Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/2015 Results and Review The Roman Empire Begins

WWE Monday Night Raw was live from Manchester, England, I think. The show started with the classic Triple H sell out promo in which he tried to get Roman Reigns to join the Authority. Reigns said he would never sell out, and that began the showcase. There’s a tournament coming through for the WWE title, and it’s all but telegraphed that Roman Reigns is going to be the new champion, at least that’s what I’m seeing. Unless there’s a swerve, in which he turns Heel, because he can’t beat Ambrose in the finals.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/2015 Results

Roman Reigns defeated Big Show
Kevin Owens defeated Titus O’Neil
Becky Lynch defeated Paige
Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz
Cesaro defeated Sheamus
Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/2015 Review

Big Show and Roman Reigns again was a snooze fest. I’ve already seen them wrestle 100 million times, so I give up on that offering from WWE.

Kevin Owens wins a simple match in my view. I knew he was going over, suspension of disbelief is rough here.

I never thought the “divas revolution” was that good, and still don’t. This match was ok. Paige beat up Becky Lynch after the match, which she lost. Charlotte came out to save her, but overall, I’m not buying the Paige mean streak. I’m not buying any of this as long as it’s called the “divas” championship, and we don’t get more action in the ring. I’m still optimistic, though, as maybe there’ll be a good showcase at Survivors Series.

Dolph Ziggler is going to go far, but he’ll never be champion. They don’t have that much faith in him, I don’t think. Miz is still employed? Could’ve fooled me.

Cesaro defeating Sheamus was a highlight of Raw for me. Wayne Rooney is a stellar soccer player, and his slap on Barrett was cool. But wow, Cesaro is an incredible wrestler. If you go back and watch the match, you’ll see his flexibility shine as he was easily fluid against Sheamus, even in a hard style match up. I’m rooting for Cesaro to win, but I doubt it’s going to go down like I wish.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will be headed for a collision course in my view, with Reigns turning heel. Ambrose is supposedly the “Lunatic” fringe, so I don’t think they’ll have him aligned with The Authority.

The Brothers of destruction showed up to break up the Wyatt family party. It was ok. I don't want to see these guys take up a roster spot. They're old, tired, and boring. Wyatt will most likely lose yet again, a loser. Why would anyone even be scared of this guy? He NEVER wins when it counts. Oh well. I'm tired of these idiots, the whole thing is lame.

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