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WWE Smackdown Live March 20, 2018 Results and Review Daniel Bryan Returns To Ring

Daniel Bryan Catches Beef - Src WWE dot com 
You knew this was going to happen, I knew it was going to happen, and it certainly occurred, Daniel Bryan returned to the ring, and it wasn’t without a lot of fanfare.

WWE Smackdown Live March 20, 2018 Results and Review

The show started with Daniel Bryan giving a great in-ring speech and saying that he was cleared for competition. Everyone shed a tear, and was in with Bryan here. I loved it.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Rusev

The artist beat Rusev. Despite the many Rusev Day chants, Nakamura was able to garner a great deal of success here with his moves, and fast paced style. He would eventually get a big win here and Rusev would go down. After the match he got double teamed and fended off both Rusev and Aiden English, and was left standing. He then got on a mic and said that he didn’t need Aj Styles to save him.

Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger

The perfect 10 was buried, and it saddened me.

Natalya defeated Charlotte Flair

This wasn’t half bad, a good match with some great back and forth. As Natalya looked like she was going to win, Charlotte Flair was out and in came Natalya with her briefcase. However, she got knocked out before she could get the final go to cash in, and Natalya pins Flair thanks to the distraction. Not a bad women’s match nor ending, but I wonder when Carmella is going to get a shot at winning the belt with her briefcase, geez.

Harper defeated Jimmy Uso

This was a boring match for me, but it had Jimmy Uso fighting for his life against Harper. The two worked well together, but at the end of the day is was Harper that was able to get the big win here.

Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode were arguing when Randy Orton showed up and then got into a scuffle.

This scuffle had one of the Signh Brothers getting beat down, and that’s about it. Mahal ran out of the ring after pushing Singh into Orton and Roode. They both beat down the little guy, and then nearly fought one another.

Becky Lynch and Naomi defeated Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

This was an ok match, but I’m growing tired of seeing tag team matches with the same people very week. Becky Lynch got the submission after a short match, and that was all that happened here. Not terrible, but definitely not that great.

Daniel Bryan Fired Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan called out Owens and Zayn and eventually fired both of them. They got mad, and tried to beat him up, but he fought back. Bryan fought hard, and it was awesome to see him fight back, but the numbers games were starting to rise and that wasn’t fun. Eventually Bryan got beat down and that was the end.

Not a terrible night of wrestling, and obviously going to get a lot of praise for seeing Bryan back in the ring. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either, so I’m somewhere in between.

Monday Night Raw March 19, 2018 Results and Review The Ultimate Deletion Showcase

The Ultimate Deletion - SRC Wwe dot com 
Why is it that Monday Night Raw feels like it’s 10 hours long? Even the HULU version is long. This time, I did not make the mistake of watching this thing on Hulu, I was able to watch the whole thing, and well, there are some ups and downs that you should definitely consider when looking at Monday Night Raw from Monday, March 19.

Monday Night Raw March 19, 2018 Results and Review

Brock Lesnar Beat The Bricks off Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle came down to say that Roman shouldn’t be there, and that Lesnar hasn’t arrived. Roman ran his mouth and was then handcuffed by U.S. Marshals. They got handsy with old Roman and he fought them before Brock Lesnar showed up and then beat the bricks off of Roman Reigns, all while he was handcuffed. The fans chanted “You deserved it”, and it’s sad to see that the main event at Wrestlemania may get booed out of the building. I’m not a fan of either these guys right now. This was a cold beat down, and there was no way for Roman to defend himself. I’m shocked at the level of violence allowed here.

Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss via Count Out

Before the match, Alexa Bliss and a fine looking Mickie James were in the ring. She talked about how she had no remorse for talking negatively about Nia Jax. During her promo out came Asuka and she went one on one with Alexa Bliss. If you’re going to build an unstoppable winning machine, why is she taking so much offense from everyone? When they did this with Goldberg, he wasn’t getting slim wins, but that’s how Asuka is getting booked right now. This was actually really good, despite it all, and Alexa eventually just walked out. She was on her way out when Nia Jax showed up to get revenge, and when she ran, Mickie James got caught and got a beat down. Asuka wins, and that’s the big thing here, but James got beat by Nia Jax so there’s that.

