Monday, April 30, 2007

WWE Backlash 2007 Review & Results Cena Still Champion, Mcmahon New Champion

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

This match was typical fare. Lance Cade & Travor Murdoch annoy me because they don't have a single name to call themselves as a unit. so I'm tired of spelling their names out! Anyways, the match was fast paced, although Cade & Murdoch tried to slow things down a little, but the Hardy's quickly got back into the swing of things, and the next thing you know, Hardys win! That's right, the expected happened. Hardys win and the jobbers are put back into their place. I do not even know why the WWE pushes the jobbers to a ppv, sure they are faithful, but no one cares for them.

Women's Champion Melina def. Mickie James

Why do they make me watch wrestlers that can't wrestle? Women's wrestling has gone a long way in the modern times, but these two aren't that good. Mickie James is a little better than Melina, but overall this match was dumb. I wanted to go to sleep.

United States Champion Chris Benoit def. MVP

Surprise, Surprise, Chris Benoit wins again! MVP is horrible, although he's improving, he lacks the charisma of say...Ken Kennedy, who is picking up wrestling like a natural. Chris Benoit shows off his well planned out discourse of pain, as he throws MVP from left to right and all around, MVP gets some shots in, but not enough for the win. MVP loses again. Now lets see Kennedy take the belt and run with it!

Mr. McMahon (pinfall), Shane McMahon & Umaga def. ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (Handicap Match; new ECW World Champion)

McMahon is the new ECW champion? That's ridiculous. This is so stupid. But I did not like it as much as the 99' Royal Rumble victory for McMahon, which was the pinnacle of McMahon's evil run. The three characters manage to pull one over on Bobby Lashley, but not without some major trauma to the former champion. I'm surprised Umaga did not pick up the win. The match was fair, but it was exactly what I figured would happen.

This is a sad day for the ECW title.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Batista (Draw; Last Man Standing Match)

Undertaker and Batista tore the house down, literally. Both men were knocked out in a very cleverly booked match to make each man look strong.

Remember the last time this happened?

I do.

St. Valentines Day Massacre: Mankind vs. The Rock last man standing. The Rock and Foley were both knocked out and could not continue. Leading for a title change on raw in a few weeks. So what ends up happening now?

I am not sure.

But I do believe that the Undertaker is not going to be a long term champion, and I believe that there is going to be Ken Kennedy barking up his tree soon. But will he be the one to take the title? Maybe.

I think WWE still likes Batista, but enough to garner a long title reign?

I'm not sure about that either.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels (Fatal Four Way Match)

This match was insane. There were spots, and then more spots, and I thought for sure Cena was going to lose the match. The odds were stacked too high, they turned this match out! It was a good match, but too much going on to warrant greatness. It was just overloaded with talent, and although I'm not a big fan of all the participants, but hey, I gave the match a chance. The ending was cool, and made Cena look vulnerable. Something that needed to get done in a long time.

So after all is said and done, the Backlash ppv was alright at best. The maches were plotted nicely, but the overall feel was not that great. The main event was better than most, but the card seemed light. The match was booked solid, and had a few dropped spots in my view, but it made its point, told a story and was at least better than most that I've seen lately.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

WWE Smackdown Review 4/27/07 No Dq Match, MVP Scared

Kane/The Boogeyman defeated William Regal/Dave Taylor

Like I predicted, this match was not as good as any match with these guys could have been. Kane was involved in the match for the most part, and then gets the hot tag to Boogey who gets the pin with his “Boogey-Slam”. I’m coining that name, so do not steal it, please. No worms! The Boogeyman gimmick might be gaining ground because he’s finally winning matches, and well he’s teaming with Kane. The match could have been better, but it was what it was.

Deuce defeated Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick fought an uphill battle on this one, and then hit his finishing move! Sliced Bread #2 (I don’t know who names these things) but he falls shorts thanks to a little interference.

This match proved to be nothing special, and just a major waste of my time. I hate when they separate tag teams.

MVp vs. Jobber #1

This was dumb. I couldn’t believe how bad this match was. It wasn’t even a match.

After the squash, Chris Benoit joins in and mops up MVP only to have MVP run away like an idiot. This did not further the fued, but I like that MVP left early since the title was not on the line. Smart guy or coward? We will find out on the PPV.

Jillian Hall defeated Michelle McCool

This was definitely the bathroom match. These chicks can not fight. Excuse me, I mean these girls can not fight. I hate when they have women wrestlers and they do not know how to do the moves. It bored me to death.

No Dq Match: Undertaker & Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy & Finlay

This match was suppose to be the main event and since no titles were on the line, I did really feel it would further anything, but it was quite interesting to say the least. It was a standard tag team match, and no one screwed anyone over. I love Kennedy’s psychology, working over body parts, but of course he must cheat as the briefcase came into play for a moment, but overall he’s a great up and coming star. Someone give him the the title already! The match ended with Batista scoring the pin.

Overall Smackdown was ok. It was better than raw, and I was more interested in the story lines than I was Raw. I am glad they did not promise a title match then recant which means a lot to me.

Another Smackdown win!


