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WWE Smackdown Live October 16, 2018 Results and Review Smackdown 1000

Rey Mysterio Is Back in 2018 - Source WWE 
We open up a show with the McMahon’s on Truth Tv, just in case you forgot the real stars of WWE. This went forward with antics as you’d expect, with lots of cheers, boos, and random interruptions, and more. The full McMahon family, with the exception of Linda come out for Truth TV. I won’t go play by play, but it’s just the McMahon doing their characters overall, nothing crazy I guess. I had to put on headphones and listen to music instead.

The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and Aj Styles

The obvious finish here, but otherwise a good match with a lot of back and forth between the two teams. You can’t expect the champion and challenger to be a good team against two brothers. Plus, they are pushing the Styles versus Bryan title match that is coming up. So in that regard, this was a good match, with some nice back and forth, that’s for certain.

Evolution Segment

No, not the women’s show, it was the original guys of Evolution cutting promos about themselves and the future. I guess it was ok. They all talked, and Batista teased a match with Triple H for mania, although it isn’t set in stone of course.

The Miz defeated Rusev

This was a short match, and it ended with a distraction roll up. Notice how little wrestling was on this show folks. Afterwards Rusev beat up Aiden English, since he caused the distraction as he confronted Lana.

The Cutting Edge Segment

Meh. Edge is overrated. This was ok at best.

The Bar defeated The New Day for the WWE Smackdown Tag Titles

This was a good match as per usual, but then out came The Big Show and threw Kofi through a table, and helped The Bar win the titles. I guess this is a heel turn now? Great. Not a terrible match until The Big Slow came out.

Rey Misterio defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

Now this, this is a dream match, and we finally got Rey coming back to the WWE, which I think is amazing. The match started with Nakamura going strong style against the smaller opponent, hitting hard knees, trying to unbalance Rey, and working over the body and knees of Mysterio. However, Mysterio bounced back with hard strikes as well, and he was not going to down with a strong battle, and it was a good fight through. Rey Misterio would get the win after a 619 and a Frog Splash from the top, and that was that. Nakamura didn’t put much of a challenge in this one, that’s for sure. Good match overall, with Nakamura getting busted open at one point, and well that was that.

Smackdown 1,000 was not great.

Oh yeah, I forgot, The Undertaker showed up at the end, and did a promo, which was ok at best. I’m tired of seeing him. I hope he retires soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw October 15, 2018 Results and Review Same Old Stuff Different Week

Source WWE - Monday Night Raw Pic
Well, well, here we go folks, another edition of Raw and I’m not excited, but then again, when is the last time I was truly excited about discussing Raw? I don’t remember at all. Let’s discuss the night, and some of the matches, and random notes as only I can, because this is the longest episodic pro wrestling blog ever created! Or maybe not.

WWE Monday Night Raw October 15, 2018 Results and Review

I hate when wrestling shows start with a lot of talking. Once again, we start Raw with talking, and I personally hate it. The three idiots came out, Dolph, Drew, and Brown Shoeman. They recapped last week! Come on! Who are they recapping for? Anyways, this was boring to start, and I am not a fan.

Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre by Countout

The WWE World Cup match here, and it wasn’t bad. It had some good momentum, but after some back and forth, and Dean Ambrose showing up, Seth Rollins would get the win via count out. This was a terrible finish, mind you. However, the match itself wasn’t a complete terrible thing. I do question why a surprise attack needs music to play, as Dean got his music played to help his pal. He should’ve just ambushed Dolph Ziggler outside, no music or anything. Rollins wins, that’s all.

The WWE must assume that no one watches their show, right? Why else would they recap the DX announcement from last week through a long portion of the show? Meh.

Dean was teasing a split from the Shield, after Rollins called him a lunatic. I will say that I love Renee Young’s pants, and her style. She is a very lovely, woman and those pants, man, she’s a dream girl to me in many ways.

There was a vignette featuring Kane and The Undertaker. It was shot in a boiler room of sorts. It was stupid. I’m tired of seeing these 50 plus year old, broken down, boring big guys.

Nia Jax and Ember Moon defeated Tamina and Dana Brooke

I don’t know what to tell you about this. You already know it was bad, right? Well, if you didn’t see Raw, you didn’t miss anything at all. This was clumsy, and somewhat boring. It was a short match, with a finish that you’d expect at this point. Dana Brooke got hit with the Eclipse and that was the end. Short match, with some good action, and Tamina picking up Nia on her shoulders, that was cool. Other than that, another match with an ending that featured Tamina and Nia Jax squaring up.

