Thursday, December 19, 2013

WWF Coliseum Video Presents Wrestlings Bloopers Bleeps and Bodyslams Review

Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams is one of those releases from the WWF that you absolutely want to have. Why? It’s the first one released by the company and one example of how wrestling shouldn’t be taken so seriously. This tape features some moments that are 100% unedited, uncensored, and completely hilarious.

Even though it’s only 84 minutes long, it packs in a lot of features that you’re going to face palm. Many of the clips are from 1984, a time when wrestling was set to seriously get bigger. This is not attitude era, obviously, but it has some serious history for those that are looking to collection and get their hands on all WWF Coliseum video releases.

Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams has some classic names and features including segments with, Freddie Blassie, Mike Sharpe, Lou Albano, Iron Sheik, Wild Samoans, Hulk Hogan, Johnny Valiant, Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch, Andre the Giant, and Rowdy Roddy Piper, just to name a few. There are a few matches thrown in to level out the funny moments, and should definitely be worth your time.

Finding a good copy of Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams is simple. You can click here, and get it for under fifty bucks. If you book mark the link, you may find it cheaper. Overall, the quality is good, and if you’re going to amass a collection like me, then you’re going to want to buy this one. I highly recommend it.

Click the image below if you want to buy this:

The segments are as follows:

1984 TNT Show: Freddie Blassie gives love advice
1980s Mike Sharpe vs. Steve Grey (Grey loses his toupee)
1980s Tiger Chung Lee tries to break bricks with karate chops
1984 TNT Show: Lou Albano
1984 TNT Show: Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Atlas (pose down)
1984 TNT Show: Iron Sheik with a camel
1984 TNT Show: Freddie Blassie & Friday
1980s Dana Carpenter vs. Haiti Kid
1984 TNT Show: Ivan Putski polka
08/21/84 TNT Show: Hulk Hogan makes protein shakes
1984 TNT Show: Lou Albano gives love advice
1984 TNT Show: Wild Samoans cooking
1984 TNT Show: Lou Albano
05/17/85 TNT Show: Salvatore Bellomo makes pizza
09/25/84 TNT Show: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch visit Texas & NYC
1984 TNT Show: Johnny Valiant gives love advice
1984 TNT Show: Andre the Giant sings "The Fish Song"
1984 "Piper's Pit" with Cyndi Lauper
01/85 TNT Show: Butcher Vachon's wedding reception

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