Friday, April 27, 2007

HBK and Batista Arrogant to Fans

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Batista and HBK are jerks. A fans report includes detailed information that Batista would not even look at people when signing autographs. I am inclined to believe this because he has been very arrogant in the way he has dealt with the media and fans in general. I do not know why they allow wrestlers to not be nice.

I remember Bret Hart, and others were always nice when I met them, but these new guys are being jerks.

I'm surprised to hear that HBK was called a jerk too. He apparently was not feeling so hot signing autographs for kids in the UK.

I remember meeting Mick Foley, that guy was really nice. He called me George, but I told him it was Jorge, he was a cool guy. He certainly did not act like he was too good for us or anything.

But then again, I wasn't there, at the time of these signings. So maybe things maybe unfair.

Source -Wrestlng Inc.


Rob Van Dam Goes To Tna-Nwa

That is the new headline that is going to be all over the news. At least the wrestling news, which is something great. Rob Van Dam has been buried in the ECW story lines ever since he lost the WWE title the night after ECW's One Night Stand.

So what's next?

Well news broke today that RVD rejected the new contract. Th contract details are not available, but I doubt that RVD wants to be jobbed right now. He can be a main even player and he has been on many occasions, but it appears that the WWE just don't want to utilize him in that capacity, even if all the fans in the world are cheering for him.

I do not believe that WWE is going to do a lot to keep RVD, since they are grooming C.M Punk to take over the ECW headlining spot. That seems to be the case tuesday to tuesday.


TNA Impact Review 4/27/07 Sting vs. Angle Letdown

Tna Wrestling seems to be worse than the WWE at making decisions for their matches.

That’s right. I said it.

Sting Vs. Kurt Angle

This should have been the dream match of a lifetime! Sting vs. Angle should have stolen the show. Instead it turns into a double dq within less than 10 minutes of the bell ringing. What kind of stuff is that?

We get a headlock, a reversal, then action spilling outside of the ring, and then Team Cage drops in and ruins the hole thing. Why TNA, why?

Then we get an announcement that Christian Cage will wrestle Sting for the belt tonight on impact!

Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt v. Kaz & Alex Shelley v. Senshi & Shark Boy
(This is a Suicide Stampede, meaning you can't tag in your own partner. Winners will square off in a Triple Threat with Chris Sabin at Sacrifice for the X Division Title.)

Jay Lethal is no longer Jay Lethal, he’s Black Machismo which is a complete rip-off of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Complete mannerisms and all, which is upsetting to me, but he does a good job emulating the superstar.

The match had so many high spots and no psychology, that I felt somewhat odd. It was a spot fest, and not really a good match in that regard. However, It was more enjoyable than most WWE Cruiserweight title matches.

Sonjay Dutt & Black Machismo win the match.

The match later on is said to be one of those famous stipulation matches where no one can interfere or the title will change hands.

A segment airs, but I go to the bathroom, as I hear it is not a match.

Team 3-D vs. Steiner & Tomko

This match is your typical tag match. If you have seen one Team 3-D match you’ve seen them all. These are big guys, so they do not move very fast, but it is still action packed. After some offense from the heel’s, Team 3-D hits the 3-D and get the win over the two big men.

Sting vs. Christian Cage (Championship Match)

An ok match, fast paced and lacking substance, but at least TNA stayed true and did not cop out a non-title match at the end. It was a full title match. The ending came when Kurt Angle ran down with his neck brace on and attacks Cage allowing him to retain the title. Sting gets the bat and hits Angle, causing the match to get even more interesting, although he did lose already.
The overall review of Impact is mediocre. It is not a second to WWE in a lot of ways. I do admire the fact that they stuck to their guns and let there be a world title match at the end with the title being on the line, even though I do not agree with the DQ decision.


WWE Smackdown Preview 4/27/07 KENNEDY!

The Boogeyman and Kane vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor

This looks about as dumb as any match has ever been. Two has beens turned jobbers, and two of the worst gimmicks ever. That's only half of the team! The Boogeyman better step up his game if he's going to hang in there with Kane. Regal and Taylor are a good team, but they are glorified jobbers at this point.

Deuce vs. Brian Kendrick

This seems pointless. I hate how the WWE makes singles matches out of the tag teams. They prove nothing.

MVP vs. The Scottish Champion

This is going to be a squash, I can sense it.

Chris Benoit vs. MVP

The WWE is not going to ruin their Backlash match for this one. Unless they do an Orlando Jordon at the PPV and have Benoit squash the credibility out of him.

Jillian Hall vs. Michelle McCool

This is going to be the bathroom match of the evening. Two women that do not know how to wrestle are going to try and wrestle.

No Disqualification Tag-Team Match
The Undertaker and Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy and Finlay

This could spell disaster for Undertaker as Batista will want to get an upper hand and soften him up for Backlash. This could also mean that Kennedy is going to soften up the champ too, or will the undertaker be on guard? We'll have to see tonight on Smackdown!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Critics Passing By The Condemned

", which aggregates movie reviews from around the country, currently has The Condemned at a 17%, which means that only 17% of the reviews that have come in so far have been positive. It's still early as there are only 12 reviews for the film, and that number may go up or down. Of the 12 reviews for the film so far, only 2 have been positive while the remaining 10 have been negative"

src - Wrestling Inc. (left side news links)

Apparently the critics do not like the movie whatsoever. This is not surprising, critics hate most movies. I am even a dvd movie critic and I have a hard time enjoying some movies because there is not a whole lot of good things coming out.

