Friday, September 28, 2007

Chris Jericho Returns?

After a huge and lengthy departure, and a huge loss to John Cena that forced Y2J to leave the WWE, Everyone is saying that Chris Jericho is coming back to Save the WWE!

Is this true?

Is this false?

I don't know what's going on, but the WWE isn't saying anything bluntly, but all the wrestling rumors and podcasts are saying that Chris Jericho has indeed signed on the dotted line and will return to save the current state of the WWE.

Will he get a limited contract? Will he get the Goldberg deal (limited dates, limited ppv's the title!) or is this just everyone guessing wrong?

I don't know what's going on.

Y2J is going to save us...I hope.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gangrel XXX Director

Gangrel hasn't been in wrestling for a while. However, no one gives the guy credit for a few firsts.

He was first to introduce "Christian" and the "Brood" was a good stable for a little while. Also, they didn't even mention that he was the first Vampire on WWE television. Now that Kevin Thorn is there, they have erased the memory of Gangrel.

But Gangrel is back in the news. Not for wrestling though. He unfortunately hasn't been a big name in wrestling for a long time, but he's going to get into the Porn industry. No, not like x-pac and chyna, but more like a director. I don't know the details, but here's the news piece HERE.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I called It - Punk vs. Big Daddy V

I wrote in to a popular podcast and told them that Big Daddy V was going to be the next in line or at least being groomed towards a shot at C.M. Punk and the Ecw Title. They laughed in my face and made fun of my comments that Big Daddy V was nothing more than Mark Henry #2.

What about now?

After last night's Ecw, those idiots can shove their podcast, because LOOK! Big Daddy V mops up C.M. Punk in an interesting array, causing me and the wrestling world to believe that Big Daddy V is GOING TO GET AN ECW TITLE SHOT!

Maybe I should start a podcast, because this is huge news for me.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WWE.Com switches to flash based galleries

Raw went cool last night. I liked it more than I should have, but there was something going on in the backend of things that no major news outlet mentioned. has moved an all flash player image gallery, something that I've seen them go to previously, but now that they are doing a flash based show off last nights events, I can't "borrow" their images as easy.

So what does that mean for the future of this site?

It's just going to take me more time to update, but that's not to say that I'm not going to do it as much, I'm just going to have to be a little more clever.

Sooner than later.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cena Better Than Savage

It was announced today that John Cena has held onto the gold longer than Randy Savage.

I must admit, Cena has had the title a lot longer than anyone else, and it's no wonder, he's putting butts in the seats. I don't know why...I just don't know why.

Savage of course hasn't been around wrestling for a long time, and it's interesting to note that he's looking at reality television soon. Which is just another revenue stream for ex-wwf/wwe stars to get into.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Goldberg vs. Glacier Wcw Thunder

I remember when Thunder launched, I used to watch it every Thursday, which was great. I loved the show, and I remember vividly times when Raven vs. DDP was a major part of that show. I also remember Bill Goldberg stacking up a big win streak that included the match above.

Now considering that GLacier was being primed into being a major star, I wonder why they buried him by wrestling Goldberg in a non eventful match?

Then again, WCW is far gone and no wonder why.

The overall match quality improved as time goes by, and Goldberg began having some quality matches. This one however was worth the Thunder moniker and it proves that there could be a great Thursday night show that involves the mid card.

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Yang Making Waves

In a cruiserweight division that has seen high fliers grounded into a more mat stable wrestler. This past smackdown during the jimmy wang yang match we saw some risk taking that involved more than the WWE's traditional stance on lightweight wrestlers.

I was surprised to see that they would risk such high flying talent, even though they have been banning moves and telling their risk takers to settle down.

It's interesting to note that Yang hasn't been the star that he could've been and the WWE pushed Chavo instead. It's odd if you ask me.

Why not push more high flying moves? If Yang is getting over with this style offense, how much more can others get into the greater good of wrestling? It's a matter of talent and green lighting.

