Monday, January 31, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Results and Review

I had a chance of watching this live, but instead, I waited a little bit and here we go, the Rumble. Was anyone right? I heard a lot of talk, and here we go, who will win? I don't know, I was excited, here we go, my review of the Royal Rumble 2011 on the Road to Wrestlemania!

I was surprised that they would go on first with the World Heavyweight championship, and as soon as Edge popped out the Sold Out Crowd in Boston went completely nuts. I couldn't believe how over Edge was as he came forward through the ramp! Ziggler and Edge put on one of the best ppv matches I've seen in a long time. It's a testament to Ziggler's prowess as he was able to really put the boots on Edge, and Edge meanwhile did a lot of work to not do his spear, and yet create some memorable moments. There were some great counters, some great moves, and when Vickie Guerrero interfered out ran Kelly Kelly to stop her. The match was some great overall moments, I kid you not. A ref bump happened and the entire crowd was yelling for a spear, and we all knew it was going to happen, and we were all cheering! Edge hit a massive spear, and this match took a new turn! Edge then hit Christian's Finisher the Killswitch and Ziggler was out cold and Edge retains. One hell of a match folks!

Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match was going in your standard direction with back and forth action, and a lot of points where it seemed like Orton had this in the bag. It looked terribly one sided, and towards the end it was obvious that Orton was going to get the win, even though Miz hit some nice counters, with help of Alex Riley. The new Nexus came out and that was odd, they made a wall, and Alex Riley came into the ring and was literally launched like a toy doll 10 - 20 feet through the NEXUS! Then out came CM PUNK came out and knocked Randy Orton out with the GTS! That's right, GTS on ORTON and BOOOM Miz wins! YEP! MIZ RETAINS!

The Miz defeated Randy Orton

The divas match was up next and I wanted to go to the bathroom and drop a load, so I did. But I turned th audio up really loud so I could still listen to play by play...just when I was getting up to leave, the anonymous manager chimed in. He changed the match into a Fatal Fourway Championship match, and the three opponents would fight, and then, out came...yes...yes.....Nope, it wasn't Awesome Kong, it was Eve. Lame. I was excited, then it was Eve...lame.

This match got good in the second half. I loved how Laycool had to fight each other at one point, but didn't, and I loved how Natalya did a double Sharpshooter. I also enjoyed Eve's Moonsault. Michelle McCool pinned Natalya at the same time that Eve pinned Layla but only one was counted...which was the end of the match. They really did make for a good overall mach up, which was cool, at least in my view.

Eve defeated Laycool & Natalya in a divas Fatal Four title match

The Royal Rumble was next, and I I'll try to keep up with who came out when, but if I miss something, don't blame me it's hard to keep things up.


Before #2 came out officially, the full Corre came out and then all of the new Nexus came out, and everyone was brawling in the middle of the ring. I wasn't sure who #2 was, and this was an awesome start to the big night.

The general manager chimed in, and he said: That only 2 members should start the match, and the crowd was positive for Punk.

#2 Daniel Bryan

We finally saw who the number two pick was, Daniel Bryan and he'd start with Cm Punk. Justin Gabriel came out next and he immediately started fighting Punk, then went to the top to hit his 450 splash.

#3 Justin Gabriel

Gabriel missed his 450 and Daniel Bryan eliminated him.

#4 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder came out and many picked him to win the Rumble, I kid, No one picked him. I blinked, and nearly missed Zack Ryder being eliminated by Daniel Bryan!

#5 William Regal

Regal came in and put the hurting on both competitors in the ring. PUnk and Bryan was getting completely beaten.

#6 Ted Dibiase Jr

Ted immediately had some nice offense on anyone in the ring at this point, and was working hard on Punk. Meanwhile, Bryan was beating up William Regal.

#7 John Morrison

John Morrison came down running straight to the ring, and he was the pick for some people, while I wasn't sure. He came in hitting anything that moved, and was definitely working hard with some nice moves. He cleaned hosue immediately. Morrison was thrown out of the ring but he landed on the railing outside, then landed on the steps and back in the ring! I couldn't believe it.

#8 Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu came in and immediately got beat up.

#9 Husky Harris

Man, Husky is only 23? Man, I wasted my life. Husky played bodyguard for punk and everyone fought Husky but things got better and it looked as thought he story that would play out was the new Nexus and Corre, whomever could keep the most guys in ring.

#10 Chavo Guerrero

I know exactly who wouldn't win the Rumble, it was Chavo. Chavo kept trying to do the 3 Amigos, and couldn't get past 2, and he hit a ton of people, and eventually got the crowd to cheer him and go nuts for him, and that was nice to see. Chavo finally getting some attention.

#11 Mark Henry

Mark Henry wasn't going to win either, I'll tell you that much. Mark Henry immediately started mopping up. Chavo and Yoshi were immediately gone.

#12 JTG

JTG was up next and he wasn't going to win either, that's for sure.

#13 Mike McGullicutty

The new Nexus was getting stronger as time went on, and the ring was really full for this match, and was getting interesting as JTG was knocked out by Mike.

#14 Chris Masters

I didn't care about Masters, until he nearly got SM Punk eliminated with the Master Lock.

#15 David Otunga

David Otunga came down next and helped Cm Punk, and it was looking more and more like a Nexus beat down. It was good to see. Daniel Bryan at this point was thrown out. Masters got thrown out next. Morrison was eliminated next, with all of Nexus beating the crap out of him until he let go of the ropes. They then went forward to try and get Mark henry out, and it looked like it would be an arduous task, but nope, Henry was out cold. Now only Nexus was in the ring!

#16 Tyler Reks

What a joke, Tyler Reks was next. If there was a darkhorse in the rumble, I guess Reks was as good as anyone. But nope, he was getting beat down and would eventually get terribly pwned! Reks went home packing.

#17 Kozlov

Kozlov came down running against for guys and he got 1 good hit and that was it. Nexus beat the snot out of him. Kozlov was thrown out next.

#18 R Truth

Truth came ou tand basically got beat down, that was that. I wasn't sure if anyone could beat up all these guys, and this could be the case through 40, which was kind of sad.

#19 The Great Khali

Up next, was none other than The Great Khali! This is one guy that wouldn't just fall over and quit, which was interesting to note. Husky was thrown out! Khali was dominating these guys, and that was interesting to see.

#20 Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan helped eliminate Khali, and it was the new Nexus that would be in control at this point, which was awesome to see.

#21 Booker T

BOOKER T was next, and this was amazing, I couldn't believe, I heard rumors, but wow, the crowd went completely nuts, and i was going nuts. Booker T was in ring and I was going nuts, but he was getting beat up. The Book End was hit, the scissors kick, and then THE SPINAROOONI!!!! Then Booker T was sent out, and eliminated. TELL ME THAT I DIDN'T JUST SEE THAT!!

#22 John Cena

The roof came off when John Cena came out. I loved Booker T, but man, when john Cena hit the ring, I marked out, I can't help it. I know, I shouldn't, but I completely went apeshit, I was so amazing, I was goign nuts. John cena ran in and eliminated EVERY MEMBER OF NEXUS except for Cm Punk!

#23 Hornswoggle

I'm not sure why they did this, but out came Hornswoggle, and he was #23! He came out and immediately got a good crowd reaction. John Cena then eliminated CM PUNK and that was it.

#24 Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd ran down and of course was beat up by John Cena and Hornswoggle, I kid you not! I was marking out huge, I'm sorry. Hornswoggle hit the Attitude Adjustment on Kidd and then Kidd was thrown out of the Rumble!

#25 Heath Slater

The Corre would star to get a good chance, or will they? John Cena beat him up and Swoggle hit a Stunner on Slater, then Hornswoggle hit a 5 knuckle shuffle on Slater! Then Swoggle went up for the Tadpole Splash! Slater just got buried! Slater was then eliminated!

#26 Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston came out next and it was face vs face time, and it was interesting to see where this would go, and if Cena would eliminate him. The two fought each other until out came...