However, I do believe that the people reviewing the films are outside of the realm of understanding and knowledge of who Stone Cold Steve Austin is.

Maybe this movie is for diehard fans, but I think the critics maybe wrong.

I certainly think this film has more crossover appeal than "The Marine" did, but we'll have to wait till Monday to get the definitive answer.

I say a thumbs up is in order for Stone Cold.


Tna Impact Preview 4/26/07

For the first time ever on national television and anywhere else:

Sting vs. Kurt Angle!

This is a big announcement. But will TNA deliver a good match, or will it get the old “Heel Run In” campaign? It seems that TNA is delivering bad things on impact and then trying to rebuild confidence in their products on their ppv events.

Kurt Angle has proven that he is no slouch in the wrestling ring, and Sting has still got a lot of moves left in him. But will that be enough to conquer the Wrestling machine?

I guess for once, I’ll have to tune into Tna Impact tonight to find out!


WWE Is Not Moved By Mistico Yet

"Although there is no real talk on the subject, Mistico's CMLL contract expires in June. WWE didn't sign him after his tryout in February because they were led to be believe that he was under a long-term contract to CMLL"

CMLL apparently was lying or something because Mistico's contract is expiring in June. that is correct, June!

I showed off some videos of Mistico on here before and if you have not seen him. Imagine a younger, faster, bigger, Rey Mysterio Jr. This guy does triple corkscrews and lands on his feet. He can do things that Rey Jr. never could do, even in his prime.

Mistico in the WWE would ruin his career. From what I've read online, through many sources, they want Mistico to take his mask off and learn to wrestle the more dumbed down version of wrestling. This of course would make the guy not as good as before.

WWE dropped the ball with many mexican stars in the past, and I can not see them doing well with the character or even letting him do what he does best.


Ecw Ratings Higher Than Wrestling Society X

"Tuesday night’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi scored a 1.4 cable rating with a 2.2 share. This was the highest rated program of the day for Sci Fi"

ECW's rating is not exactly a great testament to the program. The program has been stinking up the screen, and I can not imagine a lot of fans enjoying the programming. I certainly have not seen a whole lot of promise with the program as of late.

The C.M Punk story line however does bring some solid interest, but I think he is limited to wrestling the style that WWE wants and not what he can really do out there.

So what is someone to do about this?


The rating is good though. It is doing better than Wrestling Society X and maybe it is the promise that McMahon will be on the program that is drawing such higher ratings.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jim Ross Says Orton Good Kid

"Orton, as reported by was sent home from the tour for unprofessional conduct, which I am sure will most likely cost the 3rd generation star some hard-earned cash. Nonetheless, Orton will most likely be in Atlanta Sunday, and if he is not I will be surprised. Orton is not unlike many young athletes who reach fame and fortune at a young age and have issues handling it. I read about it seemingly every week regarding athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. That certainly doesn’t make it right, as there are only so many “second chances” to go around and it would be a damn shame to see any young talent self destruct and permanently damage their career because of utilizing poor judgment"

Jim Ross is very lax with his words in this post from his blog. He basically is saying that Orton is just another kid that is having a hard time with his fame and fortune. He even goes as far as to call him a GOOD kid!

A good kid?

No way. This guy trashes a hotel room to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars and we're suppose to believe that it's because he cannot handle fame?

Give me a break. This guy is a jerk.

Jim Ross is in denial, and I do not believe that he should get another chance. This won't be his second chance, it will be his thirtieth! The guy doesn't even generate that much heat.

I hope the WWE gets smarter about letting talent do whatever the heck they want over seas.

I'm glad they sent him home. Good riddance!


The Condemned Opens This Weekend

The Condemned, starring Stone Cold Steve Austin, is opening up this weekend and I already know that it's going to do good. I have been hearing nothing but good things from all outlets concerning the film.

I won't be able to watch the movie this weekend, but look forward to checking it out sooner than later. I think that of all the late 90's superstars the one that outsold everyone else was Stone Cold. He worked harder, looked better, and talked the best out of everyone in those times. He reinvigorated a lot of the stale product with an adrenaline shot of cool that is not matched again.

For those of you that are missing out, you're going to be kicking yourself because I hear that this is the best WWE film to date.

Batista Better Than Savage? No Way

“In the days leading up to the event, Batista told media that he and Undertaker were going to steal the show, just as Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat did with their classic WrestleMania III bout.”

What? Batista was boasting recently that the Taker match at Wrestlemania was a classic and that it would steal the show?

Wrestlemania III was good, but the Savage vs. Steamboat match was not the most memorable, and I do not see why people keep generating interest in that. The true nature of that ppv was all Hogan and his huge slam on Andre. No one had ever seen that, and the most cheers came out during that bout.

