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WWE 205 Live November 21, 2017 Results and Review The Zo train

The Enzo Dance Crew - SOURCE WWE DOT COM
Everyone should get on board the ZO train, because it’s the number one thing on the WWE 205 Live brand right now. These guys are the cruiserweights of the WWE, and it shows in a lot of ways. The night only had 3 matches, but they did some good stuff, so let’s talk about it.

WWE 205 Live November 21, 2017 Results and Review

The show started with a thanksgiving feast on the table and Enzo Amore talking to his crew of lackeys. He said that if the guys won tonight, they may talk about getting a title shot. Then they notice that Gulak is missing, and out comes a guy dressed in a turkey outfit. It’s Drew Gulak and he said that Enzo told him to lighten up. This leads to the intro and the start of the show.

Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak in a Street Fight

This was a good match. Tozawa wasn’t dominant throughout, and Gulak put the boots to him. There was a bit of plunder, but the best spot was Gulak catching Tozawa from a suicide dive and then dropping him on the ramp with a suplex. This was chemistry and timing all rolled into one. One of the best spots of the night, and something that made this match my favorite of the week. Gulak and Tozawa fought on the outside, and then a table was introduced. Gulak was put into a trash can, and then Tozawa jumped off the top rope through the trash can with Gulak still inside of it, for the big win. A great match if you ask me, and a solid opener. Gulak would get ridiculed and put on time out for his loss.

Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali

Ali is so good in the ring, and Nese is impressive, despite his bigger build. How is he only 205? I don’t know. Ali threw his high flying style at Nese, but it was Nese with some quick reflexes that got out of the way of Ali’s onslaught and eventually finished him off. Ali was rammed into the post, knocked out and that was the end of him for this match up.

Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann defeated Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar

This wasn’t a great match. There were a few good moments, Noam Dar is faster than ever, and Alexander and Swann make a good team. Daivari also impressed with his timing, and high flying capabilities, but it was the good guys that got the win yet again, even though Enzo Amore kept interfering in the match. As soon as the good guys won, Enzo jumped in and started to beat them down. That prompted Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa to run down only to get beat up by the rest of the Zo Train, and that was that. The boots were put down, and the show was over with the bad guys doing the Enzo dance.

Now, while this wasn’t a bad night of wrestling, I have to ask where the rest of the roster is? Where was The Brian Kendrick, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik? There should be way more guys on this roster, if you ask me. They should even bring guys in from Mexico if need be.

WWE Smackdown Live November 21, 2017 Results and Review The McMahon Hour

Smackdown Turned Into A Melee - Source WWE DOT COM
Just like the Raw brand has been dissolved into another showcase of the McMahon show, the second brand, the B brand, Smackdown is now just about the McMahons as well. Shane McMahon started the show and brought down Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. He was going to fire them, but instead of doing that, out came Daniel Bryan, and guess what? The night of Smackdown was a pretty bad show, but not for lack of trying, right? Let’s discuss how this all went down a little further, and see why it’s the B show yet again.

WWE Smackdown Live November 21, 2017 Results and Review

As stated above, Shane McMahon showed up and was going to fire Zayn and Owens for what they did at Survivor Series, interfering in the main event. Daniel Bryan said that they would have to face off against The New Day in a Lumber Jack match, that would feature the entire Smackdown roster. This progressed into a night of lackluster wrestling, with a few highlights, and here we go.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Jey Uso

I never knew that they spelled Jey’s name that way. Whatever. This was a decent match, Shelton is still good in the ring, and the Usos are always fast and in charge. This time around, it was Pay Dirt that would level the playing field, and Jey would go down in defeat. Not a bad match, but did nothing for me other than entertain for a few minutes.

The Bludgeon Brothers defeated The Hype Bros

This was awful. The Bludgeon Brothers look terrible, and they buried The Hype Bros. There’s nothing else to say about this.

Jinder Mahal attacked Aj Styles

AJ Styles came out to the ring to talk, and was jumped by the Singh Brothers and Jinder. This will set up next week’s handicap match between Styles and the Singh Brothers, and set up the main event for Clash of the Champions, or Night of Champions, or whatever it is, with Jinder and Styles going at it for the Smackdown title.

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan showed up backstage to beat up a bunch of women, but before that they interrupted the Title match between Charlotte Flair and Natalya. They beat everyone up backstage and in the ring and that’s that.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated The New Day in a Lumberjack Match

Not a terrible match, but not a great one either. There was a lot of back and forth here, and a good play on lumberjack thing with the roster beating up the duo, and then throwing them back into the ring. The whole thing broke down on an accident, and the roster started brawling, and distracted the New Day long enough for Owens and Zayn to win. Owens then ran away, and Zayn got beat up by the New Day.

Backstage, Owens was told that he would face off against Randy Orton next week, and that was the end of the show.

