Wednesday, January 30, 2008

C.M Punk Doghouse, WWE Hd, and Oakley? (news and rumors)

Is C.M PUnk in the Doghouse? Some are saying that he is, and that he is going to be there for a while. Apparently he's botching moves, laughing about it, and not listening to the road agents in the wwe. Ouch. That would explain why he has lost the ECW title, he lost to edge, and is now chasing the ECW?

Wait a minute!

That doesn't make sense to me. If he really is in fact in the doghouse, why is he even on ECW with Chavo? I liked the Pinata angle, I think that's what feuds are based on.

Oh well. had a cool post about wwe hd. I don't get hd, but I think it's a smart move on the wwe's behalf.

Oakley sunglasses has an awesome ad campaign coming. Here's a sample...ooooh...ah....

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Monday, January 28, 2008

4 Steps For John Cena To Win Adults

Cena showed up as number 30 last night at the Royal Rumble but can he win the fans now?

Last night it was huge when he came in, I marked out like a little school girl, but does he have enough to get a good handle on what the adult fans want as far as a wrestler is concerned?

I think he can.

But not in the way he was before he left.

Here are some things he absolutely needs to do:

1. Stop being superman. Lose at Wrestlemania, but cheat and lose. Do what Austin did at Wrestlemania 13, go in hyped and cheat, get caught, lose clean.

2. Turn on the fans! Have Cena bad mouth the fans for not wishing him a speedy recovery, for doubting him.

3. Rap! Have Cena rap and let him freestyle offensively.

4. Interrupt people during interviews, then hate on them with verbal rhymes. This is imperative. Have Cena interrupt Vickie on Smackdown, interrupt JBL and Y2J, have Cena just not care anymore.

Those steps are absolutes, if he does those three things he will win the adults. He needs to stop being kid friendly, and become heel again. That is when he was great to watch.

Cena may have a limited arsenal of wrestling moves, but Hogan didn’t need amazing moves to get over, and I still believe that Cena’s mic skills and limited skill set are a strength for him as a Heel!

Before Austin injured his neck at Summerslam, he had a lot of moves, post neck surgery, he had very little moves and was very predictable in the ring. However, outside the ring and leading up to the matches he was insane, he would interrupt people, cuss, drink beer and just not care.

Cena can be the same way in his own right. He has the charisma to be larger than life, but since he’s been toned down and “kid safe” he’s not winning the adult fans.

This is wwe’s chance to change things up…but will they?

Probably not.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Royal Rumble Winner & More

The latest from the Royal Rumble is spectacular:

Y2j Sucks...he's saving no one.

Orton barely edged out Hardy.

Flair goes out on top...(not losing)

but most importantly the winner of the Royal Rumble is none other than.....


That's right, John Cena returned shocking the wrestling world and throwing out HHH.

The Winner of the 2008 Royal Rumbler is John Cena!

What do you think?

I marked out huge...I'm a girl...(not really...but yeah...marked out huge)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lashley Quits WWE

At least one major source of wrestling news is reporting that Lashley is done with the WWE. This comes in light of major rumors stating that his return would mark his arrival into the main event scene yet again, by winning the Royal Rumble.

Of course things can go either way, and never say never, but as of right now, with not confirming this, take it the way you wish.

For my money though, this seems to make sense, as Lashley wanted to pursue a MMA career. Now he has the chance.

You can read the article over at

You read it here though, Lashley QUITS WWE!

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Chavo Pulls A Shocker

img src -

In a truly shocking turn of events, Chavo Guerrero took the ECW Championship title off of C.M Punk in classic heel fashion.

I kid you not, last night, I drank a bunch of coffee and stayed up to see the ECW World Title change hands in a NO DQ match!

I know, you’re thinking that this is not a possibility, but for whatever reason the WWE thought they owed Chavo for not getting him the Cruiserweight championship title back from Finlay’s little friend, so they gave him the ECW Title.

I did not see this one coming, and for once, I was actually shocked by the title change on national television. They usually reserve these things for bigger events like ppv, but not this time.

Can Chavo really fill the seats though?

Do you really want to see Punk chase the title?

I’m not really sure. On one hand I like Chavo Guerrero’s style of wrestling, but on the other hand he lacks the charisma that carried him through the rank so the tag team division; that charisma being 90% Eddie Guerrero.

The WWE is talking about how this is a “Family” of sorts with Vickie & Edge right there to help out Chavo.

This is definitely going to set up a major movement for one…Rey Mysterio Jr.

I’m going to go out on a limb, but it seems as though they are going to have Mysterio Jr. lose at the Rumble, have him face Chavo to get to Edge then get at Edge’s title at either Wrestlemania, Smackdown, or the following ppv, only to lose again by a small margin.

Of course that is just my opinion, it could go either way and the bigger news here is not what the plans hold of Edge but more importantly what in the world is Chavo doing with the ECW title?

Heat CW is more like it as we now crowned a new champion. ECW just hooked me.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WWE Flops on Triple H and the Rumble

What the hell?

