Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hulk Hogan Hulkster Hug MOC Hasbro Toy on Sale Now

WWF Hulk Hogan “Hulkster Hug” Hasbro Toy New MOC for Sale $28.95 Here

If you want to get the latest and greatest from Hasbro and WWF’s collaboration, you have to look into this awesome toy. This limited edition NEW on the card action figure is the classic Hogan “Hulkster Hug” edition and it can be yours for $28.95 from amazon.com

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results and Review 10/29/12 No Show DVR

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 10/29/12

Ryback defeated JTG
Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett
Non-Title: Team Hell No defeated The Prime Time Players
Champion vs. Champion: Non-Title: Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro
Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (with Drew McIntyre) defeated Zack Ryder and Santino Marella
AJ Lee defeated Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix defeated AJ Lee
Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
Alberto Del Rio defeated Justin Gabriel

WWE Monday Night Raw Thoughts

I didn't see the full show because my DVR messed up. I received a new one this morning. However, I did read and watch some of the show. I don't think the WWE is going to be very popular in the next few weeks. The main event at Hell in a Cell left millions upset, and the show last night was boring with a lot of recycled matches that were tired and boring.

If you missed this show, you didn't miss much.

The main event for the Survivor Series is now set, and it's awful, to say the least.

Oh well.

I'll have more later this week.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Missing in Action

I've missed a few shows the past week because I was writing for work. I'm a professional blogger and it's all I do for a living. So when this site goes silent it's because I can't get to the writing part of it.

I really would like to request that you check out our amazon online links so that I can stop writing elsewhere and come here more often.

I'll be watching Raw as I heard there was a major screw job over the weekend at the ppv.

Until tomorrow, watch Raw tonight!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/22/12 Results and Review Boredom Movement

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/22/12 Results and Review Boredom Movement

Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
Kofi Kingston defeated Michael McGillicutty
Justin Gabriel defeated Antonio Cesaro
Ryback defeated The Miz
Dolph Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan
Big Show defeated Kane
Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder
CM Punk (with Big Show) defeated Sheamus

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/22/12 Thoughts and Ideas

The night was full of boredom, and the rating showed. There are a lot of moments wasted and a lot of filler. I’d rather have more talent, more matches and so much more.

The Best Matches

The best matches were definitely the Ziggler and Daniel Bryan match, by far, and the main event. Those two together were better than television quality matches, they are examples of how good wrestling can be when allowed some time and two masters of their craft are in the ring and in charge. I loved it. You know you did too.

Ryback showing up was awesome too, and the crowd pushing Punk in was reminiscent of when Raven was trying to escape Goldberg. Remember?


Well, in 1998 Raven fought DDP in an insane match at Spring Stampede that was just beautiful. The next night at Nitro Bill Goldberg defeated Raven for the title, and Raven was trying to escape but was pushed in by the fans.

Oh, the tag team match had some good moments too, I actually liked that a lot. Rey Mysterio is on his way out, he just is.

The Bad Things Were Really Bad

The show was terrible in a lot of ways. Aj is gone. Cena had a speech, I don’t know what else, it was boring, I wanted to sleep. You did too.

This week’s review sucks cause I didn’t really see a whole lot of greatness on the show.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

WWE Smackdown 10/19/12 Results and Review Ziggler Goes Night Night

WWE Smackdown 10/19/12 Results

Randy Orton def. The Miz
Team Rhodes Scholars def. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel
Team Hell No def. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler
Antonio Cesaro def. Ted DiBiase
Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre) def. Brodus Clay
Layla def. Natalya
Lumberjack Match: Non-Title: Sheamus def. Wade Barrett

WWE Smackdown 10/19/12 Thoughts

img src: wwe.com

WWE Smackdown to me is still the B show, so I have to remember to treat it that way when I watch it. The beginning segments bored me, but then we got into a match, and for the most part that’s what I remember from the show.

The Miz took a sick shot from Orton towards the end of the match, and his losing streak is once again indicative that we may not see The Miz much longer. He’s come a long way, but he’s going straight down in these recent months. Orton looked solid, even though I still don’t like him.

The tag team division needs more teams; I’m tired of the same old jobber squads facing Rhodes Scholars.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are definitely fun to watch, and they made Big Slow and Ziggler look good overall. I loved the way things would turn out later in the show.

