Thursday, May 31, 2007

Batista on the Cutting Edge (smackdown)

The Cutting Edge was a good show on Raw. It offered friendly banter between Edge and others and would set up some great matches. I remember when Lita was on the Cutting Edge and Matt Hardy jumped out of the crowd only to ruin the segment.

I also remember Hardy interrupting Raw on several occasions in what seemed liked a “worked” run in. I still am not positive, or maybe I do not want to believe that it was a work, but it sure looked real.

Like the N.w.o beating down people backstage at WCW, this one looked real.

Edge is going to be having Batista sit in on the cutting edge, and from what I hear, things do not end up friendly between the two.

Of course this weekend Edge will face Batista inside the confines of a steel cage!

Saturday Nights Main Event Preview & Gripes

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Great Khali (non-title)

This is dumb. Khali is going to mop up like crazy. I do not like that this fact. I do not enjoy the greatness that is found in fooling the television audience in believing that Khali has a legitimate chance of winning the world title at the ECW ppv this weekend.

I guess things could be worse but expect this match to prove that Khali is insane and won’t win on Sunday because he’ll probably win here.

World Champion Edge & U.S. Champion MVP vs. Batista & Chris Benoit

A tag team match? Not again. MVP is a horrible wrestler, Chris Benoit is a horrible talker, Edge slept with Lita, and Batista took too much steroids.
This match has potential.

Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Boogeyman & Little Boogey

We saw this match already! Why does WWE keep feeding us these lame matches that have already happened!

Kane, Eugene & Doink The Clown vs. Kevin Thorn, Viscera & Umaga

They have got to be kidding. Tell me they didn’t just book that?

ECW Champion Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match

Vince is Jacked. I have the issue of muscle & fitness where he’s completely jacked. Lashley might be more jacked though. I want to see who wins this one.

Killings Says He Would Have Punked Cena More

Ron Killings apparently is feeling like a good man now that he’s talked up on his myspace how Cena was the one that was about get punked. I don’t know who to side with. I want to see these two just scrap, and get it over with, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

“John Cena did'nt approach me "Ron Killings" about sh$%# at the airport,,infact,,this is second run in that we've had..First one was kind of a calling his bluff type thang....even tryin to comunicate with him to see what's up with what i've been hearing,,also all the interviews he did supposely calling me out..Big Mistake,,Then he leaves voice messages on my cell talking about battleing me and about thrashing my ass,,not to mention people he's done interviews with tell me John Cena wanted us to call you so he could battle you.....Man Please!! He did what he should've done,,and that's nothing!!I wish he would try to play that battle rap sh$%# with me,,I'll just eat his ass alive,and spit and sh#$% out the pieces i dont like,,Just like I told him,, He's a Punk ass,,rap wanna be ME!"

What I learned here folks is the fact that Killings has bad grammar. Maybe he should read a book.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

John Cena vs. Ron Killings (Street Brawl)

WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena and TNA star Ron Killings had a real life confrontation Monday morning at around 7 AM Eastern at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC.

Cena, who was leaving town to get to the RAW taping in Canada, saw Killings (who lives in Charlotte and was on his way to Orlando for the iMPACT! tapings) and approached him over some issues from their past. Apparently Cena was upset with Killings for making negative comments about him in some TNA promos.

src - Wrestling Inc.

Wow, two wrestlers about to just battle it out live in the Airport was thwarted because...well..I don't know. I would have loved to see these two start brawling it out right then and there, and have someone recording it.

I saw Cena would have some good shots in, because Killings is rehabbing a knee injury right now. Think about the immense trouble that Cena would be in for fighting in an airport, and better yet, think of the aftermath if he loses!

I know wrestling is a major work, but come on, this would be a great scene no matter what side of the fan fence you're on.

The Top Ten Latino Wrestlers

Lucha Libre & The WWE style have never really mixed. However, I personally believe that there is a lot of influence. Just look at the way the high flyers have changed the face of the Cruiserweight division, only for Vince to try and ground them.

