Friday, November 13, 2015

WWE Smackdown 11/12/2015 Results and Review From The UK

WWE Smackdown 11/12/2015 Results and Review From The UK

WWE Smackdown 11/12/2015 Results

Brown Snowman defeated Fandango
Neville defeated Wade Barrett
Kalisto defeated Ryback
Alberto Del Rio defeated Stardust

WWE Smackdown 11/12/2015 Review

The Wyatts came out to bring a challenge to the dead men. However, as we know the Wyatts don't really win much, and they were pummeled by Kane and Undertaker already, so there's no interest from me in the feud.

Brown Snowman beat up Fandango, or rather, he buried yet another start. I'm tired of the burials. Remember when Fandango was over? Oh well.

Notes on Neville’s Win over Barrett

Neville is an interesting wrestler to watch, and Barrett, well, he’s still moving forward with losing. What a dichotomy huh? I don’t know, I miss the “Bad News” gimmick that he was pushing. He’s not the same any more. That’s just my two cents. It would be cool see Neville in the semi-finals of this tournament, only to meet up with Ambrose or Reigns some time, but that’s too much wishful thinking, I’m sure. Barrett loses again, that’s all that matters. This was a good match though, I can’t take that away from the two.

Notes on Kalisto

Kalisto beat Ryback which was odd to see. Why? Is the WWE really pushing him because they are putting him in a big feud or is it just because they need a latino star, so they’ll try to see if he can carry through a solo act? I don’t know. Ryback’s show of sportsmanship was cool, but the match was not half bad. There were some boring spots, and slow down, but overall, Kalisto’s win was definitely cool to see. He’s going to end up facing off against Del Rio, most likely, but eh, why not?

Alberto Del Rio is on steroids.

This is all I saw. I didn't get to see the whole show, because I had to run. Oh well.

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