Furthermore, Batista has NOT proven to me that he is a great wrestler. In fact, he’s lacking in the psychology department.

Good thing he is no longer champion.


Vince McMahon Scared

“Vince McMahon is terrified of letting anyone go to TNA, which is why there has been tremendous heat on guys like Carlito for interviews that they've done and few are ever fired (though Carlito is doing jobs left and right, and Orton is almost certainly doing the job Sunday).”

Why in the world is the WWE scared of losing Randy Orton? He has failed to produce compelling matches with even the best of veterans. Remember the title reign he had? Not even Benoit and HHH could carry Orton into a decent match. He’s good as a tag team specialist with Edge, but that’s only because Edge is stellar at this point.

Orton might generate some major heel heat, but not enough to warrant all the attention he gets. He’s basically untouchable. Destroy a hotel room, and what now? You have to lose at the PPV? There was no way he was going to win anyways.


ECW Preview

"ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley faces enormous odds in his title defense against Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Umaga in the 3-on-1 Handicap Match at Backlash. Will Lashley still be the king of the Land of the Extreme? Or will there be a new face of ECW?

The relationship between CM Punk and Elijah Burke and the New Breed appeared to disintegrate last week when the straightedge Superstar cost them their match against the ECW Originals. Punk showed that he walks alone and follows no one. What will Punk have to say about his actions, and will the New Breed have revenge on their minds?

Last week on ECW on Sci Fi, Snitsky continued his path of destruction by demolishing Balls Mahoney. Will anyone else be brave enough to stand up to the deranged ECW monster?"

src - WWE

ECW is going to explode next week. The aftermath of Backlash, tied into the already growing feud with Lashley and Vince McMahon will force a rattling that can not be controlled. ECW is going to be special, as we all hope.

However, I wonder what will become of C.M Punk? Will the future still be bright for this new radical, or will things be shaken after so many mistakes with the new breed? Punk needs to do more to convince the veteran fan like me to move forward, lest I become complacent with the project.

We'll see what happens next week!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ECW Review 4/24/07 C.M Punk Trashes New Breed

ECW Rolled into jolly old England with a major event planned. So here is my review, not necessarily in order, just my recollection.

Bobby Lashley defeat Umaga via DQ

Lashley got some major offense, but Umaga was not shy about landing some stiff blows. Lashley has no major ring psychology and hits his standard moves before the DQ occurs and the match is officially declared a squash. This proves once again, nothing! This match was bad news for ECW as a whole. ECW stood for extreme championship wrestling, this was anything but extreme, and it bored me.

Snitsky defeated Balls Mahoney in a short match.

Snitsky is a horrible wrestler. Mahoney is only good when Rotten and him are teaming up. This match was so short that I could not respectfully give it enough attention. It was a quick squash.

The ECW Originals (RVD, Sabu, Sandman, Dreamer defeated The New Breed

The originals are tired and injured. This proved to be true as the final two were RVD and Burke in what was an entertaining elimination match. I would also like to note that CM Punk was ringside and not a part of the match up. After some offensive flurries, Punk cost Burke the match and RVD gets the pinfall. This course led to a confrontation between Punk and Burke with Punk delivering his finisher as the cameras left the ECW show.

Overall this edition of ECW was horrible. It was better than raw in some parts, but overall I was tired of seeing the disappointing stars of ECW try to work the crowd. Two out of three of the matches were complete throw away matches. Punk is over, but this story line is confusing. Is he Heel or is he Face? Is he going to swerve again?
What he needs to do is challenge RVD into a match, put on a 4 star classic, then get a rematch in which falls count anywhere or something, then have RVD turn heel and Punk turn face.
Sound familiar?

Austin vs. Hart II (Submission match) at Wrestlemania did this so well that Austin was launched as a major star while Hart took so much heat that it carried him through the rest of 1997, before he got screwed at Montreal.


ECW Preview 4/24/07 Umaga To Derail Lashley

After losing at Wrestlemania, Umaga is going to get another shot at the ECW champion to try and prove once again that he is the dominant machine that the McMahon's say he is.

The ECW graphic insinuates that the ECW Championship will be on the line since it is being called a rematch! If last night was anything to note, then this match will be non title, and if it ends in a DQ, I'm going to be upset!

We'll see what happens when ECW invades London for the first time ever!

Also on the card The New Breed will wrestle the old timers in an elimination match. Rumor has it CM Punk will be in the middle of this one, and hopefully they do not screw it up.

I can't imagine the geriatric old timers from ECW doing very well, with the exception of ROB VAN DAM!


WWE Raw Review 4/23/07 HBK Cleanly Beats Cena, But Non-Title! WTF?

Raw rolled into London, England and apparently was a big hit!

Raw opened up with Shane McMahon and was talking about the Intercontinental Championship match from last weeks raw. The match featured a new guy, Santino, winning the match after major interference from Bobby Lashley.

A recap is shown, which is dumb. I didn’t miss Raw last week, they are recapping the lame folks that missed it, and showing me what I already saw.

Shane McMahon taunts the crowd stating that he wants a No Holds Barred Match with anyone in the crowd.

