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WWE Monday Night Raw May 21, 2018 Results and Review The Billion Dollar Play

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The show opened up with Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon. She told Roman Reigns that he lost and he should take things up with Jinder Mahal. Of course, that meant someone was coming out, but it wasn't Mahal, it was Kevin Owens. I hate talking segments on Raw, and so sick of these things that keep coming through. This is like a parody that South Park did. Stephanie McMahon would get upset by Kevin Owens coming out, and decided to make a match, and that was next. The match would feature Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. A good start to the show, but it took roughly 16 minutes to get to the match.

WWE Monday Night Raw May 21, 2018 Results and Review

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens Ended in a No Contest

This match was a good opener. Roman Reigns looked strong throughout the match, and Kevin Owens was getting beat up for the most part. While there were some moments where Owens hit Roman with some hard shots, you could tell that Roman was being relegated to win this one, as he kept getting the upper hand through the counters. Jinder Mahal would come down and mess things up for Roman Reigns, but after that, Seth Rollins came down to help his buddy Roman, and that was that. I'm not sure why Rollins cares all of a sudden, but apparently he does now.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal

You would think that Teddy Long came down and set this up, because when the commercial break ended, we had ourselves a "straight up" tag team match, playas! That's right, a full scale beat down of Roman Reigns and Rollins, as Owens and Jinder were able to isolate the Big Dog for this one. It was a fun tag match, and while it wasn't the best one ever, it was definitely good for what it was, a long bout with some focus on Reigns getting beat up while Rollins had to wait for the hot tag. Rolins would get the big win here and that's that. I didn't really care for the ending, but I guess that's that. Roman Reigns and Rollins gets cheered.

Jinder Mahal came out after the match, and hit Roman Reigns with a chair and beat up Rollins as well. Jinder Mahal just kept hitting Reigns with a chair and that was that. I liked that part of the show.

Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley's Sisters

This perhaps is the worst thing I've seen since Bayley, this is your life. This was just sad. I don't even want to talk about it. It was the worst.

Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss

Well, that's the end of Alexa Bliss. This was a cool match, but Bliss lost this one, after Ember Moon was able to turn the tables and hit her finisher on Bliss. I was impressed, Alexa Bliss was crying, and wow, Ember Moon is good. I hope to see more of her on Raw.

Baron Corbin defeated No Way Jose

This was a slow moving match, and No Way Jose ended up losing big time here. Corbin hit End of Days, and well that was that. This was a short match, and it was made even shorter with a commercial.

The B Team defeated Breezango

A quick match with The B Team celebrating, and that's it. Not bad, not great, just kind of there.

The Women's Title Match Signing

This was boring. Nothing happened here. I will be at Money In The Bank, however.

Elias defeated Bobby Roode

This was a good match, and was happy to see that Elias was able to go through Bobby Roode. Roode definitely did well here, but Elias was the one that was getting the win, and he did so with Drift Away. Roode is great at wrestling, and Elias is definitely no slouch, that's for sure. I liked this match. I like Elias, I am walking with Elias!

Braun Strowman defeated Finn Balor

This was a fun match for what it was. Balor kept fighting against Strowman, and it just looked like he was going to be the aggressor throughout, but Strowman kept fighting back. Over the course of this match, a lot went down, with both guys showcasing the best of their offense, including several big moves from Balor to Strowman on the floor. However, Strowman wasn't to be beaten yet again.

Well, there you have it, Raw was nothing big, and well, it was a show. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I think that there's better ways to use the roster, but alas, it had a few moments, I guess.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw May 7, 2018 Results and Review

Balor Into The Crowd - SRC WWE 
The flagship show had to be better than what the WWE offered at Backlash, right? Well a lot of people were saying the same thing, and that’s what we kind of got, a show that was better than the sum of Backlash, but not without a few holes here and there. Whatever the case is, the qualifying matches for Money In The Bank have begun.

Also, I WILL BE AT MONEY IN THE BANK 2018! That’s right, Sir Jorge, the writer of this blog will be at MONEY IN THE BANK 2018, so if you’re reading this and you want to finally meet me, or get a drink, holla at ya boy!

WWE Monday Night Raw May 7, 2018 Results and Review

When will there be a show where they don’t just go into talking? This is a stupid thing to work with, and something that I hate. But hey we got another show that started with talking, what can I say? I hate it, and that’s it.

Braun Strowman defeated Kevin Owens

The only good that came out of the talking was a setup for this match. This match was a knock out brawl with Strowman taking on Owens and basically running rough shot for a few moments. Owens would get a comeback here and there, but it was all Strowman that was going to get the win here, and boy did he ever. He gets the win against Owens, and I wonder how much they are paying him to extend his contract another 5 years, and then lose like he is losing.

