Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyone's Fired...Ok...Suspended

So who are these superstars? The list will make your jaw drop. For dramatic effect, I will start small, and end large.

* Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci, Currently a WWE office worker.
* Gregory Helms, Not currently wrestling.
* Edge, Not currently wrestling.
* Charlie Haas, here we start to get bigger. Just wait for the next name.
* Santino Marella, no big deal, but wait for this next one.
* William Regal, wait for it.
* King Booker, not that we enjoyed him, it is still a big blow.
* Chavo Guerrero, this is intersting.
* John Morrison, crap.
* Mr. Kennedy, just a week or so after saying the wellness program made him go off steroids. To be fair, I haven't read that they have been suspended for steroid use, just getting internet prescriptions.
* Randy Orton, are you serious?

Source - WWE GEEK (you're awesome!)

AMAZING! Did you see the names up there? These are the stars that were suspended. Those are not small names, least C.M. Punk wasn't there because we could totally call him a hypocrite for being "straightedge" and using drugs.

I think it's shocking, who is left? The shows are going to suck now....or are they?

I didn't really like anyone but Kennedy.

or do I?

Since when is WWE a sport anyways? I don't care. Let them take whatever!

Seriously, the 80's were great, I didn't care if they were on drugs. They get compensated HUGE.

Or maybe I'm just off base. It's hilarious to see...that's all.

ANd then

ESPN added three other names Dave Bautista Shoichi Funaki Chris Mordetzky aka Chris Masters

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

C,M. Punk Tries Too Hard

C.M. Punk is crazy. He's one of the best pure new guys that I've seen in a long time. Seriously, he's all over the place, and he's making it exciting to watch ECW. However, that's not to say that the other players in ECW aren't as good, but Ecw left me feeling like things can somehow be ok.

I don't think he should have gotten another shot at the title, but it was interesting to note that he won the chance for another one again. I hope he wins'd be nice to have a face champion on ECW. However, if he does, I hope he takes on all comers every week and not just the former champion over and over again. We'll have to wait to see what goes down in ye olde Ecw town.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Carlito has Grapefruits

There is no way in the world I would let anyone spit in my face and get away with it.

Neither Did HHH!

On returning to Carlito's Cabana with Vince McMahon in a funny segment, Carlito was upset at how he treated the Owner of the company, and in a move that proved that was insane...Carlito spit in the face of HHH with such ease. I thought for a moment that HHH was going to kill Carlito...and well...Carlito learned his listen.

Raw was cool for that reason alone.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Summerslam Afterthoughts

After a long absence from PPV I finally broke down and ordered one. WWE Summerslam was better than I had originally expected. I knew HHH was going to win over Booker, I knew Rey Mysterio was going to win, and the rest of the night had some good spots too.

John Cena and that leg drop, man oh man, that was cooler than I had anticipated.Randy Orton put up a great fight and I thought for sure he was going to win it. He of course fell short, but man, what a close match. The crowd was way into both men, and were heard cheering loudly through all aspects of the match. Even a rest hold from Orton got cheers.

Umaga and the triple threat match had me thinking Kennedy was going to take it. proved otherwise. Oh well.

Rey Mysterio in silver paint was really weird. He's a lot slower and seems fatter now.

HHH looked lean and up to the challenge. The missed Harlem Hangover had me screaming out loud! I haven't seen that move in a while.

Cm Punk getting screwed was lame.

No Jackass on the funny is that?

That's about it. The show was kind of cool, and well worth the price. I liked it.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

It Has Come To This?

Has it really come to this? A basketball challenge? This is the worst thing I've seen in Smackdown history. This is not wrestling, this is a waste of time. This sucks! Why are they having a freakin BASKETBALL CHALLENGE ON SMACKDOWN!

Matt Hardy and MVP have way more talent in the ring than to be playing basketball against one another.

This saddens me.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wrestling and Comic Books

WCW used to publish a comic book alongside Marvel Comics. Then Foley,Undertaker,and Stone Cold all had their own comic books. They were all bad. Remember Warrior comics? OH yeah, those were bad too.

Now there's a comic that is looking to change that, a relatively new and good comic? Yep...Check it out, it's actually well written, drawn, and not comedy based. It's called "Headlocked" and it's looking good.

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Mark Henry Is A Top Star?

Today the worst news, and best news, is about Mark Henry. The news sites I read have all called him a top star.

I hate when the headlines to get you to click on the site are lies. Mark Henry IS NOT at all a top star. He sucks.

I can count on my hand, one hand, how many good matches Henry has had. I mentioned earlier on this page that Big Daddy V had a limited arsenal of moves, but this guy is really bad. Seriously, why is WWE still pushing the guy?

