Friday, August 29, 2008

Smackdown Results 8/29/08

I’m out of town folks, yeah, I’m not going to be posting reviews until Tuesday sometime. So here are the Smackdown results:

R-Truth defeated Kenny Dykstra
Maryse & Natalya defeated Michelle McCool & Maria
Jesse & Festus vs. Hawksn & Ryder ended in a no contest
Bree Bell (fcw?) defeated Victoria

HHH defeated Shelton Benjamin

There you have it.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ECW Results 8/26/08 and Review The Clone

Teddy Long Segment:

Teddy Long said that the ECW championship will be on the line in a championship scramble match and tonight we will have matches to see who qualifies for the Unforgiven event.

Why is the ECW brand following the other two brands? It just doesn’t make sense to me to make a clone out of the brand, but whatever, Matt Hardy came out so I stopped thinking.

Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison

Hardy is way over, and it’s amazing. I can’t believe how many people are behind Matt Hardy. The crowd just goes nuts for him, even though he lacks in the mic skills department. That’s alright, his in ring work is tried and true and for whatever reasons he’s not killing himself out there, like his brother is. This match was a standard match up, John Morrison getting a lot of damage given to him by Hardy, only to bounce back and start working on Hardy. The crowd was red hot for Hardy, breaking out in Hardy chants throughout this match up. Great opening match up, Morrison and Hardy work really well together and the back and forth action was fast and furious at times. There wasn’t a lot of rest holding or random clotheslines, this match had a great amount of wrestling, both technical and high impact or high flying. I got distracted by the similar patterns on the wrestlers pants, then Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the win. I did notice one thing though, the announcers gave Hardy the victory before the three count occurred ,which seemed a little odd, but oh well. Hardy goes on to the scramble by beating Morrison clean.

Mark Henry Backstage Segment:

Mark Henry tries to act, but it’s a train wreck. He says that it’s a personal thing between him and Teddy Long because the scramble doesn’t favor the champion at all. Teddy Long reassures him that it’s not personal, and it’s all over. Henry walks away sad, and I am saddened by this horrible performance.

The Miz defeated Evan Bourne

The Miz really grounded Evan Bourne in this match, even though Bourne did get in a few moves in the onset of this match up. It might have been lack of experience on The Miz’s part or it might have been done for time, but it seemed that Evan Bourne did not just roll through this match up like he has been in previous weeks. That being said, this match was actually not half bad, and for once, The Miz is showing some major in ring improvements and maybe he doesn’t suck as bad as I had previously noted. He’s actually doing quite well in there, and it showed during this match. This could also be in large part to Evan Bourne’s talent, but I’ll give credit where it’s due, this match was actually quite good, and even the rest hold in the middle of the match didn’t bug me. I can’t believe how it all turned out, The Miz hit the Reality Check and won this match clean over Evan Bourne. Evan’s winning streak comes to an end at the hands of The Miz. Yeah, I just said that, and you just read that…can you believe this? The Miz gets a title shot? This just doesn’t seem right somehow. Not half bad, the match was good, Evan Bourne made The Miz look really good, and The Miz put up a good match for a change as well. I liked this match a lot.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Tommy Dreamer

I ask this every time I see Tommy Dreamer in the ring; Tommy Dreamer is still employed? Apparently, Dreamer has managed to shake off that “ecw” thing? I’m not sure why Tommy Dreamer still has a job, but I’ll go with it, if I have to. I can’t believe this is going down, but Tommy Dreamer tried his best against Chavo Guerrero. The crowd was half asleep for the majority of this match, and I don’t believe that Tommy should still be wrestling. He gets in a good amount of offense, and Chavo really looked bad in this match up, getting pummeled through a lot of this match, and of course getting no help from Bam. Bam gets involved in the match, Chavo hits the frog splash and beats Tommy Dreamer. At least Tommy got a win over Colin Delaney before he got fired. Because he could at least say that he’s gotten a win this year, because it might be his last. Chavo joins the rest of the crew in the ECW main event.

Finlay defeated Mike Knox

Why the WWE would give this match up for free is beyond me. This match was building quite well, but it just didn’t come to a lot of fruition, unless the feud will continue after this match. Lots of power moves, lots of rest holds, and Finlay was getting beat up for most of this match. Knox is huge, and Finlay really had a hard time in the second part of this match. Initially, Finlay seemed to have this match in control, but with one power lariat, Knox had control. Knox is huge, and Finlay looked tired for a good part of this match up. Finlay cheats to win as is customary for him, and beats Mike Knox by knocking him out. Finlay defeats Mike Knox and goes on to the Unforgiven ECW title match.

ECW Results 8/26/08

Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison
The Miz defeated Evan Bourne
Chavo Guerrero defeated Tommy Dreamer
Finlay defeated Mike Knox

They stuffed a lot of wrestling into this show, and it was interesting to see things go down. I liked this show, and it is most likely going to be the best show of the week.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WWE Raw Results 8/26/08 and review Big Crap


WWE Raw comes at us taped for Sci-Fi from Wilkes-Barre, PA, a place I’ve never heard of. Raw opens up fast and furious, which is good for a change, but I kid you not, they immediately give us a rematch from Summerslam!

CM Punk defeated JBL

I could’ve sworn I paid forty dollars for this match at Summerslam. Why in the world am I getting this for free on Raw? I guess I didn’t have to waste my money, since the WWE is giving me this match for free, and as the opener. This really is sad, because I don’t see any other world champion opening Raw in a singles match up! CM Punk really took control in this match, making this match a little different than his other matches. He really had control in this one, and every move JBL threw at him, Punk had a counter or a way to slow things down. JBL was missing every single offensive opportunity, or was getting reversed into arm drags, and take downs. Punk eventually dove out of the ring into the announce table, but JBL didn’t get the upper hand at all.

This all ended towards the commercial break, and JBL really got the upper hand with some quick wits and reversals. The match really started getting its bearings towards the end with a lot of near falls and Punk hanging on for dear life as JBL was getting into his groove. JBL then threw everything at Punk that he had, including a Clothesline From Hell, only to get a two count. JBL got frustrated and went out for a chair, but the ref stopped him and Punk countered with the GTS for the clean victory. C.M Punk defeated JBL clean once again and this math was more enjoyable than the match at Summerslam. This didn’t go the same way that the usual C.M Punk match went, it seemed to have a lot more offense from Punk early on, and a lot of great counters that we haven’t seen from him since his title reign. This match was a good opener, and the crowd was definitely behind the champion after his win, erupting into a frenzy of cheers.

Mike Adamle Announcement:

John Cena is injured. Adamle talks about how John Cena got hurt via the Batista bombs that he suffered at Summerslam. This confirms that Cena does in fact have a serious neck injury and will most likely be out for an extended period of time. Hopefully when Cena comes back, he turns heel, but this means that the WWE’s number one draw amongst kids and teenage girls and single women, is going to be gone for a short amount of time.

Kane Promo:

Kane talks about how things aren’t tragic for Cena and that it’s a good thing that he’s in a lot of pain. He then rants about how he likes pain and suffering and that Batista is going to be on the receiving end of his pain. Kane tries to be serious, but I can’t get the image of his horror movie outside of my head. I hope that Kane doesn’t get pushed anymore, I’m tired of seeing him try to act all scary, and lose random matches. Maybe they will bury him alive somehow, and we can get some younger talent out there. I don’t know, Kane just doesn’t seem very good any longer.

Primo Colon Segment:

Primo Colon says he’s nothing like Carlito at all and says that Carlito is a jerk and that he’s a better man.

Shawn Michaels shows up and Adamle and himself stare each other down. Michaels wants a shot at Chris Jericho.

Kelly Kelly defated Beth Phoenix

I’m not sure what people are expecting at all, but this match wasn’t all that great, except for the Glamazon getting a completely busted nose. They tried to replay a move from early on in the match, but her nose is just bleeding for apparently no reason. After some replays, we see that Kelly Kelly kicked Phoenix in the face, possibly breaking her nose. Beth continued the match quite nicely, and Kelly hit a lot of offense, including the win! Santino had a hand in this loss for the Glamazon, and I’m probably going to take a lot of heat for saying this but, Beth Phoenix looked really hot, even after the bloody nose. I know, I’m not going to get a lot of agreement. As for the match itself, standard divas match with a lot of offense from Kelly, and Beth trying to work with a broken nose.

Post match, Beth Phoenix beat up Santino and sent him running for the backstage area!

Primo Colon defeated Charlito

Charlie Haas comes dressed up as Carlito, and that’s unfortunate. I wonder if Carlito is going to get fired soon, because this is just a mockery of the character. Whatever, Carlito was on his way out for a while, and he was very vocal about not liking his job at the WWE and his position as resident jobber. Primo Colon is looking good, he’s smaller, but he’s fast and dead on accurate for the most part. This is definitely a far cry from Carlito’s debut which had him winning the U.S title from John Cena a few years back. Primo is definitely a good looking wrestler, and he didn’t seem green at all. He seems a bit you8ng, but he did a good job. Charlito put on a clinic here, wrestling really stiff against Primo and continually pretending to be Carlito in this match up. I could have done without all the rest holds and the random beginners moves, but it worked for this match up. I must admit, I haven’t seen someone win a match via a high cross body block off the top rope. Apparently, that’s his finisher, and I don’t know if I can get behind such a simple move as being the finisher. Whatever the case is, Primo Colon wins his first match in the WWE and he defeats some no name Charlito, who is played by Charlie Haas.

