Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ECW on Scifi 5/26/09 Results and Review Another Setup

ECW on Scific 5/26/09 Results

Kozlov defeated two Jobbers
Evan Bourne defeated Mark Henry
Jack Swagger & The Hart Dynasty defeated Christian & Tommy Dreamer

ECW on Scifi 5/26/09 Review

Jack Swagger was called out by Christian, who was in ring babbling about how his peeps know what’s up. Funny thing for me was that I saw Christians last match a few years back at Smackdown live! I was fourth row from the ring, paid like $300 bucks on ebay for the gold. So Jack Swagger comes down and rambles about how he wants to pick the match type. Tiffany comes down and I just think abut her nude…I’m weird. Tiffany decides to bring down Tommy Dreamer to the ring…awesome. Tiffany says that Dreamer will get a shot at the ECW title one last time before his contract expires in an extreme triple threat match. We’ll see how it goes at Extreme rules…which I won’t see cause I’m broke!

Kozlov defeated two Jobbers

Vladimir Kozlov defeated a random jobber. It looked like Kaos to me, from PWG, XPW and indie wrestling fame. It most certainly was Kaos! The other dude (the white dude) I had no idea who that was. Kozlov killed and that was that. It sucks to see Kaos get beat up with no offense, I’ve seen him wrestle in the indie’s and he’s actually god at times.

Evan Bourne defeated Mark Henry

This match was one sided throughout. It was easy to see who would win and I knew where the match was going at the get go. Evan Bourne got beat up for most of the match, then pulled a feather from his cap and won out of the blue miraculously. I’m not a big fan of the david vs goliath thing that we are seeing with Bourne, but I guess he’s just Rey Mysterio 2.0 at this point. Since Mysterio is injury prone maybe Bourne will jump in to fill that high flying role, since he’s younger and now slaying “giants”. Lame match.

Jack Swagger & The Hart Dynasty defeated Christian & Tommy Dreamer

This was such a boring match. DH Smith is so slow, he sucks and Tyson Kid had this match in slow motion for a lot of it. Man, even the announce team was silent for a lot of stretches in this match up. What a terrible match up, and really lack luster commentating team, randomly quiet and really just stupid. It’s like they did this show in post, and not live at all. By the time Christian got in with a hot tag, things started to pick up and I got interested again. The finish was Swagger winning with the gut wrench power bomb after sending Christian into the ring post…what a terrible match.

ECW was a terrible show, the WWE has everything on cruise control, because it’s not exciting and even the announcers are bored.

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