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WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2017 Results and Review Lesnar Still Sucks

Bork Lazer Vs. The World - SRC WWE.COM
Wow, color me late again. This is a review that should’ve been up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but instead, it’s getting written right now. I’m late, and that’s because I had to once again sit through 5 hours of television to get through this. Or 4 hours, I don’t recall. Either way, here’s my review of the HULU version of Monday Night Raw, because you asked, or didn’t, I don’t know what is going on sometimes.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2017 Results and Review

Was there a talking segment to open things up? Maybe? I think it may have been Seth Rollins, and if it was, I was bored. Cesaor and Sheamus luckily came down to beat him up, but oh no, here comes Dean “Boring” Ambrose to stop it. I was not thrilled, as I think he’s been resting on his laurels for some time, and his in ring performances have bored me as of late. Rollins and Dean tease the fist bump, and then connect, because you know, the Shield reunion is going to be inevtible, and Roman Reigns will need them to win the title, if you ask me.

This set up a tag team title’s match for SummerSlam this year.

Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax

They say that there was a women’s revolution in WWE, but you know what? Revolution means a full circle, and that’s what we are getting. This match was not that long, and it wasn’t believable to me. The match between Jax and Banks from Fastlane was far better if you ask me. However, this was good for what it was, and Jax loses again, while Banks goes on to face Alexa Bliss. It should be a no-dq match, but something tells me Little Miss Bliss is going to retain.

Elias attacked R-Truth

This was not on HULU.

Big Cass and the Club Sandwich Boys break Big Shows Arm.

You read that right. There’s not much I can say about that. Big Cass did cut one good promo, though. Although, it was hard to pay attention to him, as he was “orange”. I kid you not. That spray tan was too much.

Bray Wyatt defeated Finn Balor

This was a dumb match. Balor barely got in any offense, and Bray Wyatt just easily beat him with a crotch shot and Sister Abigail. I still think that Wyatt should get a real Sister Abigail to show up, and he should also team up with Bo Dallas. Wishful thinking on my part, which will likely never happen, I’m sure. Bray Wyatt wins, then pores blood on Balor. But wait! The commentary team did not say anything about this. The HULU version edited out the commentary teams statements, so you didn’t hear them say acid, or whatever it is that people on twitter said. Who cares, this is a boring feud. I hear the Demon is coming at Summerslam, ok. Sure. Finn Balor is nothing more than Alex Wright 2.0 if you ask me.

Akira Tozawa defeated Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Tozawa is a great character, and he can really put on a show. This match, wasn’t that great. However, the big senton bomb from Tozawa saved it. He has some serious height on that, and it reminds me of how good Dick Togo was. This was a good performance from both, but the title change seems odd to me, especially since I’m not following 205 Live as much as I had in the past. I need to get back to it.

Jason Jordan defeated The Miz via DQ

This was fast, and it didn’t get far. Jordan got jumped by Miz’s cronies and that was that. Jordan then cleaned house, but the Miztourage is going to definitely cause disruption for the young guy. Oh, and the fans could care less, which means they care just a little.

Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz defeated The Miz and The Miztourage

Oh, I almost forgot this happened! The Hardy Boyz ran down to save Jordan from a beat down, and that prompted Teddy Long to come down and declare a tag team match! Ok, he didn’t come down, but that’s what happened, a six man tag happened, and that was that.

Bork Lazer fought off a few dudes.

The ending of Raw had Lesnar getting pulled away from beating up the rest of his opponents from Summerslam. I will say this much, the main event is going to be predicable since Lesnar will win and will be at Raw as the champion. That’s been leaked already, so there.

Overall, Raw wasn’t terrible. It was actually watchable for the most part. However, I could not get into the main event, and the lack of lengthy matches makes me miss the old Raw shows where wrestling took more of a front seat, then just randomly throwing together storylines before a PPV. I guess that’s what 2017 WWE is now, a crash course in pro-wrestling.

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WWE Smackdown Live August 8, 2017 Results and Review This Is The Best They Can Give?

Mahal Vs Orton - SRC
People sometimes tell me that Smackdown is the better show. They are wrong. There is no better show. This show may have started as something grand back when the brand split was first announced. But now? It’s nothing more than a homogenized wrestling show that is heavy on talking, and light on wrestling. It’s not as bad as Raw, but it’s still bad. There are moments of joy, though, and perhaps that’s the saving grace of Smackdown’s shows. August 8, 2017 the show was from Canada yet again, and the fans weren’t booing nearly as bad as Raw, but you also didn’t get the same lame ass promos being cut. I watched this directly after Raw, which is something worth noting.

WWE Smackdown Live August 8, 2017 Results and Review

John Cena Cut A Bad Promo

This was one of the worst promos I’ve ever heard. Cena is usually ok on the mic. I miss the times when he was rapping. Now he just is tired, and boring. Corbin came out, and the two would talk about how they are going to fight, etc. I don’t know, Cena insulted Corbin and a match was set for the two at Summerslam. I don’t care about either guy. You know what will happen? John Cena will defeat Baron Corbin, and Corbin will cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event at Summerslam.

The Usos defeated Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger

Did you see this going any other way? Dillinger loses again. The Usos win, and they are perhaps the best in the industry right now. I’d love to see the Young Bucks versus The Usos, that would set a huge fire under the feet of all tag teams if you ask me. I loved this match, although seeing Zayn and Dillinger buried makes me wonder why even bring them to the main roster?

Charlotte Flair defeated Lana

A burial. Lana can not lace the boots of Flair. Flair is wasted here. Please WWE, give her better competition, perhaps move her back to Raw.

Shane McMahon Bored Me To Tears

Ugh. This was boring. AJ Styles and Kevin Owens talked, and McMahon talked, and then it led to Shane getting kicked. Oh well. It was nice to see Owens mention that McMahon has screwed people in the past. That makes me want to watch Survivor Series 1998, to be honest. I may watch it again, as it was a stellar event if I do remember. Deadly Game Survivor Series, great stuff.

Twin Peaks or Fashion Peaks

This was a cool segment. Nothing to complain about here.

Carmella defeated Naomi

Another burial. This wasn’t half bad. Not that good either. Carmella got the win, and really didn’t progress much of a story. Where was Natalya? Where was Becky? Women’s revolution, huh? Meh.

Randy Orton defeated Jinder Mahal in a grudge match

Do you really want me to talk about this? I didn't even want to see it. Rusev showed up on the ramp with a kick to Orton and the show ended. No more Smackdown, please.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 7, 2017 Results and Review The Padded Chair of Doom

Padded Chair of Doom - SRC WWE.COM
This week I sat through 5 hours of wrestling. Ok, not 5 hours, only the 90 minute version of Raw on Hulu and then Smackdown live on Hulu. I watched them back to back, so that has to be something good, right? Whatever the case is, Raw was not exactly fun to watch, but Smackdown had a few notes. This time around on Raw, there were some good spots, and classic matches, but the HULU version condensed a lot of the things that you would normally expect. With that in mind, consider the following review of RAW from the Air Canada Centre, in Toronto, Canada.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 7, 2017 Results and Review

Brock Lesnar laid the Miz and his crew to waste.

The opening segment had Lesnar beating down the Miz and his crew with ease. This was fun, but what’s the big deal? Lesnar obliterates the Intercontinental Champion? Not only that, did you see the Miz’s wild swing against Lesnar? It was funny.

Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins

Sheamus rolled up Rollins, and then beat him down, forcing Dean Ambrose to show up. I think. I think that’s the story that was told, or maybe not. I’m having a hard time remembering this, because it was absolutely boring.

Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox

The women’s revolution eh? Well, if a fast moving match with minimal offense and probably 5 minutes of time is a revolution, then sure, we have a revolution. This was telegraphed a mile away. Sasha Banks wins, and the rest were boring. Emma is still getting buried.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Enzo Amore and Big Show

Well, this match sucked. Enzo is not liked backstage, according to a lot of sources, but you wouldn’t know since this match had the crowd going nuts for him. Show and Enzo lose, but then Show gets the last laugh with a right hand. They are going to have Cass versus Big Show with Enzo in a cage above the ring, which is just bad. Either way, this match sucked, and the Club Sandwich boys aren’t doing well.

Bray Wyatt Attacked Finn Balor

This wasn’t shown on HULU.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro

Another roll up, but this time Seth Rollins ran down. Rollins ran down and saved Ambrose, but they didn’t shake hands or fist bump. This match was boring, and Cesaro was rolled up. Man, so many roll ups, I’m tired.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari

This wasn’t shown on HULU.