Just for the record, Chris Jericho hitting Shawn Michael’s wife doesn’t look like an accident at all, it looks like Jericho legitimately was aiming for Michael’s wife, as he squarely is facing her and striking her in the face with that solid right hand. I don’t know if like this story line, because it involves hitting a woman, but you know what? It really does look like Shawn Michaels is upset, and if that’s going to make the next Jericho and Michaels match a four star classic, than bring it on!

Shawn Michaels Segment:

Shawn Michaels presents his best promo in years. He’s all sad and serious, and it’s funny to see this. I don’t buy what Michaels says as he says a few things that are stupid. But hey, it’s a storyline. He goes on to say that he’s not going anywhere and that he’s going to extract revenge.

Chris Jericho shows up via satellite, Chris Jericho claims that people asked him not to be on Raw because he would tear up Jericho. Jericho is really hated, and he’s so serious.

Shawn Michaels says the ultimate line, “My wife is tougher than you”, and Chris Jericho quickly accepts a match with Shawn Michaels. This is going to be a huge match up and Michaels wants something unsanctioned! At Unforgiven we are going to get a slobber knocker, and too bad I spent all my money on Summerslam because this match has four stars written all over it. This is going to be great, and if the match really does have the intensity of this promo, we are going to be in for one classic match up.

Priceless defeated Jerry Lawler & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Anyone that had high hopes for this match should have been shaken. This match was way too late. Duggan and Lawler are NOT in their prime at all. In fact they are way past their prime. Regardless, the crowd was way over for the good guys in this match, and something inside me was chanting USA alongside Jim Duggan and this was not the worst match in the world. I absolutely did not believe that Lawler and Duggan could win against the tag team champions. However, anything is possible in the WWE right? Lawler and Duggan put on the best match they could at this age, and Lawler did a large portion of the work. Duggan got in and lost the match up fast. The tag champions finally get one in the win column, which is a long time coming, since they haven’t been able to beat anyone in their division at all. Duggan didn’t even get anything major in, and just sort of rolled over and won.

Past match, Cryme Tyme shows up in the nosebleeds after Cody Rhodes starts talking smack about how Cryme Tyme stole the titles. This situation ends up setting up a wwe tag team championship match at Unforgiven!

Batista interview:

Batista cuts a pro-Cena promo. He says he has nothing but respect, and says that Cena is going to get surgery. He then cuts a promo about how he is going to mop up Kane.

Santino defeated Kofi Kingston

Santino puts his title on the line against Kofi Kingston for free on Raw! This seemed really cool, considering that the Intercontinental championship doesn’t get defended quite as much as the other titles. This is a great opportunity for Kofi, and he took full advantage of this. This match was probably the best Santino match, which isn’t saying much because he hasn’t exactly put on the greatest matches. For once, this was more than just comedy spots, as Kofi really had control of this match early on hitting all of his spots, and Santino really having problems reversing things and trying to get the upper hand. Kofi went to the well too many times and Santino started to dismantle Kofi with some great moves. I was impressed that Santino was finally getting in some offense, including a front face suplex by the book!

Santino was getting ready to run out of this match up and ends up winning the match thanks to an assist from Beth Phoenix. Post match, Beth Phoenix gives Santino a little kiss, but Santino swings her into the corner and makes out with her. Santino is one lucky dude, that’s for sure. Acting or not, man, I’d have a hard time with that gimmick. Beth Phoenix looks to be wearing the pants in this relationship, that’s for sure.

Mike Adamle announces Rey Mysterio Jr. is the replacement for John Cena at Unforgiven!

Batista defeated Kane via DQ

I didn’t have high hopes for this match, and why should I? Both of these guys haven’t had any fast offense in a long time. Kane used to be a great heel when he was wrestling great anti-hero’s or good guys. Remember his matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin? Those were quite great, and I’m even reminded of the time that Stone Cold fought a then covered Kane in a First Blood Match! Remember that one? That was an instant classic, and Kane was a legitimate monster. However, This is 2008, and Kane isn’t quite the monster lately, losing to all sorts of easier opponents. Batista is on a roll as of late, but he can’t save this match. He’s just matching power move for power move with Kane. I really had problems with this match, and maybe it was just because it was getting late and I was tired, or maybe it was the endless supply of rest holds and power moves coming through in this match. I’m sure there was a silver lining, like the near falls at the end or the Kane attempts at winning the match. Batista playing up the injured knee was classic, and I started to wake up indeed. Batista snaps at the end, hitting Kane with a chair, and hitting Kane on the ring post. He’s trying to injure Kane! I’m not sure why he wasn’t getting counted out or disqualified, but they just fight each other like crazy. Or if it happened I wasn’t paying attention, and it seemed like the show ended kind of weird, because I was unclear what happened as the show went off the air with Batista sprawled out on the floor clutching his knee.

WWE Raw Results 8/26/2008

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defeated JBL in a non-title match
Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix
Primo Colon defeated "Charlito"
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston
Batista defeated Kane by disqualification

The ending cutting off aside, this edition of Raw wasn’t half bad. It seemed to me that there was a lot of wrestling, even if most of it wasn’t all that great. It’s a good start to the week in wrestling and I at least liked the way certain elements were handled. They are really trying to stack the roster for Unforgiven, but I have no more money! So I won’t be able to check out the event, but maybe you can check it out and let me know how it goes down.

It really sucks that WWE puts on this super card one month after Summerslam! I shouldn’t have gotten Summerslam, I should have waited for the epic confrontation that is going to be Jericho vs. HBK in an Unsanctioned match up!

Beth Phoenix was hot. I guess that makes up for it.

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Beth Phoenix on Drugs

Beth Phoenix had a mysterious bloody nose last night, and has reported that her nose just mysteriously became bloody.

Oh really?

Think about the times that random bloody noses happen; the only main culprit outside of picking your nose too much as a kid, that causes a nosebleed is DRUGS! Is the Glamazon on coke? I know I'm jumping to wild conclusions here, but she did have a mysterious nosebleed that wasn't provoked by anything.

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Raw Results and Review 8/26/2008 Idiot Edition

I spent a long time reviewing this weeks raw and for whatever reasons I didn't email it to myself to post. So instead of the usual review, I'm writing this thing upside down and backwards in hopes of giving you guys a review and results in one post. I'll make sure to get the ECW review back in line rather than this have review of sorts.

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defeated JBL in a non-title match

CM Punk is awesome in this match. It appeared that the WWE heard critiques about the formulaic structure that was plaguing Punks matches lately. He took charge early and really got a lot of offense in this time around, but of course, JBL wasn't going to let Punk off the hook too easily. JBL had this thing sewed up on several occasions, but after not being able to get Punk down enough to win, Punk hit the GTS out of nowhere and the crowd erupted! Punk won again, and the Crowd really went nuts for the win. Overall a good match up.

Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix got hit hard in the face and had a bloody nose for most of the match up. This was a really standard divas match up, and really wasn't anything worth mentioning too much about. Kelly got a lot of offense in, but overall it just wasn't fluid. Hopefully Gail Kim comes in and offers some more wrestling.

Primo Colon defeated "Charlito"

Charlie Haas came out dressed as Carlito. Is Carlito fired? I'm not sure what was up with this one, but this was not that great. Primo looks good, and is a smaller wrestler. He did some high flying moves, and was really not half bad. However, this match wasn't anything worth mentioning. Charlie Haas is on his way out again, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was fired sooner than later.

World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Horrible train wreck of a match up. The tag champions win this one, even though Jerry Lawler gave it a good try.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston

Santino escapes this one with an assist from Beth Phoenix. Kingston had this one won, but somehow Santino escapes with the title and a good defense. This match wasn't all that great, but it was cool to see an Intercontinental title match on raw for a change.

Batista defeated Kane by disqualification

This was a boring match. This was a basic big guy match up with random power moves and a dq ending. The show went off the air fast, and I wasn't sure what was going on.

Raw Results 8/26/2008:

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defeated JBL in a non-title match
Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix
Primo Colon defeated "Charlito"
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston
Batista defeated Kane by disqualification

Overall an ok Raw. I'm sorry that this review isn't as long as usual. I somehow lost my original review in the process of transferring it from one computer to another. So I had to redo it fast. I know, it sucks, but hey, it happens right? I might post the original if I can find it, and it might be different, but we'll see what happens.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

WWE Smackdown Results and review 8/22/08 More Same

Friday nights are the hardest for me. I spend 40 hours a week on a computer, and the last thing I want to do is review wrestling on a computer, but for you guys, my 3 readers, I’ll do anything…even if no one reads or buys anything! Whatever….I did manage to score 2 tickets to the October Raw here in Seattle, Wa. It is going to be a classic, the night after the October ppv.

Vickie Guerrero Pre-Recorded Segment:

This is boring. Seriously, this is the most boring introduction to Smackdown ever! She talks about how there’s going to be a Championship Scramble for Unforgiven! So both brands will have a championship scramble? Anyone else want breakfast? This truly does sound like something off of a Denny’s menu. I’m hungry, anyone else?

