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WWE Smackdown Live January 2, 2018 Results and Review The McMahon Hour Continues

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I didn’t want to watch Smackdown. I really didn’t. Why should I? I could have told you everything that was going to happen, and it’s hard to suspend disbelief when the show seems to telegraphed. But you know what, let’s talk about it anyways.

WWE Smackdown Live January 2, 2018 Results and Review

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan started the show talking, alongside AJ Styles. That’s it. This was boring to me, but you know what, it’s what I expect now. I just expect being bored by the opening elements. It’s dumb, but it happens, just like Southpark said it would happen.

The Usos defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

This was an ok match, but there was a big problem. You see, the problem was that you will find Benjamin and Gable would win the titles midway through this match. However, both USOS were complaining and the referees, for the first time ever, went to instant replay and figured out that the USOS were doing twin magic! I hate it. I hated this, and it’s stupid. The Usos would win, simple as that.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Breezango

This didn’t go very well. The Brothers beat them down before the bell rang, and out came The Ascension, only to get buried. The arena was as quiet as can be for a wrestling event not in Japan.

Xavier Woods defeated Aiden English

This was a fun back and forth match, and while it wasn’t going to be Aiden English’s night, it was fun to see him fight Woods. Rusev is way over, but he wasn’t in the tournament. English pulled off the win and Brooks threw down some great moves, including the big elbow off the top which would get him the big win here. English loses, and that’s the end of this.

Riott Squad defeated Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina

This was boring to me. The Riott Squad already lost. So why are they cutting promos and winning now? I’m honestly at a loss. Afterwards the women on the roster brawled, and that was that. I don’t see the big deal with them, they aren’t dominant at all.

Sami Zayn defeated Aj Styles

This was a terrible match, if you ask me. Styles always does well, but with Owens on the outside, Bryan on the outside, and McMahon on the outside was not great. It’s sad that this story is so terrible. I do like Bryan going heel, but honestly, Styles isn’t getting any favors losing every week, and he loses here thanks to a distraction, yet again.

Anyways, this is a terrible forward progression, and Smackdown is a B show compared to Raw if you ask me. It’s just dumb. It set up a three way match for the Rumble with Aj Styles versus Zayn and Owens. It’s nothing grand, and that’s the end.

Want to know why Smackdown is the B Show?

Well, on, you didn’t get any pictures updated from the show, meanwhile Raw had hundreds of photographs. Funny how that is.

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