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WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Results and Review

WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Results

Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson in the ECW title match
The Miz defeated MVP in the U.S Title Match
Sheamus defeated Randy Orton in the WWE Title match via disqualification
Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool in the WWE Women's Title Match
The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio in the world heavyweight title match
Edge won the Royal Rumble Match

WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Review

Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson in the ECW title match

Christian and Ezekiel put on a good overall opening match up. The ECW champion really had a hard time with Jackson, as he was getting through some major power moves. Jackson really had this match in the bag, but Christian managed to win this one. Not a terrible match, but Christian has done it all with the ECW title that he could possibly done.

The Miz defeated MVP in the U.S Title Match

MVP started this match fast but the miz managed to counter at all turns. Miz seemed a lot smarter than usual, and MVP really didn't look as strong when things went downhill. MVP got rolled up in a surprise roll up and the match was over sooner than I thought it would've been. MVP followed up the post match with a playmaker and walked away mad.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton in the WWE Title match via disqualification

Orton drew first blood in this match with a picture perfect drop kick, and the match was a technical piece of wrestling history. Sheamus did manage to hang in there overall and he really did stay with Orton, but it was Orton who seemed to have this one in the bag, until Cody Rhodes got caught helping Orton win. The ref disqualified Orton and this match was done. Orton then ended things with Rhodes and Dibiase, this could be the end of legacy.

Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool in the WWE Women's Title Match

This wasn't much of a match, it ended faster than most matches and Michelle McCool finally lost. I guess no more piggie james jokes...she's still fat.

The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio in the world heavyweight title match

The Undertaker got busted open the hard way, and it was interesting. Mysterio put on one hell of a match against Undertaker and he didn't look weak at all. In fact, Mysterio at one point hit two 619's and had this match won, but got caught when he went for the Westcoast Pop. Mysterio got caught and then dropped on his head with the last ride in one of the better Undertaker matches in a long time. Mysterio got worked man, but Taker took some sick hits, making Mysterio a clear winner, even though he lost.

Edge won the Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble started with Dolph Ziggler #1 and Evan Bourne #2 and it carried through some good spots, but the first clear cut amazing Rumble entrant was Cm Punk. He eliminated all comers until Triple H came in. Then we got some spots, until #19 was John Cena and business picked up consistently from there.

Shawn Michaels eliminated TRIPLE H!

#29 was edge, #30 was Batista and the final four were Edge, Batista, Chris Jericho, and Shawn Michaels.

HBK got thrown out and he was definitely upset, super kicking a ref on his way to the back. Cena eliminated Batista, and Edge eliminated John Cena!

Edge is your winner, and that's your Rumble!

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Results and Review The Bait and Switch

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Results

Triple H defeated Cm Punk via disqualification
R Truth defeated Chris Jericho
Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison in a no holds barred match
Michelle McCool defeated Fat Mickie James
Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels (no contest)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Review

The show immediately opened up with the Degeneration X music to quite the ovation, despite the team being somewhat watered down by comparison of their former unions.

Dx was in ring and was interrupted by Rey Mysterio and he talked to Shawn about how he’s disrespected. Then the straightedge society came out, and the crews exchanged words. Triple H buried Punk and his crew fast, and I’m not sure if I liked how Triple H verbally buried Punk.

Theodore Long came out and changed up the tag team match up, and made Punk vs Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio. This is what is called the “bait and switch” folks.

Triple H defeated Cm Punk via disqualification

Overall this match surprised me up front. Triple H was getting beat early on by a faster, younger opponent, and he seemed frustrated going into the commercial break. Punk used his speed to really try to get Triple H off his game, and he managed to get a lot of shots in on the former champion. At one point even looking like he had this match easily won. However, after a few mistakes by Punk, Triple H had this thing in the bag almost and was taking care of business. The match got serious, and Triple H was on his path to victory but Sarena distracted the ref, Gallows got involved and then all three members of the Straightedge Society attacked Triple H and had his number.

Post match, The Straightedge Society was set to shave Triple H’s head, but they couldn’t succeed as Shawn Michaels came out for the save.

I’m not sure I like the Straightedge Society, as a whole. I just have memories of Right to Censor, and just am wary that WWE will trash the stable as soon as they can, with Triple H going over yet again.

R Truth defeated Chris Jericho

Truth and Jericho apparently had words on Superstars, but I didn’t see it. This match was interesting to say the least, Jericho was definitely up to his game and really pushing forward in this match. He seemed to have that old school control that is apparent in veteran match ups. However, Truth was there to lighten things up in the other end, posing some great moves left and right, causing Jericho to shift off his slower methodical game, and making this match very interesting. Truth has some great timing and Jericho’s ring awareness makes him that much more fun to watch. Truth’s counter to the Codebreaker was great. He simply held onto the ropes, caused Jericho to fall on the back of his head, getting himself rolled up and losing this match up.

I liked that match, and the finish was so good. Frustrating Jericho into being the strong mic’d heel is great.

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison in a no holds barred match

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good falls count anywhere style match up. This match up was no holds barred, and no count out, not necessarily falls count anywhere. This match was more like a street fight, and the two really put together some good spots. Whether it was McIntyre getting hip tossed into the steel steps, or McIntyre hitting for the fences with the kendo stick, this match was more along the lines of an endurance competition than a wrestling match. Morrison’s back nearly broke when he hit starship pain on McIntyre’s knees! The Future Shock on the Intercontinental Title was a great finish and McIntyre has once again put away John Morrison. The finish was great, McIntyre gets my vote for deserving the Intercontinental title, that was a classic finish.

Michelle McCool and Layla really made things somewhat funny with another skit. Michelle McCool issued a challenge to any diva in the back for a match against her, and then Mickie James’s music hit and the crowd went nuts…only to have Layla come out dressed as Mickie James in a fat suit! This was kind of funny at first, but got boring fast with Layla chasing McCool, who was holding a donut in her hands.

It led to a throwaway match with fat Mickie James.

Michelle McCool defeated Fat Mickie James

Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels (no contest)

This was a ppv caliber match up. It didn’t start that way, it was a little slow to start, but it picked up and boy did it pick up. Mysterio was getting the upper hand with his speed and agility early on, and he was definitely not just laying down for Micheals, in anticipation for his match at the royal rumble. Michaels turned the tables and it seemed that he was going to get the easy win, but the tables turned fast and out of nowhere Mysterio hit the 619 on Michaels in the best 619 I’ve ever seen in my life. Mysterio then went up for the west coast pop but out of nowhere, I kid you not, Sweet Chin Music in mid air to Mysterio! This was insane, if you missed it you missed it, this thing was picture perfect, timed well, and just the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Batista ran in and interrupted things and the match was thrown out. Post match Triple H came down to spar with Batista, and out of the blue came The Undertaker to double chokeslam Shawn and Rey Mysterio.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, a solid show up and down. The opening and closing matches were quite good, despite their finishes. The in ring talent was up to snuff for sure. This was a greater show than the one a few weeks back, and it really was fun to watch.

The intercontinental title is once again a title to watch. Morrison and McIntyre really took themselves to a good spot and the finish was an old school classic, I liked it.

I am NOT getting the rumble, nor do I know where to see it. But my pick to win the Rumble is none other than Chris Jericho!


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TNA Impact 1/28/10 Results and Review Screwed

TNA Impact 1/28/10 Results

Desmond Wolfe defeated Sean Morley
Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels
The Beautiful People defeated Awesome Kong, Hamada, and Tara
Brian Kendrick & The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me & Amazing Red
Doug Williams defeated Amazing Red in a X-Division title match
Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Jarrett

TNA Impact 1/28/10 Review

Immediately Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were introduced, and they arrived to somewhat cheers. They call out Mick Foley, and Foley wants his job back. This segment sucked and went nowhere.

Backstage Mr. Anderson took away Hemme’s mic and issued an open challenge to anyone in the TNA locker room for a match, since he wasn’t book tonight.

Desmond Wolfe defeated Sean Morley

What in the world? Val Venis is back? I heard about it, but I didn’t see his in ring return, and from what I can see, he’s not looking too out of shape. This match didn’t have me upset at all, I actually liked how it was going, and when the Tower of London happened, I actually cared about Desmond Wolfe’s second coming. Overall not a bad match, in the qualifier to a tournament on ppv; I didn’t mind it, and it was a good opening match up.

Mr. Anderson’s opponent for later will be Jeff Jarrett, not bad.

Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels

This too was a better match than in previous months. Daniels really matched Hernandez at times, but with his speed, while Hernandez tried to use his strength as an advantage. After a while Daniels grew frustrated that he couldn’t put super mex away and that made Hernandez the winner when he capitalized against the former Fallen Angel to advance to that tournament they kept talking about.

The Nasty Boys and Team 3d had a “face to face” of sorts. It was boring. They will face each other at the ppv.

The Beautiful people were interviewed backstage…that’s about it.

Eric Bischoff fired Bobby Lashley, and was escorted out of the arena.

The Beautiful People defeated Awesome Kong, Hamada, and Tara

The knockouts division is hit or miss when it comes to in ring ability. There should be enough talent in ring to get this match going, and it was definitely better than anything the divas have done lately. Tara still has some good moves, and it’s mind boggling to me why WWE didn’t capitalize on her talent. Madison Rayne and the rest of the Beautiful People have some moves too, but it seems that their ring attire gets in the way of their wrestling more time than not. Hamada and her team had this match completely won, but Madison Rayne got the win after using the ugly stick on Hamada.

I didn’t mind this match, I like foreign objects in endings sometimes. Overall a better offering than recent months, that’s for sure.

Backstage Earl Hebner got suspended after admitting he got a pay off from Flair to ring the bell early. Whatever.

Angle and Hogan buried the hatchet of sorts, and then Angle was immediately attacked by Hall & Waltman.