Recently there was a list citing the Top Ten Latino Wrestlers and I had to disagree.

But then again, who am I to say who was better? I am merely a fan of wrestling and professional wrestling in general. I'm not going to sit here and say that I do not know where these people come up with things, but I will say it's worth a look. Maybe they are right. Maybe Eddie Guerrero is the best Latino Wrestler. Maybe...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WWE Ruins High-Flying Wrestling

WWE has made a new announcement that will not allow the 450 Splash, or the Shooting Star press any longer. One such incident recently occurred and Paul London was threatened to be fired.


I know the moves are dangerous, but you do not see MEXICO eliminating the Shooting Star Press or any other high flying, high danger move. Is that to say Mexican wrestling is better than WWE?

No, of course not.

However, I do believe that there is a misnomer in the world of WWE. I believe that by grounding their cruiser weight champions and teams, they are eliminating a key factor that makes them remotely better than the competition. A good shooting star press is great, a bad one, is dangerous, as we have seen before.

But now, if TNA allows such things, then WWE is going to be fighting back to get their cruiser weights a little better in the world of the fans. However, the fans aren't going to appreciate this move at all.

By turning down these moves, the WWE is telling their fans that they don't appreciate their need or want for a high flying small man. In fact, WWE has never liked the small guy.

I caught raw last night, and it did nothing for me.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Smackdown Miss

This weekend I'll be in Idaho visiting family, so I will not be posting....and I'll miss Smackdown.

However I read the spoilers, so haha!

I'll return to regular posts Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wrestlemania 23 Notes

I rented WWE's Wrestlemania 23 last night and it wasn't that great. Sure there were some high spots, but for the most part there was a lot of silence. For a crowd of 80,000+ people there was not a lot of noise on camera. There were some moments of cheering, but nothing worth mentioning.

The best matches were: Batista vs. Undertaker, Money in the Bank, and even the ECW match was good!

The rest were forgettable at best. The battle of the Billionaires was interesting for a few closing moments, but not worth all the hype at all.

Wrestlemania 23 was barely passing in my view.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bye Bye RVD

RVD put on a display last night, in what maybe one of his last appearances for the WWE/ECW brand. He didn't get a title shot, he wasn't awarded anything, he just wrestled his match and that was that.

C.M Punk looks to be the last guy to be doing a lot of things in ECW, but at what cost?

The one night stand ppv is getting some matches, but they are definitely not worth the ticket. I can not imagine a building that will house fans for ECW's brand show that are as diehard as the viking hall kids.

I just don't see it.

I don't like the product that much, and I don't like the way it's already being booked.

Maybe I am the one that needs to change, but come on....ECW with only a very very select few guys? It's just not ECW.

They should just blend the genre together, call it a loss and let it go.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cena Beaten Again Making Khali Strong?

I saw this one coming a mile away. The ending of the match between Sid Vicious vs. Chris Benoit was very similar. It had a Benoit getting beat by a much larger, bigger guy and eventually winning by making Vicious tap out. His foot under the rope though!

Cena found out this wrestling lesson the hard way. It featured a horrible retelling featuring Khali in a much broader and scarier sense.

A rematch has been signed for "One Night Stand" but with all the ECW idiots fired, who will go see the WWE's version of ECW?

I for sure will not.


Monday, May 21, 2007

WWE Proves Cena is Better than Kane & Undertaker

In a historic night for the WWE, John Cena defeated the Great Khali by making him submit. That's right, he made the Great Khali submit!

I would be impressed somewhat, but I'm not.


Because by having John Cena submit the monster, he's being held in higher regard than The Undertaker and Kane among others that have not been able to defeat Khali in the past. I agree that Khali should not own the WWE championship, however I do not agree that Cena in any way can defeat Khali cleanly. This match should have set up a rematch in which falls count anywhere and there was no DQ. That way Cena would have to basically use a foreign object to defeat the guy. Instead he uses his roladex of maneuvers to try and beat the monster, and eventually wears him down and wins!