Ronda Rousey Promo 

Ronda Rousey’s appeal is waning on me. I like her a lot, but in the WWE, she’s just meh, especially selling for The Bellas. She cut a promo. The Bellas came out, and there was an exchange, and out came security out of nowhere. So, Ronda decides to beat up the security guys with ease. The Bellas then ran away and that was that. I guess that’s the end of all that? They didn’t need this, we already know that The Bellas are useless, and by all accounts if the WWE books the way I think they will, we will see Ronda lose to the Bella Magic device.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Dean Ambrose

Thanks to Seth Rollins, Dean lashed out at his bro, and got a super kick for his effort, and a pinball win for Ziggler. Not a great match, but there’s enough of a push to watch it, even if Ambrose loses. This may spell doom for the Shield of course.

Balor defeated Jinder Mahal

Balor buries Mahal.

Trish and Lita Talk To Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

This was painful to watch.

AOP defeated A Random Jobber

It was supposed to be Angle, but it wasn’t.

Backstage The Riott Squad messed up Natalya’s dressing room door. Bullying. Meh.

Natalya defeated Ruby Riott

This wasn’t that great of a match, but it had some moments to consider. It was a short match, and Natalya did get the Sharpshooter victory, or was nearly there, but Sara Logan came in to fight that, and then chaos ensued with Bayley and Sasha Banks getting jumped. Riott Squad then beat up Natalya, and that was that.

Elias Segment

Apollo Crews interrupted this predictable segment. Crews then beat up Elias and that was that.

The Shield defeated The Wolves

Again, the same main event we see every week, and this time The Shield got to the win, and that was that. What can I say, it was a match, and that was that. Meh, to say the least. Another match won by the same three guys that take up all the time on Raw.

Afterwards Brown Shoeman beat up the squad, and Drew McIntyre walked away alone.

Overall, I’m just tired of the Shield and the same old booking on Raw.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw October 8, 2018 Results and Review From Chicago To Somewhere

Elias WWE 
WE start the show with talking of course, and it features Triple H coming out and getting a great ovation. I love the new HHH shirt, by the way. Due looks really cool, as a COO, wow. I want to be a COO that looks that good at that age. Good on him. Shawn Michaels would show up too.

Triple H said an avalanche came down on him and Michaels, as they were on top of it. That’s not how avalanches work. If you’re on top of a mountain, the ground beneath you could shift, but unless you’re underneath the avalanche to start, then you will not get buried, as you’re on top of it. If you’re on top of a mountain, avalanches can’t bury you, you’re on top. This doesn’t make sense, I guess.

Bobby Lashley defeated Kevin Owens

Does Kevin Owens ever get the upper hand any more? He now has jobbed to Lashley, and once again loses. He didn’t get completely buried, but with Lio Rush and Lashely together, the big man has beaten Kevin Owens again. So much for that “prize fighter” gimmick. This was lackluster, and the crowd was dead for a lot of it. Lately would “turn” as he ended up beating up Kevin Owens after the match, and that was that. I guess that’s cool, Lashley is a bad guy, and Owens is a good guy? Meh. Owens hasn’t been much of anything in the past few months, so maybe this will change? I don’t know. Boring match, with an ok ending, and a beat down of Owens.

Elias Sang

Elias did his thing, only to get interrupted by Ronda Rousey, and that was that. I don’t know what the purpose of that was, but Elias gets the book, and the women get a turn in a rematch from the early morning ppv.

Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins defeated The Riott Squad

This was a cool match, I guess. It wasn’t that great overall, it was just another match that we saw from Australia.

After the match, The Bella Twins tried to beat down Ronda Rousey, and they couldn’t take her on after too long, as Rousey got the better of the two for a moment, until they threw Rousey into the post and ring steps. The Bella Twins, lack wrestling skill, but look good, so they get the promotion. Must be nice.

Bayley and Finn Balor defeated Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox

Well, this was a match. Entertaining, a bit, short, but it had enough gusto to make it worth watching. A good deal of back and forth, with the ending that you would expect, as Balor picked up the victory after his stomp from the top. Not bad at all. I didn’t hate it, but it had no major consequences.

The Conquistador won the global battle royal

This was a joke, and it was Kurt Angle under a mask. That’s all I can say about this joke of a match. Such a large roster and this is what they give us? Ok, sure.

Ember Moon defeated Nia Jax via cont out

Nia Jax controlled most of this match, but it turns into a terrible solution over time, as Jax got counted out and that was that. I guess that’s ok? I don’t know. I don’t care about this.

Trish Stratus and Lita Announcement

Trish Stratus came out and got a mediocre reception. Her and Lita will take on Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Meh. Just Meh. Lita came out, and she’s hot as ever, I love her.