Maria defeated Natalya via Disqualification

Natalya is a little chunky for a diva, but she can wrestle! Did I see this correctly? Was Maria really trying to wrestle in this match up? She wasn’t exactly doing so hot out there, she did a few wrist moves, and arm drags, but not a whole lot more than that. Natalya was obviously trying to get Maria over, but it was short lived because Natalya nearly breaks Maria’s leg with a knee takedown. Maria is way too fragile for this type of wrestling and Natalya definitely looked to be overpowering Maria throughout the match. I know that the WWE is trying to push more “wrestling” amongst the women’s division, but honestly, it’s not working all that well for me. Maria’s efforts are great, and I applaud her attempts at getting better, but she’s got so long to go, that it doesn’t even matter how much she tries. Seriously, how many clothesline do I have to watch in one match? I’m sure Natalya has more in her than to bump for a wannabe wrestler, but oh well. Marise came out to interfere, and helped Natalya.

Post match, Michelle McCool came running down to ring side, and wow, she’s kind of good looking, but come on…is she really going to do anything to Natalya? I don’t know. This match sucked and I’m glad they finished it off.

Big Show backstage segment:

Big Show talks to Vickie and wants to be in the championship scramble, but he was left off the show, and walks away sad. That’s about it.

Big Show comes out and just sits down for whatever reason. He’s most likely going to force himself into the match at Unforgiven.

I’m tired of seeing The Big Show randomly smiling and waving at people, it seems like a stupid thing for him to be doing all the time. Can we just give him another gimmick or a feud, cause he’s wasted just smiling around, looking all cool and what not. Andre didn’t have to deal with that, did he? I think Andre was usually a heel and always a monster. Big show is boring.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Koslov, Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Funaki, Hawkins and Ryder, Armando Estrada, The Brian Kendrick, Colt Cabana (not sure what his wwe name is) some other no name idiot in a 10 man elimination match

This match was cool. The Big Show came in and started eliminating everyone! He was throwing people over the top rope like crazy, he was tossing people two and three at a time. Show threw Kendrick over but his bodyguard caught him and his feet never touched the floor, so he wins the match by default. Kendrick qualifies for the WWE Championship Scramble at Unforgiven! You read that right, Brian Kendrick is getting a WWE title shot!

Where’s Paul London? Brian Kendrick is getting a monster push right now. He’s now in the WWE title picture with this win over 9 other guys thanks to The Big Show helping out. This has to be one of the biggest pushes in recent history. In fact, I haven’t seen such a huge push since Rick “The Model” Martel got a monster push as a singles wrestler back in the early 90’s. Wait, maybe not since Shawn Michaels went forward with a title show in 1992 against Bret Hart at a Survivor Series, remember that? Michaels was the Intercontinental champion and he got the title shot, only to lose to Hart in the closing moments of the match up! Will Brian Kendrick get a title run this early? Maybe. He is seriously getting pushed hard, but I can’t help but fear for Paul London, maybe he’ll just fade away. This match was a basic jobber style match. Show threw everyone out, and it was all over fast. You didn’t miss much in this bathroom match, the only thing good that came out of this was the ending.

R-Truth Segment:

I’m tired of seeing these. I know who the guy is, just unleash him like they unleashed D-Lo brown when he came out!

MVP defeated Festus via count out

MVP was getting his butt wooped in this match. He was not having an easy time with Festus at all. He was getting worked over really well by Festus. He was working hard to try and slow the big man down a little, and had been working on the shoulder of Festus, and really was looking like a veteran for a change, however Festus was just over powering MVP on all fronts. He eventually got the upper hand but not in the traditional sense. Festus clearly had this match going his way and was taking out MVP on the outside, while the ref counted up to 9 and MVP rushed a quick kick to Jesse and rolled himself in before the 10 count! The Bell rings and Festus goes back to being a lame duck. Mvp wins via count out to qualify for the WWE Championship scramble!

Post match, MVP was confused about Festus and tried to wake him up. He eventually ran full speed ahead and delivered a kick, knocking Festus over the top rope and onto the floor. MVP thought nothing of it and asked for his hand to be raised, as Festus was outside hurting for no apparent reason. MVP and The Kendrick in the title hunt together? I never thought that I would see this ever again, it’s going to be incredible to see how it all works out, and I hope that Triple H finally drops the world title, finally!

Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay

If there are two solid workers in the WWE it’s these two. These guys are ring vets and this match proved it so well. I enjoyed this match greatly, as there were a lot of stiff shots given and taken by Benjamin and Finlay alike. At one point it looked as though Finlay got a concussion from Benjamin, then in another bump it appeared that Finlay’s back was severely hurt as it hit the ring apron hard after going over the top rope. Finlay kept in there and Benjamin was definitely losing sight as the match went further along. I’m not sure if Finlay was stalling or not, but it seemed like the ref and Benjamin were giving him time to recover after some of the harder bumps. The match was going fast and hard, but after the commercial break, Benjamin started going for rest moves, which really slowed down the pacing of the match. I kid you not, this went from back and forth, move to move, straight into a headlock and rest hold. I’m not sure why they went to a slower attack, but right when I was going to give up on this match up, things started to pick up and Finlay mounted a major comeback on Benjamin. But it was short lived as Mike Knox came out to distract Finlay, Benjamin capitalized and beat Finlay in this qualifying match up.

I thought it was a waste of time to invest so much effort into this match up, only to have Knox come out and distract Finlay. I wanted a clean finish, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Benjamin in the WWE Title hunt now? This is getting better and better by the match up.

Post match, Mike Knox gave Finlay a big boot and then started assaulting him. Benjamin left the ringside area.

Vickie Backstage Segment:

Vickie ponders whether or not to give Undertaker an apology for all that she has done in regards to his matches etc.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali

Your last match up of the evening was definitely interesting. Jeff Hardy fought The Great Khali and it was everything that I thought it would be. Khali was basically dominating this whole match up, and I wasn’t sure how Jeff Hardy would ever get the Great Khali to lose. Triple H was on color commentary and was making fun of Jeff Hardy the whole time. He basically said that “Jeff Hardy is not Triple” and maybe he was trying to telecast what was going to happen at the end of the match. However, Khali was NOT letting Hardy get any offense in, and Hardy wasn’t getting into any sort of groove at all. Hardy tried to mount comebacks in this match up but The Great Khali was continually hitting him with huge clubbing blows to the head and dropping him onto the mat. I don’t like the way Hardy is becoming another one of these “clones” that the WWE is pushing. He seems to take a beating for 75% of the match, only to lose at the very end for no apparent reason. He’s not as big as Hogan, but all the faces seem to be taking pages from the Hogan play book, allowing themselves to get beat for a good portion of the match only to win at the very last second with the help of the crowd. You can see this with C.M Punk for sure, but is Hardy doing the same thing?

Hardy managed a twist of fate, then went for everything on the top rope, but couldn’t muster up enough to get Khali down. Triple H got involved in the match and knocked Khali nearly out with a chair shot. Hardy missed the Twist of Fate, but Khali still goes down, like an idiot! Khali then hits the Swanton on Khali and picks up the three count!

This was the worst ending to a match that I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t believe that Khali was really down for this one. What a load of crap, I want my 20 minutes back! Seriously, this was the worst ending…Man, WWE screws me over again!

Triple H Promo:

Triple H cuts a promo, because he must have read my blog and realized that he wasn't putting in enough hours at the office. So he cuts this promo, and it is your average Triple H promo where he says that no one is going to beat him and he's the game and he's cool. It's odd to see the crowd not heckle Triple H at all! The crowd just stays quiet for him and Triple H just goes on and on rambling on and on about how he's a 12 time champion. He sounds like Flair, but without the charisma. Triple H is stale, someone please beat him, please! Kenny Dykstra comes out and says one sentence before getting hit in the stomach and then getting the Pedigree! That's right, Kenny comes out to the show for about two seconds and then gets knocked the F out with the pedigree. Way to earn a pay check huh?

Let me see into the future....

"The WWE has come to terms with Kenny Dykstra. The WWE wishes Kenny the best in his future endeavors..."

Anyone agree? This promo sucked.

Final Segment Vickie, La Familia, and Undertaker in the ring:

This was boring, and didn’t have a whole lot to do with wrestling as a whole. Vickie and the family were in the ring trying to ask Undertaker to forgive them. They wanted to say sorry, and Undertaker was having none of it! He beats down the gang of idiots, and this is the way Smackdown goes out. What a whimper of stupidity! Who’s writing this piece of trash? Seriously, why can’t they end the night with wrestling? I mean, last time I checked this was in fact wrestling right? At least TNA has the courtesy of ending the night with wrestling! Even though they are hacked in a lot of ways and the endings are convoluted, at least they finish things off in the ring with wrestling. WWE likes to end their shows, at least Smackdown with random talking! This is stupid, I’m too tired to complain much more.

WWE Smackdown Results 8/22/2008

Maria defeated Natalya via Disqualification
The Brian Kendrick defeated Koslov, Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Funaki, Hawkins and Ryder, Armando Estrada, The Brian Kendrick, Colt Cabana (not sure what his wwe name is) some other no name idiot in a 10 man elimination match
MVP defeated Festus via count out
Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay

I didn’t have much hope for this night of wrestling. I was hoping for something good and for the most part, Smackdown delivered a good show overall. At least the members of their side of the Main Event had qualifying matches. Raw simply chose their members of the title match. I liked how the night went, and my favorite match was definitely Shelton Benjamin and Finlay. Those two can really wrestle great matches if they are given the opportunity. Hopefully these two make the main event really good, but we’ll have to wait and see how that all turns out.