Nia Jax defeated Mickie James and Dana Brooke

Wow, Dana Brooke is hot to me. I’m sorry. Mickie James too. These are two amazing women, and they are very strong and athletic. Then there’s Nia Jax, wow, some improvement, but not exactly an in ring scholar just yet. I liked this match, and loved the ending, with Nia Jax going strong and moving forward to facing off against Sasha Banks.

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match

This was great. This was a great match with Roman and Braun putting on a show. There were a lot of great moments, but the scene of the night was Reigns getting hit in the face with an office chair. Strowman threw a chair at him and Roman went down, people went nuts, and I couldn’t help but think that the chair was super padded. Roman went down like a sack of potatoes, and it was funny to see. Samoa Joe came out of the audience, NO MUSIC mind you, and choked out Reigns.

Bayley gets Booed!

Bayley’s character has been assassinated. Ever since she wussed out at Extreme Rules in her home town, and Alexa Bliss caned the living crap out of her, she’s been going downhill. The crowd was booing, and Bayley really was awful on the mic. She even said, “why are they booing”, breaking character, and making me hate WWE for putting her out there. This was absolutely bad.

Overall, Monday Night Raw had a lot of bad things to it. But there were a few good moments with wrestling, including Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. I don’t think Reigns sucks. This was an ok show, and worth HULU, but not 3 hours of your time.

Oh, and one more thing. What’s up with the illogical saves? Ambrose and Rollins save each other, but before they do so, their music plays. That’s asinine! Don’t do that! Instead, they should just run down and save their friend, no music, no pomp and circumstance. But no, logic is thrown out the window. Where was Elias, by the way? Oh well. Raw was ok at best.

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WWE Smackdown Live August 1, 2017 Results and Review The Dream Match Killer

This Was Your Finish, But It Was Boring - src
This week’s edition of Smackdown was live from Cleveland, Ohio. Just a stone’s throw away from where I live, and I didn’t want to go. Why would I? The quality of Smackdown’s shows has been dropping like crazy, so I didn’t want to jump into this one live, but I needed to write up a review, and so here I am, talking about Smackdown again. This is a night that should’ve been great, but instead, it felt a little flat, and we’re going to discuss it and what not below.

WWE Smackdown Live August 1, 2017 Results and Review

Aj Styles defeated Kevin Owens

This match was probably the worst thing I’ve seen these guys in. They keep putting on matches that are absolutely cringe worthy. They just seem to be working at half speed or something. They don’t seem to be into it, and the ending was goofy as ever. Owens went to swing at Aj Styles and supposedly hit the ref, and the ref didn’t see when Owens’ shoulder was up, getting counted pinned in 3, which would lead to him throwing a tantrum. He yelled at Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, leading to them announcing that Aj Styles would face Kevin Owens yet again, only this time, it’s going to be with guest referee Shane McMahon! Oh joy, oh boy, another match with these guys? They don’t have a lot of chemistry, folks.

Aiden English defeated Sami Zayn

Burials happen a lot, and we saw the burial of Sami Zayn once again occur on Smackdown. The WWE must not like Zayn, because he once again loses, and this time it’s to Aiden English, the singing dude. I don’t like English’s gimmick. I preferred the raucous noise that he was getting as part of the Vaudevillains, which worked. Oh well. This match was fast, and Zayn lost via roll up. Where’s Tye Dillinger, by the way? He was the perfect 10, after all.

Naomi and Becky Lynch defeated Carmella and Natalya

What a waste here. Sure, it was a little entertaining, but it was not great. The women got a few minutes to showcase their work, but it was really rushed, and in the end, the good guys win, and the bad guys lose. I mean girls.

Rusev defeated Chad Gable

Gable put on a good fight against Rusev, but Rusev is a wasted talent. He’s already lost to John Cena multiple times, and he’s scheduled to either get beaten down by Randy Orton or get a quick win, and then move onto I don’t know, nothing? Rusev sucks now, and while Gable had some nice highlights, he’s done now too.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated John Cena

This was a surprise. Shinsuke won this match clean. But John Cena was obviously going half speed and there was miscommunication in the ring. Nakamura got a lot of his spots in, but Cena wasn’t selling that well, and it became painfully obvious that Nakamura was going over. When Cena is not going to win, he doesn’t sell as well, trying to make the other guy look dominant, and it doesn’t bode well for the match. This could’ve been great, but unfortunately, it’s going to be remembered for the fact that Nakamura dropped Cena on his neck, and that’s it.

Post match, exclusively, on Baron Corbin showed up and beat up Nakamura. He then got thrown through a table by John Cena.

Smackdown is not good, this was boring at times. It’s just a rushed, boring show that doesn’t utilize all of the talent that they have. Oh, but they did have the Usos mocking The New Day, so that was cool. Day One Ish and all that jazz.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review The Backwards Showcase

Samoa Joe Looked Like A Chump - SRC 
I finally am sitting down to review the show, and despite the fact that I don’t have many readers, It was important for me to get through this one. Why? Because I need something to vent my displeasure with how WWE Raw went down this week. I saw the HULU version, but it felt like it was 9 hours long, and despite the fact that the feed only has a select amount of information in the 90 minutes, it didn’t feel shorter for some reason. With that in mind, let’s consider what went down, and how I felt about it, because this is a site where I discuss pro wrestling from WWE, and well that’s about it.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review

From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, there was NO ECW chants that I recall, meaning the crowd is definitely not what they used to be, that’s for sure.

Kurt Angle came out only to get interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. They said that they were going to quit if Lesnar lost at Summerslam. They aren’t going to lose, mind you.

The Hardy Boyz defeated The Club Sandwich Guys

Well, the Club are officially a bunch of nerds. They lose again, and while the Revival and the Club decided to try and beat up the Hardy’s they couldn’t get it done. Team Extreme once again buries the young talent, and that’s the end of that. I can only hope that they become broken.

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and Akira Tozawa defeated TJP, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Nese

This was not on HULU

Jason Jordan on Miz TV

What a load of garbage. Jason Jordan gives an Angle Slam, I think, to the Miz into the Miztourage, and that was that. Jordan is not ready for this push.

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus

This was a boring match, that led to Sheamus and Cesaro beating up Rollins. Dean Ambrose ran down to help him out. This made no sense. Ambrose said that he was going to go his own way, and Rollins would have to go his own way, but here he is saving the day for some reason. This makes absolutely no sense to me folks. Why would he do this? He shouldn’t care about Rollins, as it’s none of his business. But alas, he ran down, and the two tried to beat up the champions. This made no sense.

Finn Balor attacked Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt rambles on and on, and said that no one can beat him, etc. I don’t know who to cheer for here, the Wyatt character sucks, but you know what? Alex Wright 2.0 is worth checking out, so maybe he’ll do well in this feud.

Roman Reigns defeated Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman

Of course he did. I didn’t like this match at all, as Joe looked weak and so did Strowman. Strowman made quick work of Joe, and Reigns was able to get the big win after hitting Strowman with the steel steps. Joe really got booted here, from the start, making him look weak amidst the other guys. This should’ve been the main event, but alas, it wasn’t. This was a good television match, but man, I wish Joe didn’t look so much like a chump here.

Elias defeated Kalisto

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Bayley defeated Nia Jax via Count Out

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Big Cass defeated Big Show via Disqualification

This was a boring, terrible match. Big Cass has new boring music, Big Show got winded fast, and Enzo came out to try and beat up Cass, only to get booted and knocked out. Cass then got hit in the face with that knockout punch, and that was it. That’s your Raw.

This was a boring episode of Raw, with little to no action in my view. Yes, there were some good moments, like the Hardy’s getting the best of the other teams, and watching Rollins get beat up by Cesaro and Sheamus. However, nothing that happened on this show hyped me up for Summerslam, which is the main goal of Raw right now, right? Ugh, this was a boring, flat show with a lot of boring moments, including that terrible main event. Why would they put Cass and Show on last? It makes no sense. What a terrible night of pro wrestling, if you can call it that.

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WWE Battleground 2017 Results and Review I Am Way Late Peeps

Holy Crap! - SRC

SRC - Singh Brothers Worked Their Ass Off Folks
I have to apologize for being so late this week in reviewing the PPV from the weekend. I had a few days off from watching wrestling after the show because it really made me question why I even watch any longer. It’s really that bad. This event was possibly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, but you already know that. I am not supposed to be drinking these days, as I’m on depression medication, but I had to get a New Castle to get through this one. Let’s discuss this showcase of well, entertainment, if you can call it that.

Aiden English defeated Tye Dillinger

I love Tye Dilllinger, but you’ll find he’s getting buried all the time. Remember the pop he got at the Royal Rumble? Well that’s gone. Aiden English won this match, and it was a hard hitting one. I was making a pizza when this started, but it wasn’t half bad. I liked it. English finally gets a win, but I miss the pop that Gotch and English got with Blue Pants in Nxt.

