestling fan that is catching this sort of thing because I don't see anyone else reporting it. It's funny because some of the big sites that offer news don't even have WWE 24/7 and are to busy chasing rumors and posting spoilers to even watch it.

That's not the case with your pal Sir Jorge. I watch, read, write, and distribute non stop even if I do have a wife and a 40 hour a week job. I guess I'm a true fan through and through.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Animal Says NO To Job

Road Warrior Animal absolutely refused to do the job for TNA. That's why he wasn't pinned at a recent PPV show. This is sad news because it seems that all the old timers must job, they just must. Just look at how Randy Orton has been put over, how can TNA be a legitimate number two if a wrestler can dictate who they will job for and then cave in to their demands? This is ludicrous to me, I feel that Animal is NOT Stone Cold Steve Austin and he cannot just take his ball and go home. So TNA must really be desperate, because I would have much rather seen anyone else tag with Steiner and do the job. Heck, even Terry Funk would do the job, he does the job every year! It's funny to see the reactions, then see the guy lose. I don't know, I may be a little upset over nothing, but it makes me laugh.

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Foley Protects WWE

Mick Foley commented on the Benoit tragedy, stating that the WWE stars can go home and relax whenever they want. This also sums up what John Cena stated earlier last week and what Ken Kennedy was talking about in a recent rant. Foley also states that if a star feels burnt out he can take time off whenever he wants. Well, that's not what the Big Show once said about needing time off to heal, and is the main factor why Show hasn't accepted the WWE's offers no matter how large. Smart guy if you ask me. Foley just wants to make sure WWE looks good. I would too, if they paid me, but they don't.

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R.I.P John Kronus

John Kronus was found dead today. He was born in 1972! Another young wrestler dies. I'm not sure on the details, but he definitely had a career that was sparking up around the time I was really into the original ECW. My fondest memory was of Kronus getting manhandled and choke slammed through a table at ECW guilty as charged 2001. He was nearly killed by Sid Vicious who made a surprise appearance. It happens I guess. It's sad though, and my condolences go out to the family.

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John Morrison? Jim Morrison? Why Not Johnny Cash?

In what was the dumbest move I've seen in ECW history. Johnny Nitro changed his name to John Morrison. OH yeah....stupid huh? He also changed his hair a little, changed his little outfit, then asked for C.M Punk to come out and say hello.

Then he blindsided the guy, and stomped a mudhole into him. Punk got...well...punked out with a microphone and the boots and fists to the face. Some shots even looked stiff, as Punk was left with no recourse but to wonder if he's going to get the title after all.

I don't like the new name, I don't like the new look, I don't like the old look, I didn't like the old name.

One things for sure though, Nitro...Morrison has some guts and talent, and I can't take that away from him.

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Tommy Dreamer Should Quit #3

After watching ECW for three weeks straight, I am getting tired of proving my point.

Three weeks in a row and Tommy Dreamer does the job in horrible fashion. He fought Kevin Thorn last night into a horrible loss. Who loses to a shoulder to the ring post? Seriously! Is this 1970? What's up with that finish? Then afterwards he gets beat down some more.

He's doing the job to everyone these days.

He's too old. He needs to seriously quit. Remember when I talked about this in post #1? My points are still valid. Post #2 wasn't doing so hot, but still proved a valuable point.

Now this match against Thorn proves that Dreamer just can't hack it anymore. At least lose to the finisher, not a missed move into the post for a pin. Someone save Dreamer from further humiliation.

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Pointless Diva Action

The diva's on ECW are horrible. They add nothing to the show, they just dance and aren't hot at all. Not only that, last night they come out with the MIZ and hype him as a ladies man.

There is only one ladies man in wrestling and that's the Ravishing One, Rick Rude (rip). The Miz is a horrible concept because he has no clear cut direction. Is he a wrestler? Is he a mc? Is he a reality tv star? Pick something and go with it and elevate the character to a tangible level. Otherwise, stop wasting time.