This isn't Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, this is just mediocre on the behalf of the WWE. I do not like the ending, but am still glad that it happened.


Because I'm hoping that we can move onto a new Cena feud.

Other notes from last night included the Hardys once again beating Cade and Murdoch, Carlito losing to Ric Flair (surprise surprise) the burial of Chris Benoit because WWE doesn't like that he can't talk on the mic, and Edge squeaking by Batista.

Judgment day was barely passable as a whole.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad News For WWE Fans: RVD Fired

Stupid WWE Fired Rob Van Dam. They sent him home according to many sources online and that's a shame.

RVD is a fan favorite, he gets butts into the seats and people love to see him come out and fly across the ring.

I do not want him in TNA I do not want him to feud with AJ Styles, I want him back in the WWE on the main roster and not on some second rate ECW show!

This is the worst news to come out of the WWE camp in a long time, and this is why the show is taking a turn for the worse.

If I were the WWE I would really consider what I'm doing in regards to programming, because they are slowly killing all my favorite older guys.

This guy could still go.

Oh and they fired Sabu too, and they are looking to fire Sandman.

How in the world is Stevie Richards still there?

It baffles me completely.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Y2J Chris Jericho Rumor Killer

Someone out there reported that Y2J was given an official draft of a new contract in light of recent injuries. However, that is not true.

That's right. Chris Jericho is a great wrestler, and unfortunately lost a "loser leaves wwe" match with John Cena and has not been seen or heard from since in the wrestling world.

Without Kennedy,Undertaker, and Orton being dumb, can the WWE afford not to sign up the biggest free agent in the world of wrestling?

Where else will he go?

TNA is an option, but have you seen their programming lately?

It leaves a lot to be desired and I'm wondering why people put up with the doldrums that is the undermining of talent.

AAA? Mexico? WSX?

All three options are a no go. Jericho is a high profile wrestler and as such deserves a high rate of payment.

As much as I would like to see Y2J return, I doubt he's going to make it back.

But here's another rumor that you may or may not have heard yet: THE WWE are eyeballing a return of Y2J for Summerslam.

But there is also talks of HHH coming back, so will a y2j return ruin that? Maybe.

Time will tell.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lashley proves ECW Sucks, WWE Fires Sabu Outright

Bobby Lashley took on three members of the new breed and won! This proves my point that I made yesterday in regards to the WWE burying ECW and whoever wrestles in that brand.

This made the ECW guys look extremely week, and unfocused.

The best part of the match, however, was "The Pounce" by The Alpha Male which was incredible. He hit lashley and threw him all the way to the outside with that move.

Other than that, the whole match was sloppy and proved nothing for the former ECW champion.

In other news: Sabu was fired yesterday. Great huh? No more Sabu, no more RVD in a few months, and I'm sure no more Sandman either.

A legacy is once again kicked in the pants.

This is a sad day for ECW


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WWE Hates ECW Or Hates Lashley

Tonight on ECW, there will be a handicap match. Not just any Handicap match, we're talking about a match that will feature Bobby Lashley wrestling 3 of the ECW new breed!

This can only have one of two results as outlined below:

1) Lashley beats the crap out of all three of the guys and wins the match. This of course proves that ECW's wrestlers are second class athletes and are inferior to the former ECW champion and shouldn't even be in the same ring. If 3 guys can not take care of Lashley, then there's no credibility left in themselves.

2) Lashley gets pummeled into oblivion proving that three guys would tear up even the most ferocious of monsters. (Except maybe Khali or Umaga (as illustrated on raw) whic his dumb of course) Lashley losing proves that he's human, and proves that the ECW guys are worth while opponents to anyone when they are a united team.

There is a wild card in general that might have CM Punk come out and cost the new Breed the match, and makes some sense, but we'll have to wait and see what the WWE does with it tonight.


