Tuesday, November 18, 2014

John Cena Telegraphing A Heel Turn On Monday Night Raw

photo wwe.com

John Cena will turn heel. This angle that the WWE is presenting right now smells of a heel turn. The components are all in place. The same thing has happened in the past. You have a faction that smells of McMahon, and it's building into a powder keg. This Sunday at the Survivor Series, look for John Cena and one other man to be left behind against insurmountable odds.

When Cena feels the pressure, and the fans are all with him, united to hit someone with his finisher, or a chair, or interfere at a moment's notice, watch for the turn. After the turn and the McMahons winning, look for Cena to embrace Triple H, Rollins, and the others to showcase the he is now gone corporate.

John Cena is all but telegraphing a heel turn right now.

Oh no?

Well, consider the Invasion angle where Stone Cold turned. Or what about when The Rock turned corporate? Every major superstar turns, and if John Cena is set for a heel turn, it's going to be this sunday.

That's the story that I kept seeing from Raw. Then again, perhaps we are getting ready to see Brock Lesnar return and cost Cena the match, leading into a 3 stages of hell match for the final ppv of the year? It's all up in the air, and I'm not reading spoilers, so let's see how the dominos fall.

The intercontinental match on Raw was good too, but other than that, things weren't too memorable on Raw last night.

Cena to turn Heel.

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