Brian Kendrick & The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me & Amazing Red

Finally, The Young Bucks are in a major company. I remember seeing the Young Bucks wrestle in Culver City, California in my home town! They finally made it! I’m glad. This match immediately started with Kendrick and Red going fast paced and Kendrick getting worked over fast. This match was very fast pace, and it was interesting. People talk about spot to spot and what not, but I personally thought it was more than that. Kendrick got the win over Red, and this match was interesting to say the least.

Big Rob gave Doug Williams the feast or fired briefcase and cashed it in.

Doug Williams defeated Amazing Red in a X-Division title match

Doug Williams cashed in the briefcase, and he’s now the new champion. This made a lot of sense.

Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett came out to no music, and just came down and started from point #1 at the bottom of the barrel. Anderson and Double J started with some good overall old school wrestling. This match should’ve been a lot longer. Jarrett seemed to be getting things rolling in his direction, but he lost after a low blow from Anderson.

Final Thought:

This night of TNA didn’t suck as bad as the previous weeks. There was some filler, but overall, the wrestling was a lot more thought out and entertaining to me. If TNA can continue moving forward like this, they might be able to pull in new fans.

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From The Mailbag 1/28/10 Edition

Another seven or so days has gone by and here are the latest comments and notes from the world of wrestling:

Ken has left a comment on the post "TNA Impact 1/21/10 Results and Review No Change in...":

This show as atrociously bad as Hogan's idea of "change" is apparently rehashing shit from 1996 and 1997. Moreover, after TNA just asked the audience not to chant bullshit before the show, what does Kurt Angle do? Say "this is bullshit!" at the end of the show.

He's right, it WAS bullshit. It sucked.

Yes, it was completely terrible. I am not sure where they are going or how much actual planning they did, but it came across as amateur at best. I agree. Let's hope tonight's show is good.

Shane has left a comment on your post "WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results and Rev...":

This was definitely not a good Smackdown. Honestly, I do beleive that, on average, it is better than Raw but that's probably just because they have more of my favorite characters. Well, as I've said before I am a big Kane fan even though I know he won't win the Rumble (unless my wishes of another Wrestlemania match between Kane and Taker come true [I always mark out huge for those, except 23. Their match at Wrestlemania 23 sucked.]) So even though I know he won't win I am looking for a big Kane push at the Rumble.

Personally, I think the final four of the Rumble will be Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, and John Cena. My prediction, Triple H wins.

Back onto the subject of the show, this one sucked. Jericho is a good and entertaining speaker as a heel, but I always liked his 'Lionheart' gimmick better. As for Kahli, I don't know if they're going back to his whole Punjabi Playboy thing but I'm really not a fan. I only liked him in one match (a triple threat with kane and batista, at the Bash i think). Taker is better as a heel. And personally, I think all the people Punk are saving are plants. Well, maybe not all but definitely the woman. There was just alot wrong with this show and not many good things. Looking forward to DX's breakup on Raw. Michaels and Triple H are better as single wrestlers.

On point, you're exactly right. Maybe we'll see some more thought in the show this week. Rumors are flying about all sorts of things, and that's good for interest. However, it didn't excuse a terrible show.

dag8ownar said said in regards to last week's Smackdown post:

This one was a sucky filler episode of Smackdown. Nothing really happened and the matches were just plain stupid. But the first tag team match was pretty good.

I hope they give John Morrison another push. He only needs to work a little on his mic skills, because in the ring he's untouchable.

Well, back on the show ... that final segment was just weak and stupid. Taker doesn't look that badass nor evil anymore like back in time. He needs to turn heel once more! I think he's been looking like an idiot on his more recent promos, but maybe it's just me. And will we get Shawn vs Taker againat WM? I hope we won't. And yes, i think Batista is on the juice and he's been since ... always? Well, he still sucks.

Yeah, the show sucked. I'm sure Morrison will come back at it again. Shawn and Taker would be terrible, let's hope it doesn't happen. Oh yeah, Batista is on the juice bad, let's hope he doesn't tear anything anytime soon.

Well that's it for the comments. I had to rush em this week because I'm trying to come up with the cable bill.

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ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Results and Review More of the Same

Just a quick note before we begin. I have not made any money from this site. That’s not to say that it’s all about money, but in order to cover wrestling I’ve been struggling to pay my cable bill.

I still don’t have a job, and I have no major prospects. Last night I cancelled my cable internet service, and this week I’ll be closing my cable television service.

What does that mean for the future of this site?

Well, for the time being that means we will no longer have PPV reviews at all. I can’t afford them.

It means that I’ll try my best to see wrestling at my in-laws house, or the local bar that has cable. If there are lapses in reviews, I’ll make sure to post the results and that’s it.

I’m sorry if that means you’ll have less wrestling to read about, but I am seriously broke and can’t afford the cost of cable, satellite, or internet. If things change, you will hear it from me here first, until my next review, which I hope will be Smackdown, here is the Ecw review for last night.

ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Results

William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kane & Christian
Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu and The Hurricane defeated Croft, Barreta, and Zack Ryder

ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Review

The show opened up with Ezekiel and Regal, and they were joined by Christian, and of course it was time to have a heart to heart again. This was boring to me, I’m sick of hearing these guys flap their gums for no apparent reason.

Christian said that he had backup this week, and it was none other than Kane!

William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kane & Christian

Christian started the match hot, he had Regal’s number with ease. That forced Regal to tag in, and that forced Christian to tag in Kane. Kane was over with the live crowd, a rarity to hear ecw fans loudly. Kane didn’t look like a dominant monster, he was isolated by Regal and Jackson, and just looked like any other big man. Kane, like many fans before have stated, has really been misused and really doesn’t seem to be the dominant monster he used to be. Kane and Christian started to work together in this match, and things started to look good. For once I cared about an ECW match, on a purely entertainment reason. Towards the end of the match, Kane made a miraculous turn into a monster and was killing Regal. Regal was a shell of his former self at this point and while Jackson helped, he couldn’t stop Kane completely. Ezekiel got a blind tag and pinned Christian! Now he looks like he can truly beat the champion at Royal Rumble.

Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu and The Hurricane defeated Croft, Barreta, and Zack Ryder

I’m not interested in the heel team at all. This match had me bored, and the camera constantly going to that skanky looking woman, was lame. This match was long too, and it had some decent wrestling, but I really don’t care about these guys, so I gave up and just pretended I was watching something else.

Final Thoughts

This night had two matches, and not a whole lot more. This really looked like WWE LIGHT. It reminds me of the Lucha Libre show I reviewed in Seattle, where the B-stars of CMLL wrestling nobodies, and people you didn’t care about.

Sure it’s good wrestling, but who cares?

Not me.

Till next time…I’m your pal, Sir Jorge.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/09 Results and Review Week Before Rumble

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/10 Results

DX defeated Legacy
The Big Show defeated MVP
Maryse defeated EVE
Cena vs. Sheamus (no contest)
Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/10 Review

They announced the guest hosts, and I already forgot who it was.

The show opened up with Degeneration X coming out for a match.

Shawn Michaels come out and talks a lot about he wants to win the Rumble, and asks Triple H to step down to win the Rumble. HHH wouldn’t bend at all, and it seemed like the two were headed to split up.

DX defeated Legacy

So far this match up wasn’t half bad. The match overall was going well, good fast paced action, back and forth tags. Legacy isolated HBK for a while, and it was interesting to watch as usual. However, things got really interesting when HBK and HHH started having problems in ring, and it looked like Legacy was going to get the cheap win. However, DX saddled up and managed to pull off another win against the faltering Legacy team.

The Dx guys are teasing a break up, with this Royal Rumble thing. It’ll be interesting to see them drop the titles on Friday and then break up and go on their separate ways. I for one am tired of Dx.

The Big Show defeated MVP

Before this match started The Miz and MVP verbally sparred and had a few moments before Miz announced that MVP will face The Big Show. The Big Show then proceeded to defeat MVP with such ease, that it’s surprising that he would ever get a title shot, considering he’s been on the way down for a long time now. Needless to say, this match was a non match, as it was over faster than it started. It was a jobber match to say the least.

The guest host is irrelevant to me, I don’t really care about these two guys.

Maryse defeated EVE

There were some half way decent points in this match, but it seemed forced at times. Maryse nearly killing Eve with the French Kiss is interesting to me. I liked the finishing move, but overall this match was short, the crowd wasn’t in it, and it just wasn’t that good. The divas are slowly, very slowly improving.

McMahon came out and said that Bret Hart would never be back in the WWE. He then went to the crowd and asked and belittled different people. The crowd rallied and gave a huge We Want Bret chant, but it wasn’t really changing things. McMahon then decided to simply leave with the crowd booing. But out came John Cena, for no apparent reason.

Cena cut a promo and basically said that if McMahon didn’t bring back Bret Hart, he would beat up Vince McMahon next week. McMahon said that he would invite Bret Hart back next week. John Cena was then thrown into a match with Sheamus, which is supposed to be punishment? Whatever.

Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox

Gail Kim was hitting some impressive moments in this match and Alicia Fox wasn’t taking them all that well. She’s not that great of a wrestler and Gail Kim was having a hard time carrying this match alone, at least from my perspective. After a few terrible counters, gail Kim won this match and moves forward to facing Maryse in the divas tournament.

Cena vs. Sheamus (no contest)

Cena and Sheamus battled in a match, which seemed off, since there’s nothing to build towards now that they are giving away a potential main event. Whatever the case is, Sheamus was in control of this match for a good portion of it. Cena was getting dismantled, which is usually how Cena matches go anyways, but Sheamus wasn’t looking tired or faced as it progressed. Cena was out cold at ringside, after a kick by Sheamus and the count was on. As Sheamus was alone out ran Randy Orton and knocked out Sheamus, the bell rang, and this was another thrown out match? Does Sheamus win cause Orton? I don’t know, no one said anything.