3MB is cool in my view. If you’re not sold on it, watch Heath Slater’s picture perfect missile dropkick off the top rope, and you might think differently. Brodus Clay was an awesome character, but I think they are giving up on him, this is yet another loss for the big man.

The women’s match sucked.

The lumberjack match at the end was cumbersome to say the least. The guys worked an ok match, but I’m tired of seeing Barrett become another jobber for a roster full of them.

The Best Match

This week’s best match goes to Antonio Cesaro for knocking the hell out of Ted Dibiase. I’m impressed by Cesaro’s old school style and hope he gets a good opponent that will challenge for the belt.

Team Hell No versus Big Show and Ziggler was a great match showcasing everyone’s powerful fan reaction. I liked how it all turned out and especially the way Big Show is held strong even in defeat.

The Worst Match

The absolute worst is the women’s match. I’m sick of them. The knockouts at least put on a decent match up.

The tag match and the Lumberjack match were not my favorites, so they tie for the worst. Although I hate Orton, so that’s not saying much.

Overall Show

Overall, the B show did ok, it was entertaining but they have a long way to go before they can match up the intensity that I get from Raw each week. We’ll see how things turn out in the near future. For now, enjoy your weekend.

Highlight of the Night

The best part of the show came at the end, when Dolph Ziggler was ready to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase but unfortunately as he was ready to pounce on a helpless Sheamus Big Show knocked him completely out, and that was the end of the show. I loved it. I usually hate on the Big Slow but this was great.


BOOOM BOOOM BOOM Kofi won the title on wednesday, I didn't watch.

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TNA Impact 10/18/12 Results

TNA Impact 10/18/12 Results

I didn’t watch the show this week because I forgot to record it. So here are the main results from the show.

Samoa Joe defeated Robbie E
ODB defeated Tara
Chavo & Hernandez defeated Kid Kash & Gunner
Kurt Angle defeated Daniels & Aj Styles in a triple treath match
Sting defeated Devon by DQ

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/12 Results and Review Punk and Ryback Unite

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/12 Results

img src wwe.com

Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan
Alberto Del Rio defeated Brodus Clay
The Prime Time Players defeated Team CoBro
2-on-1 Handicap Match: Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga
Non-Title: Antonio Cesaro defeated Justin Gabriel
Kane defeated Matt Striker
Non-Title: Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett
Divas Championship: Eve (c) def. Layla by pin after Eve (c)
Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Primo & Epico
Non-Title: Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/12 Review

When it comes to the “A” show, the WWE surely know how to do it right. I found this night to be another mixed night of quality wrestling, boring backstage stuff, and wanting to boink the general manager. You know you’d want to as well!

Best Matches of the Night

My favorite matches of the night this time around are the Big Show beating Daniel Bryan. This match had a lot to offer, even for me. Bryan really hit everything he could on Show, but it was Show in the end that had the winning formula, choke slamming Bryan within an inch of his life.

Ryback defeating two main eventers, well not really, was a surprise. Ryback continued to plow through competitors, this time it was David Otunga and Ziggler that got completely blown away by the monster.

Kofi Kingston and the Miz! This match was ok, then it got into an insane ending where The Miz was clocked in the face by Kofi in what seemed like the hardest kick to the head I’ve ever seen. MIz, I thought was completely knocked out clean, but apparently he did not receive a concussion. I thought for sure he was gone.

My favorite of all the matches, had to go to the Antonio Cesaro match in which Justin Gabriel put on a highlight reel of his talent, only to get blown out of mid air with a European uppercut. I kid you not, the timing here was perfect and Gabriel was blown out of his boots by a huge uppercut that no one saw coming. Loved the match, loved the ending, great quality overall.

Bad Matches

The tag team division received no time, as they went through a spot fest that bored me.

The women still are tired and boring.

The backstage elements weren’t that great, and the first punk segment as well as the Miz’s highlight reel knockoff was stupid.

Overall all the talking was too much, and the action suffered, but then again, the ending was awesome.

Overall Show

Ryback and Punk will meet inside a Hell in the Cell match at the ppv, and while I’m not going to buy it, I know a lot of people will. The match up is an interesting one, as the two will face each other one on one for the first time.

If you’re not a fan of Ryback’s push, at least know that both John Cena and CM Punk have voted for him backstage to take this main event spot right now. Will Ryback win?

Well, I don’t know, but I will put money on Punk retaining through antics and maybe help from someone breaking into the cage. If he retains, look for Dolph Ziggler to steal the title.

