Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/27 Review - Super Cena Still Alive

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Make this two in a row for the Mexican. I saw Raw on HULU and while it’s not 100% the same, it is better than nothing at all, since the alternative is in fact nothing at all. I’m still trudging through WCW Spring Stamped 1998, and I swear it’s better than most of the WWE offerings today.

Up front, my favorite highlight was Randy Orton’s RKO from out of nowhere. “I’ll calm down when he’s dead” was a great line, and the RKO reminded me of how grand DDP was/is. The RKO looked great, and Triple H looked seriously mad. Speaking of which, Stephanie McMahon is one hot Milf, yeah I said it. Good for you Triple H.

Goldust and Stardust defeated Mark Henry and Big Show

BORING! I telegraphed that turn for Henry, and no one wants to see them feud. I don’t, you don’t, I’m sick of it. The match was ok at best, but it was obviously something bad.

Aj Lee defeated Alicia Fox

This wasn’t part of the HULU showcase, so I don’t know what happened in the match itself. It sounds boring.

John Cena rejecting to be part of the Triple H crew was a nice touch. However, look for a HEEL turn finally at Survivor Series. I wouldn’t be surprised if we finally get that turn we’ve all been pining for from Cena. I hope and pray that it happens at Survivor Series.

The Usos defeated The Miz and Damien Mizdow

This didn’t air on Hulu, but I am going to say that it sucked anyways.

Ryback defeated Bo Dallas

I still BOLIEVE!

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro (No Contest)

This was ok I guess. Ambrose beat up Cesaro with a microphone, and that was that.

Naomi defeated Nikki Bella

This wasn’t terrible, but I was having an issue with Paypal so I was on the phone at the same time.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane

This match started because Ziggler may be one of the members of Team Cena at Survivor Series, which may be nice, but we’ll see what happens. This match was ok at best, Kane is looking tired and old. I’ve never liked him, so that doesn’t help. Ziggler is solid as ever, give the guy the title already.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins

This match was solid, and really well placed. Seth Rollins is gold out there, and Cena definitely works well with just about anyone. The match was broken up at the end, when Kane interfered and it just foiled a really good match. Overall, I don’t hate the idea of Cena turning or winning later on, but Rollins is definitely going to go far if he keeps it up, and that’s what matters here.

Raw on HULU was good, I have no complaints other than perhaps there was too much talking and not enough wrestling, but that’s expected from the WWE these days. That’s my reviews for now, and of course I’ll do more if I watch more, but as it stands, Raw and the PPV get enough gusto for the site. I may see Smackdown too, but we’ll see what happens. If you’re still out there, drop me a line tell me your thoughts, and please, help support the site by using the amazon links wherever you see them.

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