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WWE NXT Takeover War Games 2017 Results and Review

WWE Nxt Takeover War Games - SOURCE WWE DOT COM
Last night the WWE NXT brand put on one hell of a show. They threw down the gauntlet, and put together a showcase of the immortals that will no doubt live on in a lot of people’s minds. This is an event that is no doubt going to give you a lot of joy to watch, as it didn’t disappoint if you ask me. Let’s talk about this one, before Survivors Series goes on the air.

Lars Sullivan defeated Kassius Ohno

Well, Sullivan looks like a MUSCLE figure from your youth. He’s good, really good, and he put the boots to Ohno. He reminds me of Rusev, when he first came out, but better. Ohno did well here, but he was no match for Sullivan’s hard style, and incredible power moves. He’s crisp, and I hope they don’t ruin him if he goes to the main roster. Ohno loses again, and well that’s the end of that.

Aleister Black defeated Velveteen Dream

Holy crap was this a good match. If you haven’t seen these two perform, wow, you don’t even know. Dream is one hell of a wrestler, and his timing and athleticism is unmatched. He carries his weight like Rick Rude, and his tights had Black’s face on them! He pulled out a lot of Rick Rude era moves, and was amazing in ring. This is a guy that can go far, as he has a lot of elements that made the Ravishing One so good. Black, athletic as ever, matched Dream’s offense at times, and flew through a lot of hard hitting elements before hitting Black Mass and pinning dream. This was a stellar, near perfect match in my book. I was heavily impressed by these two.

Ember Moon won a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

This was a hard hitting affair, and way better than anything I’ve seen on the main roster. It was simply one of the best matches of the night, with Ember Moon getting the big win with her finisher from the top rope. Every person in this match was fun to watch, but it was Ember Moon’s night. At the end of the match, Asuka came in and handed her the title, which was surreal. This was a hell of a match, with Moon going through the ropes, off the top rope, and flying throughout the match. Kairi Sane was also great, and so were the rest of the women. This was a fine showing, no doubt.

Andrade Cien Almas defeated Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship

Cien Almas put on a show for this one, and Drew was right there with him. Drew was putting the boots to Cien at every turn, and the two were great together. There was a lot of counters, and no matter what Almas did, Drew seemed to counter, and Almas would eventually get frustrated. Drew also threw down some great back and forth, only to end up with what looked like a bicep tear, but Almas would get the win with a sick looking DDT combination. He is the new champion, and McIntyre may be injured for a while.

Undisputed Era defeated Sanity, and The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong

This was one hell of a War Games Match. It wasn’t the same as it was in WCW, but it had a lot of fight. When the Sanity guys came into the match, they brought in tables, trash cans, kendo sticks, chairs, and more. They would use them to their advantage, but one of them would catch a table breaking across the back of the head, causing a lot of blood to pour out. Other than that, the guys were throwing everything at each other, including dives from the top of the cage, triple move sets, and so much more. The match was violent, chaotic, and fun to watch. Eventually Undisputed won with some incredible tag team moves, and that was the end. This was a fun match, but alas, it wasn’t as good as the 1992 War Games match from WCW. A good try though, and a nice way to cap the night of NXT professional wrestling.

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