Saturday, January 30, 2016

Aj Styles - Bobby Roode Pound To The Dasharpshooters Podcst

I first heard Dasharpshooters podcast when I lived in Seattle, Washington. I was going through rough times, and well, they helped me get my mind off of things. Today I find out that Dasharpshooters Pro Wrestling podcast is done.

I'm sure they are more sad than I am, but man, I am going to miss them.

There are other podcasts out there, but none of them seem so personable and just fun. Dasharpshooters always seemed to be honest, and without pretense.

I hope you guys do well in whatever you do.

I'll miss hearing you guys argue back and forth.

Man, this day is done.

Perhaps we'll hear you again, and if not, well, good luck.

One last AJ Styles/Bobby Roode Pound!

RIP Dasharpshooters Wrestling Podcast

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