Why in the world is HHH in the Royal Rumble now?

I like HHH, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t he lose to Ric Flair forcing him not to be in the Royal Rumble match? This makes no sense.

The WWE must have the shortest memory in wrestling history, simply because they flipped things on the status of HHH and the Royal Rumble.

Why couldn’t he interfere in the Hardy Orton match?

Let’s rewind to see the past, in order to understand the present.

The year was 1991 and There was a major feud going on in wrestling. The Champion was involved in an interview earlier in the show in which The Macho King wanted a title shot, he didn’t get one granted.

Later on in the main event, Macho King Randy Savage ran down the aisle, striking Ultimate Warrior with a glass septar costing him the world title.

The Warrior would go on to Wrestlemania to wrestle Randy Savage in a retirement match. Then moved forward to bigger and better things, never really capturing that aura he once had.

Now for the present:

HHH could ask for a title shot, he could get shut down. He could get frustrated with the answer, then run into the Orton vs. Hardy match, cost Orton the title, and force a Hardy championship.

The winner of the Rumble should then go on to face Hardy, HHH will fight Orton at Mania, then get his Title shot down the line against whomever happens to be champion.

This would make compelling wrestling for everyone.

Don’t trust that?

Well then lets go back to 1997. Austin vs. Hart in the Rumble went on to create one heck of a match Wrestlemania 13, one that is by far my favorite Wrestlemania Match of all time.

Once again, the present:

HHH could be in there, and get screwed over. Forcing a feud to sparkle, and give him a title shot the ppv after Mania, rather than just rehashing the main event again.

Whatever the scenario, WWE really flopped on this one. HHH should NOT be in the rumble, not after losing to Flair and missing his chance.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

WWE Doesn't Know Wrestling Is Fake

WWE is going HD! I don’t have an HD Widescreen television, but I do have an HD TV and will be looking forward to seeing how this is going to work.

I have criticized the HD format before involving sports because the action becomes very unclear at times. In Football games when someone is running, for whatever reason there is a slight motion blur, which makes me somewhat upset.

But that’s not even the main concern with WWE HD. The Main concern is that I’m finally going to see some of these older wrestlers close up with their leathery skin, sagging man boobs, and wrinkles, scars, and scrapes from years in the ring.

Anyone know who Perro Aguayo is?

He’s a Mexican Lucha Libre legend and is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. However, his forehead is insane! Imagine him on HD?

WWE recently was noted as being concerned with their product looking fake and the fans finding out that wrestling was not real.


The WWE is concerned with people finding out that wrestling is fake?

I don’t know what the WWE is smoking, but every wrestling fan knows that wrestling is somewhat fake. However, WWE seems to think we’re idiots. Well…I know I’m a slight idiot because for whatever reasons I still watch ECW and hope that Joey Styles is going to have the passion that he once had before.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Randy Savage and Sting Dvd's Cancelled

Last night’s Raw was really good, surprisingly, the WWE is pushing the Hardy/Orton angle further than a lot of angles in the past. However, this is not to say that Hardy is not being set up for the ultimate fall as I said in the past.

Hardy is being set up for a fall. That’s what I’m saying, and haven’t heard anyone disagree, yet.

But more importantly the news that has come out yesterday is bigger than any one thing that happened on raw last night. The news coming out of the internet and is that the Sting DVD and the Randy “Macho Man” Savage DVD have been cancelled. They were both suppose to see the light of day later this year in three disc sets featuring the best matches from their wcw and wwe/wwf careers (sting only wcw) and that was cancelled.

Speculations are running high as to why in the world this has gone down the way it has, but I think it has to be about a young Stephanie McMahon with an older Randy Savage!

Ok so it’s most likely not that, but it’s odd that Savage is the only one not in the hall of fame, or even thought of in regards to coming back. The only time he’s ever mentioned on wwe is during the promotions or flashbacks of wrestlemania III. Something is going awry and no one ever seems to have the full story.

So what’s up? Why is McMahon blocking Randy Savage?

He’s blocking Sting only because Sting is currently under contract with TNA and there might be some copyright issues with the name. But wouldn’t it help Sting to do business on a dvd? He’d be set for life with the sales of that thing.

Right now Sting vhs go for HUGE on ebay.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

El Santo Without His Mask

I'm not sure how I managed to get this clip, I was on doing something, and ran into this awesome video of El Santo's only appearance without his mask.

This is not like Rey Myserio Jr. without the mask, this is a true legend.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nobody Likes Chavo Guerrero

Last night marked the proof that I needed for this post. I believe that Nobody likes Chavo Guerrero, no matter what WWE does to push him because of his names sake, he still flounders in the mid card and when faced in the main event, no one gives a crap.

Take last night for instance: The second shot at the ECW Champion C.M. Punk should have been a way to build up Guerrero, putting him in line for a title shot in an extreme rules match of some sorts. But instead he loses. The fans love Punk and naturally boo the heck out of Chavo, but really, when has the crowd not booed Chavo?