The overall show was good, I liked it. The matches were brief, but some of them were definitely bright spots overall. The 3 Man Rock Band gimmick is funny, I’ll buy into it, that’s for sure. I want to play air guitar already!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Results No Review

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Results

X-Division Championship: RVD def. Zema Ion

Television Championship: Samoa Joe def. Magnus

Street Fight: James Storm def. Bobby Roode w/ King Mo

Joey Ryan def. Al Snow

Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez def. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle and Daniels and Kazarian

Knockouts Championship: Tara def. Tessmacher

No Disqualification: Aces and Eights def. Sting and Bully Ray

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries

oh and DEVON was the leader of Aces and Eights, you're welcome.

WWE Smackdown 10/12/12 Results and Review Late But Never Down

WWE Smackdown 10/12/12 Results

K.O. Punch vs. Brogue Kick: Big Show def. Sheamus
Non-Title: Sheamus defeated Tensai
Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (with Drew McIntyre) defeated Team CoBro
Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) by DQ
Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston
Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow (with Cody Rhodes)
Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Daniel Bryan

WWE Smackdown 10/12/12 Review

Well, I am terribly late with this review, but you'll have to excuse me. I don't have a job and this blog alongside my other writing projects, I am 100% freelance. I don't make a lot of money, and I BEG YOU, to buy something from amazon if you can. If not, it's cool.

Alright, so Smackdown was on friday, I saw it later than that, and here I am talking about it.

What was good?

Well, the opening sucked. I hate the build up to this Big Slow match with Sheamus. The BRO kick is still cool, but I'll never call it anything but the "BRO" kick, sorry. This led into a Tensai match....sigh.....

Oh right, I'm talking good stuff right?

The one man rock band is exciting to me, I like that gimmick. Maybe it's cause I think Heath Slater has something special, maybe it's just that I love air guitar too much to boo him, but it's cool.

Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio put on a good main event for television, and the constant scary moments between his ring announcer and himself going through the back all night was a funny thing. I hate orton, but I liked how there wasn't anything to "fear".

Aside from those few gems, Smackdown was full of dread.

The Bad?

Everything else. The B show sucks, face it, there's not a whole lot of wrestling that can save it. Sure, I like some small things here and there, but as a cohesive program? Smackdown is lacking in all departments. Maybe I just need more wrestling, maybe I'm just jaded, but the show isn't that great, and it is showing.

I do like Kane, Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, and other spots, but this night's show wasn't that great.

Oh well.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daredevil First Does the Stone Cold Stunner

I ran into Daredevil #60 and realized that the cover shows the first ever Stone COld Stunner...double Stunner!

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Results and Review Weird Build Ups

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Results

Austin Aries defeated James Storm
Hernandez defeated AJ Styles
Kazarian and Christopher Daniels defeated Sting and Bully Ray via DQ
Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim
Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via DQ

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Review and What Not

Thursday night TNA showcased another episode of their wrestling show, and I finally got around to watching it. It should have been an incredible moment as the company builds up for their premier ppv. There were some things that worked, and some things that were just terrible.

The Best Matches

Austin Aries fought James Storm and I for one was impressed, completely. I can’t believe that he pulled the brain buster on Storm. Of course he won thanks to interference but wow, Aries can go and he is like a mini-CM Punk but I don’t care, he is awesome in ring. The match was a great opener and I’m glad to see some quality wrestling on the show.

Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy put on a good main event, even though it seemed a bit forced at times. I liked how fast paced the match got towards the end, even when Roode went for the low blow and got the hell out of town. Aries came down and played the pipe bomb role and that was ok at best.

The Bad News

The women’s match, Hernandez, Style, the tag match, and so much more sucked bad. I was impressed by Bully Ray, he's at his best right now, I hope he's not swerving everyone.

I especially didn’t like the vignettes, with the exception of one.

The best Moment on IMPACT

RVD getting a shot at the X-Division title shot this weekend against Ion..wow. In that segment wow, RVD is about to throw a punch, but Ion flinches and then gets hit with a standing roundhouse kick to the belt and face! I was impressed with Van Dam, wow….if you saw it you liked it.

Tna Wrestling has a long way to go before I become a huge fan, but I almost thought about driving to Arizona to see this, but alas, I can’t, I have to work. If you get TNA ppv tomorrow and want to review let me know, I’ll post up your review etc.

