Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashion Trends 101 - Live Person Stephanie is an intriguing conceptual website in which you get real world help from people that are experts in their given fields. Recently, I ran into one option that was quite good and helpful for interior design. I found Fashion Trends 101, and spoke with Stephanie, a very bright and gregarious person that intrigued me. She has 10 years of fashion industry experience, and focuses on beauty, wellness, fashion, and even interior design. Her design sense is amazing, and when you speak to her via email, chat, or over the phone you really get a sense for her knowledge.

Because is about connecting real experts with people, you will not feel as though you’re getting pushed into buying something or get someone that is jaded about their job, instead, you get a friendly, warm, and I presume smiling person that is more than happy to speak with you about a wide range of topics. Stephanie is just one of the many people on the site, and it’s growing.

If you’re in need of any sort of fashion tips, trends, ideas, d├ęcor solutions, or you just want a little friendly advice, you owe it to yourself to engage her in conversation. If you can’t talk on the phone, drop her a quick email, or chat with her when she’s online.

You can visit her profile via here, and you can see why she’s definitely worth speaking to about a wide range of matters. Test the waters, see what she can help you with today, and you’ll be fascinated by just how the internet is evolving and changing the way we communicate, yet again.

Once again, if you need fashion, beauty, interior design, or advice from a real person, not a call center bot, than talk to Stephanie, and expert in Fashion Trends and more, here.

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