Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CM Punk vs. Undertaker Wrestlemania 30 Confirmed

The news right now is that CM PUNK has left the WWE.

If he has in fact left, could it be that he is going to wrestle Undertaker one more time at Mania?

I'm going to throw my 2 cents in that way. Punk isn't gone, he may have gone home but that's only because The Undertaker is coming back.

It will be Punk going after the streak 1 more time. Why not Lesnar? Because Punk vs Taker 2 could be the show stealer that everyone is not expecting or talking about.

Last year I was way off with Sting vs. Undertaker.

This year, Sting has reportedly signed with wwe.

Well, here it is, I'm going to lay it out yet again and go bold with my prediction.

CM PUNK vs UNDERTAKER Wrestlemania 30

Bank on it!

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