The diva’s match was the lowest point of this show. The women’s division desperately needs wrestlers, not just Playboy models and random lookers. I don’t want to watch sexy women in my wrestling, I want to see wrestlers that can throwdown! I swear by the TNA knockouts division, and hopefully the WWE are watching TNA for hints on how to run the divas division.

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Tna Impact Results and Review 8/21/2008 AJ Medals

Kurt Angle Segment:

Kurt Angle shows up and says he knows who’s behind the guitars showing up, and that we are in planet Angle!

Hernandez defeated Robert Roode

Hernandez and Roode put on a good match. Hernandez does a lot of power moves, and Roode just gets beat down for the majority of this match. This match is not half bad considering these two are bigger guys. Lots of near falls to carry the match to a good high point, the fans were definitely behind LAX in this one. Jackie came in but Salinas went after her, but Hernandez didn’t miss a beat. Storm came out and ended up distracting Roode, Hernandez then dropped Roode for the win.

AJ Styles Segment:

Aj Styles challenges Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match for the Gold Medal! Aj isn’t all that good on the mic, but it’s not a train wreck, that’s for sure.

Eric Young & Bg James defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

The Motor City Machine Guns must be the jobber tag team of TNA, because I have yet to see them win a match! They never win! They are an established tag team and they lose to a couple of guys that were teaming up for the first time ever! This is bad booking, no matter how you slice it, it’s just a stupid thing to do. The match was relatively good, and better than I had previously anticipated. I didn’t know it was going to go down this way, and the match had a lot of back and forth action between the two teams. It wasn’t a technical classic, but it was worth checking out, the two teams did a great job getting in offense and there were a few near falls and definitely showed some great action, however it was all over with Eric Young picking up the pin.

Post match, The Machine Guns act like sore losers, and hopefully they turn heel enough to win a match.

Kurt Angle Booker T Segment:

Booker forces Angle and JB to take off their shoes, and to show him some respect. Booker talks in a weird accent. Angle asks for Booker to be on his side to watch out for the guitar shows up. Booker then asks for Angle’s help to protect him against Rhino later on in the night.

This segment was boring. Booker T is acting like King Booker, only it’s not working as well. I don’t know if like the whole Royal T angle, it just doesn’t seem the same as before. Maybe if there was a comedic element to it, or if someone could play off his lack of being British or anything. I don’t know. It just doesn’t fit for me.

Karen’s Angle Segment:

This is stupid. I hate this segment. So Cal Val has to decide between Jay and Sonjay, and Sonjay shows up. He asks Val to pick him, and Jay shows up to beat down Sonjay, and then there’s a lot of screaming. Jay accidentally knocks out Val, and we get screams! The announcers say that she suffered a concussion and facial bruising. I want my time back this is stupid.

Rough Cut Consequences Creed:

I don’t want to hear this, Creed is good, but he’s NOT a superstar just yet! I’m tired.

Matt Morgan defeated Jobber Capone

This is was stupid. Matt Morgan is jacking everyone’s moves! Seriously, he’s doing Undertaker’s moves, he’s doing Albert’s Bicycle kick, and he’s trying to act like Goldberg at the same time. This is stupid, Matt Morgan sucks, Matt Morgan’s finishing move looked really weak. This is just a stupid squash match and Morgan looks just is horrible.

Post match Bubba Ray comes out and takes major shots at Matt Morgan. Bubba Ray challenges Morgan, and Devon comes out and beats down Morgan. He’s not so tough when Team 3-D comes out is he? Abyss comes out for the save, and takes out Team 3-D. I’m sure this will set up a tag team match up where Abyss and Matt Morgan will somehow be the best tag team ever. Too bad I don’t give a crap.

A bunch of interviews happened, and I wasn’t paying attention. I was going for another Rolling Rock, and well, missed some people yelling. So I’m just not going to talk about every segment, I’m too tired, and TNA is throwing too much talking at me. So I just missed some random segments that had nothing to do with anything.

Booker T defeated Rhino

Booker T beat Rhino, which is no surprise at all. Booker really looks solid, and I’m honestly surprised that WWE would let such a talent go. He’s so good. I haven’t seen this Booker T since WCW and his Chris Benoit best of 7 series that was going on. He’s good, and he should get more of a shot at the main events in TNA, and he will. We’ll most likely see Booker T as champion facing Double J sooner than later.

Consequences Creed defeated Petey Williams via DQ

Consequences Creed is one of my favorite new guys, granted he’s not well established in TNA just yet, but he’s impressive for a rookie. This is his second shot at the x-division title and he puts up a great shot against Petey Williams. I don’t like the whole “Big Petey Pump” angle that Williams is doing, because Scott Steiner really hasn’t been relevant in nearly a decade. He just looks like Steiner, not necessarily the move sets. Creed looks like he’s on his way to winning this one, but Shiek Bashir comes out to interfere with the match up. Creed’s flip dive is amazing, you have to see this, full front flip over the top rope with no assistance and onto his feet with ease! Creed looks to be on his way to winning this match up, reversing most of Petey William’s move set. Sheik Bashir jumps in to save Wiliiams and he takes out Creed. He just goes nuts, but Creed gets his composure and rolls out of the ring.

Post Match Petey Williams and Sheik yell at each other.

Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim in a Street Fight

Everyone was saying that this was Gail Kim’s last match in TNA. If this is her last match, then she really let it all out, because this street fight was awesome. I’m so glad that TNA is allowing the women’s division to get matches like this. I really somehow cared about this match up, as it wasn’t just some random tag match with no name divas like the WWE does on a weekly basis. This was awesome, and these two put themselves into some dangerous positions. The fight went into the crowd, and things were going back and forth. There was a lot of stiff shots in this match up, and Kim was really impressive, giving Kong some major shots to the face. Kong plays the monster role so well, and it’s not just her size, although that helps a lot.

Raisha Saeed got involved but was quickly thrown out of the ring, and Kim continued to beat down Kong until a few near falls occurred. Kim then got into trouble and was hit with a heavy handed Implant Buster and things went south, Kim lost this one after a massive Implant Buster on Kim, it was bad news.

Post match, Kong wanted to drop Kim onto a chair, and wasn’t able to succeed due to the ref’s getting knocked out. Kim’s sister jumped the rail and entered the ring, ODB and Roxxi came out for the save.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match

This match was an instant classic. Which is interested, Christian wasn’t on this show. But this match really wasn’t half bad. I’m surprised that Angle is competing so much, as I heard rumors that he had a hurt neck, he’s definitely doing something right. Booker T and Samoa Joe were both at ringside watching this one. The match saw Aj Styles dropping Angle on his neck a lot, lots of back breakers, and high spots. Angle on the other hand did a lot of rest holds and chockes.

One thing that I noticed about this match was, there are not a lot of bumps that involve falls or ladder spots. There are a few times where the ladder comes into play, however not in the same respect as a WWE ladder match. The ladder also looked a little different, and didn’t look like the standard Werner ladder or an a-frame ladder that is standard in construction. Which reminds me, when I was doing construction, I had to carry ladders on the time, and they aren’t that heavy and don’t hurt that much. The real heavy and hard hitting ladders are made of wood or stainless or aluminum steel. That’s just a sidenote, sorry, but this ladder didn’t seem all that heavy, and if you saw the match you’ll know what I mean.

Samoa Joe and Booker T start fighting outside! Booker T hits Samoa Joe with a baseball bat, knocking him out. Aj and Kurt Angle are on the ladder fighting when the lights go out, when the lights come back on, AJ is on the ladder with a guitar and he knocks out Kurt Angle with it, and Angle falls to his near death. (I’m joking) Of course, no one knows where the guitar is coming from, but they are all convinced that they know who it is. I know one thing, I’m bored with this stupid lights out thing.

TNA Results 8/22/2008

Hernandez defeated Robert Roode
Eric Young & Bg James defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Matt Morgan defeated Jobber Capone
Booker T defeated Rhino
Consequences Creed defeated Petey Williams via DQ
Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim in a Street Fight
Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match

Admittedly this edition of TNA impact wasn’t my favorite. However, if you look at the sheer number of matches, you’ll notice that there is a lot of wrestling in theory. There is a lot more wrestling than you would see in WWE, however these matches aren’t extremely long. There are a few matches that stand out this time around though, including the TNA knockouts street fight and the ladder match. These two were definitely above par in comparison to the other nights in wrestling so far.

I do not enjoy the TNA backstage and interview segments as I feel that there is a lot of wasted time spent in nonsense backstage segments and random interviews. I am so bored and uninterested in some of these, that I grew tired of watching the whole show. I even stopped taking notes about them mid way through this review.

Tna is doing good, but I think they could do more in the wrestling department, and less backstage antics and talking.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over Analyzing Wrestling: Kennedy Gone, Gail Kim Returns

There are a few things going on in my head in regards to wrestling. First and foremost it’s the news that Gail Kim is leaving TNA! This is bound to get more hits than if I were to post about Gail Kim being naked! From what I have read, Gail Kim is leaving because of money and not because she was in any way unhappy with TNA. Will Gail Kim be relegated to just being another diva? Most likely Gail Kim is going to be put on the Raw roster and it’s going to be nice to get her in the mix with Mickie James, The Glamazon and uh…crap…that’s about it. Apparently the WWE thinks that Gail Kim is great enough to offer her a large amount of cash. I like Gail Kim, I hope she has a great time over at WWE and hopefully there’s some great wrestling on Raw and WWE in general from the women’s division.