Post match it looked like Orton had his eyes set on Cena, but Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and that was the end of that.

Final Thoughts:

My internet kept going in and out during the writing of this review, so I was definitely more focused on that. I hate how I’m struggling to pay $40 for internet and it’s not even reliable.

This raw was ok, a lot of things happened, nothing stands out as excellent. The opening match was interesting, Kofi getting over on Miz also had a good amount of damage. Other than that though, this night of Raw is somewhat forgettable.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results and Review Big Rey Mysterio

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results

Finlay defeated Batista by dq
John Morrison & R Truth defeated Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho
Matt Hardy & The Great Khali defeated The Hart Dynasty
Cryme Tyme vs Mike Knox & Charlie Haas no contest

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Review

Batista came out, and he is looking jacked. I don’t think he’s been this jacked in a long time. He’s obviously on the juice, there’s just no way he can’t be. I could be wrong, but he’s completely jacked, and looking huge.

Finlay defeated Batista by dq

Finlay loos like a grown up “Bobby Hill” from King of the Hill, at least on my tv. I have no high-def, in case you were wondering. My tv is so old, it’s got a wooden frame around it. Yeah, I’m broke and poor…sorry.

Finlay started this match fast, he was taking it to Batista, and Batista was definitely off his game early in the match, which was odd for me. This match was very short lived because once Finlay and Batista got outside it was thrown out by the referee. Finlay was dismantled on the outside with Batista throwing Finlay into the steps, the pole, and the announce table. He was just in street fight mode, which was hilarious to me. A wasted match, if you ask me.

Batista continued to beat up Finlay, and got on the mic and said he was going to win the Rumble. I highly doubt it, Batista winning? Na.

Punk and Luke came out to do another promo and it was great. He just keeps getting better on the mic, despite the similar promo’s he’s cutting on a daily basis. Cm Punk was interrupted by a woman fan, which was interesting to say the least. It might have been a plant, I don’t know. Either way, Punk once again saves another fan? They should use these segments to build Punk’s stable. Just like WCW did in the late 90’s with RAVEN! Raven started gaining a flock by beating his opponents and then recruiting them into the flock, or have we already forgotten?

These segments take a lot longer than I thought, and it’s just overkill, if you think about it. Punk shaves this girl’s head, and it’s weird. Punk is getting very creepy and that’s good, but these segments are taking a lot of valuable wrestling time, if you ask me.

John Morrison & R Truth defeated Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho

This was originally a handicap match set to punish Morrison, but Teddy Long turned it into a tag match. I would’ve preferred the handicap match, that would’ve been interesting, but hey, Truth isn’t half bad sometimes, so I guess we’ll get a tag team match up afterall.

This match wasn’t half bad, it had some good overall action. Morrison was isolated for a good part of the match, and there were some good moments with him coming back with some quick tags by Jericho and McIntyre. R Truth got the hot tag and cleaned house, but Morrison came in and helped out, winning the match overall. This match wasn’t half bad, and I liked it, for what it was.

Layla and McCool threw a piggy james arty of sorts. Maria came out to defend her, and then Mickie James came out to cut a promo as well. This whole thing is boring to me, I’m sorry it’s just stupid overall. I don’t really care about these divas, and their petty promo’s and discussions. These things bore me.

Cryme Tyme vs Mike Knox & Charlie Haas no contest

This match was thrown together late, I’m sure. It never really started as Kane came down and threw everyone over the top rope.

How is Charlie Haas still employed? This was dumb, I guess we’re not getting any wrestling tonight are we?

Matt Hardy & The Great Khali defeated The Hart Dynasty

This match wasn’t much to look at. The match was going fine, starting up nicely but quickly dissolved. Natalya distracted Khali on the outside, but that didn’t help, because Hardy got the win with a roll up. This was so fast, that it was like not having a match at all. The Hart Dynasty have yet to impress me, and that’s a sad notion considering their heritage in wrestling.

Mysterio called out Undertaker, and was attacked afterwords by Batista.

Final Thoughts

For a show that everyone says is better than Raw, this one sure was light on the wrestling and heavy on the talking. So much so that I could just see the Southpark parody about how these shows have little to no actual action. Sadly, this show bored me…except for a few key moments, but it just didn’t seem like the better show, that’s for sure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

TNA Impact 1/21/10 Results and Review No Change in Sight

TNA has been preaching change for a few weeks now, and it’s interesting to see how things are going, the recap of Genesis looked actually good, I don’t know what the podcasts were talking about. Maybe It’s just cause I didn’t see the whole thing and the recap was really condense, or maybe TNA is actually moving forward for a change. We’ll see….

Tna Impact 1/21/10 Results

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated The British Invasion
Orlando Jordan defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne
The Nasty Boys defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash
Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle

Tna Impact 1/21/10 Review

Ric Flair and Aj Styles arrive backstage in a limo with lots of women. I don’t mind them changing Styles a bit, but he just seems out of place, regardless.

They changed but yet they still have that lame “rapcore” music? Lame.

Ric Flair came down the ramp with two of the ugliest girls I’ve seen in professional wrestling in a long time. Flair cuts a classic “I Hate Hulk Hogan” promo, which was recycled from 1994. He wants to wrestle Hogan yet again. He claims Aj Styles is going to be the next Ric Flair? Lame. Aj Styles came out and sucked the life out of the room, he’s just not that over with me. Styles just has the charisma of a wet noodle, no matter who his manager is. He shouldn’t talk, let Flair talk for him.

Hogan and Angle interrupted, and I kept wondering where the change was. This seems like WWF 1999 recycled. 20 minute opening promos and what not. Hogan announces that Angle will get another shot at the TNA title! This time Ric Flair can’t interfere. The match is going to be tonight!

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated The British Invasion

Not a bad match, a lot of good back and forth action from both sides of the coin. I thought the British Invasion was going to win, since they are more of a traditional tag team, but they tried to cheat and it back fired, creating a rift between the team. I think Matt Morgan is definitely better than I pegged him a few months back, and it’s interesting to see him get some gold. The British Invasion looked to be on the verge of splitting up, but post match we couldn’t really get anything out in the open.

The reason for that was that Mick Foley jumped in and leveled the British Invasion with a chair, and wanted an appointment with Eric Bischoff.

Orlando Jordan defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Not a terrible match, The Pope looked strong early on, and if it weren’t for his pesky knee injury from the ppv, he might have put away Jordan. Orlando Jordan didn’t do anything crazy to impress me, but he was smart enough to go for the injured leg, so maybe this is just the beginning of better things for Orlando Jordan in TNA. I liked the match for what it was, and look forward to seeing both these guys in TNA in the near future.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne

This was a quick match, with no major wrestling that I can speak of. I don’t like the fact that Angelina Love still looks like a member of the Beautiful People, but I can get behind her attacking her former friends. The numbers game catching up with Angelina was great too, and this is not half bad.

Hogan and Bischoff constantly in ring talking about change and what not is getting really tired. They once again get in there and start airing dirty laundry and talking crap, it’s boring to me. I don’t need that, I need better wrestling; Scott Hall and Waltman basically got fired during the promo, with Hogan getting both ejected from the building and saying “you don’t work here”, get out! Will they rehash their “Outsiders” gimmick now though?

Mick Foley came out to talk, but security had him escorted out.

The Nasty Boys defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash

You know, I didn’t hate this match, and I might be one of the only fans of the Nasty Boys. I think they can cut promos and they can wrestle. Just watch their feud with the Steiner Brothers in NWA and you’ll understand what I mean. Sure they aren’t as good or as young, but they put Erik Young through the ringer and pinned him clean. Sags took care of most of the work, but this math wasn’t terrible.

Mr. Anderson comes out, and he’s not as over as he was when he was in the WWE that’s for sure. He does have potential in TNA which is something that you should consider in regards to his arrival in TNA. I liked how he used brass knuckles in his win at Genesis, and I think if used right, TNA could go far with Anderson. Heck, I’d prefer Anderson instead of Styles as not only champion but also Ric Flairs protégé. Anderson’s promo was quite good overall, and Abyss showing up to surprise him and attacking was quite good too. I liked it, this is the only bright spot in TNA’s show tonight! Well that and the Nasty Boys match, I hope the continue to do more feuds like this. Anderson is gold on the mic, and it’s nice to see him in TNA.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle

I feel like TNA keeps feeding me the same thing over and over again. We blame WWE for repetition, but here we get it from TNA for months and months on end! Oh and no sign of Samoa Joe or many other talents on the roster. This feud is reminding me of HHH vs The Rock in 1998 where for 8 months they wrestled each other often to draws or interferences. It finally ended in a ladder match at Summerslam, and I hated that back then, too many repetitive matches with the same guys. Here we get it again, even if the match is good, I’m tired of seeing it. The match was going well and out of the blue amidst different counters, Earl Hebner tells the time keeper to ring the bell!

Oh man, TNA rehashes the Montreal screw job! Yep. I kid you not folks, TNA recycles a 12 year old angle (no pun intended) out of the blue. Angle then starts yelling, and Hogan comes out and Angle spits in Hogans face. Angle says he is going back to WWE!

This is seriously the worst thing I’ve seen in TNA in a long time.

Eric Bischoff comes walking down the ramp and his head is busted open, and he’s bloodied. He fires Mick Foley and that’s the end of the show.

Final Thoughts:

This show sucked. It had two moments I really liked, and the rest of the time it was just stupid. TNA talked big about change all month, and what they've done is just rehashed old story lines, made Hogan look like Vince McMahon circa 1997 and just making no sense.

This show sucked. Face it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chris Jericho in March Issue of Men's Fitness

I got a cool email from Men's Fitness in regards to Chris Jericho's appearance in Men's Fitness in March. Here's a cover of the magazine, make sure you check it out.