Robby something or other comes down the aisle as Liverpool’s toughest brawler, and the match begins. This of course has squash written all over it, as Shane puts some simple moves on Robby, but Robby seems to have a few counters up his sleeve. McMahon gains the upper hand in this short lived match, and goes to his patented across the ring-trash can leap from the far side of the ring. Robby of course is out cold, and that seems to be the end of Robby Liverpool.

Then we get an announcement: Umaga comes out to pick up the pieces of what Shane left off with Robby. Umaga basically puts the boots (or lack there of) to Robby, and therefore causing unnecessary pain.

Then Vince McMahon comes out for even more punishment. Which is just overkill at this point.

My problem with this is great. Why are they allowing some no name guy to get beat up by these two? This proves nothing. This only goes to show that the three idiots can beat up some random jobber.

The error in thinking of course is that this is the 1980’s and to build up a character you need to job out a ton of no name guys before the big pay per view event. This had disaster written all over it, and the crowd was crying B.S. I for one am tired of these squashes. Robby gets beat, and that proves nothing about Shane McMahon and Umaga.

The only saving grace in this whole thing is the sheer fact that Alejandro Estrada is out there, keeping the tradition of a manager alive. Other than that, this was pointless, and proved nothing about the guys that will face Bobby Lashley, who of course is NOT some jobber.

Tomorrow on ECW: Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley one on one, and you know this will end up in a dq or something along those lines. We’ll see what goes down tomorrow night on sci-fi.

We’re shown a promo from Wrestlemania 23, preluding the main event for Raw being a rematch. (we’re later going to find out that we’ve been lied to)

Trevor Murdoch def. Matt Hardy

Murdoch is the worst wrestler on the Raw roster. He’s got the charisma of a dead fish, and his partner reminds me of JBL. The Hardy’s should be getting better competition from any team that was not headlining WWE Heat for 2 years running. They should be wrestling top notch guys, not Murdoch and Cade, who are idiots in my view. I have yet to see anything good from those two, so unless they put on the match of the year at Backlash, I am not really going to give them credit. The match goes back and forth, and finally sees Murdoch pick up the pin. The match was one sided, and the offensive comeback was thwarted, giving the pin to the heel.

Women's Champion Melina def. Maria (non-title)

Another non-title match, which featured two women that do not know how to wrestle, making this a throwaway match at the very best, proving my point that the Women’s title is nothing more than a piece of eye candy, second only to the diva wearing it at the time. Horrible timing, bad match, why did I even watch it?

The Great Khali def. Carlito

The burial of Carlito continued on Raw again. The WWE must have no confidence in Carlito because he has been on a major downward spiral. His debut marked his championship, then he was wrestling Jeff hardy for the Intercontinental belt, and now he’s jobbing to Khali! This is so lame. Someone please help the WWE writers.

All night they were promoting the rematch from Wrestlemania and then when it comes down to the main event, we find out that it is NON TITLE! This is betrayal, and I feel that the WWE has lied to us, and don’t deliver a good thing. A non title match is NOT a rematch!

Shawn Michaels def. WWE Champion John Cena (non-title)

The match was good, and featured some back and forth action and your basic near falls and maneuvers that you come to expect from these two. Then seemingly out of nowhere the super kick flattens Cena and HBK wins cleanly! That’s right a straight pin after the superkick! This is NON TITLE of course so it only proves that the match up is uneven. This match did not make me feel like the WWE did their part after promoting the rematch heavily. The match itself was ok at best, and was your standard HBK bout, and your standard Cena bout. I was majorly disappointed.

Overall, WWE Raw was horrible. I can not believe they shove this stuff to the viewers. The long time fans could not have been happy with this edition of raw. I wanted my money back, but I forgot, I didn’t pay for it.

Although there were some bright spots, the overall show was horrible. Smackdown does way better at this point. Someone please call WWE and have them hire some worthwhile writers.

Oh and thanks to for this note:

Although other matches were scheduled for the night, including a contest pitting Edge against Randy Orton, the length of the main event left no room for other battles.

Oh and thanks to me for this note:

Although other matches were scheduled for the night, the opening segment sucked the life out of us, and we couldn't go through with the rest afterwards.


Monday, April 23, 2007

WWE Raw Preview 4/23/07 HBK vs. Joh Cena Main Event

Tonight on WWE Raw:

HBK Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena is going to happen once again. They met at Wrestlemania 23 and had an epic battle, and now the time has come for another shot at the gold for HBK. However, how is the three guys involved in the main event for Backlash going to respond, as well as the general manager? This is going to be a slobber knocker, as good ol' J.R would say.

I for one suspect that the match will either end in a melee and DQ or Cena will somehow squeak out yet another victory cleanly over HBK, only to go into Backlash nd lose and regain the title the next night on Raw.

Anything can happen, as Raw heads to London tonight!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chat with Stone Cold Steve Austin

If the nation’s largest digital voice network and fewest dropped calls aren’t enough to make you switch over to Cingular, now part of the new AT&T, maybe you will make the switch because “Stone Cold” says so!