The diva's aren't hot on ECW. They are boring, as noted by the crowd reaction of dead stares and hot dog breaks, someone please send a memo to whoever is in charge of ECW.

The old ECW would have women, who weren't THAT hot, but they could throw down if need be, and added something to ECW, these women add nothing, not even eye candy. Nor do they do anything to help the Miz. Miz sucks, The ECW divas suck, and well...the whole show sucks if I see them on there again.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mark Henry To Be Crowned Champion

I sure hope this does not happen, but with Edge scheduled to make a huge announcement that will have him DROPPING the World Championship Title, rumors are swarming as to who is going to be taking the helm. Edge injured a pectoral muscle. (look above)

Names include Batista,,Matt Hardy,Rey Mysterio Jr, and dare I say...MIZARK HENRY! (I didn't misspell that)


I know MARK HENRY! MARK "I GET INJURED EVERY YEAR" HENRY is in the runnings for a world title run in WWE! This is the worst idea. I hope it's a complete lie. At least one source has listed him in the runnings.

I sure hope not. This is the worst idea that McMahon could ever follow through.

Mark Henry is slow, big, slow, and slow! He has 2 moves, maybe 3 tops. This is bad guys...and gals...(all 3 of you out there) this is really bad.

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Dead Diva, Dead Mexican,Dead Sandman,Dead Raw

As my title suggests, I found some major dead spots on raw last night. I couldn't believe it, but some of the best action and best moments were received with little to no fan reaction.

First and foremost, Super Crazy got worked by Kennedy. That reverse Suplex was insane. Super Crazy is just that, and Kennedy proves he's a master technician by not hurting the other guy in this very dangerous move.

The Divas match was highlighted by a sick move by Melina. A guillotine like leg drop from a standing position into the splits into a cover! I was impressed by that one, but the match was a little stiff for my tastes. But that wasn't the major thing I noticed, the main focus for me was when the Women's Champion Candice Michelle came out, the crowd was dead. Maybe one or two claps, mainly from Jerry Lawler. Why would the WWE put in a diva that no one likes? Heck, Melina gets more attention and she's not even a Face! WWE needs to get the belt onto a diva that gets crowd reaction as a champion. Candice can't even wrestle! I think the divas look good at times, but can't wrestle. Well, Victoria can, and I'd love to get some Victoria lovin...but I'm a fat mexican in Seattle and well...I hear she doesn't like fat mexican stalkers, so I stay away.

Cody Rhodes had the most impressive altitude in his Missile Dropkick, that even my wife noticed that he wasn't the average wrestler. First off, he's not built like a truck, he's not 7 feet tall, and yet he's allowed to perform such a "high risk" maneuver. Amazing! This photo tells it all, and wow, I was so impressed that I was actually cheering for the guy. Randy Orton ruined it for me, but it was nice to see a change of pace for a change. I hope Dusty Rhodes knocks the snot out of Orton at the Bash. If Dusty goes down, I'm going to be very upset.

In another post where I say someone is too old. (except Flair) The Sandman is Old. Too Old! Look how he flails around like a drunk....nevermind. Carlito seemed to be taking some liberties, and some of the shots and moves seemed very forced and shoot style. Sandman was really getting a beating, then Regal came in and showed he still had fight left in him because he was unloading on Sandman as if he just insulted his mother! Hacksaw Jim Duggan saves the day with his 2 x 4 which is probably going to prompt a match at the Great American Bash. I told my wife that I thought the match should be a 2 x 4 & Kendo Stick on a pole match. Or a sticks vs. brass knuckles match up. Carlito could spit apples, Regal could knock someone out, the kendo stick and 2 x 4 could be weapons, and it would probably be more extreme than tuesday nights.

Face vs. Face time again, and John Cena is going to get my vote of confidence. However, I could see that being derailed by a DQ finish setting up Summerslam's no dq, fatal fourway, or some gimmick match to end the summer. We'll have to wait and see.

A dead crowd...raw wasn't too great, but had some nice spots. I enjoyed it.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Kennedy Shoots On Mero?

