Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reasons Alex Wright Is Better Than Finn Balor Right Now

Essentially The Same Guy. Same Jacket, Same Type of Trunks, Only One Is Better
There are a lot of fans that are not going to agree with what I’m about to say. In fact, I tested this notion in an online forum and generated so much IRE, I couldn’t help but laugh. People are irrational in who they cheer for and who they like. What did I do? I simply commented on the fact that Alex Wright and Finn Balor are wearing the same thing to the ring, and are similar wrestlers. As the comment count rose, I realized, Alex Wright is better than Finn Balor.

That’s right.

Alex Wright, is far better than Finn Balor right now, and there are several reasons why. Here are 5 of the many reasons why Alex Wright from WCW is far better than Finn Balor thus far.

Beating Legends In Their Prime

First and foremost, Alex Wright received a nice push in the mid to late 1990s in WCW. At first, he didn’t get a lot of attention, but with wins over the likes of TRIPLE H before he jumped to WWF, and wins over Chris Jericho, William Regal, and Ultimo Dragon, you can definitely make a case for the fact that Wright was able to put on a show, get the fans behind him, and work with some amazing talent. Even though he looked like a skinny European guy, he was able to do a lot in the ring, which was impressive. He also went over some amazing talent for the WCW Cruiserweight title and Television title alike. He would even get some good tag matches in towards the end of WCW’s run, but of course Facebook groups and smarks aren’t going to agree.

Getting Over With The Fans

Believe it or not, he was getting over with the fans. Even the dancing fools gimmick was over. I know, he’s not as over as some of the other stars of wrestling, but when he would come out, he would get a lot of reaction, especially with some of his better matches. Not only that, you’d be surprised by how much fan interaction Disco Inferno would get. I know, insane. Kaz Hayashi as well, lots of cheers, and it was fun to watch them do their thing in the ring.

A Leather Jacket and Short Trunks

Who wore it better? Who did it first? Some people want to compare Goldberg to Steve Austin when it comes to wearing the same thing, but I don’t buy that. The two had distinctive physical appearances, and were far and away difference. Alex Wright and Finn Balor are similar. Finn is a small guy, and it’s laughable that he would go over Brock Lesnar, let alone not get injured. Wright is not a huge guy, he’s tall, but he was never huge. The two share the entrance of a leather jacket, and short trunks. At least Alex Wright could talk on the mic without sounding like he had marbles in them.

A Killer Dropkick

Finn Balor has a great move set, but he relies heavily on dropkicks. He is fast in ring, and he can do a lot, but those dropkicks are familiar. Oh right, Alex FREAKIN Wright had one of the best arsenals of dropkicks in the game. Don’t remember them, do you? Yeah, because wrestling fans are either very young, or not willing to admit that some older talents in WCW were quite good. Wright had a killer dropkick, and could mat wrestle the likes of William Regal. Yes, THAT REGAL!
Until Finn Balor amasses more wins, and clears the marbles from his mouth, he’s just another bland, white, small wrestler. He’s not a draw, he’s injury prone, and he’s not going to go far without the Demon Gimmick. Outside of that Demon Gimmick, he’s one dance move away from being Alex Wright.

This topic is the main reason why I left RBR wrestling Facebook forum. It got out of hand quick. People get their panties in a bunch when you don’t agree, and then when you help get conversation going, you’re called an idiot, dense, and even the hosts don’t realize the good of conversation. If you’re going to start a group, you may want to have conversation flowing, instead of just random posts with NO ONE commenting. Oh well. I unsubscribed, they can go to hell for all I care.

That’s two major podcasts that have butt hurt listeners. Smart Wrestling Fan, and RBR Wrestling, two podcasts that can’t take a joke, you can’t disagree with, and will block you if you have ANYTHING to say about how they may be wrong about someone.

Just wait, I’m brewing my own podcast, and I’ll welcome as much commentary from the listeners and fans as possible. And will not get butt hurt if someone doesn’t agree. What is wrong with the internet wrestling community? GTFO!

One last thing. SHOUT OUT TO SUPLEX CITY LIMITS! They get it. They totally get it!

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  1. That's something to consider. I've always felt more loyal to Finn as I watched him develop in Japan.



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