Sunday, September 18, 2011

Night of Champions 2011 Worst PPV

This ppv sucked. I didn't care about anything that happened, and the one match I did care about was just ridiculous.

CM Punk was well on his way to winning, but out came Kevin Nash and beat up Triple H and Punk. Miz and R Truth also interfered, and beat up the ref. Nash got knocked out with a sledge hammer, Punk got tore up with a powerbomb and 2 pedigrees and that was that.

The rest? Do you care?

Oh yeah.

SUPER JOHN CENA wins the title again...sigh..

Oh right, MARK HENRY is your new champion! He pinned Orton Clean.

I am glad I didn't spend $50 on this. Wow.


  1. new era wwe still better than the current shambles of TNA right now dude

  2. WWE pay-per-views lately have been awful. Most of the matches half the time are the same matches you could watch for free on RAW and Smackdown every week any way. Henry vs Orton, Cena vs Del Rio matches etc. Then it doesn't help that WWE has a pay-per-view like every other week for some reason.

    -Wrestler's Way

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  4. I thought that it would be an interesting PPV. But it was a disaster. I hate Mark Henry, he should have lost :/



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