Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWE Raw February 25 2013 Review

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I finally stopped listening to other people’s opinion on wrestling and instead decided to just watch it for myself, without reading any new or anything else. My favorite moments from this week’s raw are probably not going to be what you liked, but hey, we’re all different. If you want results, read them somewhere else.

Here are my favorite Raw moments from February 25, 2013.

Triple H fighting Brock Lesnar was awesome, and the two can really brawl. I absolutely loved the way it all worked out and the blood that Lesnar had was also impressive. If you missed it, than you missed something great. Paul Heyman and Mr McMahon fought a little but the end result was rad.

CM Punk calling himself god was awesome. I loved it.

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback definitely put on one of my favorite matches in 2013. I loved the way things worked and Ziggler is ready to be the main event, the big time. Someone give him a title shot. Seriously, give him a title shot already!

John Cena and Cm Punk put on a classic wrestling match. I absolutely was thrilled with the way the pacing worked, the shots that were made, and the great Cena moves that were definitely showstoppers. Punk fought hard and he didn’t win, but wow, Cena earned this one in impressive fashion. I truly believe that John Cena is truly deserving the of the WrestleMania spot after this. However, I did not agree that Punk should’ve lost. I wanted him to go to the final third round at Mania, but oh well. I hope Punk gets a shot at Taker’s streak or something important.

WWE Raw was completely sold out this week in Texas and was impressive to say the least. I loved it, you probably liked it, enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Rock Sucks

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3 Reasons Why I Hate The Rock’s Return

I have been a little quiet lately because I haven’t had a lot of time to update this blog. I write 30 articles a day for a variety of clients and at the end of my 8-hour shifts, I don’t have time to watch any wrestling, even though I wanted to. I wasn’t too upset that CM Punk dropped the belt to the Rock at the Royal Rumble, it was a fun match and it really had me entertained. It was the first pay per view that I had ordered in years and was glad that I could pay for it out right. However, I did notice that there are several things that I didn’t like about the return of the Crock….er I mean the Rock.

3 Things I Hate About The Rock

  • He Doesn’t Wrestle That Much – First and foremost, you will have to look at Chris Jericho. Jericho returned to a surprise entry in the Royal Rumble match and nearly won it all. The next night on Raw he wrestled, than he wrestled throughout the week and even though this week, which is more than Rock has done since his 1 match. He’s had more matches back than the WWE champion CROCK! He doesn’t just go out and talk he goes into the ring and puts on entertaining matches. One might argue that Punk didn’t wrestle that much, but before his injury he was wrestling every week, putting on instant classics, and even in the new year he wrestled Ryback in an awesome ladder match. Simply put, Rock doesn’t wrestle for free, he jokes around and looks like a horses ass.
  • He’s Yesterday’s News – Cena was right, Rock doesn’t care about the people nor does he care about the wrestling world. He left, he even didn’t want to be called “THE ROCK” at first, and now he all of a sudden wants to come back? Not only that, he topples Cena at WrestleMania, and now he’s the champion, that makes no sense. What a crock. He hasn’t shown that he cares at all and it is exhibited in the way he puts on boring segments that are NOT wrestling on a wrestling show.
  • The Rock is overrated – There, I said it. Much like I have said many times that The Undertaker’s streak is overrated, the Rock is overrated. He hasn’t had a quality match in ages and in fact, I don’t remember one solitary entertaining match that the rock had without Steve Austin in the main event. That’s right.

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on the guy, but I have yet to be entertained by him in his latest run. If you like him, awesome, I don’t. I believe that Punk should get his revenge, Rock should get fed to Taker and Taker should walk away happy. Good riddance.

Well, until next time, drop me a line, what are your thoughts, I am often times wrong you know. I must admit, I probably would buy The Royal Rumble 2013 Blu Ray here.


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