Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/15/11 Results and Review

The show opened up with a quick recap of the main event picture that was cleared up at Summerslam, and I thought it was interesting. The finish of the match reminded me a lot of Spring Stampede 98…I think it was 1998. Where Macho won the World Title from Sting after Kevin Nash power bombed Sting to hell. I liked that year’s match ups. That might have been Spring Stampede 1999…who cares.

I told you I was back. Here are my thoughts about Raw.

Triple H’s speech was ok…kind of boring and dragged out. He apologized, and went on about how he had nothing to do with Kevin Nash running in, and then handed the microphone over to Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio’s mic skills have always been up to snuff, but more so now as he is an interesting anti-hero, but will most likely end up being another run of the mill heel.

John Morrison defeated R Truth (Falls Count Anywhere)

I feel like I’ve seen every Morrison match there is to be done. Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve seen every R Truth match that can be done as well. This match had a few moments of cool, but overall it was just standard. There were some nice spots thrown in, including Truth and Morrison getting friendly with a high back office chair, but I wasn’t too impressed. Morrison is still quite good, albeit terrible promo…you’d think he’d be better by now.

The Miz did a long promo where he basically had an advertisement for Subway. I’m not a fan of getting a pillow case full of lettuce, I’m sorry.

Kelly Kelly & Rosa defeated The Bella Twins

The bathroom match happened here. I talked to my girlfriend, and then it was over. Apparently Rosa got the pin…Or something…who cares. I know you don’t.

Kevin Nash is looking good these days; too bad Scott Hall can’t get his act together. Kevin Nash explained his actions and what not, and out came CM Punk. Punk then lambasted Nash. Punk wanted to fight Nash, but security came out.

Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley

This match was not too good at all, and it was made worse when Swagger couldn’t pick up Alex Riley for his finisher. Sadly, that was the end of that. Ziggler was on color commentary and he came out and started trouble with Riley, sadly, another boredom movement displayed here.

Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga & Michael McGullicutty (non title)
I’m way out of the loop because this match didn’t seem like something I saw coming any time soon. The match up was fast paced towards the end, and Evan Bourne once again shined with his amazing shooting star press. I’m not sure if he can continue to do this type of maneuver forever, but for now, it’s quite good. This will most likely lead to a tag title match.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio (WWE Title)

This match was interesting to say the least. The main reason being that the little guy supposedly is injured, and yet has no signs of wear and tear. Del Rio was fighting this thing off like a champ, I couldn’t believe how many shots to the dome Mysterio took, meanwhile Del Rio couldn’t put him away. Mysterio went for the top rope drop but Del Rio put his legs up and rolled up Mysterio for the pinfall victory, and this one was as clean as you can get for the Champion. Not a 4 star classic, but a nice main event for tonight’s Raw.

After the match Mysterio got the beat down, and afterwards John Cena ran down and beat him up. Cena did his “mad” good guy shtick, which was stupid to me.

Raw was actually watchable. There wasn't much wrestling, as per usual, but it was entertaining enough. I'm interested in seeing how far the relationship between Triple H and Kevin Nash goes. The rest, well it doesn't seem nearly as compelling.

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