#27 Jack Swagger

Swagger came out and wrecked house, fresh as a daisy. I was at the mall earlier, and it was apparent that Swagger wasn't working at the jewelry store, so he was at Raw and Royal Rumble and he was doing great in ring.

#28 Sheamus

Sheamus came out and cleaned house, and then saw Hornswoggle! Then beat him up fast. Then The little guy was able to get on the top rope with help from Cena, and eliminated with a Bro Kick from Sheamus, which I loved. BEST RUMBLE EVER!

#29 Rey Mysterio

Mysterio came in and was definitely doign well, but Sheamus grounded him fast, and Sheamus didn't even break a sweat yet since coming in and was beating up people left and right. Sheamus vs Mysterio would be nice, Trouble in Paradise was hit, and Swagger came in, all sorts of good stuff here. Swagger then gets eliminated!

#30 Wade Barrett

Wade came in and was just mopping up.

#31 Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler got a second chance.

#32 Diesel


#33 Drew McIntyre

No one cared. I didn't. He sucks. He went to work on Big daddy Cool with Sheamus.

#34 Alex Riley

I couldn't believe it, Alex Riley came in! I thought it was miz, but nope it was Alex Riley and he immediately got knocked out by John Cena. Big Daddy Cool was eliminated by Wade barrett, and that was that. I loved it.

#35 The Big Show

The big man, and no one cared, I didn't.

#36 Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson came out and Big Show was eliminated immediately. I lost track of the action as people were getting thrown out 1 by 1.

#37 Santino

This time around Santino wasn't eliminated quickly.

#38 Alberto del Rio

here is the guy that said he'd win the Rumble and it was #38!

#39 Randy Orton

before Del Rio could even come in Orton knocked out Del Rio on the outside. That's right, orton took out Del Rio then threw him in the ring and hit a huge RKO! Orton then a rain of RKO's! Kofi was thrown out, Sheamus was eliminated, and then it was John Cena and Randy Orton face to face!

#40 Kane


The rumble now had only a select handful, no jobbers, no mid carders except Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson was eliminated. Kane grabbed Mysterio and Kane was eliminated then Mysterio got thrown out.


Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Alberto Del Rio !!! That's right! The FINAL FOUR!

Alex Riley came down interfered, and as there was a distractino, MIZ eliminated CENA from the RUMBLE! Yes, I kid you not! I kid you not! Cena is gone! Cena is Gone! He then went to Michael Cole and said he's done.

Three men remain!

Orton, Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio!

Orton eliminated Barrett and Del Rio eliminated ORTON! YES! DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

ALBERTO DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE! VIVA LA RAZA! YO SE ARMO! Nope, Nope...Nope...just when I thought that SANTINO squirmed his way back into the ring! He was still in the ring! He wasn't eliminated! SANTINO! SANTINO! Santino! HE HIT THE COBRA! SANTINO Was left in the RUMBLE! SANTINO! SANTINO SANTINO SANTINO! NOPE, DEL RIO managed to reverse a throw out of the ring and ALBERTO DEL RIO WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE!


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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/28/11 Results and Review


I had to essentially camp out at the library to reserve a computer for 2 hours so that I could watch this event. I'm sorry I'm late on reviewing it, sometimes it just takes longer than usual. I had to wait for some random dude to stop playing on gaia forums. Anyways, here is my review of the night, and I hope that someone out there buys crap via the amazon links, cause I'm seriously broke.

In the opening segment, Ziggler got an RKO for his troubles.

Laycool got beat up by the NXT winner and Kelly KElly, that's it. They then had a match, which was awful. Laycool wins without much offense, just a few kicks and that's it.

Laycool defeated Caitlyn & Kelly Kelly

I hate Drew McIntyre. He's the worst new wrestler of all time. JTG wrestled Drew to a terrible match. Drew hit the Future Shock ddt and that was that. No one cared, at least I didn't. JTG is wasted in this segment. I'm tired of the same old bs on smackdown.

Drew McINtyre defeated JTG

I bet Drew is doing it with Kelly...or at least he wants to.

Alberto Del Rio came out to have a Royal Rumble type of match and lost when Kofi threw him and Kane over the top rope.

Kofi Kingston won an impromptu battle royal

Del Rio and Kane couldn't work as a team together, and that led Del Rio to lose to Kofi and Rey's double team action. A good overall match if you ask me, although I feel like I've already seen it in another form.

Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio & Kane

Does anybody even like the Big Show? I don't. I haven't liked him since 1998. Before that, he was watchable and had some nice drop kicks. He dominated this match with relative ease. After the match the Corre fought him until the Smackdown roster came to help.

The Big show defeated Heath Slater

I feel like I've seen this already, and I was already bored within minutes. The match was a back and forth affair, but it would end up with Edge getting the pinfall win over Ziggler. The rest of the match was memorable for a few good bumps, but nothing really to write home about. Edge would win, and his music hit and I liked that, but didn't really care.

Randy Orton & Edge defeated The Miz & Dolph Ziggler

It's not that I'm jaded with wrestling or that my circumstances aren't that good, it's just that I feel like I'm watching the same thing over and over again. Vickie made the spear illegal! That's about all I can recall being that great.

I ate a whole Tony's Pizza, it was $2...I feel sick right now. My time limit is up on this Library's computer, so I gotta go, Smackdown was a weak show, I'm sorry.


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WWE Superstars 1/27/11 Results

WWE Superstars 1/27/11 Results

Like I said before, NO ONE had these shows updated this morning so I couldn't see them. I'm not going to stress, I just don't have cable so if I can't get them online, I am not going to try very hard to find them. I miss wrestling on FREE tv. Remember those days? Yeah, those were the days.

Tyler Reks defeated Trent Barreta

Primo and Zack Ryder defeated Yoshi Tatsu and David Hart Smith

R-Truth defeated Tyson Kidd


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TNA Impact 1/27/11 Results

The sites that I usually utilize to get the TNA program DID NOT HAVE any updates this morning. So that means you get results instead of of a review. I hate when this happens, especially since i PAID for one of the sites, what a load of BS.

I guess if reviews stop on the site, I'll at least post Results.

Mickie James, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne, Tara, and Sarita in six-woman elimination tag match when Love was the soul survivor

Max Buck defeated Amazing Red and Chris Sabin

Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Hardy

James Storm, Robert Roode, Kazarian, Rob Terry, Gunner, Murphy, and Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle and Crimson in a handicap match


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Top 3 Bill Goldberg Matches - The Best of the Streak

Bill Goldberg was one of the best wrestlers of our generation. Ok, that was laughable, but the guy did hit a major stride in WCW and no matter if you love him or hate him, you have to realize that he was a big part of the growth of WCW alongside the NWO storyline.

These are my top 3 Bill Goldberg matches that you should go and see.

starrcade 98

3. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash Starrcade 1998 - People like to say that Nash put himself over because he was the booking agent, but if you saw the match you'd disagree. Goldberg not only put on a great match up with Big Sexy, he didn't lose clean and would set up one of my favorite Souled Out moments against Scott Hall in a Ladder Match. Goldberg and Nash put together a very fun match up and I liked it a lot, enough to make it the #3 match up.

starrcade 99

2. Goldberg vs. Bret Hart Starrcade 1999 - Many people will remember Hart saying that Goldberg ended his career. But don't buy into that completely. Hart also had a bicycle accident that nearly paralyzed him, and Hart also won a huge tournament in the latter stages of WCW beating out guys like Chris Benoit, Sting, and others. He also had great matches with Macho Man, Sting, and so many others that it couldn't have been 1 man to end his career. Goldberg and Hart put on a show, and I loved it, and if you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

halloween havoc 98

1. Goldberg vs. DDP Halloween Havoc 98 - Halloween Havoc 1998 was a great night in wrestling, depending on who you ask. While the people that bought the ppv got royally screwed, those of us that got the VHS tape after the fact were delighted to see one of the best pure wrestling matches in a long time from WCW. DDP and Goldberg didn't put on full hour of wrestling, but they put together a match that not only made perfect sense, it was a lot of fun to watch. This is my favorite Goldberg match and it is one of the best performances by DDP outside of his feuds with Macho Man, Raven, and others.