Baron Corbin and The Revival defeated No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide

This was a fast paced, back and forth match with a lot of action. It wasn’t a hard one to watch, but it certainly had an upside, with lots of action. This was a short match, and of course you saw the big win coming with Baron Corbin pinning No Way Jose. I have a feeling that No Way Jose is not going to make a splash in the WWE main roster, but that’s just my two cents at the present.

Ember Moon defeated Sasha Banks and Ruby Riott

This match of the night for my money was definitely the women’s triple threat, at least that’s my humble opinion. Though there were some slow moments, the majority of the match was back and forth, with lots of offense, and of course Ruby Riott throwing down some incredible moves and timing. Sasha Banks and Ember Moon were good too, and the end result was good with a nice finisher to both Riott and Banks, with Ember Moon getting the win and now going to be in the ladder match in June. I loved this match. It was a nice one for the ladies. Oh, and at one point the Riott Squad interfered and caused Bayley to run down and try to save Banks, to mostly no avail, but at least gave it her best shot.

Bobby Lashley interview.

This was just Lashley talking about his life, and his sisters. Good for him.

Jinder Mahal defeated Chad Gable

This wasn’t much of a match, a quick one with Mahal getting a lot of the offense in and eventually picking up the win. Chad Gable threw down some good moves, but it was Mahal that was going to get the win here, and we all knew it.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno

Even though there was 10,000 plus people chanting “He’s Got Kids”, and going crazy for Slater and Rhyno, the WWE decided to let McIntyre and Ziggler basically run rough shot through the team. They are basically jobbers now, and I just don’t get it.

Bobby Roode defeated Elias

Another good match here, with Bobby Roode finally get revenge for what Elias was doing to him this whole time. The whole thing was back and forth, with lots of action, and eventually the Glorious DDT that put away Elias for good in this match.

Seth Rollins defeated Mojo Rawley

This was another decent match for Raw, and Seth Rollins opened up a challenge for his title and was answered by Mojo. This was a fast paced, back and forth match, and it had a lot of great spots, including Mojo nearly pinning Rollins at one point. Mojo is quite good since the last time I saw him, and was able to make serious moves against the Intercontinental Champion, but of course, Rollins would get the win here, and it was quite good overall.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeated Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Back to being jobbers with Bo and Curtis, what can I say? A weak match.

Finn Balor defeated Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn in a triple threat match

This was a fun match with a lot of action, even spilling into the crowd for some brawling. Zayn and Balor isolated Reigns at one point and was able to garner a great deal of success with their offense, and would eliminate him for most of the match. But of course he’d come back and it looked like he was going to win, but then out of nowhere Jinder Mahal would come out and cost him the match, leaving Zayn to get pinned by Balor for the win, and that was Raw!

Overall, this wasn’t a bad night of wrestling, and it made up for the lackluster show from Backlash. I really enjoyed the longer matches, and good segments on Raw this week, and think it was a better showing than I’ve seen in a while from the WWE. Quality night of wrestling that’s for sure.

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WWE Backlash 2018 Results and Review The Worst Ending Ever

Low Blow City - SRC WWE 
In Newark, New Jersey, we got one hell of a show, and it was either horrible for you or it was status quo in a lot of different ways. Whatever the case was, we had a show and well, there were 9 matches on it, and let’s get to it, because it was polarizing to say the least.

WWE Backlash 2018 Results and Review

Ruby Riott defeated Bayley

The first match was a women’s match and it was on the pre-show. It was good, Riott is a great worker and Bayley was losing a step here and there, which was odd for her. I didn’t realize that she wasn’t doing so well until mid-match she slipped up a few times, and Riott had her number nearly every time. Eventually a distraction from the Riott Squad and a quick pin would garner Bayley a loss here, and that was that. Before the match, she tried to get Sasha Banks on her side, but that was to no avail.

Seth Rollins defeated The Miz

The opening match of the PPV featured a great back and forth effort that was great for both guys. The Miz gets a lot of crap, but he threw down a great deal of offense against Rollins, and focused on some great in ring psychology. Rollins would get The Miz’s number here, and would eventually pin him with the curb stomp and that was that. Great opener, and perhaps the match of the night.

Nia Jax defeated Alexa Bliss

This wasn’t a great match, but it was good enough. Jax got the boots to her, and Bliss wasn’t messing around, as she was able to bring on some offense, but it wasn’t enough. Jax would rag doll her eventually and would cause her to lose the match. Jax wins and then did a random PSA about bullying, which sucked, and I didn’t care for it. Bliss is reportedly injured now.

Jeff Hardy defeated Randy Orton

Orton has phoned in a lot of his career, including this match. Hardy was on fire throughout it, and was able to bring on a great deal of offense before he got the win. Hardy seems to no have lost a step and the crowd erupts for him, so why not throw him into the title picture? I had fun, you did too, admit it.

