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Monday Night Raw Review 5/26/2015 Ambrose Over Reigns

Dean Ambrose Shows Up In A Police Truck - SRC WWE.com
I finally got HULU back which means that I will be able to watch more WWE action. Yes, I have the network, but I wanted more than that. As such, I have been able to get to watch a few things and will comment on them as I move forward.

Last night in Long Island, RAW came through for the last time in that arena. I didn’t know Long Island was so big, but that’s because I’m an idiot. Here is my thoughts on just a few things, as I don’t want to bore you with a long winded post on a bunch of BS, and yes folks there was a lot of it online.

Too Much talk Up Front

South Park was right, wrestling has too much talk right now. The opening segment ate up a lot of my care for the program, so much so that I didn’t care for the match that ensued. As soon as the tag match with Ambrose and Reigns versus Rollins and Kane was made, I knew that Rollins would get pinned. Now we are to believe that Dean Ambrose will win the WWE Title this weekend. He won’t, nice try WWE.

Who Cares About Rusev?

I don’t. Lana is ok, but not without Rusev. Rusev has no credibility right now, especially after losing to Cena. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls off the big win at the Elimination Chamber and challenges Cena for a Champion versus Champion unification match.

The BRO Kick Still Wins

I recall going all the way back to 2007 saying that Ziggler should be the champion or a champion, and well he shows off yet again. Sheamus is ok, but I knew this was going his way and the feud continues despite countless matches. I’m tired of this pairing, and am tired of the BRO kick, as I call it.

Zack Ryder Gets To Fight John Cena

Zack Ryder is still employed? John Cena is making everyone on the roster look amazing. In this short match, the two were able to throw in a great match in my view, and a nice finish. Ryder makes a mistake, and Cena makes him pay. The cast of Entourage introduced Ryder, and the crowd ate it up. Cena’s win was not the finish though. Owens showed up power bombed him to hell, then stepped on the United States Title. Will Kevin Owens win at Elimination Chamber? I am calling a DQ finish.

Dean Ambrose is More over than Roman Reigns

I sure hope the WWE reads this blog. Keep pushing Dean Ambrose as a lunatic, and don’t let him win the title. In fact, just keep him strong going nuts everywhere. I don’t know if he’d make a great WWE champion, but I know that his character is getting over more than Roman Reigns right now. Whatever the case is, when he pulled into RAW with a police uniform and truck, I marked out. I loved the notion and I like that he’s unstable. Will he win at the chamber? No.

Raw had some nice moments, but even with the compact 90 minutes, it was a lot of talking. Talk is not wrestling, but hey, that’s what happens in this era. This is not NXT so I shouldn’t expect pure wrestling right?

Until my next update, listen to some podcasts or something. Drop me a line if you have a comment, or just ignore this as you usually do. Thanks.

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