In a great response to the recent coverage of the Benoit tragedy Ken Kennedy & Eric Bischoff had some great exchange of words on the internet. Not aimed at each other, but along the lines of what I was thinking about.

The Hitman also said something in the CNN interview that was amazing.

First and foremost: Kennedy talks about how all these wrestlers from yesteryear are coming out on television as "experts" but yet they haven't been in the WWE since they instituted the new drug testing policies after the death of Eddie Guerrero.

Johnny B. Badd is NOT an expert! Neither is Steve Blackman at this point, and neither are a lot of other guys that are talking on national news channels. It's stupid.

They are just seeking another 10 minutes of mention on television.

It's stupid.

Hitman answered, "I don't know, ask John Cena on that one", after Larry King asked Hart if the WWE did drug testing.

Now that's smart. Hart wasn't in WWE for the last few years so he forwarded the question to the WWE Champion John Cena!

That's smart.

Mero and others, just aren't.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


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Lucha Libre Los Angeles

The sponsors just keep coming.

What Can I tell you, this blog is gaining momemtum in some areas, but in others it's not.

I will be out of town today, but posted something on Kane, and will be trying to gather some lucha libre stuff.

For now, you guys should check out fcwlive.com they are having a lucha show in los angeles, and you'll probably be glad you went if youg.

Does Kane Deserve A Title Shot?

....hefeels fans would love to see him chase Edge for the World Title. The feud will probably continue for a few months.

src - Wrestling Inc.

No. I do not believe that Kane deserves a shot at the title. He was on a losing trend for a while and he's washed up in my view. He's not really a monster anymore, and he's got the speed of a slow large guy. He's not as agile as say...Abyss for instance.

Kane has exhibited some good matches in the past, when someone was carrying him, but now? I don't believe that he's that good. He's slow, he has like 6 power moves and that's it.

I never liked Kane.

Besides being slow, he's got a horrible gimmick. Kane is Undertakers brother, and well...hasn't had a good match since he was teaming with Undertaker and they were just manhandling people in the ring.

Edge is good, but is he good enough to carry Kane through a title match?

Only time will tell.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Advance Warning

Alright Wrestling fans, I'm going to be gone for a few days. I'm going to be in Los Angeles coming up this weekend so I won't have any major content on this site. I'll have one more paid post after this, and maybe a monday morning update, and some notes that I find online. Otherwise, I won't have anything for you guys. Sorry about the weeks worth of sponsored posts, I'll be back on the grind Monday with some great stuff...or mediocre stuff.

So I'm giving all 3 of you readers advance warning. I'm developing some more content for this blog, and hopefully going to expand into lucha libre results and stories.

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WWE 24/7 Does NOT Blur WWF Logos!

I haven't seen a lot of this on the web, so I'm going to call it an Exclusive!

I was watching 24/7 this morning and they did not blur any WWF logos, and it didn't change the commentary at all. The interviews all had WWF in their speeches, and all sorts of WWF stuff.

WWE lost a lawsuit which forced them to change their video library. But now it's different.

This is probably an isolated incident. Since it was the Survivor Series 93' event.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wrestling and My Personal Economics

On a side note before I begin another entry on this huge sponsored post day. I'm sorry about that, but I have to Hustle to make ends meet, and well...writing gets the bills paid. So here's another post...for all 3 of you readers out there.

The economics of wrestling is odd to me. Especially now that I'm married and have to weigh the options of staying up to watch wrestling or to sleep.

Here's a few examples of what's in my way:

1) My wife works at starbucks at 4:45 A.M daily. I drive her to work. I start at 9 am. I have 7 blogs to write. Raw comes on at 9 and ends at 11 at night. ECW is on at 10pm. I still have to wake up at 4 am. No I don't have Tivo. It costs 12 dollars more to get it on my cable, and it's already at 81 dollars a month. (hence the hustling on this site to try and make ends meet)

2) PPV's used to cost 20 dollars! They were cheap and easily digestible. Not to mention they had some great matches. One such match was Undertaker vs. Stone Cold at Cold Day In Hell In Your House, as well as King of the Ring 97' where Austin wrestles Michaels and they beat the hell out of a ton of referees.