The second piece of news, is one that is going to get a lot of speculation online. Kennedy’s contract is expiring soon and I believe that WWE might be letting him go. He’s too injury prone, and everytime they push him he gets injured and has to take a lot of time off. He’s off the juice, and while his in ring segments are over, he hasn’t had anything memorable in the ring. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but if Kennedy is gone, will anyone really miss him? I won’t. I barely miss him now.

WWE Fired Colin Delaney. That's right, one of the bright spots on ECW has now gone.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ECW Review 8/19/2008 The Hardy Show Continues

I almost didn’t review ECW, I was so tired that I wanted to just sleep. However, I made a pot of coffee, burned the midnight oil and wrote this review for all 2 readers of you out there that actually read this blog, and sometimes comment. This one is for you!

John Morrison & The Miz and Chavo defeated Evan Bourne, Super Crazy and Tommy Dreamer

They fired Colin Delaney, but they kept the jobber Tommy Dreamer? I don’t understand this reasoning. Not only that, Super Crazy is still on the roster too? I don’t understand what the WWE is doing, but than again, I never know what is going on with the WWE. I just watch it, and I enjoy it. Maybe a little too much since I’m so tired, or maybe I’m just tired of wwe.

The match was quite good and the six men really put on a great opening bout. We saw the usual high flying spots, and it was a rather quick match up. It was really meant to put the faces over, and more importantly Evan Bourne. However, even with all the momentum going their way, the team of Dreamer, Crazy and Bourne lost thanks to the Miz. The Miz got the pin and the bad guys take one from the good guys. A good opener, and an interesting amount of action for an opening match up, it was nice to hear an E-C-W chant from the crowd.

Ricky Ortiz defeated Gavin Spears

Who in the blue hell is Gavin Spears? All I know is that Spears really put the boots to Ortiz, seriously. For a jobber, they really allowed Spears to work some great offense into this match up. We even saw a cobra clutch in the match up, which I haven’t seen in a long time. Ortiz takes a lot of punishment for what should be nothing more than a squash match. At one point in the match up, the fans were rallying behind Ortiz, but in low bursts. Spears eventually lost to what is just a big splash, seriously, nothing major, just a big splash. Ortiz reminds me of a guy from Final Fight….what says you?

Finlay in Ring Segment:

Finlay comes out and does a random promo. He calls out Mike Knox and calls him a coward. Knox comes out, and the two brawl it out and what appears to be security comes out to stop them. This is good work, maybe they could have more brawls to set up feuds instead of other angles. More fights! Remember when fights broke out all the time backstage and on the ramp, then the feuds really meant something? Those were the days.

Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy (Ecw Championship Match)

We finally get Hardy vs. Henry and I wasn’t really looking forward to this. Summerslam was a waste of money if you were paying for this match, and I didn’t like how necessarily turned out, however tonight we get a full match up from these two. Hardy is incredibly over with the Ecw crowd. The crowd was way into this match and only for Hardy’s sake. No matter how much offense Hardy got in at the end, Atlas made sure that Henry walked out with the title belt, and he pulled it off.

Hats off to Hardy for putting on a great show. He really looked convincing, and he can be a major contender for a bigger push in the WWE if he continues on this path. He made Mark Henry have a great match, and I used to hate mizark henry, but not anymore, this Hardy program is great.

ECW Results 8/19/2008

John Morrison & The Miz and Chavo defeated Evan Bourne, Super Crazy and Tommy Dreamer
Ricky Ortiz defeated Gavin Spears
Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy (Ecw Championship Match)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raw 8/18/2008 Results and Review Y2J Night After

Chris Jericho In Ring Segment:

I haven’t seen someone have so much heat with the crowd for a non-wrestling event, than Chris Jericho on this program. Everyone hates Chris Jericho right now, and his speech didn’t help matters much, because he came out and gave the world’s most scummy speech about how he wasn’t sorry at all and that HBK was at fault for his wife getting hit in the face at Summerslam. Y2J is seriously the most hated man in professional wrestling right now, and it’s finally getting good. We need more heels to do this sort of thing; no not hit girls, but to generate heat from non-wrestling things. It could create an incredible amount of drama for the ppv’s and get buyrates, and ratings for sure. If you recall, this is how Andre the Giant turned heel (interview segment turn on Hogan), and so did guys like Savage and others. It was in an interview segment or a non wrestling event that made them great heels. Of course, the wrestling had something to do with it as well, but their actions outside of the ring created a monster heel scenario that couldn’t be ignored. This Chris Jericho push is definitely a huge thing. It’s about time we had a stronger heel than just petty interview time in ring and random empty threats. Y2J’s promo is spectacular, and for a non wrestling event, he really does a great job selling what I am calling “the punch heard round the world”!

Batista defeated Paul Burchill

Way to go WWE! You squashed your up and coming talent! I had initial thoughts that maybe Burchill would get in some great offense and put on a show since Batista was suppose to be selling his so called “injured” leg, but instead he just beat the crap out of Paul Burchill for no apparent reason! Seriously, what is the WWE thinking here? Paul was getting a mini-feud and even a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, but now? Now he’s getting squashed in matches against Batista, one night after Batista fought Cena in what King Jerry Lawler says was the best match ever! This is just the wrong move, in my opinion, and I don’t understand why the WWE doesn’t believe in their up and coming talent at all. It’s about time the WWE wakes up. This was just a squash match, and this is the norm for WWE these days.

Mike Adamle Introduces Primo Colon:

Mike Adamle introduces Carlito’s brother, Primo Colon, only to run off and try to talk to Cena. Cena then runs into Batista and tells him the better man won, but that it was just last night. Primo Colon? What happened to Carlito? No wonder the WWE fired 10 or so guys, they needed money to pay these new guys coming in…unless Primo is just another squash guy like the Smackdown show last week. Whatever the case is, we have a new talent, which will most likely get squashed sooner than later. I’m tired of seeing new guys, no name guys, get introduced and then get passed up for other talent. I don’t know if you noticed, but this backstage segment illustrates the WWE as a whole. New guys come in, and then get passed by for older, more established talent. Primo Colon could get fired before he even gets started…wouldn’t that be a kicker?

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Jillian & Katie Burchill

Again with the tag matches from the WWE. It always seems to be that the divas get a tag team match on Raw and usually I’m impressed. However, I feel that I’m on overload from the WWE divas. They aren’t that good at wrestling, and seeing Mickie James in tag matches all the time is getting stale for me. Yes, this match was better than most of the divas matches, but it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. These matches are entertaining on a certain level, but they never really forward any storyline, or even have any meaning. I don’t mean dramatic storytelling, I mean wrestling wise. Why are these particular women wrestling? Who’s getting the title shot next? Who cares? That’s the thing, no one cares, and it shows. Kelly Kelly was definitely taking some major shots, and I almost feel bad for her. She doesn’t fall correctly, and it shows as well. But then again, that’s why she gets paid the big bucks, and I sit at a computer wishing I was getting tossed around by the women of WWE; the match though, good stuff, standard divas match. Mickie James gets the hot tag, clears the ring for the most part, Kelly helps out afterwards, only to get the eventual win with the big ddt for the win. Mickie James gets the pin, and Mickie and Kelly win the match.

JBL defeated Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble had a moment of offense only to get JBL squashing Noble. JBL is massive compared to Noble. I say this a lot about Noble, and that’s: Why Isn’t Noble fired? Noble as a professional can’t possibly be enjoying his jobber status in the WWE. He could be such a valuable entity to other companies, including TNA and ROH. I know that they don’t pay as much, but they probably won’t squash him this bad every week on national television. His weight is really getting the best of him, and without the WWE getting into a cruiserweight division any time soon, these types of matches are only going to serve to prove that the WWE has no idea what they are doing in regards to what the fans want. However, I digress, because at Summerslam and at Raw the WWE sold out the arenas. So maybe they know what the WWE fans want. Just not what this wwe fan wants, but that doesn’t matter. Noble got assaulted bad in this match, he was on the receiving end of three Clotheslines from Hell and the Ref stopped the match. The announcers didn’t even sound concerned over Noble’s condition. JBL was made to look concerned over losing to CM Punk.

Mike Adamle Announcement:

Mike Adamle announces a Championship Scramble for Unforgiven’s main event. Not sure what that necessarily means, other than it’s a gimmick match and most likely Punk will lose the title and then win it later on in the match up.

John Cena defeated Priceless

What is the reasoning behind this move? I was wondering what the WWE was thinking in this one. Since Batista got let off the hook for tonight, I was under the impression that John Cena too would get a squash match up with some random WWE guy. Instead, John Cena is thrown to the tag team champions! What the heck? This can not have a positive result, can it? Cryme Tyme did run in and steal the WWE Tag Title Belts, infuriating Dibiase and Rhodes.

As far as the match up, this was a standard wrestling match for the most part. John Cena was getting beat down for the majority of the match up. Cena was not getting an easy win, and this is surprising to me somehow, but after thinking about it a bit more, it makes sense. If John Cena is to be the #1 face in the company, he has to get beat down a lot! Remember Hulk Hogan, yeah I’m going back to the Hogan era of sorts; Hogan had a lot of matches where he was getting beat down, whether by monster heels or by the tag team champions. He would recover and win the match with his patented leg drop. Is John Cena now the new Hulk Hogan? I was sure thinking that in this match, as the tag champions were making Cena look like a jobber with their constant punishment! This whole thing turned around, just like the classic Hulkamania VHS tapes that I used to collect, and the five knuckle shuffle was followed by the STFU and Cena comes through again in the clutch and wins the match.

