Monday, January 27, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Review

Thanks 100% to, for letting me in on the chat and conversation as well as information from the Rumble. I couldn’t believe I won a contest and was able to enjoy the show.

The Royal Rumble 2014 is the first PPV that I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t watched RAW or any other show since I don’t have cable and I am 100% broke.

New Age Outlaws defeated Rhodes Bros.

I saw the second half of this match and didn’t realize it was free on until I was in a chat. Apparently the older guys get the rub in the tag division? They are entertaining enough, but I didn’t find the match all that compelling. I was just excited to see wrestling, so I guess that’s well enough. However, why feature two older teams? Cody isn’t that old, but still, these guys should allow for better, younger tag teams to get in there. I miss the days of good tag matches.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan

Bray Wyatt is one of the coolest wrestling characters I’ve seen in a long time, and the dude can work. He works really well and he plays on the persona and wrestling prowess all mixed into one. Daniel Bryan needs a villain of this caliber to get moving forward, and I loved the match. I thought it was a great way to start the PPV proper. I liked it.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Big Slow

I’m sick of the Big Slow, as I’ve been calling him for years now. Hopefully this beat down forces him into retirement. He’s old and his prime is behind him. Show, retire man, and just rest. Lesnar, well, he is a shadow of what he used to be.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena

This match was not very good. Orton is my least favorite WWE superstar and I’ve always said he sucked. He still does. I’m sorry, he’s awful. Cena is ok. Cena pushes the envelope a little here and there but I’ve already seen this match 900 times. I didn’t like it that much, and the ending was definitely a good point. The Wyatt family showed up, caused Cena the match, and that was that. I like where they may be going with this.

Batista Wins the Rumble

Cm Punk entering number one was awesome. I loved it. I liked how he lasted a long time in the match up, and how Kane took him out. Hopefully Punk gets a title shot for this. The rest of the match seemed telegraphed to me. Reigns in the end getting a lot of attention, and was more praised than Batista. Batista is thinner, faster, and looks really good. I thought I saw a little ring rust, but overall, he’s a good fit in the WWE right now. Keep him off the mic.

The Rumble overall was great. I loved it. However, I couldn’t help but feel that Batista winning is a misstep in the whole thing. The ending should’ve been changed to allow Reigns to win and get out of The Shield. Batista losing would be far better I think, especially if they played it like Bret Hart’s losses. The bitterness angle could work great, especially with the terrible crowd last night. They seemed to be out of it for the most part. Oh and the surprises sucked. Nash? El Torito? Really? Lame.

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