Not a terrible show, by not a great one either. With so many people on the roster, you would think that we would get better matches, and more focus on the wrestling aspect. It was funny to see Owens and Zayn backstage trying to get people to be on their side, and of course only Rusev and Aiden English had a little bit of a note of sympathy, not bad. Not a night of wrestling you should go out of your way to see, that’s for sure.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw November 20, 2017 Results and Review Make Roman Strong Again

Balor - Buried - SOURCE WWE DOT COM
I’m so tired of Roman Reigns, and the booking to make him strong. So much so, that I hated that part of Raw. But let’s talk about how it all went down for Monday, November 20, 2017 as we get another Raw show from Houston, Texas. This is going to be bad at times, and good at times, depending on how you look at it.

WWE Monday Night Raw November 20, 2017 Results and Review

The first thing that happened was something I absolutely hated. Stephanie McMahon came out and decided to talk, and I’m tired of all the talking on Raw. This is where Triple H came down, then Kurt Angle, then Jason Jordan, and Braun Strowman. A match was set for Strowman and Jason Jordan later, even though he wanted to battle Triple H after what happened last night. Stephanie said that Kurt didn’t have the authority to make that match, which is stupid, but ok, I’ll take it. This led to a match set up for Braun Strowman and Jason Jordan.

Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor

The second coming of Alex Wright loses again. Joe is so agile, it’s impressive. He went through a great deal of offense to throw down Balor here, but Balor was no push over. He took joe to several limits, but it was Joe that would get the win here, and well, that’s the end of Balor, right? He loses a lot.

Asuka defeated Dana Brooke

Like you would expect anything else from this match. Dana Brooke was foil for Asuka to battle through, and that’s it.

Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus

This wasn’t a terrible match, mind you, it was just filler for an otherwise bland show. Ambrose is better as part of the shield than he is solo if you ask me. Sheamus was able to throw down some good offense, but could not defeat Ambrose, who kept kicking out left and right, eventually getting the big win, for whatever reason, I don’t know.

Paige Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose broke up a Fatal Four Way

Pagie showed up, and well she looked like the Joker. The fans went nuts for her, and she brought out two women from NXT. They all attacked the 4 women in the ring trying to battle for the number one contendership, and that’s that. They left them all laying in the ring, and that’s that. Paige is cool I guess. The other two I’m not familiar with, because I haven’t watched NXT as much.

Braun Strowman defeated Jason Jordan via DQ

You know how this was going to go, right? Strowman fought a good fight here, and Jordan tried to battle back. However, Kane showed up and beat up Strowman. Yes, KANE came back, after a week of going through the ring, and he beat up Strowman. I am so tired of Kane.

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, and Mustafa Ali defeated The Zo Train

Well, I’m tired of the good guys always winning. I’m so tired, that this match wasn’t that fun to watch. Sure, it had a few moments of fun, but it’s just such a dichotomy to see Enzo now having friends, after he got a beat down from the guys on the roster just a few weeks ago. Not only that, the good guys just plow through these bad guys like it’s nothing, and it makes no sense to me, honestly. Not a bad match, not a great match.

Matt Hardy attacked Elias

So Matt Hardy isn’t broken yet, and he attacked Elias. They are totally going to screw this thing up, aren’t they?

Roman Reigns defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

You gotta keep Roman Reigns strong. And well, that’s what happened. Reigns was able to plow through the Miz yet again, and left him laying in the middle of the ring after throwing down every part of his offense. The Miz loses, and that’s the end. Roman Reigns is not the intercontinental champion, and he is going to start an open challenge coming soon. Not a terrible match, but not a great one either. I don’t know what else to say about this one.

The night of Wrestling seemed like it was 9 hours long. I am not sure why they didn’t follow up a great deal with the night before, but hey, that’s just what happens.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

WWE NXT Takeover War Games 2017 Results and Review

WWE Nxt Takeover War Games - SOURCE WWE DOT COM
Last night the WWE NXT brand put on one hell of a show. They threw down the gauntlet, and put together a showcase of the immortals that will no doubt live on in a lot of people’s minds. This is an event that is no doubt going to give you a lot of joy to watch, as it didn’t disappoint if you ask me. Let’s talk about this one, before Survivors Series goes on the air.

Lars Sullivan defeated Kassius Ohno

Well, Sullivan looks like a MUSCLE figure from your youth. He’s good, really good, and he put the boots to Ohno. He reminds me of Rusev, when he first came out, but better. Ohno did well here, but he was no match for Sullivan’s hard style, and incredible power moves. He’s crisp, and I hope they don’t ruin him if he goes to the main roster. Ohno loses again, and well that’s the end of that.

