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WWE NXT May 2, 2018 Results and Review The Better WWE Show

Superwoman - SRC WWE
I tuned into NXT because I though there was going to be a huge main event, and while it was ok, it wasn’t what I thought, but that’s ok. This was actually a fun show, and it ended with a great moment, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

WWE NXT May 2, 2018 Results and Review

Kairi Sane defeated Shazza McKenzie

This wasn’t a bad match, and Kairi Sane was able to get the big win. She has one of the best elbows in all of wrestling folks, you have to see her do it, it’s impressive beyond belief. She’s not the next Asuka, she’s a wrestler all her own, with a mariner gimmick that I enjoy overall.

TM61 defeated Street Profits

This was an odd pairing, and the Street Profits would get the win here, even though it seemed like TM61 was going to break up, I think. I heard there was an injury too.

Kona Reeves defeated Patrick Scott

Kona Reeves reminds me of a larger Prince Iukea. This was an ok match, but we need to see a lot more Kona Reeves before I get too carried away with whether or not he’s any good.

Bianca Belair defeated Candice LaRae

Bianca Belair is amazing. You have to see her in action. She’s charismatic, strong, and has long hair, and just owns in the ring. She deadlifted LaRae at one point and did the torture rack, and she won me over completely, I love her. She wins this great, short match.

Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong via DQ

This was a match that began as an all out war. The two were throwing everything they could at each other, and it was fun to see, including Strong trying to get the upper hand on the Bruiserweight. Dunne would get the last laugh, and looked to be getting the win until Strong’s friends came in and beat up Dunne. Out came Orney Lorcan and some other dude, I forget his name, and they beat up the Undisputed Era. Then out of the blue Dunne threw a shoe! Yes a shoe! I loved it.

Overall, this hour of wrestling was great, and way better than anything else that the WWE threw at us this week, that’s for sure.

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