I am always against singles wrestlers beating an established tag team. But I am even more against seeing one person lose to the tag team champions! Had I booked this, I would have the tag team champions win, even by DQ if possible, because I believe that a good tag team can defeat one guy, no matter what. The WWE could say that John Cena was tired from Summerslam and couldn’t fend off two different opponents, but instead, WWE chooses to bury the tag division by having them lose a handicap match!

CM Punk Interview:

CM Punk calls out Chris Jericho, and talks about how he’s going to lay down the law in a Chicago style match up.

D-Lo Brown defeated Santino via DQ

D-Lo brown already gets an Intercontinental championship match? Sure, why not? The WWE is throwing all caution to the wind and just giving out shots at the title left and right. At least we didn’t get a Kofi Kingston rematch clause match one night after losing it. That is usually the norm for the WWE and their title situation. I guess Kofi will have to settle for getting a shot later on down the road. Santino shows he has no wrestling skills, but I like this. I think it’s a great move for him. D-Lo controls the match up, and nearly beats him. Beth Phoenix got involved in the match up and caused a DQ, Santino then gets thrown into the announce table and Kofi Kingston smashes Santino’s head into Lawler’s Mac Book! Someone owes King a new laptop, that’s for sure! Santino retains his belt, but only because Phoenix’s interference. I enjoyed this match, and Santino has a great comedic timing about him. The match really went nowhere, but it was great to see that a comedic title reign can generate so much entertainment. That’s all this is folks, entertainment.

Kane In Ring Segment:

Kane talks bad about Rey Mysterio. He says that he basically killed off Rey Mysterio. This could be because Rey is arguing for more money, or that he needs more time to heel his injuries. Batista comes out for the save, and Batista gets beat down. This is most likely why he didn’t wrestle the tag champions, because he was going to get pwned by Kane! Kane demolishes Batista, and the announcers say it’s because Batista was injured. Kane leaves and we all are thinking one thing; whether or not Rey Mysterio will return to WWE, or go straight to Mexico and make some major cash by going to Lucha Libre?

Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk

If I complain about the John Cena matches, I’m going to have to complain about CM Punk’s matches too. His matches are really formulaic as well. There are never any battles that go both ways, he is usually the face in peril and doesn’t really get over until the closing moments of the match. Sure there are a few flurries here and there, but for the most part Punk doesn’t really get a whole lot of back and forth momentum. Maybe it’s because most of his matches aren’t very long, or maybe it’s just that it works better for him. Jericho and CM Punk did put on a show though, and whatever criticism I had for the match vanished towards the middle of the match when things started to really turn around. Maybe I spoke to soon, but the match was going towards a good point and we even saw some new moves for Punk to add to his arsenal. There were a lot of near falls, that’s for sure, thrilling the home town crowd seemed simple for Punk. Lance Cade caused a diversion, and Jericho pulled out the Code Breaker for the win! Too bad this wasn’t for the world title. Jericho really put on a great match up, and he’s looking great.

WWE Raw 8/17/2008 Results

John Cena defeated Priceless
JBL defeated Jamie Noble
Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Jillian & Katie Burchill
Batista defeated Paul Burchill
D-Lo Brown defeated Santino via DQ
Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk

The Y2J and HBK angle could take a swerve too! What if people cheered the crap out of Y2J? Then HBK could be bitter about the whole thing, and turn into a Bret Hart type character. Y2J could be the face…but then again…this isn’t the Attitude Era.

There were some interesting developments in the story line department. Some things were pushed, while other things were given their natural closures. The Intercontinental championship is getting really interested now. I like that the mid card is getting the attention that it deserves.

CM Punk’s way over with the crowd, and because it was his home town, the arena went insane! Seriously, the place erupted like I haven’t seen on Raw in a long time. CM Punk is quite the fan favorite, considering that he’s not a huge guy and continues to wear the belt with pride. I like Punk’s title reign so far, and hopefully people will stop saying that he’s just a transitional champion. The crowd was red hot for him too, I was impressed, that’s for sure.

The overall show was good, I enjoyed it for the most part. I felt that there were some moments wasted. I thought for sure that there would be more, but it seemed to be just enough show in 2 hours to make it worthwhile.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Batista Muscle & Fitness Cover

September 2008 Batista

It's a good month so far for Batista. Last night he beats John Cena clean, and right now he's on the cover of Muscle and Fitness for the month of September. He joins John Cena, Triple H, and Vince McMahon who have all had covers. I'm sure there's more, but they escape me now. There's also an interview with Batista online via the official Muscle and Fitness magazine website.

Looks like Cena might be headed for a heel turn, but that's just my opinion right now.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

WWE Summerslam 2008 Review and Results

One of my favorite times of year is summer because Summerslam is going to be a huge event. It’s like the second best ppv for wrestling, and this time around we definitely saw a great one, well, considering that I was excited for it. Here are the WWE Summerslam 2008 Results and a full review of how it all went down, on the hottest night of the summer!

MVP defeated Jeff Hardy

This match lived up to what I believe was a good match up. MVP isolated Jeff Hardy’s leg and really grounded Hardy for a good portion of this match up. There was a lot of rest holds to ground Hardy’s leg and make sure he wasn’t going to jump up and win this one. Hardy turned things around here and there, but MVP put on a great show, and really knew how to make this one interesting. Hardy bumped like a pro, and MVP was really convincing in this match. I was really excited the about the way this match turned out. MVP seemed to counter every Hardy move, and for once, I didn’t believe that Hardy was treating MVP to another squash match where he easily wins with all his high flying moves. Hardy really worked well with MVP and I wasn’t sure which way the match was going to go. A great opener, proving that these two deserve much higher on the crowd than what they got; Shelton Benjamin gave MVP the assist, and Hardy loses this one to MVP nearly clean. MVP dropped hardy with that drive by kick, and wins this one. Shelton Benjamin on the outside doesn’t get acknowledgement from MVP.

Maria Interviews Santino and Beth Phoenix:

Santino is gold on the mic! This stuff is what greatness is made of, the mic skills are incredible, and the timing is perfect. I wonder if he’s going off a script or if he’s just ad-libbing the whole thing? Maria has no charisma here, and is outshined by Santino at every moment.

Santino & Beth Phoenix defeated Kofi Kingston & Mickie James
Winner Takes All Women’s Champoinship and Intercontinental Championship Match

This definitely had comedy written all over it. Santino had a few comedic spots with Beth, and even got involved with wrestling Mickie James, and the comedy kept rolling through. Kofi Kingston didn’t do a whole lot in this match up, and really was a non factor in the whole thing. Mickie James loses this one for her team, although she did knock out Santino with a vicious DDT, but Beth Phoenix came in and dropped Mickie James on her face, with a great maneuver and the Glamazon and Santino won the match up. Santino takes the Intercontinental championship, Phoenix takes the women’s championship, and the two are winners. This match was great, but it didn’t seem quite long enough for my tastes. I thought it was cool, and it didn’t really tax Santino, who has limited skills, and I enjoyed it. Mickie James’ thong was showing for a little bit, so that was exciting! Phoenix’s finisher is amazing, she is really impressive in ring. Mickie James has improved a lot as well. I hope the WWE gets a few more women like this, because they can really grow their women’s division if they continue to wrestle well. Santino is hilarious, this win shouldn’t surprise anyone, a great quick match up to end this second match.

Shawn Michaels In Ring Update Segment:

Shawn Michaels brought his wife down to ringside, and she’s hot! Ok, not like a “diva” hot, but like a good looking mom type…does that make sense? Maybe. Shawn Michaels says that his doctor has recommend him to stay away, and that things would not be good if he continued. Shawn Michaels decides to walk away from the WWE and he’s basically retiring. Is this true? Shawn Michaels retires at Summerslam 2008 , that’s right, he gives a long winded speech about he’s going to walk away and that he quits, and of course I’m not sure if he’s legitimately quitting. This could be a work, a shoot, a swerve, I’m not sure, but he looked legit about walking away. He doesn’t look so great, but if he’s going to quit, oh well. He had a great run.

Chris Jericho comes out and really shakes things up. I guess I was really na├»ve about this segment, and didn’t expect that Chris Jericho was going to come out and talk to Shawn Michaels. I was definitely surprised to see Jericho out there, and wasn’t one hundred percent sure that this storyline was going to continue. Jericho definitely heels it up here, and wanted Shawn Michaels to admit that Jericho has retired Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels turns to walk away from Chris Jericho and go home, but Michaels ducks and Jericho socks Shawn Michaels wife in the face! No jokes people, Jericho signed his death warrant with a right hand to the face of Michaels’ wife, dang. Jericho walks away to extreme heat, and Michaels is left attending to his wife.

This segment was insane, this has to build some insane heat. I don’t know how people are going to take this segment. Jericho basically hit a woman in the face, literally, figuratively, whatever. She takes a solid right hand to the face, and whether or not you’re a wrestling fan or not, a Woman gets hit in the face by a man, and it is replayed in slow motion. Well, for those of you that like me, know wrestling is fake, we’ll all just hope for a Jericho vs. HBK match in an unsanctioned street fight, like they used to do it. Jericho is going to have hell to pay for this one, and it came across really solid, it almost looked like it wasn’t even accidental, as Jericho really had time to orchestrate that right hand. He showed no remorse, wow….what a heat inducing moment. I don’t know if Shawn Michaels is really going to retire now, but this was horrible. I can’t believe it….death to Chris Jericho!