These matches are available in a variety of formats, and if you're interested in getting these on dvd, you should look no further than, where you'll be surprised at what they offer in rare media. Goldberg might not be Hall of Fame contender, but he has a great deal of top tier matches to check out, including the ones above.

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Rare Wrestling Finds: WWE New World Order NWO Dvd

nwo dvd

This is one of those wrestling dvd's that many people thought would be in print forever, but nope. It ended up going out of print and now costs a fortune. If you're lucky you can find a good quality one for cheap, but for the rest of us, you have to pay premium.

WWE's NEW WORLD ORDER dvd contains a full 90 minute documentary about the most succesful wrestling angle of all time. It dives into the Nitro vs Raw wars and how the whole thing came to be and how great it was for the old WCW brand.

Alongside the documentary it has the following matches:

Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs Sting, Randy Savage & Lex Luger (Bash At THe Beach 1996)

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and NWO STing vs Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Ric Flair & Sting (War Games Cage Match - Fall Brawl 1996)

Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg (Starrcade 1998)

Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall vs. The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin (Monday Night Raw 2002)

This is NOT the definitive work on the group, but produced by WWE, isn't half bad. I liked it, and recommend it. Check out WWE NEW WORLD ORDER on DVD here. The prices range from $30 - $129.99

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Kurt Angle Interview Video

This video is provided by Garage Door Repair Fairfax

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/24/11 Results and Review

Since no one clicks any of the amazon links, I've decided to change the format of the reviews and results. You will have to read more if you want to see more information on this site, it's not just going to be thrown at you from the top to bottom. There are plenty of professional wrestling websites out there, and I really don't care. I don't get too many comments, and no one throws ideas at me, so I'm going to be reviewing as if no one was reading, so tough luck if you don't like it. If you do like it, thanks!

I still mark out huge when I hear Edge's music and he comes out of the smoke. He has a lot of Charisma just by coming out, I just wish that the WWE would use him a little better. He came out to the ring limping, and I didn't think he was 100% tonight. This is living proof that we don't need the brand split any longer in WWE.

Edge had to go through a few smackdown guys in a mini-battle royal and won with relative ease. Despite the participants having to only get Edge out, they fought amongst themselves and caused Edge to win.

Edge defeated jobbers in a mini royal rumble

Edge wanted to break the computer after his match and Michael Cole stopped him. That prompted Nexus to come out and make their presence felt, and it was interesting to see them united yet again.

Nexus introduced Mason Ryan, or what the internet is calling "FAKETISTA", as he does look like Batista. He got on the mic and he's not terrible. Mason Ryan is the new member of Nexus, and that's that. Out came none other than the other Nexus group The CORRE (yes they spell it wrong, but I will not spell it that way). The Core came out to face off against Nexus. It was interesting to say the least. I knew this was coming, I just didn't see it coming here. A great match was set up here, but I'll talk about it later.

John Morrison was up next and he's ok, but I'm still not sold on his character 100%. Mark Henry came out as Morrison's tag partner for this next match up and it was interesting to note for sure. We then were introduced to their opponents, it was Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus!

This match was interesting to see, as Alberto Del Rio was far more vicious than we've seen in recent months. Sheamus was in and he was his usual slow moving hard hitting self. It was interesting to see backstage that Michael Tarver was watching on. Sheamus and Del Rio was working really well together with quick tags, and heavy offense. Meanwhile, Morrison was taking most of the punishment in this match up. The match eventually became interesting with fast paced action, lots of counters and the hot tag to Mark Henry. After Morrison cleared the ring, and jumped to the outside, Del Rio got The World's Strongest man not paying attention with an arm bar and it was all over, with Henry tapping out like a drunk man.

Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus defeated John Morrison & Mark Henry

The divas were coming out next and I didn't really care. Melina sucks. Natalya can wrestle, but without a lot of great competition, it gets boring. Natalya and Melina had a quick match, as was expected. The match didn't really have a lot of action, although it was more wrestling than we usually get from the WWE, and it was interesting to note. Natalya would eventually get the Sharpshooter on Melina and Melina tried to counter but was folded into a pretzel, causing the former champion to get a nice victory. You had to see this pretzel like counter, you have to, it was nice.

Natalya defeated Melina

Laycool came out, and wow, they are hot. I'd love to say what's up to Layla. Michelle McCool started talking on the mic, talking about Natalya being fat and what not. It was interesting, I guess...I wasn't too bored, cause Layla has a cute smile.

After a ton of random backstage studpity, out came the first of two big main events. Champion vs Champion is what we got, and it was interesting to see. Edge was bandaged up and Miz looked weak as usual against the Smackdown champion. Ziggler came out to do color commentary and it wasn't half bad. The match was back and forth after Edge had a flurry of offense early on. The Miz would get the upper hand, with Miz concentrating on the injured Ribs of Edge. Miz nearly got the win several times toward the end with some nice counters, but would eventually look to be out smarted by Edge, who kept coming back with impact moves. After Alex Riley got hit with a baseball slide, and Miz got an impaler ddt, this match was thrown out...I don't know who won or lost when Ziggler jumped in and beat up Edge.

The Miz vs Edge

Post match, Orton ran down beat up everyone. He then got the MIz and beat the crap out of him on the outside, and the crowd went nuts. Ziggler was hit with a nice Power slam and then Orton hit nice RKO's on Ziggler and Riley. Miz hit Orton with a briefcase and Orton barely sold it. So yes, Orton was burying everyone yet again and is the new super hero of the WWE, no one can touch him.

This was a fast match, and it didn't really amount to much. One of the bellas was trying to kiss Daniel Bryan and that cost them the match. This was literally the worst match I've seen on Raw in a long time.

Ted Dibiase, Maryse & Alicia Fox defeated Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins

Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim are now dating in story line. Gail Kim is hot. Just sayin. The women the fought Kim and Bryan...terrbile ending to a story line. Very awkward acting from Gail Kim and Daniel Bryan.

The tag team champions were in a match with McGullicutty and Harris and it wasn't half bad. Harris did a lot of the heavy lifting, while Mike was on the apron. Harris knocked out Santino and this match was really tough on the champions, who lost this match up. I liked it, it was a heavy hitting match, the gimmicks were pushed aside, and maybe we'll get a legit team as champions.

Nexus defeated Santino and Kozlov

This next match had ppv quality written all over it. Cena first came out and made sure that both Nexus and The Core had to go back stage and not interfere in the match. Cena then pushed PUnk and Wade Barrett and neither guy can't hit Cena because he was the ref and didn't want to get disqualified. That made for some great moments, and throughout the match he was making sure that Barrett and Punk didn't get pinfalls counted, this was a great comedy angle, I loved it. This match was great, with Cena playing neither man's favorite and just randomly being ref, it was a great moment in WWE history, especially when Cena called for the bell to be rung.

Wade Barrett and Cm Punk were disqualified by John Cena

As the stipulation stated, both Nexus and The Core were out of the Royal Rumble. John Cena screwed over both factions! This was great, I loved it. I finally started cheering for John Cena, and it was a lovely thing to see.

Then the General manager chimed in...ugh...the general manager said that the factions will be in the Rumble after all. Then he forced Cena to apologize to both Punk and Barrett. Cena then went to the ring and apoolgized then fought both team leaders, before Nexus and the Core came in to save the day. That prompted all the superstars to run out and fight the interior of the ring with Cena as a showcase of how crazy this weekend would be with the 40 man royal rumble.