WWE Raw Review 5/14/07 Khali Buries Cena, Hbk Gets Trashed

John Cena vs. Great Khali is amazing.

Khali destroys the champion in the backstage area, and I am not sure how Cena can survive the match this Sunday.

This is insane. I’ve never seen CENA or anyone manhandled like this.

Cena does not back down, but he is thrown down ferociously by Khali.

I’m for once thrilled about these new developments.

I hope Cena can pull it through. I’m a little nervous for the guy.

Trevor Murdoch losing to Jeff Hardy once again proved that Jeff and Matt Hardy are superior to the jobbers on raw. I do not know why the tag teams are treated with such disrespect, they should have some serious tag team contenders rather than the stupid matches that make me bored, like this one.

Raw started off so well then it goes down the dumpster.

Santino once again beats Chris Masters, and this time it is in a non-title match. Boring to say the least. I like Santino, but Masters doesn’t deserve to get squashed in this manner, especially in a subpar match up.

The Woman’s match was boring. Victoria can wrestle but Candice Michelle can not.
Lashley beat the crap out of Jonathan Coachman for good measure, proving that he can beat up a non-wrestler. This was too pointless.

Carlito finally wins a match, but it’s against the jobber by the name of Val Venis.
They fired a ton of good guys to keep Venis? This is lame too. I can’t believe I’m still watching this.

Shawn Michaels somehow managed a win over Edge but it was a non title match so why do I even watch?

If nothing matters, then why even have it?

Raw started out so well, but ended up as it usually does, with a crappy resounding sound of boredom.

I hate when this happens.


Monday, May 14, 2007

New Format & Style

Just so that you guys know, and any readers that are finding this site for the first time.

I am not going to be doing raw reviews and posts in the same manner. I am going to assume that you’ve already seen Raw and therefore am going to be skipping some key parts in the retelling because you’ve already seen it once, you do not need me to retell it.

I will be griping and/or praising the product in any way I see fit.

Also, I will be looking at more news worthy things as I adhere to the blog format, rather than the news format.

This is not a news site, it’s a blog, so therefore I’m going to try and treat this page more like that than I would normally do.

So enjoy the new formatting and more yelling and screaming from me…the Mexican (sir Jorge)

McMahon Dvd Review

The WWE presents McMahon, a dvd about Vince McMahon, the owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment brand.

The dvd is presented in documentary style talking about McMahon’s childhood, and then progressing into how he got into the professional wrestling business.

This is not a top notch documentary, as it is very quick in overlaying the foundations of who the person really is and moves towards the more entertaining qualities that make professional wrestling tangible in today’s market.

From childhood to trying his hand at his father’s business, the documentary goes from one spectrum to the other meanwhile stopping along the way to interview wrestlers, family members and business partners about the man and the character that the home audience gets to see on television.

Mixed in with those interviews and the early onset of how the business took off, we get to see clips of WWE television that contrast the opinions of the wrestlers and McMahon himself.

The more entertaining moments in the film deal with Mr. McMahon’s home life, which is something that the average wrestling fan does not get to see everyday. So in regards to that, it is a very good dvd.

It doesn’t always portray Mr. McMahon in a positive life. It also talks about the other dealings that he’s had with the media, and failures like the XFL disaster.

Overall this dvd is meant for the WWE fans to get more of a picture of the owner and wrestler that they view on television. However, the casual fan can appreciate the whole thing as a great piece of entertainment, but may find it a little lengthy. It clocks in over 2 hours, but well worth it.

If you’re a fan, or just curious, this is a good starting point or carry over on Vince McMahon, and is a good dvd to watch, if you’re interested.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Edge Walks Across The Line

Edge has picked up a big victory to win the World title from Undertaker in an easy match after Mark Henry mopped him up.

The new announcement though is even better. Batista will face edge at Judgment Day for the world title, and that's something that has never happened.

However, can Batista beat Edge? Can Edge beat Batista?

This is so exciting that I want to upgrade my cable. A match we have yet to see on ppv, or wwe raw!