I hope he does quit, leaves, or whatever. The WWE does NOT need this idiot wrestling for their company. It doesn't put butts in the seat...and if he does wrestle Undertaker on the come back...I'm going to be sad.

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A Shoutout To Sir jorge

I was listening to the smart wrestling fan podcast, and it was insane!


Because they read my email and addressed my complaints about Big Daddy V. I called him Mark Henry #2 and was apparently wrong!

They even counted how many moves he did at the last ECW show...ouch.

I'm an idiot.

But a famous idiot now. Subscribe to that show on itunes for free!

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Vampiro vs. Sting WCW

WCW had some bad gimmicks, and they basically screwed over Sting and Vampiro with these stupid gimmicks. The above video is hilarious. Look at the tomfoolery that is found with the late great WCW. Who greenlighted all that?

Vampire is stellar, and fast moving in the Lucha Libre scene, but in regards to american wrestling, the guy has been a joke.

Even on The Failed WSX, he's a little older.

Put him in a lucha libre match though, and watch the theatrics and wrestling style.

Oh yeah...Vampiro was good...Sting was good...wcw ruined both.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WWE Pulls Trigger Too Early

WWE had me nearly getting the Summerslam ppv, the matches were set the set up seemed to be working in their favor and mine, and then they went and pulled Raw and Ecw into the worst possible story line driven stupidity that I've seen since the Katie Vick angle with HHH doing the act on a dead body with a Kane Mask on.

Seriously, the WWE totally did themselves in with having C.M Punk lose, Cena getting clobbered again, Vince spending so much time with regards to his so called "son" and the rest of the undercard taking a back seat to random antics.

Whatever happened to wrestling? Is WWE only Entertainment now? Is wrestling gone?

Maybe Tna will have something to say about this on Thursday, but something tells me their six sided monstrosity is going to have me bored to death as usual.

We need a #2 company that's not six sided.

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NPR Considers Wrestling a Real Sport

This morning I was surprised to see that NPR had done a news piece on Wrestling and somehow pointed to the fact that other sports should take note. That seems funny to me.

I don't like the way the media is treating the whole Benoit thing, after so many weeks.

Maybe I'm a culprit too somehow.

NPR has done a little article and radio piece
about how other sports should take note that the WWE has had so many wrestling deaths and the deaths are all people that are under the age of 50 years old.

Why should other sports consider it? I don't think it should matter. Seriously, it shouldn't matter because no one cared about pro-wrestling before the deaths, and no one should make a big deal about "other sports" because pro-wrestling isn't something that is considered a sport any longer. At one point maybe...but now? Come's dumb to think of it as a sport.

Sometimes I wish we did think about it as a sport.

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Tommy Dreamer Smashed To Pieces

The big thing I noticed about last night's ECW was that Tommy Dreamer got smashed to pieces by Big Daddy V. WOW! Talk about pain, the guy is old, he's not a contender for the ECW Title so they make him do the job in painful fashion! Why couldn't they get Stevie Richards to do the job? He's on a winning streak anyways, what better way to send him back to the bottom of the barrel.

C.M Punk was placed in the Goldberg vs. Hogan position..he loses on television for free.

I don't want to get Summerslam now. Jerks.

I welcome comments, by the way, but if you're going to say stuff like "lets see you come up with an idea and get it on wwe tv", than you're going to get laughed at by me and the entire staff here at the WWE blog. Obviously I'm not affiliated with the wwe, but if they are going to cram content down my throat, I am not going to sit and be a fanboy.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Raw Crashes and Burns Fans

Raw wasted my time yet again. Oh yes. It’s said to say but I was looking forward to a night filled with wrestling, instead I had a lot of fluff and a few matches, and with a roster of so many people, I figured that a wrestling show could have well…wrestling.

Instead…the first initial moments of raw were spent with McMahon and Orton discussing who his “son” could possibly be.

My wife, who has been a growing fan, stated what I and many other long time fans felt:

“What does McMahon having an illegitimate son have to do with wrestling?”

That’s when she went to bed.

I was tempted to follow suit, because I knew Raw was going to suck, but I stuck around…then disaster after disaster.

Here’s something to note:

Snitsky Sucks. Get him off of television. How in the blue hell does he get to wrestle Cena out of the blue?

The Women’s Match suffered by having “pretty” girls instead of real wrestlers; why can’t WWE take Japan’s women’s division as a model to create real wrestlers that are women in the WWE.

Carlito and Kennedy could’ve done some great things…instead a double pin? Whatever.