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WWF Papa Shango Hasbro Action Figure

papa shango

Another rare WWF action figure found on, and it's none other than Papa Shango. For those of you that remember, you'll love this one and it's new and rare. It's mint on card and is lower priced than the Razor Ramon figure. This figure is $74.93 and available on here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WWF Razor Ramon Blue Hasbro Card Rare Action Figure

So you want to collect Hasbro toys? Well, you should check out this one that I found on

wwf razor ramon hasbro


This one I found is brand new, in the packaging, and is available right now for a mere $139.99. Remember, not only is this one rare, it's new and in box and it is NOT a spanish language figure, it's the official Hasbro US release. You can find some other WWF HASBRO figures here.

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WWE Smackdown 1/21/11 Results and Review

Wade Barrett is now on Smackdown and he has a new group, and wow, I'm liking the way Smackdown is headed, even if it's a rehash of Raw. I'm hoping it's better than NWO red and black, although I remember rocking an NWO shirt.

Ezekiel reminds me of Monty Brown. Remember the Pounce? I loved that finisher, I miss Monty Brown, where's he at?

Wades Barrett new song sucks. I liked the other music better. The new group started the show, and there is legitimate heat on this group, which is nice for a change. The new name for Wade Barrett's group is: The Core. The group took turns talking about how great they are and what not, and that prompted Teddy Long to come out and say that there's going to be problems...and solutions that he's bringing.

R Truth and Alberto Del Rio once again wrestled on Smackdown and it was what you'd expect. There were a lot of great moments here, with Truth controlling the pace of this match and Del Rio trying to get some sort of offense in. Meanwhile, the camera kept cutting to the backstage area where Teddy Long was out cold, because someone beat him up. Meanwhile, back in the ring Del Rio hit a nice kick and nearly knocked out Truth! I liked this match, there were some great points towards the end, and Del Rio kept moving forward with some nice counters, until Truth got a second wind. Del Rio's ring announcer once again caused a distraction and that was the opening Del Rio needed to get the arm bar and force Truth to tap!

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth

Vickie Guerrero has lost some weight.

The divas showed that they could put together something interesting. Beth Phoenix would get the win with the Glamslam and that's that. Layla didn't put up much of a fight here, and it was interesting to see Laycool squirm.

Beth Phoenix defeated Layla

Rey Mysterio came out in all red, and he looked like he was slightly limping. Dashing Cody Rhodes came out to face him and once again, he put on a good showcase. He is a vastly improving wrestler and while Mysterio won with relative ease after the 619 and splash off the top, it was the story of Cody Rhodes's nose that made the finish interesting. Rhodes apparently broke his nose? I don't know. I'd espect Rhodes to come out with a mask sooner than later. Mysterio is always exciting to see, and once again put on a good show for the live crowd and those watching at home.

Rey Mysterio defeated Dashing Cody Rhodes.

The Miz was on Smackdown.

This next match was stupid. It was a wrestling match in the traditional sense, rather than a pro-wrestling match. Kofi won eventually, and while it was entertaining, it was far from being a quality match up.

Kofi defeated Jack Swagger in a classic wrestling match

Drew McIntyre is still employed? He's seriously one of the worst additions to the WWE roster. I can't stand him, I don't think he's a good wrestler, and when I saw him in Pullman, Washington at a house show he looked like complete crap. He's NOT that great folks, he sucks. This match was stupid, and just was tired.

Drew McIntyre defeated Trent Barretta

Edge was able to fight off most of the attack from Justin Gabriel, and this match was definitely a plus. I liked this match up, it had a lot of great moments, and lots of good counters. Edge really made this match look good, and Gabriel was all over this one, flying off the top rope taking risks, and paying for mistakes. The Core would interfere and eventually beat up Edge, allowing Gabriel to get a pinfall win over the champion. After the match the core beat up Edge.

Justin Gabriel defeated Edge

This night of wrestling was ok at best. I didn't hate it. I didn't think it was the greatest, but it certainly was better than TNA and Superstars combined. The new group is interesting, and I wonder if we're going to end up seeing The Core vs. Nexus eventually. The Core's music sucks.


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TNA Impact 1/20/11 Results and Review

TNA Impact started with one of the best highlight videos they've ever created. The saga of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle is a wonderful video full of great pro-wrestling writing, and if TNA could somehow make it pay off, that'd be great. However, I highly doubt they can, as they do not have a good track record of doing so.

The show opened up with Kurt Angle talking to some fat dude telling some random dude to play his music....oh man, terrible. We start the show with Kurt Angle coming to the ring....they better figure something out or else I'm going to sleep.

Eric Bischoffs music hit and out came a lot of police officers and they calmly escorted Kurt Angle out of the arena. Yep, what appeared to be real police, got Angle arrested.

QUite possibly the worst thing in women's professional wrestling is the TNA Knockouts division. It's seriouslly the worst thing I've ever seen. This match was terrible, Mickie James won with a roll up on Madison Rayne, and that was it. This match, I can not say enough about, in terms of how bad it was. Very little wrestling, very little to talk about, I can't believe this is part of the show, especially since in years past I've seen the women of TNA make some great matches last a long time, and great feuds make me think that there was hope in pro-wrestling.

Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne, Sarita, and some other chick, I forget.

Matt Morgan and Rob Terry squared off next and it was a short match with Rob Terry getting completely buried. Terry was once part of a good feud with Orlando Jordan, that was cut short and then never revisited. Morgan was just in the title match, and now? He's getting the win over Terry with relative ease. The Carbon Footprint hit Terry square in the head and this match was over. One of the worst matches I've seen on Impact in a long time.

Matt Morgan defeated Rob Terry

After them match the worst wrestlers in the world Abyss tried to beat up Morgan only to get dropped with a discus clothesline. Terry got up and he was hit with a sidewalk slam. I don't care, you don't care, Matt Morgan still sucks.

The X-Division title match was ok at best. I know that these two can put together a good overall match, but given the short time, this match wasn't all that great. There were some good spots, and Jay Lethal seemed to be out of sorts here. Kaz would get the win with, you guessed it, a roll up. I remember when the title meant something, now it's just a throwaway match in the middle of a boring show.

Kaz defeated Jay Lethal

Jarrett and Karen were in the ring and they prompted Kurt Angle to come to the ring, and Jarrett beat him up and that was that. I hope Angle gets some revenge...because this is getting tiring, and I guess that's the point.

Dreamer still has a job? Tommy Dreamer was looking tired, and hurt. Jeff Hardy easily steam rolled through Tommy and that was that. He hit his moves, and pinned the former ECW champion.

Jeff Hardy defeated Tommy Dreamer

Beer Money had an interesting match with RVD & Ken Anderson, and it wasn't terrible. It wasn't an amazing match, but it had some nice pacing, and given a good amount of time. The match really got interesting when Jeff Hardy tried to interfere, prompting Matt Hardy to run in and hit the Twist of Hate and join Immortal. Matt Hardy is fat. The match was over fast, and well, Beer Money wins again.

Beer Money defeated RVD & Ken Anderson

Bully Ray beat up Devon, and that was that.

Kurt Angle came to the ring and was beat up by Immortal. The end of the show was Kurt Angle getting completely killed, that was that. I don't know what's going on, but this is so stupid.

Abyss came out and he had Janice stuck to his back.

Out of the dust came out none other than, Grimson or something? He said "THEY'RE Coming" and that was that. What a terrible night of wrestling, what a terrible story line. They're coming? Again? Lame.


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WWE Superstars 1/20/11 Results and Review

No one really reads this site anyways, and no one buys anything from the links, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I totally forgot about this blog until this morning when I realized I didn't review anything for the second half of the week. I guess I am losing my interest in professional wrestling, at least doing this site, but somehow I managed to watch it for you idiots that still visit this site. I hate going to the library to watch wrestling, it's so lame, but when you don't have a job or any money, this is what happens.

Here are my thoughts on WWE Superstars from Thursday 1/20 I think it was the 19th....and I'm shaking things'll have to read through the review to get the more holding your hands...jerks.

