Monday, May 7, 2012

Laringitis Sucks Raw Smells Like Poop

For those of you that caught Monday Night Raw tonight, you noticed something that noticed, and that was the highly terrible opening with none other than what I refer to as Laringitis. The general manager position is not only a hated one right now, it's down right making it a misery to watch Monday night's offering from the WWE. Aside from the horrible plot to have him beat up John Cena at Over The Limit the injection of CM Punk is wasted entertainment. Punk does what he can to make it interesting, but it's just not.

Other than that, we get roughly 30 - 40 minutes of wrestling, and that's being very generous. None of the wrestling managed to make me want to write a full review and no one cared. Sure, the live crowd is always going to be relatively hot, because you're in the building and watching a LIVE event go down, but for the millions of people watching, this edition of Raw is just not that great.

With one exception:


Brodus Clay has proven to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers to come up in recent times and his match with The Miz might not have been a technical masterpiece, but it was definitely a throwback to a much better time in professional wrestling. Outside of Brodus, there is nothing redeeming about the show tonight, and I believe that many people will agree with me.

Oh, one last thing, Heyman saying that Brock Lesnar quits only adds fuel to the fire. It's an interesting angle and I can only assume it's that. I mean, word on the street is that Lesnar threw a fit backstage at WWE already, so he's in the doghouse, and well, WWE does not need Lesnar. Lesnard needs WWE, and that's the truf, or truth or whatever.

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