Immediately after this match we have a commercial break. That’s right, we pay 39.95 to get a commercial break to a PPV? What a load of crap. I still want to see Street Kings, but come on! Do we really need a commercial break during a ppv event? That was lame.

Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry in the ECW Championship Match via DQ

This match didn’t even have a chance to unhinge. This match broke down in a matter of moments. This was disappointing to say the least. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and and looks like he’s going to win, but Tony Atlas causes the disqualification. Matt Hardy then attacks Atlas, Jeff Hardy runs through and helps out. The team brawls outside, and beats down Mark Henry, but of course it’s too little too late. The championship doesn’t change hands, and this match is over way too soon. What a pay day for Matt Hardy, he was out there for what? Fifteen minutes? That’s lame.

CM Punk defeated JBL in the World Heavyweight Championship Match

The crowd was firmly behind CM Punk in this one, and JBL really got a lot of boo’s. I predicted the standard Punk match, always trying to battle back, but there was a little bit of variation. I definitely wanted to see this one, and am glad we didn’t have to wait too long for it to happen! The crowd was red hot for this one, and PUNK chants were breaking out left and right. Punk really got a lot of offense in throughout the match, and JBL really worked well with Punk. While, I don’t think Punk looked extremely strong, he had enough of a move set to make JBL’s limited set look good. JBL really started to look frustrated towards the end of the match, as Punk would keep coming back after a lot of heavy moves. JBL dropped Punk off the second rope onto his head several times, and there was even a collision where Punk and JBL collided splitting punk’s skull wide open. While there wasn’t a lot of blood, CM Punk managed to get his bearings together long enough for the GTS on JBL for the clean win. Punk’s skull was really split open, and I’m surprised that the announcers really didn’t talk about it much. JBL loses this one clean to Punk, and it was definitely impressive. You gotta see JBL fall on Punk’s skull, it was sick. Punk had to be legitimately knocked out for a second or two. These types of falls are what concussions are made of, but Punk seemed to be alright after the match up. JBL has nothing to say any longer, Punk wins clean!

Triple H defeated The Great Khali in the WWE Championship Match

Now this is one of the ones that I was waiting for with great expectations. I have been talking all week about how I wanted the Great Khali to beat the crap out of Triple H and win this match up. Khali definitely looked to be out matched in this one, and rightfully so, Khali is HUGE. Khali threw Triple H around like a rag doll for the most part and it really looked bad. Triple H reminded me a lot of Hulk Hogan’s matches as he was getting beat up a lot. He was getting manhandled completely and Triple H was evoking the crowds emotions as they were getting into it. Khali was superior in this match, and I haven’t always been a big fan of his matches, but he’s really turning it on now. It could be that Triple H is doing something to push this match or something, but he’s really coming into his own here. Triple H did get a bit of offense in, so it wasn’t just the khali show, but it was all Khali for a good portion of this match. Shades of Andre The Giant was seen in this match up when Khali got stuck in the ropes, and I couldn’t help but remember Jake The Snake Roberts vs. Andre at Wrestlemania V, but it was short lived as Khali got out fast. I was actually beginning to think that Triple H was injured as he took a nasty fall to the outside of the ring, but apparently wasn’t too bad to drop out of the match. Triple H miraculously recovers, ala Hulk Hogan, and delivers the pedigree on Khali for the clean victory. This was interesting, but I don’t want to see much more matches like this. I’m no longer a little kid, so I don’t want to see more Hulk Hogan era wrestling main events, but this was satisfying somehow. I really wanted Triple H to lose, but apparently he has more stroke than my petty wishes.

Batista defeated John Cena

I’m not sure where the WWE was going with this match up, but the crowd was definitely behind both guys. This is interesting to say the least. The match wasn’t exactly a technical classic, but it was good for what it was. These two big guys are just in the power move category, rather than treading onto Bret Hart technical matches. There was a lot of standard, basic, moves, but they were done with such power, that one could forgive them for doing so. I was impressed with the amount of control the two guys had in this match up, and the crowd seemed really into it, so in turn, I was really into it. There was a lot of near falls, even in the middle of the match. The ending was definitely great, as Cena got caught in mid air into a Batista bomb, then afterwards, a second Batista bomb for the clean victory. Batista defeated John Cena with a batista bomb, and that’s all that matters. This match was a lot better than I could have hoped for, and both men put everything forward, Batista though, wins this match up. Wow. What an event.

Undertaker defeated Edge in a Hell in the Cell Match

Speculation had Mick Foley coming through and costing Edge the match. However, early on the reports on the internet were saying that Foley wasn’t going to be showing up this night, and probably won’t end up continuing his commentating job, due in large part to his dislike of getting yelled at by Vince McMahon on a constant basis. However, this was the match of the night. Everyone was waiting for this one, and I personally was wondering how Undertaker would be in this match up, as he had been resting for a good two or three months at a time.

The Undertaker really put on a clinic in this match, proving once again that there’s still fuel left in the tank of the dead man. Edge put on the best he could, and he fought off Undertaker through a lot of different stages, including all his usual spots. Edge even speared the Undertaker through the side of the cell, and out to the floor. Edge took out Undertaker through the announce table, then things started to really go to the wall. Edge eventually got tossed off the top rope through two tables, then was given a concierto, then the Tombstone piledriver for the win. Undertaker wins clean, after dismantling Edge on ever corner of the ring. The Undertaker then walks away, but comes back to the ring!

Post match, Undertaker sets up Edge on a ladder, then choke slams Edge off the top of a ladder and THROUGH THE RING! Edge definitely got the better of this match up, and Edge is completely done! After Edge goes through the ring, Fire consumes the hole in which he was thrown into. Edge basically gets thrown into HELL! This was awesome!

WWE Summerslam 2008 Results:

MVP defeated Jeff Hardy
Santino & Beth Phoenix defeated Kofi Kingston & Mickie James
Shawn Michaels Retires From WWE** (or does he?)
Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry via DQ
CM Punk defeated JBL
Triple H defeated The Great Khali
Batista defeated John Cena
Undertaker defeated Edge

Overall a great show, and I definitely enjoyed it. The whole thing was great, I didn’t really get bored like I did during Wrestlemania this year, and this last match up was great. Good job WWE on a good ppv! I'm sure there are going to be a lot of people that didn't like this one, but come, this wasn't as bad as other ppv this year. Seriously, this was great.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

WWE Smackdown 8/15/2008 Review Summerslam Cometh

Due to some traffic and a slow moving line at Best Buy, I didn’t catch the first 45 minutes of Smackdown. So I’m going to be reviewing what I did see, and talking about the results as well. Sorry…I know, I know, I’m slacking. But I’ll make it up to you, all 3 readers, by reviewing WWE Summerslam 2008 this weekend as I finally saved enough money to get a ppv from the WWE. So expect a full ppv review this Sunday, right after Summerslam concludes. Until then, enjoy the Smackdown Review here!

The Brian Kendrick defeated Scotty Goldman

Scotty Goldman had a lot of charisma, and they had a good promo for him too. He played up the comedic angle, and he wasn’t half bad. I have never seen this guy before, and he actually put on an ok set of moves, considering he’s just a jobber for the most part. Kendrick landed The Kendrick for the win, but I was somewhat impressed by Scotty Goldman’s debut. I highly doubt he’s going to be going to be featured forever on the show. He really is one step above the jobber level. Ezekiel dropped Goldman after the match up with a shoulder block…innovative huh?

Triple H Interview:

Triple H’s forehead looked really bad. He’s getting old, and it’s not looking all that great. He was cutting the average HHH promo, and Kenny Dykstra comes out and interrupts him. Kenny, from the spirit squad, and the two are going to wrestling later tonight? Sounds stupid if you ask me, but what do I know? Triple H needs to drop the title, there is absolutely NO reason for him to be the champion right now.

The Great Khali In Ring Segment:

The Great Khali got on the mic and just started rambling. The crowd was yelling what the whole time, that was awesome, but I don’t like this. I wish there was another way for Khali to garner some heat. This in ring promo was stupid to me. I was really bored and wasn’t sure why the wwe is trying to get heel heat with Khali and his mouth piece. I hope Khali wins this weekend, Triple H sucks.

Triple H defeated Kenny Dykstra

Did anyone in the world believe that Kenny Dykstra could possibly defeat Triple H? I have no doubt that Triple H will never do the job to Kenny. Kenny did look impressive, I do give him that, and Triple H did look surprised, and I liked the way this match up began. This wasn’t half bad actually, and Kenny has improved since his Spirit Squad days. Triple H of course wasn’t going to let Kenny get in too many shots, and this match was over before it even got unhinged. Triple H made quick work of Kenny and Dykstra is reduced to nothing more than a jobber. So much for pushing new talent huh? Triple wins with the pedigree, and I highly doubt that anyone is surprised. If you are genuinely surprised by the result of this match, please stop reading my wwe blog, please, you’re obviously an idiot. Triple H looks horrible now, and Dykstra didn’t get much of a chance.