If not, I’ll have a Smackdown review up tomorrow. Later skaters.

Friday, October 12, 2012

WWF Supertape Volume 2 (1990) Rare Coliseum Video For Sale

Today we present another classic rare VHS tape for sale, it’s WWF Supertape Volume 2 (1990) Coliseum Video release and you can purchase it here.

WWF Supertape Volume 2 (Official Coliseum Video)

1989 Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan
01/15/90 The Rockers vs. The Powers of Pain
1990 The Rockers vs. Dino Bravo & Greg Valentine
1990 Hercules vs. Akeem
1990 Segment on the names of moves and holds
03/19/90 Demolition Ax & Smash vs. The Orient Express (Tanaka & Sato)
03/19/90 Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel
12/28/89 Roddy Piper vs. Rick Rude (steel cage match)
1990 Segment on wrestling bloopers
02/19/90 Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Mr. Perfect & The Genius

Why You Should Own It

When it comes to these rare tapes, some of them are great, and others are terrible. This is an example of a great one. This is the second volume in the series that the WWF put out called Supertape. The first one came out with a cage match that featured Hogan, Brutus Beefcake, Savage and Zeus, which was not previously available on tape. These were before ppv took over the great matches, and this tape is one of the best ones for classic WWF action.

The Best Matches

The best matches on this tape are easy to see, and might surprise you.

The Rockers vs. The Powers of Pain is a good example of how the smaller wrestlers were getting over in due time. The Powers of Pain are huge in contrast to the Rockers but they don’t let that bring them down. This match had some great tandem action, even though it seemed painful at some points.

Bret Hart and Rick Martel put together a cool match that showcased both the veteran style of the Model and Bret Hart’s speed and agility as an up and coming superstar. This is a classic, and you will find it to be quite memorable.

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Ravishing Rick Rude in a steel cage match! Now this is a great match that most people didn’t see, and it’s available here. This match was part of their feud that they had all through 1989 and wow, they put together some moments, and if you missed it, you need to get this tape just to see this in higher quality than you will find on YouTube.

The bloopers reel is ok, and the Hogan match has some nice work in it, even though you have to only think of him in that light and not what he’s become in these modern times.

Where You Can Get It

You can buy WWF Supertape Vol. 2 (1990) via eBay, or you can click here and purchase it straight up. This is a rare tape and finding the original Coliseum Video packaging is rough, so make sure you buy it here with the links provided.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryback To Turn Heel

Why Ryback Should Turn Heel

img src WWE.com

Lately on Raw and even on other shows, there are a lot of moments that are showcasing CM Punk as the cowardly heel, and every time there is a cowardly heel in pro wrestling, he needs a bodyguard. The build up for a Ryback vs. Cm Punk match doesn’t seem to be doing anything but to showcase one of two things.

First, it is showcasing a Goldberg like rise in the crowd and we may see a hot shot towards the main event and title picture. I am not 100% sure that WWE would do that. I don’t think it would happen, but then again, it might happen.

The second thing that could happen is Ryback is really being poised to turn heel. This has been done in wrestling time and time again, and it would be a great swerve that would have people so furious that it would make CM Punk’s character all the more hated.

By turning Ryback Heel now, he can be setup to fight CM Punk down the road when finally decides to break free of his control. Think about it, the crowd is going completely nuts for him, and the formulas always have love & hate.

Then again, maybe nothing will happen and the show will continue to be what it is, an up and down ride.

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WWE Main Event 10/10/12 Results and Review The No Show

WWE Main Event 10/10/12 Results

Big Show defeated Randy Orton
Kofi Kingston defeated Michael McGillicutty

WWE Main Event 10/10/12 Review

I didn’t watch the show because I can’t stand both The Big Slow or Randy Horton. I hate both, they are way past due for getting the axe. I’m sorry, no review.

However, I do have a post coming about Ryback turning Heel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Results and Review Punk Punches Fans

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Results

Tornado Handicap Match: Ryback defeated Primo and
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated The Prime Time Players
Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett by DQ
Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd
Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler
Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Team CoBro
Eve defeated Kaitlyn
CM Punk vs. Vince McMahon

img src WWE.com

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Review and Analysis

Monday Night Raw once again swept through another venue and was not a great one, but there were some moments that definitely had me excited. The 3 hours of this show was a lot of filler, but between the filler there were some moments worth noting, and that’s what I will focus on here.

