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Top 7 Pro Wrestling Podcasts You Should Listen To

There are more pro wrestling podcasts than ever before. Some are older than others, and some are great, while others are absolutely terrible. I have heard them all, and have emailed many. When Dasharpshooters Wrestling Podcast ended, I was in a tailspin, and didn’t ever want to rank podcasts again. They were previously my number one podcast. You couldn’t fake the dynamic that the brothers on that podcast had. You just couldn’t.

Here we are, 2017, and I’m ranking podcasts. These are the 7 best podcasts that happen to talk about pro wrestling. These are the ones that I love. I listen to them weekly, and while I have no money to give them, they are some of the best in the business.

Oh, and I want to point out that NONE OF THESE are from pro wrestlers themselves. I don’t like pro wrestlers podcasts, as they are usually terrible. I once heard Stone Cold ramble about a fly that he couldn’t get out of his trailer. I kid you not. I’m good. I don’t need to hear Tazz ramble and stutter through his daily show, or Jericho promote products and services for money.

Here are the top 7 Pro Wrestling Podcasts that you should listen to, in NO particular order.

Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show

The Don Tony and Kevin Castle show is perhaps one of the finest podcasts about wrestling you’ve never heard of. Ok, maybe you did hear about it, but haven’t tuned in, and you should be following along. Don Tony and Kevin Castle are older, and they reference things that young fans are not going to know. In fact, Kevin Castle is one of the first guys to ever mention that Finn Balor looks like a generic Alex Wright. So you marks out there that kicked me out of forums, can go suck a lemon. Don Tony sounds like a mob guy at times, and he gets angry with how stupid fans and wrestlers are sometimes. He’s an industry insider that helped ECW and XPW. Kevin Castle is a concert promoter, and when he talks business he knows what he’s talking about.

Don Tony and Kevin Castle are absolutely not smarks. They are beyond that. They are two guys that have serious opinions on a fake sport. They will call you out if you’re a fan of BS and give credit to the smart booking, if it happens. These two are like the godfathers of wrestling podcasts.


Suplex City Limits

Suplex City Limits is one of my favorite shows. They are irreverent, they don’t care about being PC, and they will tell you to Fuck off if you’re an idiot. One of the hosts smokes pot on the show, or claims to, and his lucidity is quite good. There’s a lot of podcasts that walk a fine line, carefully talking about wrestling without offending. These guys don’t care. They will go there, and often do. They also interact with their fans. They will respond to your emails, tweets, and will give you the benefit of the doubt, when others don’t. If you’re a grown ass man, and you use your brain, Suplex City Limits will absolutely be kind to you. But if you’re a smark that gets butt hurt a lot, get ready to get kicked in the nuts a lot.


Solomonster Sounds Off

Jason Solomon has been doing a podcast longer than most others. He does a solo show, and he has worked for various online magazines, and video interviews. He’s a well versed podcaster with a lot of knowledge of wrestling inside and out. His podcast is polished, his fans are loyal, pay out a great deal of money in support, and he brings the heat every week. If there was a baseball reliever of wrestling podcasters, I would have Jason as my guy. He throws high heat, and he’ll call out bullshit faster than you can even think of it. Just one episode and you’ll get pummeled with some of the most logical arguments in pro wrestling podcasting. No one else has the clarity and pedigree that Solomon showcases on his show.


Wrestling Soup

Missionary and Joey Numbas happen to talk about pro wrestling with co-host Jon Draper. These guys, often a duo, will pull the rug from under you if you’re a gullible fan. Numbas is a ref on the indies, and is one hell of an intellectual. The way he phrases a variety of his arguments will have you pulling out a dictionary. Meanwhile Missionary and Draper put out grown ass man topics, and will speak to the reality of wrestling and the people that dedicate their lives to it. They’ll also go off topic and will discuss some business elements, music, and will even throw down against each other. There have been several episodes where Mish and Numbas get so heated it feels like someone’s going to walk out on the other. The dynamic these guys have is great, and they have logical knowledge of pro wrestling.


OSW Review

What Bar? OSW is a video review and they also link to audio if you want to hear them. They get upwards of 10K or more per episode and it’s their sole job. These guys review wrestling chronologically with video and audio. The team makes fun of all the angles, talks about insider knowledge, and so much more. Imagine Mystery Science Theater 3000 and this kind of is like that. OSW takes a lot of investing into because they go long, sometimes the full length of the shows that they are reviewing.


The Law (Live Audio Wrestling)

The Law (LIVE AUDIO WRESTLING) is a great show. The two guys sound professional, their studio is set up quite well, and they work well with one another. They speak about wrestling, they get interviews, and Dave Meltzer shows up from time to time as well. They are honest, and they are clean. It’s like listening to a real radio show, but they don’t pander to WWE like say…Sam Roberts does. They aren’t super positive, they discuss the show and try to focus on positives at times, but if it isn’t good, they will let you know straight up.


Going In Raw (Steve and Larson)

Hey Friendos! Steve and Larson, two guys from California that talk about wrestling and will take your money to do so. Every show starts with the promo and the ask for money, but I don’t have any, so I don’t pay for it. I don’t always agree with these guys, as Steve can be somewhat overbearing at times if you disagree with him. But Larson is a little more levelheaded, so the two balance each other out. They are professional, they have a great crew of fans, and they focus on being honest about a fake sport.


Podcasts That I Hate

Smart Wrestling Fan

Smart Wrestling Fan lost me several times. Once, when Wiggly was ousted from the show. That’s how long of a fan I was. Then when I emailed in and Joe Negron trashed my opinion and question, I absolutely lost it. The one time that stands out is when I said that John Cena should not go over the Nexus at Summerslam. I said that a DDT outside and a 450 splash shouldn’t allow Cena to win. They trashed my opinion and called me an idiot. Well, I was done. I was way done. The show tries hard to be PG and Joe Negron will run you over if you disagree with him. Mutant Larry is great, but Negron gets frustrated with him a lot, which may be why Larry drinks beer while talking on the show.

RBR Wrestle Talk

RBR Wrestle Talk is a live show and podcast with hosts that act better than you if you send them a message and they don’t like it. 90 percent of the time, you’re wrong. If you join their forum, good luck. You will get called dense, stupid, idiotic, and a troll if you introduce any idea that they deem unsatisfactory to their own opinions. There’s also a former booker of a Chicago based independent that knows too much, and will name drop at any given moment. These guys will ramble for 4 hours, and will either hate things outright or won’t even watch them. My biggest pet peeve is for podcasters to not watch the thing that they are reviewing! Oh, and fuck these guys, seriously. I tried to talk to them several times, and they just lambaste you if you even hint at the notion that they could be wrong. They will also block you without cause.

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  1. I Love the going in raw podcast i watch it on youtube and of course i also subscribed to them on the podcast app. The duo make me laugh and by the end i have a whole new perspective on the various shows, i stumbled upon them and i got back into wrestling beacuse of them and i even started my blog i do tend to stick with the this is what happened in the show and lists. Still dipping my toes in the blogger world but i have some ideas hopefully i will do in the future i read some of you other stuff am a fan.



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