This Monday (6:15 p.m. Eastern and 3:15 p.m. Pacific), WWE fans with Cingular service will have an opportunity to text chat live with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin himself! Hear all about The Texas Rattlesnake’s new movie The Condemned, ask the 6-time WWE Champion your burning questions or just shoot the breeze while you enjoy your favorite cold beverage.

If you have Cingular, text COLD to 25656 now to join (standard message rates apply). You will be glad you did.

Apparently you are going to be able to chat with the big guy, that's right, the biggest name in professional wrestling, other than Hogan. You can chat with Stone Cold Steven Austin, which will make things cool for those of you that have Cingular.

I'm sure they are going to be asking questions about his upcoming movie: The Condemned. It is going to be spectacular.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smackdown Review 4/20/07 Kennedy Rules Undertaker Loses

Batista def. Finlay (Disqualification)
I do not think Batista is that great of a wrestler. I do not believe that Finlay deserves the cards that he has been dealt, but seeing an aging Finlay wrestle Batista is quite the little treat. The match went back and forth and then ended in a disqualification. Boring ending, but it was interesting none the less.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. Mr. Kennedy (Disqualification)
Undertaker did not have the world title on the line, so this match was pointless to me. The match went nowhere but any momentum the Undertaker could have had was stolen by opportune foes. Kennedy still has the charisma of a “Rock” or “Austin” but he needs to get over more, maybe a win over the deadman will do the trick.

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys & United States Champion Chris Benoit def. Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms & MVP
This seemed out of place, but the champions got the better of the Cruiserweights and MVP. This match was entertaining, fast and reliable, the faces hit all their spots the heels played up the attitudes and then lost in an array of ring clearance. Pretty standard affair.

Kane def. William Regal & Dave Taylor in Handicap Match (Countout)
Another throwaway match for Regal & Taylor, and another borefest for yours truly. Why are they wasting Kane like this?

Deuce & Domino def. WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick - New WWE Tag Team Champions
The Tag Champs looked out of place in this one, but were doing quite well. It appeared that Deuce & Domino did their homework and this time they scored the pinfall marking a changing of the guards for the new tag-team champions. One of which is the son of Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Guess who though?

Overall Smackdown was lackluster and did not match up to Raw, but it had enough action to keep me watching. The overall use of tag-team matches was way too much for my tastes, but it was something worth seeing as they are gearing up for Backlash.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Smackdown Preview 4/20/07 Kennedy vs. The Deadman World Title On The Line?

Tonight Mr. Money in The Bank Ken Kennedy will be fighting against Undertaker! But the question is this: Will the Championship belt be on the line? What if it is not on the line? What if it is?

We are going to be in for a great treat when these two mega stars collide inside the squared circle.

This is an incredible addition to Smackdown tonight. Mr. Kennedy has defeated the Undertaker in the past, and he can do it again tonight, if he plays his cards right. I do not think the title is on the line, but we have to tune into WWE Smackdown tonight find out what happens.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

WWE Smackdown Preview 4/20/07 Smackdown Celebrates 400 Episodes

"The show will kick off with a grudge match, as former World Heavyweight Champion Batista squares off with angry Irishman Finlay. Also on the show, Deuce & Domino will get another chance to challenge London & Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championship, and in the main event, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker will meet Mr. Money in the Bank, Mr. Kennedy."

src - WWE

The story will unfold this week as the 400th episode of WWE Smackdown will be unveiled. There are two matches already announced:

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

Duece & Domino vs. London & Kendrick

Special Grudge Match:

Finlay vs. Batista

These matches are going to go off the chart, as Smackdown comes to us from Italy yet again.

400 Episodes is nothing to laugh at, that is for sure, and the show must go off, this Friday night!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ECW Revew 4/18/07 Punk Sucks & The Old ECW GUYS are REALLY OLD Right now

ECW rolled into Italy with all the stars of the new breed and a couple of has beens from the old ECW.

Snitsky def. Little Guido

Snitsky is the worst wrestler ever, and little Guido was in his home town. It was a ridiculous show of stupidity and it was anything but extreme. This is a disgrace to the brand and I hope ECW fails because of this.

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman def. Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman are so old that this match was not even that good. Why? Because an aging Tommy Dreamer & Sandman are not going to be performing the high risk offense that made them famous nearly a decade ago. So why are we still trying to make them look good?

Rob Van Dam def. Elijah Burk

Rob Van Dam is an amazing athlete, regardless of what anyone says. He can go, as illustrated in his No Mercy match against Steve Austin & Kurt Angle, however, in this match he does not shine. This match was a waste of my time, and I just wished that there was more Extreme spots to warrant the ECW name.

Also on the show, CM Punk causes the loss, and therefore continuing the storyline of the new breed vs. the old...Punk sucks...someone give him a pair of cut off jeans.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WWE Raw Review 4/17/07 Umaga Loses,Lashley is the new Hulk Hogan

Santino Marella def. Intercontinental Champion Umaga (new champion)

Umaga came out which was odd for a show. He came out to the promo of Vince McMahon who was ranting about Bobby Lashley. He then stated that Umaga would wrestle anyone! When no one responded McMahon said it would be for the Intercontinental championship. Then when no one responded he called on a supposed fan, but he was an obvious plant.