Chris Jericho in March Issue of Men's Fitness

On Newsstands January 25th Nationwide

NEW YORK, NY—He’s a television personality, actor, best selling author and one of WWE’s biggest stars. Now Chris Jericho reflects on his humble beginnings as a struggling wrestler and the path that led him to success in the new March issue of Men’s Fitness. “In those days, there was no Internet, no cell phone. I was a smaller guy coming from a small town. How does anyone become a wrestler? I just figured that God had this plan for me,” he says in the issue. "When I didn’t have enough money for gas to drive the 25 minutes to Calgary, I worked out in a barn. Pull-ups on the wooden struts and hay bale curls. Chugging raw eggs and devouring liver for extra protein. You do what you have to do to keep in shape.”

Following are highlights from his interview in the March issue of Men’s Fitness, on newsstands January 25th nationwide.

On What Influence Him To Be A Wrestler

“I loved the pomp and circumstance. It was like a play between good and bad guys.”

On How Life In The Ring Prepared Him To Tackle A Career In Hollywood

“ We still gotta take the bumps and bruises,’ he says. ‘It’s show-business boot camp. You learn how to behave in front of a live crowd. In this day and age, it’s not how big your biceps are, it’s about connecting with fans. It’s like being an actor onstage.‘ ”

On His Challenges To Eat Right During Hard Times

“You’d go into convenience stores and buy hard-boiled eggs, bottled water and some apples and that’s your healthy dinner. If you’re lucky.”

Trainer Chris Gonzalez On Jericho’s Strong Return to the Ring

“When he returned to the WWE, the other guys thought he looked bigger and leaner than when he left.”

You can read more about this, including some work out tips, via Men's Fitness Online right now.

Sir Jorge's Pro Wrestling Mail Bag 1/21/2010

I promised you guys a new segment that featured your comments, and here it is. I have been toying with this idea for quite some time and finally got around to doing it.

I really suggest that you guys comment, even if it's to trash my writing. I could use the conversation, as I have nothing better to do. You can always email your comments if you have to.

Also, if you have a few cents donate or buy something from amazon online.

Before we get started, isn't it funny that they fired that broke ass scott hall wanna be Escobar? Hahaha!

here are your comments and my 2 cents:

Anonymous said in regards to my post for ECW 1/5/10:

I am reading this blog from Serbia.Good rewievs.
Sory for may bad english,I am bad in writing the words,but understend all perfect.

Just to you to now that somebody read this blog outside USA :)

Hello SERBIA! I'm glad that you're enjoying my comments on wrestling and such, makes sure you keep reading, and writing. Thanks for your comment.

Shane said in regards to my post for ECW 1/5/10:

It's killing me what the WWE is doing with Mark Henry, and especially Kane. They've become the equivalent of professionally paid jobbers. I remember Kane's debut. Soon after it, he got both the Hardys in a double chokeslam and ko'd them both. Now...a loss to Ziggler (even worse, a clean loss). As for Mark Henry, basically the same principle. The company is very stupid with their talent sometimes.

Shane, you're absolutely right. I remember the Big Red Machine was a dominant force. I recall feuds with Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin where he was in there gaining a foothold in the mainstream wrestling. He even had good feuds with "fake kane"...ok so it wasn't that great, but it's funny to see WWE drop the ball on him. Could it be that Kane is just not that into his role anymore? Maybe it's not all wwe. I'm not sure.

As for Mark Henry, I've never been a fan. I've absolutely never been a huge fan of Mark Henry, but he did start to get a decent push and some crowd reaction. Now? He's stuck in midcard hell again. At least he's not impregnating Mae Young or anything.

Shane also said in regards to my wwe monday night raw review from 1/4/10:

I was impressed with this episode of RAW. Jericho was great and I'm gonna miss him. Guess I'll have to start watching Smackdown more. The tag match was great. I enjoyed the conversations between Michaels/Vince and Bret. RAW beat TNA fair and square tonight and I don't see TNA becoming "number one" anytime soon.

You're right. The tag match at the 1 hour main event mark was some of the best tag team wrestling I've seen out of WWE on Raw in a long time. He'll pop up, I'm sure, if wwe can make money with Jericho they'll put him back on Raw, and through his comedic efforts he'll get back in. Remember, though, this is not new Jericho. WCW Jericho did the same thing with the Cruiserweight title and finding loopholes to hold onto it, even after losing to Rey Mysterio and others. So it's just vintage Jericho, and that's fine by me. He'll be back, that's my two cents.

TNA was terrible by comparison. Hart and McMahon finally getting something going is long overdue. I liked it. I was definitely excited for this Raw and they somewhat delivered.

shane also said in regards to TNA 1/4/10:

I watched RAW instead. All I saw was the Steel cage and hardy's return. sounds like i didnt miss much though.

Hardy's return was one of the worst returns in wrestling history. That cage match was one of the worst cage matches in history too. Overall TNA talked change, but they didn't change much. On a sidenote, I might be the only fan left of the Nasty Boys.

Thanks for the comments.

dag8ownar said in regards to my WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 review:

This show bored me, but it didn't suck that much it had its moments. Taker promos are getting stale, i think he should turn heel again. There were a lot of squash matches, and that's what i really hate about Raw. The divas actually did a better job this time.

And i'm sorry about you being unemployed. I really want to help but got fired from my job too. I watched Raw on a stream.

Cheers from Chile.

HELLLLO CHILE! Or should I say Hola! Do they call people from Chile chilango's? I know Mexican's are sometimes called that (I would know), but none the less, thank you for reading and commenting!

The show was boring, you're right. Taker is definitely not as good as "heel" taker. He need to be more demonic, in my view. Remember when he kidnapped Stephanie? He also crucified Steve Austin! He was more dominant with a stable, now he's just not that great.

The divas did indeed improve, but their finish was boring.

As for me and my job, I guess I might end up working at McDonalds...which is tough for me to admit. I'm a college graduate with a lot of experience as a manager. Oh well.

Finally, want to see a great comeback? Unlike Hardy's comeback?

At ECW's Guilty as Charged ppv they had a surprise return and it was Pscyho Sid, he came down to the ring and just chokeslammed Kronus to is the video:

Keep the comments coming, I could sure use the opinions, and I'll comment back via these mail bag posts. Thanks again to all that commented in the past week or so, your thoughts are important to the future of this site.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Results and Review The Late Great Ecw

ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Results

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu
Christian defeated William Regal by disqualification

ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Review

The show opened up with The Abraham Washington show, and to me, it’s getting tiring, I don’t know about you guys. Santino was the guest host on the show, and it wasn’t half bad. But it just proves that the Abraham Washington show is dead and the Santino show will continue! Vladimir Koslov was the guest host and it was interesting in a way, but I don’t watch wrestling shows for comedy, at least I didn’t used to…oh well.

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu

You know things are bad when I can’t even remember the name of the tag team the wwe is trying to promote. These two new glorified jobbers suck. They need a new name, cause I can’t remember two full names of idiots I care nothing about.

This match was definitely a throwback to the olden days of tag team wrestling. Quick tags, and isolation of the opponent by Croft and Barreta and working as a real cohesive team, this match managed to capture some attention, although the pacing was definitely to blame for somewhat lackluster moments too. The finish was rushed, but it made sense, the seasoned tag team won, with a quick reversal of a roll up and of course, they still remain nobodies in my book. It’s nice to see Goldust getting some work in, but if ECW folds, this thing might tank sooner than later.

Zack Ryder and The Hurricane will probably feud in the near future, just so you know.

Christian defeated William Regal by disqualification

Christian and Regal went out and put on a match that wasn’t too bad. Regal’s mat and technical style was definitely not working at points, but it’s understood in his bag of wrestling tricks. Christian got the crowd going and pulled this match into his favor with a baseball slide midway through the match up. This match definitely was ramping up to be good, but Ezekiel Jackson helped Regal get disqualified, and that was the end of that.

Final Thoughts:

ECW hasn’t been good in a long time. This feud with Regal puts Christian in some good light, and in some decent matches, however does anyone even care about him or the rest of the ECW guys? I personally don’t care, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people that agree.

Plus, rumors have it that ECW is going the way of the buffalo, we’ll see what happens. I thought this show was boring. The end match had me going for a few moments, but the dq finish really bothered me. We never seem to get good endings on regular tv…even though I’m paying cable for it. Free? No, it’s not free…and I’m broke.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Results and Review The Comeback

First and foremost, I’m back. I didn’t get to review all the wrestling that happened the last week, because my dvr decided it wasn’t going to work while I wasn’t home. That’s ok. I will be doing new things this year for the site.

First and foremost, comments, keep em coming. Every week I will weigh in my opinion on your comments. It’s important that you guys comment and I will reward you in the near future with giveaways…but first I’ll weigh in and we can have a discussion about this. Comment after each post, or send me an email: sir Jorge at GMAIL dot com or on aol instant messenger: thecorporatehero

Secondly, I will be asking for money. That’s right, I can’t afford any ppv and my cable bill just spiked. I’m trying to get a job, but in the meantime I need help. If you can donate, please do so by shopping at here, or donate via the donation button on the site of the site.

And now, for the latest Monday Night Raw review…oh and yes your comments will be posted this week, alongside my comments, stay tuned.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Results

Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne
Mark Henry defeated Jack Swagger in a over the top rope swagger challenge
John Cena & Kofi Kingston defeated Legacy
Gail Kim & Eve Torres defeated Maryse & Alicia Fox
Randy Orton defeated Chris Masters
Dx w/ Hornswoggle defeated The Miz, John Heder, and The Big Show

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Review

Vince McMahon came out and started to talk about Bret Hart and how he hates the fans. He was cutting a major heel promo, and it was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. At times, I felt like he wasn’t even trying, he was just going from the heart. Say what you want about Vinnie Mac, but he seems to have a charisma that can sway the crowd into hating him fast. I like that, and it’s rare to see someone over in the WWE with just one promo…well…a long history of getting beat down after promos.