The first match was Chavo Guerrero and JTG squaring off against each other. How long will the WWE employ Chavo? I'm tired of seeing that dude, sorry. He needs to reinvent himself as something new. The match up was ok at best, it was actually kind of tired, until JTG started to hit a second wind and really put the boots (literally) to Chavo. JTG hit the MUG SHOT and then a nice spinning neck move and CHavo was out cold. JTG wins again.

JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero

I'm hoping they fire Chavo soon, or repackage him.

Chris Masters came out next, and I haven't liked the guy since he turned on Carlito inside the Elimination Chamber all those years ago. Masters came flying off the top rope to lose his face as he got serious rug burn on the mat, and Hawkins capitalized by....using a head lock. Hawkins really made this match boring, while Masters won...but don't get it twisted, this was a terribly boring match.

Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins

I'm hoping they fire Curt Hawkins soon.

Nxt sucks

Up next they put Zack Ryder and Primo together? This just seemed weird. They should hire Robbie E to team up with Zack Ryder for the ultimate Jersey Shore reference. I've never seen the show, just to let you guys know. In case you didn't know, I don't own a tv, nor cable, and there's NO affiliate channels in my area so I get no free channels. Oh and the other team was DH Smith and Black John Cena. Darren Young has improved greatly, if you ask me, and he's looking great against the likes of Primo. Darren Young cleared house at the end of the match, but it was too little too late, because the Rough Ryder was hit and that was that, Young knocked out cold, and we get Zack Ryder a win.

Zack Ryder & Primo defeated Darren Young & DH Smith

Up next was Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. These two smaller wrestlers are great mat technicians, but they are just wrestlers and not exactly the Superstar level that is required by the WWE. I mean, they are ok at best, but I wouldn't miss them if they were to leave the WWE. The match was ok, it had a few good spots, lots of fast paced mat wrestling and top rope misses and hits, and in the end, Kidd loses after a roll up, and that's that.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyson Kidd

Superstars was quick, only about 39 minutes of content to fill the full hour. I didn't really like it, even though I was able to sit through all of it. There were a few good spots, but nothing that I can truly say anyone missed. Superstars needs to have a better influx of top stars for me and the rest of the WWE Universe to care, and it's just not happening yet.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WWE Raw 1/17/11 Results and Review

new batista
Photo Src

WWE Raw 1/17/11 Results

Santino & Kozlov defeated The USOS
John Morrison defeated Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler
Natalya defeated Maryse
Mark Henry won a battle royal
Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

WWE Raw 1/17/11 Review

The show started with John Cena coming back to take the mic and get the crowd going. They are completely nuts for him, which is good and bad.

Cena got on the mic and it was interesting enough, and then Miz came out and helped antagonize the Miz. That prompted CM Punk and Nexus to come down and try to beat up Cena, but that prompted the tag champs to run down and beat up Nexus.

We found out via the general manager that Nexus can't interfere in the match later tonight.

We then got a tag team title match that we've seen one hundred times before.

Santino & Kozlov defeated The USOS

This was a quick match up with predictable moments, and an ending that we've seen before. Santino hit the Cobra and it was done. The tag champs retain the titles.

John Morrison defeated Daniel Bryan

A good, albeit short, match between these two. There were some great back and forth moments in this match, but nothing too complicated. Morrison looked like he was going to lose this one with Bryan nearly getting his finishing submission, but Morrison was able to squeeze out a victory by knocking out bryan with a knee to the chin. A fast match, a good quality television match up, but it did nothing for either man.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match was interesting, and further exposed the fact that there is NO need for a brand split. Ortonw as all over Ziggler, and it was painfully obvious that Orton was going over, at least to me. Ziggler took some shots though, and it wasn't all "Viper". Ziggler held his own against Orton and was actually moving forward at one point to reversing what my original thought was. Ziggler has been on top of his game for a while, and it was nice to see him interact with the main event talent of Raw. Ziggler had this one sewn up but out of nowhere Orton hit an RKO and that was the end of that.

Post match, within moments of the 3 count, The Miz and Alex Riley hit the ring and beat the snot out of Randy Orton.

Natalya defeated Maryse

This was an easy match for Natalya. Maryse didn't even get much offense in.

Mark Henry won a Battle Royal

There was a small sized Battle Royal and it seemed like Henry was an unstoppable force. He is being billed as the guy that will win the Rumble, but of course he won't win.

Alberto Del Rio came out and cut a promo about how he's going to win the Rumble.

Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

This match had main event feel all over it, and it was interesting on paper. Cena started this match with a lot of momentum, and I was impressed to see how much weight Punk has lost. He's a slimmer punk, and dare I say, faster? He's lost some tone for sure, and it definitely looks like he's a shell of his former self, which isn't a bad thing. This match was amazing, it seriously was looking to be one of the better matches in Raw history, and even though Cena's offense was dated, it didn't matter. It absolutely didn't matter, because Punk was given some good timing and great amount of motions to work through.

The match got odd, when a guy that looked a lot like a younger Batista showed up and decked Punk. I kid you not, this guy was as big as Batista if not bigger, and he decked Punk, in a very odd moment.

The match was thrown out, I guess Cena loses via dq? I don't know. Then Nexus runs down and wow...I like this, as the new Nexus is now bigger than ever.

This is an insane ending, I'm not even sure what to say. If you missed it, you really did in fact miss it.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Candice Michelle Video Interview

Sorry for the late update. I will not review Smackdown, because it was my wife's birthday, so I spent a lot of time with her.

Here is an interview video for you.

This video is provided by DieHard Pro Wrestling

Friday, January 14, 2011

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Results

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Angelina Love & Matt Morgan defeated Abyss
Winter defeated Madison Rayne & Tara
Matt Morgan defeated Abyss
The Hardy Boys defeated Anderson & RVD

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Review

The show started with Anderson giving his championship speech, as is usual for wrestling.

Out came Matt Morgan and he wanted a title shot, he was mad Anderson...whatever.

Eric Bischoff came out as usual, and well....cut a promo and said that Hardy would get a title shot in February.

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

This match had some great tandem action. These two teams know each other very well and they put on a good enough show. The problem here was the time, they were rushing things, and it was painfully obvious that they were just going spot to spot to contain the time frame. The match would eventually go downhill for me in the end, with all the near falls. Shelley super kicked Sabin and Beer Money hit the DWI and that was the end of this match. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but it just seems so obvious what TNA is doing here.

The Motor City Machine guns are breaking up....yep. They already started it. Looks like TNA once again copies WWE.

The Pope cut a promo. Samoa Joe came out...looking fat, and they cut promos or whatever.

The backstage segments were really dumb, dumber than usual.

Jarrett came out and talked trash on Angle. Kurt Angle ran down and eliminated the security people...and was ready to beat up Jarrett. However, out came Karen Jarrett (Formerly Karen Angle) stupid.

Angelina Love & Winter defeated Madison Rayne & Tara

This was stupid. THese four women can not work together, they are terrible examples of wrestlers. I'm so tired of seeing this....ugh...I can't stand terrible wrestling..TNA sucks.

Matt Morgan defeated Abyss

This was one of the worst matches I've seen in a long time. The ending was just stupid, beyond stupid. Morgan beat Abyss then was beaten down by Rob Terry before Flair got a Super Chokeslam. I guess Matt Morgan and Rob Terry will feud? I don't know. I hate Abyss, this sucks.

Sorry that my review sounds like 2 year old, I'm just so sick of this bs.

The Hardy Boys defeated Anderson & RVD

This was a terrible match. All three men looked very winded mid-way through the match. Matt Hardy looked really really fat. After some terrible wrestling, Beer Money ran down and helped the Hardy's win their first match back as a team.

This show was just sad...just purely sad.

I am so tired of this bs, that's all I can say.


