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WWE Monday Night Raw January 1, 2018 Results and Review

Asuka Beats Alexa January 1, 2018 - SRC WWE dot com
Instead of joining the New Year with a full 3 hours of Raw, I’m going to be reviewing the HULU edition. Why? Because I read the results, and I don’t want to see 9 hours of Raw. That’s a joke, but if you’re suffering through the full show, then I feel bad for you. It’s a ridiculous amount of talking, and not wrestling. Then again, here’s the 90 minute version and I nearly fell asleep at the end with Paul Heyman and the part time jobber of a champion Brock Lesnar. With that in mind, let’s talk about Monday Night Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw January 1, 2017 Results and Review

The night opened up with Kurt Angle talking about the Women’s Royal Rumble, and it was basic. I already know the rules. It’s dumb.

Jason Jordan defeated Cesaro

The Bar came out to confront Kurt Angle, and then demanded a title match. He didn’t give them one. Instead, he put in Jason Jordan versus Cesaro, and that wasn’t half bad. It was ok. Jordan is a good wrestler, but I don’t’ want to see him wrestle, let alone defeating Cesaro. This is dumb. It’s lame. Cesaro can’t even defeat Jason Jordan? Wow. Story line wise this is stupid, the match was ok, but wow, the WWE really loves Jason Jordan, and yet I don’t.

Bray Wyatt defeated Apollo Crews


Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss

This was a clustered match with Asuka beating the champion in a non-championship title match. Alexa Bliss works well with some women, but here, she didn’t work well at all. She seemed a bit confused at times, and the match was clumsy, leading to Asuka winning yet again.

Women’s revolution? Hmm, where were the rest of the women? Sleeping?

Braun Strowman defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno

Strowman buried the tag team, and that’s the end of all of the Nexus guys.

Roman Reigns defeated Samoa Joe

Not a terrible match, mind you, but definitely not a good outing for Samoa Joe, as he loses yet again. He loses here, and Reigns keeps the title. This is not great, because all of this time we’ve been seeing Joe choke out people, and dominate, but now, eh, he’s just talk. He reminds me of Kevin Sullivan’s attempt to beat up Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, only to lose every single time. It’s sad, to be honest.

Cedric Alexander and Goldust defeated Drew Gulak Ariya Daivari

This was not shown on HULU.

Finn Balor, The Club Sandwich Boys defeated Elias and The MIztourage

This wasn’t that bad. However, you knew the Club Sandwich guys were winning, since Finn Balor has been winning against any jobber put against him. Not a bad thing, but not a great thing. You knew who was winning here, and while the match wasn’t that great, it wasn’t terrible either. Elias is so good, and yet he’s not getting wins. Finn is just another Alex Wright clone to me, and well, The Club are just a bunch of, wait for it, NERDS!

Brock Lesnar Earns His Paycheck

Brock Lesnar gets paid 12 million dollars for part time work, and he has to put over Kane here. It’s stupid. It’s just stupid. I’m tired of this.

Raw wasn’t terrible, mind you. But it’s ok. I’ve expected this from Raw, and well, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst show I’ve ever seen either.

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