The Undertaker came out to interrupt things. Undertaker cut one of his classic promo’s, you know the ones where he talks about how he can see the fear in someone’s eyes. He cut a promo about how Hart was screwed over twice by McMahon.

He then moved onto address Shawn Michaels, as McMahon left the arena. Shawn Michaels came out to get an answer about wrestlemania. Undertaker says no, Shawn looks mad…oh well.

I don’t know if they will have another match, but I didn’t really think their last match was as good as I remembered it. In fact, I might go as far as saying that it is over rated.

Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne

How is Evan Bourne getting so many shots at the champion? Triple H wasn’t wrestling Scotty Too Hotty every other week! What the heck? I hate this type of booking…and I already know what is going to happen in this match. What a terrible way to come back to wrestling for me. Sheamus got a few shots in, but there was no chance in hell that he would win, there’s just no way. So he gets killed, and Sheamus wins again.

Orton was out at ring side for this match, and I’m not sure what’s going on with the booking. Sheamus and Orton met in the middle of the ring, and now Orton’s a face? What the heck? I like Heel vs Heel matchups but this seems a tad bit off to me.

Backstage Don Johnson and Dx got into some hilarious banter. Including, “Who is John Heder?” which was interesting none the less.

Carlito was dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, which was a bit of a chuckle, but the guest hosts tonight suck.

Santino got called out by Jack Swagger and Santino came out dressed as Don Johnson’s famous character from Miami Vice. Santino didn’t want to fight, so he found a replacement, Mark Henry.

Mark Henry defeated Jack Swagger in a over the top rope swagger challenge

Jack Swagger got thrown out fast in this match. It wasn’t even a match, it was a boring one, and fast. Swagger gets thrown out fast, which is hilarious.

Don Johnson and John Heder came out with the bella twins, and the two started in ring. I didn’t really like their banter as it wasn’t funny to me. The Miz came out as a friend of John Heder’s and that prompted Miz to get on the mic. MVP then came out only to get knocked out by The Big Show. The Big Show was then announced as a friend of heder’s too. This segment was so forced, it was ridiculous; I almost turned off Raw because of this.

John Cena & Kofi Kingston defeated Legacy

Dibiase has the charisma of a wet blanket. Cena got the best of him early on, and the match started with a fast paced tag team feel, despite Kofi and Cena not being the traditional tag team. Kofi Kingston has such a high winded offense, it’s surprising that the WWE hasn’t asked him to slow down. He just moves from spot to spot, and it seems like no one complains. Overall, I was surprised that Legacy actually had some offense that wasn’t just stomping and kicking. Cody Rhodes even looked a little better than usual, but wasn’t a major factor in regards to the overall match. Dibiase seemed to be the weak link in this match with Rhodes saving his partner from many moments of nearly losing. I definitely felt that they were going somewhere with this, and despite my previous comment about Rhodes not being a major factor, this thing was definitely better than most matches I’ve seen so far on the card. (that’s not saying much, there wasn’t exactly a lot of wrestling on this show up to this point) This match seemed to be going in the favor of Legacy and instead the good guys get a win over the failing legacy duo.

Post match, Rhodes seemed like he was going to attack Dibiase, but it didn’t go down. It’s going to happen soon, the separation of yet another tag team.

Once again, the backstage segments suck the life out of me. Hornswoggle challenged Heder to a match. Heder was added to the main event, which was interesting to say the least, and makes the match nothing special to me.

Gail Kim & Eve Torres defeated Maryse & Alicia Fox

Gail Kim was a great asset to TNA when she was back there. In the WWE she hasn’t done a whole lot, and that’s a shame. It’s interesting to note that she has some major skills, and it showed with a great dropkick off the top rope. Overall though, this match wasn’t much of a match, even though Maryse’s back breaker looked like it broke Kim’s back. The crowd was near dead as the divas tried to make this into a watchable affair. I’ll admit, this wasn’t the worst divas match I’ve seen, but it definitely wasn’t the best either. They have a long way to go before they can match the TNA Knockouts best matches. However, this one did have some above average wrestling for the divas, and maybe that will continue in the near future.

Randy Orton defeated Chris Masters

I’m not sure why Orton chased away Kennedy, because Masters hit Orton with a few moves that definitely were botched, but that’s all ok. Orton looked to be on the road to winning another match, but when the rko got countered by the Master Lock, I was cheering for a change. As Orton was fading, I was definitely cheering huge! But he got to the ropes, and I knew this one was going to go Orton’s way. Orton hit an RKO and this was over…oh well, at least it had me going for a moment.

Post match, Sheamus jumped in and attacked Orton, laying him out. I’ve never seen a kick be so devastating. Wow…one kick? Whatever.

Dx w/ Hornswoggle defeated The Miz, John Heder, and The Big Show

This match was nothing more than entertainment, which is fine. The match really didn’t have much wrestling, it had a few moments, with Big Show showcasing his strength and The Miz getting a few shots in. However, the best part came as the match broke down towards the end, with Heder getting inside the ring and getting worked! Overall, not half bad, I didn’t think it was a complete waste, but Dx goes over yet again.

Post match, Triple H threw out HBK, Cena, and Big Show and it looks like Dx is on the way out yet again too.

Final Thoughts:

Overall not the worst show. It had a few moments of goodness. It had a decent first hour main event. The charge towards Royal Rumble is in full effect, and overall I didn’t hate the show. I did think that there were some obvious boring moments, and overall this lacked overall wrestling.

The final moments of the night had Cena saying he was going to win the Rumble, HBK and HHH looking split in regards to winning the Rumble, and of course Big Show as well. I am not sure who’s going to win the Rumble, but I’m not as excited for this years rumble as I was in the past. I can’t afford it.

Lastly, if you’re looking to help out and have a few cents. You can donate a few cents via the “donate” button on the side of the blog, or shop via here, and get yourself something good while helping me keep my cable going. I’ll also use the money to get dvd’s to giveaway on the site and give back to you guys.

What did you guys think of Raw? Let me know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

TNA Genesis 2010 PPV Results

TNA Genesis 2010 PPV Results

Amazing Red defeated Brian Kendrick to retain the X Division Title
Sean Morley beat Daniels
Tara defeated ODB in a best of three falls match for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Matt Morgan and Hernandez defeated The British Invasion to win the TNA Tag Titles
Desmond Wolfe pinned D'Angelo Dinero
Beer Money defeated Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman
Ken Anderson defeated Abyss
A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle to retain the TNA Title

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey guys,

I'll be out of the sir Jorge wwe offices for the next 8 days. I'm going to Orlando, Florida. Maybe I'll run into a live Impact...maybe not.

I will be reviewing all next week's wrestling, it will just be delayed.

please comment!

I'll have an all new comments/feedback segment Next week to replay to ALL email.

You can simply comment on this site, or send me an email: sir jorge AT gmail dot com

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ECW on ScyFy 1/5/10 Results and Review More Homecoming

ECW is a boring show for me. This week especially since I had to review 2 shows yesterday.

ECW on ScyFy 1/5/10 Results

Shelton Benjamin defeated Chavo Guerrero
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kozlov
Cm Punk defeated Mark Henry

ECW on ScyFy 1/5/10 Review

Christian came out and cut a promo, Cm Punk interrupted him and cut another nice heel promo. It wasn’t half bad, and I liked the banter.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Chavo Guerrero

Did Benjamin just get a good match in with Chavo? Somewhat. Chavo Guerrero is one of the most under appreciated cruiserweights that WWE has. Benjamin dragged him through a good match, and I didn’t hate this one, but it wasn’t four stars by any stretch of the imagination, that’s for sure.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kozlov

Yet again, we have a reset of this feud. I’m personally tired of it, just in case you weren’t. These two guys have no charisma against each other in the ring and it’s somewhat tiring to see. I am not a big fan of tough guy matches with little to no excitement in ring. This match was slow and boring, there’s no two ways about it. If you liked this match, you must really be pining for the 60’s era pro-wrestling days.

Cm Punk defeated Mark Henry

I don’t know what the WWE is doing with Mark Henry but he’s constantly losing. Once again he loses, but this time because of an assist from Luke Gallows. Punk wins another match, and he continues to win despite being one of the most hated wrestlers on Smackdown. Punk wrestled a good overall match with Henry, and the two were given a little time to develop something interesting. It ended swiftly and that was the show.

This show was alright, it was compact and fast. ECW is getting somewhat tiring for me though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/4/10 Results and Review Bret Hart Returns to WWE

Bret Hart comes home. I am one of the few people that believes Bret Hart may or may not have been screwed, it could’ve been all a work…which makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. 12 years later, here we go, Bret Hart returns.

If Bret is back, when will we see the return of MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE?! That’s all I’m saying…

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/4/10 Results

Maryse defeated Brie Bella
MVP defeated Carlito, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry in a fatal fourway match for the #1 contendership to the U.S Title
DX defeated Big Show & Chris Jericho in the WWE Tag Team Title match
Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne
Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/4/10 Review

We kick the show off with none other than Bret Hart, no jokes, no gimmicks, no midgets, we really get the original, the best there ever was in my book as far as Technical wrestling, and simply one hell of a wrestler in front of the camera….BRET HART! The real BRET HART! He got quite the ovation, and he’s looking quite good! I never thought I’d see this day, and wow, wow, I can’t believe it. I marked out HUGE for this.

