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WWE Smackdown Live July 31, 2018 Results and Review

Charlotte Flair vs Carmella - Source WWE
A cold opening? Woa, that's odd.

WWE Smackdown Live July 31, 2018 Results and Review

The show opened with Becky Lynch cutting a promo in ring with Renee Young. But then out came Carmella, and she had the mic, but things aren't the same without Ellsworth if you ask me. Ellsworth's music hit and that was a distraction for Carmella to beat down Lynch, and that was that.

Out came Charlotte Flair to help fight off Carmella, and that was that. The end. Flair came back, Ellsworth was no where to be found, and that was that.

No wrestling on this show for the first 10 minutes, which is an interesting thing to note.

The Bar defeated The Usos

In a good back and forth match, The Bar was able to take out The Usos and get themselves an advanced placement for the Smackdown tag team title tournament. I'm assuming that they are going to take on the New Day next, but for the moment, The Usos went down in a heap. The Bar is great together, and this match wasn't half bad, if you ask me. I liked it. It's perhaps the best tag team match on WWE this week. A bold statement for sure.

Samoa Joe Cut A Promo

I'm so tired of the amount of talking that are on these shows. I just don't think they are necessary. Joe is good here, but I don't care.

Jeff Hardy Cut A Promo

I kid you not, there was NO wrestling for more than 20 - 30 minutes of this show. Jeff Hardy came out and cut a promo on Randy Orton. Who gives a crap? This is supposed to be a wrestling show! Geez. Randy Orton came out, but before he could do anything, Shinsuke Nakamura kicked him from behind then beat him up, and that was it. Orton then stayed in the ring after Nakamura left, and well, Orton just dropped Hardy and that was that. Orton gave him a beat down, and that was that.

Zelina Vega defeated Lana

This was a poor match, but Zelina is hot. Lana lost because Aiden English tried to help, when Andrade was interfering on the apron. Either way, this was a bad match, and if you like Zelina, she came out on top.

Guess What happened next?! More Talking!

Daniel Bryan and The Miz traded things verbally, while Miz was on a TV, Bryan was in the ring. Sigh. I'm so tired of talking on wrestling shows.

Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella

Ugh. So Becky Lynch was supposed to get a one on one shot at Carmella, but now, no more. Since Flair defeated Carmella in a crappy match to end Smackdown, we now get a triple threat match at Summerslam, and that probably will mean that Carmella can retain without having to do a lot of the work. I didn't see this match going that way, but hey, if they want to do a triple threat, why not? I'm tired of multi-person matches.

That was the end of Smackdown. It had more talking than anything else.

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