Umaga is still around?

Oh and this is when I knew things were going to suck for me…I wake up at 4 am daily…this is bad….look!

I oddly liked Ron Simmons.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bret Hart Bashes Everyone...except Foley

Foley's books are real...according to Bret Hart who was quoted stating the following:

Bret Hart's book is due out on October 16, and he didn't waste any time putting other wrestling books to shame. At a recent book convention he stated that all wrestling books so far other than Mick Foley's "were crap."

Bret Hart has a cool book coming out and he's a little worried as how it will be received. I welcome anything from bret, but in recent days I wonder if the "screw" job was nothing but a work.

What if?

I'm starting to think that it could be the greatest work in wrestling history if it is truly a work. There's a lot of conspiracy involved.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

TNA Phasing Out X-Division?

Here's a little rumor that was flying around a few days ago. It stated that the x-division was going to be phased out by TNA wrestling and would focus more on the heavyweight contenders. It's a great moment in time when this happens.


Because you begin to see the demise of TNA. WWE has phased out most of their pushing of the cruiserweights to the point that the show sucks in regards to the light heavyweight matches. You see an occasional good highlight, but in regards to the newer matches, they just don't cut the mustard.

Why doesn't anyone use the Lucha guys like WCW did?

Remember the awesome cruiserweight battles?

Oh the memories.

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Benoit Erased From Horseman Legacy

Chris Benoit has been erased from a lot of people's memory and now he's been erased from the history books of sorts as the WWE has edited him out of the WWE 24/7 version of the four horseman presentation.

This comes as a shock to me...since a lot of other dead wrestlers and crazy guys weren't edited out.

I don't like the edits. I wish I could see more explanation about the horseman etc.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ECW Makes another Mark Henry

Mizark Henry is one of the worst wrestlers.

Now we have Mark Henry 2.

Who's that?

This idiot below:

Sure there's intensity, but no one wants to see those elastic man boobs.

Not only that the rest of ECW was pointless. Squashing C.M Punk & Tommy Dreamer was lame...and why is Stevie Richards still employed?

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Raw Revelations: HHH Screws King Booker Again

True to form I'm not going to review Raw...I don't need to, you already saw it you already read reviews you already read recaps.


The big news is that HHH is going to squash the King Booker character at Summerslam, confirming what I've said previously about how Booker T. Did not want to go to raw for this very reason!

They are going to squash booker, make HHH look better, put the belt on Orton, and this is going to be bad.

I hate when HHH gains the upper hand and screws good talent along the way. I hope he tears his quad again!

The worst thing I remember about the last time these two met was that HHH said and I'm quoting here:

"The WWE Championship is not meant for people like you"

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Crush Dead

Crush of WWF and WCW fame...has been found dead.


Isn't that amazing? Another wrestler found dead before he was an old man! Insane huh?

I wonder how this is going to affect the media coverage still ongoing from the Chris Benoit case.

The death toll is huge man...this is getting ridiculous.

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WWE Legends Uno Game?

I've seen some bad gimmicks but is this one the worst? Maybe. I would play Uno with WWE cards, and it would be incredible.

I wouldn't mind it, although maybe this is a little much?

The game is fun by itself but with Uno & WWE it's going to be amazing.

Tonight Raw is going to be on and I'm going to watch it.

Talk about the worst post in blog history here....

Sorry...I am dead tired.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Smackdown In Pictures...Boredom Edition

WWE proves again that the Tag Champions can't beat former world champions...not only that they suck. I hate when they discredit the championships like this.

Mizark Henry proves nothing by beating a jobber.

Now this is a way to end Smackdown. Champion on Top, proving he's good, idiots on the floor drooling.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Wrestling News Sites Suck

I subscribe to a few wwe rss feeds, and I get my news daily. But I hate it when these sites claim that the WWE has released "SUPERSTARS" or "FIRED" someone. I always think that they have fired someone serious and when I get there it's no one but a jobber or guy I haven't even heard of!

Why do they report like this?

On this blog I don't report the news on the wrestling world like other sites. I don't do play by play, I give sole opinion. Some may agree, others may disagree, but all in all I try my best to make it at least credible. You don't see me fool the readers into clicking into my site by saying that WWE has fired a "Superstar", if someone gets fired I tell you about it in a way that makes it analytical. Like when Dupree got fired...that was worth talking about. If some lame OVW guy gets canned...what do I care? He wasn't on tv and he's not in this blog.