The match was on, and he went straight for the jugular. He was throwing in offense and was on a roll until McMahon stopped the match to announce that it would be a no holds barred match. This was odd, and Umaga got some major shots in, and looked like another easy win for him until Lashley showed up to ruin the party. Santino was laid out and Lashley took out the Intercontinental Champion and rolled Santino on top of him for the win.

Raw was in Italy, by the way, and Santino is a hometown boy so he wins the intercontinental championship.

However, this is bad for the belt. The guy didn't look so good out there and I wonder if that was Mcmahon's intention because he basically just buried the importance of the belt. Why would it be so easy to beat Umaga? Oh I forgot, it is because lashley is the new Hulk Hogan, he can not lose. The match was boring, the surprise title change was good though.

World's Greatest Tag Team def. Ric Flair & Carlito

One of the best young players in the game is being buried on raw with Ric Flair. He is a great talent and he showed off his stuff before losing to Haas and Benjamin, the jobbers in the tag-title scene. This is so stupid. Why are they burying Carlito? Give the guy the Intercontinental championship and quit playing WWE!

Johnny Nitro def. Eugene

A throwaway match if I have ever seen one. It is stupid to have such a stupid match on a good show. Nitro is a good wrestler at this point, but Eugene's novelty has worn really thin at this point. That is why I think that this match was a dumb idea. Eugene should be repackaged and Nick Dinsmore should be better.

Torrie Wilson wins a WWE Diva Fashion Show

This was a throw away match. As much as I like the Divas, I hate this waste of talent. This was dumb, so I played Super Mario Kart.

Lance Cade def. Jeff Hardy

Lance Cade sucks. However, the WWE is trying to make a compelling argument for their potential win at Backlash over the Hardy's. Cade is like JBL in many ways, but he is not as charismatic. He is a huge guy though. Hardy did his best, but fell short in this attempt. The Hardys will meat Cade and the underpayed Murdoch at Backlash. This was a poor set up.

Chris Masters def. Super Crazy

Two wrestlers that are under appreciated were displayed on raw as well. Super Crazy lost to Chris Masters. Masters seems a lot smaller than his debut, and Crazy is holding onto the high paying contract at this point. He is the only guy to outlast the other Mexican wrestlers. Crazy is better in Mexico. Masters was once in a match with Shawn Michaels, which was a great event, this was not.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Edge and Randy Orton (Non-Title Handicap Match)

Making the Champion strong does not mean that they need to have some random handicap match to make things better. Edge and Orton look like idiots losing to the Champion. In order to make a compelling case for Backlash, Cena has to start losing, or else his appeal with the children is going to start waning, and the cheers are going to once again turn into boos as they were before Wrestlemania in many ways.

The raw even was lackluster at some points and did a horrible job trying to get into WWE Backlash 2007. This was a major dissapointment for me, and wished I would have just gone to bed earlier. The highlight was the Intercontinental match, which was a poor showing, but interesting developments none the less.

The announcement for next is WWE Champion John Cena vs. HBK Shawn Michaels in a Wrestlemania Rematch!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Raw Preview 4/16/07 and TNA Notes

As the Raw train heads into town, Rated RKO will face John Cena in a handicap match! can Rated RKO handle Cena's onslaught, or will RKO's recent problems cause major confusion as Orton is green with envy over not becoming the #1 contender last week on raw.

Also what is Coach going to have up his sleeve over the ECW championship situation, as well as the McMahons! Tune into the even tonight as it airs live.

I'll have a review and commentary sooner than later.

I heard the TNA-NWA Lockdown 2007 pay per view was amazing. Sting is going to face Christian Cage for the World Title at the next pay per view and The Dudleys have won the world championship title, but not without a lot bumps.

I'll have to watch the replay and give commentary soon.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Long Weekend

I hate to do this. I'm sorry to those readers out there that love this site and love the information.

I will not be doing a Smackdown Review this weekend due to the fact that I will not be watching WWE Smackdown.

I will be on my way to Idaho to visit family this weekend and will not be able to get into the show. I will be on the road. It's roughly five hours away and won't be able to access the show while driving.

I will return with a Raw review, and notes on the TNA PPV this weekend.

Once again, I apologize.

you can always check the updates on the left, which feature the news in wrestling, and you will find other things.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Donald Trump Says No More Wrestling

Donald Trump & Vince McMahon made headlines last week when they squared off in the WWE for the rights to hair that grows on their respective heads. Someone was going to get their head shaved and we saw Vinnie Mac take one for the team, but not without the Donald getting a Stone Cold Stunner for his efforts.

With such a great ride in publicity over the event, and over 250 news sources writing stories on the matter, it is no surprise that Vince McMahon and the creative team at WWE wanted a round two between the billionaires. Unfortunately for the viewing fans out there, we will not see The Donald in WWE for Backlash which airs live on PPV next month.

Why is that?

Simply because The Donald said, "No".

That's about all there is to that story.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WWE Smackdown Preview Tag Titles On The Line Finlay & Kennedy

There are some major changes in the world of Wrestling.