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WWE Superstars 1/13/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 1/13/10 REsults

Chris Masters & JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero & Curt Hawkins
Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox
Primo, Darren Young, DH Smith, and Yoshi Tatsu defeated The Usos, William Regal, and Zack Ryder

WWE Superstars 1/13/10 Review

Chris Masters & JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero & Curt Hawkins

If I saw this match live, I would mark out huge, but on tv? This is not a great match to watch. IT had a lot of slow downs and not too much action. JTG was able to liven up the mood, and Hawkins can bump, but Masters and Chavo made this one slower than I'd like it to be. The match would eventually end with realitive ease from Masters.

Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox

This was the most exciting divas match I've seen in a long time. There were a few major hits, but it was all Gail Kim in this one. I loved it. Her missile drop kick is picture perfect and I'm amazed that the divas don't get more quality matches like this. Gail Kim wins, and that's the end of that.

Primo, Darren Young, DH Smith, and Yoshi Tatsu defeated The Usos, William Regal, and Zack Ryder

This match wasn't half bad, it had a lot of back and forth action, a lot of quick tags, and quality moments to watch. The match went for a good amount of time, and it was interesting to see this unfold. After a good amount of time, the ring cleared and left Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu alone in the ring, which would end in predictable fashion...Tatsu knocks out Ryder and that is the end of that.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Results

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth
Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase & Tyson Kidd
John Morrison defeated Sheamus
Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler defeated The Miz & Alex Riley

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Review

I feel like I haven't had an adequate break from pro-wrestling in a long time. I feel like I'm overloaded with wrestling and yet can't make a dime with ads, or anyone buying anything on amazon. I'm sorry to vent, but when you've been unemployed for 16 months, and have to pay back a student loan for your education, you get kind of bummed sometimes.

Santino & Kozlov came out for the tag team championship match, but it didn't go down, because Nexus ran down and beat the champions up. They were all wearing new shirts, which looked awesome. This new group is amazing folks, and I like it, I really like where it's going.

CM Punk cut a promo and said that everyone has to prove that they are great...and that there will be an initiation!

Punk pulled out McGullicutty and was told he would have to get beaten into the group, gang land style!

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth

This was a quick match with not a lot of great action, but some good moments. Towards the end of the match, the two battled outside of the ring and Del Rio's ring announcer distracted R Truth and was counted out! That's right, Del Rio gets the win via countout. Del Rio is a great heel, and I hope they continue with it, cause he can generate some great heat.

This show was weird, that's all I can say...there were some seriously gay things with Nexus like getting "whipped"??? You had to see it to believe it.

Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase & Tyson Kidd

I saw this match on Thursday, so it was ok. The same match we saw, only this time it seemed that Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry were short on time so this match was rushed and featured some heavy hitting offense. It eventually just had the good guys go over. The Bellas looked hot.

Big Show came out and beat up David Otunga.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus

Once again, Sheamus couldn't beat John Morrison. This is kind of odd booking if you ask me. John Morrison took one hell of a beating though, so this wasn't a burial match of any kind. Sheamus really had to work hard here, but when it was all said and done John Morrison managed to turn things around and won. Morrison's new push is awesome, and people are getting behind every win. Sheamus has been taking some serious hits, and hopefully he's being pushed into a Triple H match...sooner than later.

The King Jerry Lawler talked about the first inductee to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and it is none other than:

Shawn Michaels

Wow. That's all I can say. Those video packages are awesome.

HBK came out and and talked about how great it is to go into the Hall of Fame. That prompted Alberto Del Rio to cut a heel promo. Yep. I kid you not. HBK listened but as Del Rio finished up, he got a face full of CHIN MUSIC! Yep. I kid you not, it looked impressive and Del Rio was out cold! It was awesome! I marked out like a 10 year old Cena fan.

CM Punk cut another promo, and Cena chimed in via Satellite....and well...he cut a promo on was boring.

Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler defeated The Miz & Alex Riley

Alex Riley got completely killed in this match up because Randy Orton wouldn't let The Miz get involved with the match. That being said, Riley took a lot of offense, and it was insane. Lawler hit his mid rope fist drop and won the match for his team. That was that.

A strange night in wrestling, that's all I can say. The Nexus thing was weird. The titles seemed secondary. The wrestling was rushed, and it seemed like there wasn't much time for much more. Oh well.

Next week, John Cena will face Cm Punk! It should be good.


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TNA Genesis 2011 Results and Review

I was fortunate enough to get this ppv, and well, I'm glad that I finally got to see it. I was really expecting big things based on the results I read.

TNA Genesis 2011 Results

Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal for the X-Division Title
Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James
Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles
Bubba Ray defeated Devon by disqualification
Matt Hardy defeated RVD
Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

TNA Genesis 2011 Review

Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal

Despite many hours invested into Jay Lethal, he's still not that over as just himself. The crowd was dead for a good portion of this match, even when there were some moves. Kaz was more over than Lethal, which is really bad. The match was a good opener with lots of offense, and a surprising amount of high impact moves from Kaz on what appears to be a smaller lethal. Lethal wen to the top rope, and finally got the crowd behind him, but took too much time and Kaz took advantage. There was a ref bump, and Kaz hit the reverse Tombstone Piledriver and won the gold! That's right, Kaz is the new Cruiserweight Champion of the world.

Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James

There was a good amount of wrestling here, but it's painfully obvious that the division lacks skilled workers. Mickie James did manage some good overall offense, but it just wasn't as entertaining as what I was loving in the Knockout's division a few years ago, and many readers will agree. Tara ran down to help, and Madison Rayne was given a loaded glove, and she won the match with a knockout blow. Yep. I liked the finish, even if it took a while to get there.

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles

I've seen this match so many times, that this time around it just seemed like another match, and for the most part it was. This was just a clone of the many matches that these two teams have had in the past. There were some nice spots, but it was painfully obvious that Beer Money was going over. After some misfires the Machine Guns made a mistake in the corner, and were rolled up. I didn't like the finish of this match, but it had some nice team work and good overall wrestling. I really miss tag team wrestling of this nature in the WWE, because it's done so well. RObert Roode is ready for the WWE if you ask me, I hope he gets there someday. This match was not a five star classic, but it was a highlight for me up to this point.

Bubba Ray defeated Devon by disqualification

This match wasn't that good. Devon was far over with the crowd, and there were some good moments here, even if the majority of the match seemed taxing for both men. At one point Bubba hit a nice Cutter on Devon who was diving off the top rope, even though no one cared. There were some nice near falls, and good final moments, but like I said, getting there was very hard to manage, and didn't really have me excited at all. Devon lost after using a chain on Bubba. Yep, Dq finish.

Abyss defeated Douglas Williams

One of the worst matches ever. Ok, not that bad. Doug Williams put up a good fight against my least favorite wrestler. I hate AByss and giving him a title is so stupid. Williams had to face the monster because Aj Styles is injured, so it was nice to see, but it just seemed thrown together and boring.

Oh well.

Bischoff said that RVD will get Hardy, and it was Matt Hardy! I guess Matt is a heel too? I don't know, but Matt is in TNA!

Matt Hardy is still fat.

Matt Hardy defeated RVD

This match had some nice fast paced action, but it seemed like Matt Hardy slowed it down at some points to let RVD catch his breath. It's not a surprise that RVD can't go full speed since he's smoking weed to this day. Hardy did manage to throw in some good new offense, even if most of his offense seemed older. Hardy took some major hits to the head and body by RVD and it was interesting to see the back and forth motions in this match up. After some good overall back and forth action, Hardy won...and that was that. It's going to take a while for me to enjoy Matt Hardy in TNA.

Matt Hardy is still fat.

Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

I feel like I've seen this before, and it was stupid. Jarrett bloodied Angle and the ref through the match out. Jarrett wins and is still the monster heel...this was stupid. The Tna idiots put the camera right on Angle as he was stupid.

