Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ECW on Scifi 5/12/9 Results and Review Swagger stops By Again

ECW on Scifi 5/12/09 Results

Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer
Finlay defeated Tyson Kidd via dq
Vladimir Kozlov defeated a jobber

Ecw on Scifi 5/12/09 Review

The show opened up with Christian and Jack Swagger talking to the general manager. It was the worst promo I’ve seen in a long time. Such a stale bit of backstage introduction, that I wanted to just go back to bed.

Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer

Tommy almost had me believing that he could make a comeback in ECW, however it just didn’t work. Mark Henry got worked and basically just lost this match up due to brute force. Mark Henry was never too far away from control, and Tommy Dreamer did have a few moments of greatness, but not enough to win this match, so Dreamer is on his way out.

Finlay defeated Tyson Kidd via dq

This match was very back and forth with Tyson Kidd and Finlay exchanging various points in this match up. This was probably one of the better matches in ECW lately as the two were really putting their best foot forward as far as mat wrestling was concerned. However, Finlay looked like he was getting the edge against Tyson Kidd only to have the rug swept from under him, with the DH Smith interfering.

For those of you that don’t know DH Smith is the son of The British Bulldog. He’s considerably smaller, and at the end of the match the two performed The Heart Attack, the move made famous by the old Hart Foundation.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated a jobber

Kozlov defeated some random jobber, it was stupid and nothing really happened.

Christian had his Peep Show with the former ECW champion as the guest. Jack Swagger was in ring verbally sparring with Christian, or trying to anyways. It was kind of funny, but that was about it.

Ecw was lame this week.


I’ll be out of town this next few days. I will only have smaller updates and no reviews until next Tuesday with the Raw review. If you really want to help, buty something from amazon so I can get a ppv or two, it’s costing more than it should. If not, that’s cool, I’ll be back next week with more.

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