After some words, he calls out Shawn Michaels! I SERIOUSLY MARKED OUT HUGE! Holy Crap, I was finally not a jaded fan, and I was just thrilled to see this go down right away! Michaels got on the mic and basically said that Bret Hart deserved it, and the crowd took over from there. Bret Hart put his hand out to bury the hatchet, and Shawn accepted, the two finally forgave each other on air.

The two hugged and closure was finally had for wrestling’s most storied feuding wrestlers, and that seemed a bit emotional.

Vince McMahon was next on the hit list and Hart called him out. However, no sign of Vince McMahon was seen, at least not at the request of Hart in the beginning of Raw.

Maryse defeated Brie Bella

The divas can’t wrestle. It’s a dead horse, I know, but the dead crowd proved this point once again. This match had your basic offense, punches and kicks, and then somewhat down the line the two Bella’s switched roles, but it didn’t work as Maryse hit her finisher “The French Kiss” and that was that. This match sucked, but eh, I didn’t completely hate it.

The Miz came out and cut a heel promo against Maryse, it was hilarious.

MVP defeated Carlito, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry in a fatal fourway match for the #1 contendership to the U.S Title

This match had some decent spots and momentum going forward. Mark Henry was knocked out early in the match, but later recovered and was on his feet mopping up looking forward. I thought the match was doing well enough, and each person was made to look adequate, no one looking too superior. The modified torture rack by Mark Henry was definitely shades of Lex Luger, but it was MVP that got the last laugh with the Playmaker on Swagger to get the victory. He’ll move on to fight The Miz for the United States championship.

Bret Hart and Chris Jericho had a meeting backstage, and it was hilarious. Jericho wants Hart to screw over Dx, but Hart doesn’t want to.

The Dx skits are getting less and less funny each week. Until SANTINO came in dressed as Jericho, and it was hilarious! Hornswoggle attacked, and that was ok, but Santino’s comedy keeps getting better.

I’m glad to see that WWE will be coming to my neck of the woods for a house show at Pullman Washington. I’ll be there live for sure.

DX defeated Big Show & Chris Jericho in the WWE Tag Team Title match

Big Show’s double suplex on dx was impressive, early on, as this match started with fast paced action, leading to a slow commercial break. Big Show took some big bumps in this match, more so than I’ve seen him take in previous weeks of battling Dx in ring. Dx were getting beat single handedly by Big Show but eventually they turned things around for a good bit of offense, but they couldn’t drop him in this match up, until Shawn Michaels hit a low dropkick. Jericho couldn’t get involved, and this thing looked to be headed towards Dx losing their title. Hornswoggle got involved while the ref was distracted and it looked like Dx was going to win this one thanks to the little guy, but they couldn’t put the big man down for the three. Big Show nailed Michaels with one of the biggest chokeslam’s I’ve seen in a long time, it shook the ring, and Michael’s didn’t lose the bout, which was insane. Jericho got tagged in and was going for the Walls of Jericho but couldn’t slap em on and a fast tag later Triple H hit the Pedigree and I thought this one was over! Big Show broke things up, and a super pedigree was hit with Michaels help, but Show rolled out of the ring, and this match was definitely a good one overall. I liked the Dx split tease with Jericho pushing Triple H into Michaels, falling out of the ring. When Jericho hit the Code Breaker, I marked out, I love the way that move hits from anywhere in the ring, and reminds me a lot of how DDP used to hit the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere at times. Dx got the win after a close call with Hornswoggle, and an assist from Shawn Michael’s while Triple H was locked in the Walls of Jericho! This was match of the night for me, it was given some time, and it had enough back and forth to satisfy me. Finally some decent wrestling on Raw, and just like that Chris Jericho is out.

Orton wanted a shot at Bret Hart, McMahon wouldn’t give it to him, and Orton asked for #30 in the rumble, and the backstage promo ended.

Sheamus sucks. He cut the worst promo I’ve seen in a long time. Evan Bourne came out on the mic and wanted a shot at the title, and it was lame. He doesn’t have the mic skills.

Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne hit Sheamus fast and hard, and then went for the Shooting Star press, but it was to no avail. Sheamus caught Bourne off the top rope, and started to dissect the little man. Sheamus hit his finisher, and it was over for Bourne.

Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston

We get this match yet again, and this time Legacy was sitting ringside. The match was mostly Kingston early on, with fast paced offense and high flying moves in and out of the ring. Orton was obviously having a hard time against Kofi, and was on the ropes when the commercial break hit. Orton blocked Thunder in Paradise and quickly hit the RKO and Kofi Kingston lost clean. No help from Legacy nothing, Kofi lost this one with a simple mistake. I hope this is the end to their feud, because it was going nowhere, after the initial good build up. Orton and Kofi put on a decent match, and Raw tonight definitely shined over TNA.

Vince McMahon called out Bret Hart, and Bret Hart came out to the ring. Vince McMahon talked about the Montreal Screw job etc etc…Vince McMahon and Hart tip toed around the point. The two eventually shake hands, and that seems to be the end of the show. McMahon then kicks Bret in the bread basket, and that gets a lot of boo's, of course.

Vince McMahon then leaves Bret Hart in the ring and that is that, I guess. I hope we see a street fight between the two. I'd like to see Hart bust McMahon's head wide open like Hogan did at Wrestlemania 19. I'd pay good money.

This raw was WAY BETTER than TNA, WAY BETTER!

Tna Impact 1/4/10 Results and Review Hogan Shows Up and More

TNA Impact was a huge talked about show. Hogan and his idiots showed up and a lot of things were to be shaken up. There was a lot of talk about this show, and how it ran up against raw, like Nitro used to. Did it deliver?


Tna Impact 1/4/10 Results

Motor City Machine Guns, Homicide, Kiyoshi, Black Machismo, Consequences Creed, Suicide, and Amazing Red fought in a steel asylum match, to a no contest
ODB defeated TARA in a TNA Knockout’s Championship match
Awesome Kong & Hamada defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita in a tna knockouts tag team championship match
Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated Doctor Stevie & Raven
D’Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe
Samoa Joe defeated Abyss
Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a TNA World Heavyweight Title Match

Tna Impact 1/4/10 Review

“Time for a change” is the title card we get, like this was an old television show, and that right off the bat sucks, I hate that. The main song “rap core” style is still there, and we go straight to the event! The ring wasn’t shown right away, but everyone was talking about whether or not the ring would change shape, and well?

Bubba The Love Sponge got a job, he’s the new broadcast helper, and the show immediately turned straight to pre-taped segments from earlier of fans dogging WWE. Bubba The Love Sponge talking to all sorts of idiots, and it’s seriously terrible. These fans aren’t smarks that’s for sure, but who cares right? I don’t.

The ring is NOT four sides, it’s still six sides.

Motor City Machine Guns, Homicide, Kiyoshi, Black Machismo, Consequences Creed, Suicide, and Amazing Red fought in a steel asylum match, to a no contest

The rules of a Steel Asylum match really aren’t crazy. You can only win by leaving the six sided, red colored cage. There’s an opening at the top, and well, it isn’t one of Tna’s strong suit.

The action in this match was hard to follow, as Tazz said. The camera angles kept changing on me, and it was hard to see who was hitting who and what spot was getting hit next, but I did notice something major. For this match to go on, and for the wrestlers to get in some action, 6 of the competitors had to just lay down and do nothing or simply wait in the corner and watch. That allowed for two wrestlers to fight in the center, which makes for a somewhat boring match. It’s supposed to be a free for all, yet it has no major likeness to a traditional free for all, if that makes sense. It’s almost like the Royal Rumble, when it gets towards the end, where people take their time and get out of the way to let the center take stage.

That’s not to say there weren’t some cool spots, especially off the cage, but this thing wasn’t always action packed. Homicide had a police baton and struck his own partner and others. The bell started to ring, and this is why TNA sucks.

Inside of a STEEL CAGE, Homicide got disqualified. That’s right, disqualified inside a six sided cage with a top on it! The fans were chanting “This is Bull Shit” and it’s true, TNA shoots itself in the foot on their “epic” show, and the fans were letting him know, and it was getting bleeped out.

Post match Homicide had a hard time getting out of the cage, and to cover the rest of the guys in the match started to climb the ring and he had to get back down. As they all started to fight Homicide, someone’s music hit and guess who came out? JEFF HARDY! Jeff Hardy came through the crowd, over the rails, and was immediately attacked by Homicide. I KID YOU NOT! Homicide and Jeff Hardy, and Jeff hits Homicide with an unprotected CHAIR SHOT! JEFF HARDY comes back to TNA and this definitely is a shocker because rumors had it that Jeff and Punk were headed for a match at Wrestlemania, but apparently Hardy is back on TNA! How weird is that? Anyways, Jeff Hardy is in TNA, Homicide got knocked the hell out, and TNA tries to swerve the internet, but to no avail.

Shannon Moore was also shown on television backstage greeting Hardy after his major debut in TNA. So apparently they are both in TNA now? Whatever. Hogan was not at the show from the beginning, the camera’s cut to a limo and claimed that it was Hulk Hogan coming to the impact zone, and he had two police motorcycle cruisers.

Christy Hemme interviewed Kevin Nash backstage and it her forehead was gleaming like usual along side her face, and skin tight body suit. Wow, how can Big Sexy resist? He wasn’t in “Nash mode” he was just randomly rambling about how great Hulk Hogan was and how great it is to have him in the show. He then talked about how Hogan is going to be making him a lot more money, so he was excited…though not showing much emotion.

ODB defeated TARA in a TNA Knockout’s Championship match

This match started out like it would be an instant classic, with Tara using her martial arts background to get some hits in on ODB and I was interested to see how far this match would go in regards to women’s wrestling. However, it wasn’t that good as within a few minutes this match was over with ODB rolling up Tara and holding the tights to get a win. I can not stress the fact enough, this match was really short. The knockouts are turning into the divas before our eyes. TNA is really making a mistake with this division, if they continue to allow short lived matches like this to progress, especially since they have more talent than the divas…or had more talent.