If the high fliers can get more chance to do moves of this nature, maybe the lucha guys can come over and create a new genre of American wrestling!

Or maybe I'm just hoping for too much.

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XPW Psichosis vs. Super Crazy

XPW was cursed from the very beginning. What was meant to be the #3 or #4 wrestling promotion in the U.S, they ended up folding their doors fast. But not without trying to get into the shadow of ECW many times. It was basically a rip off in many ways.

This match was from the Viking Hall move. XPW at one point went to the Viking Hall to set up shows as Shane Douglas came into the promotion to try and add more credibility.

It was boring.

This match shows how some great performers may have been hindered by crappy ring set ups, and the realization that maybe things weren't going to end well had these guys slacking off.

Of course, both guys ended up being in the WWE for a while, so manybe they weren't that bad at all.

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HHH vs. Carlito Cage Match Set

The best thing to happen to next week's Raw is going to be this major grudge match. If you haven't forgotten yet, you'll remember that there was a crazy segment on raw a few weeks ago where Carlito spit in the face of HHH. This of course is going to be the backdrop to the match up that's set for tomorrow night's major grudge match!

That's right, Carlito is finally going to be playing a major role on Raw that doesn't involve getting beat down or involved with a tag team mash up.

HHH of course is going to win this one, but will he bleed? Will Carlito do the blade job? Who's going to win?

HHH is hands down favorite on my ened, and I'm sure you're thinking the same thing.

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King Booker Shoots on Batista!

Wow! I never really understood the shoot interview, until I started to look around the internet, and realized that there's a lot of interesting statements by a lot of wrestlers. Especially guys that don’t talk a lot, or you don’t hear much of things in real life.

I never really understood the back ends of wrestling until I started listening to more and more interviews that were off the record. It’s sad, to see that some wrestlers just don’t like each other, and that proves that some matches just suck because the wrestlers don’t like each other.

But then again, Hart vs. Michaels was one of the best matches (Iron Man match), and they didn’t like each other.

This is a good shoot interview though.

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Chris Jericho Debuts

With so much of the internet trying to get clicks through headlines that read "Jericho's Return Date" and things along those lines, it's no wonder that I, being an idiot, have gone through some trouble to get to and find this:

Y2J's debut!

I was sitting in my room located on the second floor of my house and watched Chris Jericho debut on WWF and was amazed to see that they finally gave him money. He had held onto the WCW glory of being in the midcard for a long time, and when he finally made his way to WWF it was a great and momentous occasion.

Do you remember why Jericho left? Better yet, do you know who defeated him?

If you guessed John "Superman" Cena, then you'd be right.

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Women In Wrestling

Women in wrestling bug me. At least in the WWE recently. The amount of wrestling prowess found with the women isn't anything to really look at. There have been a few stand outs but for the most part the women's division is just a horrible mess.

On the contrary...Lucha Libre and Japanese women's wrestling shows a prowess and ability that no one really considers in the United States anymore.

Why is it that there are no women with major talent like the foreign women in wrestling?

I know that looks plays a large role in the WWE but come on...can't we get some highlights like the ones above?

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WWE 24/7 Not So Good This Month

The last month or so the WWE has been doing an international thing on wwe 24/7 and even the old cards aren't good enough for me to take notice. I pay an extra eight dollars, which isn't much, for wwe 24/7 and it's kind of cool sometimes. So far the best one was EXTREME month where they had a lot of ECW content, but unfortunately for me this month, there hasn't been a whole lot of good content on WWE 24/7 which is unfortunate for those that pay for the service.

One thing I noticed is that there's been a decline in WCW and ECW content. The WWE owns a HUGE library of tapes and it seems that they aren't letting a lot of it out. So guys like me have to rely on VHS tape and many black market methods to watch those classic moments.

I'm hoping for better days, but so far this month, I haven't seen anything worth watching on WWE 24/7

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WWE Thinks I'm Stupid

Like a Soap Opera the WWE has once again shoved a middle finger in front of the tv screen and told me that they think I'm stupid. First off I don't like how they have created this story line of sorts, but I also further do not like how they think the fans are stupid.