Aleister Black defeated Velveteen Dream

Holy crap was this a good match. If you haven’t seen these two perform, wow, you don’t even know. Dream is one hell of a wrestler, and his timing and athleticism is unmatched. He carries his weight like Rick Rude, and his tights had Black’s face on them! He pulled out a lot of Rick Rude era moves, and was amazing in ring. This is a guy that can go far, as he has a lot of elements that made the Ravishing One so good. Black, athletic as ever, matched Dream’s offense at times, and flew through a lot of hard hitting elements before hitting Black Mass and pinning dream. This was a stellar, near perfect match in my book. I was heavily impressed by these two.

Ember Moon won a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

This was a hard hitting affair, and way better than anything I’ve seen on the main roster. It was simply one of the best matches of the night, with Ember Moon getting the big win with her finisher from the top rope. Every person in this match was fun to watch, but it was Ember Moon’s night. At the end of the match, Asuka came in and handed her the title, which was surreal. This was a hell of a match, with Moon going through the ropes, off the top rope, and flying throughout the match. Kairi Sane was also great, and so were the rest of the women. This was a fine showing, no doubt.

Andrade Cien Almas defeated Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship

Cien Almas put on a show for this one, and Drew was right there with him. Drew was putting the boots to Cien at every turn, and the two were great together. There was a lot of counters, and no matter what Almas did, Drew seemed to counter, and Almas would eventually get frustrated. Drew also threw down some great back and forth, only to end up with what looked like a bicep tear, but Almas would get the win with a sick looking DDT combination. He is the new champion, and McIntyre may be injured for a while.

Undisputed Era defeated Sanity, and The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong

This was one hell of a War Games Match. It wasn’t the same as it was in WCW, but it had a lot of fight. When the Sanity guys came into the match, they brought in tables, trash cans, kendo sticks, chairs, and more. They would use them to their advantage, but one of them would catch a table breaking across the back of the head, causing a lot of blood to pour out. Other than that, the guys were throwing everything at each other, including dives from the top of the cage, triple move sets, and so much more. The match was violent, chaotic, and fun to watch. Eventually Undisputed won with some incredible tag team moves, and that was the end. This was a fun match, but alas, it wasn’t as good as the 1992 War Games match from WCW. A good try though, and a nice way to cap the night of NXT professional wrestling.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WWE Raw November 7, 2017 Results and Review The Logical Gap Widens

Stellar Boot
If you were to apply logic to the latest WWE booking, you would be sorely disappointed. I know I was today. This was an insane night of wrestling, and you know what? I didn’t even see the whole thing. I saw the HULU edition and was disappointed by the selection that they chose. There is logic issues that you may want to consider here. It’s odd.

WWE Raw November 7, 2017 Results and Review HULU Edition

First and foremost, the show opened up with Miz TV as the opening segment. Lots of talking, and random BS, with Kurt Angle saying that the Miz would have to fight Braun Strowman. But here’s the thing, I thought the title was on the line, but apparently it wasn’t. Oh well.

Jason Jordan defeated Elias in a Guitar On A Pole Match

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Asuka defeated Stacy Coates

This wasn’t on HULU

FInn Balor and Samoa Joe went to a double count out

Samoa Joe came out to cut a promo about how no one could beat him. He said that anyone that stood in front of him would get put down. He first took out Titus, but then out came Finn Balor aka Alex Wright 2.0. Now, this wasn’t crazy, mind you, it was just an average back and forth match, with lots of counters. The match went into a brawl and the refs came out to stop it, and it was a double count out. But Angle came out and said that they both were team members for Survivor Series. Not a great match, not a bad match.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alicia Fox and Nia Jax

This wasn’t bad. This was a good women’s match, but Jax once again is on the losing end, while Banks and Bayley got the win. Fox hits hard, I’m surprised how hard she hits the women, but she eventually tapped out, and then said that she wanted Banks on her team, not Bayley! So Banks will be on the Survivor Series team.

Braun Strowman defeated The MIz via DQ

Hey, remember that title match? NO? Good, because the title wasn’t on the line. I don’t know why they do this, but oh well. Strowman ran through The Miz, and then Kane came out to cause the disqualification. Strowman beat up Kane, then beat up the Miz and his crew. That was that. I don’t like the booking here, it doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t Miz just run with his belt, he survived it doesn’t matter any longer.

Pete Dunne defeated Enzo Amore

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the Raw Tag Team Titles

This wasn’t bad, mind you. It just wasn’t great. The match was ok, for what it was, and it featured a lot of action, back and forth moves, and some good moments. But the ending was baffling. Out comes the New Day in the crowd and gets on the MIC. Angle commands all of the Raw guys to come down to the ring and defend Raw, but in the middle of this, the match stops and out of nowhere a Brogue kick levels the champions, and boom, new title holders. That’s right, title change! Ok, sure, why not?

That’s the end of Raw, and you know, it felt like it was 9 hours long. Not a bad show, but logically it made no sense to me, but hey, it’s WWE and they do whatever the hell they want these days. I did like some of the action, but honestly, I’m tired of the same match ups over and over again.


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