Post match, ODB got hit with the Widow’s Peak and Tara put her Tarantula on ODB and then we cut to the backstage area.

Backstage out of a limousine, came none other than NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR! No, not a cut out, but seriously, RIC FLAIR on camera!

The show comes back to footage of earlier, and it’s Mick Foley getting barred from the Impact zone. Hemme was out there in a skin tight suit…in broad day light. He was not allowed interest into the Impact Zone, and that was it.

Bobby Lashley came out with his wife, and it was weird. His wife cut a huge heel promo, and started to pull the “Vickie Guerrero” card. The crowd immediately turned, and was booing the crap out of Lashley and his wife. She said that he wants his release from TNA and that this was the last time we will see Lashley in TNA.

Backstage, The Beautiful People were in some closet somewhere playing poker. They then started to attempt at the most unsexy strip poker bit, and it was boring…then we finally get thrown a bone, no pun intended, we cut to commercial. Wow, the Beautiful people sucked (once again no pun intended) the life out of me and what little interest I had in the show up to this point.

Backstage, Waltman and Scott Hall were trying to get in. Security wasn’t letting them in so they started fighting the security guards and it was broken up. Looks like the Outsiders can’t come in easily.

After another series of commercial breaks, out came Waltman and Scott Hall. Then we get another set of commercials! I definitely was annoyed at the amount of commercials they cut into this lame show.

Then we get back to TNA Impact and it’s Hall and Waltman again in the crowd, then we get another set of commercials! It was definitely the most annoying thing in a long time.

After the set of commercials, and one hour into the show only 2 matches in, out came Hulk Hogan! This is what they wanted, and the crowd? It wasn’t anti-hogan but it wasn’t roaring, that’s for sure. It still was a good pop, but nothing like I’ve heard in my youth while cheering him on from the rafters. The Hogan change shirt looked cool though.

Hogan got on the mic and started to talk about how TNA is going to be #1. Mid way through his speech out came Hall and Waltman and security tried to stop them. But Hogan let them through, and they did the N.W.O signal and got mics. “HEY YO” got a nice pop, and I marked out huge…for a second. Hall seems to be ok with keeping his accent like Razor Ramon. Hall and Waltman wanted to party and get big paychecks, and this whole segment just seemed so forced. I didn’t really like it, but eh, what are you gonna do? Remember the last time “The Kings of Wrestling” came out? It was terrible. This time was headed down that road, and I wasn’t sure if they were going to recover, then some random music hit, and guess who it was?

Kevin Nash came down to ringside, and he was not looking too excited. This show was starting to resemble the South Park parody episode of wrestling, and seriously, I was having a hard time getting into it. I kept thinking about how WCW died with these four in control, and WWE threw them out. Hogan kept trying to saying, “we need to change things for the better” and stuff like, “we can’t be like we were once, we need to grow up”, which got some crowd response, but eh, so what. Some more random music hit…oh man…

Out came Eric Bischoff, and the crowd went nuts. I’m so tired of this show already! Bischoff was in the ring with a mic on Hogan’s side and they started talking about how old times changed wrestling forever and what not. Nash, Waltman, and Hall left the ring after Bischoff said that everyone had to earn their place in TNA and that was that, I guess. The live crowd ate it up, but not me. They kept saying that it was time for a Change but nothing was changing, and then we revisit the old storyline with Sting in the rafters and the announcers going nuts about how he’s been missing for months. I didn’t like the angle in WCW that much, except for when Sting would show up and mop up, leading up to Starrcade 97’ and the no-end finish with Hogan and Piper and everyone involved. Wait, that might have been, no it was 1997 Starrcade.

Awesome Kong & Hamada defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita in a tna knockouts tag team championship match

This match started slow, but picked up into a good opening with Sarita and Wilde trying to do serious double team maneuvers, but Kong was too much for the two of them, at least initially. Backstage the Motor City Machine Guns were knocked out, and the announcers went wild for that, taking us out of the match for a moment. The match continued and there was a double Suicide Dive by Sarita and a huge cross body block by Taylor Wilde onto their opponents outside, and I was definitely impressed as usual by the knockouts. However, we go to yet another commercial break, right when the action was getting really good. After the break, Awesome Kong was in full control, and it was obvious that the tag champs were going to have a hard time with Kong, but Sarita hit a nice springboard second rope dropkick and Kong showed signs that she was indeed human in a nice bump, I couldn’t believe how fluid Kong was in this match up, and that bump proved it greatly for me. Hamada knocked out Taylor Wilde on the outside, and Kong lifted up Sarita into the Awesome Bomb position, as Hamada hit her with a huge Missile Dropkick! What’s this? A TAG TEAM FINISHER? YES YES YES! I marked out huge for this match, as it really made me a fan of wrestling again. These women get match of the night up to this point, wow…finally some legit wrestling on the show!

We cut backstage to Val Venis! That’s right, Val Venis joins the Beautiful People in a game of strip poker. So Val Venis is in TNA now? Wow.

Guess who else showed up? It’s Mick Foley and none other than The Nasty Boys! Yes, THE NASTY BOYS, BOTH OF THEM! Sags and Knobs, the Nasty Boys were both backstage and trying to get in. They didn’t get in, and were thrown out.

Now for the rewind to 1995 here was Raven & Doctor Stevie. They would face Matt Morgan and Hernandez, and the only thing I personally liked was Daffney, she’s my type….the kind that I have no chance with…ziiiing!

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated Doctor Stevie & Raven

This match was a non issue, it was possibly one of the shortest matches I’ve seen in a long time. The match had Richards getting a Carbon Blueprint and pinned. That’s it. Seriously, that’s it. What a stupid waste of time.

Backstage The Pope was with Hemme and a random interview. I don’t hate it, but I don’t necessarily like it, especially after the terrible match that just happened. Orlando Jordan showed up, I think…maybe? I’m not 100% sure if it was him or not, but it was interesting. Elijah Burke has some competition now, in an interesting segment that went from the bottom to the top, I started to get interested, then we cut to the ring, and it fell apart again.

D’Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe

It started raining money, well, fake stuff like the old JBL bucks. I wish I had some of those, that’s for sure. (The Jbl Bucks) This match started with what are usually called rest holds. Dinero was in rough shape against Wolfe early on, but Dinero got some interesting offense in before this match got too one sided. Wolfe went for the Tower of London but got reversed into an escape and Dinero then confused Wolfe into a small package, and this match was over. This wasn’t a great match, but Dinero had some quick counters, which made it a little more interesting than I’ve would’ve thought possible from these two. I’m still not convinced that Desmond Wolfe is worth his position in TNA as I’ve yet to see him do anything major in ring. Sure he can attack backstage and what not, but in ring? I’m not convinced.

Rhino backstage was laid out too.

Jeff Jarrett was backstage too.

Aj Styles was doing an interview, and Eric Bischoff interrupted and made Aj Styles vs Kurt Angle for the main event, for the world title, which was supposed to be the Genesis main event, but we’ll see what happens.

Jeff Jarrett came down to ringside, mic in hand, and you know we were going to hear from him…again. He basically was bragging about how TNA has come a long way and that they are going to the number one spot. They keep telling me that there was going to be change, but I have yet to see it. This show is boring me now, I’m tired of hearing about change and seeing nothing, just like Obama.

Hulk Hogan interrupted Jarrett. The crowd was chanting Bullshit for the second time tonight, and it’s interesting. Hogan started to talk about how the young guys were going to get the push now, and that Jarrett sucks. Hogan’s act is already tired, I’m tired, I couldn’t wait to see what Raw had for tonight because this sucks now. I’m sick of hearing Hogan’s voice and his random “change” speeches that keep popping up throughout this show.

Daniels was having an interview and JB rushed in and got in the way, the interview ended and Mick Foley busted in and JB let him…kind of.

Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy were backstage painting a picture…I kid you not, and they had a “meeting” with the big man, whatever that means.

Samoa Joe defeated Abyss

Joe started this match street-fight style, with a lot of punches and kicks, and this match slowly escalated into a more wrestling-oriented match up. Abyss couldn’t get his bearings up front, and Joe was relentless in his high impact offense. Eventually Abyss started to get more offense in, with a strongside slam, big splashes into the corner and charges, dropping Joe several times. Abyss hit a nice chokeslam, catching Joe off the top rope, and things weren’t looking good for the submission master Joe. Abyss took a sick head shot with a chair, and afterwards got hit with Joe’s finisher, he kept reaching for the ropes and it looked like he was going to make it, but he tapped out. Overall this match was definitely a physical one, but it didn’t top that women’s tag title’s match up, which was way more solid by comparison.

Bischoff backstage had to deal with Lashley’s wife. It was a stupid segment.

Bubba the Love Sponge was backstage and Beer Money was laid out cold.

The Nasty Boys finally got into the arena, with help from Bubba.

Backstage Jeff Hardy kissed some tweens and gave them a painting. Then himself and Shannon Moore left in a Lamborghini, each had envelopes…and that was that.

The Nasty Boys tore up the Dudley’s dressing room, and spray painted the walls with “Nasty”. This was definitely interesting, but aren’t the Nasty Boys really old? I thought so.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a TNA World Heavyweight Title Match

This match started fast and it seemed somewhat old to me. I felt like I’ve already seen this match many times. A masked man came in and knocked out AJ and the Ref, Kurt started to fight him and he fell outside the ring. I heard the Masked man is Tyson Tomko. The match restarted and the two started to fight each other. FYI the masked man angle has been done many times before. Remember Sting and the Black Scorpion? Remember DDP in WWE? Yeah, it’s a tired gimmick.