Not only that, The WWE has announced that next week on Raw Ozzy will be playing his new single!

I'm looking forward to see if Edge shows up on Raw for a few segments, or if he'll want that match with John Cena to prove he's now a champion.

What about a Champion vs. Champion match?

The future looks good.

Sorry about no smackdown review, the yankees were in town and the mariners won.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Macho Man's Return

"Randy Savage called Jay Lethal and told him that he liked the Black Machismo character. Apparently, they talked on the phone for several minutes. Could this lead to Savage's return to TNA?"

This is taken from a post on wrestling inc online which talks about the possible return of Randy Savage.

I highly doubt it.

I really highly doubt it.

The only reason I would like Macho Man to come back is to beat the crap out of Jay Lethal for stealing the Macho Man's gimmick.

come on?

Is there nothing new under the professional wrestling sun?

This makes me upset. Why can't Tna-Nwa come up with some original things.

If this is the new age of professional wrestling, we have a sad time on our hands.


Thursday, May 10, 2007


There is no big news coming out of the wrestling world.


There's nothing to report because Smackdown was filmed on a Tuesday and the WWE released the fact that EDGE has won the title.

This is no good.

Why can't the WWE keep a secret?

Probably because there are 10,000+ people, and the crew, who all have access to the internet from time to time.

So it's hard.

Maybe that's just how the wrestling world works. In some ways the internet has hurt the product.

I remember growing up as a kid, each turn of events was a surprise. Now I find things out too early and the impact is dulled.

I don't know why.

I'm going to try to make efforts to rekindle the magic, or else I'll lose interest. That's something you do not want to do.

Then what would happen with this blog you know?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Edge Wins A World Title

Edge, like a cowardly maggot jumps the defending champion, cashing in the Money in the Bank and causing the wrestling world on its head.

Remember New Years Revolution?

It's happening again, and the rated R superstar is going to be heading into Smackdown the world champion!

This should be noted that Undertaker and Kennedy are both sidelined for a while.

The funny thing is, they brought Mark Henry to mop up the Undertaker for no apparent reason.

Mark Henry sucks.

Edge is a great champion with great skills, but can he carry the weight of the Gold? Time will only tell, but Edge winning the world title is huge wrestling news.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Raw Review 5/7/07 Cena & HBK Dismantled by Khali Title match Announced

Raw was on par with some great timing as Mister McMahon came out to talk about the Main Event for Judgment Day.

He was interrupted twice. Once by Shawn Michaels and once by Lashley.

This is not match related, so while I can tell you there was talking and rambling, there was little wrestling action, so what’s there to say? McMahon set up two matches:

HBK vs. Khali and Lashley vs. Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon & Umaga for the ECW Championship set for Judgment day

Lashley then beats down Jonathan Coachman for no apparent reason. This doesn’t prove anything.

The women’s match was next:

Candice & Mickie James defeated Victoria & Melina

This match was a bathroom break. I couldn’t believe that they put this on raw instead of something better. These ladies do not know how to wrestle, and while Mickie James & Victoria do, the other two are horrible. I don’t like this match, and I do not believe that this match should be taking place.

That being said, this match was the standard practice for the girls. They did ok to say the least, but I did not enjoy the match that much. The timing was off, and the moves were disjointed. I hope they do more to train and learn more in ring. Mickie James is improving, so I give her a lot of credit. She’s not as green as she used to be.

Santino defeated Chris Masters
Intercontinental Championship Match

Santino is a new comer from Italy and the fans really aren’t aware of this guy. I do not understand why Masters is getting a title shot, this makes no sense, and devalues the Intercontinental title.

Masters took control early, dominating most of the match, and continuing to pummel Santino with a variety of moves.

Then the finish came with a quick roll up surprise and the three count. If you weren’t watching, you missed it, it was that quick, and overall a poor excuse for a match.

After an extended break with nothing really going on.