The Best Matches

Vince McMahon can still go. He’s 67 years old and I was not hoping to see him fighting here, but wow, he put up a major fight and beat the hell out of Cm Punk. Punk hit McMahon hard style at some points and Punk got hit hard with Kendo sticks and more. McMahon can really go, and despite his age, he put on an entertaining show. Punk ran away like a little Bitch and punched a fan. He will now have to fight either Ryback or John Cena.

The tag team championship tournament continued and the team that I pegged to win big didn’t work out well. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara seem to be poised to get the titles as Mysterio is in his twilight years as a wrestler. Rhodes Scholars will definitely prove to be tough competition and their match was a bit better than the Prime Time players match, but I liked the whole thing.

The Worst Points

John Cena’s speech during the beginning, the women’s match, Larry King and the Miz verbally sparring, and the rest of the show wasn’t really all that great. Even the Ryback handicap match didn’t do much for me. There were some good points in the show, but I had to fast forward a few things that were just boring, and you know you did as well.

Overall Show

I wasn’t as excited for this week’s show, and I think that many people agree. There were some highlights, but let’s face it, it’s lacking in wrestling, and lots of it. Oh well.

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This review was brought to you in part by CM PUNK THE BEST IN THE WORLD BLU RAY. It comes out sooner than you think, and you can save 30% by ordering from amazon.com here. Help me out by purchasing the blu ray and let me know if it's any good.

Monday, October 8, 2012

WWF Mega Matches (1991) Official Coliseum Video VHS For Sale

Today we present another rare VHS tape for sale, it’s the original WWF Mega Matches (1991) Coliseum Video release and you can purchase it for $15 Here.

WWF Mega Matches (Coliseum Video Official Release)

10/10/90 Tito Santana vs. Earthquake
01/08/91 Big Bossman vs. Bobby Heenan (ball and chain match)
12/11/90 Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan
11/24/90 Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian
1990 The Bushwhackers vs. Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine
08/08/90 Hulk Hogan vs. Dino Bravo
1990 Segment with Hillbilly Jim and his grannie
10/19/90 Davey Boy Smith vs. Haku
10/28/89 Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan
01/21/91 Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (steel cage match)

Why You Should Own It

When it comes to Coliseum Videos, they are usually hit or miss for the most part, however, this one has some classic match ups that you’re not going to see in a lot of other videos. The reason this is a great buy simply relies on the fact that these matches were before WWF/WWE had monthly pay per views. These were filmed from around their house shows, tv tapings and much more and brought to you as a rental. Now you can own it in good condition for a low price.

The Best Matches

The best matches on this one vary from your particular tastes.

I loved the Macho Man vs Warrior Steel Cage encounter, Hogan vs Dino Bravo, Heenan and Bossman in a ball and chain match up, and of course the Bushwackers always made me laugh.

The rest of the tape is cool too for classic WWF fans.

Where you can get it

You can buy WWF Mega Matches (1991) via ebay, or you can end up getting it by clicking here and paying only $15. This one is a rare vhs tape and you can transfer it to dvd if you want.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

WWE Smackdown Results and Review 10/5/12 The B Show

WWE Smackdown Results and Review 10/5/12

The Prime Time Players defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston
Ryback defeated Primo
Layla defeated Alicia Fox
The Miz (with Big Show) defeated Sheamus by DQ
Team Hell No defeated Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga by Daniel Bryan
Tensai (with Sheamus) defeated Big Show by DQ
CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler

WWE Smackdown Best and Worst and What Not

Smackdown was on last night and I caught most of it, but was tired. I did manage to record it so I got to see the epic moments and what not.

The best match of the night was definitely the main event. I have no idea why Ziggler is not a champion yet, but he is ready and it shows. He went toe to toe with Cm Punk yet again and while Punk won, it wasn’t an easy battle.

The tag team championship tournament had a cool match, and I’m hoping that the Prime Time Players are just one of the many tag teams that will not be “hot shotted” to the titles.

Bad and Worst

Smackdown had some funk, and no I don’t mean Brodus Clay. The show had a few moments that I just didn’t care about, mainly the Sheamus and Big Show angle that ran throughout the night.

The women’s match was horrible.

Ryback was cool, but can we get him some serious competition already?

Tensai is still here?