Daniel Bryan defeated Big Cass

This was a back and forth match where Big Cass was able to garner a bit of offense here and there, but immediately tapped to Bryan’s, yes lock. After the match he was a sore loser and beat up Bryan. This was a lousy match, but hey, Bryan wins. So long, Big Cass.

Carmella defeated Charlotte Flair

The women’s title was on the line here and Carmella did ok with Flair, but her move set is limited and well, it dragged a little. Flair seemed to hurt her knee off of a moonsault attempt, and then Carmella would get the pin, and that was that.

Aj Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura ended in a No Contest in the WWE Title Match

Well, it was a terrible match, and the ending left me gasping, as the two hit kicks to the groin and that was that. I kid you not.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

This was a burial of sorts, and it was Strowman and Lashley getting the big win. A fun 8 minute or so match that wasn’t much of a consequence if you ask me. It was fun, and that’s about it.

Roman Reigns defeated Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe started this match on fire, rag dolling Roman Reigns, but that wasn’t enough. Joe had control of this match for the most part, but it would be Reigns that would get the win after a couple of spears, and that was that. What a crock. Joe loses, and is a chum.

Backlash 2018 was abysmal to some, and ok for others. I didn’t like it all, but there were moments that seemed to work for me. As a whole, it is what it is, another event that the WWE threw at us in hopes of putting over their main stars and Roman Reigns. I give it a 7 out of 10, and that’s very generous, because I had fun watching it. I doubt I’ll be watching it ever again, that’s for certain.

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WWE NXT May 2, 2018 Results and Review The Better WWE Show

Superwoman - SRC WWE
I tuned into NXT because I though there was going to be a huge main event, and while it was ok, it wasn’t what I thought, but that’s ok. This was actually a fun show, and it ended with a great moment, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

WWE NXT May 2, 2018 Results and Review

Kairi Sane defeated Shazza McKenzie

This wasn’t a bad match, and Kairi Sane was able to get the big win. She has one of the best elbows in all of wrestling folks, you have to see her do it, it’s impressive beyond belief. She’s not the next Asuka, she’s a wrestler all her own, with a mariner gimmick that I enjoy overall.

TM61 defeated Street Profits

This was an odd pairing, and the Street Profits would get the win here, even though it seemed like TM61 was going to break up, I think. I heard there was an injury too.

Kona Reeves defeated Patrick Scott

Kona Reeves reminds me of a larger Prince Iukea. This was an ok match, but we need to see a lot more Kona Reeves before I get too carried away with whether or not he’s any good.

Bianca Belair defeated Candice LaRae

Bianca Belair is amazing. You have to see her in action. She’s charismatic, strong, and has long hair, and just owns in the ring. She deadlifted LaRae at one point and did the torture rack, and she won me over completely, I love her. She wins this great, short match.

Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong via DQ

This was a match that began as an all out war. The two were throwing everything they could at each other, and it was fun to see, including Strong trying to get the upper hand on the Bruiserweight. Dunne would get the last laugh, and looked to be getting the win until Strong’s friends came in and beat up Dunne. Out came Orney Lorcan and some other dude, I forget his name, and they beat up the Undisputed Era. Then out of the blue Dunne threw a shoe! Yes a shoe! I loved it.

Overall, this hour of wrestling was great, and way better than anything else that the WWE threw at us this week, that’s for sure.

WWE 205 Live May 1, 2018 Results and Review More of The Same Stuff

Gulak's Mean Streak - SRC WWE
I’m not sure if WWE 205 Live will ever turn a corner to be honest. I just don’t think that they are going to be story line driven in the same way as the other shows. I at least liked the Zo Train and all that came with it, because there was talking, and there was attitude. This show was just action, and little talking and while I usually hate that type of stuff, this definitely needs more entertainment value. If you’re just going to have matches, then there should be a few more, and more than just the same 6 or 7 characters. You can’t tell me that there aren’t enough cruiserweights out there, but alas, we get what we get.

WWE 205 Live May 1, 2018 Results and Review

There were only 3 matches found on this night of wrestling, mind you, and they weren’t all great.

The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher defeated Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa

This was a fast match with a lot of frustration from the Asian talent. Even though the Asian crew was able to get the upper hand at times, they made a few mistakes, and that was when Kendrick and Gallagher pounced, getting the win. Itami got mad at Tozawa and pushed him, which means that they will most likely wrestle against one another? I guess.

Buddy Murphy defeated Jobber


Drew Gulak defeated Kalisto

This wasn’t too bad, but finally Drew Gulak gets a win with his mean streak. Kalisto did well to try and defend himself again Gulak’s offense, but in the end, one mistake and Gulak made Kalisto go to sleep and that was that. Gulak is such a good competitor, it’s a shame that he doesn’t get more chances at the title.

This was a lackluster show and it was only like 45 minutes long. Meh.


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