3) Smackdown is taped. So by the time it airs live, I already have read the spoilers. So my fridays are all off.

4) The cost of being a fan. This year alone I spent 400 dollars on tickets. That's right, 2 tickets to No Way Out, on ebay because the event sold out before I could get tickets.

So there is a little bit on the economics of wrestling and myself.

These posts are getting to be more frequen, I know, but bare with me...Like I said..HUSTLE.

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Steroids & Wrestling: My Take

I personally don't really care. That's right, I don't care if they use them or not. Every person has a decision to use or not to use, the ones that don't use do great things for so much longer, and those that abuse the drugs end up not having the longevity that most enjoy.

Wrestling is great, and I love to see it, but I don't like the media sticking in their noses now that a wrestler has died in such a fashion.

When other wrestlers committed suicide, were murdered, drank themselves to death, or had demons, or anything like that.

Not only that, since when does the media give one iota of a care about the wrestling world? They ignore the matches, ignore most of the events, and ignore all sorts of things.

Count the times the media was involved with anything wrestling related in a positive notion?


That's right. Billy & Chuck. When they were going to get married, all the news sources were praising their stance on gay marriage, and then it was ruined by 3-Count! Remember?

That was fantastic! That's all I'm saying about that.

As for the media, they can just shove it. I'm tired of them sticking their noses into the wrestling world.

And I too am somewhat hypocritical....I have their clips on this blog!

Oh man...I need help.

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Ecw Low Ratings

No matter what ECW does, it still pulls in low ratings. Why is that?

Here are my two main reasons:

1) Paul Heyman is not associated with it at all. Not only does he not run things, the production and wrestling just is lame. While ECW had storylines, they never made it seem hokey or weird. They made it seem that the wrestlers, even if rivals, really were into it. They made it seem that feuds were real and the tension was high.

2) The wrestling is censored. There are few tables, few thumbtacks, few chairs, few everything! There's no saving grace in calling ECW "extreme" at all. The only extreme thing about it is how extremely far away from the original product it is.

So while Vinnie Mac nurses another wound from his steroids ghost, ECW maintains low ratings.

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WWE 24/7 The Monday Night Wars Review

On WWE 24/7 they have a program running where they show WWE Raw & Nitro back to back! That’s about 5 hours of wrestling, but they shorten it, because they don’t show the commercials, which on Nitro was A TON!

The only major matches that were featured, in a good light were:

Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (Us Title Match)

This was a classic and the two have so much chemistry together, too bad Syxx ruined the match with a run in and causing a count out! Of all things…thanks Syxx.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Lord Steven Regal

Wow! What a match up. Regal really deflated Mysterio’s high flying attack working on the right arm for most of the match, but around the 9 minute mark Rey Mysterio was poised to win the match and the T.V Title, but fell short in the closing moments when the time ran out! That’s right, there was a time limit draw! Wow! The match was great though.

The Outsiders vs. Extreme

This was a squash match, but what a great one! The Outsiders had such charisma man, it was so good, and to set up their match at Superbrawl VII and insult their future opponents: The Giant & Lex Luger they did the finishing maneuvers of their rivals! It was great. Hall gave one member of the other team a stiff chokeslam that I’m sure knocked the wind out of the poor sap.

That’s about all that was good from the WCW 97’ Nitro.

The WWE Raw show didn’t have anything that I remember. It featured the “I lost my smile” speech, and that’s about all I can recall from the event.

No wonder Nitro was winning the war.

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Sons of Wrestlers

Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, and Curt Henning, all have something great in common. It’s that their children want to be wrestlers and are currently pursuing that with all their efforts. From what I hear, they are all great wrestlers, and will probably overtake Orton in a few short months…but that might be too optimistic of an assumption.