The New Day defeated The Usos

Perhaps the best match of the night, with a lot of fighting, kickouts, and great reversals. However, the New Day’s schtick is tired to me. This was a fun match, no doubt, and it’s the best match of the night.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin

Another boring match. These guys didn’t have chemistry together. It was really bad. Corbin loses with a low blow, done and done.

Natalya won a 5 way dance

This was a fast moving, elimination match. It was tired, and I didn’t understand the pacing or the results. It’s a terrible showing for the women, with the exception of Natalya and Becky Lynch.

Kevin Owens defeated Aj Styles

This was a boring match. I was shocked at how bored I was, and the failed finish was terrible.

Breezango gets beat down.

Um, ok.

John Cena defeated Rusev (Flag Match)

This was fun, but John Cena winning was so obvious. Rusev worked his ass off here, and I loved his intensity and look. But you knew that Cena was going to win.

Sami Zayn defeated Mike Kanellis

This was boring. I couldn’t believe it.

Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison Match

The Singh brothers were amazing here. I loved them, and hope one day to meet them. They took on some serious bumps. Much props to Orton too, he looked legitimately injured at one point. I also loved how he was giving it to Jinder at some points. Great Khali came out and wow, I popped huge, and then he helped Jinder, winning the match. Terrible match, but nice surprise at the end. Props to the Singh brothers, wow.

Overall, Battleground was bad. Really bad. But there were a few bright spots that make this not as terrible as some of the things I’ve sat through in my life as a wrestling fan.

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WWE Monday Night Raw July 17, 2017 Results and Review Quite Possibly The Worst

The Best Part of Raw Was The Drifter Knocking Out Finn Balor With A Guitar
Oh boy, Raw was getting a lot of attention in the media. People were going crazy on social media about the night, and whether or not Dixie Carter was going to be the reveal for Kurt Angle’s secret. I was excited until Angle spoke, and am still stunned at how bad this thing played out. Nothing that you thought it would be is what it was, and the rest of the card was, well absolutely dumb. Live from Nashville, Tn. Last night’s Monday Night Raw really pummeled the senses, and I could only stand the HULU version, because 3 hours of this nightmare was just too predictable at times, and awful at others. Let’s see how it went down in this HULU version review.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 17, 2017 Results and Review

Intercontinental Champion The Miz and The Miztourage confronted Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose started the show and Seth Rollins came out. At one point Rollins asked Ambrose to hit him in the back with a chair, asking for the former Shield Member to forgive him for turning his back on the team. That’s when The Miz and his cronies showed up and the trio beat the holy crap out of Rollins and Ambrose. That would prompt for a handicap match for next week. But this week, The Miz and his buddies got the beat down on the two Shield guys.

I’m so tired of Ambrose and Rollins.

Bayley def. Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss

A short match, that was not revoluiontary at all. Bliss loses here, gets pinned cleaned thanks to a distraction outside. Sasha Banks ran down and beat up Nia Jax, distracting Bliss and getting Bayley the win. Banks and Bayley will wrestle next week to see who is the number one contender against Bliss for Summerslam. Doesn’t Banks get a rematch? I don’t know, not a bad match, but it was very short. Where are the other women on the roster? So much for that revolution.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali def. The Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak

This wasn’t on HULU.

Big Cass confronted Enzo Amore

Not On HULU.

Finn Bálor def. Elias Samson via Disqualification

I like Samson, and I like the drifter gimmick. Balor looked to be getting this one easily, but not so fast. Samson came roaring back with some great offense, and when he got frustrated, he hit Balor with a guitar shot that busted him wide open. Samsons guitar shot was 100 times harder than anything you’ve seen from Jeff Jarrett, and akin to the shot that The Honky Tonk Man hit Jake Roberts with in the past. It was hard, it cut Finn wide open, and it really made this point special.

Ariya Daivari def. Akira Tozawa via Match Stoppage

Not on HULU.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle revealed his personal announcement

The worst segment ever. Kurt Angle is the father of one of American Alpha. I don’t care, you don’t care, this is absolutely the worst.

The Revival def. The Hardy Boyz

Not a bad match, The Hardy Boyz must become broken, they just have to. That Broken gimmick is one of the best things in the past decade, and this should send them down the spiral that will no doubt get them to start DELETING people. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe ended in a No Contest

A strong match that I loved, until the ending. Brown Shoeman showed up and interfered, and while he got into the fray with Joe and Reigns, there was no real winner, which was dumb. I wish there was a definitive winner in this feud. Not only that, how did Brown Shoeman heal up so fast? I want whatever medical help he has, because it’s better than mine.

Final Raw Thoughts

Raw wasn’t a terrible show, but it was far from good. There was probably 2 good things that happened, and none of it featured a title. I don’t know why Raw is booked so loosely with so little wrestling, but that’s what we’re getting this year. Perhaps Smackdown will be more fun? I don’t know, I may not even watch it, who knows. As for Raw, I’m sure the live crowd had fun, but I didn’t have fun watching this. I immediately had to take a nap.

Reviewing The Punjabi Prison Matches of the Past and Predicting The Future

Batista vs. Great Khali Battled In One Hell of A Punjabi Prison Match
This Sunday at WWE Battleground Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton are going to be locked into a crazy match known as the Punjabi Prison match. The two will face off for the WWE Championship and while some fans may not remember the past matches, I remember them as I was not only an adult when they occurred, I was there live for one of them. I guess I’m old. Regardless, there were only two other times that this match took place, making the upcoming showdown the third time that the WWE has placed two competitors in this structure.

Ahead of this weekend’s matchup, I’ve decided to review the last two matches that occurred inside of this structure. Not only that, I’m going to predict the winner of the upcoming Punjabi Prison Match that will take place at WWE Battleground!

Not sure what a Punjabi Prison match is? Well, , discusses the rules, in case you don’t remember them. It’s a mix between a traditional cage match, a thunder dome cage match, and other cage structures. However, the façade is covered in bamboo looking elements, with spikes, presenting on cool visual for this epic fight. Now, onto the reviews!

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show in a Punjabi Prison Match
The Great American Bash 2006

The Great American Bash from 2006 was a pretty cool event, and while I didn’t cover it at the time due to PPV’s costing $49.99 each month, I saw it later. The ECW Champion at the time took on The Undertaker in the first ever Punjabi Prison Match. However, it wasn’t supposed to be The Big Show. The Great Khali was NOT medically cleared at the time, as he had elevated liver enzymes, and didn’t even come back to television for some time. The match was supposed to be Undertaker and Khali, since Khali had manhandled the Undertaker prior to this showdown.

The match itself was unique, with a lot of cool visuals on PPV, and of course The Undertaker still in his prime working the Big Show. Even though the two were big men at the time, there were some great hard-hitting shots, and some great drama in this 20-minute bout. The Undertaker would get the win, and further the feud between him and Khali. I know, odd as that sounds. Khali would eventually lose to the Undertaker in on great match later on Smackdown. However, Big Show got the “L” on this one.

Overall, the match is probably only a 3-star match. However, a 20-minute bout on a PPV that you don’t’ remember, isn’t half bad.

Batista defeated The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match
No Mercy 2007

Ah, 2007, the year that I graduated college for the first time. This event was cost prohibited for me, unfortunately, but the show went on. Batista and The Great Khali were embroiled in a feud, with Batista claiming that he wasn’t afraid of the big man. The match was signed, and this match had a lot more memorable moments than the first Punjabi Prison match. In fact, if you remember, this match was only 15 minutes or so, but Batista was flying around the ring like a cruiserweight against Khali, and was earning his paycheck. Khali, even though he was lumbering, still put on a decent showing, but credit Batista for making this a memorable bout. Batista would get the win, but not without enduring some heavy blows from Khali. Personally, I don’t think Khali would’ve been able to match Batista’s athleticism in 2007, as the big man was starting to get some serious momentum in the WWE.

Overall, the match was about a 3-star match, simply because Khali was starting to get a little slow at this point.

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship, Punjabi Prison Match)
WWE Battleground 2017

And now, we go to the future! What will go down between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton? Well, I’m going to have to agree with others like , and am going to say that Jinder Mahal is going to get the 1-up against Randy Orton. Why? Well, if you read my coverage of WWE Payback, I literally thanked Jinder Mahal for interfering in the House of Horrors match. Why? Because Randy Orton bores me, and he is literally phoning it in. Mahal may be a bit new, but he’s got a lot more mileage to go versus Orton at this point. Plus, The Singh brothers are going to no doubt going to find a way to help Mahal yet again, and even though Mahal may take a beating, he is going to get out of this match the winner. He may be beaten, and even bloody, but Mahal is going to survive, and Orton is going to get thrown into a feud with literally anyone else on Smackdown right now.