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode defeated The Ascension

Well, this was a match, and without many consequences, it was just entertaining to see it go down. Gable would win with his rolling duplex, and that was that. Roode was set to win the match, and he looks like he lost some weight, he’s not on the roads any more.

After the match, the AOP ran down and squared off against Roode and Gable and that was that, I guess that was ok.

The Wolves defeated The Shield

Fast paced, back and forth, great overall push forward, with a focus on breaking down the elements here. Lots of back and forth, with a great push forward within the timing. Drew McIntyre would get the victory here, and that was that. Good stuff overall.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live October 2, 2018 Results and Review The D Show At This Point

WWE Smackdown Live - Source WWE
Paige opened up the show talking, then Aj Styles talked from home, and I got bored. Why do shows start with so much talking? I’m waiting for them to say that someone stole their jobs.

Carmella and R Truth defeated Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega

A fun little match, and the two were able to dispose of the Latin stars, and it seemed to be a lot better than would have thought. Fun match, with a good pace, and back and forth.

The New Day Cooking Show

This was awful folks. The Bar came in and beat up everyone and that was that. Lame. Super lame!

Randy Orton vs Tye Dillinger

Randy Orton and Dillinger fought a little, but it was Orton that would get the last laugh as he would try to break Dillinger’s finger, and that was it.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Daniel Bryan

A good back and forth match with Shelton Benjamin getting the win after a distraction and pay dirt! This was my favorite match for the WWE this week, hands down. Great back and forth, and Bryan losing.

Asuka defeated Peyton Royce

A few good moves here and there, but Royce got tapped out by Asuka, in this short match. It wasn’t long at all, and makes me wonder about the bigger picture of WWE’s revolution.

Becky Lynch Ends The Show

Wow, a wrestling show that ends without wrestling? Great. Becky Lynch got beat up by Charlotte Flair, and that was that. Meh. Smackdown is the D show at this point. This segment wasn’t even 5 minutes long, mind you. Oh well, enough is enough, I’m going to get a nap in.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw October 1, 2018 Results and Review Horrible

WWE Raw Goes Old and Dumb - Source WWE 
First things first, we get Dean Ambrose coming out, and it’s supposed to be exciting. I think Dean Ambrose is extremely overrated. Of course, we open up with talking, because well, that’s what wrestling is now, a lot of talking on these shows. I miss wacky Dean, to be honest. The forward comb on his hair looks dumb, by the way.

After some talking, Baron Corbin came out to make a matcher and we would get the opening match up and it was Dean Ambrose facing off against Braun Strowman.

Brauns Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose

This was a one on one match, and while Strowman was winning, Roman Reigns showed up to mess up the match result. Ambrose lost this match.

Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler

Did you expect a different result? Roman Reigns goes through the motions he always does, and Ziggler gets finished off with a spear as per usual. Not a great match, not a terrible one, and Roman Reigns wins to the appreciation of little kids and women everywhere. I guess that was ok. Roman Reigns win, a few fans here, there’s a lot of empty seats in the arena.

Ronda Rousey defeated Ruby Riott

Riott put on a great fight overall. It wasn’t half bad, but did you think Rousey was going to lose here? Nope. Ruby Riott goes down and then gets an arm bar and that was that.

Konnor defeated Bobby Roode

Wow, this wasn’t glorious, and Roode is off the roids.

The B Team defeated The Revival

Wow, the Revival is now buried. Nice! What a lousy show.

Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins

This wasn’t for the title. It was an ok match at best. It featured a good back and forth, but after the loss, out came Roman Reigns, and he caught a beat down from the crew. Braun Strowman would then come out, and that prompted for Dean Ambrose to run down with an Axe Handle and start laying waste to people. That was that, or was it? Strowman would get an upper hand and the wolves would go on to beat up the Shield a bit, and that was that. I guess it was good? I’m not a big of an of these 6 idiots.

Kevin Owens defeated Bobby Lashley

This was a distraction roll up loss, and the match was ok at best. Lio Rush was outside and he got a beat down from Elias. Elias got heat singing and commenting about Seattle, but other than that, this was somewhat boring. Why do I still watch Raw?

Shawn Michaels Goes Bald

The ending of Raw had a bunch of old timers return, and I yawned so hard I almost fell asleep. The Brothers of Destruction came through, and well it was fine. I don’t care about these guys, and I don’t know why anyone else would. Shawn is bald now. Meh. Whole lot of meh.

Raw was abysmal, and yet the company keeps making money. I don’t get it. I don’t care.


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