Do You really think Teddy Long is in a coma?

I don't.

I don't think he's in a coma, I don't think he's a valuable part of the Smackdown Show, and I don't want to even consider what stupidity they are going to run through skits.

Is Stone Cold coming back? Is he going to hit Teddy Long with a bedpan?

If Stone Cold came back and just stunned everyone and made matches, I'd watch for sure. But as it stands, Smackdown is really not doing so well in my view. Then again, there are a few bright spots.

But that's not to say that this angle is good. Teddy Long has never been my favorite, and this storyline of his collapse just makes me mad.

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WWE Last Man Standing Galleries has some exclusive content that features information and pictures of the Last Man Standing history. I never liked the Last Man Standing match because it's FAKE! Wrestling is a work, and therefore the match is a work that has to have someone down for the 10 count, but that rarely happens in the traditional move sets.

The last time I saw a good Last Man Standing match, wasn't really that great. While the match entertained me a little, it was The Samoan Wrecking machine vs. John Cena and well...Cena was made to look like Superman as he won the match, but the match was forgettable.

I would rather get a three count or a buried alive match than to get some lame finishing move for a win.

We'll see what happens at the next PPV, but I'm not truly convinced that a last man standing match is worthwhile to get ppv buy rates, or even anyone watching raw or smackdown.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Khali Reminds Me of Texas Tornado

Khali has been rolling through different opponents and I can’t help but remember an old timer…well not that older…but…

Remember The Texas Tornado?

He used to use the CLAW to soften up his opponents for his patented finishing maneuver.

So every time I see Khali put his grubby hands on someone to soften them up, I think of the Texas Tornado.

Khali isn’t the first to use this movie, as I’ve seen other “giants” try to use the move, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a dominant heel using it.

Maybe I’m just not thinking far back enough.

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Weddings and WWE Don't Mix

One of the things that I'm tired of seeing in WWE and wrestling in general are WEDDINGS! Never in the history of the WWE has a planned wedding (outside of Macho's and Elizabeths) gone well.

Seriously, when is the last time a wedding didn't end in a blow out? This is something that I don't ever like in my wrestling. I don't like random marriages that end in melee, and this one might not had a bunch of wrestlers mopping up, but it did have Theodore long written out of the show!

At least for a short time.

Maybe this will lead to the brands no longer splitting and a better overall product.

We'll have to wait and see.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Condemned Is out

The Condemned is out. That's right, the movie featuring one Stone Cold Steve Austin, who mops up.

The Condemned features Stone Cold in a starring role, and while the wrestling community enjoyed the cool movie, the critics weren't exactly thrilled. Not only that, no one went to see it. Seriously, not that many people ended up going to see the movie, and that's unfortunate. The movie isn't half bad, and Austin does a good job in a clever role that is like watching Battle ROyale, but not really with kids.

If you haven't checked it out, go and rent or buy it. WWE films is not doing so hot...but this one is way better than John Cena's movie.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monty Brown Aka Cor Von AKA Who?

The ECW roster just got a little slimmer. The worst thing that could happen did happen.

ECW is now a roster of 12 superstars at max. Superstars?

I mean mid carders.

Well, C.M. Punk is proving to be more, and the rest? Just misfits...NOT mizfits...

ECW is going to have to throw something more than the usual, or else I'm going to complain more! That's right, I like to complain, and I haven't come up with any WWE characters.

So I regress, while Monty Brown being fired doesn't catch me by surprise, I still was somewhat interested in the conditions of his firing. I thought he had some major potential, especially the way wrestlers were selling THE POUNCE!

That move is somewhat cool, and I enjoyed it in TNA and was looking forward to seeing C.M. Punk bounce out of the ring after receiving the POUNCE!

Too bad though.

Monty...Cor Von or whatever his name now FIRED. Adios!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Burke Chases Punk

C.M. Punk already beat Elijah Burke. So why is he going to face him again?