My prediction for the Punjabi Prison match? Jinder “The Maharaja” Mahal!

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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results and Review

Lesnar Really Earned The Paycheck This TIme - SRC WWE.COM
Some people are calling this the best event that the WWE has put together since Wrestlemania. Others are not so happy with the results. Me? I had a blast watching a great deal of the matches, and while I wasn’t in Dallas, I really wish that I was there. Oh well. The great thing about WWE’s build up thus far is that they were able to put in a lot of effort into pushing certain stories, over others. But that doesn’t mean that the show was amazing on all arenas, there were some missteps, but here we go, this is how it went down, and what I thought of the show, now that I’ve had 24 hours to stew on it, so to speak.

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Review

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Akira Tozawa

Not a terrible match, but it was obvious that Neville was only going half speed. Tozawa is good, and he put on a showcase, but Titus and him couldn’t get this win over Neville. I’m souring on the cruiserweights, and I’m not sure how long WWE is going to push the show, if they are going to do so at all in the near future, oh well. This match was good, but too bad it was an opener and not on the main card.

Bray Wyatt def. Seth Rollins

The eater of pins got a clean win on Seth Rollins. Some say it wasn’t clean because of a thumb in the eye, but you know what? He was on the outside, and Rollins was pulling his hair. He came back into the ring, breaking the referee’s count, and pinned Rollins after a Sister Abigail finisher. That’s about as clean as you’re going to get folks.

Big Cass def. Enzo Amore

Enzo cut a cool promo, but then got beat down. He lost big time. Cass is big, he gets the win. Not a great match. Enzo is done in the WWE if you ask me.

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus def. The Hardy Boyz (30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match)

This was a fun 30 minute match, and the two teams put on a clinic if you ask me. I loved it. I loved how Matt even got busted open the hard way. The teams are so good together, and they just gel during the whole match. All of the offense and defense was fun, and the timing went well. Just a lot of great spots here, and some great overall timing on the part of both teams. I loved it. Great iron man match, and this feud rolls on, again.

Sasha Banks def. Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss via Count-out

Sasha Banks was able to beat Alexa Bliss after a great back and forth battle, but only because Bliss got herself counted out. That means that she kept the title, which is what I’ve been saying all along about the heel champions. They should pull this more often. As for Banks, she is great, and was able to launch herself off the top of the announcers table, with double knees, and busted Bliss mouth wide open. A great spot, a good match, and smart booking if you ask me.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz def. Dean Ambrose

I didn’t care for this match, but Bo Dallas looking like the One Man Gang was cool. The MIz won with the help of his crew, and Ambrose is going to need a new partner to square off against, if you ask me. I’m tired of his phoning it in.

Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns (Ambulance Match)

I didn’t expect this match to be as entertaining as it was. It was definitely a fast paced, fluid match, and the two put on a show. Roman Reigns was over zealous at one point and launched himself into the Ambulance, and LOST clean! He got so mad, however, that he threw Braun into the ambulance and then rammed it into a semi. He nearly KILLED Strowman, in storyline. This is nothing new. People are talking a heel turn, I don’t know. I liked this match, and am glad Strowman got the win. He may be next for Lesnar, and will most likely lose.

Heath Slater def. Curt Hawkins

Wow! Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins were sent out to battle, and the WWE didn’t even show it for the most part. Slater won, but the show was not showing the match, the cameras showed the ambulance and Braun backstage.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar def. Samoa Joe

This reminded me of the WWF Championship run that The Undertaker had in 1997. If you remember the matches after Wrestlemania 13, you will realize that The Undertaker fought everyone off in really competitive matches until meeting head first against Bret Hart at Summerslam. That match was epic, but he fought off Farooq, Stone Cold, and many others on the way to Summerslam that year. Lesnar could very well be that good, if he wrestled more often, but this match was great. Joe was not afraid, and he put the boots to Lesnar, and even went to Suplex city many times. However, one F5 later, and Joe loses clean in under 10 minutes. This was a great match for what it was, even if it was short. I hate Lesnar now, but hey, Joe got the best of him, and there’s no telling where this is going. Joe showed me that he could and should be champion, if you ask me.

There you have it, the big event is over, and the matches are done. Who knows what is going to go down tonight on Raw, but it’s going to be an interesting one, no doubt.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live June 27, 2017 Results and Review The Second Women’s Money In The Bank

Ellsworth Got Crotched - SRC 
The HULU edition of Smackdown was great, as it was the full show, with no filler. I’m sure there are edits between what was originally broadcasted and the show that was shown on HULU, but I don’t know the difference, really. So let’s get to this better show than usual, albeit not perfect as I have to ask a few questions.

WWE Smackdown Live June 27, 2017 Review

Where was American Alpha?

Where is Tye Dillinger?

Daniel Bryan banned James Ellsworth from the arena

The show opened up with Daniel Bryan announcing the main event, and then getting yelled at by Ellsworth. Ellsworth was subsequently banned from the building so that the fight would be fair during the main event ladder match. The crowd was nuts for this, and that’s a good thing.

The Usos defeated The Hype Bros

Just as this said, The Usos defeated the Hype Bros and that’s the end of that. It was a fast match and the ending came faster than I thought. If you blinked, you missed this one.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi defeated Lana

This was another short match. Lana was quickly defeated, even though she hit Naomi with her finisher. Too bad, Lana just got buried.

Randy Orton caused chaos and called out Jinder Mahal

Orton cut a promo and was given a match with Jinder. However, it was announced that it would be a Punjabi Prison Match….sigh.

Baron Corbin def. Sami Zayn

Not a bad match at all, Corbin put the boots to Zayn, and it looked like he was going to lose this one, but nope, he hit a sick End of Days and put Zayn down. Zayn loses again.

Carmella won the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match to become Ms. Money in the Bank

Lots of action in this match. I loved it. It was a great overall match that had a lot of back and forth, lots of falls, and lots of ladder hits. Ellsworth showed up at the end of the match and tried to get involved again, but Becky Lynch toppled the ladder and he fell onto the top rope, crotch first! Carmella finally got extreme and brought in a chair, beat down Lynch, and climbed up to get the ladder, which was an awesome thing to see. Carmella won this thing outright this time, and that’s the end of the night.

Smackdown was concise, fun to watch, and had a great ending for once. I like Carmella, so there.

WWE Smackdown January 27, 2017 Results

Daniel Bryan banned James Ellsworth from the arena
The Usos def. The Hype Bros
SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi def. Lana
Randy Orton caused chaos and called out Jinder Mahal
Baron Corbin def. Sami Zayn
Carmella won the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match to become Ms. Money in the Bank

WWE Monday Night Raw June 26, 2017 Results and Review The Return of The Boss

The Legit Boss Returned - SRC
Monday Night Raw was live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That’s a building I know all too well. I saw Unforgiven twice there, and I saw Wrestlemania there, as well as seeing a live WWE Smackdown from the fourth row no less. I even had Scotty Too Hotty jump into the crowd where I was at. Overall, I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of action in the arena, but nothing quite like what happened on Raw. In fact, I’ve never been to a WWE Monday Night Raw taping, so there’s that. Whatever the case is, on January 26, the Raw brand was in Los Angeles for one hell of a show, and I saw the HULU version, so that’s what I will talk about going forward.

WWE Monday Night Raw January 26, 2017 Review

Roman Reigns Opens Show, Gets Thrown Into Ambulance

The show opened up with Roman Reigns getting booed out of the building. I know they weren’t saying BOO URNS, but if I were there, I probably would have been. An ambulance showed up and out came Brown Shoeman. He attacked Reigns then chucked him off the stage into the ambulance like a lawn dart, or like Rey Mysterio circa WCW 1996. Reigns was then thrown into the ambulance and that was that. Good opener, although, I don’t like Brown Shoeman or Roman “Boring” Reigns.

Fin Balor and the Hardy Boyz defeated Elias Samson, Cesaro, and Sheamus

This was a fun match, but it started with Elias Samson about to sing a song. He was interrupted, and the match was on. A standard six man tag, with Balor getting the big pinfall, but not without the other guys throwing down some great tag team moves, and out of the ring action. A fast paced opener that I loved, but probably didn’t get too much love from anyone else.

Miz TV With The Ball Family

Apparently there was a match after this segment, but the HULU version did not show that. Instead it was just Miz TV with the Ball family, and I thought it was hilarious. It was definitely entertaining, if you knew who the Ball family is. If you didn’t, well then you didn’t like this, because you didn’t know who the hell they were.

