Monday, June 17, 2013

WWE Payback 2013 Thoughts and Review

WWE Payback 2013 hit the Chicago area last night and while I don’t often venture forward to watch any pay per views, this time around I was intrigued by some of the card. I don’t remember everything that happened, but you might remember a few things more than I did, which is fine. The following things I wanted to comment on, even though more things happened. You can get full images, video and beyond by visiting the official wwe website, otherwise join me in ranting on a few things I noticed about the show.

WWE Payback Results 

Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow
Curtis Axel defeated Wade Barrett and the Miz for the Intercontinental Title
Aj Lee defeated Kaitlyn for the divas championship
Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship
Cm Punk defeated Chris Jericho
The Shield defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan
John Cena defeated Ryback in 3 Stages of Hell

I didn’t see the Sheamus match, so I can’t say much about that. I do however want to say that the show should have included that match up during the main ppv, instead of some of the filler that was on the line up.

Curtis Axel aka Mr. Perfect Lite

The triple threat match was actually really well done, and I absolutely loved the ending. Axel getting the pin on Barrett and capturing the IC title would have made his father proud. The only thing that I can’t get over is the fact that Axel has the personality and charisma of a wet paper bag. He needs to really work on that or else I will inevitably hate him. I loved the perfectplex pin which would’ve blown the roof off the arena, but oh well, new IC champion.

The divas did ok. That is all.

Alberto Del Rio bad guy?

I guess Del Rio is a heel again? I don’t know, he kept kicking Ziggler in the head and the whole storyline was about concussions, and didn’t bode well for me. I didn’t like the match and do not support the lame attempt at making Del Rio hated, he doesn’t need that, he can just cheat, like natural heels do.

Cm Punk returns to mediocrity.

The building was definitely loud for the big return, but Jericho is right, he is not the best in the world. Sure he beat Jericho clean and the two threw out a really good match, but was it the best? An instant classic? No! The crowd made the match though and Punk’s new shirt is awesome. Punk is definitely one of the more important aspects of wrestling right now, and I’m glad he’s back.

Super Cena wins again.

I had a shred of doubt as to the winner, but nope, Superman aka John Cena wins again. I am ultimately sick of Cena destroying ALL the heels. He can’t lose can he? I hate the guy, you hate the guy, he needs to turn heel now!

There you have it, all my thoughts on Payback 2013. If you want to support this blog and help me get cable to watch more shows away from my computer, than please support by buying stuff via amazon online. Thanks!

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