Overall Show

Overall, Smackdown showcased why it is exactly the B Show. Sure, there wasn’t as much filler as Monday Night Raw gets, but it’s certainly a far cry from being the best show in the company. Heck, I liked Main Event better, but that’s not saying a lot.

Maybe I was just tired, but Smackdown didn’t hold my attention like Raw did.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Impact Wrestling 10/4/12 Results and Review Lunatic Wrestling Program

Impact Wrestling 10/4/12 Results

Mr. Anderson defeated Gunner
Tara and Gail Kim defeated ODB and Miss Tessmacher
Samoa Joe defeated Rob Van Dam (Tv Title Match)
Chavo Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle
Zema Ion defeated Douglas Williams
Bully Ray defeated Austin Aeries and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match

Impact Wrestling Thoughts and Ideas

img src Impact Wrestling

I was able to finally sit down and watch Impact wrestling after several months of nothing. I have to admit there are some changes that were made by the TNA brand to make the show a little more in your “face” but it still looked like an “independent” compared to WWE.

Instead of comparing what isn’t working, I’m going to compare what does work and review this stuff as is.

The Best Match

The best match of the night was definitely the women’s match. That’s not saying much but it is true. The women have a lot more offense here than most of the men on TNA, and it was more interesting to me to see how it turned out than any other match on the card.

The Worst Match

The worst was definitely watching a very boring Rob Van Dam fight Samoa Joe. The two don’t mesh that well, and watching Joe defeating RVD in such an easy manner is just lame.

Overall Idiocy

Impact is such a hard show to watch for me. There is a “gang” angle that is kind of like the New World Order that wants to compete with TNA and what not. It’s a boring thing, and I can’t really tell who the characters are.

Sting and Anderson will face two members of Aces and Eights and it’s going to be terrible, I just know it. Sting looks fat. Anderson looks fat. Sigh…as a stand alone show it’s going to be a hard thing to watch each week.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

WWF The Big Event (1986) Original VHS For Sale

Today we present a rare VHS tape for sale, it’s the original WWF The Big Event Coliseum Video Release and you can purchase for $30 Here.

The Big Event VHS (Coliseum Video Official Release)

The Killer Bees vs. Jimmy Jack and Dory Funk, Jr.
Don Muraco vs. Haku
Ted Arcidi vs. Tony Garea
Junkyard Dog vs. Adrian Adonis
Dick Slater vs. Mike Sharpe
Bundy, Studd, & Heenan vs. Lou Albano, Big andSuper Machine
Ricky Steamboat vs. Jake Roberts (snake pit match)
Billy Jack Haynes vs. Hercules
Jacques and Raymond Rougeau vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake
Harley Race vs. Pedro Morales
Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff

Why you Need the Big Event

The main reason you want this is because it took place before Wrestlemania III took place and it was at the height of the WWF’s big time match making ability. The show was held in Canada and there was a legitimate 65,000 plus people in attendance. You think today’s attendance records were big, they have aerial coverage of the stadium, and it’s insane how many people packed in to see this one. I’m not sure if it was shown on pay per view or antying, but this coliseum video release features some great moments.

The best matches on the card in my view are:

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in a no rules SNAKE PIT MATCH! This has to be where Raven go the “Raven’s Rules” match, right? Great match between the two, and something you have to see. This is Roberts at his best.

Don Muraco vs. Haku was a good one too, for what it was. Muraco was still young and could go, and Haku was not bloated or old, so you get an interesting match up of old school styles.

Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff for the WWF title definitely put butts in the seats. This match was another classic between the two, and shows off just how big Hogan was in the 1980s. Orndorff was no joke, and I don’t know why they never gave him the title, I loved his schtick as Mr. Wonderful and thought he could go toe to toe with Hogan.

Where you can get it

You can buy WWF The Big Event online via ebay but you’ll end up fighting a lot of bidders. If you do not want to go that route, I suggest you purchase it by visiting here. You can purchase the original Coliseum Video VHS in good condition from amazon online here, and check out this instant classic.

WWE Main Event 10/4/12 Results and Review Punk is Truly The Best

WWE Main Event 10/4/12 Results

CM Punk defeated Sheamus
Santino & Zack Ryder defeated Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

WWE Main Event Thoughts and Review

This new show for WWE was shot in an odd manner, making the arena seem smaller, and possibly a set up for a house show type of thing. The whole thing was smaller scale the the other productions, that’s for sure.