Post Match Triple H beat down Khali’s interpreter. Khali didn’t do a whole lot initially, but Triple H kept taunting him and in came Khali! I do not know how the WWE is going to get Triple H to beat such a huge guy, and even Undertaker lost to Khali at one point. Triple H hit Khali with a bunch of moves and was trying to hit the pedigree, but it just wasn’t working out all that well. Eventually, Triple H knocked Khali over the top rope and on came Motorhead to play his theme. (Not literally) This post match thing was stupid, and I’m sure diehard Triple H fans ate it up, but this is just cheap to me. Triple H took about a month off and didn’t promote his own match, Khali didn’t do much to garner attention, and now it is being shoved down our throats? Give me a break. The match was stupid, and if Khali doesn’t walk out the champion, I’m going to be upset.

The Big Show defeated Ryan Braddock

The Big Show is still employed? What the heck? He’s laughing and smiling? I thought he quit for a while? I don’t like The Big Show anymore, and I don’t want the big show laughing, smiling or looking at all interested with the fans. He’s not even that huge anymore, he’s been beaten before, he’s been made to look lame, and now he’s being force fed to us? The show hasn’t been relevant in a long time.

9:13 pm and we have a new jobber? Seriously? What is smackdown doing? They are putting in these jobbers, although they have some style, but come on! They just fired like 8 guys, and they hire these chumps? Seriously? The match wasn’t all that great, and why would it be? (to quote Don West) This match was horrible, and really predictable. The Big Show threw Braddock from end to end, then landed a huge right hand, for the three count. This wasn’t even a match, it was just a mauling, Big Show nearly killed this jobber. Why? The Show is lame. I can’t believe this is tonight’s Smackdown. Jobber central, this is stupid. Man, I’m so upset with the presentation on Smackdown right now. I know they didn’t want to hurt their Summerslam participants, but this is the best they could come up with? Seriously? I hated this Smackdown up to this point.

MVP Interview Segment:

MVP is gold on the mic! He pulls another great promo, and looks like he’s really into this whole program with Jeff Hardy. I’m surprised that the WWE is allowing MVP to basically freestyle through these segments, and shining! I haven’t seen this much charisma on the mic in a long time!

Victoria and Vickie Segment:

Victoria is so hot! I wish I could meet her and have a drink or two…or something else. Man, her boobs were just there…I’m sorry…this was weird. Vickie started getting frantic and Victoria rolled her away. Victoria was looking good, as a male, I couldn’t stop looking at her…I’m sorry, but she is a good wrestler and she is looking as good as ever. She must work out huh? I better stop before I get in trouble.

Vickie ends up going to a limo backstage, and right when she is going to get in, Edge shows up! This is lame too. I’m tired of this backstage crap.

Vladamir Kozlov defeated Festus

Finally, Kozlov is going to get some competition. I was waiting for this to happen, and the WWE finally gave Vladamir Kozlov some competition. The bell rang and Festus really brought a lot to Vladamir. This match looked stiff, and I’m not sure if that’s what Kozlov had planned, it almost looked like he was sucker punched in the face, and he then snapped. He was taking some liberties out there for sure, and Festus was hanging in there. After the initial brawl that opened this match up, the match went into “big guy” mode and there was a lot of rest holds and random power moves accomplished. I was rooting for Festus in this one, as I finally saw Kozlov looking weak, and thought for sure it was time to see his streak lose! This match got me hooked towards the end with the near falls and Kozlov looking genuinely upset, his face completely red and frustration written all over it. Festus was in complete control, and I thought for sure Festus had it, but as Festus leaped off his feat, Kozlov timed the head butt perfectly for the win.

This was the best match of the week. Kozlov, even with little fan reaction, made a believer out of me with the perfectly timed head butt and Festus really put a good match together. This match ruled! Give Kozlov more competition, he is intense!

Final Edge and Vickie Segment:

I was half asleep during this one. I’m not really buying all this edge stuff. It was good for a little bit, but now it’s just getting repetitive and tired. The show ended like last week. Edge terrorizing Vickie, which will most likely lead to Vickie orchestrating Edge’s loss this weekend. Apparently I didn’t miss much of Smackdown this week.

WWE Smackdown 8/15/2008 Quick Results:

Jeff Hardy def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin - DQ - United States Championship Match
Natalya & Maryse def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool & Maria
The Brian Kendrick def. Scotty Goldman
Triple H def. Kenny Dykstra
Big Show def. Ryan Braddock
Vladimir Kozlov def. Festus

The Kozlov match was well worth it. I loved that match and thought it was Kozlov’s strongest outing. I am glad to see that they are starting to give him more competition. I hope this leads into a stronger push and maybe even some high profile matches with some better competition. He doesn’t need to be great on the mic, he can return a certain element of wrestling prowess to the ring, that has been missing a long time now.

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TNA Impact Review 8/14/2008 Different Approach

This week, I had a bad Friday morning, and couldn’t get the review done in the same fashion that I usually do it. However, I did manage to watch the show, so I’m writing this kind of by memory, so it’s not going to be as extensive as usual, so hang in there with me…I’m trying.

Christian Cage and Rhino defeated The Rock N’ Rave Infection

I don’t believe that a tag team that is not a real team, should defeat an established, regular tag team. So this match really made me upset as a wrestling fan. As a purist that is, but as a casual fan of TNA (considering that I’m not the greatest fan of their product) this match up was not bad. A lot of good in and out tags, Cage and Rhino were great, and almost seemed like a seasoned tag team. Rock N’ Roll Infection is all flash and not a whole lot more. Christy Hemme looked good for once, and she was covering up her forehead, so it wasn’t glaring off the lights. It was a good overall match, and a nice change of pace from the usual horrible matches that I’ve been watching this week.

Team 3D defeated Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash

This match bored me. It was basically the Samoa Joe show, as Nash didn’t do a whole lot in this one. Joe snapped after the match, and the win, by hitting Devon with a chair several times and this was interesting. Joe was going nuts! Earl Hebner reversed the decision after the fact and Team 3D picks up the win. I’m not sure what kind of implications this makes for the future, but Team 3D loses again.

The Blueprint Matt Morgan defeated Johnny Devine

This match sucked. Matt Morgan sucked. His matches are devoid of any charisma, and while he’s a big guy, he doesn’t execute that monster charisma that is needed to get over. He sucks, I’m sorry. After the match up Abyss and Morgan seem to team up…boring me some more.

I wish that Abyss took Morgan out, and just beat the living hell out of him. Then Morgan can get over as a guy that came back from the beat down to conquer the Abyss…but nope. The booking team at TNA have their heads in their butts.

Karen’s Angle sucked. Let’s never see this again. Watching Mr. Ass come out as gay…stupid, I bet he’s banging the beautiful people, seriously, I’d bang em….sorry, I’ll get back to pg rating.

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Jay Lethal

This was a boring match to me. I’m tired of seeing Jay Lethal trying to be Macho Man. He’s just not that damn good. Macho Man had charisma, Lethal is just a parody of a good wrestler. I hate it. Sheik Abdul is being touted as the “Arabian Nightmare” and I am not sure if that is a wise idea. We’ll see how tna works this all out.

Sonjay Dutt came out and beat down Lethal, and apparently their feud is not over. Great way to sell that match up from the ppv? Huh.

Taylor Wilde defeated Christy Hemme (Traci Brooks was the ref)

This match was good. It was quick and had a lot of good and solid wrestling. It is always a treat to see the TNA Knockouts. I would never want to fight them or even date them, they’d probably kill me fast. But man, would it be a nice way to go out, huh? The match was good, and Taylor Wilde wins again. Christy Hemme is not just a playboy cover girl, she can work really well in the ring and put on a good match up.

Afterwards Awesome Kong hit the ring, and tore up the women. Gail Kim ran down and helped out. This seems to be the standard in TNA, they just keep going to the same savior angle with Kim. They need to just book Kong vs. Kim in a specialty match, like a steel cage and let’s see them fight!

Hernandez defeated James Storm

The LAX feud continued again with some horrible singles match. Hernandez is cool and Storm is ok, but this match was boring. They need their tag partners to make this worth while.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle

This was a wrestling match! No, not a pro-wrestling match up, they took the ropes down and they did a traditional wrestling match. It was so horrible. I hate this type of crap. The ending was interesting though, they had the lights go out, Angle had a bat, and then the lights went out again and this time AJ had a guitar and smashed it into Kurt Angles head, and once again Angle was busted open the hard way! This is ridiculous!

Tna Impact 8/14/2008 Quick Results:

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle
Hernandez defeated James Storm
Taylor Wilde defeated Christy Hemme (Traci Brooks was the ref)
Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Jay Lethal
The Blueprint Matt Morgan defeated Johnny Devine
Team 3D defeated Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash
Christian Cage and Rhino defeated The Rock N’ Rave Infection

This show wasn’t all that great. Sure, they stuffed the show with a lot more wrestling than WWE, but the execution of these matches weren’t that great. I didn’t think that they did pro-wrestling right. WCW at least made some very memorable moments, meanwhile TNA tries to rest on their laurels. There wasn’t as many interview segments and a lot of backstage stuff, although they did take place. This show seemed to have a lot more wrestling than I usually am used to with TNA. The crowd seemed into it at times too, so maybe this was a good show for the fans in attendance.

I can’t stand the announce team though. Seriously, the announce team sucks. They need Tony Shiavone back in there with Tenay!

I also don’t like TNA is a strong number 2.

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