I wish more sites would be honest and be true to the fans that are reading their site, click on ads, and buying merch with their affiliates.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

TNA Wrestlers Upset

I know how it is to work hard and get nothing. So when I heard that TNA wrestlers are upset with management because they keep working hard and are not rewarded at all, I felt a tad bit of a connection.

TNA is looking at spending more money on people like A-Train,Nydia,and Ariel, while they still pay Christian Cage, Kurt Angle and Sting 6 figures!

Sounds like TNA is going to have a revolt on their hands if they don't do something quick.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ECW Hates Old Guys

The Boogeyman looked really good until he got demolished by the big man that used to be the world's largest lover. Oh man is this guy lame. He's intense, I give him that, but that's about all he has going for him. I know for a fact he doesn't have a whole can of wrestling ability.

Tommy Dreamer
is sure showing his age in this match against Elijah Burke...can anyone remember K-Qwik? Oh yeah.

Is anyone else tired of non-title matches? There must be only 1 contender for the Ecw Championship. With no secondary title on the show, there's no reason to draw fans into a storyline of a contender that is rising in the ranks. Plus, there's no tag champions. Why do I punish myself watching ECW? I guess it's for the hopes of seeing moves like that.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Boohoo Vinnie Mac

Vince McMahon came on Raw in an obvious ploy to get ratings. He went through raw with a sob story and some comic relief, that really had me going to sleep rather than entertained. Sad. Two things made Watching Raw great.

I was really into the battle royal. When The Sandman nearly one, I literally jumped onto my couch and cheered out loud! So did the Arena, which jumped to their feet and led a huge reaction! Was Raw going to get Extreme?


They killed it with an obvious twist, that I missed out when the idiot went underneath the bottom rope. Jerks. Regal wins...obviously.

I should've known.

Mickie James is hot. She lost weight. She's getting better in the ring. I liked the Women's match.

That's it folks. The rest of Raw was so boring and predictable. Not even IRS could save my tastes for the show. The Champion in a tag match? What is this WCW? BORING!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

The End of Brands

Recent articles are speculating that the WWE is going to push the reset button tonight on Raw. With Vince McMahon showing up on Raw to make some major announcement and continue his death angle, many feel that the brand splits are going to switch and become nothing more than your average show.

However, I feel that tonight they are just trying hook ratings after two disastrous plummets in ratings, and on that front.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smackdown In Pictures Again

Khali is amazing. Only when he is beating up old men.

Jimmy Wang Yang is cool, he's got some great offense. Dykstra though? I'm not buying his no nonsense gimmick right now.

Matt Hardy is STILL in the midcard. This guy has talent, but if he doesn't learn how to use the mic...he's going to be stuck in the midcard Dino Bravo.

Smackdown was ok at best.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Note to Sponsorship

Oh the Sponsors! That’s right folks, I have new sponsors for the site. Well…not just Amazon, I’m talking about legit sponsorship. No, it’s not WWE, it’s simply just links. If you’re interested in them at all, you can always help me out in the cause of blogging. After each post you can click on something to get into amazon, which is a helpful. Hey…at least I don’t have pop ups all over this site like some of the other news sites.

I also encourage comments. If you are reading this, drop by and give a brotha a comment and come back and see what I reply…I do reply…most of the time.

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McMahon Returns

Vinnie Mac is coming back and you better watch out.

I wonder if he’s going to make any mention of his “death” or if he is just going to announce some matches.

I have no idea what Vince is going to say, or do. I for one am anxious to see what the chairman is going to do.

I personally feel it’s just a ratings issue.

Vince will show up on Raw this upcoming Monday.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

HHH trashes the new guys

HHH recently had something to say about the new guys coming in. He basically trashed everyone by saying that they aren’t patient enough and are getting promoted too quickly and aren’t using their talents.

The funniest of things was that he said that wrestling FLAIR is a great thing, and a highlight of someone’s current career.


Wrestling a decrepit old man that does the same moves over and over is the highlight of a career?

Give me a break.

HHH is full of something…and it’s not the truth at this point.

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WWE Hates Locals...Kind of....

Joey Ryan was on ECW last night. What? You don't know who Joey Ryan is? He's a local southern california wrestler that has a lot of talent for a "smaller" wrestler. He did the job yet again for WWE losing to Nitro...or Morrison or whatever the hell his name is. It was lame. I didn't like how the WWE covered it on No credit to the guy, no credit to his prowess in ring, instead he just gets beat down for no apparent reason to make John Morrison look stronger? Stupid.

The Miz stunk up the t.v....big idiot v was on too...and well...Tommy Dreamer Proves again that he should give up now.

Ecw is just not cutting the mustard....mmmMMMMmmmm Mustard.

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