The Highlanders lose to Umaga

A huge squash! This was so dumb, they buried the Highlanders in a matter of minutes. I hate the way tag teams are treated. At least WCW put some integrity in their tag teams and didn’t let them get squashed this bad.

Great Khali kills Shawn Michaels

In a weird turn of events, the Great Khali destroys HBK in a major squash.

I like this one. I don’t mind if Great Khali bulldozes his way through the competition, but can Cena do anything to retain the belt at Judgment Day? I don’t know, HBK just got demolished in a matter of moments.

A bunch of weird promos are shown.

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Finally a match!

Although this match was fast and furious and really did nothing for either team, it was still a great match up. The Greatest Tag Team and Hardyz are perfect together! They compliment each other quite well and the wrestling moves are amazing. The whole match really got the crowd and myself going! It’s a great match up.

Then Cade and Murdoch go in and mop up. Which is lame.

I’d like to see a Texas Bull Rope match to settle the score sooner than later. But I doubt we’ll see anything of that sorts.

The Hardyz win clean, and then take things elsewhere.

Edge defeated. Mr. Kennedy (Money In The Bank)

Edge outwitted Mr. Kennedy in a match that was for the world title shot! It was an incredible match up in theory, but the match wasn’t even that good. It was a good showcase, but knowing that Mr. Kennedy was injured I knew Edge would benefit.

So Edge gets a guaranteed title shot, at Kennedy’s expense, Kennedy will be out for at least 5 to 7 months! A tricep tear is serious.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Randy Orton

This match ended in a no contest. So it was pointless. Not only was it a non title match it was interrupted by great Khali who laid out Cena for the second time in the last two weeks. This is no good, this is good, this has me tied up in an emotional knot.

Can Khali make good on his end? Will Cena finally drop the title? I sure hope so.
Overall the second hour of raw was great. A lot more focus on the matches, but that’s not to say it was all good. It was good in many ways, and I really enjoyed the second half. I even stayed up to see every last moment. I’m excited for the Khali angle.

I’m not excited about the Ric Flair Carlito Angle, and the rest is up to Smackdown to counter. This show was loaded, and delivered quite nicely, although the ending was not that great, but enough matches to hold me over until ECW’s show.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Raw Preview 5/7/07 Cena vs. Orton Edge vs. ????

In a weird turn of events, Randy Orton will face John Cena tonight in a NON-TITLE match. I'm tired of these non-title matches, that prove nothing. If it is a non-title match, we can see major interference.

Also, Khali is coming to get each and every contender. So who's going to end up wrestling Cena for the world title?

I don't know if anyone is going to be there. Because Khali is going to keep bulldozing people until he gets his way.

Furthermore on Raw, they are going to announce something big for the Judgment Day ppv. Kane is on the cover, but I do not think that it revolves around Kane.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

WWE Smackdown Review 5/3/07 Undertaker Batista Steel Cage World Title

Boogeyman def. William Regal (Disqualification)

I’m not sure if they are burying Boogeyman or burying Regal! This was a slow match with a stupid ending. It made me realize how much I hate the wwe’s creative
direction. I did enjoy the reaction to Regal, but Boogeyman…I don’t know.

Brian Kendrick def. WWE Tag Team Champion Domino

I hate these single matches. They prove nothing. There is also no other major teams, so a tag team tournament wouldn’t even be possible. At least WCW had a lot of tag teams, and partners to get into a good groove to defend the titles. These guys are just lame. Kendrick wins over Domino.

Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy

Matt Hardy and Ken Kennedy have a great match. This match had psychology, pacing, and great overall tone. The fans reacted accordingly, and it was a great match overall. Hardy defeats Kennedy clean, and it looks like he’s getting some major pull with the higher ups thanks to the fan reaction.

Jimmy Wang Yang def. Gregory Helms

Another great thing about WCW was their cruiserweight division. It was fast and furious, and had a lot of cruiserweights featured on all programs. Here in the WWE they don’t like the big man. JWY wins but how long did they wrestle and Helms win? A lot of times, and now, after Helms does not have the title, Yang wins?

