Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/3/12 Results and Review The Miz Turns Face

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/3/12 Results

Non-Title: Team Hell No def. The Prime Time Players (with The Shield)
AJ Lee def. Tamina Snuka
John Cena & Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show
Damien Sandow def. Santino Marella
Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara
Contract on the Line: Randy Orton def. Brad Maddox
United States Championship: Fatal 4-Way: Antonio Cesaro (c) def. Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, & Wade Barrett

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/3/12 Review

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I was finally able to sit down and watch some Raw while I ate a quesadilla for breakfast. That’s a step up from my usual breakfast of 3 cups of coffee and nothing else. The show is now on HULU for those of you that don’t have cable, which is awesome.

The show was ok, there were some highlights, and if you ask me, it wasn’t a terrible show. However, I did find out that CM PUNK is having emergency knee surgery and could be dropping the title as a result! Yep.

I’m not a news guy, so I won’t bug you with those details.

Best Match

The Fatal Fourway for the United States championship blew me away. For a television match, they really did put on a good show, and you would truly believe that each competitor had a good shot of winning the matchup. I especially liked the finish, even though most people aren’t liking Cesaro that much.

Worst Match

Divas. Word on the street is that there will be no more “divas” division once Triple H takes over completely.

Weird Moment

The Miz came out and turned face in a very awkward moment. Punk and Heyman surely did their best to make it more poignant, and the crowd even started chanting Walrus at one point.

I’ve read that Miz and Punk do NOT like each other in the backstage area, so it will see if this matchup of two guys will mesh. As for Punk, his surgery might keep him out, who knows.

The rest of the show was solid, I have no major complaints this week. I was able to enjoy it, and that’s what matters most about wrestling. The day I don’t enjoy anything, I’ll stop doing this site completely.

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