Braun Strowman defeated Cesaro

Cesaro was able to garner a win here, and it wasn’t too hard for him. He also stated that he has a partner for Wrestlemania. I am hoping it’s James Ellsworth.

The Revival defeated Titus Worldwide

What would you expect from two jobbers facing off against NXT Elite? I thought for sure the Revival was going to get buried here, but nope, they didn’t. They were able to win with their finisher, and that was that. Titus Worldwide is officially at jobber status if you ask me.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks

Before this match Sasha Banks got on the mic and said that she was Bayley’s best friend and that she wanted to be friend still, and Bayley talked about how it was hard to get there etc. This was stupid. Out came Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and through some shenanigans, a distraction, and some back and forth wrestling, Absolution won and it caused a rift yet again to appear between Bayley and Banks! Paige looks flabby, by the way.

John Cena cut another promo.

John Cena cut a promo on the Undertaker and out came Kane. The Big Slow Machine chokesslammed John Cena and set up a match for next week, and that was that. Not good, not bad, just meh.

The Balor Club defeated The Miz and The Miztourage

The Miz cut the best promo of the night and called out Tyler Black and Prince Nevitte, which was purposely done I’m sure. The Balor Club showed up, which is made up of Finn Balor and the Club Sandwich boys. They would get the win here, but not without knocking out the MIztourage yet again, and getting the upper hand. They would get the pinfall win, but after the match the Miz and crew attacked Balor and that prompted Seth Rollins to come in for the save. The match was ok at best.

Woken Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt in the Ultimate Deletion

This was a fun match, but it wasn’t as good as the TNA ones. It had a lot of brawling, some great introductions, and some nice little points of back and forth fighting and wrestling. There was more pyro here than any other time in WWE from the past year, mind you. Eventually Wyatt got a beat down and lost, getting thrown into the lake of reincarnation and disappearing. This was a great way to end Raw if you ask me. A great overall brawl if you ask me. Not bad, and good comedy, and great way to end what seemed like a 10 hour night of Raw.

Overall, Raw was good if you ask me. It wasn’t bad at times, and it progressed the stories that are going into Wrestlemania, with a focus on the ending with the Ultimate Deletion. However, I didn’t like how Michael Cole was hating on it, what a jerk. Other than that, the final was good, the beat down at the beginning was good, and the in between was just ok.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Daniel Bryan Has Been Medically Cleared For In Ring Comeback

I kid you not.

Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared for an in-ring comeback!

That's correct, Daniel Bryan has been cleared!

That is it for now.

Monday, March 19, 2018

ROH 16 Anniversary Show 2018 Results and Review

ROH 16 Anniversary Graphic
Well, after a bit of time, I finally was able to get my hands on ROH 16 Anniversary Show 2018. Since this is a flagship blog, I will be reviewing it here, the major PPV, not the television tapings that occurred afterwards. I almost went to this, but instead, focused on staying home and sleeping. But hey, that’s just me. Anyways, this happened in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. I don’t know the attendance, but I’m sure it’s fine. The following are the matches and my thoughts on them, as you would expect from this blog.

ROH 16 Anniversary Show 2018 Results and Review

Hiromu Takahashi defeated Flip Gordon

Takahashi had a slow start here, and Flip Gordon was great to see. He is so athletic and was able to counter attack the onslaught that Takahashi kept throwing down. Gordon’s moves were great, but it was the Japanese star that would get the big win. There’s a lot of back and forth here, and some great overall reactions and timing, with a focus on wrestling and dancing at one point. Gordon is great, and of course Takahashi is always fun to watch.

Marty Scurll defeated Punishment Martinez

I’ve never been impressed with Punishment Martinez, but in this match, he had a real test. Marty Scurll, the Villain, was great here. He played his role to the tee, and while Martinez had a great deal of offense, it was the Villain that outsmarted him in the end, including a table spot, a fake out powder spot, and a low blow. Scurll just keeps getting better and better.