Because the WWE can't come up with a worthy opponent on the fly, and since the Titles don't mean a whole lot, there's no reason to elevate any star above the midcard in ECW...well the whole show is a midcard showcase!

Why no comments on Raw?

Because Raw was so lame, that I turned it off.

I don't want to see an Old Man, a Non Wrestler, get beat down by Randy Orton for the sake of building a feud. It's stupid. It didn't work when Torrie's dad was on there, it didn't work when Ryan Shamrock was on there, and it's not working now. (It also didn't work when Angelo Poffo was out there with the Macho Man in WCW)

But ECW had a glimmer of hope, the chance to see a new #1 contender, and I fell for it.

I should've known.

I'm such an idiot.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

WWE Plays the Obvious Card

WWE can not be more obvious than this weekends PPV. Among the obvious conclusions that dealt HHH another victory while squashing the heel turn of Carlito, this happened: The Undertaker beat the "silver Back" gorilla that is Mark Henry.

First and foremost MARK HENRY SUCKS! I have never liked him, and I don't think that he's that worth the money that WWE is spending on him. I would give the Taker a better run for his money, heck my sister would give that idiot a good run.

Henry's loss makes sense, because there is NO WAY that Undertaker can possibly lose this match. There's just no way. Sorry.

So why does WWE want me to pay 39.95 for this piece of crap? There's no build up, and there's no reason why I would be interested in seeing a slow piece of junk wrestler like Mark Henry attempt to "beat" the phenom.

Heck, at this point, I don't want to see Undertaker at all. He's old, and hasn't been relevant in a long time.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Matt Hardy & MVP Again?

This bores me folks. Why is Matt Hardy, one half of the amazing Hardy Boyz spending his time with MVP? MVP hasn't had a good match ever.

Well that Basketball game was cool, you know the one where he got the beat down by Duece and Domino?

Anyways, Hardy has been chasing the U.S Title for what seems like forever, and MVP just somehow holds on to it like he's the god of it, and no one cares!

No one cares that he's the champion, no one cares that the two are tag team champions and it makes me sad to have to watch the division of tag wrestlers go down in flames with these "hot shot" combinations of teams that make no sense to me.

It makes me sad.

WWE please bring back the tag division like it used to be.

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Khali = the New Andre


Did I just compare the two?

Well take it with a little grain of sale. Think of it in these terms:

Khali spends a lot of time in the ring squashing his opponents with simple moves and his size. However, the faces will make their triumphant comeback at the ppv or at least spend a lot of time chasing the belt, or the giant, and someone is going to win.

Seriously, it's not going to be Mysterio unless he has a chair. But Batista was our hope, but then things went drastically wrong this friday on Smackdown.

The picture is worth 1,000 words.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

TNA Goes To 2 Hours!

TNA is going to 2 hours! Seriously, the biggest news in the wrestling world is that the TNA crew is goign to go for 2 hours.

Although, the show sucks, and I wouldn't watch it if you paid...but I do manage to do that...which makes me sad.

Seriously, what is wrong with the TNA crew? They have a deep amount of resources and yet there are no compelling storylines over there.


All the roster of former WWE stars with the exception of Christian, were FIRED! That's right, they were let go from WWE for various reasons, and it's not surprising that they aren't elevating themselves to higher levels. It's a sad state of being, that's for sure.

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Flair Hasn't Quit

Many internet sources were quick to state that Ric Flair had quit the WWE and that he was not happy with his push and that he wanted to leave wrestling altogether.

Other sources were claiming that Flair simply was let go or fired under the radar.

What was the truth?

He didn't quit, they didn't let him go, and he's going to be back and ready to give it his best, until he finally hangs up the boots next year.

Of Course no one really stays retired for long, except for Kevin Sullivan, who did in fact retire after his match with the late Chris Benoit.

So that's enough for me to say that the internet rumors are weird, and that you guys shouldn't trust them.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Miz Still Trying?