Big Cass Hugged Enzo, Then Threw Him Down The Stage

Big Cass did a nice job selling the reunion, only to then get Enzo beat up and literally tossed down the ramp. Enzo rolled to his death, and Cass was left standing tall. A few moments later he confronted Corey Graves and said that he would ring his neck if he could, but he couldn’t, and therefore he was going to warn him and that’s it. Enzo’s done folks, Cass is the guy the WWE is going with.

Seth Rollins defeated Curt Hawkins

Not a complete burial, but Hawkins was not going to win this one. I’m a fan of Hawkins, but he’s wasted here, getting buried by Rollins.

Samoa Joe Nearly Kills Brock Lesnar (not a joke)

Samoa Joe is made to look like a total beast as he put on his finisher on Lesnar. Lesnar was turning purple and couldn’t get out of the chokehold. I’m not sure if Joe could take out Lesnar in a real UFC fight, but the WWE is doing a good job of making me believe that he has a shot at winning the title at the ppv. I don’t know if he will, but if he does, wow, congrats to WWE for making one hell of a main event on a badly named PPV.

Sasha Banks won a women’s Guantlet Match to get a title shot at Alexa Bliss

Holy crap, the booking is off the rails for the women. Last week, they barely got attention, this week, they get the main event! I loved it! I loved the story the women told here. Nia Jax took on the whole roster and won. She beat Bayley first of all, which was great for me. Then she beat every woman on the Raw roster, except the champion, and when Banks came out, put on a strong showing, but obviously winded and tired, which is why Banks got the big win with the Bank Statement! I loved it, Jax taps out, and that’s the end of the show folks.

Raw was good on HULU. I didn’t see the 3 hour show, and it looks like a lot more happened. I do not know why the WWE decides to cut out so much on HULU’s Raw show, versus the rest of their shows, but they do. This was a good, entertaining showcase if you ask me.

WWE Monday Night Raw June 26, 2017 Results

Braun Strowman attacked Roman Reigns
Finn Bálor and The Hardy Boyz def. Elias Samson & Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus
Goldust attacked R-Truth
Intercontinental Champion The Miz and The Miztourage def. Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater and Rhyno
Big Cass attacked Enzo Amore again
Seth Rollins def. Curt Hawkins
Samoa Joe attacked Brock Lesnar
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Lince Dorado
Sasha Banks won a Women’s Gauntlet Match to challenge Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title at the WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw June 19, 2017 Results and Review – Bad Booking Continues in 2017

Loved This Angle - SRC WWE.COM
I’m fortunate enough to be watching the HULU version. I previously was watching the Youtube condensed versions from people uploading them, but they were so unreliable that I have now just waited for the HULU version to upload and that’s it. So today I’m going to review what I recall from the HULU version, since they didn’t include everything, and well, that’s what the WWE felt was important enough to show on the pay service. So that’s what I’m discussing, and here we go, from Evansville, Indiana, June 19, 2017 Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns Announcement For Summerslam

Roman Reigns came out to tell the crowd in Indiana that he was going to be the next contender for the Universal Championship. That is either going to set up a Samoa Joe match against Roman Reigns or it’s going to set up a Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns grudge match. Either way, Roman did ok on the mic here, but he was interrupted by Samoa Joe. Reigns called him a dude named Joe, and that sparked some words, before the two started brawling. Joe has a point, Reigns has NOT beaten him, and the two would meet later on tonight.

The Drifter Gets Interrupted

The Drifter came out and asked the crowd, who wants to walk with Elias! I do! I love this gimmick, and really hope that eventually he hits someone with a guitar. I love that. Well, not when Jeff Jarrett did it, but when Honky Tonk Man did it, it was awesome. The Drifter got confronted by Finn Balor, but he left. Hang on to that thought.

Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas came out aggressive and was beating the snot out of Finn Balor. If Finn Balor is so dominant, why did Bo Dallas get so much offense against him? Bo was looking like a million bucks against the first Universal Champion ever. Either way, Balor turned things around with his offense stolen from Alex Wright, and eventually won against Dallas. I guess he didn’t BO LIEVE.

Seth Rollins Panders To The Crowd

Seth Rollins came out and was pandering to people about the new WWE 2K18 game. Then Bray Wyatt came out and said something, and that will most likely set up a match between the two? I guess that’s that. Wyatt to lose again, I’m sure.

Finn Balor Beat Down by Elias

Backstage, Finn Balor was getting interviewed when Elias “The Drifter” Samson hit him from behind and knocked him out. This was awesome, and will most likely setup a good match between the two. Elias is doing well with this gimmick, and I hope the WWE doesn’t screw it up, but of course, they will.

Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns

This was a really good match for Raw. The crowd was into it, and I was into it. Samoa Joe was putting some good work in against Roman Reigns, and Reigns was not backing down. He was hitting Joe with some strong offense, but Joe was outsmarting him at times. Joe would eventually turn things around as Braun Strowman showed up on the screen with an ambulance. Joe got his finisher sleeper on, the Clutch, if you will, and Reigns passed out. That’s correct folks, SAMOA JOE defeats Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring, nearly clean. Post match, Shoeman (not a typo), beat up Reigns and challenged him to an ambulance match.

The Miz Recruits Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

The Miz went backstage and told the two jobbers that he can make both of them stars. All they had to do was join him. Keep that in mind.

Maryse On MIZ TV

Miz TV had a guest, it was Maryse, and despite her good looks, she’s looking a bit older these days. There were two dancing bears there, and Miz was promising to give a gift. It was the grandfather clock that Miz repaired since he beat it down last week. Maryse was thrilled, but out came Dean Ambrose. He beat up Miz, they broke the clock, Maryse spilled her drink, ran off, and then the bears. The bears beat down Dean Ambrose and pulled their heads off to reveal it was Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel! I kid you not. They finally have something to do on Raw.

Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks via DQ

This match didn’t get far. Alexa Bliss and Emma got into it on commentary, Bliss ran into the ring to get help from Nia, and that led to brawling from all the women, in what was an embarrassment of a segment. Wait, I forgot, Bayley came out looking a bit tired and flabby and beat everyone up. Word on the street is that she’s going to start to have a crush on Graves. Meh.

Kurt Angle Revealed Enzo and Cass Attack Villain

The show ended without wrestling. I kid you not, the show ended with NO WRESTLING in the ring. Instead, Graves, Angle, Cass, The Revival, Big Show, and Enzo all were in the ring trying to get to the bottom of the attacks. As it turned out, Cass attacked Enzo and that was that. Enzo started crying, Cass gave a great speech, and that was that. Cass attacked Enzo. Why would the WWE split a great team like this up? Why would they make the heels all win all the time? Why did the show end without wrestling? I don’t know. That was the end, and that was that.

WWE Monday Night Raw June 19, 2017 Results (NON HULU EDITION)

Samoa Joe interrupted Roman Reigns' SummerSlam announcement
The Hardy Boyz def. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Finn Balor def. Bo Dallas
Bray Wyatt confronted Seth Rollins
Akira Tozawa def. TJP
Samoa Joe def. Roman Reigns
Maryse appeared on "Miz TV"
Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus def. Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil
Nia Jax def. Sasha Banks via Disqualification
Raw General Manager Kurt Angle cracked the case of who attacked Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Did you check out Monday Night Raw last night? What did you think? Drop me a line, let me know, and support this blog, I could use friends, and random comments. Thanks.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Top 7 Pro Wrestling Podcasts You Should Listen To

There are more pro wrestling podcasts than ever before. Some are older than others, and some are great, while others are absolutely terrible. I have heard them all, and have emailed many. When Dasharpshooters Wrestling Podcast ended, I was in a tailspin, and didn’t ever want to rank podcasts again. They were previously my number one podcast. You couldn’t fake the dynamic that the brothers on that podcast had. You just couldn’t.

Here we are, 2017, and I’m ranking podcasts. These are the 7 best podcasts that happen to talk about pro wrestling. These are the ones that I love. I listen to them weekly, and while I have no money to give them, they are some of the best in the business.

Oh, and I want to point out that NONE OF THESE are from pro wrestlers themselves. I don’t like pro wrestlers podcasts, as they are usually terrible. I once heard Stone Cold ramble about a fly that he couldn’t get out of his trailer. I kid you not. I’m good. I don’t need to hear Tazz ramble and stutter through his daily show, or Jericho promote products and services for money.

Here are the top 7 Pro Wrestling Podcasts that you should listen to, in NO particular order.

Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show

The Don Tony and Kevin Castle show is perhaps one of the finest podcasts about wrestling you’ve never heard of. Ok, maybe you did hear about it, but haven’t tuned in, and you should be following along. Don Tony and Kevin Castle are older, and they reference things that young fans are not going to know. In fact, Kevin Castle is one of the first guys to ever mention that Finn Balor looks like a generic Alex Wright. So you marks out there that kicked me out of forums, can go suck a lemon. Don Tony sounds like a mob guy at times, and he gets angry with how stupid fans and wrestlers are sometimes. He’s an industry insider that helped ECW and XPW. Kevin Castle is a concert promoter, and when he talks business he knows what he’s talking about.