CM Punk and Sheamus put on a great match, in my view. This was a crisp back and forth match with no clear winner until Punk cheated to win. I liked the way that Punk is using the in ring “heel” strategy to win, and I liked that Sheamus said there would be another time and then, Punk would get the “BRO” Kick.

The tag team championship tournament also carried on, but that was relatively uneventful and boring to me. Sure I like comedy teams, but Gabriel and Kidd just got played as jobbers.

Main Event Status

The Main Event program reminds me a lot of WCW Thunder, and well, it will most likely suffer that fate, much like WWE Superstars did a few months back.

Until next time, Buy something from Amazon, and help me keep paying for cable television.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Raw Results and Review 10/1/12 JR Tribute Night

The first major review for this website is coming to you live from LAX, as I have moved away from Koreatown and am now sitting pretty in my own office, with the sun coming up and the airplanes passing by. I’m your host, writer, and local idiot, Sir Jorge and I am the best in the world at what I do.

Last night Raw blew through Oklahoma, and it was Jim Ross Tribute Night, which meant a lot of things, and in the grand tradition of the WWE, things happened the way they always do, with JR getting pushed around like a chump….

Before we get into my favorite things from Raw, I want to thank each and every subscriber out there that is still with me, and I want to ask you to patronize our sponsors as it helps me not have a 9 to 5 job. Seriously, buy something.

Img src WWE.com

WWE Raw Quick Results 10/1/12

#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Primo & Epico
Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay
The Miz defeated Zack Ryder
Ryback defeated Tensai
Eve defeated Beth Phoenix
Santino Marella defeated Heath Slater by DQ
Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow
Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston
Special Referee- AJ Lee: Team Hell No defeated CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

WWE Raw 10/1/12 Thoughts Ideas and Other Crap

The overall show was not half bad, there were some dull moments, like the Big Show and Sheamus in a debate with Booker T as the moderator. That was obviously just filler for the WWE trying to get 3 hours worth of television in a 2 hour package.

The backstage segments were lame, and I’d much rather imagine Aj Lee naked and in my bed than having to watch her act and deal with whatever it was backstage that she was dealing with. Who knows, who cares, I don’t.

The commentary team is awesome with Jim Ross in there, and I like Michael Cole not doing that heel gimmick.


The best match for me was hard to pick. As much as I love the One Man Rock Band, the show was really stolen in the main event with Team Hell No doing their schtick and Dolph Ziggler leaving Cm Punk to the wolves and walking out on him. Punk is great in that role, losing, but only because Ziggler walked out on him.

Damien Sandow is a great throwback, he put up a great fight against the Great White Sheamus. I can’t ever call his finisher the Brogue kick, sorry. It’s always going to be the “BRO” kick to me, and that’s that. So if you see me mention that it’s the BRO Kick, then you know what I’m talking about. Sandow and Sheamus had a great match, and I bought into the whole thing, even though I knew the outcome was going to be all Sheamus.

Moment of the Night

The moment came when Jim Ross got ridiculed and thrown out of the ring by a verbal assaulting CM Punk. Punk really let JR have it, in true tribute to the guy. As Ross was leaving up the ramp, the crowd went insane, with no piped in sounds, as RYBAK came out to his “FEED ME MORE” song. He stared down CM Punk and the crowd went completely nuts. This was the same type of reaction that Goldberg used to get. I kid you not, the roof exploded as the two stared each other down, and Cm Punk walked away.

This is the BEST heat and praise I’ve seen in a LONG TIME!

Worst Moments of the Night

Rybak should have shined against Tensai but he couldn’t pick him up. I don’t recall Goldberg having too much trouble doing his moves against bigger guys. Remember when he picked up the Giant?! Oh yeah.

Aj Lee everywhere. She sucks.

Final Thoughts on Raw

Raw was good, was it war? Na. The matches ranged from entertaining to down right stupid. The women’s division sucks. The tag division is gaining major steam, but the rest of the card was forgettable, with the exception of some shining moments.

I’m still big on The Funkasoarus, and if Big Show wins another WWE TITLE I’m going to riot.

Oh and no John Cena, good riddance.

This review was brought to you in part by CM PUNK THE BEST IN THE WORLD BLU RAY. It comes out sooner than you think, and you can save 30% by ordering from amazon.com here. Help me out by purchasing the blu ray and let me know if it's any good.


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