Kenny King defeated Silas Young in the ROH TV Title Match

This was not that good for me. I was bored. The ending was ok, but I wasn’t invested in this match at all, so when it all went down, I didn’t care. It was ok at best. I found it to be somewhat slow, and plotting, and well, it wasn’t grand. King and Young put on about 15 minutes of slow paced wrestling, but there were a few bright spots, mind you. The suplex outside of the ring, for instance, was a good spot, other than that, though, meh.

SoCal Uncensored defeated The Hung Bucks for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles in a Las Vegas Street Fight

This was a lot of fun with all the guys doing a great deal of work. The Young Bucks threw down a lot of reversals, tag team moves, and even went through a couple of tables. The SoCal Uncensored guys were great too, with Kazarian getting busted wide open, Scorpio Sky and Daniels throwing in some great high flying moves, and of course taking some great punishment. Both teams put on a show, and it’s fun to see a great street fight with hardcore rules. It’s better than a lot of matches I’ve seen in WWE this year. Fun for what it was and almost 20 minutes long.

Cody defeated Matt Taven

I’m not a huge Cody Rhodes fan, but in this match he did shine. It well paced, fast, and Taven kept up with him step for step. Bury The Bear was on the outside and was getting some chants, and Brandi Rhodes was there too, and she’s beautiful. The match itself went back and forth until there was a ref bump. That prompted a couple of thugs to come out and beat down Cody Rhodes, but he was wearing a cup! After Cross Rhodes, Matt Taven would go down for the three count. A good match, no doubt.

After the match, Bury The Bear pushed Rhodes and took of his head, and it was none other than KennY Omega! That’s right, Omega showed up and hit Rhodes with his finisher and left him for dead!

The Briscoes defeated The Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Team Titles

Not a great match. It was a bit boring. I’ve seen these guys wrestle so much that by the time the Briscoes got the win, I was ready to move on. I guess after the Omega reveal, this show was getting me a bit bored. I don’t watch ROH TV from week to week so it’s hard to get interested in some matches. Either way, this had some good moments, and the Briscoes are just fast as ever, alongside the Machine Guns which always deliver fast paced action.

Dalton Castle defeated Jay Lethal in the ROH World Championship Match

A 26 minute match that wasn’t too bad. A good back and forth match with Lethal getting the upper hand in a lot of the sequences, but Castle coming back with a bit of finesse. Castle is an interesting champion, and while there are signs that he could be as good as Flair, he has his own elements. Castle wins big here, and Lethal loses out overall.

Friday, March 9, 2018

WWE 205 Live March 8, 2018 Results and Review

Buddy Murphy Keeping Ali Quiet - SRC WWE dot com
205 Live once again showcased how good it can be. In just an hour, you’re going to find that the wrestling on this show is nothing short of spectacular. This is a fascinating little show, and if you’re not watching, you need to check it out.

WWE 205 Live Results and Review

Drew Gulak defeated Mark Andrews

This was a fight, a real fight. Andrews was able to turn things up with his high flying, but Gulak was fighting hardcore. He fought through a lot of Gulak’s technical tactics, but would eventually miss a high spot and then get thrown into a hard dragon sleeper for the win. Gulak, before the match cut a “Power Point” presentation name drop and I was marking out huge. This was good, and that’s that. Great match.

Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa defeated Two Jobbers

The WWE site has put the names of these two jobbers, but I didn’t want to type it out. Itami and Tozawa are fluid in the ring and I was surprised to see how well they worked together. They put the jobbers through some nice moments, and at this point, I see them getting the belts if the rumored tag team match is true.

Mustafa Ali defeated Buddy Murphy

This was one hell of a match. Ali did his usual spots, but Buddy Murphy was one step ahead for the majority of the match. Go and watch this and see two performers that were evenly matched with one just faster than the other. Murphy was just so good against Ali, and it brought the best out of Ali throughout. At the end of the match, it was Murphy that would lose because he had a shoulder issue that Ali kept going back to. I was impressed with the counters during this match, and honestly, you can’t sleep on this, it was that good. An incredible show ender, and I would go back and see it again.

That’s the end of 205 Live, and great stuff. Next week we will have Roderick Strong and Cedric Alexander will throw down for an incredible showcase as well.


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