Don Tony and Kevin Castle are absolutely not smarks. They are beyond that. They are two guys that have serious opinions on a fake sport. They will call you out if you’re a fan of BS and give credit to the smart booking, if it happens. These two are like the godfathers of wrestling podcasts.


Suplex City Limits

Suplex City Limits is one of my favorite shows. They are irreverent, they don’t care about being PC, and they will tell you to Fuck off if you’re an idiot. One of the hosts smokes pot on the show, or claims to, and his lucidity is quite good. There’s a lot of podcasts that walk a fine line, carefully talking about wrestling without offending. These guys don’t care. They will go there, and often do. They also interact with their fans. They will respond to your emails, tweets, and will give you the benefit of the doubt, when others don’t. If you’re a grown ass man, and you use your brain, Suplex City Limits will absolutely be kind to you. But if you’re a smark that gets butt hurt a lot, get ready to get kicked in the nuts a lot.


Solomonster Sounds Off

Jason Solomon has been doing a podcast longer than most others. He does a solo show, and he has worked for various online magazines, and video interviews. He’s a well versed podcaster with a lot of knowledge of wrestling inside and out. His podcast is polished, his fans are loyal, pay out a great deal of money in support, and he brings the heat every week. If there was a baseball reliever of wrestling podcasters, I would have Jason as my guy. He throws high heat, and he’ll call out bullshit faster than you can even think of it. Just one episode and you’ll get pummeled with some of the most logical arguments in pro wrestling podcasting. No one else has the clarity and pedigree that Solomon showcases on his show.


Wrestling Soup

Missionary and Joey Numbas happen to talk about pro wrestling with co-host Jon Draper. These guys, often a duo, will pull the rug from under you if you’re a gullible fan. Numbas is a ref on the indies, and is one hell of an intellectual. The way he phrases a variety of his arguments will have you pulling out a dictionary. Meanwhile Missionary and Draper put out grown ass man topics, and will speak to the reality of wrestling and the people that dedicate their lives to it. They’ll also go off topic and will discuss some business elements, music, and will even throw down against each other. There have been several episodes where Mish and Numbas get so heated it feels like someone’s going to walk out on the other. The dynamic these guys have is great, and they have logical knowledge of pro wrestling.


OSW Review

What Bar? OSW is a video review and they also link to audio if you want to hear them. They get upwards of 10K or more per episode and it’s their sole job. These guys review wrestling chronologically with video and audio. The team makes fun of all the angles, talks about insider knowledge, and so much more. Imagine Mystery Science Theater 3000 and this kind of is like that. OSW takes a lot of investing into because they go long, sometimes the full length of the shows that they are reviewing.


The Law (Live Audio Wrestling)

The Law (LIVE AUDIO WRESTLING) is a great show. The two guys sound professional, their studio is set up quite well, and they work well with one another. They speak about wrestling, they get interviews, and Dave Meltzer shows up from time to time as well. They are honest, and they are clean. It’s like listening to a real radio show, but they don’t pander to WWE like say…Sam Roberts does. They aren’t super positive, they discuss the show and try to focus on positives at times, but if it isn’t good, they will let you know straight up.


Going In Raw (Steve and Larson)

Hey Friendos! Steve and Larson, two guys from California that talk about wrestling and will take your money to do so. Every show starts with the promo and the ask for money, but I don’t have any, so I don’t pay for it. I don’t always agree with these guys, as Steve can be somewhat overbearing at times if you disagree with him. But Larson is a little more levelheaded, so the two balance each other out. They are professional, they have a great crew of fans, and they focus on being honest about a fake sport.


Podcasts That I Hate

Smart Wrestling Fan

Smart Wrestling Fan lost me several times. Once, when Wiggly was ousted from the show. That’s how long of a fan I was. Then when I emailed in and Joe Negron trashed my opinion and question, I absolutely lost it. The one time that stands out is when I said that John Cena should not go over the Nexus at Summerslam. I said that a DDT outside and a 450 splash shouldn’t allow Cena to win. They trashed my opinion and called me an idiot. Well, I was done. I was way done. The show tries hard to be PG and Joe Negron will run you over if you disagree with him. Mutant Larry is great, but Negron gets frustrated with him a lot, which may be why Larry drinks beer while talking on the show.

RBR Wrestle Talk

RBR Wrestle Talk is a live show and podcast with hosts that act better than you if you send them a message and they don’t like it. 90 percent of the time, you’re wrong. If you join their forum, good luck. You will get called dense, stupid, idiotic, and a troll if you introduce any idea that they deem unsatisfactory to their own opinions. There’s also a former booker of a Chicago based independent that knows too much, and will name drop at any given moment. These guys will ramble for 4 hours, and will either hate things outright or won’t even watch them. My biggest pet peeve is for podcasters to not watch the thing that they are reviewing! Oh, and fuck these guys, seriously. I tried to talk to them several times, and they just lambaste you if you even hint at the notion that they could be wrong. They will also block you without cause.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reasons Alex Wright Is Better Than Finn Balor Right Now

Essentially The Same Guy. Same Jacket, Same Type of Trunks, Only One Is Better
There are a lot of fans that are not going to agree with what I’m about to say. In fact, I tested this notion in an online forum and generated so much IRE, I couldn’t help but laugh. People are irrational in who they cheer for and who they like. What did I do? I simply commented on the fact that Alex Wright and Finn Balor are wearing the same thing to the ring, and are similar wrestlers. As the comment count rose, I realized, Alex Wright is better than Finn Balor.

That’s right.

Alex Wright, is far better than Finn Balor right now, and there are several reasons why. Here are 5 of the many reasons why Alex Wright from WCW is far better than Finn Balor thus far.

Beating Legends In Their Prime

First and foremost, Alex Wright received a nice push in the mid to late 1990s in WCW. At first, he didn’t get a lot of attention, but with wins over the likes of TRIPLE H before he jumped to WWF, and wins over Chris Jericho, William Regal, and Ultimo Dragon, you can definitely make a case for the fact that Wright was able to put on a show, get the fans behind him, and work with some amazing talent. Even though he looked like a skinny European guy, he was able to do a lot in the ring, which was impressive. He also went over some amazing talent for the WCW Cruiserweight title and Television title alike. He would even get some good tag matches in towards the end of WCW’s run, but of course Facebook groups and smarks aren’t going to agree.

Getting Over With The Fans

Believe it or not, he was getting over with the fans. Even the dancing fools gimmick was over. I know, he’s not as over as some of the other stars of wrestling, but when he would come out, he would get a lot of reaction, especially with some of his better matches. Not only that, you’d be surprised by how much fan interaction Disco Inferno would get. I know, insane. Kaz Hayashi as well, lots of cheers, and it was fun to watch them do their thing in the ring.

A Leather Jacket and Short Trunks

Who wore it better? Who did it first? Some people want to compare Goldberg to Steve Austin when it comes to wearing the same thing, but I don’t buy that. The two had distinctive physical appearances, and were far and away difference. Alex Wright and Finn Balor are similar. Finn is a small guy, and it’s laughable that he would go over Brock Lesnar, let alone not get injured. Wright is not a huge guy, he’s tall, but he was never huge. The two share the entrance of a leather jacket, and short trunks. At least Alex Wright could talk on the mic without sounding like he had marbles in them.

A Killer Dropkick

Finn Balor has a great move set, but he relies heavily on dropkicks. He is fast in ring, and he can do a lot, but those dropkicks are familiar. Oh right, Alex FREAKIN Wright had one of the best arsenals of dropkicks in the game. Don’t remember them, do you? Yeah, because wrestling fans are either very young, or not willing to admit that some older talents in WCW were quite good. Wright had a killer dropkick, and could mat wrestle the likes of William Regal. Yes, THAT REGAL!
Until Finn Balor amasses more wins, and clears the marbles from his mouth, he’s just another bland, white, small wrestler. He’s not a draw, he’s injury prone, and he’s not going to go far without the Demon Gimmick. Outside of that Demon Gimmick, he’s one dance move away from being Alex Wright.

This topic is the main reason why I left RBR wrestling Facebook forum. It got out of hand quick. People get their panties in a bunch when you don’t agree, and then when you help get conversation going, you’re called an idiot, dense, and even the hosts don’t realize the good of conversation. If you’re going to start a group, you may want to have conversation flowing, instead of just random posts with NO ONE commenting. Oh well. I unsubscribed, they can go to hell for all I care.

