Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Trick Or Street Fight Rules

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro in a Trick or Street Fight 

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Last week on Smackdown the main event was awesome, and instead of reviewing and breaking down every minute of the show, I'd rather focus on what I liked and remembered. Of all the things that went down on the show, I can truly say that the best part about it was this match.

Ambrose is definitely one of the better WWE creations in a long time. Cesaro can really wrestle, and I'd like to see him get a shot at a title and defend it on a regular basis. This match in particular was hilarious with the use of pumpkins, kendo sticks painted like candy corn, and tables at ring side.

Cesaro's tough style compared to Dean Ambrose's brawling technique was the highlight here. WWE was obviously impressed enough to have a highlight package of the night that featured Ambrose coming off the ropes through a table with a witches broom, no joke.

Overall, the Trick or Street Fight was a success, and even though Ambrose won, I like Cesaro's fighting spirit. If you get a chance to check out the showcase, go for it, and see what you may have missed.

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