Monday, August 29, 2011

I Still Hate John Cena But Punk Is Ok

John Cena still sucks, and his stupid lines on the mic just make me hate him more. The opening of Raw was boring, and tired.

Since when is Mark Henry in the main picture? He's going to get a title shot? Really?

Sheamus is a good guy? Oh no.

CM Punk vs. Triple H was announced and I absolutely love it. I think the two can put on a great match, but with little to no build? I'm calling it now, Nash, Hall and X-Pac to show up and help Triple H win this one.

Cena? Christian? Team Boom? Ugh...the rest of Raw was forgettable to say the least.

Punk vs Miz went well, but it got tore up by R Truth. Nash's powerbomb on punk was good, I liked that.

Super Raw sucked.

My reviews are not going to get much longer, as I don't really care THAT much. I do want to see the ppv though, at least for Punk vs Triple H part 1

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