That’s two major podcasts that have butt hurt listeners. Smart Wrestling Fan, and RBR Wrestling, two podcasts that can’t take a joke, you can’t disagree with, and will block you if you have ANYTHING to say about how they may be wrong about someone.

Just wait, I’m brewing my own podcast, and I’ll welcome as much commentary from the listeners and fans as possible. And will not get butt hurt if someone doesn’t agree. What is wrong with the internet wrestling community? GTFO!

One last thing. SHOUT OUT TO SUPLEX CITY LIMITS! They get it. They totally get it!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WWE 205 Live May 9, 2017 Results and Review The Best Match No One Saw

Dude Caught A Beat Down 
WWE 205 Live is supposed to be the most exciting hour of wrestling, but instead, it’s only 45 minutes. The opening of this piece of trash was another talking segment! I kid you not, 20 minutes of talking! Why? Why does every show have to start with 20 minutes of talking to set up NOTHING. This didn’t set up a match for later, it didn’t do anything but do the same thing that a match or a backstage segment could do. Furthermore, how can the good guys always get the upper hand on dominant champions and heels? At least in these blow off segments? I found the opening of this showcase to be absolutely terrible.

WWE 205 Live May 9, 2017 Results

20 Minutes of Talking With Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries
Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese
Akira Tozawa defeated The Brian Kendrick

WWE 205 Live May 9, 2017 Review

The opening of this show felt like WWE Lite, if you ask me. There was a small brawl, and the two good guys drank beer. Oh well.

Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese

This was a 5 star match. Mustafa Ali is perhaps the most compelling wrestler of all time, without saying a word. He reminds me of the amazing performances that Blitzkrieg put on in WCW before leaving. He was there for a year, made his nut, and went to start a computer business. Whatever the case is, Tony Nese and Mustafa Ali tore the house down, and I was absolutely impressed with all the hard work that they put in on this match. If you didn’t see it, then you really missed one hell of a match. How Mustafa Ali isn’t in the title picture is beyond me, because he is the absolute best performer on 205 Live Right Now.

Akira Tozawa defeated The Brain Kendrick

This was a slow moving match, and it ended with a roll up. Tozawa would then get a beat down outside of the ring, and got sandwiched between the stairs that Kendrick would kick, as shown in the picture above. That’s about it.

The only reason to watch this week’s 205 Live is for the second match, which was absolutely amazing. Mustafa Ali should be given so much praise for his performances, and Tony Nese, man, what a guy. I’m saddened that these two aren’t the main focus more often. But hey, that’s how it all works out.

Before I close this out, I would like to say that the backstage segment with Daivari and Tozawa was kind of cool, only it led to nothing. Oh well.

WWE Smackdown Live May 9, 2017 Results and Review Garbage In and Garbage Out

Jinder Mahal Wins Big Again, Steroids Work Folks, Take Em!
There are a lot of pundits that will tell you that Smackdown Live is a much better show than Raw. They are wrong. The recent booking of Raw has been horrendous, but the Smackdown crew hasn’t exactly done much to win me over. There’s so many holes in the booking and the things that they feature, that you will no doubt agree that this is a B level show yet again, if not a C level show.

WWE Smackdown Live May 9, 2017 Results

Natalya defeated Becky Lynch
Rick Rowan defeated Luke Harper
Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura played legos.
Breezango defeated The Ascension
Jinder My Balls, Kevin Steen, and Baron Corbin’s Receding Hairline defeated Randy “Bored As Hell” Orton, Aj “Gay Fanbase” Styles, and Sami “Woody Allen” Zayn

The opening of the show had a bored ass Randy Orton cut a promo. Now, let me remind you that this is the same Randy that was never going to be the same after the House of Whores match. Instead, he said he conquered the Bray and would have won the match if it wasn’t for Jinder My Balls. He’s not wrong, but wow, the Eater of Pins really gets buried here. This would lead to Jinder coming down, Kevin Owens coming down, and Sami Zayn running down for a beat down on Baron Corbin’s receding hairline. I hate opening segments that talk for 20 minutes, I don’t want to see this, but yet that’s how every show opens, it’s so boring. I’d rather get Teddy Long come out and give us a “straight up” tag team match…oh, what the hell?

Natalya defeated Becky Lynch

I know that Natalya has a legacy of great training, and she can really put on a show sometimes, but she hasn’t in a long time. She was going half-speed here, and it was showing. Lynch is great, at full speed, but she was compensating for Natalya’s in ring work. It was sloppy to say the least, and of course, a distraction roll up is what we got here. I’m not a fan of the feud with the women. Oh and of course, this began with 20 minutes of talking and entrances.

Erick Rowan defeated Luke Harper

YES. This Happened.

Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura played legos.

This is stupid.

Breezango had another Law and Order segment, which was kind of funny.

Breezango defeated The Ascension

The commentary team kept saying that The Ascension were some of the heaviest hitters on the roster. You mean the same guys that JBL buried with a clothesline from hell? Yeah, those guys.

The Usos came out to cut a promo in which they barked about 12 days, and I didn’t care.

Jinder My Balls, Kevin Steen, and Baron Corbin’s Receding Hairline defeated Randy “Bored As Hell” Orton, Aj “Gay Fanbase” Styles, and Sami “Woody Allen” Zayn

Teddy Long could have set this match up to an incredible pop. Instead, we get this boring match that put Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret to sleep. I was bored right away. I knew the outcome from just watching how the entrances were and how the match progressed. Jinder My Balls won with his finisher, but not before everyone else hit their finishers.

Smackdown felt like it was 4 hours a long. It was a boring show with a lot of boring moments. Mojo was backstage showing kids his trophy, there was Mauro commentary elements, there was a lot of stupid stuff on this show, and it just didn’t mesh well. Where was American Alpha? An afterthought? Why was Charlotte playing Heel and Face? Why is this show so benign?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw May 8, 2017 Results and Review Vince Russo Is Back

Cool Boots Yo - SRC 
If you tuned into Monday Night Raw last night, then you swore that Vince Russo was back. That’s how stupid and idiotic the show became at times. In fact, it was so bad, that I got into an argument on a Facebook group, and eventually got booted out. That’s the second group of internet wrestling fans that I have made upset. To the point where I’m sour on meeting other wrestling fans, because they all seem to be jerks, idiots, and have a podcast where they get to make a one sided conversation about things. They can GTFO for all I care. There’s a reason why I can’t have friends, apparently. Man, I hope Carlo Moss and Lump are doing well, I’m sure they would agree with me on some of these stupid decisions made by Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Kurt Angle named Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose the acting General Manager of Raw
Finn Bálor def. The Miz
Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James
Roman Reigns attacked Braun Strowman
Cesaro and  Sheamus won a Tag Team Turmoil Match to become No. 1 contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championship
Seth Rollins def. Samoa Joe via Disqualification
TJP def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox
Bray Wyatt def. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

WWE Monday Night Raw Review

Why in the blue hell would Kurt Angle give Dean Ambrose control of the show? Isn’t he the lunatic fringe? What does that even mean any more? Seriously? What the hell? So Dean is in charge, for now, but you’ll find out that Miz is also in charge! Oh god, why?

Finn Bálor def. The Miz

Finn Balor, when he is not the Demon King, is just another European wrestler. He has no charisma, and if he were given a dance move, just one dance move, he would be Alex Freakin Wright! No, Alex Wright actually held championships in WCW and beat some of the top talent. What has Balor done? He can’t even cut a damn promo, I don’t know a thing he’s saying. The Miz got the BRICKS beaten out of him in this match, and he’s constantly relegated to getting beat down. He’s so over with the fans, and yet the booking committee wants to see him get beat all the time. Sure, that’s a way to build credibility, have a guy lose every match. Balor won after a slew of kicks, and random fast offense. It surprises me that he is doing so much power wrestling, considering he just came off of a concussion, but hey, what do I know, right?

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James

Mickie James went from being one hell of a heel, to being a smiley face baby with Bayley on her side. Bliss aligned herself with Nia Jax, promising her a title match down the road if they were friend snow. Mickie James is great in ring, I love her style, and Bliss did well here. Bliss is phenomenal, and I’m absolutely impressed with how she carries herself in the ring. Great stuff here.

Roman Reigns attacked Braun Strowman

Kalisto was supposed to fight Brown Shoeman in a one-armed wrestling match. Well, that didn’t happen because Roman Reigns showed up and beat up Strowman. Word on the street is that he’s injured now, and he will not take on Bork Lazer.

Speaking of Bork. Where the hell is the damn champion? Why does Raw have a champion that is NEVER on television? Why hasn’t Dean defended his title? Why is anyone champion at this point if they are never going to wrestle for it? Kayfabe is dead, and logic is also dead. This is a load of garbage. Kalisto is wasted here.