Ken Anderson defeated Matt Morgan

There was a lot of great pieces to this match up. I liked how Anderson kept literally throwing offense at Morgan, and like a large tree, Morgan wouldn't go down with average moves. There were some nice spots here, but nothing too crazy. It was painfully obviou that Morgan wasn't going over, and after Anderson rolled up Morgan for the quick pin, out came Eric Bischoff.

He demanded that Anderson fight Hardy for the title.

Ken Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

This match was ok. Jeff didn't look 100%. Jeff was fighting Hardy with ease, and it appeared that he was going to cheat, but out came Mick Foley to stop it. That prompted Ric Flair to come down, but he was held at bay by security. Hardy went for the top rope, but Anderson managed to stop his progress. Anderson was going for a super plex, but missed and Hardy hit a nice swanton. Anderson kicked out, and this match continued! I wasn't marking out, because it seemed so obvious (i guess because of the spoilers). The crowd was way over with Anderson getting huge cheers. Anderson hit the rolling finisher spot, but Hardy got up fast and started fighting back. Jeff called out his brother Matt to interfere, but RVD ran down to stop that, and they brawled all the way to the back.

Eric Bischoff came into the ring with a chair, and was ready to lay out Anderson, but was attacked! The Mic Check was hit on Bischoff! Jeff was able to run back but was hit with the MIC CHECK! Anderson wins the world title!

Your new TNA world champion is MR. ANDERSON!

That was a good thing for everyone, and hopefully Anderson will be doing well as the champion. I like the ending.


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Monday, January 10, 2011

TNA Genesis 2011 Results

I spent around 6 hours this morning trying to download the show or find a way to see it, and NO ONE HAD IT!

I even pay for a "forums" and they didn't have it. WHAT A LOAD OF BS.

So there's not going to be a review of this one, not that anyone cares.

- Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal to become the new X Division Champion
- Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James to retain the Knockouts Championship, after interference by Tara
- Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns to become the new Tag Team Champions
- Bully Ray won the Street Fight vs. Brother Devon after the referee disqualified Brother Devon for beating Bully Ray with a chain
- Abyss (subbing for an injured AJ Styles) defeated Douglas Williams to become the new TV Champion. An injured AJ interfered in the bout, hitting Williams with the title and costing him the bout.
- Immortal's Mystery Opponent for Rob Van Dam was none other than Matt Hardy, who made his TNA debut and defeated RVD, thanks to a controversial decision by referee Jackson James
- The MMA Exhibition between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle was thrown out after Jarrett got disqualified. After the bout, Jarrett bloodied Angle and injured him
- Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Morgan to become the #1 contender to the World Championship
- After the bout, Eric Bischoff announced an exhausted Anderson would get his title shot immediately against Jeff Hardy! The bout saw interference by Matt Morgan, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and RVD! HOWEVER, in a shocking upset, Anderson beat Hardy to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daivari Video Interview

Below is an interview with former WWE star and former TNA X-Division champion Shawn Daivari.

This video is provided by Elliptical Reviews

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/7/11 Results and Review


WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/7/11 Results

Edge defeated Kane in a last man standing match
Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title
Dolph Ziggler defeated The Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes
Michelle McCool defeated Kelly Kelly
Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio in a 2 out of 3 falls match

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/7/11 Review

I'm a little frustrated this morning. I've failed to make any money this year, and well last year I didn't have a job, so I'm starting this year off with a lousy week, and wrestling is well, hit or miss. I had high hopes for tonight, so we'll see if all works out with Smackdown.

Edge defeated Kane in a last man standing match

I hate last man standing matches, but these two made a good one out of what I hate. The two battled in the ring, then eventually battled it out in the crowd, and started to climb upwards to the upper deck seats. They made it to the top of the building and they started fighting near the luxury suites. This no doubt had the crowd going, and I was marking out huge, since I haven't seen this kind of violence since Mankind fought the Rock. The two would eventually go back to the ring, and Kane took control of this one. He beat down Edge and then threw him through the announce table. Edge managed to beat out Kane in this match up, which ended with Edge hitting his patented spear but Kane couldn't get up as his leg buckled under him from a chair shot. Yep, no blood, a few brawls in the concessions, and this was over. Edge beat kane in a 20+ minute battle. I liked it enough, but it wasn't a four star classic in any sense of the word.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title

This match was a nice back and forth match up with great action from both men. The match had the crowd going amidst lots of Kofi Kingston offense and a hard fought battle. Ziggler managed to fight through with some nice couners, and I thought he'd once again win, but nope. Kofi hit a nice crossbody and beat Ziggler, then immediately, Ziggler wanted a rematch but lost after Trouble in Paradise, and Kofi wins.

I'm hoping Dolph gets pushed towards the world title, as he's got a lot of wrestling talent. He put on a good show in the matches, and Kofi did a lot of work.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes

A triple threat match for the #1 contender tot he world title? I like the idea. Drew McIntyre was supposed to be involved, but somehow he was sidestepped and Dolph Ziggler was put into the match up thanks to Vickie, making this a fourway match up. McIntyre was beat up and isolated, and then Big Show took control over most of this match up, stomping out all the smaller men, with relative ease. The Future Shock DDT was hit on Big Show and it looked like Big Show would lose this one in the end, but he couldn't pin the big man down. Ziggler managed to hit his finisher on Cody Rhodes, making Dolph Ziggler the #1 contender. This match was quite interesting, a good overall match up even though there were a lot of short stops and breathers. Edge will face Ziggler, and I for one think it can be one of the better feuds in recent memory.

Wade Barrett came out to beat up Big Show, which was weird.

Michelle McCool defeated Kelly Kelly

McCool had an ok match up, and beat down Kelly Kelly with relative ease. This match wasn't that great, but whatever.

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio in a 2 out of 3 falls match

This match was interesting, and Mystery managed to have a lot of great action in this one, despite having his arm injured. Alberto Del Rio was able to manage a lot of the offense and counter from time to time, but it was obvious that he was out matched by a much faster Mysterio. The two traded falls but in the end, the ring announcer helped Alberto Del Rio get the second fall and beat Rey Mysterio yet again! This match was good, don't get me wrong, I just don't know where they are going with this feud. I love Del Rio's gimmick, and I'm hoping that they continue this feud somehow.

Overall a good night of wrestling tonight on Smackdown, and something that if you saw, You enjoyed too, I hope. Post match Mysterio mixed it up with Del Rio's ring announcer, and this match was touted as the bitter end...but I'm hoping it isn't.


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Friday, January 7, 2011

TNA Impact 1/6/11 Results and Review


TNA Impact 1/6/11 Results

Doug Williams vs Rob Terry (No Contest)
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Aj Styles and Kaz
Sarita & Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James & Velvet Skye
Jay Lethal defeated Abyss via dq
Jeff Jarrett defeated RVD in a no dq match

TNA Impact 1/6/11 Review

The night opened up with Immortal or Fortune or whoever it is, and Bischoff talked about how they are going to do things right or something, I don't know, I didn't care.

All the champions were called out and they all started brawling. Out came RVD and he started to take everyone out.

Jarrett did his mma challenge beat up some kid, and then was run out of the ring by Kurt Angle. This thing has gone on too long, I'm so sick of this bs.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Aj Styles and Kaz

This match wasn't given nearly enough time, but it had a few good high spots and random moves. The Machine Guns were able to win this match up after a few good quality moves, but overall, it wasn't all that great. These four could put on a 4 star classic, but instead, they seriously just bored me.

Post match, Beer Money beat them up.

The Pope came out and cut a promo. Samoa Joe's hoodie is from Old Navy! I know cause I have one! Woo! The Pope is heel now? I guess. Joe is back...did Pope kidnap Samoa Joe? I don't know.

Sarita & Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James & Vevlet Skye

Another boring Knockouts match. I'm so sick of this bs too. Another terrible match with no major offense, nothing worth checking out, this was lame.

Doug Williams vs Rob Terry (No Contest)

THis was stupid. The match barely got under way and out came Aj Styles to beat up Doug Williams. They were trying to break Williams arm. I guess this will come to fruition at the ppv? I don't know.