Give me a break. This match was solid, but no clear definition. Where’s the champ too?

Finlay def. Miz (Count-out)

Miz wrestles Finlay but leaves after an interference. This match was a throwaway. It did not build anyone and it did not further any story. Miz is a horrible wrestler.

MVP def. Kane

Great MVP beats Kane. After how many times did Kane pulverize this guy? This is the type of thinking that is doing the job of ruining characters and the company.
I hope things get better.

The great announcement is the fact that the WWE Championship will be held in Steel Cage match! The Taker is injured so expect the title to finish into the hands of Batista again.


Friday, May 4, 2007

What About The Undie-Taker

Batista and The Undertaker are going to have to switch roles in the near future, but how soon?

Can someone really wrestle with a bicep injury?

I'm not sure, because Boogeyman also had a torn bicep and he did not wrestle for a while either.

Undertaker is getting up there in age, maybe they should let Kennedy steam roll his way into an early title reign due to the Undertaker's injury.

That would elevate things to something that fans would like to see instead of throwing together the same tired matches that we are used to seeing on WWE television these days.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

RVD Maybe Gone So With Sabu and Sandman No More ECW?

"One of the ramifications of RVD leaving is how it may affect Sabu and Sandman, who both have a lot of backstage heat on them from WWE management"

Apparently there is something big happening here. If RVD does in fact not sign with the WWE at the end of his contract. Sandman and Sabu maybe gone too. Not that they have done a whole lot lately, but they are going to be thrown out with the rest of the ECW has beens.

Don't get me wrong, I loved ECW and I still think there is a glimmer of hope, but these guys are beyond their prime. They can not uphold their schedule, nor the interest that the fans have in their novelty. It would be nice to just have them lose a loser leaves town match and then have them show up at TNA as a faction and start taking over. The ECW invasion would be huge!

Question is, does RVD own his name? Does Sandman and Sabu own their names? That would be weird to call them anything else. Or maybe they don't even need an introduction?

I'm not sure what the whoe thing would turn into, but I believe that things are going good for the ECW boys right this second.

This summer will see a change in the line up, and i wonder if Vinnie Mac will continue to do what he is dong now.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nwa-Tna Completely Fake, Really Fake!

"It should also be noted that sparks were supposed to shoot up off the cage when someone was "electrocuted", but that didn't end up happening. Instead, the lights flashed and the wrestlers involved were told to shake violently as if they were being electrocuted."

TNA-NWA has showed that they are worse than the WWE. This is a snippet from Wrestling and they are talking about how the electric cage match from their last ppv was really not working out well.

So instead of telling the ppv audience that there was something wrong with the set up, they started to add sounds of electricity over the sound system, then they told the wrestlers to shake violently!


This is hilarious to me, because not only is it fake, they want it to look faker! This is so lame, and I can not believe that TNA wants to be #2 or gain viewers with this. I’m surprised all the time by professional wrestling, but this is beyond simple surprises.

They are completely losing me, but then again, I’m a wrestling fan none-the-less.

I wish it wasn’t so cheesy though.


Ring of Honor Announced PPV Deal

"Ring Of Honor Wrestling (ROH), in association with G-Funk Sports & Entertainment, has concluded programming and distribution deals for PPV and VOD wrestling cards with iN DEMAND Networks, TVN and EchoStar Communications Corporation's DISH NetworkTM, making the critically-acclaimed ROH brand available for the first time ever to approximately 50 million American households. The agreement calls for a card every 60 days from shows both stateside and abroad, and will premiere July 1. A total of six cards are planned throughout '07/'08. ROH owner Cary Silkin made the announcement today with G-Funk's President Ken Gelman. The debut event, entitled "Respect Is Earned," will be taped May 12 in New York City from the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center, and will feature a glistening array of talent from Japan, England, the U.S. and Mexico."