Cesaro and Sheamus won a Tag Team Turmoil Match to become No. 1 contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championship

Why would these guys just bury everyone? They buried all other teams fast, and will once again face the Hardy Boys. I guarantee the Boys are going to be “Broken” in due time. Terrible match, terrible pacing, burying your tag division like this is just dumbfounding.

Seth Rollins def. Samoa Joe via Disqualification

Well, this makes no sense. What is Seth Rollins’ character now? What does Samoa Joe do? He already lost. What the hell is this feud? I don’t care about this at all, and you shouldn’t either. This was beyond boring.

TJP def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

This was a workable match. TJP is killer in the ring, but he’s lost in the shuffle of this division. This whole division sucks. Gallagher is great, he puts on a show every time he’s in the ring, and it is always nice to see him get a win. This wasn’t his night though, TJP gets the victory in a division that is definitely floundering.

Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox

Do I really need to comment on this? Sasha Banks is the boss of what? More like the administrative assistant at this point. Boring.

Bray Wyatt def. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Well, well, a non-title match. Bray Wyatt is the king of non-title match wins, isn’t he? He can’t win anything else, but as soon as you put him in a match in which he works a champion and doesn’t have the title on the line, he wins in dominant fashion. Wyatt is wasted here.

I thought it was time to shake things up? Why are all the Raw matches the same as Smackdown? I’ve already seen all of these feuds on Smackdown! Where is the champion? Why is this the A show? Why am I still watching?

Oh and why do internet wrestling fans get so damn butt hurt if you have an opinion that doesn’t align with what they feel? Seriously. You say one negative thing and they start crying like a bunch of babies. Also, big middle finger to RBR Wrestling and Smart Wrestling Fan, my least favorite podcasts, hosted by a bunch of babies. GTFO, I’m unsubscribed for a reason. Bunch of idiots. Idiots, I say!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WWE 205 Live May 3, 2017 Results and Review The C Show Is Bad

Noam Dar is So Lucky - SRC WWE.COM
205 Live came and went, and boy did it really downgrade in some respects. There were some highlights though, mainly Mustafa Ali. That guy is the best thing about the WWE cruiserweight division right now. He’s so good, and yet he doesn’t get the main title matches, or anything. I think he needs a main title shot against Neville and Austin Aries, he’d win and get the fans over, I’d hope at least.

WWE 205 Live May 3, 2017 Results

Tj Perkins defeated Lince Dorado
Drew Gulak defeated Mustafa Ali
Noam Dar defeated Rich Swann

WWE 205 Live May 3, 2017 Review

Tj Perkins defeated Lince Dorado

From a stricktly wrestling stand point, this was really good. Perkins, I’ve always said, is a great in ring competitor. Dorado is great too, and I love to see the lucha guys get a fair chance. Perkins and Dorado put on a good match, with Perkins pushing that heel element a lot during the match. Good opener, no doubt.

Drew Gulak defeated Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali is a treat to watch wrestle. He’s that good. Drew Gulak has been on a crusade to stop high flying moves, and he continued to push that element here. Mustafa Ali got a lot of good shots, but it was Gulak that would get the win this time around.

Noam Dar defeated Rich Swann

Noam Dar is back with Alicia FOoooxxxxx, good for him. Swann is wasted here, as he loses and Dar gets a win on the show. I don’t know what else to say about this. It was a fine match, but nothing too grand.

The cruiserweight show just feels tired, and it’s not the competitors fault. The show just drags a bit, and the storylines are dumb. They should not be isolated, if you ask me. WCW didn’t isolate them, they gave them a stage and even fought bigger guys at times. I liked that. This is just a waste if you ask me, which you didn’t.

WWE Smackdown Live May 3, 2017 Results and Review The B Plus Show Continues

Fake As Hell, Right? - SRC WWE.COM
Smackdown is called the B show, and this week it felt a little more like the B plus show. There was a lot of stuffed into the show, but one thing was missing, Shinsuke Nakamura! Not only that, the tag division was missing a lot too, and well, this was just a fast paced show with a good ending, although predictable as ever if you ask me.

WWE Smackdown Live May 3, 2017 Results

Jinder Mahal defeated Sami Zayn
Tye Dillinger defeated Aiden English
Carmella and Natalya defeated Naomi and Charlotte Flair
Dolph ZIggler defeated Sin Cara
Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho for the United States Title

WWE SMackdown Live May 3, 2017 Review

The opening of the show had Chris Jericho and Aj Styles trading barbs about the title. Then Kevin Owens came out and ran his mouth, only to get shut up by Styles. This would set up the United States Championship match for later tonight, with Styles getting the winner. This was absolutely predictable.

Jinder Mahal defeated Sami Zayn

Jinder is no longer hindered, and it’s because he’s on steroids. There is no way you can get a body like his without steroids. I’m sorry. Ryback confirmed it. I am confirming it, Jinder is on the juice. Jinder is not hindered and he buries Sami Zayn in this match.

Tye Dillinger defeated Aiden English

Aiden English was buried by Dillinger. Good job.

Carmella and Natalya defeated Naomi and Charlotte Flair

Before the match could start, the welcoming committee beat the hell out of Flair first. Carmella and Natalya then commenced in beating up Naomi for the most part of this match, and ended up with a good amount of filler before Flair dragged herself out to the ring. She still lost for her team, and that was that.

Meanwhile, after the match we had a moment where Becky Lynch could’ve turned heel, but instead, she didn’t. Oh well.

Dolph ZIggler defeated Sin Cara

Sina Cara buried. I didn’t care.

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho for the United States Title

Kevin Owens and Jericho put on a good match, and it was predictable as ever. Jericho was beaten to the point where he needed help going to the back. If you saw the match at Payback, then you’ve already seen this one, only with a few little changes. It was a hard hitting match, and Owens won clean. That was the end of the show, and then I went to sleep.

Overall, Smackdown Live is easy to digest. Is it that good, though? Not really. It is the seltzer water of pro wrestling for me right now.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw May 1, 2017 Results and Review What Are They Thinking?

Bray Wyatt Is Dolph Ziggler With a Lantern - SRC WWE.COM
Once again, WWE Monday Night Raw took me nearly all morning to watch. It honestly felt like 5 or 6 hours instead of 2 hours of condensed material on Youtube, where I get the show. If you felt the same, just know that you’re not alone.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox and Emma def. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Dana Brooke
Luke Gallows def. Enzo Amore
Dean Ambrose organized an Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match
Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa def. The Brian Kendrick, Noam Dar and Tony Nese
Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz confronted Cesaro and Sheamus
Apollo Crews def. Heath Slater
Bray Wyatt confronted Raw General Manager Kurt Angle
Austin Aries def. TJP
The Miz def. Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor to become No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship

WWE Monday Night Raw Review

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox and Emma def. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Dana Brooke

The opening had Alexa Bliss talking about how she’s awesome, which prompted a brawl, and a tag match. The match was ok, with the heels getting the big win, and once again I have to ask, why is Sasha Banks The Boss? What makes her a boss? She is constantly losing, and getting PWNED. Oh well.

Luke Gallows def. Enzo Amore

Enzo can wrestle! Great overall match in my view, it’s just that the Club Sandwich boys have already wrestled Enzo and Cass a ton of times. This is starting to wear thin, to be honest.

Dean Ambrose organized an Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match

Dean Ambrose, through the night was playing funny guy. He set up a triple threat to see who would challenge for his title. This was ludicrous considering that the Universal Title is not going to get defended for months. Both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins want the Universal Title, and yet they can’t go for it. Meanwhile The Miz has already battled Dean Ambrose a million times, so we are going to get it again? I hate this.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa def. The Brian Kendrick, Noam Dar and Tony Nese

A fun overall match, with no real momentum going forward. This worked for what it was, but I don’t think that isolating the cruiserweights is a good thing for long term wrestling.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz confronted Cesaro and Sheamus

The Hardy Boyz beat up Cesaro and Sheamus, and that’s it.

Apollo Crews def. Heath Slater

Slater gets buried, simple as that.

Austin Aries def. TJP

This was ok, I guess, I am starting to sour on both of these guys, and this match was definitely a good reason to do so. I’m honestly getting tired of the WWE treatment of the cruiserweights.

The Miz def. Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor to become No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship

This was a stellar match, with a lot of back and forth. Again, Rollins seems to have forgotten that his knee hurts. He kept going in and out of character and forgetting that his knee hurts overall. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor had some great offense in this match, but it was Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe were the wild cards. They went in and mess up the match overall. The Miz got the win thanks to inference. Looks like Miz came to play.

Not a great Raw, not a terrible one, but honestly, there’s a lot of missed opportunities. For instance, where was Brown Shoeman? No Brock aka the Universal Champion, and no single’s match for the women.

Raw was ok at best.


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