Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Review

Woa! A New post?!?!

I was fortunate enough to go see the Royal Rumble with a friend, and it was awesome. It's nice to make new friends, and get to know other wrestling fans around the city.

The show is still fresh in my memory, and here is what I liked the most.


Brodus Clay is hilarious, can dance, reminds me of Akeem The African Dream, but can he hack it? We will have to wait to see whether or not he can wrestle when he gets some serious opponents. Right now they are just building him up with squash matches etc.

CM Punk vs Ziggler

This match had a wonky ending, but the two put on a very fast paced, well played out match with a lot of intricate moments that if you blinked you missed. Ziggler reversing the GTS into a fameasser was clever, the back and forth "I'm smarter" wrestling style of Punk is something I haven't seen in WWE for a long time. The match seemed short but they did everything they could to stand out, and I loved it.


The divas were ok

Cena and Kane

Cena isn't half bad here, and Kane didn't go slow or tire me. The match was actually kind of cool, and Cena did his best to make this more than just his standard match up. I maybe starting to become a Cena fan.

The Royal Rumble Match

The best rumble match I've seen in years! I loved last years event, but this one had a lot of highlights. Kofi Kingston's hand stand and walking outside to get back into the ring was an instant classic. Cody Rhodes nearly winning, The Miz lasting nearly to the end, Socko vs The Cobra, Booker T, Michael Cole, King, and so much more happened that made the event amazing. OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?!?! Now that's an a great thing.

I for once enjoyed a ppv so much that I have no complaints. Smart Wrestling fans are stupid, hating on this, but me? I loved it. Great Rumble, Great show, I might post more from now on.

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