Some of you might be quick to cite that as a member of Los Guerrero's he was hilarious, and people loved him. But I beg to differ. I believe that people love Eddie so much that if Chavo was around it was tolerated and approved. However, since the unfortunate passing of Eddie, and his jump to the main event, Chavo has been in the shadow of the Guerrero name in the WWE and will always be there until he figures out a way to win the fans.

How can you win the fans? I'm not really sure. But this is what I would do...

1) Start Guerrero in a feud where the heel hates the Guerrero name and continually pummels Chavo for being Eddie's brother.

2) Have Chavo run out from the audience in street clothes and beat down the heel during a match up, only to be stopped by WWE security. (The fans always eat this type of storyline up)

3) Fire Chavo publicly via

4) Have the heel mock the Guerrero's and talk about how he got Chavo fired.

5) Have Chavo run in and mop up from the crowd, insinuating his re-instatement.

6) Have a major gimmick match like a last man standing, cage match, or some sort of over the top gimmick match that culminates at Wrestlemania, and have Chavo nearly get beaten to death. Have him bump like there is no tomorrow, have run ins to help the heel, have run ins that turn on Chavo (setting up the next feud once the initial one is over) then Have Chavo win by a fraction of a second after a major move.

That's how Chavo can get over in my book.

But the WWE fans are not Sir Jorge, and maybe even after all this time and effort they won't care.

Maybe the thing to do is not to push Chavo in the main event, but rather give him the Cruiserweight Title back.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HHH Blades Regal (raw review 1/7)

UPDATED* Thanks To Phsycomikeo!!!!

If you were watching WWE Raw last night you'll notice something odd. Triple H wasn't hitting regal in the location of the cut on his forehead but rather he was hitting the top of the skull where there is hair. The cut however appeared seconds after triple H did a "blade" motion across the forehead of Regal and within seconds blood started dripping from the area. This motion was so fast, that the average fan might have missed it. Did you catch that?

In other raw notes, what's up with the Diva's getting so much time in the ring? What's up with the missed spots, and horrible landings? Horrible match if you ask me (and you didn't).

Watching Carlito get impersonated by Hardcore Holly was definitely a great moment in Raw history. Carlito, despite Santino being so funny, has not been good in the WWE since he was about to quit. Coincidence? I think not.

The rest of Raw was ok, but nothing too memorable. What did you think of it?

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chuck Palumbo is Undertaker Lite

Have you noticed a rising trend in the mid card of the WWE lately?

It's basically a rehashing of old ideas onto up and coming stars or stars returning for more attention to see if they can get over in the character and get the timely push that all superstars dream of.

Last night on Smackdown I was wondering what the Undertaker was doing back with the biker gimmick, and it turns out that it was not the undertaker at all it was PALUMBO!

The exact clothing of the biker taker, and the hair all wet and combed back, same style motorcycle....what is wrong with the wwe? Do they forget that Taker was this character for so long?

The major difference is that the Undertaker actually won matches every now and again, meanwhile Palumbo is losing left and right.

Sadly...Palumbo is Undertaker lite.

Did you also notice that WWE didn't really talk about Chavo Guerrero online. What was Guerrero talking about to Ms. Guerrero?

I think he means he wants his Cruiserweight title back.

Smackdown was ok...I didn't expect the ending, and I don't believe Mysterio will defeat edge at the Royal Rumble, plain and simple.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coach Replaces JBL

I didn’t like JBL all that much, but I don’t like Coach. Coach sucks. He has no chemistry with Michael Cole, whom I dislike as well, and it’s mind blowing to think that WWE is going to go forward with Coach replacing JBL. JBL is not too bad with Cole, but Coach?

When’s the last time Coach did commentary?

Heat? Raw?

This brings up an interesting point though. Who can replace J.R and the King?

Where are all the broadcasters out there that like wrestling at?

Is there none?

What about a fan like Joey Styles? Even though styles has dropped in his prowess of calling matches like he once did in ECW it’s interesting to see what develops with this.

Will Smackdown ratings drop? Will you stop watching?

I know I’m going to have a hard time getting through the show with the new announce team like it is.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flair is Goldberg 2008

Did you see this one coming?

I didn’t want to believe that it was going to turn out this way, but it sure seems like this is going to be the tradition with Ric Flair and the continuation of his career or at least his angle of not losing matches.

Flair last night fought HHH but you knew neither one was going to lay down, but if one were to pick a person to get the three count or to job for the other, it would be Nature Boy taking the fall for HHH right?


Last night Flair picked up a win over HHH in one of the worst endings in wrestling history.

I saw this one coming as soon as the match was getting good. Apparently Flair is going to be the next Goldberg or something, but instead of dominating the opponents he faces, he’s going to be ripe for the final pin, only to get clobbered by an outsider, or to fall to a dq win over the better talent on the roster.

Can the WWE continue to promote this brand of product? Especially since it’s the most advertised portion of the show!

Flair is great, but his course in wrestling is done. Make him lose and take JBL’s place over on Smackdown and that’s final.

As for the rest of raw….I could do without the talk, and have more wrestling.

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