Monday, February 8, 2016

Daniel Bryan Sucks - Retires

I have reported a lot of news, and I have written a lot of posts about wrestling in my tenure here on this site. But today I have the unfortunate news of stating that Daniel Bryan is reportedly going to retire tonight on raw.

I remember the time when Daniel Bryan screamed at John Cena, "You are not better than me!!" and then was released.

Well, now who is better?

Daniel Bryan at age 34, couldn't hang with the likes of the pros for long. Sometimes, just sometimes, WWE may be right about guys, and well, Bryan for all he could throw himself into is NOT a juggernaut that can go through the pain of professional wrestling to the point of continuing through his 40s.

Daniel Bryan sucks.

Or perhaps WWE sucks.

Or perhaps it's all a ploy to generate attention....whatever the case is, good bye nerd. Who's better than Cena now? The guy who had to retire? Now back to a stale, lifeless WWE product.

Go Roman Reigns! Sigh.

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