XPW got a ppv deal and totally wrecked itself by releasing matches that were not live, and that were just rehashed cards that already happened.

But will Ring of Honor suffer the same fate? I am hoping that these cards are going to be live and not taped. I hope that the future is great for them, because we need some more wrestling action on these parts.

However, is the #3 promotion Ring of Honor?

Wrestling Society X proved to be a wrestling promotion that could rival ECW, and so far it has done nothing.

Ring of Honor has been getting a lot of notoriety, and from what I see they use some great talents, and some are even in TNA-NWA, but will that cease?

Quite possibly, since TNA does not want their stars to be cross branding in the wrestling world on pay-per-view.

Ring of Honor is on its way, but will it be like xpw and others that have ppv for a while, and then ruin it with internal spending?

Let's hope for the best.


Undertaker Injured

I did not see ECW last night because I was at a concert: The Tooth and Nail tour came into town and I couldn't get to a television screen.

So what's going on?

The Undertaker is hurt. He's gotten a major bicep injury, so what's going to happen to the world title?

I believe that people are going to be waiting for a major tournament. A single or double elimination tournament, with a new star, maybe Kennedy getting the title before next year!

We'll have to wait what happens.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

WWE Raw Review 5/01/07 Cena Gets Trashed By Khali & More of The Same

Raw rolled into town and expected to thrill the audience, and while there was some high spots, there was the same old slack.

Edge def. Randy Orton
Surprise, Surprise, Randy Orton loses to Edge after trashing a hotel room overseas and nearly getting fired. Why is this happening? Better yet, it’s about time! Orton, for all his lack of charisma, and the fans swerving to hate him, I still say he’s a second rate wrestler and a second rate human being if what is said about him is true!
That being said, this match was better than I thought, but anyone who thought Edge was not going to win this one is blind.

Jeff Hardy def. Johnny Nitro
Johnny Nitro is still on Raw? He’s wrestling Jeff Hardy? Again? This is a ridiculous example of running out of ideas and throwing in whomever is available to wrestle. This is a poor decision and a second rate match up. This is a bad move and an ok match. It is a go to match in one sense because the two know each other so well in and out of the ring, but it is a cheap thrill to entertain the audience for no reason, when they pay to go see this, and myself having to stay up late. Knowing I have to get up at 4 am the next day.
This match was the standard Nitro Hardy match.

Umaga def. Rob Van Dam
Umaga wrestles RVD in a glorified squash match. News all over the internet is reporting that RVD will not be signing to WWE after his contract expires this summer. Honestly, why should he? The WWE turned ECW in a horrible product, feeds it to the fans as if it were the original and then brings in a new faction of guys that never worked older ECW and then makes the originals look like crap at every expense, then throws them a bone for a ppv every now and again. ECW will crumble without RVD and from the rumors flying, they will dismantle ECW, and Umaga is horrible. He’s weak.

Ric Flair & Carlito vs. World's Greatest Tag Team (no contest)
Again, with the same match, come on WWE give me something I have not seen on 6 plus episodes of WWE RAW! This is so stupid.
The Flair & Carlito team is now up. GOOD! Carlito is being held down by Flair who is too old to perform at his peak, and is now just being led to the slaughter when he wrestles. The new guys tear him apart, and while he can still hack away at anyone’s chest, he is too old to do some faster development, and Carlito is not getting a fair shake.

Mickie James & Candice Michele def. Victoria & Women's Champion Melina
This was somewhat entertaining because Mickie James & Victoria can wrestle. Candice and Melina are horrible. They should not be wrestling. At least Mickie James is showing improvement and Victoria is a great wrestler.

Then the big time happened! Khali got tired of standing in the back and came out and leveled the champ.

Edge wants back into the title scene?

I say he takes on Khali to see who's going to win. Cena can not beat Khali, unless he runs him over with a Ford Mustang.

Kennedy also announced that he will face the champion at next years Wrestlemania, making Wrestlemania tickets a hot seller already.



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