In regards to Ric Flair’s son David….well that guy isn’t getting into wrestling for sure anytime soon. He just doesn’t have the charisma of his father, and no matter how crazy WCW put him over as, he’s just not cutting the mustard, and I wish him the best, just not in wrestling.

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Cena, Jericho,Debiase,Blackman, & Hart on Larry King (videos)

Thanks to NODQ.com for their efforts in covering this.

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The Miz Not So Good

The Miz has been a sore spot on my eyes lately. I didn’t like him a tall on the Real World, and I didn’t like him in the Tough Enough challenge and I hated him when I saw him in person at No Way Out in February. It just wasn’t worth it for me to see such a spectacle, when I know the guy isn’t that talented. Yet he’s on television more than Stevie Richards! How did that happen?

Last night the Miz took on Nunzio in what seemed like a match that had him trying harder than usual, and almost convinced me that he’s trying. However there were a few stiff shots in there and I know that the guy is still a little green around the edges.

So until I see more proof from that guy, I’m not a fan of The Miz.

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Once Again Tommy Dreamer Should Quit

Last Night ECW went live on Sci-Fi and I was hoping for a good one. The overall quality has improved for the show, and I'm genuinely excited about Big Vis getting into the fray with the Boogeyman. You can't scare Big Vis, and well...I'm scared of the guy with some insane tattoo's. They should cover him up again though.

Striker is funny.

In regards to The Main even though, I am still saying that Tommy Dreamer should quit while he's ahead. Seriously, the guy is not as good as he used to be, and even in the promo video for him it's all shots of him from the old ECW not the new.

Case in point, the finish of the match. Think about it: A drop toe hold onto a chair! Raven did that to Tommy so much back in the day, and he would kick out and seek revenge! Here he just folds into a worthless piece of crap. He totally jobbed for an ailing Nitro.

Oh and don't get me started on the job Big Stevie Cool did for Punk.

Ecw was upsetting, but quality ratio has gone up this time.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

John Cena Hooded Sweatshirt On Ebay

Just a quick note for all 2 of you readers out there, I'm selling a John Cena Hoodie on ebay if you're interested.

Please check it out, it's less than the selling price on shopzone. I got it as a gift and I'm too fat for it :( I need to work out more.

It's a Men's Large and it's a zip up.

If you're interested click the link HERE and check out on ebay for all you Cena fans.

This makes a great gift for you or a loved one. It's 34.99 but comes with FREE SHIPPING for you guys in the U.S, all other countries can email me or comment and I can find a quote for you. This is new and comes from a smoke free home!

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A Better Raw

I was moderately impressed by how the Raw show went last night.

Lashley made me a believer, alongside Jeff Hardy! Wow! The match was great, and it was definitely because Kennedy and Booker T. were amazing and the timing of the four of them wrestled one heck of an entertaining match.

Santino impressed me too, he put in a lot of offense in his rematch with Umaga, and although I heavily dislike Umaga, this match had me cheering for Santino.

Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton has a great potential, BUT only if Rhodes DOES NOT DO THE JOB FOR RANDY! I do not want to see Orton bury Dusty, or even beat him. Randy Orton should get beaten so badly, because he needs to respect a little more. The Great American Bash seems stacked right now.

Lastly. Did anyone notice Booker T. Looking at the monitors during the HHH return segment with the song "King of Kings" playing? I think there is more to this than meets the eye if you were lucky enough to catch it.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Konnan Shoots On TNA & So Does Sir Jorge


I'm back folks, from a weekend of frustration with my keyboard and stupid crap I see on television and the 6-0 BLOWOUT by MEXICO in the COPA AMERICA! I'm feeling great, and all 2 readers out there are going to like this post.

TNA has been known to treat their old timers like crap. Case in point: Konnan. Konnan recently spoke about things with tna on the radio!

Recently Konnan spoke up about the fact that TNA didn't really want to help with his kidney problems, nor help him out with his hip. Not only that, TNA refused to give him more money, all the while they were blowing half a million on Sting & Kurt Angle separately, not to mention Christian Cage's huge contract, and what's next?