ECW on sci-fi proved that they are still for whatever reason pushing The Miz! Tommy Dreamer is getting old, but come on, they don't have to job him out to the Miz too! ALl they do is force good ol' Tommy Dreamer to get beat down for what seems to be no reason. Granted, The Miz has been beaten by The Boogeyman, but Dreamer? Dreamer deserves way more than this, and even though I think he's old and tired, and have written in the past that it's time to quit, he doesn't deserve to job to the no talent clown named The Miz.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WWE Fires Sandman

In what is the dumbest move I've seen in a while, the WWE have fired the Sandman! Of all people, why would they fire a beer guzzling wrestling. Heck the other Beer swallowing wrestler comes by drinks, and stuns people and gets great ovations!

This guy (The Sandman) has vastly improved his game, and I am wondering why the WWE thought it was necessary to come to terms with his contract. This seems dumb to me.

He was even taking to the top rope at times, and his matches with Carlito were not half bad!


Maybe Sandman asked for this. Maybe he's old and tired like King Booker. Or maybe WWE is just clearing the rosters to join Smackdown and Raw as one cohesive unit, once again unifying the championships, and having more variety on each show.

I hope it surely is the latter.

Check out The Sandman in his bloodiest, most extreme matches with the ECW: Bloodsport Dvd. Save up to 20% off thanks to Sir Jorge's WWE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WWE Hates ME




I can not believe this piece of crap. I watched this show, because I thought things were going to go a little better than usual, and I was dumb enough to believe it was going to be significant.

The best part of Raw for me was how HHH was drawing, and it looked all sinister...

and it was an ad!

How funny was that?

The show was dumb, and the Unforgiven card sucks..this week has started off badly.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Kurt Angle Has Lost His Touch

Kurt Angle lost last night to none other than Black Machismo. That's right, KURT ANGLE!

Kurt Angle used to be great, but now he's jobbing to a character that's based on another not based....IS ANOTHER CHARACTER! Jay Lethal is mocking the Macho Man and is getting over?

How stupid are fans of TNA?

I'm glad I didn't pay to see that piece of crap.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

WWE Kills Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey Mysterio Jr. was pummeled into a vegetable on WWE's Smackdown this last week. He's not so tough when the vice grip like hands are crushing his skull is he?

This is one match up that I can not, and will not believe Mysterio Jr. can or will win. He might have speed on his side, but there is NO possible way that KHALI can be hurt by Mysterio. There's no possible way.

If by any way shape or form KHALI does the job for Mysterio, I'm going to be very upset.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Legacy of AWA Dvd

I was checking this out, and it's not half bad. It's a lot of history and shows that the NWA was being stupid in the old days by not letting more champions join the mix, forcing the WWWF and AWA to form and separate themselves from the NWA.

The amount of talent that went through the AWA is endless. All the major stars that were in WCW and WWF in the heyday were once in AWA mopping up like no other.

This is definitely a cool dvd, and it has some great matches. I never knew this much about the AWA but I feel smarter for watching it.

Here's a random clip...not found on the dvd...haha...suckers.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WWE Loves Repeating Themselves

How many times are the Fans going to put up with this crap?

Seriously, how long will we have to see Thorn vs. Richards again?

It seems like every week Thorn comes out, then Richards comes out, then we get treated to the same match we've already previously seen!

Granted the match wasn't half bad, but come on WWE, ECW, whoever you are! Give a guy a chance to see something fresh...

Like C.M. Punk winning the championship! That was amazing!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WWE Hates Minorites

The WWE has a long standing history of not pushing minorities...then you get Khali,Mysterio Jr, and others.

But how many of them are major stars?

Ok my argument just sank, the more I think about it.

But they did fire Cryme Tyme. They were definitely one of my favorite new tag teams, and apparently Cade and Murdoch had something to do with them being fired.

WWE can not afford to lose tag teams like this...their division is a piece of junk and thin to say the least.

WIth a loss of a new team, I'm not going to be enjoying the tag team division and it's repetition.
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