Jay Lethal defeated Abyss via dq

This was going well but then Abyss got himself disqualified and this was the end. Lethal barely got offense in, and after the match Kaz came in and beat him up.

Jeff Jarrett defeated RVD in a no dq match

Another boring match. Stupid stupid match with Double J winning after he got help from Jeff Hardy.

post match out ran Matt Morgan, or as Scott Steiner calls him Mike Morgan.

This Impact sucked, I'm so sick of TNA, they are starting the new year with just as bad of wrestling ever. Ugh...So tired of this BS.


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WWE Superstars 1/6/10 Results and Review

daniel bryan

WWE Superstars 1/6/10 Results

Tyler Reks defeated JTG
Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins
Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder
Tyson Kidd & Ted Dibiase Jr defeated Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry

WWE Superstars 1/6/10 Review

The first Superstars that I could watch, and it's Jack Korpel and Matt Striker on commentary and out comes JTG to face Tyler Reks. I liked the surfer gimmick, but that was just me. This kind of "Conan" gimmick, is boring to me.

Tyler Reks defeated JTG

This match surprised me, Tyler Reks usually plows through his oppnents with relative ease and I thought this match was going to be another squash. However, this match had JTG hitting some nice moves and hard moves against Reks, but just when I thought to mention that, Reks hit his finisher and this thing was all over. Reks wins, and no one in the crowd cared. He's not that good.

Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins

This match wasn't all that great, it bored me really. Chris Masters put short work into defeating Curt Hawkins and the match was easily over after a few power moves. I didn't care.

I'm not watching NXT, I don't care.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder loses this contest and it was a good back and forth affair. It really is a weird match up, and I'm not sure why Ryder doesn't get a better push. This match had a lot of action, lots of good moments, but it just didn't amount to much fan fare. Tatsu hit some sick kicks and eventually beat Ryder. Zack Ryder could be such a huge star, and yet they don't use him. I don't know.

Tyson Kidd & Ted Dibiase Jr defeated Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry

This boring match had some good action here and there. It had a lot of moments that were fast, and obviously foreshadowing the future, but after Daniel Bryan kept going for his finisher, this thing sunk. Tyson Kidd hit a nice neck breaker and pinned Bryan.

Overall not a great show, and I really am not sure why the WWE keeps putting this show out, it's not nearly as good as either major shows on Mondays and Fridays, and really is just a filler show that bores me.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christopher Daniels Fallen Angel Interview Video

For those of you that miss The Fallen Angel in wrestling each week, here's a video interview with none other than Christopher Daniels.

This video is provided by DieHard Pro Wrestling

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/3/11 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/3/10 Results

The Miz defeated John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Natalya, Eve, Brie Bella defeated Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Melina
Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos
Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth
Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett and Sheamus in a #1 Contenders Steel Cage Triple Threat Match

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/3/10 Review

Alright, a New Year, a new Raw and a continuation of the stories we started last year. Raw opened up with a recap of Nexus beatin gdown John Cena and CM Punk becoming the leader of Nexus. I liked it a lot, and one thing that I've always said, WWE can create some of the most compelling videos. I always wanted to work there, and even went to school and have a degree for it, but alas, no job, no response, and still trying to make a few cents here, none of which is happening, because no one is buying via the amazon links. Oh well.

Michael Cole opened up and told us that John Cena was injured. He then run down the night, old school style, before the intro came in. I hat how the intro is Nickelback...I hate it.

The Miz defeated John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

This match started very fast with Morrison and Miz fighting on the ramp and Morrison going nuts flying off the top of a high WWE sign on the top of the ramp. This high spot really was nice to look at, but had disaster written all over it, had he missed. Morrison had this match going well for himself with heavy hitting offense, and lots of great spots, perfectly executed. He even had this thing won at one point, but Alex Riley interfered and The Miz was able to recover. After the commercial, Morrison went through a guard rail as the Miz backflipped him near the ramp and stage. Morrison hit Starship Pain and had the Miz completely knocked out, but somehow, someway The Miz kicked out! I marked out huge, because I didn't know if Miz could survive much more, and Morrison had this thing completely won. Miz rolled up Morrison and the match continued, but Morrison kept his onslaught of offense. There was a table outside, and this thing was bound to get messy in a heartbeat, as Morrison continued to set up Miz. Morrison went for Starship Pain off the top rope to the outside, and MISSED! Morrison went solo through a table, Miz rolled out of the way, and this thing was I thought. MOrrison was able to kick out at 2, which was insane, there's no way, this match was seriously becoming match of the year, and it was only the first match of 2011. The Skull Crushing Finale was hit on the floor and The Miz won this match up! Holy crap, Miz won a war here, and wow, best match I've seen in a long time. If you missed it, go watch it somehow. Miz and Morrison put on a 3 to 4 star classic and Morrison looked halfway dead...what a match up. Wow, just wow. This was a ppv caliber match up folks.

Natalya, Eve, Brie Bella defeated Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Melina

I'm tired of seeing the same 6 women wrestle in WWE. I used to love the TNA knockout's division because they had a stable of women that out numbered the WWE divas, but alas, here are the same six women that I've seen wrestle every week, in the same six person tag match. I'm so sick of the WWE divas. This match sucked, it had a few minor moments to see, but overall, this was just a tired match up. Eve got the pin with a neckbreaker.

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos

I've already seen this match twenty times before, but this time, the Usos actually won. This match was ok at best, but it was Kozlov and Santino that got the last laugh. The match up had the Usos taking a lot of bumps and giving off most of the offense. The Cobra was the team's downfall, but eh, we got a double cobra at the end of the match. This was a comedy match up, which was just hilarious.

CM Punk cut a nice heel promo, but out came Wade Barrett. This should get really interesting, especially since Wade claimed he injured Cena at a house show. The two argued in the ring, and Wade commanded NExUS to come out, and that's when they came out. This got interesting, but I was thinking that Nexus would be beating up Wade here. I'm still the only one that thinks The Black John Cena should return.

Nexus, with Otunga taking the mic, talked about how they need a new leader. But before anyone could say anything else, the Raw General manager chimed in. The general manager said that there would be a Steel Cage match later tonight. Wade Barrett agreed that if he lossed in a cage match later in the show, he'd leave Nexus and let Cm Punk lead.

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth

Once again, this match proves a few things. It proved that Del Rio is a top contender and should get a title shot if not the world title soon. He also proved that there is no NEED to have a brand split, there is just no reason. Del Rio worked on Truth's arm for the match, putting on a great technical showcase, and entertaining process. Truth couldn't get into this match, and he's just recovering from sickness, and well, couldn't master the Mexican anti-hero. I hope Del Rio gets a title soon, I like him. I'm an Alberto Del Rio fan for sure.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett and Sheamus in a #1 Contenders Steel Cage Triple Threat Match

I hate the new era of cage matches. The ref in the ring, the lack of blue steel, it just looks stupid. This match was hard hitting and featured a lot of power moves. The three battled it out, and it was nice to see it get some time, as all the members hit hard and were telling a story which I couldn't pinpoint the winner. Mid point, Barrett was climbing out of the ring and Cm Punk ran down, but betrayed him, costing him the match up. Sheamus hit the "bro" kick on Barrett and turned only to get an RKO knocking him completely out. Orton then simply walked out and will now get a shot at The Miz at the Royal Rumble. Another Miz Orton match? I'm bored already.

I'm surprised that Miz didn't run down and knock the door closed, hitting Orton and causin him to lose the match, because he doesn't want to face him. That would made for higher drama, but it didn't happen here.

Punk betraying Barrett was a nice touch, and one that I didn't really see coming necessarily. Sheamus losing, well, I guess that's ok.

Overall a good Raw, and a great night of wrestling. I'm excited to see what's coming down the pipeline as it seems that we're moving into a better era of wrestling, but we'll see what happens in the coming weeks, as things could turn sour fast.


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