Senshi, VKM, and others have asked for releases and aren't granted anything. Is this a surprise? Nope. I am not surprised that Samoa Joe also refused to sign a new deal.


TNA sucks. They are in a six sided ring which is completely stupid, the shows end in run in after run in, and the few good matches have involved The Fallen Angel, Somoa Joe, Senshi, and a handful of others.

Konnan is now broke. Not from mismanagement, but because of a load of medical bills.

What in the world is TNA thinking?

I have been a fan in the past, I liked Raven vs. Vampiro and a lot of other great matches in TNA but recently with all the gimmicks, and the random run ins, and stupid mocking and tribute of the Macho Man, I just can't watch. It's worth than seeing ECW look like crap with WWE.

Konnan is now going to AAA, and he's a top draw in Mexico still! He also has a booking roll alongside Vampiro, so there should be some good over there. As for TNA and the future? It's not looking good, because after all their years of trying to be the #2 promotion, they are still doing poorly in the ratings and losing fans like ME.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Sherri Martel's Death Not Known

Sherri Martel's death has been completely overshadowed by Chris Benoit's Death. She died mysteriously before Benoit did, and yet we won't know the cause of death before Benoit!

This is maddening for the family of Martel.

It's a sad state in the industry.

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Booker T. Wants Out

Reports are saying that Booker T. didn't want to move over to Raw because of a bad taste in his mouth from the last Raw run he had.

Fans will recall that Booker didn't get above the mid-card last time around the Raw roster. Furthermore, HHH has a huge hand in the decisions on RAW so don't expect King Booker to be a main event star soon.

The last time HHH & Booker squared off, Booker T. Did the job clean.

I don't like it either.

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WWE To Buy AAA (lucha libre)

In what seems to be a shocker (no punk intended) the WWE is considering purchasing Lucha Libre company AAA in Mexico, with the idea to set up a global network of wrestling with the WWE brand stamped across the world in different formats.


I hope this doesn't go down. I do not want the WWE to get their grubby hands on Lucha Libre at all. I don't care what good could come of it whatsoever, because I don't want them ruining a product that has been around for what seems like forever.

But then again, AAA seems to be lame these days with their six sided ring. I don't like the ring set up, but still it's Lucha!


If WWE does buy them, or at least the video catalog, we can finally see those famous matches that aren't available at ALL!

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

HHH wants Orton To Win Title

Randy Orton is loved by HHH so much that when HHH returns he wants to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

What does this mean?

This means a couple of things for WWE fans.

1) John Cena must lose the title to Randy Orton. Cena has beaten all comers so he would have to lose thanks to cheating, or something drastic like interference because if he loses cleanly to Orton, that means Orton is somehow better than all other comers that Cena has toppled, including Khali.

2) HHH really loves Orton or he KNOWS that Orton will do the job without complaints. HHH winning the world title upon his return can only mean that we'll see a lot of cowardly moves and no major wrestling for the guy as he'll most likely favor his recently surgically repaired leg.

This is going to be an outstanding summer if the H gets what he wants, and when you're the son in law of McMahon, you probably will get what you want.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tommy Dreamer Needs To Quit

Tommy Dreamer needs to quit. Last time I saw him wrestle he was clutching his ankle and yelling to the ref that he was really injured.

In the analysis of last nights ECW on Sci-Fi, Tommy got himself into a major scuffle with a horrible Johnny Nitro and showcased that the innovator of violence, is no longer innovating anything more than his preparations to get into a wheel chair. He's just taking punishment at this point.

Oh and why is Nitro even champion? I haven't heard the guy say more than two or three words on the mic, and yet they give him a title!

C.M Punk at least has enough English inside his head to formulate a convincing sentence.

Tommy Dreamer is old, not as old as Flair, but Dreamer is just getting beat for no particular reason. Give him a road agent job and call it a day.

ECW last night was lame.

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