WWE has made a match for Kennedy & Finlay tagging together against Batista & The Undertaker. This is a volatile situation that will feature some hard times keeping the loyalty up and the turns down.

Speaking of turns, Duece and Domino will have another shot at the world tag-team titles, and with one major adjustment they could take the titles home on Smackdown.

Oh and did you know that Jimmy Snuka's son is a wrestler? He's one of the greasers! Isn't that cool? It's obvious which one.

Tune into Smackdown this friday and see what develops.


ECW 4/9/07 C.M Punk Turns Heel

Kevin Thorn def. Tommy Dreamer

The Vampire theme is a good one for professional wrestling, but Kevin Thorn is flying solo and he has no major help to bring him over. An aging Tommy Dreamer isn't the way to build a character, but for ECW it seems that they are going to throw it at the audience and hope for the best.

CM Punk def. Stevie Richards

CM Punk is interesting, but Stevie Richards? Come on...this is ridiculous. This is the worst thing in the world. That guy outlasted: Raven, Lance Storm, Justin Credible and others, and guess what? He still has no major gimmick. No "Right To Censor" no anything good. A snoozefest for Punk...which is weird.

Marcus Cor Von def. Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is such a great star. The burial of Rob Van Dam on ECW continues, as he is not being used in the main event scene. I'd like to see another Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena match, as well as other matches, but things don't turn out the way I want them nor do they turn out like the majority of the ECW fans like them. Rob Van Dam loses to "Monty Brown" and it's sad.

The whole show was action packed, but the wrestling wasn't all that great. The highlights saw CM PUNK turn on the originals and force a heel shift, which is interesting but useless on television because the fans were steadily behind him. They should have waited for a Title shot or something along those lines.

ECW is still going down the tubes.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WWE Raw Review 4/8/07 Fatal Fourway Announced/No Winner

Mickie James & Candice Michelle def. WWE Women's Champion Melina & Victoria

Mickie James is a looker. She's hot. However, the rest of the divas couldn't pull together this botch fest. All the moves seemed forced and hard to get down. They obviously need Finlay back to teach them timing because they are horrible. The timing is off, the moves are not believable, and this is just a bad match. Although Mickie James is quite the looker.

Cade & Murdoch def. Ric Flair & Carlito

This match was to see who would be the #1 Contenders to the Hardy's tag-team championship, and unfortunately it was a match that saw the team of Flair and Carlito fail. Carlito took a major bump in the middle of the ring, missing his trademark elbow off the ropes, and eventually losing the match when Flair couldn't hold his end of the bargain. Cade and Murdoch are a horrible team. Why are they going to wrestle the Hardy's? This is dumb. The team of Cade and Murdoch will face the Hardy's at Backlash.

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton (No winner announced)

HBK had the upper hand in this match and Orton was mounting some major offense, but the Ref gets knocked out. HBK was featuring a real life shiner towards the end of the match and after some Sweet Chin Music, Orton was laid to rest as Shawn Michaels fell over, shoulders down across Orton. This of course made for contraversy as one Referee saw Shawn Michael's shoulders down, and one ref saw Orton's shoulders down. The kick was fast and knocked Orton out. It looked like it hurt.

Edge was ringside smiling, stating that he was the new #1 Contender. Which made for something funny, because this seemed to be close to the ending of a famous cage match a few years back. But never the less, the match was ruled a no contest.

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. The World's Greatest Tag Team (Non-Title Match)

The Hardy's continued their winning streak with a catch as catch can match that featured all of their spots and a fast pace that should be an example to all up and coming tag teams in the world of wrestling. They were perfect, tagging fast, running through all the moves, and the World's Greatest Tag Team was rechristened the World's Greatest Jobbers.

ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley def. Shane McMahon (Title vs. Hair Match; DQ)

In the beginning of the show we were promised a major world title match, and the return of Shane McMahon to the ring. But it was anything but a warm welcome for fans, especially those that favor wrestling over drama.

The match was going well, McMahon was showing that even though he's the son of the owner, he can put on a match better than the under card of most events. (ie; The miz) Which is no wonder why Lashley wasn't having an easy time with him, until Umaga and Vinnie Mac joined the fray. Lashley was in fact in sight to victory but fell victim to the numbers game. After a DQ win, The McMahons and Umaga beat up the ECW champion and formed a major alliance as the Raw Cameras went off the air, leaving Lashley a bloody mess.

In their formation of this new stable of sorts, they announced that at Backlash it will be Bobby Lashley vs. Vinnie Mac & Shane McMahon & Umaga for the ECW title. Talk about an interesting premise.

The show was actually very good. It had some great matches and set up. The major announcement for the World Title is now a Fatal Fourway for the belt at Backlash. It's going to be a great match-up but I have a feeling John Cena is going to walk out the champion.

I liked this show just as much as last week's Smackdown and think that this is the future of WWE, if they can continue the momentum. I could do without the divas botch-fest, but hey, what can you do?

Tonight on Ecw on Sci-Fi, you will see Marcus Von vs. Rob Van Dam as the new breed try to overtake the show completely. We'll have a review for this tomorrow.

As always, there's news to the left hand side.



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