I gotta give TNA credit this match wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t short, and it had a lot of wrestling for a free television match up for the title. Angle looked hurt towards the end of this match up, Styles was having a hard time putting the Olympic Gold Medalist away. Styles hit the Styles Clash, and after a near fall Angle was set up for another one but Angle reversed it into an Ankle Lock. It was a no go, and Ric Flair came out to the ramp to watch this match first hand. Styles hit the sweetest 450 splash I’ve seen in a LONG time! The match continued with some great counters by both men, and a lot of near falls. I’m not into the big near falls, as I think it kind of ruins finishers for people, but whatever. Styles hit a nice springboard splash and Angle was done, Styles retains the title in what would’ve been match of the night for me, if the Knockouts didn’t floor me with their tag title match earlier on.

After the match Hogan came out to talk on the mic but was interrupted, and backstage was Mick Foley looking for Hogan. Hogan ran away from the ramp to head backstage. Foley ran into Bischoff and was basically fired, well, almost. The outsiders beat up Mick Foley backstage. Hogan was left standing there looking like an idiot.

TNA’s January 4 impact wasn’t that great. It had two major matches that I liked, a lot of and I do mean a lot of filler. Lots of talk of change, with no major change. I liked the show, but it wasn’t worth all that hype I had to sift through the last couple of weeks. We’ll see if TNA does in fact change things up ahead, if not, then oh well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/1/09 Results and Review First Smackdown of 2010

We are in a new year, and with that comes another year of wrestling updates here on the site that only 3 people read. I’ve redone the template, I’ve removed 6 ad spots, I’ve improved the loading time, and I will be working on some subtle things. I have now installed an “amazon” tower in the sidebar of this site. If you ever feel like helping me out, please buy something. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what to do about my cable television or switching to direct tv for a year, because my last cable bill was nearly $100! This site does not pay me, and without a job (still) I’m having a hard time getting wrestling in the long term. Until then, I still am working hard to bring you this blog. The goal for Sir Jorge’s WWE Blog is to get a DOT COM, but that might not happen, since that was the goal for this site since I started it in 2007.

Also, I’m going to try and be a little more in depth in my reviews, but we’ll see what happens.

Lastly, before the results and review, please leave comments. There’s not much else I can ask for but comments. If you’re reading the site, give me feedback, and I’ll try in this new year to comment back and have a “blog post” called “COMMENTS” and we can have a discussion. Maybe I’ll even start a podcast…we’ll see.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/1/09 Results

Matt Hardy defeated Cm Punk in a beat the clock match at 7:20
Kane vs Dolph Ziggler time expired in their beat the clock match
The Great Khali defeated The Carolina Panther
Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison via disqualification
Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix
Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho in a beat the clock match with 1 second left 7:19
Batista vs R Truth the time ran out before Batista could win the match

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review 1/1/09 Review

The show opened up with C.M Punk and Luke Gallows coming down the stage to a chorus of boo’s. C.M Punk is golden on the mic, he doesn’t seem to be trying hard at all, at least it doesn’t feel that way from my perspective. He started to make fun of people at ringside, and talked about resolutions. C.M Punk said and I loved the quote, “I Will Beat Everyone Up in this Arena if I have to!” that was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Punk said that next week he’s going to save someone from the audience and go city by city and save people.

This is a great thing, if you think about it. Punk could be growing a stable, can you imagine that, a real stable in 2010? It’s like Raven’s Flock all over again! I hope it really does go that way. You might also notice that Punk dropped names like “Youth of Today” and “Minor Threat” two very big straighedge hardcore bands from the 80’s.

Matt Hardy defeated Cm Punk in a beat the clock match at 7:20

These two are no strangers to each other, and Hardy got a huge pop, which was definitely on time considering Punk just gave one of the best Heel promo’s I’ve heard in a long time.

Cm Punk took control of a good majority of this match. Punk has definitely been growing as a wrestler, as his timing is getting a lot more methodical, and dare I say technical. I used to hate seeing his matches, but now they seem to make a lot of sense when compared to Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Bret Hart. While he doesn’t focus on a leg, he does seem to follow up big moves with some rest holds to wear down his opponent. Hardy is no new comer though, and he waited for a mistake by punk, and turned this match around with his fast paced connective move set. It wasn’t enough though, as Punk delivered his GTS and Hardy was out for the three count.

After the match, Luke Gallows took to beating Hardy and delivered his finisher. Punk and Gallows then looked on victoriously, which was quite good. These two and possibly more in 2010 can prove to be the next Raven (ECW or WCW 97 era Raven).

Kane vs Dolph Ziggler had their time expire in their beat the clock match

When’s the last time Kane was relevant? He’s so slow in ring, although he’s been ramping it up a little, he’s just not that good anymore. I don’t like him, there I said.

Ziggler was like a man possessed in this match. He immediately lunged at Kane, and fought fast and hit Kane with everything he had, alongside quick pin attempts. Kane had a few shots in early on, but Ziggler was moving quickly and trying to win this thing in record time. Kane was definitely looking very weak in this match, as he was getting worked by a faster Ziggler, but despite all of Ziggler’s attempts to beat Kane, he couldn’t do it in the time allotted. Ziggler for not being a former champion, really made Kane look like small, and after the match was over he hit his finisher called “The Zig Zag”. This match was all Ziggler, I liked it, and hope Kane is on his way out this year.

They played a promo of Sheamus and John Cena from Monday Night Raw and they tried to make it epic, with color variations and different edits, but it didn’t look epic at all. It was tiring, and a stupid match with a stupid finish. The Sheamus and Cena feud is the worst fued idea in a long time, and I don’t care for it. In fact, WWE is going to have to do a lot to make me believe that those two are entertaining. I’ve seen Cena thrown into lights, off of limo’s and fight Eddie Guerrero in a street fight back stage, yet one stupid looking kick and it’s over? So lame.

The Great Khali defeated The Carolina Panther

The Carolina Panther is nothing more than a jobber with a Carolina Panther’s jersey. It was seriously the worst jobber idea I’ve seen in a long time. Khali came in, dropped the jobber, pinned him and won, that was it. Man, I wish I only had to work 5 minutes a week and get six figures.

Have you seen the trailers for the new Marine film? Ted Dibiase has the charisma of a wet blanket. Man, he sucks at acting or showcasing any sort of emotional response. He’s worst than Kennedy…remember the last time a wwe film flopped? Someone got fired. Will Dibiase get fired? Man, I hope so, if it means no more WWE straight to dvd sequels.

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison via disqualification

This match had a lot of offense, both men didn’t want to let up. McIntyre was definitely looking less strong for once, and wasn’t running over Morrison in this match like he rolled over many of his opponents in the past. Morrison fired off some great offense and was fighting hard to get a foothold in this match up. McIntyre getting desperate pulled the turnbuckle off and this thing looked to be getting dangerous, but the ref was there to try and stop things. In the mix, Morrison got disqualified because of McIntyre and that led to the end of the match.

After the match, this feud started to get good. Morrison attacked McIntyre on his way back to the locker room and the two brawled, causing a ton of ref’s to come out and stop the two men from fighting. You gotta love when brawls break out, that’s just a classic moment in professional wrestling. Many feuds of the past started with brawls over the title after matches.

Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix

First and foremost, I’m tired of podcasts and wrestling websites talking about how it’s so bad that they are calling Mickie James fat. She did gain a few pounds last year and was slowing down in ring. If a person/girl watching the wwe really has problems with weight and only goes further down the rabbit hole into bad eating and weight gain, maybe they have bigger problems. I have no problems calling Mickie James “Piggy James” or that’s she’s fat, it’s PRO WRESTLING not a role model for behavior and am sick of people talking about it like it’s something that is truly going to be a trigger for people that watch it.

My explanation of that above took longer than this match. Mickie James won after Michelle McCool accidentally kicked Beth Phoenix at ringside. Mickie Wins, and she still has a little tummy to lose, just saying.

Michelle McCool and Layla attacked after the match was over, and Beth Phoenix got involved, turning her from heel to face? Weird.

The divas division sucks. The post match was better than the actual match. The best part was that a fat Mickie James was laid out cold in the middle of the ring. Maybe this will be the death of the divas division.

Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho in a beat the clock match with 1 second left 7:19

This match was actually interesting, as Jericho and Mysterio made quite a go for it. Jericho had a lot of control early on, but Mysterio turned things around a few times. Jericho reversed the 619 into the Walls of Jericho, and after that wasn’t enough, Mysterio went off the top rope only to get caught into the Code Breaker! I thought this match was all over, but nope, a small package roll up and three seconds later Rey Mysterio won this match.

While I thought the match was good, I have to ask something that no one is addressing. What good are finisher maneuvers? They never seem to pin anyone. Jericho not only hit Mysterio with a Codebreaker and the Walls of Jericho, they weren’t enough. Oh well.

Mysterio pins Jericho with only 1 second left in the timer.

Batista vs R Truth the time ran out before Batista could win the match

Mysterio was ringside for this match up. I know we’re in the world of good guys and bad guys, but the ending was awesome.

Batista was definitely in control throughout this match. Truth got some good hard shots in, but it seemed that Batista was just powerful and ready for it. Truth made it interesting though, but every time he got close to getting a good move in, Batista had a quick counter. Case in point, the sick sideslam out of a Truth’s momentum off the ropes.

Mysterio did what I thought was the only good way to end this thing. Rey Mysterio got involved at the last second and cost Batista the #1 contender match! Batista was about to close the deal and get a shot at Undertaker, but nope, Rey Mysterio showing that he wants the belt, pulled out the ref! The clock counted down and it was all said and done. A great finish, if you ask me…and no one did.

Mysterio seemed to be the #1 contender, but then out came Vickie Guerrero. She announced that Rey Mysterio must wrestle Batista next week and the winner will face the undertaker for the title at the Royal Rumble.


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